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Archive-name: Control/contjen7.txt

Archive-author: Daniel Reinker

Archive-title: Controlling Jennifer - 7

story follows:

Disclaimer: This story has very little solid wanking material. If you've

been following it, you know what to expect.

Well, here's part seven. This story is (c) 1993 by Daniel Reinker, and

while I do not mind it being distributed, I would appreciate it if you

would keep this header on it so folks can know who wrote it.

Thanks, all!

          Controlling Jennifer VII: Taking It Easy Part I

     It was the day after the dance. Jennifer hadn't really intended

to go running; she hadn't even set her alarm to get up in the

morning, thinking she would sleep late after the events of the

previous night. However, come the next morning, she found herself

wide awake at eight, and she really had nothing planned to do. So

she decided to run.

     Jennifer hadn't gone running since the first day she had met

Mark. At first it had been fear. Fear and shame. She hadn't wanted to

risk bumping into Mark again, and even more, she had been afraid

she would run into the student with the notebook and the disheveled

hair-do, or the man with his dog, the ones she had seen that day. The

ones that had seen her that first day, when Mark had her going

around the park acting like a wanton slut.

     "Damn Mark." she muttered as she pulled on her shorts.

Sometimes, she wondered how she had ever come to stop hating

him. He had made her do so many things she hadn't wanted to do. He

had turned her life completely upside-down. At times, he had made

her life a living hell. "I think I still hate him a little bit." she said

to herself. "I'm just not scared of him anymore."

     Jennifer felt like running. That had been her time to think,

while she was running, and if she ever needed to think, it was then.

The night before seemed more like a dream than anything else. When

confronted with the daylight, it hardly seemed real. So much had

happened. She had so much conflicting emotions to resolve.

     As Jennifer was lacing up her shoes, she glanced at Darlene

lying comatose in the opposite bed. That was another reason to go

running; eventually, Darlene would wake up, and from experience,

Jennifer knew that Darlene usually had very bad hangovers. It was

better to disappear and come back after she had recovered

somewhat. Jennifer tightened her shoelaces, and quietly slipped out

the door.

     It was a nice day to go running; cold, but not too cold. Despite

the time, Jennifer felt very awake, and full of energy. The dorm was  empty, as it usually was early in the morning, and Jennifer slipped

out without seeing much of anyone. Someone was in the lobby

reading the morning paper, and he glanced at her as she walked by.

Jennifer didn't know him, so she just smiled and walked past.

     It was about a five-minute walk to the track, and she spent

the time taking in her surroundings. It really was a nice day, and it

made her feel a lot better over what had happened the night before.

She listened to the birds chirping in the trees, and watched them

fly overhead. The sun felt nice on her skin; it was still kind of cold,

but that only seemed to make the sun feel warmer.

     She reached the path that made its way through the park area

of the campus, and took a quick look around for anyone she might

want to avoid. The park was fairly deserted; she saw more squirrels

than people, and didn't see anyone she knew. Jennifer strolled down

the path, humming a slow song she had heard the night before. She

thought about the last time she had come this way, when she had

first met Mark. I never actually did make it to the track, she

reminded herself. Her mind idled on a squirrel jumping from branch

to branch, almost following her. Deep down, Jennifer knew she was

pushing back what she needed to think about, but that was all right.

It could wait until she started running. For now, she would just

enjoy the simple beauty of early-morning nature. Carefree, without

human interference.

     Before she knew it, she had walked through the park and was

on the track. A couple other runners were running laps, and they all

looked faster and more serious than she was. "Just take it easy."

she reminded herself. "You haven't run for awhile, Jennifer. Let your

body get used to it." She moved over to stand behind the line that

usually determined the beginning and end of her laps, and did a few

token stretches. "You know, Jennifer." she said. "You sure talk to

yourself a lot more now." She laughed, and started to run.

     Her pace was fairly slow, but she planned to make it up in

distance. During the first half of the first lap, she could feel her

legs readjusting themselves to the exercise. It felt good. Her body

settled into a nice pace, and soon her mind was free to wander.

