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Archive-name: Control/bossdau2.txt


Archive-title: Boss's Daughter - Part 2

Part 2 - The Party

     Telling Mom and Dad about Bonnie was not easy, and, of

course, I omitted the parts about our forays into her bedroom. 

My description of Bonnie and her feelings toward me, however, was

enough to worry Dad and prompt a suggestion that he talk to her


     "Ah, I wouldn't do that, Dad," I demurred.  "At least not

yet.  After all, you're just starting your new job, and it might

not be a good idea to start out on a...ah...negative note."

     "Look, John," Dad replied, "Sam and I have been friends for

years.  If I can't deal with him on something like this, then

we've made a mistake coming here."

     I thought a minute.  "Okay.  But let's not make any deci-

sions right now.  Bonnie's coming here to pick me up at eight for

a party one of her friends is throwing.  You'll meet her then."

     At that point, Mom broke in.  "SHE's picking YOU up?"

     I flushed.  "Yeah.  We talked about that.  She has her own

car and knows the town, and I don't.  So we...ah...agreed that it

would be better if she drove--besides, I didn't know whether

you'd let me have the car again tonight on such short notice."

     "She doesn't sound very ladylike to me!" Mom sniffed.

     I shrugged.  "Times have changed, Mom," I said.  "Look, she

may be big and strong as a horse, but she's really a very nice

girl.  I think you'll like her.  I have to admit," I added, as a

masterpiece of understatement, "I kinda like her myself."

     "John!" Mom gasped.  "She's almost twice your size!"

     At that point Dad agreed that they at least ought to meet

Bonnie before reaching any conclusions, and that ended the

discussion.  I went upstairs to change.

     Bonnie arrived promptly at eight, dressed in a miniskirt

that revealed her powerfully muscled legs, blouse and light

jacket that barely concealed the muscularity of her massive upper

body.  Fortunately, she was wearing flats, but even so she

literally dwarfed Mom and Dad.  Nevertheless, when I came down-

stairs she was being charming and completely feminine, telling

them how wonderful it was that we could all be together again,

and how glad she was that she was able to convince her father

that their friendship should not stand in the way of his hiring

Dad.  That message was not lost on any of us, particularly when

she slipped a long arm around me and hugged me to her, with the

top of my head barely reaching to her broad shoulder.  As we

left, she winked at Dad and said, "I won't keep him out TOO late,

but don't wait up!"

     Her Cadillac convertible was parked at the curb, and she

opened the door for me, murmuring softly in my ear that, if Mom

and Dad hadn't been watching, she'd have been tempted to just

lift me over the door and set me down on the passenger seat.  I

whispered fiercely, "Don't you dare, in public!", and she bit her

lip, looked down at me with an amused smile and told me that I

still had a lot to learn about our relationship.

     It took about a half hour to reach Margie's house, a large

home set back from the street on a couple of acres of ground

secluded by a tall, brick wall on three sides.  Bonnie drove up

the long, circular driveway and parked behind a line of cars. 

Then she reached back and took a bag from the floor behind my


     "What's that?" I asked.

     She grinned mischievously down at me.  "Five inch spikes,"

she replied.  "I didn't want to wear them to your house, but here

they're the required uniform."

     I groaned.  "Bonnie, for God's sake, is that really neces-

sary?  You're over a foot taller than I am as it is!"

     She leaned over and lightly kissed the tip of my nose. 

"Thirteen and one half inches, to be exact," she laughed.  "And

now it'll be eighteen and one half inches.  Just right to cuddle

you to my bosom, if I hold you on tiptoe."

     She opened the car door, removed her flats and put on the

high heeled pumps, and then came around to the passengar side to

open the door for me.  As I started to get out, she stooped,

wrapped a single arm around my thighs just below my buttocks, and

then straightened to lift me bodily out of the car and hold me

tightly against her with my eyes only a few inches above her own.

     "Bonnie!" I protested.  "Come on!  Put me down!  Please!"

     She clucked her tongue in mock sympathy.  "Just like a man,"

she chuckled.  "Always complaining!  One minute I'm too tall in

these heels, and now when I pick you up to my level you complain

about that!"  She nuzzled my cheek playfully.  "Don't fret,

lover," she added.  "All of us carry our boy friends around like

this.  It's expected!"

