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Archive-name: Control/amperv5.txt

Archive-author: Bill Lemieux

Archive-title: American Pervert in London, An - 5


                                   Part 5

 When they reached the hotel bar, they were dismayed to discover that the

convention had fairly packed it with bodies, most dressed in some form of

outlandish fetish costumes.  

 "Well people," Mandy said, "it looks like we have two choices: wade into

that lot and try to find someone who's willing to share a table, or go 

back to the room and order room service."

 "I vote for room service," commented Jason, looking at the crowd with a

little distaste, "I mean, this place is WEDGED."

 "Well I vote we wade in," Flora put in, "I LIKE crowds... but then you

knew that."

 "Yeah, we know," Jason shot back sarcastically, "after all, you might get

lucky and get felt up."  He grinned to take the edge off his words.

 Flora made an abortive attempt to pinch him and replied, "Look asshole,

just because you..."

 "That's enough, you two," interrupted Mandy, "remember, this isn't a 

democracy.  Since you sluts can't behave maturely, I withdraw the option.

We go in."  

 "Yes, Ma'am," the two replied in unison, looking somewhat less than

subdued, and happily making childish faces at each other behind Mandy's


 Mandy tapped a man wearing a tutu on the shoulder and motioned for him 

to step aside.  After turning to look at her, he lowered his gaze and 

complied, and the three of them pressed into the crowd, Flora and Jason 

following her lead. 

 After prowling through the masses for what seemed like 15 minutes, Mandy

stopped in frustration.  She looked around their position, and seemed to

pick a table at random.  It was a small cocktail table with two stools,

both occupied by a young single couple.  Mandy moved closer.

 "Excuse me," Mandy said to the woman, "would you mind if we share your 

table- it's awfully crowded in here."


 The woman looked the three of them up and down slowly before replying.

She smiled.

 "Not at all.  Here, you can take Jerry's chair."  She gave a look to

Jerry, who promptly vacated his stool.  "I'm Billy, and this is Jerrold."  

Billy was a big woman, her cleavage practically bursting out of her vinyl

dress, and her rear overflowing the bar stool in several places.  Her 

accent was distinctly British, although Mandy hadn't the faintest idea 

how to tell what part of the country she was from.

 "Just Jerry is fine," Jerrold added.  While also British, his accent was

distinctly different, somehow sounding more aristocratic to Mandy's ears.

 He was tall and thin, with a somewhat hollow face and thinning brown 



 "Pleased to meet you, Just Jerry...  Billy" Mandy answered, "This is 

Flora, and Jason, and I'm Mandy."  They shook hands all around.

 "I'm afraid they're terribly shorthanded, so drinks are going to take a 

while," Billy said.  She seemed to be examining Flora's cleavage, or at

least her purple patent jacket.

 "You'd think they would bring in extra help for a convention," Jason

commented, just to be saying something.  

 They continued to make small talk until a cocktail waitress arrived. She

seemed to be in support of the convention, since she wore a large button

that read, "SPANNER SUCKS". 

 "So," Billy started in, after the drinks had been ordered, "what brings

you Yanks to England?"  She had a slightly loud, flamboyant manner, which

Jason had at first taken to be one drink too many.  Now he saw that that

was just the way she was.

 "Really, it was the convention that gave us the excuse," Mandy replied,

"but I was ready for a vacation anyway.  We ah, had a bit too much

excitement around the old homestead lately, and it seemed like it might 

be a good break for all of us."


 "Hah!  I smell a story!" bellowed Billy, while heads turned in the bar,

somewhat to Jason's chagrin.  He glanced at Flora, and found her staring

in rapt fascination at Billy.  Obviously, she wasn't put off by the 

boisterous woman's style at all.  But then, he reminded himself, she IS a

bit of an exhibitionist herself- she looks like she's enjoying this.  He

noticed too, that Mandy and Billy were doing all the talking, and that 

Jerry, like Jason and Flora, seemed to be waiting for something to come

out of the conversation between the two dominants, like dogs under a 

table waiting for a scrap to be dropped.