     And as she had expected, her mind drifted to the night before,

and Mark. The whole thing was losing its reality now; it seemed

more like a bad dream than anything else. She hoped she would never

see Derrick again; the image of him with his lip bleeding and an

expression of complete devotion on his face was burnt into her

mind. Jennifer knew that if she ever saw him again, that image

would flash before her eyes. She would undoubtedly see Jacob again,

with his burnt hand, and she wasn't looking forward to that either.

He was becoming so different; Jennifer remembered him earlier in

the year as just a nice guy, always saying hello to her, always ready

to give her a hand. He had accepted it before, when she had gently

told him she wasn't looking for a boyfriend.

     "It's amazing what a little good sex will do." Jennifer

murmured. There was no doubt Jacob was obsessed with her now.

The way he had acted the night before, with a little alcohol thrown was insane. HE was insane. Jennifer had never had to deal with

a guy like that before. She didn't know what to do.

     Maybe Mark...? She had asked herself that question over and

over before, but had never really considered it. Before, she had

thought Jacob was something she could deal with herself. Now, she

wasn't so sure. And after all, it would be child's play for Mark to

use his power...

     Morally, she wasn't quite sure where she stood on the whole

thing. Would it be wrong to have Mark use his power on Jacob? It

seemed like it should be, but Jennifer couldn't see how it would be

that wrong. After all, Mark had saved her from being almost raped

by using his power, and she certainly didn't find anything wrong

with that. How was this any different? Jacob was becoming more

and more demanding of her, and he might eventually become

dangerous. Jennifer was just watching out for herself, right?

Anyhow, Jacob would be better off to just forget her; there was no

way she would ever be for him what he wanted.

     Unfortunately, all this just sounded like justification to

Jennifer. Could she justify using Mark to take away someone else's

free will? Was it right? She couldn't decide.

     Mark, as usual, remained an enigma. He was always mysterious

to her, his motives incomprehensible. Whenever she felt like she

was getting a feel for the way he thought, he would turn around and

do something completely opposite to what she thought he would do.

At the dance, it seemed like he should have liked it when she

started doing what he wanted without him using his power. Yet, he

had turned cold, and had taken a complete and irrational dislike to

Derrick. What was wrong with Mark? Jennifer wished she could

understand him.

     Mark had said she was doing too good a job, but what did that

mean? Why was that a bad thing? Shouldn't that have pleased him?

     Jennifer found her mind lingering over the images of dancing

with Derrick, pretending to seduce him, and she found the images

very tantalizing. Though she hated to admit it, even to herself, she

had enjoyed herself. It was like Mark said, it wasn't like she was

really truly being a slut. After all, sluts were sluts because all they

wanted was sex, right? But that hadn't been Jennifer's motivation

at all. She had just been giving Derrick a night to remember.

     "Making his dreams come true." she grinned. It was true that

she had enjoyed acting the role of a seductress the night before, and

she discovered she was actually looking forward to her next

experience with Mark, her next 'game of controlling Jennifer', as he

referred to their sessions together. This was probably the strangest

thing to realize about the previous night. She had given herself to

Mark's control of her own free will, and she had enjoyed it.

     For a moment, she actually thought of doing it all by herself.

What if I just choose a guy, and try to pick him up? she asked

herself. Just like Derrick? As soon as she realized she was thinking

it, she disposed of the idea. It wouldn't be the same without Mark. It

really WOULD be slutty. Plus, she didn't want to get into another

mess like Jacob.

      Jennifer realized that she had lost count of how many laps she

had run, and she was getting tired. Oh, well, that was probably

enough anyhow. She ran to the next line on the track, and stopped,

breathing hard. Sweat dribbled down into her eyes, and she pushed

her hair back to keep it from dripping on her face. One more time

around the track, this time walking. As she walked, she thought

about Mark and his power. The one thing she worried about him was

that sometime he would get mad at her, and use his power against

her like he had used it against Jacob and Derrick. He seemed to

genuinely care about her, but that didn't mean he wouldn't lose his

temper and make her do something awful. 

     The sun was beating down on her as she walked along the

track, and she started to long for the shady trees in the park.

Finally, she left the track, took a drink of cool water at the nearby

water fountain, and made her way into the park, walking under the

trees instead of on the path.

     It seemed as if Mark was expecting her. He waited, sitting on

one of the benches, watching her as she approached. He said nothing,

and his expression was unreadable.

     When she was almost to his bench, he spoke. "Hello, Jennifer."

he said.

