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Archive-name: Control/contwomn.txt


Archive-title: Control of Women

                         Chapter One

     My  girlfriends and I have a most  unusual  relationship

for most people. They are my sexual slaves.

     It happened not too long ago. In fact, they didn't  know

that  I  even existed a month ago. I decided that I  had

enough of "normal" relationships, and that I wanted to be  in

control. Total control.

     I don't mean that they run around like zombies. It means

simply  that they will do anything that I ask. Anything,  and

anywhere, with me or with anyone that I choose.

     One  of  my favorite girls is Leslie, and I met  her  at

Heidelberg  College. She is strikingly beautiful,  with  long

red hair and a fair complexion. Her body is well-proportioned

due  to the aerobic exercise and weightlifting that she  does


     To see her naked is a dream. Her firm breasts have  dark

nipples which become hard at the lightest lick. Her red pubic

hair  is  shaved  close to facilitate bikini  wear.  She  has

luscious lips and a sensuous tongue that just loves cock. Her

cunt is smooth and juicy at the right times.

     A  month ago, I wanted to meet her. I was never good  at

meeting  women, but I was good at science. After all,  I  was

majoring in three subjects with a 3.8 average. With all those

brains you'd think that I'd understand how to control  women.

I didn't then, but I do now.

     I had gone with several girls in high school and in col-

lege,  but  all they ever wanted from me was  help  in  their

school work. I was never appreciated for what I really was by

any woman, until I learned how to control them.

     One day, about six weeks ago, a brainstorm came to me. I

was studying the physics of sound at just below hearing level

when  I  put  together some things I  learned  in  psychology

class. There, I learned that subliminal suggestions are very

powerful.  So  powerful, in fact, that they are  outlawed  in

advertising. I was tinkering with some sound equipment in the

physics  lab when I discovered a way to load "messages"  onto

music.  It's not a new phenomenon, but the way that I did  it

was completely new and, so far as I know, undiscovered. I did

it at the alpha brain wave level, and I learned a way to  at-

tach my messages in a way that was completely undetectable. I

also theorized that since I was introducing the "suggestions"

at  the alpha level they would be assimilated into the brain

and be completely and irreversibly irresistible.

     So  here I was, wanting to meet Leslie, and I  had  this

new discovery. I thought about it, and decided to try to  get

her to meet me.

     I  asked her friends what her favorite music was, and  I

made  some  cassette copies of them with my  secret  "sugges-

tions".  My  first one was that she would ask me out  to  her

favorite  restaurant  on Friday evening after classes  for  a

date. After that, she was to come to my off-campus  apartment

and listen to some music that I had for her. During all  this

time,  she was to enjoy herself with me and be completely  at


     I also "asked" her to go into my bedroom, stand in front

of the mirror and strip completely naked, then put on all her

clothed minus her panties and bra. She was to forget that she

did  this, and not think about her missing clothes  when  she

got  ready for bed later in the evening. She was to  do  this

when the Heidelberg clock tower struck twelve midnight.

     I played the tape over the cafeteria intercom, and since

music  was routinely played at mealtime I wasn't  doing  any-

thing  unusual. I figured that I had nothing to lose.  If  it

didn't  work, we wouldn't meet because I would never be  able

to work up the nerve to ask her out. If it did, I had  every-

thing to gain, and then some.

     Leslie was there, and acted completely normal during  my

tape. I lost all hope of her ever meeting me when she  didn't

come to me after the tape was over. I started to walk over to

the  door of the cafeteria when she startled me by her  pres-


     "Tom, I know this may sound forward to you, but will you

go  out with me this Friday? I would like to show you a  good

time.  Please  say that you will." she  said  with  practiced


     "Wh-where w-ould you like to go, L-Leslie?" I  stammered

almost in disbelief.

     "To the Pioneer Mill. They have pretty good food  there,

and I want to get to know you better. How about six  o'clock,

after classes. Meet me at my dorm room." She said, completely

oblivious to by secret delight.

     "Six o'clock, then." I said with less nervousness.

     Six o'clock on Friday seemed like an eternity away  that

week.  It  came, and she looked stunning, even she  was  only

wearing  a new pair of jeans and a loosely-fitting blouse.  I

couldn't  help  noticing that I could see through it  to  her

lacy  bra underneath, and I fantasized what I would see  when

the College clock chimed twelve.

