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Archive-name: Control/aphasia2.txt

Archive-author: The Swede

Archive-title: Aphasian Nights  - 4-6

Part Four

     "He's fully neurowired, Empress," an eight foot tall man in a loose robe

reported to Empress Maya.  "We're ready to start mnemonic overwrite."

     "Proceed, Voyen," Maya replied, towering over the man by a full foot.

Voyen nodded and tapped a touchpad, activating the preprogrammed sequence of

sexual training.  Beside her, wearing a short robe, Aphasia gasped, seeing

Martin's eyes jerk as information was written into his mind, programming his

nerve system with the sexual techniques of a dozen empires.  "Do not worry,

Aphasia.  He will not be harmed by the process, at least not in the long run.

Once Earth is conquered and we get the resources our planet desperately

needs, I will have no further use for him.  You seem to have taken a liking

to him - perhaps you would like to keep him?"

     "My lady," Aphasia said, slowly.  "He is not a pet, and I shall not treat

him as such."

     Maya looked Aphasia up and down, and turned to Voyen.  "How long will the

overwrite take?"

     "Six hours, my lady," Voyen replied.

     "Alert me when it is near completion," Maya told him.  "Attend to me in

my quarters, Aphasia."

     Maya's 'quarters' seemed to go on forever, and were lavishly appointed

with deep, intricately woven rugs, brightly jeweled mirrors, fountains with

cool flowing water, a really funky CD collection, and, at the center, a huge

circular bed with expensive satin sheets and a big sack of 'cheet-os' on the

table next to the bed.  Maya removed her imperial robes and sat on the bed,

bidding Aphasia to do likewise.  Aphasia did, her breath growing a bit


    "You are growing into a very attractive woman," Maya said, appraising

Aphasia's slender, well-shaped naked body.  "You could have any man on the

planet you could wish for.  What do you see in this Earth being?"

    "There is...a kindness in him, my lady," Aphasia answered carefully.  "He

is unlike anyone I have yet met.  Gentle and considerate, yet with an

aggressive streak that is exciting to me."

    "I see," Maya replied, stroking Aphasia's dark black hair.  "I ask

because I find myself envying him, as I watched the two of you sating each

other's carnal desires.  Would you deny me the opportunity to taste you as

he has?"

    Aphasia knew an order when she heard one, even though it was phrased as a

question.  Although she could not have said no, if she wanted to see her

family alive again, such a fact did not compel Aphasia to kiss Maya as she

did, opening her jaw to allow Maya's tongue to slide in, swirling with her

tongue.  Maya was the focal point of the dramatically heightened lust of the

planet Hornia, and it was virtually impossible to be anywhere near her without

becoming severely aroused.

     Maya guided Aphasia to lie down on the bed, never breaking the deeply

sensual kiss as she did.  Her right hand slid down Aphasia's stomach, sliding

through the wetness of her trim pussy to touch Aphasia's clit.  Aphasia moaned

upon contact, and Maya nuzzled the girl's neck, her mouth moving slowly down

to her breasts.

     As her teeth clamped down on Aphasia's right nipple, Maya flicked her

tongue over the trapped nub, while she slid a couple fingers into Aphasia's

cunt, probing slowly.  Aphasia spread her legs to give Maya greater access,

and Maya took advantage, pushing them all the way in to the furthest knuckle.

Aphasia started groaning with pleasure, and Maya thrust in and out with her

fingers, enjoying the feel of Aphasia's cunt clenching around her fingers.

     Maya switched to the left nipple, and Aphasia pushed Maya's head down

onto her chest, moaning, "Ohhhhh, my lady, yes...."  Maya sucked her nipple

hungrily, as Aphasia's body shuddered.  Maya drew down, trailing kisses on

Aphasia's stomach, sliding her tongue into her navel as Aphasia writhed with

delight.  Her face moved through Aphasia's wet pussy hairs to her swollen

clit.  As Maya took it in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it,

Aphasia's body shuddered again, causing Maya to suck Aphasia's clit harder

as her finger thrusts quickened.

     "I'm going to cum, my lady..." Aphasia nearly sang out, her breathing

growing more erratic and loud.  Maya withdrew her fingers from Aphasia's

cunt and replaced them with her tongue, thrusting as deeply as she could,

just in time to taste Aphasia's sweet, intoxicating juices.  Maya drank

deeply, her tongue darting in and out of Aphasia's snatch, as Aphasia let

out a deep sigh of satisfaction.


     "Go in," Kim said to the group.  "Sasha and I have things under control

here."  On the floor of the prison corridor, the hugely massive Hornian

Sex Samurai lay, felled by Sasha and Kim's multiple-orgasm-inducing ambush.

Linda, Violet, Anton, Elizabeth, Sykanna, Mylar, Chet, Bob, and Cabarem

opened the door and scurried inside.  Kim stood up, the Sex Samurai's thick

cock sliding out with a satisfying "pop", and she and Sasha hefted his

massive form inside the room, closing the door behind them.

     "What is going on here?" Violet asked, as she surveyed the scene before

the group.  In the large room, a full dozen Hornians were engaged in a

variety of lustful activities.  A girl who looked like Aphasia, only a bit

younger, was riding the cock of an older Hornian man, while another Hornian

girl was sucking on her tits.  That girl was getting rammed in the ass by

a boy in his late teens, while nearby, three girls in their mid-teens were

finger-fucking each other as a cacomphony of their moans filled the room.

