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Archive-name: Control/drugpt1.txt


Archive-title: Out of Control - 1

Subliminal suggestions can be powerful. Its use was banned when it was

discovered that movie theaters were using it to make viewers want to

drink coke or eat popcorn. These suggestions can be much more powerful

than just as a marketing tool. They can be used to control a persons

every move and thought. I reseached the use of subliminal suggestions

and used them on some of the kids at the local college. I used

subliminal suggestions to totally control women; to make them my sex

slaves. It soon became boring to exercise complete control over the

women. So, I gave one woman the subliminal suggestion that she wanted me

to tie her up, but otherwise she retained all other control over her

thoughts and actions. I had great fun with Krista, and my other sex

slaves at my house one day. But, since I didn't exert total control over

Krista, I had made a mistake that I would live to regret.

     I ran into Krista at the cafeteria the day after our little episode

in my basement. "You want to be tied up again, Krista," I asked. 

    "Yes, more than anything," she said. "But, first lets have a cup of


     I didn't see any harm in her request. In fact, not having total

control over her mind, made my meetings with her even more exciting. I

was just thinking about what bondage positions I would put her in later,

when she came back with two cups of coffee. 

     I should have been suspicious when both cups of coffee looked the

same, yet she thought for a second before giving me my coffee. But,

hindsight is always 20-20. As I sat there with her sipping my coffee,

soon I began to get very sleepy.

     "Yawn," I said, "This coffee is not doing a very good job of

keeping me awake."

     "Just put your head down on the table and rest for a few," said

Krista, "I won't mind."

      Just as I started to put my head down, I could have sworn I saw a

glimpse of an evil smile on Krista's face, but I was too sleepy to

really care. 

      "That's right, Fred, just go to sleep," said Krista. "Those pills

in your coffee worked faster than I thought they would. The caffine must

have sped up the process." 

      She had drugged me! 

      "After yesterday, I saw some of your notes in science class," said

Krista. "That's when I realized you used subliminal techiniques to get

me to want to be tied up. I'll bet you've used the same methods on

Betty, Sandy, and Rita.  Well, you're not the only one that experiments

with science. A few years ago, I found an ancient Egyptian recipe for

hypnotic pills that would allow one to completely control a person

taking the drug. First, I had a friend I could trust administer the pill

to me. She gave me the post-hypnotic suggestion that I would no longer

desire to be tied up by you. Now, we'll see how you like being put

through the paces!"

     My mind raced, yet I was helpless to do anything about my


     "Fred," said Krista, "When you wake up, you won't remember any of

this. But when I say the word `kumquat,' you'll go back into a trance,

and obey my every whim. Oh, one other thing. When you wake up, you'll

have an overwhelming desire to masterbate. It'll be so overwhelming that

you'll start to massage your penis through your jeans until you cum in

your pants. Alright, time to wake up now."

    With her last words, I woke with a start. Boy, was I horny. As I

talked with Krista, my hand kept gravitating towards my dick. I didn't

care who was watching, as I began to masterbate through my jeans.

I knew that if I kept it up, I would cum in my pants, but I couldn't

help it. Sure enough, after a couple minutes of stroking, globs of cum

gushed out of my penis, which made a VERY noticable mark on the outside

of my light colored jeans.

   "What do we have here?," said Krista. "Hmmm...looks like you have a

problem Freddy boy. You seem to have a problem controlling your sexual


   I looked sheepishly at Krista. What could I say, it didn't seem like

I could control myself. I knew I'd have to sit here for a while, because

if I stood up, it would be obvious to everyone what I had done. Only in

the deep recesses of my mind did I know that it was Krista that was

controlling me.

   "Kumquat," said Krista.

   With that word, I zonked back into a trance.

   "Okay, little Freddie, time for the next phase of our little game,"

said Krista wickedly. "When you wake up, you'll forget about those huge

cum stains on your pants. In fact, you'll want to walk around the

cafeteria with me and show off your little incident to the whole room.

No matter what anybody does or says, you won't become aware that you've

got cum dripping from your crotch. OK, Freddie boy, time to wake up."

    I woke up, and suddenly felt like walking around. "Let's go see if

anyone's here that we know," I said.

    "Anything you say, Fred," said Krista.

    As we began to walk around the room, I noticed that people were

pointing and laughing. I couldn't understand why. One guy came up to me

and said, "Hey, Freddie, next time pull your pants down before you cum."

I couldn't understand what he meant. I looked down at my jeans, and

everything looked OK to me.

   Krista and I left the cafeteria to rounds of laughter. I was

completely oblivious that I was the target of their titters. 

   As we walked down the street, Krista suggested we go to her house.

Little did I know that she had more humilation in store for me there.



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