     "Hi, Mark." she stood uncertainly next to the bench, acutely

aware of how sweaty she was, waiting for him to speak.

     "Can we talk, Jenny?" he asked.

     Jennifer nodded. "Okay." she said, and she sat next to him on

the bench. A cool breeze blew through the shady group of trees, and

she shivered. "How did you know I would be here?" she asked.

     He smiled slightly. "Oh, you always used to come through here

at about the same time on saturdays, to go running. I used to come

down here and watch you go by, before I first came up to you." He

lapsed into silence again. Jennifer watched him for a moment,

waiting to see if he would say anything more. When he didn't, she

contented herself with looking at the other people in the park. Some

others had arrived while she had been running: a student reading a

book, a lady walking her dog, another group of students sitting on

the grass talking.

     "Jennifer..." Mark finally spoke. "Do I scare you?"

     The question startled her, and she looked at him to see if he

wore his confident grin, to see if he was playing another game. He

didn't seem to be; his eyes blinked distantly at the grass. He seemed

to be deep in thought. "Not you, really..." Jennifer finally answered.

"I'm a little scared of your power, sometimes."

     "You know I would never hurt you, Jennifer. Not even with my

power." he said quietly.

     "I know." she answered simply. "Not intentionally, anyway...but

what if I do something to make you mad? How do I know you

wouldn't use it on me then? You might..." She let her voice trail


     "Oh, Jenny. I won't get mad at you. You have to trust me."

     Jennifer watched a jogger go past them. "You say that, Mark,

and probably you mean it, but how do I know? You have so much do I know you won't lose your temper and use it on me?"

He answered this question with silence, and Jennifer sighed and


     Finally he spoke. "I wish I could get you to trust me." he


     Jennifer felt something within her leap. Was this the same guy

she had thought a monster? She couldn't help but smile. If he was an

ordinary guy, she would have thought he was being incredibly sweet.

But he wasn't ordinary, and she still didn't trust him completely.

She still remembered the fight from the night before, and how Mark

seemed to enjoy making them fight over her. "Mark." she said. "In

order for me to trust you, you'll have to show me that you trust me."

     Finally, she got him to look at her. "How?" he asked.

     "Tell me who you are." She said, her voice becoming intense.

"Tell me about yourself. I know your name is Mark, but that's all.

Let's just talk, okay? I want to find out about you." 

     Mark turned away from her. "No." he said. "All you need to know

is my name is Mark, and I'm your master."

     "Darn it, Mark!" she burst, startling both him and herself. She

forced her voice down. "Mark, if you're going to be stubborn about

this, then we aren't going to get anywhere. You say you want me to

trust you, but you won't treat me like a human being. Please, Mark.

Enough of this master/slave thing, okay? At least not today. Let's

just be friends today, all right?"

     She waited for him to answer, but he only stared silently at

the ground. Finally she sighed and stood. He looked up at her. "Come

on, Mark." she said firmly, and picked up his hand. "Let's go play one

of your games, okay? And while we're doing that, we can talk, all

right?" She tugged at his hand, while he stared at her, looking at her

as if she had gone mad. Finally, he shrugged and stood.

     "All right, Jennifer. Another game." As he spoke, she noticed

that his confident grin was appearing on her face. That meant he had

an idea. She waited, hoping it would be something she would be

willing to do.

     "Here's what we're going to do, Jennifer." he said, starting to

lead her through the park. "You want to know more about me. Okay,

I'll answer your questions. But here's the deal. First you have to kiss

someone here in the park." He seemed to consider this for a second,

then nodded his approval. "For each person you kiss, I'll answer a


     "Anyone?" she asked. That didn't sound too bad. She looked

around at the others in the park. She saw a couple guys, but didn't

know any of them.

     "Anyone." he said. "Even girls."

     "Ew." she grimaced. "I'll stay with guys, thank you."

     He frowned. "It's your choice. I haven't finished the rules,

though. You can initiate the kiss, but you can't be the one who

breaks it. If he holds the kiss for an hour, you'll have to keep kissing

him for an hour. And while he's kissing you, you'll let him do

anything to you that he wants. He can run his hands all over you if

he wants. But once he breaks the kiss, you're free again. All right?"

