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Archive-name: Control/amperv4.txt

Archive-author: Bill Lemieux

Archive-title: American Pervert in London, An - 4

 While Mandy oohed and ahhed over Ellen's designs, Flora and Jason headed

off through the convention dealer's room to see what other delights the 

place might hold for the kinky shopper. 

 Almost immediately, Jason saw something that nearly made him collapse 

with silent laughter.  At Flora's questioning look, he pointed.  The 

elderly couple they had earlier noticed coming off the elevator were now

browsing the dealers room, dressed in matching outfits of black and white 

vinyl!   The lady caught Jason looking at them, and nodding in 

recognition, smiled at them politely.

 Flora and Jason continued on their way, with bemused expressions on 

their faces.

 Many of the tables on this side of the room appeared to be for mobile

"clubs" and social organizations, which surprised Jason, since he had 

expected such groups to adopt a low profile since the notorious

Spanner Case.  After talking with several party organizers however, they

discovered that at least here in England, the pervy crowd had opted to 

fight back with pride and public presence.  In doing so, it was hoped 

that they would not be so easily dismissed as a "lunatic fringe" by the 

relatively conservative local media.

 Finally, they began seeing more interesting booths and tables.  Tugging

his arm, Flora pulled him over to one that he'd missed.  The owner 

appeared to be selling sculpture, since the centerpiece of her display 

was a lifelike, ebony statue of a woman.  Most of the other shoppers

merely glanced at the statue and moved on.  When Flora showed more 

interest, the woman got up from her stool and introduced herself.

 "Hi, I'm Lori," she said, offering a hand to Flora, while giving Jason

the once-over-lightly.  "Are you interested in a cocoon?" she asked.

 "Well, I..." faltered Flora, shooting a puzzled look at Jason.

 "You mean, waitaminute- that's not a statue?" Jason interrupted.  

 "A cocoon, as I said.  My lover is inside.  Don't worry- she's fine,

just immobilized rather thoroughly.  Since each one is made from a mold

of the person's body, it is a perfect custom fit... and quite snug."


 Jason took a closer look at the cocoon.  It was jet black, and polished

to a high gloss.  Tall and sculpted realistically in the form of a thin 

yet attractive nude woman, the sculpture was possessed of an almost

surreal beauty.  She had slender almost boyish hips; small, rather 

pointed breasts, and long, muscular legs.  She looked like a dancer, and

he said so.

 "She is.  Or was rather, now she's a maid, more or less," Lori replied.

 "What, er, what is it made of?" asked Flora, who already had a gleam in

her eye.

 "Fiberglass reinforced resin.  The base on this one is marble, although

we usually make it from finished wood.  The fiberglass is nearly a 

centimeter thick, so it is quite heavy.  On the plus side, it's almost 

completely soundproof.  Here, take a flyer."  She handed each of them a 

color brochure containing pictures of the manufacturing process.  While

they read, and looked over the pictures, she continued.

 "As you can see, we first make a full body plaster cast of the subject.

That's a lot of fun, even if it's not as useful as the finished item."

 Jason and Flora exchanged looks.  They had both had the titillating, if

somewhat frightening experience of full body casts not so very long ago.

 "Then, a positive is cast using steel-reinforced Hydrocal, which gives 

us a sturdy form, an exact duplicate of the slave.  The fiberglass is

laid up on that.  That last picture there shows some options we made for

a recent customer in the U. S.- interchangeable bust cups with various 

devices built in, head fittings, crotch accessories, and so on.  The 

version I brought here is pretty basic- it's one of the first we ever

made.  Oh and of course, you can have your choice of color, too.  

  We're seriously thinking of offering one in transparent acrylic plastic 

but it would be hideously expensive and about twice as much work."

 Jason nodded toward the `statue'.  "How long do you keep her in there?"

 "Depends on my mood- and hers.  And how good she's been."  She glanced

at her watch.  "Right now, she's going on seven hours."

 "SEVEN HOURS?" exclaimed Jason.  He realized he'd nearly shouted and 

immediately looked sheepish.  "Well, I mean, that seems like a long time 

for something that severe." 

 "It isn't necessarily severe at all- it's quite comfortable really,

since it conforms to her body exactly."  She grinned.  "Which is not

to say it can't be MADE unpleasant, or for that matter, pleasurably

distracting- there are a few options, even on this model."  She was

obviously warming to her subject, no doubt recognizing a pair of

potential customers when she saw them.


 She moved to the `statue' and pointed out various features as she 

lectured.  "The natural curves of the human body made hinges quite 

impossible, so we had some small latches designed- they run down each

side.  They're morticed into the edges, so they're not very noticeable. 

