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Archive-name: Control/contjen8.txt

Archive-author: Daniel Reinker

Archive-title: Controlling Jennifer - 8

story follows:

Warning!: If you've read the previous parts of the series, you

know what to expect. If all you are looking for is a good wank,

go to "Debbie does DECA" and save CJ for another day.

This is part 8 of the Controlling Jennifer series. This story is (c)

1993 by Daniel Reinker, and while I do not mind it being

distributed, I would appreciate it if you would keep this header on

it so folks can know who wrote it.

          Controlling Jennifer VIII: Taking It Easy Part II

     Jennifer let Mark lead her, waiting for him to say something.

They walked across the grass and finally stopped in a nearby copse

of trees. Jennifer took a quick glance backwards to see if the guy

was watching her with Mark, but he had settled back and was

leisurely tanning himself. She felt a little disappointed.

     Mark pulled at her, turning her back around to face him, his

hands settling around her waist. He was smiling, and the shadows

of the leaves above them played across his face. "For a moment

there, I thought I would need to go in and rescue you." he said. "You

were supposed to be seducing him, Jennifer, not the other way


     She looked away and smiled in embarrassment. "He was very...

persuasive..." she murmured. 

     "Uh huh." Mark grinned.

     Her eyes flickered back to Mark's face. "I get to ask you

another question." she reminded him.

     "All right." he said. "Let's sit down." He released her and sat

down, his back against the trunk of the tree they were under.

Jennifer settled down beside him, folding her knees in front of her

and wrapping her arms around her legs. She squeezed them to her

chest, feeling the leftover excitement from kissing Greg sparkle in

her stomach. It made her feel restless.

     "I want to know how you got your power." she said to Mark.

      "I already told you, first time we met." he said. "I just got it

one day. Wished for it so hard that it finally came to me."

     Jennifer sighed. "Yeah, but there must be more. Tell me the

whole story." she pressed. "Tell me all about your power, Mark. I

want to know. Tell me how you knew you had it. Tell me what you

did. Tell me about the other women you've controlled." 

     He was silent, and his smile faded rapidly. Jennifer watched

him, curious at his strange reaction. Finally he spoke. "I can't tell

you that, Jennifer. Not yet. Maybe someday, but not right now."

     If anything, this made Jennifer even more curious. "Come on,

Mark." she said, leaning against him. "Tell me. I really want to


     He shrugged her away. "No." he growled. "Ask something else,

Jennifer." Jennifer pulled away from him, and turned her head to

silently observe his profile. He was frowning, and his eyes were

dark and scowling. Jennifer decided she shouldn't push the issue

any more, and quickly came up with another question, one that had

also been on her mind.

     "Am I the only one?" she asked.

     Mark's eyes returned to reality, and he looked at her,

surprised. "Only one what?"

     "The only one you're controlling right now." she said. "Your

only 'slave.'"

     He turned to watch a lady walking in the distance. His nod

was almost imperceptible, but Jennifer caught it. "Of course." he

said quietly. "There's only one of you, Jennifer."

     "Good." she said.

      The silence grew between them. Jennifer watched Mark,

waiting to see if he would say anything, but he seemed to be

retreating into his own thoughts. Absent-mindedly, he picked up a

leaf and started to shred it in his fingers, methodically picking it

into tiny portions. Jennifer watched him do this until her eyes

wandered away, and she found herself watching a squirrel scurry

up and down a tree off in the distance. It seemed to be dancing

around the trunk with no purpose. As she watched, it scurried

around, and then froze. It remained suspended for a moment, then

scampered up the tree. She lost it in the leaves, and then saw it

again, running like mad toward the end of a branch. It took a flying

leap, soared through the air, and landed evenly on a nearby branch.

Jennifer gasped, waiting for it to lose its balance and fall, and

then laughed when it didn't.

     "What?" asked Mark.

     "Squirrels are funny." she said. "I was just watching that one

over there."