     Jennifer nodded, feeling the fear and excitement build within

her. She wasn't sure she was going to be able to do it, but the idea

intrigued her. "I'll try. But you have to be there to help me if

anything goes wrong, okay?"

     "Of course, Jennifer." he said. "Shall we begin?"

     "All right." she said. "First question: what's your full name?

The truth."

     He grinned, and shook his head. "I'm afraid not, Jennifer. First

you have to kiss someone. Remember?" Then his eyes went wide as

Jennifer put her arms around him and pressed her lips against his.

He broke the kiss fast, faster than she had expected. She couldn't

help but smile at his look of shock.

     "I'm disappointed." she murmured. "You could have done

anything you wanted to me while I was kissing you. You just wasted

a good opportunity."

     He pulled away from her. "I can do anything to you anytime I

want, slave Jennifer." He snapped.

     She just grinned. "Your name? Come on, Mark. You can't say that

didn't count."

     He scowled at her, and for a moment she thought he would

refuse to answer. Finally, he growled. "Mark Robert Antonio." He

turned away from Jennifer's triumphant grin.

     Mark started to walk again, and Jennifer followed him along.

"Mark Robert Antonio." she said, smiling at him from behind. "So

that's what it is. Mark Robert Antonio. Mark Robert Antonio." 

     He turned around. "Yes, that's it. That's what it is. Jennifer,

kneel down, take my hands and kiss each of my fingers. After each

finger, bow and say your full name." He was using his power, and

Jennifer felt it sweep over her and block out her will to resist. She

fell to her knees, and took his left hand in hers. After she kissed

each finger, she prostrated herself on the ground and said her name.

"Jennifer Anne Cailly. Jennifer Anne Cailly." First the left hand,

then the right. Finally she looked up at him. He was grinning.

     "That oughta teach you to act too triumphant. Remember,

Jennifer, that no matter what information you get about me, I can

always still control you."

     Jennifer ignored his words. She sat down on the ground, and

turned away from him. "This is what I meant." she said, her voice

cold. "You lost your temper, and you used your power on me. This is

exactly why I can't trust you."

     "What?" asked Mark. He knelt down beside her. "Oh, come on,

Jenny! I didn't hurt you, now did I? Come on, look at me. I really

wasn't that mad." He tried to put his arm over her shoulders, but she

shrugged it off.

     "No, you didn't hurt me, but you could have." She said, her voice

still icy. She thought about whether she should pretend to start

crying, but didn't think she would be able to do it convincingly.

     "Oh, Jennifer." he sighed. "Please...I promise...I won't use my

power on you anymore today, all right? Does that make you feel

better? Come on and stand up, let's play the game some more."

     She reluctantly allowed him to turn her head, and then allowed

him to take her hand and help her up. Meanwhile, she fought to keep

from smiling, fought to keep the reluctant, hurt expression on her

face. I can control him, too, she thought to herself, and a small

smile creeped unbidden onto her face.

     They started walking along again. Mark started talking, saying

what a nice day it was, and how it was nice that the sun was

shining. Jennifer wasn't really paying attention, her mind was

swept up in thoughts of Mark, thinking of what questions she

wanted to ask him, and enjoying her small triumph over him.

     After a while, she noticed a man sunbathing in the middle of a

grassy stretch. He was fairly attractive, a tall man with dark eyes

and a firm, athletic build. And best of all, he was alone. "I see

someone." she murmured.

     "What?" asked Mark, glancing at her, then followed her eyes to

the man sunbathing.

     "Wait here." said Jennifer, and she released Mark's hand. She

explained "It'll make it harder if he sees me with another guy." She

didn't wait for Mark's answer, but started to walk over to the man.

Her stomach was flip-flopping, and she really had no idea what she

was going to do. She wondered if she would really have the guts to

go through with it.

     "Time to improvise." she said to herself, and then she was

standing beside the guy. She shifted nervously, not sure how to


     She didn't need to. The guy looked up at her. "You're standing in

my sun." he said.

     "Sorry." breathed Jennifer, and she sat down beside the guy.

"I'm Marcie." she said. She didn't like the way the guy smiled at her,

and the way his eyes wandered over her body in frank appraisal. His

eyes had a predatory look about them, and he seemed to like what he

saw. Jennifer couldn't help but feel like she had just jumped into

his spider web.

