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Archive-name: Control/cop1.txt

Archive-author: Drestin Black

Archive-title: Drunk and Horny 1

Drunk & Horny...weaving homeward after work....

The lights don't get your attention, but the siren

finally does, you pull over to the side of the road

barely missing a sign post.  A quick look into your

side view mirror (tall officer approaching, gun holster

at one hip, dark sunglasses, medals lined across one

breast, confident stride in tight pants and high boots,

traffic book in one hand, the other hovering near the

pistol grip) and you flip down the visor to adjust your

hair in the mirror.

The window glides down, I lean in checking to make sure

your hands are in view (they are on the steering wheel)

and no weapons are in sight (I notice that you are

sweating slightly despite the cool air escaping the air

conditioned vehicle).  "May I see your drivers license,

vehicle registration and proof of insurance please,

ma'am." my firm, professional voice _tells_ you.

"Sure" and you reach over and open your purse, hand

thrusts into it - I tense!  Right hand on the pistol

grip, restraint off...eyes are watching you closely for

any threatening moves, could be a weapon in there (the

back of my mind registers your lithe body, the curve of

your breasts in the tight dress you wear).  "Here you

go" and you hand over the papers.

My eyes look at your face (pretty) and I clamp down on

an urge to touch your hair, I feel the sudden desire to

run my fingers through it.  I see your eyes move from

my half hidden face, noting the strong features and

moustache below the dark lenses.  They quickly move

down to a powerful chest and further to a bulge just in

view at the edge of the window and your sight.  You

silently swallow.  I see your eyelids droop a bit and

sense that perhaps something is not right.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?" I ask.

"No - was I speeding or something?" you reply quietly.

"You were driving nearly ran into

that sign when you pulled over." a thought occurs,

"have you been drinking?" I ask.  I see your body tense

suddenly.  My eyes drop to your neck, I see you swallow

again.  A single drop of sweat rolls down, my eyes passes into the open front of your dress, I

look at the tops of your breasts, a certain amount of

cleavage draws my attention.  You take a breath, I want

to look more but I quickly snap back to the situation

in the foreground as you speak.

"Well, I did have just one drink at the office before I

left...I was, it was a going away party for som- my

boss and that's all." you quickly reply.

"I'll have to ask you to please step out of your car."

I say.  Looking over my shoulder at the traffic I

suggest, "Please use the passenger door." and I walk

around the back of the car to that side. You roll your

eyes up, "shit!" You slide over to the other side of

the car and open the door.

I am standing a bit back from the door when it opens. 

Your high heeled legs swivel out into view; having slid

across the seat your dress has ridden high up your

legs, mid-thigh.  I am afforded a glance of the tops of

your sheer stockings.  As you step out and up, the

dress falls gently into place.  My eyes work upwards

and against my will a small grin makes its way to my

lips. The dress tightly hugs the curves of your very

sexy body from above your knees to the wide collar that

first drew my attention.  You see me standing, somewhat

relaxed at the side of the car, the ticket book is on

the hood of my squad car and my arms are crossed.

You look at my face and ask "What should I do now?"

I remove my glasses, my deep blue eyes look at yours


"Please walk, arms out at shoulder height, one foot in

front of the other on the line, walk towards me and

keep looking into my eyes please."

You look down quickly and see that you are standing on

the line marking the edge of the road and the shoulder. 

You put your arms out and lock eyes with mine.  You

begin with your right foot and walk step by step to-

wards me. Your first step is just a tiny bit shaky but

the next two are firm and steady. Your eyes are locked

into mine.  There is no traffic on the road, rush hour

is over a long time ago.  There is no wind apart from a

slight breeze.

I watch you walk, outta the bottom of my sight I can

see your feet in motion, you are just at the edge of

the roadway and the soft shoulder.  My eyes are locked

onto yours but I can see your figure clearly and I feel

tension lower in my body.  You come closer, step by


Suddenly, just a few steps from me, your left heel

misses the edge of the road and your tumble, falling

towards the shoulder.  I reach out and grab one hand as

you fall.  You spin around as I pull you towards me, my

other arm curls around your waist as I tug you upright

and against my firm body.  Your hair smells wonderful. 