Two middle-aged men were sharing an older woman in a sex sandwich, while

a man and a girl were having their way with a what appeared to be a three-

eyed shetland pony.  None of them paused to look up at the newcomers.

    "Um, excuse me," Violet said.  "We're here to rescue you."  No response.

"Hello?  Wakey wakey, eggs 'n bacey!"

    "They're deep into a moebius lust loop," Bob said.  "With the heavy 

saturation of horniness in the atmosphere, and with a group of people locked in

a single room for an extended duration, such a thing can result, self-

perpetuating until it's defused by a trained team of experts.  We expected

to be confronted with such a situation, which is why we required your help."

     "Say no more," Linda replied.  "We can handle this."  At her direction,

Anton joined the three mid-teen girls, who were already as tall as he was.

Two of them went down on his hardened cock, sharing it between them, while

the third climbed on Anton's chest and leaned forward, giving him an ample

taste of her developing breasts.  Anton sucked the hardened right nipple

hungrily, while his hand slid under the girl to her slit, his fingers probing

their way in.

     Bob stood directly in front of the girl Linda assumed was his and

Aphasia's younger sister, sliding his cock into her eager mouth.  Sasha kissed 

the boy who was thrusting into the shetland pony, and pressed her ass against 

him, inspiring him to pull out of the pony and fill her backside.  Kim and 

Elizabeth went down on the girl under the pony, while Mylar, mrrring, slid the 

pony's cock into her mouth, her fingers sliding inside her own cunt as she did.

     Linda sat on the face of one of the men in the sex sandwich, causing

him to slide out of the older woman's vagina.  Violet slid her tongue in to

fill the void, as the other man continued to fill the woman up from the rear.

Chet went over to help Anton by picking one of the girls up and having her

sit on his cock, moaning loudly with pleasure.  Cabarem entered Violet's

cunt, thrusting savagely inside.

     Anton came, his hot juices filling the young girl's cheeks as she

greedily drank them.  The other girl left his mouth as the first withdrew

her mouth from his cock, and sank her ass on his still stiff shaft.  The

first girl took the place of the second, and Anton plunged his tongue deep

into her budding flower, rewarded by her deep moans of passion.  One girl's

ass muscles clenched around his cock as he met her downward thrusts with

upward thrusts of his own, and the other girl writhed in pleasure on his

face, coating it with her sticky-sweet liquid.

     Bob groaned as his younger sister took his cock deep into her throat,

while she massaged his balls with her fingers.  The boy ramming into her

ass moaned louder and louder, and Bob worried that he was on the verge of

cumming prematurely.  He signalled to Elizabeth, who left the girl under the

pony to Kim's expert tongue and came over to kiss the boy on the mouth,

distracting him out of his rhythm.  As the boy withdrew, Bob came in his

sister's mouth, his flow hungrily drank by her, his sister sucking determinedly

on his prick.  A loud moan told Bob that the boy who had been fucking his

sister was now fucking Elizabeth, so Bob tilted her back and nuzzled her face

into her wet, hairless pussy.  His tongue found her clit, and he licked and

sucked on it gently, causing her body to vibrate lustfully.

    Chet and the girl riding him screamed out at the same time, their bodies

vibrating in time together.  Sasha cried out as well, but the man filling her

ass did not, and they continued to bump and grind together, while Mylar bobbed

faster on the pony's engorged tool, and Kim's tongue plunged deep inside her

girl's cunt, causing the girl to wiggle and moan wildly.  Sykanna and Linda

rode a man's cock and tongue, respectively, while their tongues mingled with

each others and their hands explored their breasts.  Linda came, gasping, and

the man's mouth eagerly drank her cum, his tongue darting in and out of her.

Soon, he came himself, causing Sykanna to cry out in hot ecstasy.

     Sasha cried out again, and this time, so did the man fucking her ass,

his hot semen flooding deep into her.  The girl riding Anton came loudly,

coating Anton's prick with her girl-juices, while the girl in his face coated

his tongue with the same.  Bob's sister shuddered as a deep wave of passion

shook her, and his tongue darted deep inside her cunt to drink her delicious

flow.  The pony erupted in Mylar's mouth, filling her to overflow, while her

fingers caused her own body to tremble with orgasm.  The boy who was ramming

into the girl who had been sucking on Bob's sister's nipples came, as did

the girl herself.  The older man and the older woman exploded into ecstacy,

their cries as loud as those around them, and Violet tasted the woman's sweet

explosion.  Violet moaned as Cabarem filled her with his thick, hot cum.

     After a few minutes, the glazed looks on the Hornians' eyes were replaced

by intelligent ones.  "We're free!" Bob's sister declared, hugging Bob.  "You

broke the lust cycle!"

     "Everyone, this is Aqualia, my younger sister," Bob said.  He introduced

everyone else, like it really mattered at this point, and as though the readers

were going to remember another dozen names or so, as various members of his

family, or his friends.  The shetland pony was unknown to him, but it seemed

friendly enough.

     "We've got to get going," Linda said, decisively.  "Another guard will be

coming any moment."

     "And we'll be there!" Sasha declared.

     "That's not what she meant," Elizabeth said.


     Maya let out a loud groan of ecstacy as Aphasia's probing tongue slid

deep inside her cunt, and her orgasm erupted in the girl's face.  She drank

it down hungrily, moaning with pleasure.  Wave after wave of ecstasy shuddered

through Maya, though in the back of her mind she knew it would be nothing

compared to the final release of lust that would occur when Martin was brought

to her.

