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Archive-name: Control/cop3.txt

Archive-author: Drestin Black

Archive-title: Drunk and Horny 3

My cock fills your pussy.  I begin with strong, steady

strokes.  Each is from the very tip of my head and as

deeply as I can.  We spare no time with gentle prod-

ding.  My hips swivel and rock, your body grinds sensu-

ously against mine.  Sweat trickles down across my

chest.  Muscles heaving.  Your hands hold the sides of

the seat.  Occasionally I see you hold a breast or

pinch a nipple - this makes me ever more excited.

You feel my balls slap against your ass and it excites

you too.  I slow my pace now, move my face down and

kiss you, then I kiss a nipple, taking it in my mouth

and biting delicately.  I can feel you pressing your

clit against the muscles in my abdomen and I move to

accentuate the feeling.

The heat, wetness and intensity increases.  My hardness

fills you again and again as your slippery warmth

surrounds me.

Suddenly it comes to me - I'm supposed to be arresting

you!  You have disobeyed the law - you were driving


I stop my thrusts quickly.  You look up at me, expec-

tantly but nervously (what? done already?).

"Outta the car!" a bit more forcefully the I plan.

You look at me questioningly.

"Come on, now" and I get up.  I step outta of my pants

(and try not to look silly in socks, shoes and a hard-

on).  You get out of the car shyly.  I reach down and

pull you up,  I kiss you again once quickly.  Then I

walk you to the back of the car (you in just heels,

stockings and garters look devastatingly sexy).

"Assume the position" I order (a smile breaks across

our faces) and you bend incitingly over the still sun-

warmed trunk of the car.  Your ass you push into my

midsection.  I place a hand on either cheek and slid

myself back into your still very moist pussy.  In your

heels you are just the right height and there is no

fumbling.  I start a bit slower, working up in pace.

You have your hands spread out wide in front of you on

the hood, your hair falls off to one side and your back

is sweaty and arching with each other stroke.  I fondle

and kiddingly slap your ass as I pump into your hot


On a wild urge I put a finger forward into your mouth

which you suck on.  Then with it very wet, I lick it

once myself and then begin to tease your asshole.  You

moan out loud.  I continue my thrusts but also push my

finger just into your ass - enough to excite you.

Our bodies thrust against each other.  The thrusts are

perfectly in time.  My balls are slapping rythmatically

against your clit.  You feel a sensation deep within

you beginning to unstoppably race through your body. 

You "UmmmmMMM" out loud.  I feel your pussy clench

tightly around my cock.  You push up against me stron-


"Oh yes...Oh my god, oh my god" you start to say punc-

tuated with "UmmmmMMM's".  "Come one baby, oh yeah" 

Suddenly you are seeing starts.. Your eyes tightly

shut, your body spasms, and shudders and presses once

tightly against mine.  I feel the flood of new moisture

surround my throbbing cock.  You stand upright, against

my chest, my hands come around and grab your breasts,

squeezing.  You shudder again - the intensity is nearly

enough to make you collapse, your knees shake.

I feel the suddenly intense pressure around my cock,

the heat increases even more then before, the increased

moisture and your last deep stroke has too triggered a

sudden intense feeling in my groin.  You relax a bit

and start to lean forward.

"Oh man, damn, me too, come on"  You and I thrust

against each other once more.  Then you pull forward,

pulling me out.  I open my eyes quickly.  You have

turned around and dropped down to a squat, on your high

heels, your face is just above my erect, gleaming cock. 

You grab my cock with your one hand, fondle my balls

with your other.

"Come on me baby, come on, do it" you say, stroking my

cock rapidly.

"Oh Yes!" I nearly shout and suddenly I can feel the

pumping from deep within me.  I throw my head back once

then look down as you stroke my cock.  You have tilted

your head back and arched your back.

My first spurt of sizzling hot cum hits you just below

your neck, the next one you aim lower and it splatters

all over your left breast.  I feel the pressure contin-

ue and the next splash of cum is almost precisely

between your breasts, the next goes higher as you are

still stroking my cock and hits at the top of your

chest.  You pull me closer and rub my cock's head

against your nipples as the last two spurts erupt white

hot cum all over your tits.

You stop stroking and guide my cock to your lips.  You

suck my shaft once again into your mouth twice.  It

exits sleek and slippery.  I see the cum very slowly

slipping down your out thrust breasts.  You use a

finger to spread some of it around, then rub it into

your breasts very seductively.  My knees are wobbling.

You stand up, we kiss once more, much less deeply but

no less passionately.  We taste each other and love the

sensation.  I pull away (with a sucking sound -geez-)

and then with the last of my strength I pick you up and

put you in the back of the squad car.  I pick up all

our things and put them in the front seat.  I help your

out of your stockings, heels and garters.  We clean up

a bit.

I make a report to dispatch that I am investigating an

alarm at the old factory and will report back in at the

end of my shift.

I wrap my arms around you in the confines of the back

seat.  We rest together that way for a hour and a half.

We finally get up and get dressed.  I drive you to your

home, stopping up the block so no one sees me drop you

off.  We kiss one last time and I hand you your purse.

"Your keys are inside." I tell you, explaining the

delay getting it to you.  I watch you walk away and to

your home.  I smile at a job well done.


You open your purse to fetch the keys, below them you

find a ticket for "Driving Under The Influence of

Alcohol".  Before cursing me to hell and worse, you

notice that it is dated one week from now.  I hope

there is something we can do about this....

(C) 1991 Drestin Black.  All Rights Reserved.  Distrubute freely without

modifications.  Contact info:  Rusty & Edie's BBS (216) 726-3589

or Pandora's Box (313) 652-6137 (Home of Drestin Black's Girls scans).


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