 "It's a private matter, actually," Mandy said steadily, quietly, staring

directly into Billy's eyes.

 "Hey!  No worries!  We can swap war-stories later.  And..."

 At that point their drinks arrived.  Billy had ordered what was 

nominally a BoilerMaker, except she specified Glennfiddich single malt 

scotch and Guiness, instead of the usual beer and bar whiskey.  

Jason winced at the abuse of fine scotch.

 Mandy bought the round, while Billy flirted with the waitress, 

succeeding in flustering her considerably before she headed for another

table.  Jason resolved to tip her heavily.


 "Listen, there's a little get together in our room tonight," Billy

confided, in a conspiratorial tone.  "We've arranged for Miss Kat, the

designer- she's from Germany you know- to use our rooms for a little 

show.  Strictly invitation only, of course."

 "We'd be delighted," Mandy replied softly, still looking directly back

into Billy's eyes.

 "But I thought," started Jason, thinking of their plans.

 "We'd be delighted," Mandy said again, the faintest hint of steel 

audible in her voice.  She didn't turn to look at him, but she didn't 

have to.  Jason shut up fast, deciding that submission was the

better part of valor.

 Billy looked around the table, before settling her eyes nervously back

on Mandy's face.  "Nine sharp, room 1104," she added.  Somehow, her 

expression wasn't quite as confident or masterful now, as when she had

invited them to sit down.

 The conversation turned to clothing, and bondage gear, and other 

pleasantries, staying light and friendly, but Jason could feel that

something had passed between Mandy and Billy, something he couldn't quite

put his finger on.  He knew that a contest had been won, and that it was

Mandy that had won it, but he wasn't quite certain what it was about, or

even whether it mattered.

 Eventually, Mandy excused them from the table, and as if by coincidence,

Billy and Jerry discovered that they too, had to leave.  The party broke

up as quickly as it had formed.  On the way back to their rooms, Jason

broke his silence.  "So, what was _that_ all about?"

 Mandy had a faintly amused grin on her face.  "Oh, just a question of

style," she answered. 

 Despite his prodding, she would go no further, instead quizzing him and 

Flora on what they had seen around the convention so far, and what had 

impressed them the most.



 "Well, what would we have done anyway?" Mandy fumed, as Jason unlocked

the door to their room.

 "Get real," shot back Jason, "it's Saturday night, half the fetish clubs

in England are within a mile of here, and most of the convention will be

going out and partying like Roman emperors!"


 "Jason." Mandy spoke the word quietly, patiently.  She had suddenly 

become very calm, and he knew that he had stepped over a line.

 "Jason," she continued, "have you ever known me to top you or Flora in

matters of our everyday lives?"

 "Well as a matter of fact... Okay, not really, but I," 

 "And do you think I would insist that we go to this party without a 

good reason?"

 "Well no, but,"

 "Then stop arguing.  But me no buts.  Cease and desist.  I've heard some

rumors about what Miss Kat has been working on, and while I can't figure 

out why she would be associating with those losers we met in the bar, I do

know that this party will be showing off something you've never seen


 "Well... hell.  Alright," Jason acquiesced, silently wishing his Mistress

wouldn't be so damned reasonable.


 For the party, they all agreed that making a lasting impression was 

called for, so each dug into their baggage for their best fetish finery.

Jason donned something a little uncharacteristic for him: a body harness

they had used for suspension, with a codpiece, a pair of engineer's boots,

and a smile.  The workouts he had been enduring with Flora, who was a bit

of a fitness nut had been paying off, he noticed.  The spare tire he had 

been developing had almost disappeared.

 Flora, on the other hand, dressed more flamboyantly.  The new fluorescent

green stockings were immediately vetoed by Mandy, so she gave up on the 

idea of dressing loud, and instead dressed sexy.  Her transparent amber

latex catsuit left very little to the imagination, including her bald 

head which was plainly visible through the hood.  Like most of her 

outfits, it fit like a second skin, even at the bust, where molded breast

cups "lifted and separated" as well as any Maidenform could.

