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Archive-name: Control/contjen3.txt

Archive-author: Daniel Reinker

Archive-title: Controlling Jennifer - 3

Story follows:

This is the third part of the Controlling Jennifer series. This story is

(c) 1993 by Daniel Reinker, and while I do not mind it being distributed,

I would appreciate it if you would keep this header on it so folks can

know who wrote it.

			Controlling Jennifer III:  Power Play

	The library was a frightening place. It didn't seem like it had been

built all at once, with one plan and one idea; instead it seemed like every

extra room attached onto the main floor had been tacked on as an

afterthought, and the result was a jumble of rooms with no rhyme or

reason to their layout. When Jennifer had gone through orientation upon

arriving at Jefferson college, they had been given a small tour of the

library, a tour of the more important rooms. The librarian had laughed and

remarked that she had worked at the library for five years, and thought

she knew everything about it, until a couple days earlier when she had

discovered another stairwell she hadn't known about. "You see?" said the

librarian. "You're always discovering things in the library!" Jennifer, who

at the time already found the library intimidating, hadn't found that

comment particularly reassuring.

	Even worse, the confusion of the library's layout bred small isolated

pockets of gloomy emptiness, and these gave Jennifer the creeps. She

hated wandering through the older shelves, looking for obscure books. The

shelves were always looming monoliths, and the atmosphere reminded her

of a hedge maze. As a result, she hardly ever went down into the stacks

unless she had to, and she rarely even came to the library at all.

	Unfortunately, this time she had to be there. It was tuesday, and the

physics midterm was thursday and Jennifer had never felt more

unprepared for a test in her entire life. She was usually a very good

student, but now she had a hard time concentrating on anything. Studying

in her room, with Darlene humming Janet Jackson tunes and the phone

looming next to her had proved impossible. Finally, she had packed her

bags, cursed the requirement that made her take such a boring class as

physics, and gone to the library. Once there, she settled in a somewhat

isolated row of desks on the third floor. It offered her quiet, plus the

security of knowing that the periodicals section was very close and while

she had quiet she was never quite alone.

	Jennifer opened her books to study, but her eyes drifted over to the

graffiti on the desk. "What do you do with your hormones?" one scrawled

remark read. The answer, written below it, read: "If your whore moans,

put your dick in her mouth!" Next to this witty statement was a pencil

depiction of a set of obscenely enlarged male gentalia, and below that "I

want to fuck Lori W." Jenny's eyes lingered on this last statement. Who

was Lori? Did she know that some library vandal wanted to sleep with

her? Or was she oblivious? Watched from afar, perhaps, him waiting for

the right moment to spring on her. Jennifer shook her head and pushed a

paper over the offending graffiti. Back to physics. No more distractions.

	Soon, however, her mind was wandering again. To Jacob, and what

had happened between them on saturday night. She had finally given in to

his appeals to talk. He had been pressuring her since that first day, the

first day she had met Mark, to talk about what had occured between them.

Finally, she made herself face him, and they had talked. He had tried to

get her to tell him what was going on, but she wouldn't. He had tried to

get her to become more serious with him, to become his "girlfriend", but

she refused to do this too. She didn't need the complications of having a

boyfriend along with everything else. Finally, he had seduced her. Well,

not really seduced; she had been a fairly willing participant. Why had she

given in to his pressuring? Well, it had seemed like a good idea at the

time, but after the fact she couldn't think of why she had given in. It had

been a mistake, she reflected in hindsight; it had given him the exact

message she was trying not to give him, the message that there might be

something between them. The night had ended up disappointing for both;

Jacob had apparently been expecting another wild sexual encounter like

their previous time. But Jennifer wasn't really like that; it had been

Mark's power that had made her act that way before. She liked to go slow

and take her time with the whole thing. The end result was that Jacob

became impatient, and Jennifer became impatient with his impatience,

and the whole thing hadn't been satisfying for either of them. And now

Jacob was doting on her, as if she was a possession of his. Just what she

didn't need.

	"After all..." she whispered. "I belong to Mark!" and she smiled grimly

at the irony of the whole thing. She didn't want to be a possession, but

unfortunately she was forced into it. "Why even bother studying physics?"

she muttered. "I'm just a toy for Mark anyhow." Mark, thankfully, hadn't

called her since their 'date' at La Rochelles, almost a week before.

Jennifer was still troubled with what had happened at that restaurant,

particularly with what she had done at the end of the night. Mark had

offered her breasts to the waiter as a 'tip', and Jennifer had submitted

herself to letting the waiter fondle her in the middle of the restaurant.

