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Archive-title: Dave into Becky

Linda desired sex, often pleading with Dave for attention,

however Dave seemed distant and disinterested.  Linda began to

wonder if she was no longer attractive or desirable.  Dave would

virtually ignore her unless she spent great amounts of time

applying uncomfortable amounts of makeup, wore false eyelashes,

kept her nails so long that simple tasks were difficult, and wore

only the highest heels and shortest skirts.  He demanded that she

wear her hair unfashionably long.   In essence, her husband

demanded that she look like a hooker all of the time or he simply

would not acknowledge her existence.  She was not allowed to wear

or even own flats or pants.  Often times Dave would come home

unannounced from work to make sure she was properly dressed and

made up.

Clearly, this was a most unpleasant situation for Linda.  she

longed to dress and behave as a normal married woman of 30,

however Dave would not tolerate any deviation from his "ideal" of

the perfect woman.  Linda had twice been to an orthopedic surgeon

complaining of the extreme cramping in her legs and feet only to

be advised that she should stop wearing high heels and give her

calves and feet a chance to heal.  When confronted with the

physicians diagnosis, Dave was adamantly opposed to any change in

her wardrobe regardless of the consequences.  Similarly, she

developed a rash on her face from the heavy makeup and despite a

personal call from her dermatologist, Dave would not relent and

allow her to wear less makeup.

It was on her Friday trip to the market that the method of her

retribution became clear.  Perusing the tabloids near the

checkout she noticed a headline "Woman Transforms Abusive Husband

into Topless Waitress", she knew then what her course of action

would be.

The Plot

Friday evening, Linda embarked on her plan to transform her

ungrateful husband.  Calling her sister Susan, a physician's

assistant to a plastic surgeon of questionable morals and

abilities, she detailed her plan and enlisted her sister's aid.

"Bring the bastard down to the clinic, I have the equipment and

the skills to effect the modifications you desire and sufficient

drugs to assure that Dave cooperates 100%.  All of the staff are

at a conference this week and we'll have the place to ourselves"

was Susans enthusiastic reply.  Hanging up the phone she prepared

herself for the outing, putting on the ridiculous French maids

outfit that so humiliated her when Dave made her wear it out to

the grocery or to accompany him to shoot pool at the sleazy

sports bar he hung out at.  Globing on makeup and eyeshadow,

fitting herself with the tacky, cheap jewelry he provided as

gifts of his love and pulling on the thigh-high 6" stiletto heel

boots that gave her the most excruciating leg cramps, she waited

for Dave's arrival home from work.

As she heard Dave's Corvette pull into the driveway, her heart

began to race.  Next week I drive the Vette and you drive the 62

Ford wagon she thought.

"Hi honey", she intoned as Dave came through the door. "I talked

with Susan today and she wanted us to stop by the clinic for a

moment.  Would that be alright with you then we could go out and

you could shoot some pool and have a couple of beers."  "Well I

suppose so, Dave replied, but why do we have to see that slut

sister of yours, all she ever does is rag on me for my insistence

that you dress like a lady.  What's wrong with a man wanting his

wife to look feminine.  However since you got dressed up to go

out and since I haven't seen the boys for a week or so, I suppose

it's alright."  The plot was initiated!

The Transformation

Arriving at the clinic, Dave launched into his tirade against

Susan.  Lets make this quick he bellowed and I don't want to hear

any of your crap about my wife or my marriage.  Relax dave, Susan

said offering him two pink and blue tablets, Why don't you take a

couple of these and mellow out, they are the newest replacement

for Valium and should really smooth out you pool game.  Well

don't mind if I do, his mood brightening considerably as he

downed the medication.  Within 30 seconds Dave was unconscious on

the floor.

Lets get to work Linda, this will be more than fun.  Wait until I

remove this ridiculous getup for the last time Linda exclaimed as

she unzipped the cruel boots slinging them against the wall.  No

more fishnets she yelled as she tore them from the garters

attached to her corset.  Wetting a towel in the sink she scrubbed

the makeup from her face, removed the long false eyelashes and

unceremoniously stuck them on her husbands eyelids.