Your stomach firm and taunt under my arm.  You regain

your footing and slide your body upright against mine.

My hardness rubs between the cheeks of your tight buns. 

You turn around, my arms still around you.

Your face is two inches from mine.  In your four inch

heels your lips are even with mine.  Our eyes rapidly

lock again, I can feel your wonderfully hard nipples

against my chest even though all the layers of cloths. 

Your body is hot against mine - we both breath in at

the same time.  You feel me hard against your abdomen.

"Are you-"

"I'm sor-"

We both speak at the same time.

"Are you o.k. ma'am?" as I release you and you take an

involuntary step backwards.

"Yes, I'm fine.  Thank you."  Your look breaks from

mine as I snap my glasses open and put them on again.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but I'm afraid I'll have to ask you

to have a seat in the back of my car."

"What's wrong...I just slipped on the edge of the


"I'm sorry ma'am, please." I point, hand outstretched.

"Can I get my purse first?" you ask, obviously getting


"Of course," I reply and put my arm down.

You walk to the car, my eyes on your ass as you lean

into the car and get the purse and keys.  I am already

speaking into my shoulder microphone, telling dispatch

to send a tow truck to my location.  I see you smooth

your dress down as your walk to the back of my card.

I open the door and let you in.  You sit sideways, then

turn one leg at a time into the car.  I do not fail to

note your legs again as they swing in.  I ask for your

purse and keys then I the car door, you notice it is

the type that cannot be opened from the inside.  I walk

around to the front of the squad car and get in.

When I can see, you adjust the front of your dress,

exposing a bit more cleavage and adjusting your breasts

upwards in your bra.  Your fingers feel your hard as

bullets nipples and leave them pushing against the

thinner, lacy material at the edge of the bra.

I enter the car, putting my ticket book on the passen-

ger seat.  The tow truck is pulling up in front of your

car.  The driver having just got on the freeway two

exits back - timing perfect.  When the driver comes to

the window, I give him your keys and give him the

impound papers.  With a wave he heads towards your car

and a job.

We merge swiftly with traffic and accelerate quickly

out of the city.

"You know that driving under the influence of alcohol

is a serious offence don't you?" I ask.

"Yes, but I'm not drunk!" you state.

"You'll have to take a breathalyser test to prove


"Shouldn't you give me that right away?" you asking

remembering the story a friend told you about when he

was busted.

"The highway is not the best place to do this, my car

is causing gawkers to slow down and potentially cause


You recall that there was nearly no traffic on the

freeway when we pulled away.  You are finding that you

may not be able to keep up the "straight" talk much

longer.  You are drunk and you know I know it.  Much

worse, you are so horny, you are so hot for my body

that you are finding it uncomfortable to sit still. 

You desire to find the extent of the bulge in my pants. 

You brush your fingers against your lower thigh and

feel a rush up your body.

"If you'd like I can administer the test at the next

exit." I offer

"That would be good." you reply.

I pull off three exits later.  It is an exit on my

route.  It is very rarely taken as it leads to a facto-

ry packing lot that is no longer operating.  The sun

has sunk below the horizon and the orange of the eve

casts a colorful sky as we pull into the parking lot

and head behind the large factory building.  I am

breathing slightly faster, sweating a bit.  I call into

dispatch and report that I am driving you to a hospital

at the other side of town for a blood test for alcohol

level that you requested, as is your right.  The bulge

in my pants makes it hard to sit still also.  I keep

thinking of the tiny bead of sweat that rolled down

your sweat neck...  The car stops.

(Continued in COP2.TXT)

(C) 1991 Drestin Black.  All Rights Reserved.  Distrubute freely without

modifications.  Contact info:  Rusty & Edie's BBS (216) 726-3589

or Pandora's Box (313) 652-6137 (Home of Drestin Black's Girls scans).


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