     We had a wonderful time. She talked about herself a lot,

and I learned much about her. She also put me at ease by  her

natural  way of treating me, and had I not arranged the  date

myself, I wouldn't have believed it.

     We went to my apartment, at her suggestion, to listen to

some music. I played some more of my special music that I had

made  in anticipation to her being at my apartment. When  the

clock struck twelve, she said "excuse me," and walked into my


     She  closed  the door behind her and I  could  hear  the

faint  sound  of her unzipping her pants. About  two  minutes

later she came out and acted completely normal, as if nothing

happened.  In  reality, to me everything happened.  Here  was

this  magnificently beautiful women obeying every message  on

my tape as if it were second nature. I couldn't help but  no-

tice her perfectly formed breasts underneath her almost sheer

blouse. My sexual excitement was completely aroused.

     I couldn't wait for her to leave for the evening. I knew

that  she  would be returning in the morning  because  of  my

special  "messages" on my music that evening. She soon  asked

to leave, and after I took her home I viewed her "strip  act"

on  my VCR. I knew that if she followed the other  "messages"

on the tape, I was in for the day of my life.

                   Control of Women

                     Chapter Two

     "Tom, may I come in?" she said. It was around eleven  in

the morning on Saturday.

     "Sure,  Leslie. What can I do for you?" I asked in  mock


     "Tom,  I'm not sure how to say this, but I want you  to,

um, control me."

     "What do you mean?"

     "I  want you to be my master. I want you to command  me.

I'll do anything that you ask. Please say that you will." she

said as she removed her coat. She was wearing a tight Danskin

leotard, blue in color. She was also carrying a gym bag, with

the contents that my "message" specified.

     "If you're serious about this Leslie, come with me to my

study." I said as I walked in that direction. She followed me

and  put her coat on the rack that was near the  entrance.  I

asked her to take a chair near a massage table that I set  up

the previous evening in anticipation of this moment.

     "Are you willing to do whatever I say?"


     "Good. From now on, you will have no other romantic  in-

terest other than myself. You will be all these things to me"

I  said as I emphasized the words: "friend, lover, companion,

slave, plaything,  In all other respects, you will  act  com-

pletely  normal.  You will be my affectionate  girlfriend  in

public  and in private. You may express your opinions  to  me

and to others if you wish, but remember that you are my  love

slave, and must obey me. Do you understand what I have  said,

and do you agree to these things?"

     "Yes, Tom. I understand it all, and I'm willing to obey.

I  want you to know that I was really worried that you  would

tell me to leave, and I'm so glad that it is this way between

us." she said as she stood up. She walked over to me and  em-

braced  me. "I want to make you happy" she said  just  before

she kissed me affectionately.

     "Let  me look at you. You, know, I only get to  look  at

you  from  the other side of the cafeteria, and  it  probably

looked like that I was staring." I said.

     "Yes, I did get that impression, but I get that  impres-

sion  from a lot of other guys, too." she said as she  backed

away for me to look at her. She turned around slowly and  put

her hands on her ample breasts. As she turned, she moved  her

hands  slowly down to the top of her legs and palmed the  in-

sides  of her inner thighs. "Would you like to see me  nude?"

she said with a lustful look in her eyes.

     "No, not yet." I said. Please go into the bathroom  over

there and change into the clothes that you brought."

     "How did you know that I brought clothes?" she asked.

     "Because  you are under my complete control." I said  as

I motioned her along to the bathroom. "Leave your panties and

your  bra in the bathroom along with your leotard and  hurry.

It's time to eat."

     Leslie  walked to the bathroom and soon she was  dressed

in  a  short  skirt and blouse. The blouse was  not  as  see-

through   as before, but her newly unfettered breasts  filled

it  nicely. Her skirt went down to about half the  length  of

her  leg, so she had to be careful that she didn't  give  the

male  population a cheap thrill. She kissed me on  the  cheek

and said "let's go," but I had other plans.

     "Before we go, could you do something for me? Would  you

lean  over that massage table with your breasts touching  the

table ?"

     Without hesitation, she did exactly as she was told. Her

skirt  crept up to her ass, and I lifted it up all  the  way.

Her  perfectly formed ass looked at me invitingly, and I gin-

gerly  took the palms of my hands and cupped her cheeks.  "If

you  keep  this up, I'll have to go back to the  bathroom  to

wash my privates." she said.

