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Archive-name: Control/darevon1.txt

Archive-author: Wanda Wolfe and Ramon St. Clair  (c) 1987

Archive-title: Dare and Evon - 1

    Dare was suspending a crystal ball in midair when the soft stir of

another mind touched his. He lowered the ball to the floor, reached out

into -- nowhere -- for a large mirror, and suspended it in front of him. He

stared at his image for a moment -- shoulder-length blond curls, golden

eyes like a cat's, looks which pleased most who looked on him -- and

concentrated on changing it to the image of his foster father.

    The mirror fogged for an instant, then another image appeared

there, that of a tall blond warrior twice Dare's age, eyes a vivid shade of

blue. Dare smiled warmly and bowed deeply.

    "Master Beron, how may I serve you?" he asked courteously, his

voice deep and rich.

    "We have a visitor here at Mega asking for Chandar, accompanied by

twenty warriors."

    Dare frowned slightly. "CHANdar, not ZhanDARE, Father?"

    Beron nodded.

    "What is his purpose?" Dare asked.

    "He courteously but firmly turns aside attempts to question him."

    "Have you probed his mind?"

    "He has very powerful shields."

    "When did he arrive, and what have you learned about him so far?"

    "He arrived just prior to supper. His name is Evon, and he's about

your age. He looks like Lord Crystalia, and has the bearing of a nobleman,

although he's also very much a warrior."

    "May I see his image?"

    Beron's eyes went vacant for a moment, then he smiled. "Yes. He's

asleep, so I can show him to you without his awareness."

    He waved his hand and a mirror appeared next to him. In the mirror

slowly appeared the head of a man in his mid-twenties, with short-cropped

curly black hair. His skin was tanned a rich golden brown. The face was

strong, with high cheekbones, firm jaw, prominent chin with a deep cleft,

and deep set eyes with long, thick eyelashes. The mouth was sensual, with a

small smile curling the lips. Dare stared at it for a long time in silence.

    "Let me see the full body," he said quietly.

    Beron increased the size of the mirror and the full body of the

young man sprang into view. He was lying on a bed, atop the covers, his

naked body tanned the same golden color as his face, except for a white

strip from just below his waist to his upper thighs. His shoulders were

broad and muscular, tapering down to narrow hips and a flat muscular

abdomen. The arms and legs were long and hard, obviously the strong limbs

of a warrior in excellent condition. As Dare stared at him, the man's cock

rose to life and stood up hard and red, long and thick. One hand moved to

fondle huge balls, long fingers graceful in movement.

    "A magnificent specimen in every regard, sir," Dare grinned.

    Beron looked down at the mirror and then laughed. "My apologies,

Dare. I didn't realize he was naked."

    "No apologies necessary. I can enjoy the naked body of a man as

well as that of a fine wench. He's a handsome man. And indeed he must be a

noble. Even in sleep he radiates the qualities. What else have you learned

about him? No, leave the image there while we talk," he added swiftly as

Beron moved to put the mirror aside. "I like looking at him, Beron. I've

been chaste for months now. Let me have my moments of pleasure."

    Beron laughed and suspended the mirror where Dare could look at it

as they talked.

    "I've told you before about Crystalia," Beron said. "He's one of

only three people who knew you were brought here for fostering. I believe

this man to be as honest as his father. There's a strong aura of honesty

and honor about him. However, there's also a thick layer of frustration

hanging over him which I can't find the source of."

    Dare stared at the sleeping man as Beron talked, feeling the rising

response of his body to the man.

    "He's accustomed to command, that's obvious. And I sense he could

be extremely dangerous under the right circumstances," Beron continued. "He

has tremendous passion, which he holds on a tight leash. I think it would

be well for you to spend some time with him before letting him know who you


    "What did you tell him about me?" Dare asked softly.

    "That you were away, studying at an advanced academy. Naturally he

assumed I meant another warrior academy. I told him we'd talk more

tomorrow, after he'd had time to rest from his long trip."

    Dare nodded slowly. "He stirs in his sleep. Release the image

before he wakes."

    Beron swiftly moved a hand and the other mirror disappeared.

    "He'll want a guide to take him to the other academy, of course,"

Dare said thoughtfully. "Perhaps I could serve as that guide. That would

give me three weeks on the road with him while we traveled to here."

    He widened and lengthened the mirror until it was large enough for

him to step through.

    "I'd best get some sleep before I have to deal with him," he

grinned. "I'll see you at breakfast."

    Evon stirred in his sleep and then sat up, biting his lip. What a

curious dream. Or had it been a dream? Of course, it had to be. But who was

that handsome blond-haired man with the golden eyes? Eyes like a cat's

eyes, like the queen's eyes. And an aura of power like he'd never seen in

another man that age. Such a confusing conversation, too.

    He lay back, staring at the ceiling. It was a long time before

sleep reclaimed him. But by morning, he'd convinced himself it was a dream,

and had forgotten much of what he'd overheard.

