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Archive-author: LLWardII

Archive-title: Books

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"Ohesotte nani?" I asked on the way to the bathroom, examining my navel.  

Beth, reading on the floor, ignored the question.

From the door of the bathroom, I looked down at her for probably twenty 

seconds before I said, quietly with a hint of humor, something completely 

out of character for me: "Spread your legs."  This she reacted to, but 

only barely.  She lifted and spread her knees so I could peer down her 

skirt.  She continued to read.

Beth and I had taken to teasing each other and, behind her book, I could 

see a slight mischievous grin.  Turnabout being fair play, I turned my 

back and closed myself into the bathroom.  We were going to be late for 

an important Japanese quiz, but I didn't much care.  I counted to two 

hundred after I had flushed, then made my exit.

She was still reading.

Still lying with her legs apart, she waited about five heartbeats before 

looking at me.  My belt was still unfastened, and she, with the book held 

nonchalantly in one hand, said "Do you want some help with that?"

"Spread your legs wider," I suggested; it was not an order.

Still holding on to the book, she pulled her skirt up enough to allow her 

to comply.  Her mischievous grin was not so slight anymore.  "I'd very 

much like help with this," I said.  She arched an eyebrow.  "Please," I 


She rose to her knees and ran her hands up my thighs to my belt.  She 

ignored the belt and opened the buttons on my jeans.  I tried to take a 

scolding tone, but my smile leaked through: "You're going to make us late 

for our quiz."  Her only response was a "hmm" and her fingers slowly 

rubbing me through my underwear.

While continuing to softly stroke me, she maneuvered me into a chair.  

One hand slid over the top of my underwear and grasped me firmly, her 

hand cool against me.  She began to work me very, very slowly while 

looking straight into my eyes with the look that she knew drove me crazy.

I slid my hands up her arms, intending to caress her breasts, but she 

gave off a gesture and head movement that I had learned meant not to do 

whatever I was doing.  She leaned forward and slid me all the way into 

her mouth, then quickly back out again.  After her slow stroking, the 

rapidity of it almost disconnected my mind from my body.  I recovered to 

see her flouncing into my bedroom.

My nerves were still crackling, and I don't recall ever traversing the 

ten feet of dorm common-room floor to my bedroom, but I found myself in 

my bedroom, pants down, erect, face to face with Beth.  Her lips were 

slightly apart and I desperately needed to kiss her.  Our lips moved 

slowly together, but just before we touched, she moved down to kiss my 

throat, my chest, my navel.  She sucked me into her warm mouth, almost 

ravenously.  Her rhythm matched my pulse and was pounding in my head.  I 

could feel her fingernails lightly on my scrotum.  The feelings were 

incredible, unique.  She was bringing me further and further beyond 

humanity.  I felt as a god.

Then she stopped.  She stood and gave me a sly smile.  She waltzed out of 

the room.  Over her shoulder came "Come on.  We're going to be late for 

our quiz."  I didn't register this or the click from the door when she 

left to get to class until about a minute later.

I made it to Vanserg hall through a mental mist.  It cleared somewhat 

from the realization that I was climbing the stairs to a test that I knew 

very little about.  I got to class and was relieved to see Maeno-sensei; 

she and I were buds.  A gave a hesitant "Shitsurei shimasu" and she 

whispered "Hai, dozo," motioning me inside.  I saw Beth at the back of 

the room.  She gave a lusty smirk that seemed to sarcastically saying 

"Enjoy your walk, lover?"  As Maeno-sensei handed me my quiz, she saw 

Beth's look as well.  She wished we luck on the test with a straight 

face, but I could tell she really wanted to raise her eyebrow at me and 

say "Totemo omoshiroi desu, neh!"

Once I started on the quiz, I found my mental state to be extraordinarily 

uncluttered, especially compared to how it normally is when I try to 

write Japanese.  I looked at Beth.  She seemed to have her mind on other 

things.  All through class, she was quite restless in her chair.

At any given time, half the rooms in Vanserg hall aren't being used, so 

after class, when no one was looking, I pulled Beth into one of these, 

shut the door and wedged the toe of my shoe under it to keep it closed.  

We we immediately on one another, kissing hard.  We broke for air; her 

hands were kneading into my back pockets, pushing my crotch into hers.

I recognized the look on her face.  I whispered into her ear "You are 

wet, aren't you?"  She practically hissed "yes."  She was moving our 

hips, still separated by clothing, in circles.  "You were wet all through 

class, weren't you?"  A barely audible "God, yes."  "I want to feel how 

wet you are."

She turned around within my arms and pressed into me backwards.  I 

pressed my back to the door.  "You're so hard," she whispered.  I was 

kissing her neck, cupping her breasts, rubbing her crotch through her 

dress.  Beth worked a hand around into my pants.  "God, you're dripping," 

she discovered.  She pulled her hand to her mouth and sucked her fingers.

Kissing her over her shoulder, I pulled her tighter to me.  From behind, 

I lifted the front of her skirt.  She grabbed her skirt and fairly yanked 

out of my grasp, pulling it above her waist.  I rubbed her thighs with 

both hands, lightly, spiralling closer to her panties.  I put two fingers 

slowly put firmly against her crotch.  The lace of her panties was 

drenched to saturation.  She let out a loud moan.