     "You're  right. we should eat, and we can continue  this

later." I said as my sexual excitement gave way to hunger.

     It was twelve-thirty by the time they got there, and the

food  looked awful. I fumbled into my pocket and  found  some

money,  just  enough for the two of us to go to a  fast  food

restaurant. "Do you have a favorite place to go besides  Pio-

neer Mill?" I asked her.

     "Well, I like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Let's eat there."

     While we were talking, two of her friends showed up  and

heard  our  conversation. "Do you mind if we tag  along?  The

food  today looks like they made it Monday!" asked Rita.  "We

could all go in my car.

     "Sounds fine to me." I said.

     As  we walked over to the dorm room, Sandy  took  Leslie

aside.  Like most other best girlfriends, she was  interested

in Leslie's newest companions, male or female.

     "He's  my new boyfriend." proclaimed Leslie. "We  had  a

wonderful time last night. Don't you think he's cute?"

     "But isn't that Tom, the science nerd?" I hear that he's

about as sexy as a wet noodle."

     "Oh,  he's  not like that at all!"  Leslie  said  indig

nantly.  "He's warm, sensitive, caring, and if you get  close

to  him  he has a nice body under those glasses  and  flannel

shirt. I had a great time with him last night at the  Pioneer

Mill, and later at his house off-campus. He's one guy  that's

not stuck on himself, like Bill Banner.

     "You only broke up with Bill a week ago. Don't you think

that  the captain of the football team wants to make up  with

you ?"

     "He might, but I don't want to make up with him. I  want

to see Tom now, and only him. Bill will have to find  someone

else to be his girl- friday."

     "Well okay, you don't need my permission. Do you mind if

I try to get Bill to ask me out?"

     "Sure." said Leslie without hesitation.

     "You're sure you won't change your mind?"

     "Positive.  Come on. Let's get those keys.  I'm  getting


     The  three  girls  picked up the keys  and  hopped  into

Rita's  car. Leslie and I snuggled in the back seat  where  I

put  my  hand up behind her skirt. I felt warm,  naked  flesh

where  panties used to be and my juices began to flow.  "Tom,

we'd  better cool it or the girls will get an  eyeful.  Let's

wait until we get back to your place." whispered Leslie.

                        Control of Women

                         Chapter Three

     "I guess you're right." I said as I slipped my hand back

to a more respectable position.

     "It's  time for you two to quit acting like high  school

kids.  We're here now." Sandy said as she  glanced  backward.

She spoke just as I moved my hand from Leslie's backside, and

I couldn't help noticing her disapproval.

     As  we  walked into the restaurant, I gave my  order  to

Leslie  and I excused myself to go to the men's  room.  Sandy

wrote  everyone's order down, gave the note to Rita and  took

Leslie aside.

     "Leslie,  what are you doing with him? I've  never  seen

you act this way with Bill before."

     "That's  because you never saw Bill and I in a  car  be-

fore. I used to do it all the time with him."

     "Did  you  also go out without  any  underwear  before?"

asked Sandy, obviously aware of what went on in the car.

     "It was Tom's idea, and I think it's really sexy."

     "You  mean he asked you to do that? And you did it?  You

must  really like this guy. Now I'm definitely going  to  ask

Bill out." she said as I walked back to them.

     "By the way, what went on in his apartment last  night?"

asked Sandy.

     Before Leslie could answer,I was within earshot of their

conversation. "What's up, ladies? You sound like you're  hav-

ing a secret convention." I said as I stood beside Leslie and

held her hand.

     "Oh, just some girl talk." giggled Sandy as we picked up

our food and looked for a place to sit.

     After  the meal, Rita drove us to my home. Leslie and  I

got out and waved goodbye to them. They giggled as they drove

off. We walked into the room with the massage table. "Do  you

want to take up where we left off." she said as I removed  my

jacket. The vision of her ass crept in my mind, but I  wanted

something else.

     "Would  you please put on some of the sexy clothes  that

you brought with you?" I said.

     "How did you know that I brought sexy clothes with me?"

     I told you. I'm in complete control" I said as I started

stripping  to my BVD'S. She went to the bathroom and  removed

her outfit. She spent a few minutes preparing herself, and  I

was not to be disappointed.

     She  wore  a pair of white crotchless pantyhose  of  the

fishnet  variety. A matching bra came with it, and  since  it

was  also  fishnet I could see her erect nipples. A  look  of

passion accompanied her.