    At breakfast, Beron grinned at Dare, who was dressed as a warrior.

"You'd better disguise yourself a little."

    Dare smiled. "He wouldn't know what I look like, would he?"

    "You look too much like the queen. The blond hair is fine, but if

he sees those eyes, he'll know you're her son."

    Dare closed his eyes for a long moment, and when he opened them,

they were a clear, brilliant blue. Beron nodded, pleased.

    "Excellent. The color suits you."

    "It should," Dare laughed, his voice now a tenor. "They're yours."

    Beron smiled and for a moment great love shown in his eyes.

    "Take care, my son," he said softly. "I'll be concerned about you.

Get in touch with me as often as you can safely do so."

    Dare smiled at him fondly. "I will. Don't worry about me, Father.

I'll be fine. I've trained all my life for this. Thirteen years of warrior

training here at Mega, and ten years of sorcery training in Aurora. If I'm

not prepared by now, I never will be. I'll learn all I can from him on the

way, then we'll see."

    Beron nodded and started to speak, then smiled broadly and stood.

    "Good morning, Evon. I hope you slept well."

    Dare stood and turned to see the dark-haired man from the mirror,

now clothed in the simple leather garments of a warrior over a charcoal

gray shirt. He was even more impressive standing, being over six feet tall,

and in excess of two hundred pounds, all muscle.

    Dare's eyes widened in admiration, and the warrior grinned when he

saw it, his pearl gray eyes sweeping Dare's body and returning the

compliment. Dare smiled in acknowledgement.

    "I slept well, Beron. Thank you for your hospitality," Evon said.

    "Evon, this is my son Dare, who has traveled the land between here

and Aurora. I assumed you'd want to continue your journey onward, so have

asked him if he'd be willing to serve as your guide."

    Evon bowed courteously. "Dare, I'm honored to meet you. And I would

be most grateful for your help."

    Dare returned the bow. "The honor is mine, Evon. I need to go to

Aurora anyway, and the escort of several armed warriors will be most


    "You look like you could handle most trouble that came your way,

unless you were too outnumbered."

    Dare smiled. "I grew up here at Mega. They tried to pound a few

skills into my head, and did at least give me the body of a warrior."

    "He's being modest, Evon," Beron laughed. "He's an excellent

warrior, one of the best I ever trained. He won his sword at fifteen."

    "Impressive," Evon acknowledged, eyebrows lifted. "I was seventeen

when I won mine, Dare. But then I was the lazy type who preferred wenches

or other pleasures to sword play," he said cheerfully.

    Dare gestured to an empty seat at the table. "Won't you join us for

breakfast, Evon?"

    "Thank you."

    He took the seat, and Dare passed a platter of meats to him. Evon

helped himself generously and passed the platter on to Beron.

    "May I inquire why you're going to Aurora, Evon?" Dare asked

casually. "Do you seek training at the academy there?"

    Evon smiled and accepted a platter of fruits.

    "I could probably use more training. But I seek an individual,

named Chandar."

    "I know him."

    Evon glanced at him, then poured himself a cup of the rich beverage

known as kizra, a stimulating hot drink well liked by warriors.

    "I haven't met him. What's he like?" he asked politely, very


    "Our age. A fellow warrior, who trained here at Mega, and now

trains at Aurora. Most people seem to like him well enough."

    Evon looked at him closely. "He's a warrior? So he's an honorable

man then?"

    Dare returned the look with lifted eyebrows. "Yes. I'd say he's an

honorable man."

    Evon slowly drew in a great breath, and then exhaled equally

slowly. Dare felt some of the frustration leave him then, but after a

moment, it was replaced with a faint echo of sadness.

    "Did you have some reason to suspect that he was less than

honorable?" Dare asked quietly.

    "Not at all. I was just curious as to whom I'd be dealing with.

Honor seems to be in less vogue these days than it once was. I but wondered

if that were true in his case."

    Beron took a sip of his kizra. "I haven't found honor to be in less

vogue here in this country. Do you indeed find it so in yours?"

    Evon's jaw tightened for a moment, then he took a sip of his kizra

and smiled blandly at Beron. "One should never criticize his country in

front of those from another," he said courteously.

    Beron lifted his cup in a small salute. "Indeed he should not,

Evon. My apologies for implying you would be so dishonorable."

    "No apologies necessary. I know you meant no disrespect."

    "Thank you for understanding that. My curiosity about other lands

often gets the best of me. I lived in your country for three years, but

that was a long time ago."

    "Where did you live?" Evon asked politely.

    "At the royal palace. I was part of the honor guard which brought

the current queen to your country from my homeland of Aurora. And I was the

one who brought her son here to Mega."

    Evon shook his head. "Such a pity that she sent him so far away to

be fostered." His eyes went blank for a moment. "Though the gods know I can

understand why she did it." He smiled brightly. "This is excellent food.

