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Archive-name: Control/cop2.txt

Archive-author: Drestin Black

Archive-title: Drunk and Horny 2

I turn off the lights and the car, turn down the police

radio.  I pick up a fresh breathalyser from the box on

the passenger side floor.  I open my door and step

around to the back of the car. I tear open the plastic

bag and then open your door.

"Please come to the edge of the seat here please."

You slide over, this time not caring when the your

dress rides up over the tops of your stockings, garter

straps just barely in view.  You place one foot on

either side of me and slip to the edge of the seat. 

You slowly, tantalizingly lick your upper lip with a

very wet tongue.

"This is our model 14-AT Breathalyzer,"

Taking a slow, deep breath, you breath in through a

gently shaped O, blinking a few times quickly.  Your

hands reach out and grasp either side of my hips.  I

hesitate in my delivery.  One hand reaches the buckle

on my belt and unfastens the quick release with a

 and you let the belt gently to the ground.

"You have to hold the device like so,"

Both hands undo the belt around my waistband.  With a

snap, the button on my pants is undone.  You can see my

muscled abdomen flex once, twice as I take two quick

breaths.   and the fly on my pants is open, you

tug them and my black bikini briefs to the ground

unconsciously licking your lips again.  You can feel

the heat between your legs increasing.

"Then insert this end into your mouth,"

Your hands push up my shirt tails revealing a washboard

like abdomen.  You look upwards at my chest, then into

my eyes as I look down to you.  You then place a soft,

wet kiss just below my belly-button.  There is a tiny

spasm across my body.  You place kiss after kiss across

my lower abdomen.  One hand cupping a cheek of my ass,

the other moving up one of my thighs.

Your tongue works figure-8's just as your suddenly

brush against my erect cock.  Without pausing you turn

your head and run your lips along my long shaft, your

tongue along the bottom.  Back and forth, you do this

four times.  Your lips are wet as my cock, the head

getting larger yet.

You turn your head again, offering me no recovery time

and, with both hands on my hips, fingers against my

ass, you shape your mouth into an "O" and begin with

sucking the head of my cock.

You give a few precursory short strokes, then without

warning suddenly, smoothly, swallow the entire length

of my cock...inch after inch disappears quickly into

your hot, slippery mouth.  Stopping only when your lips

reach the base of my penis, you bob up and down a short

distance for a few brief seconds then withdraw, your

tongue flicking the underside of my cock as it slides

free from your mouth.  As my cock leaves your mouth,

you tilt your head back, mouth still open.  A tiny bit

of saliva strings from the tip of my sleek member to

your bottom lip.  You look up and realize that not only

haven't I moved my hands but haven't taken a single

breath since the two aforementioned ones.

A smile breaking across your face momentarily-

"Then you have to blow it until I ask you to stop." I

say in auto-pilot mode - text from a manual unscrolling

before my sub-mind.

You hold my cock with one hand, stroking it a bit as

you lick my balls.  Your hot breath combined with

quickly cooling moistness from your tongue is a fantas-

tic feeling, my breathing returns - it is rapid and

shallow.  My eyes close slightly.

You then return to sucking my cock.  Sometimes flicking

your tongue on my swollen head.  Mostly skipping worth-

less playing and teasing and sliding your lips along my

hard shaft, your tongue caressing the underside as you

do.  I begin to rock my body a bit, helping thrust

myself into and out of your mouth.  A steady rythmn

begins.  Your hands pulling my body towards you.  Your

fingers sometimes running up and down the backs of my


"Stop" I whisper

You stop suddenly.  I hold my breath.  You swallow my

cock in it's entirety - hold the position, tongue

working magic.  Then you slowly, carefully pull your

mouth away from my cock.

As you do, my hands drop the breathalyser to the ground

and go to your shoulders.  I drop to my knees slowly,

bringing my face toward yours.  Eyes closing as I

approach, I kiss you gently once.  Our eyes closed and

on my knees, I kiss you deeply, our tongues exploring

each other's mouths.  We kiss once more, lips apart,

tongues darting between our open mouths.  My hands have

moved from your shoulders, one finds the front of your

dress and a finger traces the path once taken by

"lucky" sweat.  I find the button there and unsnap it

easily.  Another unsnaps as easily.  I kiss your cheek,

then your chin.  My tongue licks there, then lower as I

find your neck.  Kiss along your neck cause you to

throw your head back.  My hands caress your breasts

through the thin material of your dress and I can feel

your nipples under my palms through your bra.