     "What  would you like to do next?" she said in a  barely

audible sexy voice.

     "Make  love to me, here and now." I commanded,  dropping

my  drawers.  My penis was rock hard, and I  was  ready.  She

knelt down and gingerly stroked my cock, making it even  more

erect.  She  began licking and tickling me into a  frenzy.  I

eased myself to the ground and she began to rub her pussy  on

my  cock. I could tell that she was rubbing her clit in  var-

ious  ways  on  my body and by her hands.  I  finally  thrust

myself  inside  her and she and I began  pumping  harder  and

harder.  I couldn't take it any longer and I finally came.  I

shot  my load into her just as she began to cum.  Our  bodies

were as one as we both experienced orgasm.

     All during the following week I conditioned Leslie  with

my music "messages". I "suggested" to her that she was total-

ly in love with me, and that nothing could ever break it, not

even  being  with other women. In fact, I encouraged  her  to

look  for  other sexy women for me to be with. I  also  "sug-

gested"  to her that whenever I said the words  "sexy  under-

wear"  she  would enter into a trance-like  state  where  she

would  obey my commands, and when she was through, she  would

forget that I had given them, or that she had obeyed me.

     On  Thursday, we were eating at the cafeteria  when  her

two best friends came to our table. "Well, it's been almost a

week  since  we've seen you two. Do you mind if we  eat  with

you?" asked Rita.

     "No, not at all. We'll save this place for you." offered


     "Yes, be my guest." I said. I watched them as they  went

trough the line. Rita has such a tight ass and I love to look

at it. Sandy has a nice figure also, and was wearing a  tight

tee shirt to complement the lines of her breasts.

     "Tom,  why don't I invite one of them over to dinner  on

the  weekend? I'm sure that you would get an  opportunity  to

get to know Rita or Sandy, and I'm sure that they would  just

love  your company. After all, " she said as she  snuggled  a

little closer to me. "I love you."

     "I  think that is a great idea. You know, I asked  Sandy

out  a few months back, and she didn't even give me the  time

of day, but that will all be changed, now. Why don't you  ask

both of them to come and spend the night?"

     "All  right, I'll do it. It'll be like having a  slumber

party!" said Leslie, all excited.

     It was going to be an exciting time, all right, but  not

in the way that Leslie thought.

     On  Friday I made a special tape for Rita and  Sandy.  I

"suggested"  to them that they spend the weekend with  Leslie

and me as my sex slaves. They would otherwise act  completely

normal.  They would bring with them all their sexy  garments,

along with any masturbatory equipment. They would not realize

that they were doing what they were doing until they unpacked

their things and realized what they brought. Then they  would

pledge  their  allegiance to me and knowingly  and  willingly

become my slaves.

     Leslie had asked them to come to my house on Friday,  so

they didn't suspect anything strange. I played the tape  over

the loudspeaker system at lunch, and sometime during the  af-

ternoon  I  knew that they would gather the  appropriate  ar-

ticles.  The  four of us ate our evening meal  together,  and

then Rita drove us to my house. The closer that we got to  my

home,  the more sexually excited I became over the  prospects

of the weekend.

     "I have a large room upstairs with two queen-sized  beds

in them. Let's put your things there." I said. The four of us

walked  up  the winding staircase to the bedrooms.  Rita  and

Sandy were wearing knee-length dresses as I "instructed"  and

I  followed them to get a bird's eye view of  their  bottoms.

They  both  wore the see-through panties that I've  grown  to

like  so much. We got to the top of the stairs and  I  showed

them  where to put their things. As they both unzipped  their

suitcases  and  began to unpack they realized what  they  had

brought.  They  both looked at me  with  embarrassment.  They

turned  to  each other and whispered  something,  then  Sandy

turned to me.

     "Tom, while I'm here, I would like to say that I want to

be obedient to you. I want you to know that whatever you want

to do with me, I'll do."

      "Yes, Tom. I want to say it, too. I'll obey your  every

command  as  if it were my thought. I am  completely  yours."

said Rita.

     "Sandy,  Rita, I'm so glad for you!" Leslie said as  she

drew them together and hugged them. He is so wonderful.  I've

never  been so happy in my life. My sex life has  never  been

better. What more can I say, ladies?"

     "Leslie,  I would like to talk to them alone. Would  you

please go down and wait for us?" I said.