True, she hadn't really had a choice, and Mark could have forced her to do

it anyhow with his power. But that hadn't really been her reason for

submitting to it. The idea had appealed to her, and she had enjoyed the

waiters hands. This was what bothered her. Everytime she didn't resist,

she fell deeper and deeper into his control. And this scared her.

	Jennifer realized she was becoming distracted from her physics

again. "Argh!!!" she muttered to herself. "Jenny, study, darn it! Remember,

you have a test!" She forced her eyes to start reading the page in front of


	"Well, well, well!" A voice said above her. "Jennifer Cailly! Fancy

meeting you here."

	Jennifer recognized the voice with horror, and looking up confirmed

her suspicions. Leaning on the top of the little wall that separated her

desk from the others was Mark. He was smiling down at her.

	Instead of inspiring horror, however, the sight of his face only

served to exasperate her. "Mark!" she said. "Argh!!! Not right now! I don't

need this right now!" Mark's eyes widened, and he pulled back slightly.

Jenny realized what she was saying and caught herself. "Look, Mark..." her

voice rushed forward. "Look, I'm sorry, but whatever you want, I can't...I

just can't! I have to study for a major physics test. Please leave me

alone? Please? Can't you control me later? Just leave me alone now." She

fixed her eyes on his, trying to convey her desperation in her gaze.

	Mark gaped at her for a moment, then his eyes narrowed. "Who said I

wanted to control you?" his voice was a cold monotone, and Jennifer's

spirits sank. "Maybe I was just checking to see how my slave was. Next

time I come over and greet you, you will say 'Hello, master. What can I do

for you today?' Say it now."

	Jennifer's spirits plummeted. There was no winning. Her appeal to

him had only succeeded in making him angry, and now he was going to

make her pay for it. Oddly enough, her greatest regret was that she would

not be able to get any studying done after all. "Hello, master. What can I

do for you today?'" she recited. She pushed aside her books. Looked like

studying would have to wait.

	"That's better." said Mark, smiling thinly. "I think you need to be

taught a lesson, my slave. You need to be taught to be more respectful to

your master. Listen: YOU do not decide when I can exercise my control

over you. I will do so whenever I desire. If this is clear, say 'I will do

whatever my master wills WHENever my master wills.' Say it!"

	"I will do whatever my master wills whenever my master wills." she

repeated. It's not as if I have any choice in the matter, she thought to


	"Very good. I'm sure you will learn in time." Mark smiled again, and

then he paused, his smile slowly fading as the pause stretched out. He's

trying to figure out what to do, Jennifer realized. He doesn't have

anything planned. She looked down and noticed with interest that he was

carrying an economics book. Was he an econ major? Or a business major?

Jennifer's mind was immediately completely taken with this revelation.

He was a student here, too! It made sense, but it really didn't fit with her

image of him. After all, she was a student. If he was a student, too, that

put him on equal terms with her. A very strange concept, to think of Mark

the controller maybe being in the same class as her.

	And it also meant he was probably here to study, too. Maybe he really

DIDN'T come to control me, Jennifer mused. Could it be just coincidence

that he happened to see me here studying? It certainly seemed that way.

Next time, Jenny told herself bitterly, keep your mouth shut. She looked

back up at Mark.

	Mark was moving around her, until he sat at the desk beside her. His

eyes were on her skirt, and they had lighted up. Uh, oh, thought Jennifer.

He's got something.

	"I wish to inspect you, slave Jennifer. To make sure you meet with

my approval. Please lift up your skirt so that I can see under it."

	Jennifer took a quick look around to see if anyone else was watching.

No one else was even around. She turned back to Mark, and lifted up her

skirt so that he could see under. She had worn plain white panties, so she

wasn't really showing him anything. Nevertheless, the act disgusted her.

"I need to make my stand." she thought to herself. "This time...I need to

fight his power with all my concentration, see if I can face it down. If I

can, I'm free."

	Mark looked at her panties, and then back up to her. His eyes were

disapproving, and he shook his head. "I'm afraid I am displeased, my slave.

Your panties are blocking my view of your lovely pussy. Please walk over

to that rubbish can, remove them, and throw them away. You do not need


	Jenny's heart pounded. Was this the time to resist? She looked

around and couldn't see anyone. Maybe not now, she thought. It would be

better to resist if it was something REALLY bad that he wanted her to do.

If she was really against the act, she would be able to fight against his

power all the better. "And I really only get one chance..." she thought. "If I

fail, then I may never have the will to resist again." 

	For now, she would comply. Jennifer stood up and walked over to the

garbage can. She looked around once more to make sure no one was

watching. Fortunately, she stood in the midst of a line of bookshelves, and

she was relatively hidden. She slipped her fingers under her skirt and

hooked them onto the waistband of her panties. Fully aware that Mark was

probably watching her intently from behind, she quickly slipped her

panties over her thighs and down her legs, being careful not to lift her

skirt anymore than she had to. She stepped out of the underwear and

dropped it into the garbage.