     There was no point in protesting further, and I said nothing

as she carried me up the driveway and the front steps to the door

and rung the bell.  Almost immediately the door was opened by an

attractive, powerfully built redheaded girl who appeared to be

only five or six inches shorter than Bonnie in her high heels.

     "Bonnie!" she gushed.  "Everyone was wondering when you were

going to get here!  I told them you were waiting to make the

grand entrance with your new beau!"  She looked up at me, and her

eyes became heavy lidded.  "And this must be the famous Johnny! 

Mmmmm!  He's gorgeous!  Here, let me have him for a sec!"

     "Johnny, this is Margie, our hostess," Bonnie told me as she

handed me to the redheaded girl, who slid her hands under my

armpits and held me out at arm's length, my feet dangling a good

six inches off the floor.  I felt my face getting hot and mumbled

a greeting as Margie carefully raised me up and down, testing my

weight in her hands.

     "Gee!" she exclaimed.  "He's so little, and so light! 

Closer to my size than yours.  Sure you don't want to trade?"

     Bonnie laughed.  "No chance!  He's strictly private proper-

ty!  I worked too hard to get him here to give him up for any-

thing--or anyone!"

     Margie sighed.  "Too bad!  Don't blame you, though.  He's

adorable!  Hope you won't mind if steal a quick kiss."  She

pulled me against her and, still holding me off the floor, kissed

me hard, and then lowered me to my feet.  Sandwiched between

these two Amazons, I suddenly felt like a small child, with

Bonnie's breasts several inches above eye level behind me and

Margie towering over a foot above me in front.  I found myself

almost wishing Bonnie would pick me up again.

     Instead, she removed her jacket to reveal a sleeveless

blouse, bare at the midriff, that showed off her massively

muscled arms and narrow, washboard waist to their full advantage. 

Margie stepped to one side and put an arm around my shoulders,

and for the first time I was able to see past her into the sunken

living room to the right of the front hall in which we were


     There were about a dozen girls there, all of them appearing

close to or over six feet with powerful, shapely builds.  All but

a couple of the girls had smaller, slender young men in tow.  I

could hear slow dance music coming from the rear of the house. 

Margie took me into the living room, with Bonnie following

closely behind, and, as the others greeted Bonnie enthusiastical-

ly, introduced me around.

     "Where's Mona?" Bonnie asked.

     "Big Mona?"  Margie looked around.  "She was here a few

minutes ago.  Her boy friend hasn't got into town yet, so she's

on the prowl.  Probably got some poor guy out in the bushes

somewhere.  Or up in one of the bedrooms."

     "Who's big Mona?" I asked, wondering what kind of female

would prompt these two giantesses to refer her to as "big".

     Margie laughed.  "She plays center on our basketball team,

all 7'4" and 280 lbs. of her.  She likes her guys about your

size, and has been known to come on VERY strong, even for us. 

But don't worry.  Bonnie's the one gal around here she doesn't

want to mess with.  As long as she knows you belong to Bonnie,

you'll be safe.  Of course," she added, winking at Bonnie, "she

DID tell me she's been working out extra hard this summer, just

to be able to match muscles with you."

     Bonnie chuckled.  "So," she murmured, "have I!  Just to make

sure she can't!"

     At that, Margie's eyes lit up.  "Hey, that reminds me!" she

exclaimed.  "Come on downstairs and let me show you the new

workout equipment I finally talked dad into buying for me!  It's

state of the art!"  Then, as Bonnie stooped to pick me up, she

added, "Little Johnny, here, wouldn't be interested in that

stuff.  Why don't you leave him with one of the girls while I

show you my new weights and walk you through all the new exercise

machines?"  She motioned to a chunky, blonde girl sitting alone

on the divan to come over.  As the blonde girl rose to her feet

and approached us on her high heels, her six foot frame again

blocked my view of the living room.

     Margie chucked me under my chin. "Steph, here, is only 5'8"

without those 4" spikes," she told me, "so you won't feel so much

like a midget.  Steph, would you watch over little Johnny, here,

until we get back?  I want to show Bonnie all my new stuff


     Steph slipped a thick, solid arm around my back and waist

and grinned down at me.  "Sure," she replied in a slight southern

drawl.  "Around here, a gorgeous, little guy like this needs all

the protection he can get.  C'mon, Johnny, there's some great

dance music goin' out back on the patio."