     "Certainly. I'll see you in a little bit." Leslie walked

out of the room and closed the door behind her. What I had in

mind was only for two women.

                      Control of Women

                        Chapter Four

     "We  are going to play a little game now, only it  won't

be  a game. Sandy, you will now become a total slave  to  us.

Your  eyes  must not meet ours." I said as  she  lowered  her

head. "You must obey us, now. Go into the bathroom and remove

your  outer clothes and wait for Rita to send for  you."  She

walked  obediently  to the bathroom where I heard  the  faint

sounds of clothes being taken off.

     "Rita,  you  will be her dominatrix. She  will  be  your

slave,  and  these are the things that I want you to  do."  I

carefully  laid  out my plans for them, then I  stripped  and

waited for the show.

     So  far, the two women were completely obedient  to  me,

and  I couldn't wait to see both of them act out  my  wildest

fantasies. I was completely satisfied by my discovery, and by

my sex slaves, Leslie, Rita, and Sandy.

     "Sandy,  come out now." commanded Rita. She  opened  the

door  and began to walk out. "On your hands and  knees!  Turn

around,  spread your legs and walk backward on your hand  and

knees." Sandy was wearing see-through panties and I could see

her  cunt  as  she made her way  towards  Rita.  She  finally

crawled to her and waited for her next orders.

     "Stand  up  and  pull your panties up  your  cunt  lips.

Hurry,  don't keep the Master waiting!" she barked  as  Sandy

shot  to  her feet. She obediently pulled and tugged  at  her

panties  until her cunt lips covered a part of  her  panties.

Stand in front of the Master now!" ordered Rita. Sandy walked

bow-legged towards me and stood where she was directed.

     "Do you know why I'm treating you this way?" I asked.

     "No, I don't." she said barely audibly.

     Rita walked up to her, gritted her teeth and said, "Add-

ress him with respect!"

     "No sir, I don't." she repeated satisfactorily.

     "Remember when I asked you out? What did you do?"


     "It's OK. Just tell me what you did."

     "I  acted  like you weren't alive. I didn't want  to  be

seen by you, so I embarrassed you in front of my friends."

     "That's right, and for that action you will make up  for

it." I nodded to Rita, and she knew that I was ready.

     "Put  your hands on your ass and spread your legs."  she


     Sandy  quickly assumed the correct position. I then  got

on my knees and moved closer to her. I was eye level with her

cunt and I tugged gently on her panties. I put a finger  cau-

tiously  on her outer lips, then slowly inserted it into  her


     "I want you to enjoy yourself. Fantasize about me.  Make

yourself  feel good." I ordered. She immediately  closed  her

eyes and slightly moaned. "What are you thinking?"

     "We  are  in a bondage dungeon, and  you  have  forcibly

taken me to be your bondage slave." she said.

     I  was completely taken by surprise. That was one of  my

favorite fantasies, and I did not expect her to verbalize  it

on her own. I sat down near the edge of the bed and  motioned

them to come close.

     "Sandy,  suck  my cock. Rita, I want you to  tell  me  a

story in a sexy voice about Sandy and her dungeon."

     They  both got into position. Sandy licked her lips  and

began to smoothly caress my enlarging member as Rita spoke:

     "You've just carried Sandy in. She's bound so she  can't


     "How, where." I said.

     "Her  ankles are tied together, and her hands, too.  You

have taped her mouth shut so she can't speak.

     "You're  tying her to a bondage cross, now. It's  shaped

like an 'X' and she's completely spread. She can only squirm.

Sandy is completely nude and helpless.

     "Yes, Sandy, you look so sexy." I said, my orgasm moving

closer to reality.

     "You can move the cross without changing her bound  con-

dition,  and you've positioned it so that you can  play  with

her in a reclining position. You've just put nipple clamps on

her. You can tell that she loves the sensation because  she's

getting wet down here." said Rita, caressing her own  crotch.

"You've  put  your huge cock in  her juicy cunt,  and  you're

ready. You're fucking her and fucking her, and you are  going

to  cum right NOW." she exclaimed. Just as she said  that,  I

shot  my whole wad into Sandy's mouth. She gulped it down  as

if  as if it were a smooth wine. My whole body felt like  one

giant  penis. She  slowly eased up on me as I  finished  cum-

ming.  Towards the end she gently sucked away  the  remaining

cum juice so that my penis was spotlessly clean.