She then picked up a pair of surgical scissors and trimmed her

obscenely long fingernails to a manageable length.  Look I can

use my hands again she exclaimed.

Unzipping the maids dress and removing the corset completed her

metamorphosis.  Donning a surgical scrub outfit and a borrowed

pair of her sisters flats she announced "let the games begin".

The two women hoisted Dave onto the examining table cutting his

clothes from his body.  He doesn't have much body hair does he

commented Susan.  No I always thought that was attractive, I've

never cared for ape-men.  Well we have a new procedure called

LLAE, laser large area electrolysis, it rapidly removes hair

permanently, we can have him completely hairless within 2 hours. 

Do you want to do his genitals? Yes, everything except the hair

on his head, his eyelashes and eyebrows.  An hour and a half

later the two sisters surveyed the hairless figure on the table. 

After administering some additional anesthesia, the two women

began the task of creating female breasts on Dave's chest.  Using

a new type of implant that was inserted through a small incision

then filled with a non hardening silicone, Dave soon had breasts

protruding from his chest expanding his nipples in a most

attractive form.  This procedure heals quickly explained Susan,

SHE should be ready for her debut within 2 days, however we want

to put a support bra on her for several days.  Lets take a break

and go shopping.

The two women headed for the mall, elated from the previous

nights activity and oblivious to the fact that they had not slept

for 30 hours.  They had an extensive list, support bra 34C, hair

color, permanent, artificial hair to do a weave, permanent

artificial eyelashes, silk nails, polish, pierced earrings, high

heels.  He fits in all the slutty clothes he made me buy and as

of today he inherited my wardrobe intoned Linda.  Susan went to

fill the list for Dave while Linda purchased a bra (no awful

corset she thought), pantyhose in an attractive taupe (no more

stockings and garters), some pretty panties, the first pair of

jeans she owned in 8 years (attractive stone washed Jordache with

bows on the backs of the legs), a pretty blue top, and a pair of

blue wedgie shoes.  She then slipped into the ladies room,

removed the surgical garb, dressed in her new finery, and reveled

in the comfortable, attractive, clothing.  Next on her list was a

new hairdo, short and feminine, a manicure with an attractive

color of polish (no more slut red all of the time) and a complete

makeover with the new natural, attractive shades.  Linda was

completely unrecognizable!

Reunited with Susan, the two, laden with their purchases returned

to the clinic to find Dave, now named Becky, breasts jutting into

the air, as they had left him.  Let's get the bra on Becky and

then I want to shorten the tendons in her legs forcing her feet

into an arched position making it impossible for her to wear

anything but high heels and then well give inject some additional

lipid into Becky's derriere to give it a more feminine shape.

The surgical procedures completed, Linda and Susan started on the

cosmetics and hair.  The next 6 hours were consumed with

attaching the weaved hair, giving Becky the same length and style

as was previously her wive's.  Clairol haircolor and a Loreal

Preference permanent completed the coif.  Becky's ears were

pierced in two places and fitted with a pair of huge silver hoops

and a pair of dangling rhinestone earrings.  Permanent type false

eyelashes were glued to Becky's eyelids and her eyebrows were

waxed into thin arches.  Three inch silk fingernails were applied

to her hands and painted a brilliant slut red.  Her toenails were

trimmed and painted the same color.

Having completed their task, the two sisters dressed becky in a

surgical gown for the trip home.  Placing her inert form in the

now deceased Dave's beloved Vette, Linda took her husband home

for another day of recuperation and a year of enlightenment. 


The Awakening

Dave awoke to the sound of his wife's voice commanding "Wake up

Becky, today is the first day of your 1 year indoctrination into

the wonderful world of femininity."  "Who's Becky and why don't

you shut-up and let me sleep?", Dave angrily replied.  You're

Becky!  Reach up and feel your new breasts, look at your hairless

body, feel your pierced ears, notice your blond, permed hair. 

Dave groggily felt his chest, then sat up in shock and disbelief. 

