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Archive-name: Control/drugpt2.txt


Archive-title: Out of Control - 2

Little did I know that Krista's humilation of me had just begun. My

experiment with subliminal suggestions on her had pissed her off so much

that only my complete humiliation would settle the score with her. Boy,

in retrospect, I have definately learned my lesson. The hypnotic drug

she put in my coffee had put me at her beck and call.

   After unknowingly been humiliated by masterbating into my jeans and

showing off the cum stains in public, Krista suggested that we go to her

house. When we got there, I was surpised to see Betty, Sandy, and Rita,

the other subjects of my subliminal control experiments.

   Soon after entering, it became obvious that something had happened to

Betty, Sandy, and Rita. They no longer seemed to be in my control. In

fact, when I walked in with Krista, they didn't even say hello to me. 

  Then, Krista said the magic words that would put me back into a

hypnotic trance, "kumquat." At that word I closed my eyes and went into

a trance.

  "I used my hypnotic pills to take Betty, Sandy, and Rita out of your

control," said Krista. "They are exactly like they were BEFORE you

started to pollute their mind with your nonsense. In fact, they are like

themselves, but EVEN MORE SO. They never used to want to have anything

to do with you, they thought you were a little wimp. Now, they think so,

even more. Remember how Rita humiliated you in front of your friends

when you asked her out?, well, now humiliating you is one of her

favorite things to do. Rita...let me allow you to give Freddie a post-

hypnotic suggestion...have fun!"

   "Okay, wimpy Fred," said Rita, "Let's have some fun. When you wake

up, you'll be the little sissy boy I've always pegged you for. You will

want us to dress up up like a girl. You'll do anything we ask, if we'll

do that for you. Okay, little Winifred, wake up."

   When I awoke, a strange sensation filled me. I looked at the four

girls, and wanted to be like them. I wanted to dress like them, and I

would do anything in the world if they would let me do that.

   "Hi, Freddie," said Rita. She was holding up a pair of pink panties.

"Would you like to wear THESE?"

   "Yes, more than anything in the world," I said.

   "Well, then, let's first see if you have the body for them," said

Rita. "Take all you clothes off...NOW!" 

   I didn't hesitate at Rita's command, and within seconds I stood

before the four girls, naked.

   "Look at his little penis," said Betty. "It looks smaller than my

clit. Maybe he's a girl after all." All four women laughed at my


   At Betty's words, my cock began to grow.

   "He's never going to fit into those panties, now," said Sandy.

"First, his little cock is going to have to lose that rigidness.

Freddie, tell me that you're a little jerk-off."

   My mind raced. I would do ANYTHING to be able to wear those pink

panties, no matter how I had to humiliate myself.

   "I'm a little jerk-off," I said.

   "Well, little jerk-off," said Sandy, "show me how you jerk off."

   Without hesitation, I began to pull on my dick. With my state of

arrousal, it only took a few seconds until I came on the floor.

   "We can't have that!," shrieked Krista. "Little jerk-off, I want you

to clean up your cum from the floor....with your tongue."

   Once again, the desire to wear the panties made me comply without

comment. All four women giggled at my humiliation.

   "Well, I guess you've earned your pretty panties, Freddie," said


   Rita handed me the pink panties, which I put on quickly, before they

changed their mind.

   "Let's get Freddie the rest of his wardrobe," said Krista. "Then,

let's take this show on the road."

   I stood there in terror. On one hand, I wanted to wear the clothes

that Krista brought out...more than anything. Yet, I cringed at the

thought of being seen in public. I grabbed the clothes and quickly put

them on...the bra, the hose, and the dress. While, at the same time, I

had a sick feeling that the girls had just begun their humiliation of





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