     When  I regained my composure I congratulated  them  for

such a fine job.

     "You  did such a  good job sucking me, Sandy.  Have  you

ever done it before?"

     "Yes, with Bill Banner on Wednesday." she said.

     "The both of you must never have any other romantic  in-

terests other than with me. Is that understood?" I said.

     "Yes" they both said quickly.

     "Rita, strip down to your underwear and when you're fin-

ished  come downstairs and meet us." I walked with  Sandy  to

the  living room area where Leslie was watching a program  on


     "Leslie  turned  to  us as  she  heard  us  approaching.

"Honey, you're naked. She said in a sexy voice."

     "Yes, I think it's entirely appropriate given the situa-

tion. Would you please strip to your underwear, too?"

     "Of  course. I knew you were going to ask me  that  when

you  came into the room naked. I can almost read your  mind."

she said as she removed her outer clothing.

     Rita  joined us soon afterwards, and the four of us  sat

on a couch in front of the TV. Having conditioned Leslie, she

was  sitting  in the position that I wanted,  but  the  other

girls were crossed-legged. That would never do.

     "Sandy and Rita, from now on you will never again  cross

your  legs unless I give you permission. You must always  sit

with  your legs open for me." I commanded. The two girls  im-

mediately  complied, their open crotches now only covered  by

wispy thin shear panties.

     "I have a movie that I want you to see. Tell me what you

think  of it afterwards. I walked over to my  collection  and

put in a movie. It was titled "9 1/2 WEEKS" and none of  them

had seen it.

     The  movie was about a male stockbroker in an  unusually

domineering relationship with a female Soho art dealer.  They

watched  it  silently and intently, and when it was  over  we

went to the kitchen table to talk about it.

     "Before we start, could you all remove your bras? I want

to  see your nude breasts." Their bras came off and they  put

them  on  the table. I love looking at nude  female  breasts,

especially  if they are well-formed. I was extremely  pleased

with the way in which my love slaves were endowed.

     "What did you think of the movie?" I asked Leslie.

     "I  liked  it. It sort of reminded me of  our  relation-

ship." she said, looking at me. "Kim Bassinger was definitely

right for the part. She looks submissively sexy."

     "I  think that she should have been more true  to  him."

said Rita.

     "What do you mean." I asked.

     "Well,  when he called her a 'nosy barker' and told  her

to submit to a bare-assed spanking she should have let him."

     "Sandy, you must tell us what you think" I said.

                      Control of Women

                        Chapter Five

     "I  think that she should have been more  submissive  to

him,  too." she said, never raising her eyes.  "For  example,

during the scene in the hotel room where she was  blindfolded

and was waiting for him. It was obvious to me that she was to

be the most submissive of the two women, and she just  walked

out. She just didn't want to be his submissive playmate."

     "Would you all be this submissive? Rita, would you,  for

example, masturbate for me upstairs alone, knowing that I was

filming you for me to show to my friends?" I asked.

     "Yes, of course. I told you that I would do anything for

you, and I mean it." she offered.

     "Prove it" I said. She rose and walked to the  stairway.

"let me know when you're ready." she said. "Stand in front of

the door and wait for my instructions." I said.

     I motioned the girls in the living room while I went  to

another  room . I found a blank tape for my VCR in  a  drawer

and  brought it with me. I put it in and set it to record.  I

panned the camera to the entrance and yelled for Rita to walk

through the door.

     She walked in. "Sit at the edge of the bed and play with

yourself." I said in my microphone." She put her hands on her

pussy and walked over to the bed. My camera was placed behind

a  one-way mirror directly in front of her. She  didn't  know

this.  "Look at sexy body in the mirror and play  with  your-

self. Expose your cunt completely to the mirror. When  you're

ready, fuck yourself with your "toys" until you cum." I  com-


     We watched as she spread her legs and explored her  most

private  regions.  She rubbed an area of her  pussy  until  I

could  see a small hard bump. She then rubbed it  vigorously,

moving  her  legs  back and forth. She grabbed   one  of  her

breasts  with her free hand and played with her  nipple,  and

then watched as it got harder and harder.

     Watching  her  made me feel horny  again.  "Sandy,  turn

around  and fuck me while I watch Rita." I said. Sandy got  a

very horny look on her face as she turned around.