     "Squirrels are crazy." Mark observed, as the squirrel tore

through the tree at lightning speed.

     "I'd like to be a squirrel." Jennifer said. "It looks like fun."

     Mark nodded. "Jumping from branch to branch, looking down on

everyone from above, being able to run up trees."

     "It just looks like it would be a rush." she said. She turned to

grin at Mark. "Can you make me a squirrel?"

     "I can make you think you're a squirrel."

     Jennifer shook her head, smiling. "Not the same." she told him.

She looked over to find the squirrel again, and saw two little boys

standing under the tree. They both looked to be about six or seven,

and the bigger blond one was instructing the dark-haired one to

gather a pile of rocks. 

     "Look at those two boys." Jennifer poked Mark with her elbow

to get his attention. "What're they doing?"

     "Gathering ammo." Mark observed. Sure enough, the blond one

picked up a pebble and happily whipped it at the squirrel. He

missed completely, but Jennifer was still annoyed.

     "Those stupid little boys." she said. "Come on, Mark, let's go

talk to them." She stood and brushed the grass off her shorts. Mark

stood uncertainly next to her and followed her as she walked over

to the boys.

     "What are you planning to do?" he asked.

     "I don't know. Talk to them?" Jennifer glanced back at Mark as

she walked. "Maybe you can use your power?"

     "I will if I need to."

     Jennifer thought about this, and decided he was probably

right. She could handle a couple of little kids by herself. The

blonde kid turned to look at them as they approached; his face was

covered with freckles, and his smile held a happy arrogance that

made Jennifer instantaneously think he was a brat. "What are you

doing?" she demanded.

     "Foolin' around." he answered, and as if to emphasize it, he

hurled a rock up at the squirrel. He turned back to them and grinned


     "Stop that!" said Jennifer. "Stop throwing rocks at that poor


     The child only sneered. "You ain't my mother." he told her, and

threw another rock. Jennifer felt the urge to smack the little brat.

     Mark spoke. "Why don't you throw rocks at your little friend

instead? And he can throw rocks back at you!" The child's eyes

flickered blankly, and then he grinned and picked up a particularly

big rock. The dark-haired kid was running towards them with

another load of rocks.

     Jennifer hit Mark. Her fist connected with his shoulder, hard

enough to hurt, and Mark turned to look at her, more surprised than

actually hurt. "Stop them." she told him, and although she didn't say

anything else, the threat in her eyes was perfectly clear. Stop

them, or I'll hate you forever.

     "Stop!" said Mark, and the blonde-haired kid froze in mid-

throw. Both kids turned to look at Mark. "Don't throw rocks, both of

you. Don't throw them at anything. Find some nicer way to have


     The kids stared at Mark and Jennifer for a moment, then they

both grinned, and started to run off. "Wait!" called Jennifer. Both

kids stopped, and Jennifer walked over to the dark-haired one. She

knelt down beside him. "I'm Jennifer." she said. "What's your


     The kid only blinked at her. "He's Jeff!" the blonde one chimed.

     "You're very cute." Jennifer told him. "Can I kiss you?"

     "Ewwww!!! Gross!!!" said Jeff, squirming, and he started to

turn away, but before he could, Jennifer threw her arms around

him and planted a kiss on his tiny lips. He pulled away quickly and

ran away from her. "Gross! Gross! Gross!" he howled.

     "She kissed you! She kissed you!" taunted the blonde. "Now you

gotta marry her!" There was more, more childish teasing and name-

calling, but Jennifer turned her back on them and looked at Mark.

     "How dare you." she said, glaring at him.  Her voice was low

and cold. "They're just children. How dare you use your power on


     He only nodded, his eyes holding hers. "Uh huh. Don't take the

moral high ground with me, Miss Cailly. I could see it in your face.