     Bonnie smiled sweetly.  "Just remember who you're protecting

him for, dear," she murmured as she and Margie left to go down-


     Almost before I knew what was happening, I was literally

swept to the back of the house and out the sliding doors to a

large patio, where several couples were dancing to slow, sensuous

music from a stereo CD player at the far end of the patio.  One

of the couples were both female, but the other two were tall,

sturdy girls dancing with significantly shorter young men.  Until

Steph tightened her arm around my waist and pulled me against

her, I didn't notice that the two girls were leading their male

partners, holding them on tiptoe and bending them backward as

they glided around the patio.  As Steph started to do the same

with me, I protested, "Wait a minute!  I can't follow you!"

     "Sure you can, honey," she drawled.  "Just relax, rest your

body and your legs against mine and I'll move you.  Your feet'll

be barely touchin' the floor."  She released my waist long enough

to guide my left hand up around her shoulders, pressed my head

against her shoulder, and then gripped my right hand in her free

hand and lifted me to my toes.  Instinctively, my body stiffened,

but her powerful right arm again encircled my waist and molded me

to her powerful frame, bending me backward as she glided around

the dance floor to the music.

     "I said relax, baby," she bent her head to whisper into my

ear.  "You're stiff as a board--except where it counts!" she

added with a chuckle.  "I thought Bonnie woulda broken you in by

now.  Didn't she tell you that, in this group, men are the weaker


     "I'm sorta getting that idea," I muttered.

     She grinned.  "Takes some gettin' used to, I'll bet," she

said.  "All our guys had trouble at first.  But once they accept-

ed it, they love it!"

     "And what about the rest of the men at school?  I'm starting

graduate school here this fall, and I don't want to be looked on

as a pansy!"

     She threw back her head and laughed at that.  "Don't worry,

you won't be," she assured me.  "When our basketball and track

and field coaches started this program several years ago, some of

the male jocks at school gave our guys a hard time, but we put a

stop to that!"  She chuckled.  "Particularly after Mona raped the

captain of the football team!  And made him love it!  Now, most

of the guys at school would give their right arms to be a part of

this group.  You'll be envied, not looked down on!  Except, of

course," she added, grinning down at me, "by us!"

     "Program?  What program?" I asked.

     "Several years ago Linda Davies, our girls' basketball

coach, and Marilyn Speer, who coaches the girls' track and field

team, convinced the school to put more money into Title VII

athletics.  They've recruited the biggest, strongest female ath-

letes they could find and established a special diet and weight

trainin' program to make us even stronger and more supple.  It's

really worked.  We regularly beat the men's basketball team and

outdraw them at the gate besides, and our track and field team is

settin' records right up there with the men's, and in some cases

beatin' 'em.  An' I'm told we have several new girls comin' in

this year who are gonna try out for the wrestlin' team.  Now,

that should be a real blast!"

     I shook my head.  "It's weird!" I muttered.

     "It's the wave of the future, baby," she replied.  "More and

more women are discoverin' how great it is to be strong, stronger

even than most men!  Scientists have thought for years that

hormonal differences between men and women keep women from

developin' upper body strength equal to men's, that men's upper

body muscles are bigger and stronger.  We don't buy that.  We

think the difference is mostly because of heredity and environ-

ment, not hormones, and that with proper trainin' and diet in a

few generations women's upper bodies can be equal or superior to

men's in muscular strength.  After all, our legs can be as strong

or stronger than men's.  Why not our arm, chest and shoulder mus-


     I shook my head again.  "And wind up huge, hairy and muscu-

lar, looking like men?" I asked.

     She looked down at me archly.  "Hey, little man!" she

exclaimed, "you think any of us here look like men?  You see any

of us with hair on our chests?  That's what male hormones and

steroids do, but none of us use that stuff.  It's all proper

trainin' and diet, and we don't think our muscles make us look

unfeminine.  Of course," she added, "if your idea of femininity

is bein' little and dainty or soft with big boobs and butts, that

ain't us, and that's another idea we're gonna change!"

     I was hastily agreeing with her when the music stopped, and

she lowered me so that my feet were fully on the floor.  Suddenly

I was conscious of a looming presence behind me, and a deep, rich

voice which seemed to come from the ceiling said, "Hey, Steph,

where'd you find this little toy?"