 "Hey, I remember that," commented Jason, throwing in a wolf whistle for 

emphasis.  "But I thought you were shy about your head," he added.

 "I was- I'm getting over it.  You know how much of an exhibitionist I've

become.  I finally decided that shocking people is more fun than being 

shy and hung up about it.  Besides, I've been hairless for what... three

years now?"

 The only other adornment Flora wore with the suit was her locking heels-

black patent opera pumps with six inch stilettos.

 Mandy, on the other hand, seemed to be opting for a more refined look.

Her black and white diamond pattern dress was crafted from soft kid 

leather, and tailored for a close fit over her corset.  Thigh high white

patent stiletto heeled boots completed her ensemble, and a riding crop 

added a badge of authority without overstating things.

 "Well, how do I look?" Mandy asked.

 After making the appropriate appreciative noises, Flora and Jason were

turned round for inspection, and the three headed for the eleventh


 If the eleventh floor wasn't quite the penthouse, it was certainly 

luxurious enough.  While they looked for Billy's suite, it was obvious 

that something was going on, as another couple exited the other elevator,

dressed in dramatic matching black and silver leather suits.

 They didn't have time to even check the directory numbers on the wall

however, as the booming voice of their host was heard the length of the 

hallway, greeting other guests.  Billy greeted them at the door.

 "Mandy!  So glad you could make it!"  She swept her gaze over Flora and

Jason without actually acknowledging them, and herded them all into the 

main room.  Jerry was serving drinks in a vinyl or perhaps patent leather

maid's uniform, although with his mustache, he had little chance of 

passing for a woman.  Besides, his face was devoid of makeup, and it 

looked as if someone had plopped his somewhat unkempt wig on as an 



 Jason inspected the room, sampling a few canapes in the process.  A 

small dais had been set up at one end of the room.  He noticed that the 

air was somewhat chilly too, and commented on it.  

 "Yep!  Sure is!" Billy expounded at top volume, although the background

music from a portable stereo wasn't that difficult to talk over.  When she

spoke, lungs heaving, her more than ample figure bounced within a tight 

rubber sheath dress that looked as if it might explode at any moment.

"Gonna stay that way too- it's for our little demonstration."

 "Might one inquire what we'll be seeing?" asked Mandy drily.

 "One might," shot back Billy, "and you might even get an answer.  Then 

again, you might not!  Hah!  But seriously, this is sort of our unveiling.

 Jerry, my slave you know, is a chemical engineer, works in the rubber 

industry.  Been a rubber nut since he was a kid.  He's cooked up some new 

materials, and when we met Miss Kat at the Eccentric Fashion Show, she 

just had to make some things out of them.  Wait till you see this- every 

rubber and bondage fetishist in the world is gonna want what we've got!  

Too bad it's so damned expensive to make, though.  We're gonna have to 

charge an arm and a leg for it."

 The door to the other rooms of the suite opened, and the elfin face of 

Miss Kat appeared momentarily, catching Billy's eye.  She nodded, walked 

over and chatted with her for a moment, then Miss Kat disappeared again. 

Mandy, Flora and Jason wondered in that direction, but at that point Billy

hopped up on the dais, momentarily endangering the tortured seams of her

dress again, and yelled for silence.

 "ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP!  Alright, everybody, this is the moment you've all

been waiting for.  What we're going to show off tonight is just a few

prototypes that Miss Kat has been working on, made from a new uh, 

e-lass-toe-mer," she enunciated the word with care, and Jason

realized she hadn't stopped drinking after they'd left the bar.   

"That's it, elastomer, that my husband has been working on.  Wave to 

everyone, Jerry!"

 Jerry, looking decidedly self-conscious in his maid's uniform, waved 

timidly from one corner of the room, a tray of hors de'oeuvres balanced 

on one gloved hand.