"What have you done to me you slut, I have breasts, real breasts,

this is my tissue, how, why, what have you done.  He then reached

for his genitals, poking himself with the unaccustomed long fire

red fingernails protruding from his hands and wincing in pain. 

"No I haven't castrated you yet, however with that hairless body

and those boobs sticking out from your chest, I doubt you'll be

spending any time in the mens room.  Why don't you get up, put on

your nightie and I'll explain what has been done to you and what

is in store for the future.  Dazedly Dave/Becky pulled on the

blue satin teddy his wife offered and stood up.  His center of

balance had changed and his movements seemed awkward.  Put on

your slippers, his wife intoned, proffering a pair of 5" slip on

heels with blue trim surrounding the open toes. Dave complied and

immediately fell face first onto the carpet.  Don't worry honey,

you'll get lots of practice walking in high heels as that is the

only footwear you'll be wearing for the next year.  Dave noticed

the red polish on his toenails and the smooth hairless condition

of his legs as he picked himself up of the floor and teetered

toward the living room for the promised explanation and a much

needed cigarette.

Grabbing a cigarette and his lighter, Dave found he couldn't get

the lighter to operate as his fingernails got in the way.  "Here

let me help you Becky, you probably should have gotten a more

practical length until you became accustomed to them however

you'll just have to make do with what you've got.  Inhaling

deeply, Dave looked at Linda, but before he could speak she

vocalized his thoughts.  "Why?" she spoke, "because you have

ridiculed me for all the feminine things I've had to go through

to make myself alluring to you and NOW you are going to

experience the difficulty, pain, and humiliation that men put

women through.  All of the times that you insisted that I wear a

short skirt and high heels will now come back to haunt you as

that is all you'll be wearing until next year!

Perhaps you would like to know the technical details of your

transformation.  Lets start at the top.  Your hair has been dyed

Clairol Gold Highlighted blond and you've been give a Loreal

Preference permanent.  Your eyebrows have been waxed, a painful

procedure you will have repeated many times in the coming months. 

You have permanent type false eyelashes glued to your eyelids

giving you that artificial slutty look you seem to prefer. 

Perhaps I'll have you go in and have eyeliner tattooed

permanently.  You facial, body and leg hair has been permanently

removed by electrolysis.  Your ears have been pierced in two

places and next week you will go in and have your left nipple

pierced as a sign of how much you love me.  Your breasts are

surgically implanted and I'm sure you'll agree completely natural

in appearance.  Your fingernails are silk, permanently affixed

and painted the red color you prefer.  Your hips and rear have

been padded with a fatty substance that will gradually be

replaced by redistribution of your own body fat resultant from

the hormones I will be making you take.  I will adjust the dosage

so that you will not loose you capability to achieve an erection

as you are going to service me whenever I do so desire but you

will not be capable of ejaculation as you do not believe women

should enjoy sex, the dosage will soften your skin, add luster to

your hair and generally feminize you.  The tendons in your legs

have been shortened forcing you to wear on 5" or higher heels.

I have discarded all of your clothes and you will wear the

whorish trash you made me wear.  As we are the same size it all

will fit with the exception of my shoes which have also been

discarded.  We both have a new wardrobe.

You will be required to do your makeup, nails and hair. You will

always be attired in corset, panties, stockings, dresses, heels

and full makeup except when you are sleeping.  You are never to

allow me to see you in any other condition, consequently you will

wake before me and prepare yourself each day. You will do all of

the cooking, cleaning and shopping.  You will give me sex

whenever and wherever I desire.  Should you flaunt my authority,

I will leave you just as you are to fend for yourself, a half

woman half man with no future.  At the conclusion of one year, I

will have the implants removed and will restore you to the way

you were with the exception of your hair which will serve as a

reminder of this lesson forever.

In 1 month you will start a part-time job as a topless cocktail

waitress at that disgusting dive you and your former friends hang

out at and you will have the opportunity to experience life on

the other side, so I suggest you work very hard at becoming as

feminine as possible to avoid detection.

Now, you are to go into our room and dress yourself, apply your

makeup, and do your hair as we are going out for a couple of

beers and you can watch me shoot pool.



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