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Archive-name: Control/brittany.txt


Archive-title: Broken by Brittany

    I flew into LAX and when I came through the gate I saw 

Brittany standing there. She was even more beautiful than her 

pictures had allowed me to believe. I approached her and the 

closer I got to her the more intimidating she became. I watched her 

face light up in a smile that I interpreted as one which said, 'this is 

going to be easier than I thought to break this one into little 

pieces.' We hugged and I thought she was going to break my ribs 

or knock me out right there in the airport; but, she eased up and 

whispered in my ear, " that was just a little sample of my arm strength.

I'm going to destroy you with them and then break you in half with my

long, strong legs. You belong to my muscles". I could only smile and 

respond as any male would when that close to a beautiful, 

powerful woman.

    We walked down to get my baggage and Brittany made 

sure that she walked in front of me so I could watch the flex of 

those gorgeous legs of hers. We talked while waiting for my bags 

and she would verbally tease me every chance she got. My bags 

finally came out and I pulled them off of the conveyor belt. They 

were heavy and I suggested we find a porter to take them out for 

us. Brittany said, " don't be silly, I'm stronger than any of them 

ever thought of being. I'll carry the bag you think is so heavy; do 

you think you can manage the camera ?" And she picked up my 

bag as if it were empty and off we went. When we had the bags 

loaded into the car she took my hand and placed it on her arm then 

she flexed. The muscle exploded and my hand could not fit around 

it. Brittany said, " this is what a real arm feels like and you are 

going to be feeling it a lot  around your scrawny little neck and 

weak body as I crush you into unconsciousness."

    We arrived at my hotel, checked in and the bell man took 

us to the room. I had gotten a suite as Brittany had instructed me 

to. After the bell man had been tipped and he left Brittany walked 

over to me; wearing her 4" heels she stood about 6'2".  I looked up 

into her smiling face as she raised her right arm and flexed her 

muscle in my face. She then grabbed a handful of hair and 

wrapped her arm around my neck in a headlock.  "Put your hand 

on my arm and feel how hard my female muscle gets as I knock 

you out". I touched her arm and the next thing I knew was Brittany 

straddling my body as I lay on the floor. When she saw me open 

my eyes she laughed and said, "You only lasted 3 seconds but I 

won't put you out so fast from now on. I want you to squirm and 

cry and beg some. Now sit up and put your neck between my 

thighs. You may feel them as I crush you out again". She slowly 

began to squeeze and I was begging her to stop. " What's the 

matter little man am I too strong for you ? I told you how strong I 

was but you didn't believe me did you ? I'll bet you do now don't 

you ?

  Well, can't you talk ? Do you want me to finish you off or 

continue this ?" I couldn't answer her so she just kept squeezing 

she kept me at the point near being knocked out and at the most 

pain until she was tired of toying with  me.

    Brittany reached down and placed one of my hands on each 

of her thighs and let me feel the rock hard muscle for a minute or 

so; she then put on more power and I sank into merciful 

unconsciousness. This time when I woke up she was dressed in her 

new turquoise bikini and 5" heels. As I opened my eyes and looked 

up at her she flexed her arms and legs and really laughed as she 

heard my breath catch. She bent over and lifted me to my wobbly 

feet with a handful of hair. She wrapped her arms around my head 

and crushed my face into her huge boobs. "Kiss my chest wimp or 

I'll crush your skull into pulp." I frantically did as she had 

commanded and she released me. "Now lets sit down and I'll take 

you on a tour of my muscles." We sat on the couch and she 

allowed me to feel her arms, stomach and leg muscles.  Then she 

wrapped her hands around the back of my neck and brought our 

lips together. As I felt her tongue flicker around my lips and into 

my mouth she tightened her grip on my neck and knocked me out 

with one hand.

    Brittany then wrapped her long legs around my waist and 

destroyed me time and time again with this hold. Then she put me 

into a frontal head scissors she would squeeze me until I passed 

out, ease up until I came to then squeeze again. Brittany was 

tireless she knocked me out like this I don't know how many times. 

Finally she had me crawl over to her and kiss every inch of her 

body from toe to head. As my lips would touch a muscle she 

would flex it for me. The entire time she was working me over she 

kept up a constant stream of verbal humiliation. She forced me to 

come as she placed my Dick between her biceps and forearm and 

flexed and relaxed; flexed and relaxed. Finally she allowed me to 

rest before we went to dinner. During dinner Brittany kept up her 

verbal teasing. She would put my hand on her arm and thighs and 

flex as she would say things like, " feel the power ? These are too 

much for you; You haven't felt the full power of this muscle yet. I 

can snap your neck with my arms and bust your ribs to."

    After dinner were turned to the room; Brittany told me to 

strip down to my shorts as she went into the bath room. When she 

came out she had on a robe. She made me stand in front of her as 

she slowly untied the robe and let it fall to the floor. She stood 

there in her heels and once again flexed her entire body. My 

response to this was immediately evident and she laughed at me. 

Before I could respond she had grabbed me up in a bear hug and 

slowly crushed me into oblivion. I came to still being held in the 

arms of this beautiful Amazon. 

When she was sure I was conscious she dropped me to the floor 

and scissored my neck between her powerful calves. " Now you 

strip off those pants little one - they don't seem to be doing much 

good anyway." I was trying to get them off as fast as I could as she 

was increasing the pressure around my neck; I got the pants off 

about the same time that Brittany shot a burst of power into the 

hold and knocked me out again.

    This time when I came to she was laying on top of me with 

her huge boobs right over my face. " Lick these babies or I'll break 

you in half right now." I began licking and sucking like I was a 

baby at feeding time. Here I was a 44 year old male being made to 

jump at the commands of a 26 year old female for fear she would 

in fact break me in half. Brittany rolled us over and wrapped her 

legs around my ribs and began to squeeze. I could feel the ribs 

bending and I begged her not to break them. She laughed and said, 

" I'm just going to soften you up a little for now but I am going to 

break some ribs for you before you go home. I'll let you pick 

which muscle I use to do it with. Right now I'm going to make you 

cry for me". And she did. She crushed with her legs and then 

placed a hand on each side of my head and began to squeeze in. I 

was crying like a baby when she finally stopped.

    "Now little baby come over here and put your face between 

my legs and see if you can stay awake long enough to do 

anything". I tried to last but her strength was too much for me.  

Brittany must have knocked me out 50 times before she allowed 

me to sleep. The next day she woke me up by hugging me to her 

until I was begging her to stop. We had breakfast and then she 

took me on a tour of LA still teasing me and flexing while I 

touched her arms and legs. And she made good on her promise. 

She broke two of my ribs with her arms in a bear hug.  I was 

totally out classed by this beautiful woman.



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