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Archive-name: Control/bossdau1.txt


Archive-title: Boss's Daughter - Part 1

Part 1 - Reunion

     Bonnie and I have known each other since either of us can

remember.  She's the daughter of my dad's closest friend, and we

spent a lot of time together as children.  However, by the time

we were in our teens, it was apparent to me that we were a

mismatch; I had essentially stopped growing when I was 13 at

5'4", and, not being particularly athletic, never topped 130 lbs. 

Bonnie, on the other hand, by the time she was 15 stood over

5'10" of lush, full bodied, blonde beauty and, although she was

almost three years younger than I, made me feel almost like a

skinny child when we were together.

     Yet, for reasons I could never fathom, she had also devel-

oped a massive crush on me.  Not that I wasn't good looking and

personable; the girls at school called me "pretty boy" (a name I

hated), and I was generally considered fun to be with, but there

were plenty of other guys around who were tall enough and eager

to date her.  Nevertheless, she rejected them all to spend her

free time with me.  Because of our difference in size, I resisted

her many overtures and managed to keep our relationship on a

"just friends" basis, and was actually relieved when her father

moved away to start his own business, although Bonnie was in


     During the intervening four years our families kept in

contact, and Bonnie and I would occasionally talk on the tele-

phone, but we didn't see each other.  I graduated from a local

college and was ready to start graduate school the following fall

when dad received a call from Bonnie's father.  It seemed that

his new business was booming, and he wanted dad to join his firm

as the top finance executive.  The offer was too good to pass up,

and since dad could not afford to send me away to school, I

applied to a graduate school in the new city and moved with them.

     We had barely arrived and settled into our new home when

Bonnie called to invite me to her house for what she described as

the "last Saturday afternoon pool party of the summer season",

making it clear in the process that she still had her crush on me

and "couldn't wait" to see me again.  Although leery about

resuming what had been a difficult relationship, I accepted on

the assumption that her parents would be there and her invitation

provided an opportunity to make some new friends in a strange

city.  So, following her directions and with beach towel and

swimming trunks under one arm, by one o'clock that Saturday

afternoon I was knocking on the door of her stately suburban

home, wondering what changes four years had made in this tall,

lush beauty.

     Whatever I may have been expecting, I was totally unprepared

for the blonde giantess who greeted me.  Dressed in a loose, full

length, white beach robe that covered her from her neck to her

ankles and towering well over six and a half feet tall on four

inch platform sandals, her blonde, upswept hairdo literally

brushed the top of the doorway.  The lovely features of a face

that had been almost heart shaped were now stronger, more squar-

ish, but, if possible, even more beautiful.

     Standing, as I was, on the front stoop several inches below

the level of the door jam, my eyes were about even with where

her rib cage would have been under the flowing robe, but I didn't

stay there long.  Flashing me a dazzling smile as I gaped up at

her stupidly, she cried, "Johnny!", and pulled me through the

door to envelope me in her long arms and mash my face into her

robe between surprisingly small, firm breasts.  Then, taking me

by my shoulders, she held me out at arm's length, looking fondly

over a foot down at me.

     "Johnny!" she gushed.  "You look fantastic!  I don't think

you've changed a bit.  You're just as I remember you!"

     I allowed as how I couldn't say the same for her, and she

giggled, "You don't know the half of it," as she guided me

through the front hall to a powder room, where she suggested I

change into my swimming trunks and join her at the back yard


     Notwithstanding a sinking feeling that I was letting myself

in for something I couldn't handle, I did so and, draping my

towel around my shoulders, made my way through a large, sliding

glass door to the rear patio and a huge, "L" shaped swimming

pool.  Bonnie was alone, still wearing her loose robe, lounging

in a deck chair by the pool.  She grinned up at me as I asked

where the party was and replied, "We're the party, Johnny.  Just

us.  Mom and Dad are out of town for the weekend, and I thought I

would take the opportunity to renew our...friendship.  Besides,"

she added, rising to her feet to loom over me, "don't you want to

see how much I've changed?"

     With that, she threw open her robe and, in a single, fluid

motion, dropped it to the patio behind her.

     My jaw dropped in abject amazement and dismay as my worst

fears were realized.  Her body was a veritable symphony of

rippling muscularity that would have put a lot of male bodybuild-

ers to shame.  Shoulders that were wide enough for me to sit on

flowed to massively muscled arms that were at least twice the

size of my own and a wide, deep chest that tapered in a sharp "V"

to an incredibly slim, washboard like waist and hard, round hips. 