 "I'm sorry about the temperature in here folks, but the reason will be

revealed momentarily.  And now..." she paused, probably imagining that

she was being dramatic, "I give you..." another embarrassing pause,


 The door closest to the dais, and not far from where Jason stood, opened,

and the well-known figure of Miss Kat appeared, smiling demurely, and 

leading two figures by leashes.  Jason was startled to see that she looked

much smaller in real life than in her advertisements.  A draft of very 

warm air came from the other room, and he imagined it must have been 

sweltering for the two rubber-dressed models to dress or wait around in 


 Despite their fetishistic apparel, the two models' appearance was hardly 

unusual, at least for this convention, and Jason leaned closer to get a 

better look.  Admittedly, the garments were polished to a very high gloss,

but that was hardly unique.  He wondered what he and the assembled guests

were supposed to get excited over.

 The female was dressed in rubber thigh boots with only moderately high

heels, shoulder length gloves, and a long victorian-pattern corset-dress,

with undersized holes where her breasts protruded through.  The only thing

striking about her that Jason could see was her unusually small waist, but

even hers paled in comparison to some of the corseted waists he had seen

this weekend.

 The other, a male, was dressed in a simple catsuit, with attached gloves

and feet, and no hood.  Both outfits were jet black, and the only feature

of note was that both appeared to be made from very thick rubber, judging

from the way it flexed as they moved.

 Miss Kat led them up onto the dais, positioning them front and center.

She fiddled at their feet for some time, and Jason saw that she was 

strapping their feet to a pair of wide fixtures sitting on the dais.

 She had the woman put her arms behind her and chest thrust forward, in a 

comic imitation of parade rest position, and positioned the man with arms 

raised, in a standing spread eagle position, before she turned and finally

addressed the gathering.

 "Thank you all for coming."  Her first words startled Jason with their

soft modulation and melodic accent.  He realized why people were so taken

with her after meeting her.

 "Tonight is a kind of premier party I suppose, for my new line of rubber

bondage clothing.  What you are looking at is not latex, nor is it any

other type of rubber you are familiar with.  Our friend Jerry over there

has designed a new alloy of synthetic rubber and a low-melting point

plastic.  Jerry calls it Vinylite.  His employers could see no use for it's

properties, but he did, and when they granted him the patent, he brought 

it to me.  What you see before you is the result of our collaboration."  

 She turned, and walking behind the female, caressing the young woman's 

hip with one gloved hand as she passed.

 "You all saw my models walk up here.  You saw how natural this material

looked, how it stretched and moved, yes?  Now, observe."

 She reached out to borrow a cane from one bystander, who surrendered it

with curious enthusiasm.  Then she whirled, and brought the stout rod down

hard on the booted leg of the woman.  A collective gasp was heard from 

the crowd, since a blow like that from a solid rattan cane could break 

bones, but a stunned silence soon stole over the room, as the truth 

dawned on the assembly.  The sound that had come from the blow was not

the meaty slap that was expected, but a hollow knock.  Nor did the model's

amused smile waver for even a moment.  From there on, Miss Kat proceeded 

to rain blows over all the "rubber" surfaces on her models, eliciting the

same solid *tok* from every blow.  The gloves, the boots, the corselet, 

and the suit were now as rigid as if cast from hard plastic.

 "Vinylite, ladies and gentlemen," announced Miss Kat to a hushed crowd,

"this material softens and becomes stretchy and pliable above about thirty

two degrees Celsius, or about ninety degrees Fahrenheit.  Lower the 

temperature only five degrees or more, and it becomes quite rigid and 

hard, as you can see.  My poor girl here can still bend at her bare waist,

which might be convenient, but she can no longer extract her arms from 

their position behind her back, or bend her legs or her torso, leaving her 

quite helpless... and her front free for me to play with."  Here, she 

tweaked a nipple, finally eliciting a flinch on her model's face.

"...and this poor man over here," she went on, "is entirely encased, so 

he is just plain stuck in that position for the duration."  She smacked 

him on the fanny, and Jason was glad the two were fastened to the stage, 

since otherwise the man would have toppled forward into the guests.

 "I should add too, that no polish or cleaner is required.  The shine 

that you see here is entirely a property of the material, and is renewed

whenever the garment is softened.  Now then, I'll be happy to entertain 

any questions..."

