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Archive-name: Control/contr-04.txt


Archive-title: Control of Women - Chapter 4

                            Copyright 1989

                            by B&D LOVER

                            all rights reserved 


           I  knew that we would have to explore real bondage  ses

      sions with these girls, and also with less-willing  partners. 

      After all, there is much to be said about the bondage of wil

      ling  but  uncooperative naked women. I knew  that  my  girl

      friends  would  be wonderful subjects, but I wanted  to  have 

      women under my physical control that weren't totally under my 

      mental control. My girlfriends would definitely be a help  in 

      choosing and capturing my unwilling partners in bondage.

           That  help came the next day. We made it a habit to  eat 

      at  the  cafeteria even though the food wasn't as good  as  a 

      restaurant  simply  because there is no other place  in  town 

      where the collection of single women is greatest. I  instruc

      ted  my girls to look for and suggest women for my next  pro


           Leslie  found the perfect woman for me. She  was  around 

      six  feet  tall, yet she was  beautifully  proportioned.  Her 

      breasts  were large but they didn't appear to sag.  Her  legs 

      seemed  to  never end, and she had the look of a  person  who 

      regularly exercised. Her brunette hair was breast length with 

      a slight curl. 

           She was physically beautiful, of course, but the  reason 

      I  was attracted to her for this project was because she  was 

      reported  to be very, very independent. She never let  anyone 

      get  in her way, which is one reason why she did so  well  in 

      school. Her goal of being a lawyer consumed her to the  point 

      of  never dating. I felt that leaving her like this would  be 

      such a waste, so I prepared a very special tape for her .

           Early  Saturday afternoon after the noon meal I went  to 

      my special sound booth at home. I prepared my tape for Krista 

      with  only  a few specific commands. The first was  that  she 

      have  an overwhelming desire to be physically tied  up.  This 

      would be more important than even her schoolwork. The  second 

      command  was  that she was to seek me out to persuade  me  to 

      fulfill her desires. She was not to discuss this with  anyone 

      else, and in only the bondage was I able to control her.  Any 

      other control would be by mutual consent. The third was  that 

      even  though  she would try to get loose after I put  her  in 

      tight bondage, she would love it the more that I did it. 

           I  played  the tape at the evening meal, and  made  sure 

      that  she saw me leave the building with my girlfriends.  She 

      knew that I was going home, and I knew that she would  follow 

      me. Sure enough, her car pulled into my driveway shortly  af

      ter we settled into my home.

           "May  I  speak to you privately, Tom? I  have  something 

      important  to discuss with you." she said in a  business-like 


           "Of  course."  I said. I led her to my  study.  She  was 

      wearing  a full length skirt with a loosely  fitting  blouse. 

      Her   attire  did  not  become  someone  who  was   obviously 

      physically beautiful.

           "What can I do for you?" I asked rhetorically. 

           "Tom, I hear that you, uh, I don't know how to say this, 

      but do you t-tie women who, uh, want to be tied?"      

           "The term is bondage, and yes I do that for a price. How 

      did you know about me?" I asked.

           "I'm not sure. I just know. Do you charge for this  sort 

      of thing?"

           "Well, let's just say that you get what you want, and  I 

      get what I want." I said.

           "I  need to know what you want. I want you to  tie  me." 

      she said.  

           "I  want  you nude, now." I said. I want to see  what  I 

      have to work with."

           "No!  Absolutely not. I'm not going to submit to  that." 

      she exclaimed as she rose to her feet. She began to walk out, 

      but  her desire for bondage took over. She turned to  me  and 

      said, "May I strip just to my panties and bra?"

           "Take off your bra, too" I demanded. She hesitated, then 

      with  a look of resignation began to take off her clothes.  I 

      watched  as she stepped out of her skirt and  unbuttoned  her 

      blouse.  She folded them neatly and put them on my desk.  She 

      looked at me as if in final protest, then began to reach  be

      hind her to unsnap her bra.

           "Let me do that" I said.

           "No!" she said willfully.

           "Then leave my home." I said unmoving.

           "Wait."  she said. "It's just that no man had ever  seen 

      me like this before. Please let me do this myself. I'll strip 

      for you." she pleaded.

           "Then I want to be behind you to cup them."