Her thighs and calves were huge and, like the rest of her, looked

like they were carved in ivory.

     "You see, Johnny," she giggled, flexing a bicep that looked

bigger than a baseball and just as hard under my nose, "I've

gotten into weight lifting and bodybuilding since the last time

we met, and it's made quite a difference, don't you think?  I

stand six feet five and one-half inches in my bare feet and weigh

two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle.  I don't think

you'll be able to resist me now, do you?"

     With that she slid her hands under my armpits and, with no

effort at all, lifted me bodily off the patio to hold me at arm's

length high in the air in front of her.  I gasped and cried,

"Bonnie.  For God's sake, put me down!"  But she continued to

hold me for several moments, smiling placidly at my futile

squirming, before lowering me slowly until, her upper arms at her

side and her massive forearms level with the ground, she was

holding me with my eyes just below the level of her chin and my

feet still dangling almost a foot off the ground.  Then, without

moving her upper arms, as if she were effortlessly curling a

small barbell, she raised and lowered me several times, bringing

my face up close to hers where she would blow me a kiss or

playfully nibble my nose or chin.  When she lowered me the final

time, she held me there, looking down at me mischievously.

     "My, Johnny," she giggled, "you're as soft and light as a

little baby.  I'll bet I can do anything with you I want to. 

Let's see, now..."  Before I could protest, with a casual flip of

her forearms, she tossed me up and, while I was momentarily

suspended in midair, shifted her grip down so that her big hands

and long, powerful fingers almost completely encircled my waist. 

As her thumbs pressed into my soft abdomen to force air from my

lungs, she lifted me high into the air again, tilting me forward

so that she could look into my eyes with unconcealed amusement. 

I tried to protest, but could manage only a strangled gasp as she

slowly tilted me from side to side and then forward, bringing my

face down to hers to plant a playful kiss on the tip of my nose. 

Then she brought me close to her, slowly sliding me down her

magnificent body until my eyes were just below her own, my feet

dangling over a foot above the ground.  Holding me hard against

her, she moved one hand down to grip my buttocks and the other up

to cup the back of my head.

     With the pressure on my stomach released, I gulped air into

my tortured lungs and gasped, "Come on, Bonnie!  Cut it out!  Put

me down!  Please!"

     "Not quite yet, little one," she murmured huskily.  "I've

been waiting too long to get you like this,"  and began massaging

my buttocks and covering my face and neck with passionate kisses

and love bites.  I squirmed helplessly in her grip, pushing

against her broad shoulders with my hands with all my strength,

but she barely seemed to notice my efforts.  Even worse, I began

to feel little pangs of sexual desire through my lower body, and

my penis started to throb and strain against the pressure of my

swimming trunks.

     "Bonnie, please stop this!" I begged, "you're going to cover

me with hickeys!"

     She giggled.  "That's the idea, baby," she replied.  "I'm

putting my marks on you so everyone will know you belong to me."

Then she buried her open mouth in the side of my neck, her teeth

biting down hard as she sucked powerfully at my soft flesh. 

Finally she released my neck and lowered me slowly and effort-

lessly to the ground.  "That," she proclaimed triumphantly, "will

be the granddaddy of all hickeys!"

     "And my cue to exit," I replied, backing away from her and

checking the distance to the house.  Thinking I had a chance, I

broke for the house as fast as I could.  I wasn't fast enough. 

She caught me in half a dozen long strides and, with a laugh,

wrapped one powerful arm around my waist and swung me completely

off the ground to tuck me securely under her armpit and carry me,

kicking and struggling, back to the pool.  There, she shifted me

forward and tucked me under her other arm so that I was facing to

her rear.

     "Time to get rid of your swimming suit, Johnny," she told

me.  "You're not likely to try to run away from me naked, are


     "Bonnie, no!" I protested, redoubling my efforts to escape

her grasp.  "Please don't do this!"  But I was helpless against

the incredible strength of this beautiful, young Amazon as she

casually slid my trunks down over my knees.  Then, reaching down 

to grip one of my ankles, she let me drop so that I was hanging

upside down from her single hand, my head dangling over a foot

off the ground.  Catching my other ankle with her free hand, she

casually forced my feet together and completed the job of remov-

ing my trunks, after which she laid them over her shoulder and

reached down to slide her free hand behind my neck, turn me right

side up and lower me to the ground.  Then she straightened to her

full height to hold my trunks high above her head, well out of my

reach, and grin mischievously down at me.