I clamped my hand over her mouth to stop her from giving us away.  Moving 

my fingers inside her panties, I began whispering to her about how wet 

she was and did it feel good and does she like my fingers?  She moaned 

into my hand, still strongly over her mouth.

She moved maneuvered my fingers over her mouth between her lips.  Between 

sucking-stifled moans around my fingers, she panted "I want you inside 

me.  Now."  I slowed down the pace of my other hand, taking it out of her 

panties slowly.

I held her tightly against me, keeping her immobile.  "Not here, lover," 

I said.  "I'm going to be late for work."  I kissed her briefly, then 

opened the door.  The room smelled of sex, but fortunately, the classes 

in the other rooms had begun, so the hallway was empty.

I wanted to leave her in the room, like she did to me, but I didn't have 

enough self-confidence.  I was a bit afraid that I might have pushed the 

limit.  Still, I tried to be nonchalant by licking my fingers when she 

came out of the room.  I expected her to exit either really upset or with 

lust on her face.  Instead she came out dead calm.  I could read her 

thoughts: "Just wait...."

We walked to my place of work, the nation's second largest library, 

without speaking much.  We could feel each others pulse in our hands, 

accelerated beyond the usual cardiovascular requirements for walking.

Stopping at the stairs to Widener Library, Beth said "I don't suppose 

you'd care to bag work?"

"I'd like nothing more," I smiled, "but I gotta pay for books somehow."  

We parted.  In spite of our activities in Vanserg, we maintained our rule 

of no kissing in public.

Reshelving books is a boring job, especially in a cavern like Widener.  

It is a job that encourages daydreaming, which was bad in a way, because 

I was aching with lust already.  I didn't need to dwell on it.  I could 

hardly wait to get out of there.  The sad part was that I brought it on 

myself; I actually could have skipped work.  Later, I told myself.

Sounds from my walkman had just about pulled my attention to other 

subjects when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  Beth stood between two rows 

of books with an innocent expression on her face.  "Excuse me sir, but 

I'm trying to find this book," she said, holding up a piece of paper.  

"Can you help me."

I looked at the piece of paper which had a book call number which I knew 

was on the lower floors on one side.  The back contained only the word 


"This section is four floors down on C-Floor, miss."

"I know.  I got a bit lost, though."  She pulled me in between the rows 

of books.  "Do you think that when you get a break, you might meet me 

down there and show me around?"

"Hmmm.  Well, what's in it for me?"  She locked eyes with me and pulled 

up her skirt.  We were pretty deep into the stacks and in little danger 

of being seen, but I looked over my shoulder anyway.  When I turned back, 

Beth was sliding her panties down.  She put her skirt down and put the 

panties in my front pocket.  She strutted past me saying "See you there."

I looked at the paper in my hand, and felt the lace in my pocket.  I saw 

the word "yum" written and thought, yeah.  It was forty minutes to my 

break and I could think of nothing else but Beth wandering around Widener 

completely naked under her skirt.  She really knew how to get to me; she 

loved to see if she could break my self-control.  She did this time.  I 

finished shelving in about seven minutes and went down to C floor.

Beth was no where to be found.  When she said "on your break," she meant 


I spent the next half-hour in perpetual lust.  The only thing that kept 

me going was that the waiting would end in a most spectacular manner.  I 

think tests of discipline are very self-defining, but I wanted Beth so 

much.  It was all I could do to refrain from ripping C floor apart trying 

to find her.  Before she had turned me into something above human; now I 

was nearly something below, a ravenous, hungry animal.

My lust drove me to C floor when the time came.  She was again no where 

to be seen.  I actually cursed her.  An incredibly dirty trick, I 

thought, my rage building.

It evaporated as soon as it came when I remembered the piece of paper.  I 

looked at the call number, and a vision of Beth standing (still naked 

beneath her skirt) reading the book in the aisle filled my head.  I went 

to where the book would be shelved.  Still no Beth, but an envelope where 

the book was supposed to be.  I ripped it open.  Another piece of paper, 

with lipstick image of her mouth with "These lips want your cock" written 

in black ball-point.

I bolted out of Widener, all self-control gone.  I was halfway to Beth's 

room when it occurred to me to read the back of the note.  I stopped dead 

as I read "...but only if you finish work."  You brought this on 

yourself, man, I thought.  To think that I thought I could get revenge on 

her.  Never after that would I underestimate her will.  Again, though, I 

thought about how this evening would likely end and trudged back into 


Einstein was right; time is relative.  I was almost in pain with lust by 

this point, and the subjective time passing could have fit the entire 

Sumerian culture.  I had left my animalism behind and was almost detached 

from my flesh.  The lust was also beyond my physical body, swirling in my 

head.  It was a bit easier to intellectualize the wait in this state, but 

I didn't get much shelving done.

I finally left my self-imposed prison and had to stop myself from 

running.  I felt each step of the five flights to Beth's room in my 

loins; the fire went beyond pain or pleasure but had elements of both.  I 

knocked on the door.  "It's me."

"Hold on a sec."

I think not.  I opened the door.  Beth's roommates were smiling in the 

common room.  Their smiles faded as they saw me.  (I learned later that 

was due to my somewhat altered state.  "Almost... supernatural," one of 

them said.)  I opened the door to Beth's room.  She was in bed, in a 

teddy, with the book.

She smiled.



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