     "Thank you, master." she said as she slinked up to me. I

watched  as she reached for my growing member. She licked  it

with her tongue to make it even harder, then she lowered her-

self  on  my throbbing thruster. I hadn't noticed  when,  but

Rita  had  retrieved her dildoe while Sandy  was  positioning

herself. I watched as it slowly disappeared into her, and her

face alternated between self-inflicted pain and pleasure. She

moved  it  in and out, with each stroke  getting  easier  and

easier. Sandy seemed to move in tandem with Rita, paralleling

each stroke of the dildoe. All the while I thought of each of

the  girls in hypnotic bondage. My mind constructed  all  the

bondage  equipment I need to totally immobilize  my  hypnotic

slaves. I finally came with much gusto, so much in fact  that

I didn't even know when Rita came.

     After  cumming  twice in one evening I was  pretty  much

spent for the rest of the day. I would watch Rita's  "perfor-

mance" another day.

     I  knew that we would have to explore real bondage  ses-

sions with these girls, and also with less-willing  partners.

After all, there is much to be said about the bondage of wil-

ling  but  uncooperative naked women. I knew  that  my  girl-

friends  would  be wonderful subjects, but I wanted  to  have

women under my physical control that weren't totally under my

mental control. My girlfriends would definitely be a help  in

choosing and capturing my unwilling partners in bondage.

     That  help came the next day. We made it a habit to  eat

at  the  cafeteria even though the food wasn't as good  as  a

restaurant  simply  because there is no other place  in  town

where the collection of single women is greatest. I  instruc-

ted  my girls to look for and suggest women for my next  pro-


     Leslie  found the perfect woman for me. She  was  around

six  feet  tall, yet she was  beautifully  proportioned.  Her

breasts  were large but they didn't appear to sag.  Her  legs

seemed  to  never end, and she had the look of a  person  who

regularly exercised. Her brunette hair was breast length with

a slight curl.

     She was physically beautiful, of course, but the  reason

I  was attracted to her for this project was because she  was

reported  to be very, very independent. She never let  anyone

get  in her way, which is one reason why she did so  well  in

school. Her goal of being a lawyer consumed her to the  point

of  never dating. I felt that leaving her like this would  be

such a waste, so I prepared a very special tape for her .

     Early  Saturday afternoon after the noon meal I went  to

my special sound booth at home. I prepared my tape for Krista

with  only  a few specific commands. The first was  that  she

have  an overwhelming desire to be physically tied  up.  This

would be more important than even her schoolwork. The  second

command  was  that she was to seek me out to persuade  me  to

fulfill her desires. She was not to discuss this with  anyone

else, and in only the bondage was I able to control her.  Any

other control would be by mutual consent. The third was  that

even  though  she would try to get loose after I put  her  in

tight bondage, she would love it the more that I did it.

     I  played  the tape at the evening meal, and  made  sure

that  she saw me leave the building with my girlfriends.  She

knew that I was going home, and I knew that she would  follow

me. Sure enough, her car pulled into my driveway shortly  af-

ter we settled into my home.

     "May  I  speak to you privately, Tom? I  have  something

important  to discuss with you." she said in a  business-like


     "Of  course."  I said. I led her to my  study.  She  was

wearing  a full length skirt with a loosely  fitting  blouse.

Her   attire  did  not  become  someone  who  was   obviously

physically beautiful.

     "What can I do for you?" I asked rhetorically.

     "Tom, I hear that you, uh, I don't know how to say this,

but do you t-tie women who, uh, want to be tied?"

     "The term is bondage, and yes I do that for a price. How

did you know about me?" I asked.

     "I'm not sure. I just know. Do you charge for this  sort

of thing?"

     "Well, let's just say that you get what you want, and  I

get what I want." I said.

     "I  need to know what you want. I want you to  tie  me."

she said.

     "I  want  you nude, now." I said. I want to see  what  I

have to work with."

     "No!  Absolutely not. I'm not going to submit to  that."

she exclaimed as she rose to her feet. She began to walk out,

but  her desire for bondage took over. She turned to  me  and

said, "May I strip just to my panties and bra?"

     "Take off your bra, too" I demanded. She hesitated, then

with  a look of resignation began to take off her clothes.  I

watched  as she stepped out of her skirt and  unbuttoned  her

blouse.  She folded them neatly and put them on my desk.  She

looked at me as if in final protest, then began to reach  be-

hind her to unsnap her bra.