     By this time it was obvious that I was incapable of provid-

ing any effective resistance to whatever she wanted to do with

me, so I tried to reason with her.  "Come, on, Bonnie," I plead-

ed, "this is crazy.  You're too much bigger and stronger than I

am for us to have any kind of romantic relationship.  We'd be the

laughing stock of the town!"

     She tossed my trunks aside, took my face in both her big

hands and tilted my head back, forcing me to look up at her

lovely features looming over a foot above my own.  "Not true,

Johnny," she replied.  "I'm bigger than most of the boys at

college except a few of the football and basketball jocks, and

I'm stronger than they are to boot.  I beat the captain of the

wrestling team in arm wrestling, and he weighs a solid 250

pounds!  Yet most of the boys I know--and, I'm told, a lot I

don't--would give a year's allowance to be in your place right

now.  Not only that, but most of the girls on our girls' basket-

ball and track and field teams are close to or over six feet

tall, and they all work out with weights like I do.  All of them

have boy friends who aren't much bigger or stronger than you are. 

You'd fit right in."

     My heart sank.  If what she was saying were true, I was dead

meat, doomed to be a part of a clique in which the men were the

weaker sex!  And with her being Dad's boss' daughter, there

wasn't a thing I could do about it!

     My dismay must have shown in my face, for she suddenly bent

down to look fondly into my eyes.  "Don't worry, baby," she said

softly.  "By the time I'm finished with you, you'll be as crazy

about me me as I am about you."

     "Huh?  Wha..."  As I gaped up at her stupidly, I was sudden-

ly aware that her right hand was no longer holding my face, and

then I felt it slide between my thighs, twist to force them apart

and firmly, yet gently, encompass my naked crotch.  Instinctively

I grabbed her big wrist with both my small hands in a futile

attempt to dislodge her grip.  Then, to my abject amazement, she

shifted her other hand to the back of my neck and rose to her

full height, effortlessly lifting me with her and tilting me

backward to raise and capture my open mouth with hers.  As her

tongue probed the inside of my mouth at will, I felt her hand

begin to gently massage my crotch and reawaken the pangs of

sexual desire in my body.  Within seconds my penis was throbbing

and straining against the palm of her hand.

     For the first time I realized fully the extent of this

gorgeous giantess' unbelievable strength and how puny and help-

less I was against her.  She had lifted and was supporting my 130

lbs. of weight in the palm of a single hand with no more effort

than if I were a baby!  And even worse, she was arousing me

sexually against my will!  No one, man or woman, had ever before

made me feel so weak and defenseless.  Held in midair in the palm

of her hand, her open mouth crushing down on mine and the ache of

sexual desire flooding my body, it was as though a screw were

being turned in my back, and I knew that I would never be the

same as I had been before.

     After what seemed like an eternity, she released my mouth,

slowly lowered me to the ground and removed her hand from my

crotch.  My penis sprang to attention like an uncoiled spring,

and she laughed delightedly.  "My, my, Johnny," she giggled,

"even I didn't think I could make you want me so quickly.  This

is going to be a lot easier than I expected.  But, since I'm not

ready yet, I guess we'll have to take some of the pressure off

that little dingus of yours..."

     Catching my wrists in her big hands, she forced them togeth-

er and up over my head where she secured them in the grip of a

single hand.  Then, simultaneously bending me backward and

dropping to one knee, she slid her free hand under my back and,

before I could even protest, with a single, fluid motion rose to

her feet and lifted me high over her head, holding me there with

her one hand, her other continuing to secure both my wrists for


     Held helpless almost ten feet above the ground, my stomach

did a flip flop and my penis collapsed almost immediately as the

feeling of desire drained from my body.  As I started to protest,

I heard her sing below me, "Ta da!  To the victor belongs the

spoils!  And you, my little love, are the spoils."

     Still holding me high above her head and pausing only long

enough to kick off her platform sandals, she descended the steps

into the pool and waded toward the deep end until the water was

up to her neck.  Then she lowered me until I was floating on my

back in the water and, before I could swim away, gripped me

firmly around my chest under my armpits and held me out at arm's

length in water that was well over my head.

     As I looked at her nervously, she chuckled, "Time to cool

you off some more, lover," and, without warning, forced me down

until the top of my head was several inches under the surface of

the water with my feet barely brushing the bottom of the pool.