I've been on the trail for four weeks, and trail fare gets boring after a

while. Now I suppose it's back to trail fare again. How far is it to


    "This time of year, with good weather, three weeks, if we don't

tarry on the road," Dare replied.

    "I don't have any desire to tarry," Evon sighed. "Three weeks

there, another seven back home again. That's over three months on the

trail, my friend. I could use some time in a bed, especially one in a good

pleasure house." His eyes twinkled as he finished the statement.

    "There's a pleasure house in town, if you wish to spend a night

there before we leave for Aurora."

    Evon bit his lip. "It's tempting. Very much. But I have a duty to

perform. I must leave for Aurora as soon as you're ready to go."

    "I can be ready in three days."

    "I was hoping to leave today."

    "I'm afraid not. But we can leave at dawn on the third day."

    "Well, if that's how it has to be, I'll abide by it. I suppose I

might as well visit the pleasure house tonight."

    "You must be stiff after all that traveling. Would you like to go

out in the practice yards for some sword play? Then we could try each other

out at Kasmar."

    Evon smiled broadly. "I have to warn you, I'm tenth rank."

    "So am I. Would you like another cup of kizra?"

    "Thank you, yes."

    Evon stared at him appraisingly as Dare refilled their cups.

    After more than an hour of sword play, Dare saluted his opponent


    "We seem fairly evenly matched. I doubt if either of us could win

barring a stroke of luck."

    "I think you're right," Evon said quietly. "You're a little smaller

than I, and I underestimated you. You're good."

    Dare smiled. "Size matters not except in wrestling, and even then

sometimes a swift smaller man can defeat a larger man. You may be a little

stronger than I, but I'm not so sure I couldn't hold my own in wrestling

with you."

    Evon laughed heartily. "A challenge! I like it. Come. Let's find

the wrestling mats. I love to wrestle, my friend. And I promise not to hurt

you too much."

    They wrestled for over an hour, bodies slick with sweat. Evon

downed Dare the first time, then Dare downed him. The third time, Evon

downed him again. He held Dare tightly, staring down into the clear blue

eyes, his hard cock throbbing against Dare's thigh as Dare's throbbed

against his.

    Dare laughed up at him. "We could go back and forth all day, Evon.

I think we're pretty evenly matched in this as well. Let's hit the baths,

have some lunch, and then we'll see if either of us can excel at Kasmar."

    Evon chuckled and let him up. "All right. Then I'm off to a night

in the pleasure house. Would you care to join me there?"

    "I've never gone to one," Dare admitted.

    Evon lifted his eyebrows. "No? Then you should, once, for the

experience. Go with me, and I'll introduce you to the delights of life."

    "Very well. Do we rent five wenches and see which of us can last

the longest? Is that the idea?" Dare grinned.

    Evon roared with delight. "That's one possibility. There are many

others in a pleasure house."

    Evon whistled softly when he saw the Kasmar board. The board itself

was made of fine leather, dark and light squares alternating, with an

intricate border of strange symbols around the squares. The pieces were of

a smooth marble-like stone, one set the dark gray of deepening twilight,

and the other set the rosy pink of early dawn.

    "Beautiful," he said admiringly. "How old is it?"

    "The pieces are over two hundred years old. The board has been

replaced several times. I believe this one is some twenty years old now.

Father had it made after we came here to Mega."

    Evon lifted the pink figure of a priestess and stared at it.

    "Exquisite. A true artist carved these. Would you like to go


    "You're a guest here, my lord. You may go first."

    "Please call me Evon."

    Dare smiled. "Anyone with intelligence could tell you're of noble

blood. But I shan't bother with titles if you dislike them."

    "I do. I can't avoid them in my own country, or from my men, except

in private. But I prefer to avoid them otherwise, especially from one so

obviously my equal in most ways."

    "Thank you," Dare chuckled. "I'm honored to be considered the equal

of such a magnificent specimen of manhood."

    Evon blinked as a shiver ran over him. Dare frowned slightly.

    "Did I say something wrong, Evon?"

    "No, not at all. It was just the phrase you used. I heard it in a

dream last night. Strange."

    Dare looked down at the board. "Fascinating. I've been told I have

some skill in the interpretation of dreams. Why don't you tell me about


    Evon chuckled, and made an opening move in the game.

    "It was a strange dream, about Beron, talking to another man, a

much younger man, about our age. They were talking about me. And the

younger man called me a magnificent specimen in every regard."

    Dare moved a game piece, then looked up at Evon, amusement in his


    "What else did they say?"

    "I can't remember all of it, just bits and pieces. The younger man

had the eyes of my queen. Gold eyes, like a cat's. Beron was telling him I

was looking for him, and he was asking questions, about me and my mission

here. They made several comments about me, and he --"

    He stopped, blushing. Dare grinned. "He what? You won't embarrass

me. Go on."

    "He made several remarks about his appreciation of my physical

qualities. He was looking at me with a great deal of desire, and it began

to affect me. I woke up with a tremendous erection."