     Aphasia lifted her head up as the last shudder subsided, licking her

lips.  Maya drew her up and kissed her again, their tongues meeting and

swirling around each others.  Finally, Maya broke off and gazed at Aphasia

for a long time.

     "I never wanted it to come to this," Maya said.  "Our planet was on the

verge of disaster, and only decisive action could save it.  Someday, you'll

be able to forgive me."  Aphasia said nothing, her face a mixture of sadness

and sated pleasure.  "Now go.  When Voyen is done meme-writing Martin, have

him send Martin to me."  Aphasia stood, not bothering to pick up her robe as

she left the huge chambers.  Outside, she slumped to her knees as a wave

of misery overwhelmed her.

     She knew her family's fate depended on her getting back to where Martin

was being programmed, so she forced herself to stand and walk down the

corridor.  As she did, she noticed there was a door slightly ajar, next to

the lab.

     "Pssst!" a low voice said, from beyond the door.  "C'mere!"

     "What...what do you want?" Aphasia asked, drawing closer.  "Who are you?"

     "Um," the voice replied.  "This is avon calling."

     "Avon?" Aphasia asked, thorougly confused.

     "Oh, nevermind," the voice said.  An arm reached out and yanked Aphasia

through the door, and shut it behind her.

Part Five

     Aphasia gasped as she was pulled bodily into the darkened room.  She

gasped as she felt a hand on her mouth to stifle her shout.  The lights

came on.

     "Bob!" she squealed, embracing her brother tightly.  Their mouths met

for a deep, full kiss, and their bodies pressed against one anothers' in a

way that was a bit more than sibling relations would seem to call for.  They

broke off, and Aphasia gasped.  "But what are you doing here?  You know that

so long as our family is held hostage I must help Empress Maya in her plan

to conquer Earth through unleashing the pent-up lust of planet Hornia on it!"

     "We rescued all the hostages," Linda said, pushing past Bob.  "Except for

Aqualia here, all of them are safe in hiding.  She insisted that she come with

us."  Aqualia surged forward into Aphasia's embrace, their mouths meeting for

a firm, passionate kiss.

     "Hey, what about me?" Linda asked.  "I'm your sister too, you know."

Aphasia looked up, then let Aqualia go, taking Linda in her arms and kissing

her, sliding her tongue into Linda's parted jaws.  She felt Linda's hand

reach to touch her breast, and her own hand slid down Linda's naked body to

rub her firm ass.  Linda moaned, pressing closer to Aphasia.

     "Ahem," Violet said.  "Aren't you forgetting something?"

     "nipple clamps, of course!" Linda said, snapping her fingers.

     "No," Violet insisted.  "The reason we're here."

     "Oh, yeah," Linda said.  "We're here to rescue Martin."

     "You're too late," Aphasia said sadly.  "By now, the memory overwrite

process is almost complete.  After an hour of synaptic integration, he'll

proceed down the hall to Maya's quarters, and trigger the waves of lust that

will incapacitate your planet and make it a ripe target for conquest!"

     "Not if we get to him first," Sykanna said.  "But we need your help."


     Voyen looked up as he saw the door open.  Aphasia peeked her head through.

"Oh, it's you.  Come in, but don't get in the way.  Meme-write's complete, and

I've just alerted Maya that he'll be in her quarters in one hour."  Aphasia

threw the door open, and Sasha, Elizabeth, and Mylar rushed forward, gang-

tackling Voyen and sending him to the floor.  Voyen whimpered as Sasha removed

his robe to expose his hard-on, which had gone unrelieved while he worked to

see that the mnemonic programming went smoothly.  As her tongue touched it's

tip, he gasped.  Sasha grinned and took his head in his mouth, swirling her

tongue around it as he sank slowly into her mouth.  Mylar draped herself on

him and pressed her bountiful tits into his face.  No longer able to resist

the urge to lust, he took one of her nipples into his mouth, sucking hungrily,

while Elizabeth joined Sasha in warming Voyen's balls in their hot mouths.

     "Okay, they've got him occupied,"  Linda said.  Chet, Cabarem, get

Martin out of that contraption.  The two men unhooked the neural wires that

were patched onto Martin's skin, and lifted him from the contraption, and

set the naked junior high boy on the floor.  Martin stared forward, his

eyes focused on the ceiling.

     "He's in full meme-trance," Aphasia said.  "Even my mindcontrol link

over him has been overridden by it."

     "So what can we do?" Anton asked, looking at his hypnotized friend.

     "It's not so much a matter of what we can do," Aphasia noted.  "It's

what Violet and I can do."

     "What do you have in mind?" Violet asked.

     "Even a mnenomic lock such as this can be broken," Aphasia said.  "If

the subject is subjected to an intense biomental and biophysical harmonic

overload.  I will be participating, to guide your actions and to channel

the overload through my mindcontrol link to Martin's mind.  But only you can

match bioharmonics with Martin, since you are his sister."

     "You mean..." Violet said, her hand unconsciously covering her slit.

     "You must fuck him like you've never fucked before," Aphasia replied.

     "But we've never--I mean, not with him..."

     "Why...oh, that's right," Aphasia said, nodding.  "I forgot about your

quaint local custom regarding sexual relations with family members.  The

decision is up to you.  However, your brother's fate, as well as the fate of

both our worlds, is riding on your decision."