	It felt very strange to wear a skirt without underwear, something

Jenny had never done before, and it was a strange sensation to feel the

air against her bare flesh under the skirt. It felt weird when she walked

back to her desk. An odd feeling of freedom. She looked at Mark and he

nodded in approval.

	"Here." he said. "Sit down." She did. Be ready, she told herself. "Now

lift her skirt again." Mark commanded. "I wish to inspect you again."

	Jennifer mentally dug in, ready to resist whatever compulsions he

gave her. "I will not." she said slowly, emphasizing each word.

	"What?" Mark stared at her, seemingly taken aback.

	"I said I won't! I'm not going to bare myself to you right smack in the

middle of the library. No. I won't." She stared at him defiantly.

	He seemed more shocked than angry at her resistance. For a second

he could only stare at her. "What are you doing, Jenny?" he asked, and he

asked it like an actual question, like he seriously couldn't believe what

she was doing. "Why are you acting like this?"

	"What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm saying no!" She glared at


	He was dumbfounded. "But why? I mean, I can just use my power, you

know that..."

	Jennifer was getting irritated. She wished he'd use his power

already. She was ready to resist it. "So then use your power! Either use

your power to make me do what you want, or go away and let me study my

damn physics!" She was getting angry now. That was good. Anger would

help her resist.

	"Ok." said Mark, his eyes down, and the reluctance in his voice

surprised her. "I'll use my power." He raised his eyes. "I'm going to go

down to the lounge and get a soda. While I'm gone, here's what will

happen. I'm going to leave my watch here. For the first thirty seconds of

every minute, your body will build up to orgasm. But it will never reach

orgasm, and at the end of the thirty seconds, you will come down again.

Until the beginning of the next minute, when you will start to build up

again. This will keep happening, until you prop your feet on this chair,

spread your legs, and lift your skirt so your pussy is visible. Once I have

seen that you have done this, I will return, and you will stop building up

to orgasm." Mark took off his watch, and stood up. Jennifer watched as he


	"Okay, Jennifer." Jenny spoke out loud to herself. "This is it. Time to

break his power. You just have to be confident. Have to be ready. Have to

be.. ur!" She looked at the watch, and it had started the minute. And

indeed, pleasure was building up within her. "No, it isn't, damn it!" she

gritted her teeth. It's all an illusion. "I don't feel anything at all." She

pulled out her physics book and made herself concentrate on the page.

"The word equilibrium implies that the body is either at rest..." she

recited. The pleasure was still building, making her pause, but she forced

it down. "or that it's center of mass is moving at constant velocity." The

pleasure started to ease through her again, but then abruptly it started to

ebb. "Did I beat it?, the thirty seconds just ended." Jennifer

pushed the watch out of her line of sight and forced physics into her


	When the pleasure began again, it was more powerful, and she gasped

despite herself. "Oh, god." she whispered. "Remember, angry!" She

thought of what Mark wanted her to do, and that generated enough anger

to push back the pleasure. However, it was a constant battle; if she

released her concentration even a little bit, the pleasure started to race

through her body. Finally, it again started to ebb, and she felt a little

disappointed. Then she caught herself. "No! That's what he wants! Come on,

Jen.... remember that this ISN'T good pleasure. Resist it! You don't want to

feel it!"

	The next time, the pleasure didn't just build up, it burst within her,

and she arched her back against her will, gasping. "Oh! Oh god! Please...give

me strength!" She again pushed it back, fighting it every step of the way.

She didn't make much headway, but at least she kept it from gaining on

her, and finally it started to ebb again. This time when it ebbed, it left

her feeling empty, and despite herself, she looked forward to it building

up again. As it ebbed, she became aware at how slick she was getting

between her legs. "Darn." she said. "I don't want to stain my skirt." She

started to get up to retrieve her panties when the fourth wave coursed

through her body. 

	Jennifer crumpled to her seat. This was the most intense yet, and

Jennifer only kept it back reminding herself over and over what Mark

wanted him to do. "Mark is an asshole! He's a sleaze! A mind-raper!" she

told herself. "Damn it, girl, resist him!" These last two words came out

more as high-pitched moans than as words, but they helped. The fourth

wave finally began to ebb. And Jennifer started to crave release. As she

gasped in the interim, she quickly pulled out her keys and pushed them

deep into her palm, hoping the pain would counteract the pleasure.