    "After four weeks on the trail, no wonder you're having erotic

dreams, my friend," Dare laughed. "Although I'm surprised it wasn't a wench

you dreamed about." He looked up at Evon, biting his lower lip.

    Evon shrugged and returned the look. "The gender of my lovers is

irrelevant to me. I can appreciate the body of a man as well as that of a

woman. I suppose most males raised in warrior academies are the same. And

this man in my dream appeared to have a nice body, though it was covered

with a strange robe."

    He made a move, and then looked at Dare appraisingly. "You have a

nice body as well. And you were raised in a warrior academy. Do you also

bed members of either gender?"

    "Of course. I enjoy wenches tremendously, and fully intend to wed

and have children someday. But a woman can never give you the intensity of

pleasure which love with a man can."

    "Do you prefer the dominant role, or are you amenable to either,

depending on partner and circumstances?" Evon asked quietly.

    "I normally prefer the dominant role, but I enjoy being submissive

on occasion, with the right person."

    Evon licked his lips. "We're much alike, you and I."

    He made a move. Dare's hand instantly shot down and made a counter

move. Evon stared at the board in silence for several moments, then looked

up with a wide smile.

    "Impressive move. I concede defeat in six moves. I underestimated

you a second time, Dare. It won't happen again."

    Evon won the second game, which lasted longer than the first. As

they set up the board for a third game, he grinned over at Dare.

    "We seem to be pretty evenly matched at this as well. Shall we add

spice to the next game with a small wager?"

    "Certainly. What did you have in mind? Ten silvers?"

    Evon drew in his cheeks and shook his head. "The betting of money

between equals is boorish. I had in mind something much more interesting,"

he said, eyes filled with impish humor.

    Dare lifted his eyes as he settled back in his seat.

    "Indeed? What?" he asked curiously.

    "We've already decided to spend the night in the pleasure house. If

you win the game, we'll go there, enjoy the baths, and get a room. Then

until dawn tomorrow, I'll serve as your total and obedient slave,

satisfying your every whim and fantasy, willingly and without complaint.

The only conditions are that you may not ask me to do anything

dishonorable, which I don't believe you'd do anyway, and you may not harm

me to the extent that I can't carry on with my duties. Other than that,

anything you demand of me -- anything -- I'll do, if I'm capable of doing

it, of course." He licked his lips slowly. "And if I win, you will serve me

in the same way."

    Dare inhaled deeply, staring into the gray eyes.

    "I accept the wager," he agreed.

    After a gourmet supper, Dare grinned at Evon.

    "I have to confess, I didn't expect to lose the game," he admitted.

    "Of course not," Evon laughed. "One never expects to lose such a


    "You've done this before?"

    "With several others, one of whom was a woman warrior, and I've won

each time. Knowing I have such a prize waiting for me stimulates me to new

heights of ability in play."

    Dare laughed heartily. "I've never served as a love slave to anyone

before, but I can play the role for one night."

    "You understand what it's about better than anyone I've ever been

with. It's exactly that. A role. We all play many roles in life. Warrior,

student, lover. This is but another, and requires some new skills which are

quickly learned, and as easily discarded when the sun comes up."

    "And if you'd lost, would you be quite so cheerful?"

    Evon sat back, staring at him, then slowly nodded. "I think I

would. I'm a man of honor, as are you. An honorable man must take his

losses as gracefully as he takes his wins."

    Dare laughed. "True. Though normally a loss merely requires

saluting one's opponent and going on with life. It rarely involves a night

in a pleasure house, spent as slave to another."

    Evon leaned forward, eyes dark. "Ah, but there can be beauty in

being a slave, as long as you know it's a temporary state, and that no true

harm can come to you while in that state." He sat back, the intensity

leaving his voice. "You're accustomed to command, but you know how to take

commands as well. For tonight, you'll be commanded. Just not to draw a

sword, that's all."

    He stood gracefully. "Shall we go to the baths?"

    They strode through the halls to dimly lit baths, where a pretty

young girl, totally naked, stepped forward to greet them. Evon caressed her

firm breasts and then placed a coin in her hand.

    "I'm Evon. This is Dare, my slave for the night. I wish him to have

all the delights of the bath, excepting your own pretty self, of course.

Send him to my room afterward, most thoroughly cleaned."

    "Yes, sir. Come with me, Dare."

    She took his clothes, giving them to a eunuch, who promptly

disappeared with them. Then she produced a large bladder filled with water,

to which was attached a long hose ended with a nozzle.

    "If you'll lie down on your side, I'll give you the douche," she

said calmly.

    "What is that thing?" he inquired.

    She smiled. "You've never been to a pleasure house bath then? This

is to cleanse your insides so that you may enjoy pleasure without soiling

the sheets in your room. Most men find it pleasant."

    "I don't think I wish to have that."

    She blinked. "But your master ordered it as part of your bath."

    "He did?"

    "Yes. He said you were to be most thoroughly cleaned."