     I saw Steph grimace and, as she released me, I turned to

look squarely into a solidly muscled, feminine stomach and then

up at a massive, "V" shaped chest that literally filled my field

of view.  Involuntarily I fell back against Steph, who put her

strong arms around me protectively, and I craned my head to gape

upward past melon size breasts barely concealed by a brief halter

at squarish, larger than life features framed in short, black

hair that towered nearly three feet above me and were grinning

wolfishly down at me.  I blinked and looked down.  The black

haired giantess' thighs were bigger around than my waist and her

feet, which were almost twice the size of mine, were encased in

long, black pumps with heels that had to be six inches high.

     "Relax, Mona," Steph replied evenly.  "He belongs to Bonnie. 

She's downstairs with Margie lookin' over Margie's new gym, and

I'm just protectin' him 'til she gets back."

     The giantess' grin got even wider.  "Now, Bonnie ought to

know better than that," she laughed.  "I sure hope she didn't

think you could protect him from me!"

     Before either of us could react, she reached around my back

with an arm that was as thickly muscled as Bonnie's, wrapped a

huge hand around my waist, her long, powerful fingers almost

completely spanning my slender body, and plucked me out of

Steph's grasp as effortlessly as if I were a doll.  As she turned

me to hold me almost horizontally, almost face up, next to her

hip, I gasped and tried to cry out, but she reached down to cover

my mouth and nose with her other hand, and I could only manage a

muffled sob.  I grabbed at the steel fingers encircling my waist

with a pressure that was firm, but not tight enough to hurt, but

couldn't budge them, and then at the hand covering my mouth and

nose, with no greater success.  The black haired giantess called

Mona simply ignored my struggles.

     "Mona, cut it out!" Steph snapped.  "Put him down!"  But

Mona had turned her back on the smaller girl and was already

carrying me off the patio toward a tall, stone wall at the back

of the lot.

     "Better run and tell Bonnie I've got her little toy and I'm

taking him to a place where we can get better acquainted," she

snickered back over her shoulder.

     At this point all I could see was Mona's giant frame from

the waist up and her massive arms as she carried me across the

lawn, continuing to hold my helpless body in one hand and cover

my mouth and nose with the other.  Then she removed her hand from

my face, and I felt myself being raised, turned right side up and

seated on the top of the stone wall.  It had to be almost six

feet high, for my eyes were now only a few inches below her own. 

Grinning down at me, she continued to hold my waist with one hand

while she unbuckled my belt, loosened my trousers and, after

lifting me an inch or so off the wall, gently slid them and my

shorts down over my knees.

     "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I sputtered. 

"Let me go!"

     "Sassy, little thing, aren't you?" Mona chuckled.  "Cute,

too, and big enough in the right places.  I can see why Bonnie

has the hots for you.  Let's see what I can do with this before

she gets here..."

     She lifted me off the wall again, far enough that she could

slide her other hand between my thighs, forcing them apart, and

firmly cup my entire crotch in her huge palm, and began to

massage me intimately.  Almost immediately sensations of ecstasy

and desire began to flood my lower body, and I felt my penis

stiffen against the pressure of her hand.  "Ahhhh," she murmured

softly, and her other hand went to the back of my neck and head,

immobilizing them, and, as I started to protest, her open mouth

crushed down on mine with a force that bent me backward and

literally took my breath away.  I heard myself squeal and began

to beat on her massive shoulders with my small fists, but my

blows seemingly had no effect on her as she continued to explore

the inside of my mouth with her tongue and massage me almost to

the point of orgasm.

     "I hate to interrupt, but what you've got there belongs to


     I recognized Bonnie's voice, cold and deadly, from behind

Mona, and a chill went through me as Mona slowly released me and

turned her back on me to face her.  Bonnie's face, barely visible

over Mona's broad shoulder, was a mask of controlled fury.

     "Sure, babe," Mona drawled.  "All you gotta do is come take

him.  Of course," she added with a chuckle, "you gotta come

through me to do that..."

     "What I'd really like to do," Bonnie grated, "is put you in

the hospital for a few months.  But that wouldn't do our team any

good, and the coach needs both of us healthy."

     Mona thought a moment.  "Good point," she said finally. 

"Tell you what, babe.  How 'bout a straight test of arm strength,

using both hands?  We keep at it until one of us goes down.  You

put me down, he's yours.  I put you down, I keep him for the

night, and you can have what's left after that.  "'Course," she

added, grinning broadly, "there won't be much left for you to

have any fun with, at least not for a couple of weeks!"