     Panic struck me as, for a moment, I thought she was going to

drown me.  Grabbing her big forearms, I tried to lever myself up

to the surface, but she held me in place by merely tightening her

grip on my chest, and all I could do was thrash about helplessly. 

Finally, when I thought my lungs were going to burst, she raised

my head out of the water, regarding me with pursed lips in

unconcealed amusement as I coughed and sputtered, "Bonnie, for

God's sake, you almost drowned me!"

     "Okay," she laughed, "when you've had enough, put your hands

over your head and give me the time out signal.  Ready?  Deep

breath, now! And down you go!"

     And down I went again, only this time with enough air in my

lungs that I knew she wouldn't inadvertently drown me.  Neverthe-

less, I put my hands up out of the water where she could see them

and gave her the "T" sign, and almost immediately she raised my

head above the surface.

     "Come on, Bonnie," I choked, "what are you trying to prove?"

     She pursed her lips again, regarding me with heavy lidded

eyes.  "Well," she said slowly, "there is a way you can keep me

from dunking you."

     "How?  How?"

     "Put your arms around my neck."

     I grimaced.  So that was it!  I shook my head and sputtered,

"No dice, Bonnie.  In the first place, you're holding me out so

far I can't even reach you.  And second, as strong as you are,

you could break my hold and dunk me any time you wanted."

     She brought me close to her and playfully nuzzled my cheek. 

"Not if I had something more interesting to do with you," she

murmured, and then, with a sigh, added, "but, if you'd rather be


     She started to hold me out at arm's length, but I cried,

"Okay, okay!" and put my arms quickly over her broad shoulders. 

She pulled me against her again, then grimaced as I left my arms

hanging over her shoulders.

     "I said around my neck, lover, not just on my shoulders,"

she told me archly and started to move me out again.  I wrapped

my arms quickly around her neck, and she chuckled and tucked me

firmly against her, holding me by my buttocks and the back of my

head as she had before, my naked penis trapped against her hard,

flat, lower stomach.  I felt her big hand again squeeze and

fondle my buttocks as she moved me gently up and down her body to

massage my penis back to life.

     "See?" she giggled, nibbling my cheek and neck, "Isn't this

a lot nicer than being dunked?"

     I didn't answer her because I knew that there was nothing I

could say or do to keep this gorgeous Amazon from doing whatever

she wanted with me.  Besides, as much as I wanted to deny it,

with the sensations of sexual desire again flooding my loins, her

lips gentling nibbling my face and neck and the feeling of her

small, hard breasts digging into my chest, I was actually begin-

ning to enjoy being held in her arms.  When she again captured my

open mouth with hers, I made to attempt to resist, and, as her

tongue intertwined with mine, she removed her hands from my

buttocks and the back of my head and began to run them up and

down my body, kneading my soft flesh with her powerful fingers.

     Finally she released my lips.  "Come on, Johnny," she

whispered huskily, "I'm going to carry you upstairs and make love

to you."

     I looked at her helplessly.  "Bonnie, please...I..."

     "Shush!"  She put a finger to my lips to cut off my protest,

slid one arm under my buttocks and carried me easily, cradled in

her single arm, out of the pool and across the patio to a large

blanket laying on the patio tile.  Laying me down on my back on

one edge of it, she added, "Of course, I have to dry you off


     The blanket extended about a foot and a half above my head

and a yard beyond my feet.  She folded the bottom excess neatly

over my legs and came over to grip my wrists and pin my arms to

my sides, and then, before I realized her intentions, she rolled

me up in the blanket and secured it tightly around me with two

luggage straps, one around my chest and the other around my

thighs and calves, that had been laying beneath it and which she

had rolled around me with the blanket.  After patting my face dry

with the top of the blanket, she pulled it down to expose my

face, kissed me lightly on the tip of my nose, gripped me firmly

just above my elbows and lifted me bodily off the ground to hold

me out at arm's length and inspect her work.

     "You're like a little papoose, Johnny," she laughed, "my

little papoose."  She brought me to her and cradled me in her

strong arms, tucking my legs under one arm, wrapping her other

arm around my chest and arms and pressing my head against her

broad shoulder as she looked down into my eyes lovingly.  "Does

Bonnie's little papoose like being cuddled as snug as a bug in a

rug in Bonnie's arms?" she cooed as she carried me to the house.

     Amazingly, I was beginning to realize that I DID like it. 