    "Indeed he did," Dare said dryly. "Very well. I should lie on my

side, you said?"

    "Yes, sir."

    A velvet robe was provided for him after the bath, and a eunuch to

guide him to the room. Evon wasn't there. Dare looked around slowly.

    A large luxurious bed filled the center of the room. Next to it was

a low table, holding an overflowing bowl of small yellow fruit, a bottle of

wine with two glasses, a large jar of lubricant, and a stack of small hand

towels. In one corner stood a heavy oak wardrobe.

    He tossed the robe aside and settled onto the bed with a glass of

wine. Above the bed were suspended a number of heavy metal bars at

different heights. He stared, wondering what they were for.

    Evon came in, dressed in a robe similar to the one Dare was


    "Should I ask where our clothing is?" Dare asked.

    "Over there in the wardrobe. They're quite thorough in these


    Dare looked up at him. "You might have warned me in advance what

being thoroughly cleaned involved. I was rather...disconcerted, to say the

least," he said dryly.

    Evon burst into laughter. "I apologize, Dare. I forgot you'd never

been to a pleasure house bath before."

    "I've led a somewhat ascetic life," Dare admitted, chuckling.

    Evon sat down on the side of the bed with a glass of wine.

    "But you have shared love with a man before."

    "Of course. What else is one to do in a barracks with no women


    Evon ran a finger down the inside of Dare's thigh lazily. "Then

you've merely shared that type of rough pleasure? Never any of the more

refined and subtle joys of love?"

    Dare grinned, shifting his thigh closer to Evon as his cock

responded to Evon's touch. "No. But I suppose I'm about to learn."

    "Indeed you are. You may be the greatest prize I've ever won in a

Kasmar game. I've never had the satisfaction of introducing anyone to my

own brand of...pleasure," Evon said, smiling.

    Dare stared at him, faint trepidation stirring the hairs on his

arms. "Very well. You've agreed not to harm me, so I'll do as you direct


    Evon licked his lips very slowly, eyes dark. "Your memory is

flawed, slave. I didn't agree not to harm you."

    A chill ran over Dare's body.

    "I agreed not to do anything which would disable your body so that

you couldn't perform your duties properly," Evon continued. "That does not

at all mean I can't do some small temporary harm to you, things which

aren't permanent, nor disabling."

    Dare lay back. "You have a smooth tongue, my friend. That was

indeed the agreement. I put my own interpretation on it, and obviously,

that interpretation was faulty."

    Evon touched the bare leg next to him, and saw the small blond

hairs stand on end as he did so. His voice turned soft and caressing.

    "Oh, I assure you I have no desire to inflict great pain on you.

Torture may delight some, but not me. However, I won't promise not to do

some minor harm. You're my slave for the night, and as a result I may do

with you as I please. You've agreed to do whatever I demand, willingly and

without complaint, as long as it isn't dishonorable. And since I'd never

ask an honorable man to do anything dishonorable, that can be discarded."

    He ran a finger slowly from Dare's throat to his navel. "Tell me,

Dare. You're a man of imagination. What are you lying there speculating

that I'm going to demand of you?"

    "My imagination may be good, but my experience is too limited to

fuel it properly," Dare laughed. "I have no idea what you're going to ask

of me. But I'll abide by our agreement."

    "Of course you will. You're a man of honor."

    Evon stood and removed his robe.

    "Do you know the joy of pleasing someone else with your mouth?"

    "Of course." There was a tone of relief in Dare's voice. Such a

simple thing to be ordered to do, after all.

    Evon smiled. "I don't mean just that. I can get that anywhere. I

want much more than that."

    He stretched out on the bed, face down.

    "I want you to use your mouth to please every inch of my body.

Start with the shoulders, licking and biting lightly and kissing. Work your

way down one arm, slowly, ending by sensually sucking each finger, one by

one. Work your way back up that arm, and repeat it with the other. Then

slowly, very slowly, move down the back, doing the same thing. Go all the

way down one leg, sucking each toe, and work your way back up that leg,

then repeat it with the other. When you return to the buttocks, pay extra

attention to them, until I'm writhing under the touch of your mouth. Then

I'll turn over, and you'll repeat the entire process on the front, ending

by tenderly licking and sucking each ball, and finally, at the very end,

taking me in your mouth."

    "All right," Dare said softly. "I've never done this before, so if

I don't do as you wish, please correct my performance."

    "I shall, never fear. But you'll learn quickly. And you'll please

me well."

    Dare bowed deeply. "I'll do my best, my lord."

    "Don't use that term. For tonight, the title 'master' will

suffice," came the amused answer.

    Dare growled slightly. "My apologies, but I'd consider that


    Evon looked at him, eyebrows lifted. Then comprehension dawned.

"Then you have my apologies. You were raised at a different academy than

mine. Our term of respect was 'teacher', not 'master'. I was aware that

other academies differed, but didn't realize yours was one of them. I

wouldn't demean your honor in such a way."