     "Fair enough, bitch," Bonnie snapped, kicked off her high

heeled shoes and put her hands up level with her shoulders.  Mona

did the same, and Bonnie was forced to raise her hands several

inches to clasp the hands of the taller girl.  Mona grinned.

     "Advantage of height and leverage is with me, babe," she

chuckled, "and I'm a lot stronger than I was last spring."

     "So am I.  I'll spot you your advantage and still kick your


     Listening to the exchange between these two female titans, I

suddenly realized I was literally shaking with fear that Bonnie

might not be a match for the black haired giantess.  And, as they

closed, the giant muscles of their mighty arms bulging and their

faces taut with the effort, I felt something else as well.  The

sight of these giant Amazons locked in a test of brute strength

was somehow erotic, sending little spasms of desire through me

and bringing my penis, which had gone limp at Bonnie's appear-

ance, back to life.  Apprehension and lust fought for control of

my body as I watched, a helpless male spectator to an unbeliev-

able demonstration of feminine strength and power.

     For several minutes neither girl seemed to gain the advan-

tage.  Then, ever so slowly, Bonnie began to force the bigger

girl's hands down to her own shoulder level.  For the first time

I saw uncertainty flicker across Mona's features, and she gritted

her teeth and heaved forward in a final, titanic effort to

forestall defeat.  But Bonnie held, and with a suddenness that

was startling, the Mona's resistance collapsed.  Seizing the

advantage, Bonnie bent the bigger girl's hands backward over her

shoulders and, with a surge of power, forced her to her knees.

     "Ok, babe!" Mona gasped.  "You win again!"

     "Not quite yet."  Bonnie's voice was grating, strained. 

"I'm not going to put you in the hospital, but I am going to put

those hands of yours out of commission for a while, just to make

sure you don't get any second thoughts any time soon."  Slowly

she tightened her grip on the bigger girl's hands, crushing her

fingers and bringing a scream of pain from her now helpless

victim.  Mona writhed and struggled as Bonnie continued to

increase the pressure on her hands until they were numb from the

pain, releasing her only when her screams had subsided into

uncontrolled sobbing.  Then, with a contemptuous shove, Bonnie

pushed the bigger girl over on her back and came over to me.

     "You OK?" she asked, and then, as she saw my naked, throb-

bing erection, frowned.  "Did Mona do that to you?"

     My face was suddenly hot.  "I couldn't help it, Bonnie!" I

stammered. "She's so strong!  I couldn't stop her!  Any more than

I could stop you from doing the same thing to me this afternoon! 

And then, when you two started wrestling..."  I lowered my head,

unable to meet her stern gaze.

     Bonnie shook her head.  "Men!  You're all alike!  I think

anything in skirts could take advantage of any of you if she were

strong enough and knew which buttons to push!"  She reached up,

wrapped her powerful arms around my chest and thighs, slid me off

the wall to hold me cradled securely against her bosom, and

started to carry me back to the house, stepping around the fallen

Mona, who was now on her knees moaning and holding her crushed

hands against her stomach.

     "Ah, can I pull my pants up before we go inside?" I ventured


     She gave me an arch look, but for the first I saw a hint of

humor in her eyes.  "No!" she replied emphatically.  "When I get

you inside I'm taking you upstairs, and at this point I'm not

sure whether I'm going to spank you or rape you!  Or maybe both! 

In any case, your little bottom is staying bare!"

     "Aw, Bonnie, come on!  Please!"

     Her expression melted, and then she laughed and hugged me

close to her, hard enough to bend a couple of ribs.  "You little

monkey!" she murmured.  "It's a lucky thing for you I'm in love

with you!  If I weren't, I'd probably turn you over my knee and

tan your backside so you couldn't sit down for a week!  But,

since I am, I suppose I'll have to finish what Mona started...

after all, we can't have you suffering with hot rocks all night!"

     Suddenly, in a rush of emotion, I felt a massive outpouring

of love for this tall, beautiful Amazon who had captured me and

made me hers.  I reached up to put my arms around her neck and

bury my face in the long curve of her throat.  "Oh, Bonnie!" I

heard myself whisper fiercely, "I love you so much!  Don't ever

let me go!"