           "All  right" she said with reservation. I walked up  be

      hind her as she unsnapped her bra. I took it from her and let 

      it drop to the floor.

           I  eased my arms underneath her armpits and circled  her 

      breasts  with my palms. Her nipples became erect as I  gently 

      stroked them. 

           "You must like this." I said in a satisfied tone. 

           "Please tie me up now!" she begged. 

           "If I do, you'll be completely at my mercy. Are you sure 

      you  want to go through with this?" I said as I  jiggled  her 


           "Yes, please!"

           "Very  well. Come with me."

           I  led  her down to my basement. There was  an  overhead 

      beam of wood positioned in the center of the room, and I  was 

      able to tie her arms in an upright position there. I tied her 

      legs  in  a spread position by long tight ropes  attached  to 

      poles at the sides of the room. As I tightened the ropes  she 

      began to fight me. I was barely able to get them tight before 

      she  was straining at the ropes, trying in earnest  to  break 


           "I'm  going to break free, you know that." she  said  as 

      she tested and tugged at her bonds. 

           "No, I don't think so." I said as I walked up to her.  I 

      stood  with my face up to her nipples and began to suck  one. 

      It became hard as I deliciously licked her to nipple ecstasy. 

      Her head began bobbing up and down near mine, so I decided to 

      make my bondage model more interesting.

           I walked over to a nearby cabinet and pulled out a  rub

      ber helmet with a ball gag attached to it. I pulled her  hair 

      so  that her head would stay still, then I quickly thrust  it 

      on  her head. "What are you doing?" were the last words  that 

      she uttered as I forced the gag in her mouth and tightened it 

      securely.  Her  muffled  sounds were all that I  heard  as  I 

      tightened  the leather straps to the overhead beam  to  limit 

      her head's movement.

           "You  know,  the sight of you really overwhelms  me."  I 

      said to her. "I must really get your image for posterity."  I 

      walked  over  to the next room to fetch my video  camera  and 

      tripod.  I set it up a few yards away from her, much  against 

      her muffled protests. "I told you that you were at my  mercy. 

      Relax.  You're  very photogenic, I'm sure." As I  pushed  the 

      record button, Rita and Sandy walked down the stairs.

          "I  thought I heard some sounds down here" said  Rita  as 

      she  led Sandy by a tether tied to her neck. "Would you  like 

      some company?"

           "Yes, I could use some help. Would you please slip Kris

      ta's panties down as far as they will go?" I asked. 

           Rita  turned  to  Sandy. "You  heard  the  master."  she 

      barked.  Sandy  humbly walked over to Krista and  pulled  her 

      last  article of clothing as far down as she could,  much  a

      gainst  Krista's protests. Her virgin wool was there for  all 

      of us to see. 

           I walked over to Krista to get a better view of her most 

      private  region. With her legs stretched apart her  cunt  was 

      open,  just  waiting  for my pleasure. I  took  my  hand  and 

      cautiously  touched  her unshaven pubic  hair,  then  pressed 

      against  her  flesh  gingerly,  searching  for  her   special 

      opening.  Her  clit was just a small nub, and I  massaged  it 

      gently  and purposely and I waited until I felt  her  natural 

      lubrication. All the while I noticed her struggling less  and 

      less,  and enjoying the experience more and more. I  motioned 

      for  Rita  and  whispered in her ear. She  ordered  Sandy  to 

      search  a  drawer, and soon came over with a vibrator  and  a 

      tube of K-Y jelly.

           Even  prim and proper Krista knew what was in store  for 

      her.  I spread the jelly liberally on the upper third of  the 

      vibrator,  then turned it on. Her body seemed to tense a  bit 

      at  the  sound of the devise, as if she had heard  the  sound 

      before.  She  strained  at her bonds again  as  I  moved  the 

      foreign  object  near her private regions, but this  time  to 

      help  facilitate it's entry. I slowly twisted it  and  pushed 

      gently and when it was partially inside her, I turned it  on. 

      I moved it in and out with one hand, and rubbed her clit with 

      the other. She started to move in time with ny motions, and I 

      knew  that  if I let her, she would experience an  orgasm.  I 

      didn't  want her to just yet, so after about five minutes  of 

      teasing  her,  I  withdrew the  vibrator,  much  against  her 





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