 The edges are made with tongue-and-groove construction, and a neoprene

gasket runs around the entire perimeter, making for a water-tight, and 

for all practical purposes air-tight, seal.  For that reason, we will 

not ship a cocoon without both mouth and nose openings, since otherwise,

it's impossible to tell whether your slave is in trouble, or even 



 She took out a small mirror from under the counter and held it below

the nose of the tall form.  When she showed it to them, Jason saw mist

quickly disappearing on the glass.  This produced a powerful reaction in

him that he couldn't quite explain the source of, but the result was

plain.  He shifted his stance, to hide his growing excitement.  It was

as if, until she'd produced the mirror, the discussion had all been 

theoretical, but now, faced with proof that there was indeed a living, 

breathing person inside that ebony sculpture, someone who had the same 

beautiful shape as the exterior, he experienced a unique, empathic 


 "As I was saying," Lori went on, "there are a few features that I 

think of as standard, even though we've only made a few of these so far.

 Although you can't see it, the crotch has places where vibrators, 

butt-plugs and so on can be fitted, and..." she inserted a small tool

from her pocket into the statue's navel, "the entire crotch can be 

removed completely, granting access to the slave's genitals."  Lori 

pulled at the crotch, and a narrow curved section, extending from just 

below the navel to the bottom of the buttocks, now came away in her 

hands.  The seams were so finely matched, that they had been invisible

until she had opened the panel.

 She pulled it down with exaggerated slowness, and soon they saw why.  

Attached to it's inner surface, and presumably being withdrawn from the

woman inside, was a tremendous, tapering plug that seemed entirely too 

long and thick for the scale of the slender statue.  At it's base it had 

to be at least four inches in diameter, it's tapered length appeared

roughly ten inches long, and the blunt, rounded end seemed reminiscent of

a golf ball.  As she set the plate aside, long slimy strands of some 

stringy, artificial lubricant stretched between the panel and where

it had just been, as if the statue were reluctant to give up that which 

had recently been so intimately connected with it.  Removing the panel

revealed a small patch, perhaps fore inches wide, of a naked, hairless

mons.  A faint gleam hinted at piercings or some other hardware, nestled

between her lips.

 Jason glanced at Flora, and they shared a wide-eyed, disbelieving 

look.  Neither could quite believe that that giant dong had been inside a

real person.  

 When they looked back, Lori was sitting on the stool close to the 

statue, donning a black latex opera-length glove, and squeezing 

lubricant onto it.  She smeared it liberally over the glove, then paused

theatrically to smile at her visitors.  

 "I suspect my Amy is loose enough by now, wouldn't you think?"  

 Jason and Flora just gaped back as Lori turned and began easing her 

fingers inside the rear end of the statue.  In the space of ten seconds, 

her hand had disappeared.  She appeared to be moving her fingers, because

they could see the muscles in her forearm working.  Lori returned their 

stares with a slight smile.  She leaned a little closer to her work, and 

moved her arm up.  To Jason's utter amazement, after a little working and

slow movements back and forth, Lori had her arm inside the statue up to 

her elbow.  Even taking into account the fact the Lori's arm was

considerably smaller than his, he was quite taken aback, and for a 

flashing instant, had a vision of what the person inside must be


 Lori spoke for the first time in several minutes.  "It's very tight-

there's almost no room inside for her body to expand."  She moved her 

other hand up and began manipulating the occupant's front with a single 

pinky finger, which she worked in between the labia.  After a few 

moments, she sped up her hand motion, then stopped.  After a moment, she

slowly, very slowly, eased out her other arm and hand.

 "There," she said, looking quite pleased with herself as she stripped

off the long rubber glove.  "That will be her fourth orgasm since she

went inside this morning- and one she won't soon forget, I imagine.  

So-" she looked Flora steadily in the eye, "-think you're ready for one?"

 "An orgasm?" interjected Jason.

 "No idiot," Flora shot back, "one of those."  She looked nervously from

Lori to Jason to the statue, and back to Lori again. 


 "Well, actually, it does sound fun, but... well, it would be up to my, 

um, our, mistress."  She looked down at the table, then up at Lori 

through lowered eyelashes- her best submissive look.  Jason had to

struggle to suppress his laughter.

 "Of course, of course," soothed Lori, "don't you worry your pretty 

little head about it."  She smiled as a cat might smile at a bird she

was planning to have for lunch.

"Just give her one of my cards, won't you?"  She handed Flora a plain

white business card.  




                    Lori  Nielson, prop.

 "Thanks," Flora managed to stammer.

 "Yes, thanks," added Jason, "but we've really got to get going..."