     "I--I'll do it," Violet said, moving her hand away from her slit.

Aphasia nodded and pulled her close, kissing her firmly.  Violet reciprocated,

her tongue twisting around Aphasia's in a sensuous embrace.  As she and

Aphasia sank to their knees, Violet lowered her hands and touched her brothers

cock.  It was hard, and slightly hot, but Violet wrapped her hands around it

and squeezed gently.  Memories flashed in her mind, memories of Martin showing

her his behind the oak tree at Grandpa's farm when they were a lot younger.

She had thought it was funny, then, but what she felt now was a lot deeper

than a humorous notion.  The charged sexual atmosphere fueled her pounding

heart as she broke her kiss with Aphasia to lower her head down to taste

Martin's cock.

     Martin stirred as Violet's tongue touched the tip.  "Keep going,"

Aphasia whispered.  "He will endeavor to respond, as he has been programmed.

I'll keep him occupied."  Violet saw Aphasia swing her leg over Martin's

face, and lower her pussy to his mouth.  His arms sprang to life, wrapping

around Aphasia's thighs, pulling her down, while his tongue snaked into her

cunt, as Aphasia sighed with delight.  The sight inflamed Violet's own

passions, and she sank Martin's cock further into her mouth, her throat

expanding as she pushed all eight inches of it in.  She held it there for

a few moments, waiting for the gag reflex to subside, then started bobbing

up and down, slurping and smacking as she did.

     Nearby, Sasha and Elizabeth were trading off on sucking Voyen's cock

and nibbling on his balls, while Mylar was pushing her muff against his

eager mouth.  She mrrrrrd happily as his tongue snaked inside her, tasting

her sweet vaginal juices.  Elizabeth was finger-fucking Sasha as she bobbed

on Voyen's cock, and was soon rewarded with Sasha's cries of orgasmic

ecstacy.  She took her fingers out of Sasha's cunt and coated Voyen's prick

with her cum.  The two girls then applied their mouths to either side of

the cock, each eager to taste the new flavoring.

     Violet sucked harder, enjoying the taste of Martin's meat

in her hungry mouth.  She squeezed his balls, letting them slip to and

fro between her fingers as she slid him in long strokes in and out.

Aphasia moaned, coming on Martin's tongue.  Martin drank Aphasia's juices

greedily, but mechanically.  Suddenly, he came, his hot juices flooding

his sister's mouth.  Violet drank his salty cum and cooed, hardly able

to believe that her brother tasted so good.

     "Almost," Aphasia said.  "We'll have to go another round."  Violet

looked at Martin's cock - it had not even softened or stopped throbbing,

even though she was sure she had drained it dry.  Even with the thunderous

amount of horniness in the air around her, this was somewhat remarkable.

Violet remembered what Aphasia had said about his training, though.

     She pulled herself up, and positioned his cock-tip at the enterance

to her cunt.  It leaked pre-cum, and she rubbed it on her clit, moaning at

the sensation, then slid it an inch inside her.  His hips reacted, trying

to thrust deeper into her.  She kept her slow pace, determined to stay in

control.  Finally, he was all the way inside her, her vaginal muscles

clenching tightly around his cock.  He started thrusting, and she matched

his pace, as red spirals of pleasure started coiling up inside her.

Whatever training he was getting, it had to be good, as she felt his

gyrations and thrusts grow more complex and savage.

     "Again!" Aphasia called out, as Martin got another load of her creamy

fluids.  Violet felt herself growing short of breath and slowed the pace,

deliberately lengthening her strokes as she bounced up and down on Martin's

rock.  Behind Aphasia and to the left a bit, she saw Voyen's cock erupt,

coating Sasha and Elizabeth's face with semen.  The image of the two women

licking jism off the cock and each other's faces spurred her on, inspiring

her to quicken her pace.

     As she continued, she felt a strange rhythm inside her.  It felt similar

to the orgasmic rhythm that was building, but different as well.  The two

sensations seemed coiled around each other, pushing closer.  *This is the

harmonic resonance*, she heard Aphasia say inside her mind.  *You are very

close now.*  Violet felt a third 'resonance' join hers and Martins', twisting

around them like a boa constrictor.  *Your resonances must become as one to

bring about the overload.  I will add my strength to yours, but the joining

can only be accomplished by you.*  Violet leaned forwards, meeting Aphasia's

mouth in a passionate kiss, pulling the caramel-skinned girl forwards.

     The triangle of passion writhed faster and faster, as Martin pounded

furiously into Violet's cunt and his tongue probed into Aphasia's insides,

and the two girls french kissed passionately.  Violet moaned as she felt her

orgasm reach it's peak.  Aphasia cried, reaching orgasm as well.

     *Hold on!* Aphasia commanded.  *Do not let your climax die!  He is

almost there!*  Violet felt his rhythm, slowly melding with her own, becoming

one, as he rose faster and faster.  Her blood pounded hot in her ears as

orgasmic waves reverberated through her, propelled by sheer willpower to not

die.  At the last second, when Violet thought she could hold on no longer,

Martin erupted inside her, shooting his hot boy-juice deep into her, lacing

her insides with hot passion.

     *Resonance!* Violet telepathically cried.  *We are one!*  Dimly she

heard Aphasia cry out.  Then Aphasia's rhythm disappeared from her senses

as all became a blinding white light.