Wrapped in the blanket, with her powerful arms around me holding

me tightly against her and my head against her shoulder looking

up at her lovely, larger than life features as she smiled placid-

ly down at me and ran her lips lightly over my exposed face, I

felt like a small child in the arms of its mother, and that

sensation sent spasms of sexual desire through my body like I had

never felt before.  And I suddenly realized that, more than

anything else I had ever wanted, I WANTED this beautiful, Amazo-

nian giantess to make love to me.

     She carried me easily through the patio doors, through the

house to the front hall and up a broad, winding staircase to a

large, elaborately furnished bedroom with a king size bed against

one wall.  Cradling me in one arm while she pulled off the

bedspread, she laid me down in the center of the bed and went

over to a long dresser from which she removed two pair of nylon

stockings and wrapped each pair together to form a nylon rope. 

At that point, I started to get nervous.

     "Bonnie," I quavered as she came back to the bed,

"what...what are you doing?"

     She laughed.  "Don't worry, baby," she replied.  "I'm not

going to hurt you.  I have a very special technique I want to use

on you, and for that I want to have both hands free.  And since

you'll probably be kicking and struggling most of the time, that

means I'm going to have to tie you to the bed."

     "Now, wait a minute..."

     But she had already undone the straps which held me secured

in the blanket and, gripping the edge of the blanket, gave a

mighty heave up and back.  I was lifted a foot off the bed and

spun like a top to land sprawling on my face in the center of the

bed, my head reeling.  Before I could recover, she was straddling

my back with her massive, muscular thighs and had gripped both of

my wrists to force them together and cross them behind my head,

where she tied them together with one of the nylon ropes she had

made, tight enough to be secure but not so tight so as to cut off

the circulation to my hands.  Then she turned and, sitting

securely on my buttocks, caught both my ankles and bent them up

to tie them together in the same manner.  By the time my head

cleared, she had turned me over on my back and was tying the

loose ends of the ropes to the frame at the head and foot of the

bed, pulling my body taut so that I could barely move.

     I was really frightened now and looked up at her pleadingly. 

"What...what are you going to do to me?" I quavered as she came

around from the foot of the bed to loom over me.

     She reached behind her and undid her bikini bra and let it

fall to the floor, exposing erect nipples on her small, firm

breasts, and then did the same with her bikini bottom.  I barely

had a glimpse of the blonde bush that covered her maidenhead as

she crawled onto the bed and laid down on top of me, her 220 lbs.

of powerfully muscled femininity mashing me into the mattress and

all but crushing the wind out of me.

     "Among other things, this," she answered me, and, for the

third time that afternoon, took my face in her hands and captured

my open mouth with hers, undulating her body against mine as she

did so.  Again my penis sprang to life, pressing against her rock

hard abdomen, and pangs of desire again began to course through

my lower body.  Vaguely I felt her hands leave my face to grip my

sides and run up and down my body, kneading my soft flesh.  Then

her fingers were probing my exposed armpits, and my entire body

stiffened in alarm.

     She released the pressure of her mouth on mine just enough

to murmur, "You still as ticklish as you used to be, Johnny?"  

The stiffness in my body and must have been all the answer she

needed, for her mouth crashed back down on mine, and her fingers

literally flew up and down my sides, poking and tickling my

armpits and ribs, as she undulated her massive body up and down

against mine, massaging my erect penis against her abdomen and

sending pulsations of ecstasy through my helpless body.

     The effect on me was devastating!  My mind literally snapped

as my consciousness was overwhelmed by the combined sensations of

the titillations of my armpits and sides and erotic stimulations

of my penis.  I tried to buck and heave, but against my bondage

and the pressure of her heavy body could only writhe feebly in

the delicious torture she was inflicting on my helpless body.  My

screams of protest were muffled whines into her open mouth which

held mine captive, blocked by her tongue as it explored the

inside of my mouth at will.  I have no idea how long she contin-

ued to manipulate me; I only know that when she finally released

my lips and moved back to straddle my legs every fibre of my body

was aching for her.

     But she wasn't finished toying with me.  Her hands still

held my sides, and, as she resumed her tickling, she lowered her

face, now flushed with her own desire, to my body and began to

lick and bite my chest and stomach.  I screamed, and my body

instinctively writhed and twisted against her.  Then, as she

stretched out and leaned down over my thighs, I felt her capture

my penis between her small, hard breasts.  Somehow, as her

fingers probed my armpits and sides and her lips roamed up and

down my chest and stomach, she was able to press her powerful

upper arms against her breasts, tightening them around and

massaging my penis.  Again my consciousness was submerged in the

combination of erotic stimulation, and I thought I was going to

orgasm on the spot.  Somehow I didn't, and after what seemed an

eternity she moved forward to take my hard and throbbing penis

inside her.