You wanted to wipe that smile off the kids face just as much as I

did. Only difference, is that I had the power to do something about


     As Jennifer looked into his dark, unrepentant eyes, she was

torn by conflicting emotions. Half of her wanted to kick him right

in the balls, to see him crumple to the ground in shock and pain.

The other half of her, for some reason, wanted to cry. It was all

the same with Mark, every time she talked to him. It was always

him with his power, and his lack of any scruples in using it.

Jennifer knew she shouldn't be surprised anymore by what he said

and did, but it always managed to catch her unawares. She always

fell into the trap of thinking of him as a regular person,

sometimes even as a friend. But he was not a regular person, and

he had no regard for other human beings. Including her. Jennifer

felt like something was ripping her in two inside.

     Mark must have seen it in her face, because his expression

immediately became one of concern. "Are you all right, Jenny?

What's wrong?"

     "You." she said simply. "You're wrong." And she turned and

started to walk away. Her face felt like she was going to cry, but

she felt completely empty inside. Devoid of tears.

     "Jennifer!" she heard him call. He ran up next to her. "Jennifer,

please... listen to me, huh? Look, I'm sorry...I'm so used to having

the power, I just use it without thinking. Look, Jennifer, would you


     "You'll never change." she said as she walked. She didn't look

at Mark, and was talking more to herself than to him. "You'll

always be Mark. Mark, with the power to have anything that he

wants. Mark, who doesn't care about anyone."

     "Jennifer!" he said, and he stopped in front of her. She angled

to go around him, but he put his arms around her. She felt herself

caught in his embrace, and tried for a moment to resist. But it was

weak resistance, and after a moment, she let herself collapse in

his arms. Now's the time to cry, some distant part of her mind

said. If you cry now, you'll hold him in your palm forever. Play

games of controlling Mark. But it all seemed pointless at the

moment, and that made her feel more torn up than before. She

wondered why she felt so much comfort from being in his arms,

when he was the one that had made her feel this way in the first


     Mark was speaking. "I know it seems like I don't care about

anything... like I'm the worst person in the world. It's the way it's

always been for me, Jennifer. I had my power, and that power put

me above everyone else. Try to understand how it is for me. I've

never had to play the game...all I ask for is mine. Life has always

been a joke for me. I can have anything I want. just makes it

easy to think about only yourself. I'm trying, Jennifer, really I am.

Please, just give me time."

     "You can't have me." she whispered, her chin resting on his

shoulder. "I'll do whatever you want, with your power, but it won't

be me."

     "I know." he said. He hugged her fiercely. "Ask me a question,



     "You kissed that little kid, so I'll answer one of your

questions. But little kids don't count anymore, okay?"

     "You're changing, Mark." she said. It was only after she said it

that she really came to realize it was true. He was changing.

     "So are you." he answered.

     Am I? Jennifer supposed she was. She knew she had done

things with Mark she would have never considered doing before. It

was all very strange. They were both changing each other, and who

knew when it would stop.

     "Why me?" she asked.

     "Is that your question?" 

     "Yeah. Why me, Mark?"

     "Because. I saw you dancing at one time, and I just couldn't

stand not knowing who you were. I couldn't stand not owning you.

Felt like it would be a capital crime to let you get away."

     Jennifer felt the tightness of Mark's embrace, and felt her

arms around him. "Life with you is an emotional roller coaster,

Mark." she sighed. "I haven't had this many ups and downs since the

first time I fell in love." 

     Mark said nothing. 

     They held each other for a moment longer, then Mark finally

loosened his hold on her. Jennifer pulled away, feeling happier, and

feeling even more displaced with the realization that she was

happier. My life really is an emotional roller coaster, she thought.

     "What do you want to do now?" she asked.

     "It's getting close to lunch time." Mark said. "Want to go over

to Mcdonalds? It's right across the street. I'll treat."