     The light seemed to last forever, but finally dissolved.  There was a

tongue inside her mouth, but it was not Aphasia's.  She pressed firmly

against him, returning Martin's kiss as she felt their orgasms subside.

She hesitated to break off, fearful of seeing that same glassy stare on his

face that he had started with.

     She did break off, though, and saw his eyes.  They weren't glassy, and

she sensed that it was Martin, and not whatever Maya had programmed him to be,

that looked back at her.  She hugged him tearfully, and felt his strong arms

around her.  Then she stood, sliding Martin out of her as she did, as Aphasia

helped up Martin.

     "Marty," Aphasia said.  "Are you all right?"

     "I think so," Martin said.  "That was one helluva deprogramming session.

I liked it."  Violet blushed, but did not move away.  "What's the situation,


     "My family has been rescued by your sister and the cheerleading squad

she is a member of," Aphasia said.  "Maya has no further hold over me."

     "So *this* is why you joined the cheerleading squad, you devil," Martin

said to Anton.  "Should'a known."

     "Does this mean we can leave now?" Kim asked.  "I'm hornier than hell."

     "Hold that thought," Bob said.  "We're not out of the woods yet."

     "Huh?" Martin asked.  "Maya can't make me trigger and focus the lust-

blast any more.  Situation over, right?"

     "Wrong," Sykanna replied.  "The dimensional gates will still open around

the world, on schedule.  Focused or not, the waves of lust will flow through,

although they won't incapacitate Earth as was planned.  Maya didn't want

casualties on either side during the conquest of Earth, but the army of

conquest she built up is more than capable of doing the job, violently if


     "We've got to find a way to shut down the gates," Cabarem added.

"Meanwhile, you, Martin, must go to Maya and fuck her."

     "But won't that trigger the blast?" Martin asked.

     "I still have a mindlink with you, Marty," Aphasia said.  "The techniques

taught to you are still inscribed on your mind, though they will fade without

the synaptic integration in time.  I will channel the lust-energy you'll need

to match Maya's sexual prowess.  With luck, you should be able to redirect the

blast towards the sun, thus sparing Earth."

     "Okay..." Martin gulped.  "You're sure you can handle it?"

     "I'm," Aphasia replied, kissing him passionately.

     "It's time," Maya's voice called over the intercom.  "Voyen!  Send Martin

Prescott to me at once!"  Sasha and Elizabeth lifted Voyen to the vo-pickup

and pressed the button, while they pressed their sensual bodies against Voyens.

Voyen looked at each of them, as they nibbled and licked on his earlobes, and


     "He's...on his way, my lady..." he said.  "Now."

     "Very good," Maya replied.  The comm went dead, and Voyen wrapped his

arms around Elizabeth and Sasha, pulling them down.

     "Well, here I go," Martin said.  "Wish me luck."  He opened the door,

looked down the long corridor, and started down it.  Bob closed the door behind

him and turned to Aphasia.

     "All your sexual energy needs to be focused on me," Aphasia said.

"Preferrably, all our bodies will be in contact with one another, forming a

huge chain, with me at the center."

     "Sounds good to me," Linda said.  "I...hey!  Where's Kim and Aqualia?

They were here a moment ago.  Fine time to sneak off for a private session..."

     "We have no time to search for them," Bob said, embracing his sister from

behind.  "Voyen, Sasha, and Elizabeth will work on trying to shut down the

dimensional gates to Earth.  Meanwhile, we've got some serious fucking to do

if we want to save our two worlds!"  Aphasia moaned as she felt her brother's

cock rub against her ass crack.  The final showdown was starting.

Part Six

     The massive gold-inlaid doors of Empress' Maya's chambers swung open, and

Martin gasped as he saw the splendor inside.

     "Enter," Maya told him, from the bed somewhere in the distance.  Martin

forced himself to not pay attention to the jewels and furry rugs and silk and

paintings and such, and concentrated on keeping an unemotional face, looking

straight at Maya as he advanced.  The pent-up lust of the Planet Hornia had

reached a fever pitch in here, the air itself saturated with sexual desire.

     Maya stood by the bed, her nine-foot stature towering over the 6'4"

Martin.  She was older, possibly around fourty, though she looked like a

twenty year old, with broad, powerful shoulders, perfectly-shaped breasts,

a trim waist, and stunning long, caramel-colored legs.  As Martin reached her,

she wrapped her arms around his back and lifted him bodily to her mouth, where

her tongue met his in a furiously passionate kiss.

     They fell back onto the bed, with their mouths still locked tightly

together.  Finally Maya broke away, regarding Martin.

     "Don't think I don't know that they've broken the meme-hold over you,"

Maya said, her voice low and almost purring.  "It doesn't matter.  Even if you

prevent the full force of the blast from hitting Earth, Earth will still

be hit by gales of sexual energy when the dimensional doors around your world

open.  Only, my way, there won't be any casualties - Earth will be completely

incapacitated, and my troops will be able to conquer Earth without firing a

shot.  Your way, Earth will recover, and my troops will have to destroy your

armed forces to conquer Earth.  I'd prefer to avoid the bloodshed, if

possible, but Earth has resources that Hornia desperately needs, and we cannot

go on without them."