     "Let me do that" I said.

     "No!" she said willfully.

     "Then leave my home." I said unmoving.

     "Wait."  she said. "It's just that no man had ever  seen

me like this before. Please let me do this myself. I'll strip

for you." she pleaded.

     "Then I want to be behind you to cup them."

     "All  right" she said with reservation. I walked up  be-

hind her as she unsnapped her bra. I took it from her and let

it drop to the floor.

     I  eased my arms underneath her armpits and circled  her

breasts  with my palms. Her nipples became erect as I  gently

stroked them.

               Control of Women

                 Chapter Six

     "You must like this." I said in a satisfied tone.

     "Please tie me up now!" she begged.

     "If I do, you'll be completely at my mercy. Are you sure

you  want to go through with this?" I said as I  jiggled  her


     "Yes, please!"

     "Very  well. Come with me."

     I  led  her down to my basement. There was  an  overhead

beam of wood positioned in the center of the room, and I  was

able to tie her arms in an upright position there. I tied her

legs  in  a spread position by long tight ropes  attached  to

poles at the sides of the room. As I tightened the ropes  she

began to fight me. I was barely able to get them tight before

she  was straining at the ropes, trying in earnest  to  break


     "I'm  going to break free, you know that." she  said  as

she tested and tugged at her bonds.

     "No, I don't think so." I said as I walked up to her.  I

stood  with my face up to her nipples and began to suck  one.

It became hard as I deliciously licked her to nipple ecstasy.

Her head began bobbing up and down near mine, so I decided to

make my bondage model more interesting.

     I walked over to a nearby cabinet and pulled out a  rub-

ber helmet with a ball gag attached to it. I pulled her  hair

so  that her head would stay still, then I quickly thrust  it

on  her head. "What are you doing?" were the last words  that

she uttered as I forced the gag in her mouth and tightened it

securely.  Her  muffled  sounds were all that I  heard  as  I

tightened  the leather straps to the overhead beam  to  limit

her head's movement.

     "You  know,  the sight of you really overwhelms  me."  I

said to her. "I must really get your image for posterity."  I

walked  over  to the next room to fetch my video  camera  and

tripod.  I set it up a few yards away from her, much  against

her muffled protests. "I told you that you were at my  mercy.

Relax.  You're  very photogenic, I'm sure." As I  pushed  the

record button, Rita and Sandy walked down the stairs.

    "I  thought I heard some sounds down here" said  Rita  as

she  led Sandy by a tether tied to her neck. "Would you  like

some company?"

     "Yes, I could use some help. Would you please slip Kris-

ta's panties down as far as they will go?" I asked.

     Rita  turned  to  Sandy. "You  heard  the  master."  she

barked.  Sandy  humbly walked over to Krista and  pulled  her

last  article of clothing as far down as she could,  much  a-

gainst  Krista's protests. Her virgin wool was there for  all

of us to see.

     I walked over to Krista to get a better view of her most

private  region. With her legs stretched apart her  cunt  was

open,  just  waiting  for my pleasure. I  took  my  hand  and

cautiously  touched  her unshaven pubic  hair,  then  pressed

against  her  flesh  gingerly,  searching  for  her   special

opening.  Her  clit was just a small nub, and I  massaged  it

gently  and purposely and I waited until I felt  her  natural

lubrication. All the while I noticed her struggling less  and

less,  and enjoying the experience more and more. I  motioned

for  Rita  and  whispered in her ear. She  ordered  Sandy  to

search  a  drawer, and soon came over with a vibrator  and  a

tube of K-Y jelly.

     Even  prim and proper Krista knew what was in store  for

her.  I spread the jelly liberally on the upper third of  the

vibrator,  then turned it on. Her body seemed to tense a  bit

at  the  sound of the devise, as if she had heard  the  sound

before.  She  strained  at her bonds again  as  I  moved  the

foreign  object  near her private regions, but this  time  to

help  facilitate it's entry. I slowly twisted it  and  pushed

gently and when it was partially inside her, I turned it  on.

I moved it in and out with one hand, and rubbed her clit with

the other. She started to move in time with ny motions, and I

knew  that  if I let her, she would experience an  orgasm.  I

didn't  want her to just yet, so after about five minutes  of

teasing  her,  I  withdrew the  vibrator,  much  against  her




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