     "Okay." said Jennifer. She checked her watch, and felt even

more disoriented realizing how much time had passed. It was

indeed almost lunchtime, and she had gone running four hours


     They went to Mcdonalds. Jennifer wasn't very surprised when

the manager waved aside the cost of the food. "Free for Mr.

Antonio!" the portly man trumpeted. Jennifer had a cheeseburger,

small fries and a coke. They sat down in a relatively isolated

booth, and talked of very ordinary things. Mark told her he was a

business major, a transfer student from a small college in Texas.

He was majoring in business because he figured that with his

power, he could make a fortune in business and still look pretty

legitimate. Jennifer in turn told him she was hoping to go to law

school and become a lawyer. All in all, the conversation was very

pedestrian, and they avoided any topics that concerned Mark's

power. Jennifer was surprised with how free Mark was being with

information; it was safe to say that she learned more about him in

that conversation at Mcdonalds than from all their previous


     Afterwards, they walked back to the park area of the campus.

"Kiss one more person, Jennifer, and I'll let you go." Mark said as

they across the grass.

     "I don't understand you, Mark." Jennifer said. "Why do you like

it so much when I do things with other guys? Why don't you ever

want me to do things with you?"

     "That's a question." he pointed out. "I'll answer it after you

kiss another guy."

     "That was TWO questions." she said. "Answer me at least one,


     "Okay." he said. "I'll answer your second question. The reason I

don't have you do things with me, is because it doesn't really mean

anything to me. I can have any woman I want, any time I want. I

could have Hilary Clinton if I really wanted her. Sex isn't really

that big a deal for me."

     For some reason, this bothered Jennifer. "How many woman do

you have sex with, anyway? Lots?"

     "That's another question." he said. "You still owe me one."

     Jennifer scowled at him, then shrugged. "All right. Where's a

guy?" She looked around, and saw a guy sitting on a bench, reading.

He was in an overgrown area of the park, and Jennifer thought it

was likely that no one would see her if she kissed him. Plus, he

was fairly attractive, with a lean body and a friendly face.

Jennifer nodded, this would be her target.

     "I see someone. Stay here?" Mark saw the guy, too, and nodded

his assent. Jennifer started her stroll over, and once again felt the

bubbling excitement in the pit of her stomach. The I-can't-believe-

I'm-doing-this excitement. Finally, she reached the guy. He was

intently reading a calculus textbook, and didn't notice her


     "Hi." she said. He continued to read his book. "I'm Marcie." she

continued uneasily. He still didn't notice her, and she stood

awkwardly, trying to figure out what to do.

     Then he looked up. "Oh, hi!" he said, and reached up to his ears.

He pulled out two tiny black discs attached to wires: earphones.

She hadn't even noticed them. "I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you...I had

my walkman blasting."

     "That's all right." Jennifer said. She stared at the wires

trailing down into his sweatshirt. Assumedly, he had a walkman

down there somewhere. "I didn't even see those earphones!"

     "Yeah, they're pretty small. Great for listening during class."

he grinned. "I'm Francisco."

     "I'm Marcie." Jennifer said. "Can I sit down?"

     "Sure...I've never been one to deny a pretty lady." he grinned

again. Jennifer liked his grin; it was very open and friendly. Not

like Greg's seductive grin, but a grin without expectations.

Jennifer sat next to him. "So, what's up, Marcie?" he asked.

     "Can I be completely frank with you?" she asked.

     "Sure, go for it."

     "I hope you don't think I'm being too forward...but I noticed you

over here...and, well, I just want to kiss you. Can I?"

     Francisco looked surprised, but not unhappy. "You want to kiss


     Jennifer couldn't believe what she was saying, but the

excitement was still building within her. "Yes. Can I?"

     He shook his head, still grinning. "Ok, what is this, a joke,

huh? Where's the cameras?"

     "No joke." said Jennifer. Rather than trying further to

convince him, she decided to just go for it. She craned forward and

pressed her lips against his. He was hesitant at first, but rapidly

got into it, pressing back. His lips parted, and his tongue pushed

into her mouth. His arms enveloped her, and she was startled by

the firmness with which he held her. Finally, he released the kiss,

and Jennifer gasped.