     "We'll just see about that," Martin replied, rolling on top of Maya,

their tongues twisting over each other's.  Martin rubbed his cock over Maya's

belly, the friction bringing it to full stiffness.  She reached down to stroke

it, her hand closing over the head.  Martin moaned, stimulated not only by the

feel of her expert hand stroking his cock but by the waves of sexual pleasure

that were starting to pour into his head, channeled through Aphasia's mindlink

with him.


     "Mmmmmm, oh, yes, Bob," Aphasia moaned.  "Fuck me harder!"  Her brother

grunted and pushed his ten inch cock with increased force into her ass, while

below her, Anton pushed his sizeable prick into her cunt, matching rhythms

with Aphasia and Bob.  Aphasia cried out, the double piping bringing their

first waves of pleasure.  She tilted her head down and took Cabarem's dick into

her mouth, sinking it down deep into her throat as Cabarem's breath became

ragged.  Elizabeth and Sykanna worked seperately on her nipples, their teeth

nipping and their tongues swirling about them passionately.

     Linda was sitting on Cabarem's face, as his tongue darted into her vagina

repeatedly.  Mylar sat on his chest, kissing Linda passionately while fondling

her tits, as Linda played with Mylar's nipples and Violet tongued Mylar's rim,

causing Mylar to writhe passionately.  Sasha slid her tongue over Voyen's cock

while Chet thrust again and again into her, moaning with intense pleasure.

Voyen, meanwhile, tried his best to figure out how to stop the computer from

opening the dimensional doors at their scheduled time, despite the intense

distraction that Sasha's hot mouth was providing.

     "Uh...ohh, yes..." Voyen moaned, as his hands flashed over control

switches and touchpads.  Long exposure to Empress Maya had given him a greater

sexual stamina and ability to concentrate than even most Hornians had, but

it was being put to the test as Sasha took him deep inside her throbbing mouth.

Linda wondered where Aqualia and Kim could be.  It wasn't like Kim to go off

for a private session when an orgy was going on.  What were they planning?

     Aphasia's thoughts were focused on sending every nuance of her pleasure

through her mindlink to Martin.  Dimly, she was aware of how he was doing,

and could feel the erotic welling of the air, as though it would explode if

pent up any longer.  As Bob came in her ass, Aphasia screamed with pleasure,

her own orgasm magnified by the strong sexual currents.


     "Oh, Goddess, yes!" Maya moaned, as Martin plunged his tongue deep into

her sugar walls, as he rubbed her clit vigorously.  She had already came once

while his tongue was inside her, and she felt another climax rapidly building.

Hungrily, she took his cock back into her mouth, her tongue writhing around the

shaft as she sucked him.  They were building up steam, a juggernaut heading

over the edge.  Something was giving Martin energy, she knew, making him eat

her with a ferocity she'd never dreamed possible.  The ferocity was infectious,

and she responded in kind, bobbing quickly on his prick while she rubbed his

balls temptingly.

     Martin darted his tongue in and out of Maya faster and faster, propelled

by the sonic waves of passion that Aphasia was broadcasting to him.  Every

thrust into her body, every ripple of orgasm arching through her, every

sensation she felt hammered into his mind, echoing into his body.  Suddenly,

he understood what was happening to Maya, being the focus of the sum lust of

an entire planet.  Only he, Aphasia, and those around her could hope to stand

against this rising tide, this planetary orgasm, that was raging towards

Maya and himself.

     Maya cooed as Martin's cock suddenly spurted forth a load of his hot cum,

coating her mouth as she drank his fluids hungrily.  Martin moaned loudly,

knowing that instead of relieving him, the orgasm only drove on his lust.

As Maya came again, he plunged his tongue inside her, determined to drink her

down, not noticing the hum of machinery that had suddenly started all around



     "The dimensional doors are starting to open," the squadron commander

yelled to his troops.  Most of them were as horny as he was, but they had all

been trained to increase their willpower to resist in intensely lustful

atmospheres, and this training was paying off right now.  "Get into your

crafts and prepare to invade Earth!"

     "Sir!" a young cadet said.  "I just saw two naked women running around..."

     "Soldier!" the commander growled.  "There'll be time for that after we've

conquered Earth.  Now get to your craft!"

     "But sir...!"



     The commander shook his head as the cadet returned to his craft.  Naked

women indeed...


     "The doors are opening!" Voyen called out.  "I can't stop the procedure!

And I'm cumming!  Ohhhhh!"  Violet purrred as Voyen's thick, salty cum flowed

into her mouth, and she eagerly swallowed it as she kept sucking.  Chet

continued pounding into her ass, having already came in her vagina.  She

wondered if, after this was over, any of them would ever recover from having

had so much sex in so compressed a time period.

     Nearby, Aphasia writhed as another orgasm wracked her seven foot body.

Martin was gathering strength, she could feel, but would it be enough?  The

thought left her as Bob came, shooting his semen deep into her ass.  He kept

pumping, as did Anton, beads of sweat starting to form on his brow.  Cabarem

moaned, and Aphasia knew that he'd have a load of tasty filling to deliver

soon.  She sucked on him faster, her head bouncing rapidly on his prick,

her slurping noises mingling with Linda's cries of ecstasy as she came on

Cabarem's face.  Sykanna leaned down to help Cabarem lick Linda's labia, and

together they consumed her delicious essence.

     The sounds of passion roared inside her head, as though the whole world

were dissolving into pure bliss.  It was happening, she knew - the lustblast

incarnate was here, and they were too late.  Her consciousness dissolved into

pure, continuous orgasm.