Flora stared fascinated over her shoulder at the cocoon, as Jason 

nearly dragged her away.


 They walked slowly away from the Sarcophagus Incorporated table,

both of them slightly dazed.  After a moment, Jason broke the silence. 

 "I guess what amazes me is that she can get away with fisting someone,

right out in front of God, Freud, and everybody... I mean, what with the

Spanner Case, you'd think everyone would be overly cautious."

 Flora wore a bemused expression on her face.  "If you think about

it," she replied, "she wasn't doing anything all that attention

-getting.  After all, that cocoon DOES look like a statue- hell, you

could have it in the corner of the dining room at High Tea.  Any 

casual observer could assume she had her arm inside a hollow statue-

that would be a natural assumption, wouldn't it?  I mean, unless you 

take more than a moment to think about what she was doing... I don't 

know.  Hey- what's this?"

 They had come to a stop, as if by some silent agreement, in front of

one of the largest purveyors of latex and rubber clothes.  This place

stood out from the rest however, if for no other reason than they had

taken up three booth spaces with their tables and racks, and had an

unusually large share of the convention-goers gathered around.  Another

reason was the highly professional and slick appearance of their

presentation.  Their area was against one wall, and they had put dozens

of huge photo-posters of their fashions high up on the wall.  Below the

pictures was a continuous row of clothes racks running the width of the

booth, holding an astonishing variety of odd-looking clothing and 


 In front of the racks were three platforms, upon which models displayed

the company's wares.  Curtained booths at either end of the area were

apparently being used as changing areas.

 But the first thing that Flora noticed was the unusual appearance of the

models.  The girls at either end wore fantastic-looking molded rubber

fashions.  The one on the left, a blond man with chiseled features and

a weight-lifters body, wore an unusual tanktop of very shiny silver 

latex, which had molded conical spikes covering it in symmetrical 

patterns.  His leather thigh boots by contrast, were black and had 

large, conical metal spikes attached along the shins, at the front and 

sides of the knee, and at the back of the heels.  She noted with interest

that the boots had platform soles and tall stiletto heels.  She decided 

she liked this look on a man.  His opposite partner, on the right-hand 

platform, was a red-head, judging from the ponytail protruding from the

top of her helmet.  


 Her costume was much more interesting than the male's, at least in 

Flora's opinion.  A rather bizarre catsuit of polished lime green latex,

it had a molded and heavily-boned corset built right in.  The corset 

portion featured a complex "biomechanical" design molded into it, with 

exaggerated ribs.  The bust cups were covered in rubber spikes, and a 

complicated skeletal pattern, like the spine of a robot, was molded into

the back.  The rest of the suit consisted mainly of sheets of thick 

rubber joining the arms and legs, the open-faced helmet, and sides of 

the suit, such that unless she made an effort, the model was encouraged 

by the slightly stretched material to stand with her legs wide apart, and

her arms akimbo over head.  The "wings", the sheets joining each arm to 

it's corresponding leg, were painted or airbrushed with elaborate, semi-

mechanical tendon designs.  The whole effect was  a bit like a green 

cybernetic flying squirrel.  Flora saw that since the helmet was 

incorporated into the rubber sheet joining the arms, it was nearly 

impossible for the model to move her head.  

 Flora stared in rapt fascination at the woman for several minutes, while

the model turned slowly, occasionally demonstrating that she could in

fact move her arms and legs around, but judging from the determined look

on her face, it took considerable effort.

 Finally, Flora turned her attention to the center, slightly higher, 

dais.  This platform was somewhat larger than the other two, with a

railing surrounding it, and was obviously intended to be the centerpiece

of their display.  It was occupied by someone of unknown sex wearing a 

black rubber inflatable full-body suit.  It appeared, after she examined 

it awhile, that the chest, pelvis, and legs could be inflated separately

from each other, as well as the helmet, hands, and feet.  Each hand had 

been inflated so large that they gave the wearer the appearance of a 

collection of giant sausages and basketballs.  The legs and arms were 

swelled to the degree that the arms were forced nearly to the horizontal,

while the legs were pushed wide apart.  No shoes or boots were worn on 

the feet- hardly surprising, since they too were inflated to gargantuan

size.  The whole assemblage gave the impression of a collection of black

balloons that had decided to go for a walk.


 The face of the helmet was devoid of any decoration or features, except 

for a single fitting where Flora thought the mouth might be.  She wondered

for a moment about the sex of the person inside.

 Occasionally, and seemingly with great difficulty since the legs were

being pressed wide apart, the wearer would turn around to face the 

opposite direction, so that customers could see the other side.