     "Wow!" she said.

     "Was it as good as you expected?" he grinned.

     "Yeah. It sure was." And they kissed again. This kiss lasted

longer, and his hands slipped up and down her back, pushing her

body tight against his. His tongue once again slipped into her

mouth, and this time she reciprocated, shyly darting her tongue

against his. He smelled wonderful.

     Finally, they parted. Jennifer gasped again. "Still good?" he

asked. She nodded. "Want to do more?"

     "More?" she asked. In reply, he started his way down her neck,

sprinkling light kisses on her neck. He pushed the neckline of her 

t-shirt over her shoulder, and pressed his lips against the exposed

skin. Jennifer felt a shiver creep through her, and she lifted her

chin to give him easier access to her neck. "Oh, wow." she said.

     "More?" he asked. Jennifer was about to nod, but then a

thought occurred to her. Excitement spilled through her, and she

could hardly control her voice when she spoke. "All right...but I

have to do something first, okay? I need to borrow your walkman.

Is that okay?"

     He became suspicious. "What for?"

     "Please." she said. Before she knew what she was doing,

before she could think enough to stop herself, she had pulled off

her t-shirt and sports bra. Francisco stared in shock at her

exposed breasts. Jennifer felt deliriously exposed, even though

they were in an isolated area of the campus and probably no one

else could see her. Jennifer let Francisco eye her breasts for a

moment, then she pulled her t-shirt back on, and dropped her

sports bra in his lap. "You can keep this as hostage until I return

your walkman, all right?" He gaped at her, nodded as he scrambled

to pull out his walkman.

     Jennifer quickly had it set up. The walkman was tucked in the

back of her shorts. The wires wound up under her t-shirt, then

came up disguised in her hair to the earphones in her ears. Mark

would see nothing. Jennifer grinned.

     "I'll be right back." she said, and she turned and started

walking towards where she had left Mark. He wasn't there, but

materialized out of the trees as she neared.

     "You did it." he said. "I thought you were going to do

more...why did you take off your shirt?"

     "He wants to do more." she said. "So do I...but I couldn't, Mark.

I just couldn't bring myself to! Mark...I want him to touch my

body...but I can't make myself let him! I keep getting nervous. Could

you...could you use your power? Tell me to do it? Please?"

     Mark arched an eyebrow. "You WANT me to use my power on

you? Are you sure, Jennifer?"

     "Yes!! I'm sure. Tell me to let him touch my body. Please,

Mark? I want him to so badly!"

     "Okay, if you want it." he said, sounding a little dazed. Then he

opened his mouth, and Jennifer could see his mouth moving. But at

that moment, she had snaked her hand behind her back, and pressed

the play button on the walkman, and her ears were bombarded with

guitar. Mark finished speaking, and stood watching her. Jennifer

took an evaluation of her mind. Nothing. His power hadn't worked on

her. Jennifer smiled. She had figured it out. She had beaten his


     Then she let her eyes appear to go vacant, and walked back to

where Francisco waited. She managed to conceal the walkman, and

turned it off before she reached him. "What was that about?" he

asked her.

     "I was talking to that guy...he's a friend of mine." Jennifer

explained as she sat beside him. "He was the one who dared me to

kiss you. I just told him to get lost."

     "What did you need the walkman for?" asked Francisco.

     "Be quiet and kiss me." Jennifer said, and she leaned into his

Francisco's waiting lips. They kissed fiercely, and this time,

Francisco slid his hands under her t-shirt and slid them over her

breasts. Jennifer felt a tingle as his fingertips brushed her hard

nipples, and felt herself start to get wet down below. At first his

touch was tentative, but after she offered no objections, he began

to press his hands against her breasts, firmly fondling them.