     Martin felt the white light of the lustblast churning inside himself and

Maya, yet did not yield to the furious power.  Dimensional doors had opened on

every side around them, as Maya rode his cock, her legs wrapped around his

waist and her right nipple firmly between Martin's teeth.

     "The focal point...!" Maya screamed, her words slurring with the

intense passion pounding on their minds and bodies.  "You cannot hold back!

Let go and plunge into pure ecstasy!"  Martin screamed, his mind blazing with

light and sound and taste and smell and touch all cascading through him from

billions of Hornians.  Yet he held, his orgasm perched on the very brink

of erupting, the full force of the planet Hornia's lust threatening to erupt

through him.

     Suddenly, the pressure decreased.  Martin felt the planetary lustbomb

cracking, venting unbelievable pressure in all directions.  But it wasn't

focused - it was a stream of raw energy, pouring into Earth, unguided,

unfocused.  Maya screamed her frustration, and pounded on his chest.  But

it was too late, and she knew it.  The focal point had passed - Earth stood

a chance now - a slim chance, but better than none.  Martin released his

explosion into Maya, exhaling with the release.  Despite herself, Maya

moaned, the burning cum inside her triggering her own, personal orgasm.


     Earth plunged into chaos, as the billowing clouds of lust washed over

the continents, touching every man, woman and child with sexual desire.

Feelings of hatred were blown away by the unstoppable force, as people

everywhere were consumed by desire.  Battlegrounds transformed into sexual

playgrounds, as soldiers of every nationality and gender dropped their guns

and their trousers.  Arab and Jew, black and white, brother and sister,

royalty and commoner, rich and poor, young and old, MacNeil and Lehrer -- all

distinctions were forgotten, no desires forbidden.

     As the Hornians planned, no one was paying attention to the dimensional

gates that had opened all around the world, so intent were they on sating their

new sexual appetites.  As the Hornians did not plan, nothing came through the

gates.  One hour later, they closed.


     "Oh, hell, what now?" the commander thought as he tried to start up his

craft.  "Damn this cheap junk!"  He looked through the side window of his

craft and saw that all the others were having the same problem.  As the

dimensional doors closed, he got out.

     "What happened?" he demanded.

     "Couldn't start my craft," one of the soldiers said sheepishly.

     "I know that!" the commander yelled.  "Why?"

     Everyone shrugged.  The commander sighed.  "Great, just great.  Some

invasion this is!  We'll be lucky if we get into the trash collection corps

after this!"

     There were several minutes of silence.

     "I told you, those naked women..." a cadet started.

     "Oh, shut up!" the commander grumbled, storming out of the hangar.


     "Wake up!" Aphasia heard a voice in her ear.  "Come on, Aphasia, wake

up!  It's over!"  Aphasia focused her eyes, as she lifted off of Anton's

unconsious form, and took in the sight of her younger sister Aqualia, shaking

her awake.  She kissed her, not out of lust but out of sheer relief.

     "Where were you?" Aphasia asked, as the others started returning from

having passed out.  "We failed...the Earth has been invaded..."

     "No it hasn't," Aqualia replied.  "That's why Kim and I weren't here."

Aphasia looked over to Kim, who was holding a large bag of small black objects.

"We decided that we'd take a precaution in case your plan failed.  We snuck

into the hangar and removed the distributor caps from all the invasion crafts."

     Aphasia looked at her sister a moment, then hugged her joyfully, a sudden

feeling of happiness echoing through her.  She tried to touch Martin with her

mind, but couldn't find the mindlink any more.  The lustblast had disabled it,

permanently, she decided.

     "Well, come on, everybody," she said, as the rest struggled to rise.

"We've got one more loose end to tie up."


     "Someone *took* all your distributor caps?" Maya growled into the voice

relay.  "You have *got* to be kidding me!"  Martin heard a faint voice on the

other end.  "I--I--oh, nevermind.  It's over now."  She threw the relay down

onto the floor, and slumped back on the bed.  Martin rolled onto his side,

facing her.  Drained of her lust after years of building it, she suddenly

seemed every year her age.

     "I'm...sorry..." Martin started, without knowing why.

     "It's not your fault," Maya said.  "You had to protect your planet.  I

knew that was part of the risk when you came in here, that you would succeed.

By the time those distributor caps can be replaced, enough of Earth's pop-

ulation will have recovered enough to make any invasion attempt on our part

now suicidal.  We have lost, and our world is doomed to die, for lack of the

resources of your world which we desperately needed."

     "Just out of curiousity," Martin said.  "What are these resources,

exactly, that you need so badly?"

     "Elements that combine to provide the fuel we use to run every machine

on this planet," Maya told him.  "Enriched flour, modified food starch, water,

soy flour, caramel color, tomato paste, beef, flavorings, salt, partially

hydrogenated soybean oil, cottonseed oil, and baking powder.  We are virtually

out of these important items, and planned to invade Earth to secure them.

     "You mean you wanted our microwave burritos?" Martin asked.

     "Huh?" Maya replied.

     "The items you listed are the items that go into the microwave burritoes

on my planet.  No one actually eats them, and it's kind of a mystery as to

what they're doing in food markets in the first place, seeing as they are

technically not food but a poor simulation.  If you wanted our burritoes,

you could have just asked.  Earth would be more than happy to be rid of them."

     "Really?" Maya said, her eyes growing wider.  "You mean that?"