    "You understand."

    "Yes, of course. What alternate title would you consider?"

    Dare thought for a long moment. "How about Your Majesty?" he asked

at last, the humor returned to his voice.

    Evon laughed heartily. "I like that. Though it might get us both

hanged if it were known. Very well. Use that. But not if one of the eunuchs

is in the room."

    "Will they come in?"

    "Only if we summon them for more wine or something. These places

pride themselves on giving their customers a discreet and private place for

their pleasures. We'll not be disturbed, and the walls are quite

soundproof, so I can make you howl with pleasure, and no one will hear."

    Dare ran a light hand down the other man's back. "Perhaps I won't

be the only one howling before the night is over," he said softly.

    Evon's body shook with suppressed laughter. "Perhaps," he agreed.

    "For someone who never did that before, you're damned good at it,"

Evon panted, drawing Dare into his arms and holding him tightly.

    Dare heard the other man's heart pounding wildly. It gradually

slowed as the chest began moving easier, with deep, even breaths instead of

the ragged panting.

    "Thank you, Your Majesty," Dare said softly. "I'm glad I was able

to please."

    Evon's arm around Dare's shoulders loosened a little. "You did

indeed please, my handsome slave. I think I should reward you a little for

that. Is your own body in great need by this point?"

    "I'm controlling it. I'll submit to your desires, with no thought

of my own."

    Evon shook his head. "Oh, but that's not my wish! I forbid you to

use any warrior disciplines to control your body for the remainder of the

night. You'll allow all your feelings to run rampant, and whether or not

I'll appease them will be at my discretion."

    Dare took a deep breath. "That will be quite difficult. I have a

lifetime of training in body control."

    "I know. But you now will have to remember to not control your

body. It'll make the night much more difficult for you, but in the long

run, you'll be glad."

    Dare slowly allowed his body to relax, and after a time, he lifted

his head and looked down at Evon.

    "Very well, I'm no longer controlling my body. Should you see me

forget and resume it, you'll remind me, of course, Your Majesty?"

    "I'll not remind you. I'll punish you for forgetting. Keep that in

mind. Now use your mouth to stir my blood again."

    "In the same fashion?"

    "Just the balls and cock, that's all. I recover very quickly, as a


    Dare moved down to slowly lick the velvety balls, sucking each into

his mouth and rolling it around inside, thoroughly bathing it in his

saliva. Without his tight control, his own body began to respond to what he

was doing. He felt his cock slowly swelling, and heat spread through his


    He licked his way up the back of the semi-erect cock in front of

him, enjoying the silky smoothness. A drop of moisture rested on the tip,

and he lapped it up, rolling the sweetness of it around in his mouth before

slowly lowering his mouth to cover the cock and suck it back to rigidness.

The cock was long and thick, similar to his own, though maybe a tiny bit

longer. As he thought of it entering him, his blood quickened, and his legs

spread slightly, his buttocks lifting and his belly dropping.

    Evon chuckled. "You want me to take you, don't you? Your body is

hungry after all you've done for me without getting anything back."

    Dare didn't answer, his mouth busy on the hard cock. He

instinctively started to close his legs, then remembered the command he'd

been given, and left them open, his pelvis twisting in an ancient rhythm of


    "Good. You're learning fast," Evon whispered, caressing his back.

"That's enough. Come up here and kiss me now."

    Dare obediently moved up and kissed him, deeply and passionately,

his hard cock throbbing against Evon's. Evon gripped him tightly, his body

moving under Dare's. Then he pushed him away.

    "You wake up deeper passions in me than anyone else has ever done,"

he growled. "I'm not sure I like it."

    "Then tell me how to stop it, Your Majesty, and I'll abide by your


    Evon sat up. He opened the jar of lubricant and dipped his fingers


    "Turn around," he said.

    Dare obediently turned, and Evon slipped his fingers deep inside.

Dare trembled, body throbbing from the touch.

    "You're hot," Evon said. "How long has it been since you had a


    "Several months," Dare said quietly.

    "Months? By the gods! No wonder you're so hot. Spread your legs a

little more."

    Dare obeyed, and then felt the touch of the hard cock against his

anus. He attempted to move back onto it, but was stopped by a firm hand on

his ass.

    "I'm in control. We do it as I want to do it."

    "Yes, Your Majesty," Dare whispered, eyes closing.

    Evon rubbed the head slowly up and down in the crack of the firm

ass, then placed it again at the puckered opening. Very slowly, he eased

the head in. Dare's breathing was ragged and uneven.

    "Am I increasing your heat to an unbearable level?" Evon whispered,

bending over to press his chest to Dare's back, his nails lightly

scratching Dare's nipples.

    "Yes," Dare whispered hoarsely.

    "Good. I want you totally out of control. I want to ride you as one

would ride a wild horse who wants no rider on his back and who fights for

freedom, but knows that freedom is not to be his until the end. Do you

understand me?"