     She stopped at the patio long enough to kiss me long and

hard.  "Don't worry, baby," she whispered into my open mouth,

"now that I've finally got you, you're never going to get away

from me!"  Then, with a grin, she added, "And I'm certainly not

letting you out of my sight for the rest of tonight!  One rescue

a night is enough!"

     Inside, Margie was filling the punch bowl.  She took one

look at my naked bottom and throbbing erection, laughed and

jerked her head in the direction of the stairway leading to the

second floor.  "First door on the right," she told Bonnie.  "All

the other bedrooms are occupied."

     The next hour was sheer bliss that eclipsed even the ecstasy

of the afternoon.  Under her powerful, yet gentle, caresses, my

body did things I would never have thought possible.  I was her

personal playground; she fondled and kneaded my soft, naked

flesh, kissing, nibbling and tickling me all over until I was

sobbing with desire and pleading to be taken.  And her body was

my temple, a towering structure of incomparable beauty and power,

to be worshipped and adored.  She let me memorize with my lips

and fingers every pore of her perfect, satiny skin and every

striation of muscle that rippled beneath, and, as I knelt before

her kissing and stroking a massive, muscular, shapely thigh that

was as big around as my chest, I found myself wanting nothing

more than to please her in any way I could, to give her as much

ecstasy as--no, even more than--she had given me.  As we lay

together after each orgasm, her mighty arms pressing my entire

body tightly against hers, I begged her to told me even closer,

crying that I couldn't get close enough to her; I wanted to

literally melt into her and become one with her, to be completely

enveloped by her and become a tiny part of that magnificent

goddess who had suddenly become my universe.

     When, finally, she had drained the last measure of ecstasy

from my body, leaving me limp and exhausted beneath her, she

dressed herself and then me and, cradling me in her powerful

arms, carried me downstairs to the living room.  There were only

a couple of girls there, playing with their boy friends.  She

seated herself at the end of a divan, holding me close to her on

her lap, and I wrapped one arm around her neck and buried my face

in the long, smooth curve of her throat.  For several minutes we

remained there, saying nothing and conscious only of each other,

until our reverie was broken by Margie.

     "Hey, you two," she laughed, "you look like you've got it

bad!  I didn't think you were ever going to come downstairs!"

     I looked up at Margie past the strong line of Bonnie's jaw,

and we both smiled, but said nothing.

     "Well," Margie continued, "I don't suppose I could talk you

into coming out back.  We're having lots of fun with the boys

back there."

     "We'll stay here," Bonnie said.  "We both have everything we

want.  Right, baby?"  She looked down into my eyes, and I nodded,

smiling contently.

     "Suit yourself."  Margie turned to leave, and then stopped. 

"By the way, what'd you do to Mona?  She ran out of here crying

an hour ago, and her hands looked like they'd been run through a

wringer!  All swollen and bruised!"

     "I crushed her fingers," Bonnie replied.  "Don't worry.  I

didn't break anything.  She'll be all right in a few days."

     Margie's lips formed an exaggerated "o".  "Wow!  I didn't

think even you were that strong!  Guess she'll think twice before

messing with you again."

     "Or anything that belongs to me," Bonnie said quietly.

     We left the party shortly after midnight, even though it was

still going strong.  Bonnie took me to my door, and as she lifted

me up for a final kiss, I whispered, "I don't want to say good-


     "I know.  Neither do I.  I wish I could keep you with me all

the time."

     "Oh, God!" I breathed.  "That would be so wonderful!"

     She smiled and nuzzled my cheek.  "It will be, baby," she

replied.  "Look, you should be out of graduate school in a couple

of years, just about the time I graduate.  Then, whether you like

it or not, I'm going to marry you!  Dad's business should be

really booming by then, and he wants me to take it over when he

retires.  I can see that we both get jobs with him, and we can

work and play together for the rest of our lives!  And when I

take over the business, I'll see to it that you have a very

important role in the company!"

     I raised my eyebrows.  "You're going to be my boss?"

     She grinned.  "Uh huh.  In every way.  At work, at home, and

particularly in bed!  Any objections?"

     I sighed.  "Would it make any difference if I did?"

     "Nope."  She hugged me close and kissed me long and hard. 

"You belong to me, baby," she murmured.  "Like it or not, you're

mine for life!"

     I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to the ecstasy of

her embrace.  "I wouldn't want it any other way," I whispered in




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