 When he (or she- it was impossible to tell) turned around, Flora saw 

that a collection of small hoses depended from the waist at the back

of the suit, and ran down to a small box, held by one of the employees 

sitting in a chair.  Another hose connected to the box and led under one 

of the tables.

 One of the other employees leaned down to speak in the seated operator's

ear, and a moment later, a faint hissing was heard, as the suit's body,

hands, and feet deflated to more normal proportions.  In a few seconds, 

the figure looked human again, merely another rubber fiend, trapped in an 

elaborate body suit.  In fact, it was now possible to guess the gender of

the model inside, as the swell of hips and breast became apparent beneath

the now relaxed sheets of rubber, as did an unusually shaped bulge at the

crotch.  Now Flora noticed small wires leading from the crotch and 

breasts, that joined the bundle of tubing from the control console. 


 Judging from the normal size of the mittens, and the fact that the suit

appeared to be made from fairly heavy rubber, Flora imagined that when 

inflated, the fit inside must be very tight indeed!

 After a moment, faint hissing was again heard, and the occupant's hands 

flew to her crotch, as some unseen force caused her balance to become 

noticeably uncertain.  The next moment her hands pawed desperately

at her chest, as her breasts appeared to swell in size from inside the 

suit.  In a short time, her bust had swollen to legendary proportions, 

and several onlookers began to chuckle.  Whatever unseen event had caused

her to wobble was still at work apparently, for her hands moved again to

her crotch for a moment, and then she slowly sank to her hands and knees,

her chest heaving.  It was obvious that she was breathing deeply and

hard.  The operator allowed her to stay in that position for only a 

moment, then one hand and a leg began to inflate.  As the leg was forced

straight and her hand swelled, she was slowly pushed over onto her side. 


 Eventually, the occupant seemed to get the idea, and struggled 

deliberately onto her back.  A twist of another dial on the operator's

box, and her leg and hand gradually resumed their normal size.

 The subject had taken to squirming in decidedly excited ways, moving her

hands across her ridiculously-sized chest and through her crotch.  Flora

wondered with great interest just what was going on inside the suit

down there.

 Apparently, this wasn't enough for the operator, for soon the suit again

swelled all over, forcing the occupant's arms and legs wide again.  In 

fact in her new position, there wasn't enough room within the rails for

her limbs, and her hands and feet wound up outside the railing supports, 

below the bottom rail.  After no more than a minute, her legs and arms 

were held rigidly away from her body, but the hands and feet of the suit

continued to swell for another minute.  When they stopped, it was clearly 

impossible to withdraw them through the rails- she was trapped in place

by the suit!  The audience applauded, while the occupant of the suit

began to squirm and vibrate in ernest- it was apparent that there was

more happening inside the suit than met the eye externally.  Finally,

the subject arched her back, her pelvis held above the floor for a long

moment, while the onlookers held their breath.  Then she collapsed with

a thump, and instantly, the entire suit deflated.


The collected crowd broke into enthusiastic applause, and loud 

conversations resumed along the front of the booth.

 "I'll bet that would keep you frustrated for a while," came a voice at

Flora's shoulder.  She turned toward the voice and got a fast peck on 

the lips for her trouble.  Mandy had caught up with them, and was 

admiring the inflatable suit as well.  

 "Have you looked in their catalog yet?" she asked, "they have a lot more

of this sort of thing- they're really innovative, I think.  Grab one for

me, will you?"

 She turned her attention to Jason, who was more entranced by the 

redhead in the "bat-suit".  "Hey, big boy, buy a lady a drink?"  She

smiled at his startled look when he turned and saw who it was.

 "Hey lover," he said, hugging her, "did you and... Ellen was it? 

and Ellen- figure out a design?"  He glanced significantly at the bags 

Mandy was toting.  Obviously, she had been doing more shopping.

 "Mm-hmm, that Ms. Schiffer is a bonafied genius- I'll have to put 

blindfolds on you and Flora to keep you from drooling on me when you

see it.  The best part is... she says she can have it ready for the Grand

Ball Sunday night!"

 Jason looked dubious.  "How?!  Unless she has an army of people still 

working back at her shop...  Say, about that drink..."

 "Count me in too," Flora chimed in.  She sounding a bit breathless, 

Jason thought.  "I could use a- I'm a little ah..." she looked again at 

the inflated suit, and the "bat-suited" woman.  

"I just need a drink," she finished lamely.  

Jason laughed, Mandy laughed, and finally Flora joined in.  Mandy handed a 

shopping bag to each, and taking her lovers and slaves arm-in-arm, marched 

together with them, in search of the bar.


                                          be continued



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