     "More than you could ever use in a dozen centuries," Martin replied,

understating slightly.  "Of course, Earth will want something in return..."

     "Name it," Maya told him.  "Anything we have."

     "For starters, your sexual enhancement technology," Martin said.  "Earth

will be very interested in closing the 'lust gap' between our worlds, and this

will ensure that both our worlds stay balanced, and horny."

     "You've got a deal," Maya purred, kissing him again.  Martin returned it,

somehow enjoying it more than the raging luststorm before it.  Then the door

opened wide, and Martin broke off just in time to be tackled by Aphasia and

Violet, both of them smothering him with kisses.  The others started towards

Maya, but Martin raised his hand, and told him of the deal they had struck.


     "Have a great trip!" Violet said, after giving her brother an extended

kiss.  "And you two had better be ready to join the cheerleading team when

you get back!"  She squeezed Martin's cock through his trousers briefly,

then turned and walked through the dimensional gate into the Tomachen

household.  Aphasia pushed the portal closing button, and the rift sealed.

     "It's going to be strange, being married and a junior in high school,"

Martin said, as he and Aphasia headed towards the gleaming starcraft on the

other side of the hangar.  "Seems like only last week I was turning the

corner and running into your chest."

     Aphasia giggled.  "I remember...!  I was so focused on finding my way

to class and finding someone I wouldn't mind seducing, that I wasn't watching

where I was going.  The last thing I expected to get was married..."  Martin

chuckled and pulled Aphasia close for a deep kiss.  She had agreed to finish

the year in high school, and to stay for her senior year there, as an

exchange student from Hornia, and not Guatemala.  After they graduated, she

and Martin would be going to the University of Hornia, which Maya had taken

over after resigning the crown, giving it back to Mylar, the true heir.  She

didn't seem unhappy about no longer being Empress, rather the opposite.

     After months of intense negotiations, involving rather large amounts of

lubrication, Hornian diplomats had hammered out a peace pact with Earth

diplomats.  Various permanent dimensional rifts were opened, and trade

boomed.  The lust level on Earth leveled off a bit, though it remained

considerably higher than before, on a level with planet Hornia's lust level.

The people seemed extremely happy, at any rate.  Finally, when the dust had

settled, Martin and Aphasia married.

     "A nice, quiet honeymoon," Martin said as they continued walking

towards the craft.  "Relaxing, peaceful..."

     "Don't count on it," Aphasia said huskily, as they boarded the craft.

Martin already had his hands under her shirt as the hatch shut and the

pre-programmed flight plan was put into motion by the automatic pilot.

Aphasia moaned as Martin slid her shirt over her head, his tongue touching

her left nipple and tracing around it slowly, teasingly.  She grabbed the

back of his neck and pushed him down onto her chest.  She felt his hands

roaming over her jeans, and moaned when he found her zipper.

     Quickly, he had her out of her clothes, lying on the carpeted floor of

the ship.  Aphasia moaned loudly as Martin's tongue slid into her, touching

off hot sensations.  For two weeks after the planetary climax, neither of

them had the energy for sex, though they snuggled plenty.  Fortunately, they

recovered, and Aphasia was glad of that as Martin's tongue lapped at her

insides, as he squeezed her clit gently.

     "Mmmmm, fuck me, Marty," she moaned, thrashing her head about.  "I

want to feel you inside of me."  Martin kept eating her, although he

started to unzip his own jeans.  Aphasia motioned for him to swing his

ass around, and she helped him take them off, rather pleased to find he

wasn't wearing underwear.  He moaned as her hot mouth encircled his prick,

stimulating and teasing it with electric pleasure.

     Martin gasped, feeling Aphasia take his cock deep into her throat,

sucking down every inch as her mouth blazed.  As she started bobbing on him,

he plunged his tongue faster and faster into her, soon being rewarded as

her sweet, intoxicating flow reached his taste buds.  Aphasia moaned

loudly, and continued to suck on Martin.

     He felt his balls tingle, and groaned.  Reluctantly, he pulled out,

knowing he no longer had the incredible recovery power that he had gotten

when he had first fucked Aphasia.  She pouted a bit, but moaned when

Martin savagely thrusted into her cunt, pushing forward all the way in

a swift, hard stroke.

     Their rhythm started slowly, as Martin took long, solid strokes and

Aphasia rocked her hips gently, groaning with the rising ecstasy.  "Ah,

Aphasia...oh...yes..." Martin rumbled, his breathing growing heavier as

Aphasia's heat encircled his cock.  Aphasia tightened her cunt muscles,

gripping Martin's prick tenaciously.  He responded by increasing his speed,

his moaning sounds growing more regular.

     Aphasia pulled him down, to go to work on her nipples as he fucked

her.  He eagerly responded, his mouth firmly clamping on her right nipple,

sending further sensations of pleasure coursing through her.  Their entire

bodies rocked in time now, a continuous ripple of pleasure and lust.  Aphasia

moaned, feeling the orgasm building inside her.  As she released, she

screamed "Yesssssss...!", wrapping her arms around Marty's neck and pressing

him into her chest.

     Feeling Aphasia's cum scorch his cock, Martin was driven wild with

pleasure, his cock suddenly spewing out hot boy-filling deep inside her.

They continued to buck each other, reveling in the intense pleasure.  Finally

they relaxed, holding each other softly, drifting to blissful rest.




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