 The crowd was silent for several seconds while the impact of what they

had seen sank in.  Then Jason was startled to hear Flora's voice speak


 "Yes.  I was wondering, is this... Vinylite when it's soft, I mean, is 

it as stretchy as rubber?  I mean, does it have the same ahh..."

 "Elasticity?" finished Miss Kat for her.  Flora nodded.

 "Almost.  It won't stretch quite as far as natural latex, but it has

almost the same feel, in terms of initial stretch, and it's tensile

strength is much higher."

 "What about cost?" a tall redhead in green leather wanted to know.

 "The cost is high," Miss Kat replied, "as you might expect for an exotic

material like this.  About two and a half times the cost of natural latex.

This is due to the laborious manufacturing methods we have had to use up

to now.  We hope to have a large manufacturer start making it for us in 

about a year, and after that, the price should drop."

 "Will you be selling the plain material, or just finished articles?" 

asked another.

 "For now, we will only sell completed articles.  When we get a larger

production run, we may sell the raw sheet.  That won't be for at least

a year."

 Several more questions were asked and answered, but slowly, the party

fell back into it's previous stand-around-and-chat mode, and shortly, 

Jason found himself at the edge of a conversation among Miss Kat, Billy, 

and Mandy, who was apparently setting up a demonstration for Flora.

 He tagged along when they had worked it out, and the three of them 

followed Miss Kat into the adjoining room.  The heat had been turned off,

and the air-conditioning was struggling along, but the room was still

uncomfortably warm.  Miss Kat showed them a large wardrobe of Vinylite

clothing and bondage gear, hanging from clip hangers on an impromptu

display assembled from four bellman's carts.

 "This is what we've made so far," she said.

 "You've been busy," Mandy observed.  "Didn't you say you'd only started

making it two months ago?"

 "Yes.  Jerry has been working himself to death keeping up with me and

the shop- we've all been very busy- we wanted to have plenty of things

ready for this convention."

 Mandy flipped casually through the garments, the hard plastic-like

material, rattling like bamboo wind chimes.  It was hard for Jason to tell

what some of the articles were, since it was impossible to straighten

them or unfold them, now that the room had cooled off.  Most of the pieces

appeared to be suits, both full-body catsuits or upper body binders, like

straight jackets.

 Mandy looked very interested, despite the somewhat confusing array of 

misshapen objects.

 "Do you have anything like a woman's full body catsuit, but with cutouts

for both the breasts and crotch?"

 "Actually yes, I believe I have two of them," Miss Kat answered.  "The 

cutouts are fairly standard, since we expect most people to use these 

garments for bondage, and it's always nice to be able to access the more 

sensitive parts of one's slave."  She fumbled through the articles on 

another rack.

 "And this is for her?" she asked, gesturing at Flora.

 "Yes.  She's a fairly standard size 10, except through the chest."

 "Excellent.  And of course, the bust is not a problem, since they won't

be inside the garment.  Ah, here we are!  I think this is the one."

 She hefted a suit from the rack, removed it from the hanger clips, and

carried it, like a carpenter carrying a board, across the room.


 "If you'll follow me?"  

 Without waiting for a reply, she walked into the bathroom.  Mandy, Jason,

and a somewhat reluctant Flora followed.  Miss Kat ran hot water over the

neck of the suit, and when it softened, pulled back the collar to look


 "Yes, this should fit, I think.  Would you care to try it on?" she asked


 Flora blushed, and glanced at Mandy, who merely raised one eyebrow.

 Flora looked back at Miss Kat and nodded.

 "How," began Jason, and then silenced as he saw what Miss Kat had in


 She opened the shower door, saying, "We have found that a convenient way

of donning these garments is in the shower.  Just take it in with you,

run the water as hot as you can stand it, and soften the suit under the

spray.  You will have to keep all of it warm while you are putting it on,

so I recommend using the heater as well."  Here she flipped the light 

switch that turned on the heat lamp in the ceiling.  Jason reflected that

at Mandy's house at least, this wouldn't be necessary.  Not only did they

have a sauna that doubled as a steam room, Mandy had had a fancy Kohler

shower/sauna/jacuzzi unit installed in her master bath. 