You exhale with a sound I cannot put in words.  My

kisses find an ear lobe and a nibble gently.  My hands

pull at your dress and I'm please to find it slipping

easily from your shoulders.  Your hands help pull it to

around your waist.  My kisses and licks rapidly drop

from your ear lobe, to your neck again, across to your

shoulders.  My hand caresses your breast again, harder

this time.  Then I use a thumb and finger to gently

pinch your nipple.

With a sudden movement, I tilt head up and kiss you

again, deeply, wetly, while both hands quickly unsnap

your bra from up front and I push the material aside as

your tits fall free.  I pull my tongue from your hot

mouth and with it still wet with out combined taste I

lick a hardened nipple.  Two long stokes across your

nipple and atop the tip, caressing your other breast.

I'm pleased to find them not only perfectly sized but

quite firm.  Then I take and gently squeeze your tit

and put the nipple into my mouth.  Sucking on it, my

tongue flicking at it's tip.

Pushing your tits together momentarily, I lick from one

to the other which I take in hand and press it's nipple

into my mouth.  Sucking alternately gently then strong-

ly.  A hand sneaks out and I squeeze your ass.  One of

your hands is in my hair the other is on the roof of

the inside of the car.

I place kisses between your breasts more frequently

now.  Still occasionally pinching a nipple I switch

from breast to breast, my kisses forming wider circles

now.  Finally, as I sense the right time I begin with

kisses between your breasts then I lower my head and

kiss down your stomach.  You lean back in the car, one

hand now pushing my head down.  I respond by moving

quickly down your abdomen to your belly button.  My

hands at your waist, I tug at your dress.  You put your

feet on the edge of the car door and lift yourself a

bit up as I pull the rest of the dress under your ass. 

A moment later it has joined my gun belt and breathaly-

ser on the ground.

Your legs have found their way to my shoulders, your

heels brushing against my hips.  I kiss the insides of

your legs.  I hear your make a soft moaning sound and

see one of your hands rub gently between your thighs. 

I kiss higher and lick my way up between your thighs.

You remove your finger, sticky and sweet smelling.  I

kiss and suckle it just so briefly.  Your other hand

pushes my head between your legs.  I make a single,

long wet lick from just above your asshole to the tip

top of your slit.  You quiver gently but suddenly.  My

hands are under each ass cheek and I have your ass

lifted off the car seat.

I kiss your clit very wetly.  My tongue darts out and

begins to work circles around it.  I slip my tongue

lower into your pussy.  It is very wet and hot.  I like

long steadily paced stokes up and down.  I sometimes

pause briefly to lick the sides of your innermost

thighs.  Following your gyrations I lick across your

tight asshole.

Finally I lower your ass onto the seat.  Then I move to

the top of your pussy and suck on your clit.  I put a

finger at the opening of your pussy and rub it up and

down a bit, poking inward slightly as my lips and

tongue work madly, persistently on your hardened, wet


I push my finger inward.  You easily accept it.  I

begin by sliding in and out, then I turn the finger

upwards and begin rubbing the upper side of your in-

sides, feeling for the hardness there.  I feel you

squirming around and nearly can't suppress the smile. 

I change pace as I feel you do the same.

You pull my hair a bit.  I look up somewhat, still

licking your clit.

"Please..." you whisper loudly

"come on..." you say, more breath than voice

I slow my pace...I stop, withdraw my fingers.  Then

getting upright on my knees I remove my shirt as you

move your legs into position.  I hold my cock against

your pussy.

"Please!" you say and rock your hips to push against

me.  I push my cock into your soaked, slippery pussy. 

Your heat envelopes my hardness.  I pull back a touch

then push in again harder.  You are so wet then I slid

in effortlessly.  We both gasp.  I sink in to the hilt.

(Continued in COP3.TXT)

(C) 1991 Drestin Black.  All Rights Reserved.  Distrubute freely without

modifications.  Contact info:  Rusty & Edie's BBS (216) 726-3589

or Pandora's Box (313) 652-6137 (Home of Drestin Black's Girls scans).



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