     Now my face was sandwiched between her breasts, wet from the

juices she had worked from my penis.  I vaguely felt her long

arms slide around my chest and under my back until her fingers

were again resting lightly under my armpits and heard her gasp

and moan as she began to work herself up and down on me.  Then,

as I became aware of where her fingers were, my body stiffened in

alarm, and I began to push against her, my strangled protest cut

off as her fingers began tickling my armpits with a vengeance.

     The effect was like magic.  Even as my mind exploded from

the tickling, the uncontrolled struggles of my body brought me to

climax with her, and the combined sensations carried me to a

pinnacle of ecstasy beyond anything I had ever known before.  I

tried to scream with pleasure, but could only manage a whine

against the pressure of her breasts, a whine that mingled with

her own as she writhed in the esctasy of her own orgasm.  When it

subsided, I could only lay supinely beneath her as she milked the

last drop of pleasure from my manhood.

     Finally she lifted herself to her hands and knees, still

straddling my helpless body, and looked fondly down at me,

filling my eyes with her lovliness.  And as I drank in her

beauty, I suddenly knew that I was hers, that I wanted nothing

more than to belong to her and to be a part of her.  She must

have seen that in my face, for she smiled and rose from the bed

to unty the nylon ropes from my wrists and ankles.  Then she slid

her arms around my chest and thighs and lifted me from the bed to

hold me securely in her arms, and, almost unconsciously, I wound

my arms around her neck in sweet surrender to her embrace.

     She carried me downstairs to the living room, and I spent

the rest of the afternoon, between several additional trips to

her bedroom, cuddled on her lap on the divan as she played with

me.  And to my amazement, I loved every minute of it, even her

tickling, and even found myself raising my arms in a silent plea

for her to tickle me, collapsing in helpless laughter as she

promptly obliged.  And during that afternoon we exchanged count-

less promises of undying love, although I did express one reser-

vation about our relationship.

     "What's that?" she asked.

     I hesitated.  "I can't help but wonder what will happen if

we ever have a fight," I said finally.  "Do I get tossed into the

middle of next week?"

     She laughed and hugged me close.  "Don't be silly, baby!"

she admonished me.  "Do you think I'd deliberately hurt a de-

fenseless, little man like you?"

     "So?  How do we resolve it?"

     She thought a minute.  "Well, if we ever have a difference

of opinion, I guess I'd try to reason with you.  Of course," she

added, "if that didn't work, I'd probably just pick you up and

tickle you until you changed your mind."

     I grimaced.  "Figures," I muttered.

     She laughed again.  "But then, again," she said softly, "if

I got REALLY angry--like if I saw you looking at another girl--

I'd probably turn you over my knee and spank you!"

     I flushed, but felt the stirrings of desire at her words. 

"Small chance of that, my love," I whispered.  "I think you've

just ruined me for girls my own size!"

     "Oh?  In that case, you may be in trouble.  You haven't met

the girls on our basketball and track and field team yet. 

They're all bigger and stronger than you, and, even though most

of them have boy friends, I think they'd all just love to get

their hands on a cute, little guy like you.  I see I'm going to

have to keep my eye on you tonight."

     "Tonight?  What's happening tonight?"

     She frowned.  "Hmm!  Guess I forgot to tell you.  Most of

the girls are in for school, and Margie--she lives in town--is

throwing a pre-school party for us all tonight.  I'm taking you

to it."

     "Another party?"

     She chuckled.  "A real one, this time.  I don't think I have

to trick you any more, do I?"

     I ignored her question.  "And YOU'RE taking ME?"

     "Uh huh.  I have my own car, and I'll drive.  Pick you up at

your place at eight."  She gently tweaked my nose.  "Bodily, if


     I sighed.  "Well," I said, "since I obviously don't have any

choice in the matter, I'd better be getting home to get ready. 

Look at the clock, my love.  It's after five!"

     She looked up in surprise.  "You're right!" she exclaimed. 

She stood up, easily lifting me with her to cuddle me in her

powerful arms.  "Guess we'll have to make this one a quickie,"

she added as she carried me on our fourth trip to her bedroom.



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