 Flora accepted the suit from Miss Kat, and looked startled.

 "God, it's so heavy!"

 "Yes," the designer replied, "we have to make the material very thick to

be sure it is strong enough.  Otherwise, a strong person could break it 

when it is in the hardened state.  Why don't go ahead and get it on, and

we'll wait outside."

 Jason was glad to get out of the bathroom, as the heat lamp was already 

making it uncomfortable.  The outer room had returned to a reasonable

temperature, and Jason silently thanked the engineer who had specified

the air conditioning for these rooms.

 Shortly, they heard the shower start, and they sat down, taking the 

drinks Miss Kat offered them, and making small talk.  At one point, 

Jerry came in and passed around a tray of crab meat canapes, and then

scurried out again when Billy bellowed for him from the other room.

 Eventually, the running water stopped.  This seemed to be a signal for

all conversation to stop.  The three waited, Miss Kat patiently, Mandy and

Jason rather more breathlessly.

 Finally, the door opened.  Flora came out amid a cloud of steam, her face

slightly flushed, and water streaming from her shiny black body.

 "I tried drying off," she said, "but the towel dulled the finish, so I

gave up.  Wow, this is like wearing liquid armor!  And it really holds

the heat- you could lose weight wearing this."

 The gleaming black suit fit her body as if it had been molded for her 

alone, every shining curve picking up highlights from the lamps in the 

room.  The only bare skin visible was her face, in the cutout of the hood,

and her breasts, jutting out comically from the two holes in the chest of

the suit.  

 "Walk around a bit," suggested Miss Kat.

 "And tell me how it feels," added Mandy.

 Flora paced along the room, stopping in front of them for a slow 

pirouette, showing off her delicious curves.  

 "It feels," she started, "um, well, now it feels kind of stiff.  When it

was hotter, it was just like one of my thick rubber suits, only much

heavier, more restrictive.  A little harder to move around in.  Miss Kat

was right, it does stretch an amazing amount for as thick as it is."

 She stopped and moved her arms around experimentally.

 "It's getting difficult to move, I think it's cooling off."  They could

plainly see the extra exertion in her face as she walked stiffly back 

toward the couch where they sat.

 "Umm, it's really getting hard to move," she continued. "I think, ahh,

what position would you like me in, ma'am?" she looked at Mandy, her

eyes aflame.  She obviously getting turned on by the increasingly 

restrictive suit.

 "Walk over to the wall there," Mandy ordered.  "Right.  Now turn around,

face the wall, and lean against it."  Flora obliged.

 "Um, Mandy, I don't think I'm going to be able to move much longer," 

Flora said.

 "That's fine- that's just how I want you."  Mandy walked up to her and 

felt Flora's ass and back.

 "Incredible, fucking incredible" she murmured.  She moved her hands over

Flora's helmet-encased head, her shoulders, her hips. 

 "You like it," observed Jason.

 "Like it?" Mandy shot back, "I fuckin' _love_ it!"  

 That much is obvious, Jason thought.  Mandy rarely swore.  The exceptions 

seemed to be when she was particularly angry or particularly aroused.

 "Mmm, this is very, very nice," put in Flora.  "Ahh, I guess it's about

has hard as it's going to get, 'cause I can't move any more."

 "Try hard," Mandy said.

 "MMPH!  Wow, um, nope- I'm, ahh, no, I'm really stuck."  Jason recognized

the sounds of lust in Flora's voice.

 "Good," was Mandy's only reply.  She opened her purse and withdrew a 

bundle of black rubber.  The pump gag went into Flora's mouth, the strap

around her rigid head.

 Then, "Jason, would you be so kind as to fetch the TENS kit from our 


 "MMMMPH!" Flora said.  The shining, rigid black suit enveloping her

body moved not at all.

                                           be continued



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