     "Hi, Marcie." he said. "I'm Greg." He shifted onto his side to face

her, his muscles flexing even as he performed this simple motion.

"What can I do for you?"

     Jennifer had no idea what to say. "I just saw you here...sunning

yourself..." she began, trying to come up with something. "I thought

it looked relaxing." she finished lamely.

     Greg smiled, an easy, casual smile. Mark had his power, but

this man had a power of his own. It was in his confidence. "Want to

join me?" he asked. He pulled something from behind him. It was a

bottle of sun-tan lotion. "I have plenty of extra sunscreen." he said.

     "Uh..." Jennifer tried to think of an appropriate response. "I was


     "Oh, don't worry." His voice easily slid in and interrupted hers.

"You're not really dressed for it, but you can tie your shirt

off...that'll give you a little extra tan on your stomach. It's very

relaxing,, let me help you." Before she knew it, she was

on her stomach, and he was inching her t-shirt up her body. His

touch was very methodical and gentle. "Just sit back and relax." he

said, and something about his hands made her feel more relaxed. He

lifted her shirt to the point where her back was exposed up to the

black lycra top that bound her breasts. Then he was massaging sun-

tan lotion into her lower back.

     "You have a beautiful body." he murmured. His voice had a

gentle, hypnotic quality to it, and Jennifer felt herself relaxing

under his touch. She idly wondered how many women he had seduced.

What was funny was that she was supposed to be seducing him.

     "You don't mind me telling you how attractive I think you are,

do you?" he whispered near her ear. "It's not a come-on or

anything...I just think you have a very attractive body."

     "No..." she sighed. "I don't mind." She felt him gently prod her

with his fingers, and she sensed he wanted her to turn over. She let

him push her over, and he started rubbing sun-tan lotion on her


     "Your stomach is so firm." he said. "I can tell that you

exercise." His massaging was more of a caress now, and he was

slowly inching up her body, until he was rubbing sun-tan lotion just

below her breasts. She waited, wondering if he would actually touch

her breasts, but he didn't. She felt his hands move away, and then

his hand brushed her cheek. She opened her eyes.

     His face was so close to her, she could smell him. There was

something sexual about his scent, and Jennifer felt overpowered by

his closeness. "You really are gorgeous." he said. "Can I kiss you?"

She could only nod.

     At first she told herself, all she had to do was wait until he

pulled away, and then she was done. She could go back to Mark. But

Greg kissed her in a long, lingering kiss, and as he did so, his hands

ran up and down her back and sides, making her feel weak. When he

finally broke away, she could only sigh in pleasure, and lay back as

he started to press his lips against her neck. His arm enveloped her,

and pulled her to him, his hand roaming up and down her back.

Finally he let her lie back in the grass, while he leaned over her and

smiled. His hand creeped like a spider up her side, and slipped

almost imperceptibly over her left breast. A shiver of pleasure and

excitement raced through her at this forbidden touch. 

     "Want to go to my place?" he murmured. His other hand was

tracing circles on her leg, drifting up her shorts and sliding over

her thigh.

     "Ooh." she said. Then she remembered what she was supposed

to be doing. "Oh! I'm sorry, I can't..." She sat up quickly, and pushed

him back. He did not seem particularly shocked, only displeased. "I'm

really sorry, Greg...maybe another time, okay?" She blinked at him

for a moment, trying to shake free of her desire, and rushed off

before he could answer.

     "Suit yourself." she heard him say behind her. When she looked

back, he was on his back again, eyes closed, sunning himself.

     Jennifer looked around for Mark. She finally saw him sitting

under a nearby tree, waiting. She walked over, and he stood just

before she reached him. His eyes appraised her.

     "You seemed to enjoy that." he said, his voice very neutral, and

he took her hand. Jennifer mutely allowed him to lead her away.

To be continued

This story has been painstakingly penned by Daniel Reinker.

Death threats, obsessive ramblings and declarations of love (female pref.)


Occidental does not support this story directly, but (thus far) supports

my ability to write and post it.

Any similarities between this story and real life are PURELY coincidental.

Jennifer is FICTIONAL!!! She is not based on anyone I know or desire.

Hope you all liked the new tighter margins.



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