    "Yes, Your Majesty," Dare groaned, his body trembling with the

force of holding back his passion.

    Slowly, Evon allowed the rest of his cock to slide inside. Then he

gripped the other's cock in his well-greased hand.

    "Now we ride," he whispered, and began moving.

    Dare moved with him, hard and fast. In less than a minute, the cock

in Evon's hand began shuddering, its fluids spurting wildly. But Evon hung

on, still moving, and the cock did not go soft, though its owner nearly

sobbed with the torture of it.

    Evon moved slow and easy now, and after several minutes, Dare's own

passion, too long contained, grew again. When Evon sensed it, he pounded

into Dare, driving with all his strength. Dare's body bucked wildly under

his, adding to the ecstasy Evon already felt.

    "Yes, my wild stallion, yes," Evon cried.

    The violence of his release, throbbing inside Dare, brought another

orgasm thundering from Dare. This time, he collapsed down on the bed, his

heart pounding fiercely, his harsh breathing unable to carry enough oxygen

to his fevered brain to allow him to see through the red haze covering his


    Evon slowly sagged down on top of him, tenderly kissing the

shoulder in front of his face, his arms still around Dare, hand still

holding the now flaccid cock. His breath was warm on Dare's skin, and Dare

closed his eyes, more fulfilled than he'd ever been in his life.

    When his breath slowed enough to allow speech, he whispered, "Was

the ride satisfactory, Your Majesty?"

    Evon chuckled and kissed the hard shoulder again, his lips gentle.

    "Quite satisfactory. But I think you were rewarded too well for

your earlier efforts. I shall have to give you something a little more

challenging to do."

    "I'm at your command, Your Majesty."

    They rested for several minutes, Evon gently caressing Dare's

shoulder with his cheek. Then he rolled over and sat up.

    "Do you like gangias?"

    "I don't believe I've ever tried them."

    "It's a very juicy fruit, with a surprising mixture of sweetness

and sourness in the flavor. Very delicate taste, one you like to savor,

like a fine wine."

    He cut one of the thin skinned fruits into quarters, took a bite of

one of the quarters, then held it down to Dare's mouth. Juice ran down

Dare's chin as he bit into the fruit. Evon laughed and leaned over to lick

the juice away, letting his tongue roam over lips and cheek as well as the


    "Very nice. I like it," Dare said, licking his lips, his eyes

making it clear he wasn't referring to the fruit alone.

    "It's reputed to have regenerative properties, which is why the

pleasure houses prize them so. A man eating gangias can reportedly stay

hard all night, with minor times of softness after orgasms. I don't know if

it's true, or if the fruit's reputation, and the atmosphere of the pleasure

house itself, is what allows one the luxury of such tireless performance."

    "The power of the mind is strong. If one believes it works, then

it'll work."

    "Then for tonight, let's believe it'll work," Evon smiled. "I don't

think I want to let you rest much tonight. I'm not likely to find your

match again in a lifetime. I want all the pleasure I can get."

    Dare stared up at him. "Perhaps tomorrow we could play another

game, and see if I can win your services for tomorrow night."

    Evon laughed heartily. "This is too good to be true. I accept. I've

never had anyone risk being my slave for two consecutive nights."

    "But what will you do if I win?"

    "I'll accept defeat with a smile, of course. But you won't win. I'm

going to have you all to myself for another night. Blessings from the


    Dare smiled thoughtfully. "We'll see," he said. "No one has ever

defeated me more than two consecutive games before. I learn his weaknesses

within two games, and can come back to defeat him."

    "There's a first for everything," Evon said cheerfully. "Tomorrow

you lose your third consecutive game to me, and your night is mine again."

    Dare took another bite of the succulent fruit and smiled as Evon

licked the juice from his lips.

    "How old are you?" he asked.

    "I'll be twenty-six in a few months," Evon said. "In late fall,

under the sign of the phoenix."

    "No wonder you're so passionate. I've heard that people born under

the sign of the phoenix are pleasure demons."

    Evon laughed heartily. "How old are you?"

    "I'll be twenty-five next month, under the sign of the lion, as

befits a warrior."

    "Some of the finest warriors I've ever known were born so. Though

I've never taken one as lover before. They tend to be too dominant for my


    "You don't find me dominant?"

    "Since you've agreed not to be for the night, you're abiding by it.

But under the obedient role you've donned, I can still sense the mantle of

command you wear. If I can break through that by morning, and touch your

true inner self, I'll have achieved the greatest joy a man can reach."

    Dare smiled. "I'm perfectly willing to allow you to try, but I

can't promise success. A lifetime of training can be sublimated for a short

time to a role, but I'm not sure it can be totally subverted."

    "Oh, I have no wish to subvert it. Only to break through it for a

short time, just long enough to touch your spirit."

    "And how can you do that?"

    "I don't know, but I'm going to try."

    He sliced another fruit and fed it to Dare, lightly licking the

juices from his face and then kissing him deeply.