	When the next wave hit, she dropped her keys, and could only clutch

at the table as her body was wracked with the escalating physical

pleasure that splashed over her body. All resistance disappeared with this

wave. Her body was left trembling as it finally ebbed, trembling and

frustrated. Her hand fell between her legs, stroking herself, but she could

get no pleasure from this. It continued to ebb.

	Then it hit again. "Oh! Oh!" Jenny yelped, thrashing on her chair. Her

hand was still touching herself through her skirt, but now every little bit

of pressure caused warm electricity to launch through her body. "Oh! Oh,

God! I'm gonna come!" But before she could, it slipped away from her. Her

eyes dripped tears of frustration. Not only was she not able to resist, but

she was even denied the orgasm that would have made it worth it.

	Again the pleasure hit, and Jennifer had had enough. She pressed her

feet against Mark's chair, spread her legs, and lifted her skirt so that her

slit was visible. She trembled to be so exposed, with her legs spread so

lewdly, but then the pleasure slammed into her again, and she could think

no more.

	She rode the wave of pleasure, and when it started to back down, she

looked at her exposed slit, dripping with juice, and wished and wished

that Mark would return, so she could cover herself and not have to endure

this frustration and embarassment. And then the next wave hit.

	When this went down, she looked up, and Mark was there. He was

smiling, looking at her trembling before him, her face flushed and a

driplet of sweat running down her cheek. His eyes fell between her legs,

and he reached his finger forward to run a finger from her clitoris down

to the bottom of her lips. She could only tremble at his touch, all

resistance gone. All she wanted now was to come. To find release.

	"I told you resistance was a useless waste of effort, Jenny. I'll have

my way no matter what you do, so you might as well let me have my way

from the beginning. Have you learned, Jenny?"

	"Yes." she said. "Yes, I've learned."

	"Good." he said. "Now I want to watch you get yourself off." He pushed

Jennifer's feet off his chair and sat down facing her. "Go know.

Finger yourself." He watched her intently. Jennifer didn't care that he

watched. She dropped her finger onto her clit and started to massage it,

building herself up for the release she so needed. The pleasure came

again, and she was almost scared that it would disappear, but it didn't

ebb, but grew and grew. Finally, it exploded through her, and she spasmed

in her chair, experiencing the biggest orgasm of her life. Her whole body

seemed to be feeling pleasure simultaneously, from her fingers to her

toes, and she almost passed out from sensory overload. She couldn't say

how long it lasted, but when it finished she was very satisfied. She lay

back gasping.

	"Wow." was all she could say.

	She noticed that he was watching her face intently, which she found

curious, as she would have expected him to still be staring at her exposed

vagina. "You look like you enjoyed that." he said. It was phrased more like

a question that a statement.

	Jennifer pulled down her skirt. "Wow. That was the fiercest orgasm

I've ever had." she whispered.

	"Really?" Mark seemed pleased.

	Jennifer didn't answer, but looked around to see if she was being

watched. And she discovered with shock that she was. A tall man was

peering at her from one of the book shelves. Looking down, she saw that

he had his cock out. It was hard, and he was stroking it, his eyes boring

into her. As Jennifer met his eyes, he smiled; a slow, sleazy smile of

contempt, and as he did so he rubbed his dick and spurted white jism

towards her. The white syrup dribbled to the floor. Jennifer almost

vomited. I'm just a pussy to him, she realized. A pervert's wet dream. She

felt very sick.

	Mark noticed. "What's wrong, Jen?" he asked. Then he noticed the

strange man. "You stupid FUCK!" he exploded, standing up. The man gaped at

Mark, and started to put away his cock, backing slowly. 

	Jennifer looked up at Mark and was surprised to see the fury in his

eyes. She spun back to watch the strange man. 

	She heard Mark's voice behind her, cold and deathly. "Worms are

eating into your brain." he intoned. And the man screamed. He clutched

his head, falling to the ground. Spasming, shrieking, scraping at his

face as if to claw away the worms.

	Jennifer looked at Mark with complete and utter horror. He turned to

look deep into her eyes, and his eyes were jumping and frantic as he read

what was there. "Oh, Jenny, I'm sorry..." he started, and then he grabbed

his book. "Stop!" he yelled at the man, and the man stopped his tormented

writhing and lay still. Mark looked back at Jenny, and before she could

react, pressed a hard kiss against her lips. She gasped. He looked at her

once more, and then was gone, racing from the room with his book and his 

watch clutched in his hand.

	Jennifer sat for a moment, then scrambled to gather her own things

and leave. The man lay still. She raced out, and it wasn't until she got

back to her room that she remembered she had left her panties back in the

garbage can.



This story was written and produced by Daniel Reinker

All similarities between this story and actual people and events is

purely coincidental.

Occidental does not directly support this story but supports my right

to write and post it.

All comments, complaints, spelling corrections to:



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