Jennifer slipped her hands under his shirt, and felt his bare flesh.

She liked the feel of his muscles; they were tight and firm.

     Francisco started to push her back, and Jennifer let herself

be pushed down onto her back on the bench. Francisco lifted her 

t-shirt and took her left nipple in his mouth, letting his tongue

play along the hardened tip, making her gasp. She felt exposed

again, and thought about making him stop. But the pleasure was too

much, and it felt so good to just lie back and let him kiss her. She

gasped again as he began to circle her nipple with his tongue; it

was a wonderful, hot, tickling sensation. She lost herself in the

feel of his mouth, his lips pressing against her breasts.

     Then he lifted his head and spoke. "How far is this going to go,

Marcie?" he asked.

     Jennifer sighed, closing her eyes. "Not much further, I'm

afraid. Not here anyway."

     "Want to go to my room?" he asked.

     Jennifer considered it. "No." she finally said. "Maybe another

time, but not right now." She sat up, letting her t-shirt fall back

over her breasts.

     "Too bad." Francisco was grinning. "You almost made all my

fantasies come true."

     "Mmm." said Jennifer, noticing the lump in the crotch of his

shorts. She touched it with her fingers, and watched the contented

expression that passed over his face. She slid her fingers down the

front of his shorts, encountered the head of his penis. Enraptured

by the arousal on his face, Jennifer took his hard-on in her hand

and squeezed it lightly.

     "Ooh. That feels good." he sighed. Jennifer started to run her

fingers over it, exploring it. She slipped up to the head, pressing

her fingertip against the tiny hole at the tip, then ran her fingers

down the bottom of the shaft, circling around where it attached to

the rest of his body. He was fairly thick, and wondered what it

would feel like to have him inside of her.

     She started to stroke him, and he stifled a moan. She

continued to pull him up and down, when finally he stopped her.

"Quit it." he said. "I'm gonna come."


     "So I don't want to come all over my shorts!"

     "Stand up and pull down your shorts." she said. "We're all

alone here, and besides, I want to see what you look like." She

started to stroke harder, and he groaned. He stood, and she pulled

his engorged organ out from his shorts. It stood out straight from

his body, a thick purple snout, and Jennifer stared at it as her hand

ran up and down its length. She hadn't seen many penises in her

life, and was always amazed at how fleshy and lumpy they were.

Not the perfect cylinders she always expected. He was dripping a

few beads of pre-come.

     Finally, he moaned, and his penis started to tense and pulse.

He started to spurt, and Jennifer watched amazed as the blops of

sperm launched from his body and dropped onto the sidewalk. She

just couldn't imagine being a guy, having an organ that you pulled

and prodded and that finally granted you satisfaction by spurting

white syrup out of its hole. It was just too strange to think about.

     Francisco was breathing hard. Jennifer sat back onto the

bench, and waited for him to get recomposed. She watched his

organ droop. Finally, he pulled up his shorts again, and sat beside


     "Wow." he said. "You're unreal. Can I call you sometime?"

     She smiled and shook her head. "I'm sorry...but maybe I'll see

you another time, all right?" She handed him back her walkman,

and took her sports bra.

     He kissed her again, and she let herself melt into this last

kiss. "This has been the weirdest experience I've ever had." he said.

"Thanks, Marcie."

     "Thank you, too, Francisco." she smiled. "You're wonderful, too.

I have to go. See you later?"

     "I hope so." he said.

     "Me too. Bye!"


     Jennifer stood and walked towards where she had last seen

Mark. She felt the slickness between her legs, and dreamed of how

Francisco had kissed her, wishing they could have done more. He

had been so nice, and hadn't treated her much like a slut even

though she was pretty much acting like one. He had been slow and

gentle, just the way Jennifer liked. She sighed happily, and waited

for Mark to materialize. She waited, and he did not appear.

     She looked through the park. He was nowhere to be found. Mark

had disappeared.

end of part 8

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