    "Yes, Your Majesty," Dare murmured softly, eyes glazed from the


    Two hours before dawn, Evon sat up.

    "I think I'd like to spank you now," he said.

    Dare's eyebrows lifted. "How have I displeased Your Majesty?"

    "You haven't. I just want to spank you, and watch your bottom turn

red, and watch you twist and wiggle under my hand until you cry and beg me

to stop."

    "I'll not cry and beg you to stop. That would be dishonorable."

    "No, it wouldn't. There's no one here to see, and so you can suffer

no shame from it. It's part of the role you've taken on. You're my slave,

being punished, and you must act like a slave."

    Dare bowed. "In that case, I'll do as you command, Your Majesty."

    "Lie down across my lap, so your bottom is to my right hand. No,

your cock should be between my thighs. Yes, that's it. And remember, no

warrior discipline to ease or ignore the pain. You must accept it, and

react to it."

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    Evon brought his hand down sharply on the firm bottom. A small gasp

escaped from Dare's lips as the skin turned first white, then fiery red. A

second slap followed the first, and then a rapid spanking began. Dare was

squirming, trying to escape without escaping, his cock beginning to

lengthen and harden, and that fact shocked him more than the pain of the


    "Don't you dare come," Evon threatened. "Or I'll punish you even


    "Then stop, please, because unless I control it, I'm going to come

soon," Dare gasped.

    "I will not stop, and you will not control it, but if you come, I

will punish you harder," Evon said fiercely, tightening his thighs on the

hard cock.

    Dare groaned through clenched teeth, and then his body arched as he

came, violently, the spanking continuing even as the hot fluid exploded

from his body.

    "I told you not to do that. Now I'll really punish you. Kneel on

the bed, on your knees," Evon ordered sternly.

    Dare obeyed, his bottom burning and throbbing.

    "See that bar above the bed? Reach up and grab it with both hands,

and don't release it until I say you can. No, the higher one, so you're up

on your knees instead of sitting on your heels."

    Puzzled, Dare reached up to grip the thick bar. Evon sat facing

him, cross-legged, his own cock soft. Then he lifted his right hand and

slapped Dare's soft cock, knocking it to the side. A muffled oath escaped

Dare's lips.

    "Hush," Evon said shortly. "I'll cause no harm. You already have my

word on that."

    He looked up at Dare, eyes dark. "I know exactly what your limits

are, and I'll take you to them, completely," he whispered roughly. "You may

cry or beg me to stop, but you may not curse."

    His left hand slapped the cock back to the right, and then he was

batting it back and forth between his hands. Dare clung to the bar, his

body shuddering with the effort to stay still and not knock the other man

away from him.

    Then amazingly, his cock began to rise. He stared down at it in

stunned surprise. Evon was intermixing pinching and pulling with the

slapping, even occasionally bending to lick the moisture from the tip. He

scratched the balls, not to hurt, but heavily enough for the pressure to be

firmly felt. He dropped down to bite the head, letting his teeth scrape

across the surface. Dare twitched with shock, and then the slaps moved from

his cock to his thighs and sides, still mixed with pinches and bites. Evon

bit his nipples, letting his teeth scrape over the tips of them until Dare

felt he was on fire.

    Dare closed his eyes, allowing the multiple sensations to flood

through him.

    "Now you will come," Evon said, and bent to take the cock in his

mouth, to the root, his teeth scraping the sides as he slowly pulled away.

    Dare exploded into that hot ravenous mouth, his cock throbbing with

a violence it had never known before. Evon swallowed it all, licking the

last residue tenderly, then slowly lay back. Dare hung from the bar,

drained and exhausted, dazed by the experience.

    "You may feed us now," Evon said quietly.

    Dare took several deep breaths, then slowly stretched his aching


    The fruit revived him after a while. On his own volition, he

smeared the juices on Evon's body and tenderly licked them away, slowly

coaxing the other man's long cock to rise. Evon lay back with eyes closed

and let him do as he wished. Then he moved up and straddled Evon, slowly

impaling himself on the cock. When it was fully inside him, he lowered

himself to lie full length on top of the other man, touching from head to

toe. He kissed Evon, deeply and tenderly, as he began moving slowly. Evon's

arms went around his neck as he began moving with Dare, a languid easy

rhythm which matched their combined heartbeats.

    The passion built slowly this time, thanks to the many times they'd

found release that night, but at length, Dare felt his own orgasm

approaching. He kissed Evon again, drawing the other man's tongue deeply

into his mouth, and began moving hard and fast. Evon moaned around the

kiss, his hard cock starting to pulsate as Dare's throbbed between them,

spreading thick fluid on their joined bodies.

    Dare drew a sheet up over them, and curled up on Evon's arm, his

own arm across Evon's hard chest.

    "Sleep, my handsome master," he whispered. "For tonight, you'll

belong to me in turn."

    Evon laughed softly, and caressed the soft blond curls. Then sleep

came up to claim both of them.



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