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Archive-name: Control/amperv2.txt

Archive-author: Bill Lemieux

Archive-title: American Pervert In London, An - 2

                                   part 2

  Mandy smiled, opened the stall door and backed up.  Leaning forward,

she pulled down on each of Flora's ears. 


  Flora's eyes fluttered a second, then flew open.  She saw Mandy, and

smiled uncertainly.  She stood stock still, looked around, and failed to 

recognize her surroundings.  Her eyes grew wide.  She was standing in a

bathroom stall.  The last thing she remembered, she had been sitting at

the ice cream shop table, talking with Jason and Mandy about the kids who

ran the place.

  "Oh, shit," she said softly.

  "Well," said Mandy, "are you ready to go back?"


  "Back to the hotel."

  "Back to the hotel," echoed Flora, "Uh, sure."  She took inventory of 

the stall.  Herself, Mandy, and Mandy's shopping bag.  Nothing else.  She

knew what had been done- they'd been playing with it for years, but only

rarely- Mandy insisted that it remain a rare treat for some reason.  She

never gave Flora any warning, although Flora had years ago offered up her

free will on the altar of good times, and every time, it shook Flora to

her core.

  "You hypnotized me again, didn't you?"


  "I don't suppose you'll tell me what you've done this time, either."

  Mandy grinned.  "Nope.  Ready?"

  "Okay, what the hell," she looked down, saw the shopping bag, and bent 

to pick it up.  "Oh!" she exclaimed.  An amazing sensation had just shot

through her sex.  She grasped the bag and stood up in slow motion.  

"Oh my," she added.  She looked down and felt the `grope' panties through

the thin latex of her skirt.  She wiggled her bottom experimentally, then

looked up at Mandy with wide eyes and a breathless smile.  

"I'm ready, oh am I ever... but I don't think I can walk very far, love."

  "You'll have to.  Walking is the only way you're going to get back, and

I'm not letting you off the hook until we are back in our room."

  Flora headed for the bathroom door, a determined look on her face.  

"Well," she said, "I'll give it my best shot.  Good God, what have you 

stuffed me with?  I love it!  Er, them."

  Mandy just chuckled as they walked silently past the consternated soda

jerks, pausing only long enough to sweep up her other bag, and grab her 

mackintosh from the rack.



  Jason was about to go back in to see what was keeping them, when the

two appeared at the door, and walked over to him, a happy smile on each of

their faces.  He noted that Flora seemed wide awake and happy.  "I don't 

suppose you had anything to do with this," she said as they walked up.

 Shooting a glance at Mandy, he asked innocently, "With what?".

  "With these giant ben wa's stuffed inside me, you dolt," she hissed at

him, grinning.

  "Why, I, uh..." he looked at Mandy for support.

  "They were his idea, actually," remarked Mandy casually.

  "Oh thanks a lot," Jason shot back.

  Flora looked skyward.  "I might have known," she said. "I hope you two

perverts don't mind helping a helpless lady home, do you?  Mmmm.  I feel

weak in the knees for some reason."  Mandy and Jason each took an arm, and

they sauntered off down the street, three good friends, innocently walking

arm in arm.

  "Oh God," said Flora after about a block, "this is wonderful.  If we 

don't slow down, I think I'm going to come."

  "We're not stopping," Mandy said sternly, "keep walking."

  "I'm walking, I'm walking.  Mmm.  This is VERY nice."

  After another block, she wasn't quite as calm.

  "Oh God," sighed Flora, "oh Mandy.  God, I love you.  Both of you...

Aahh!  Okay, okay, I'm walking... see?  I'm going, just a little bit

further, yeah.  Oh man.  Oh, Mandy, I'm gonna come pretty soon...  

You don't mind, do you?"  She picked up her pace a bit, bobbing up and 

down in an exaggerated strut on her sky-high stiletos.

  "Come on you guys, keep up," she said.  "Oh!  That's it, yeah.  Gonna 

come.  Gonnacomegonnacomegonnacome, jeezuswhatstakingsolong, mmm, mmm, 

come on, that's it, oh, damn!"  She was literally bouncing up and down

now, oblivious to the hazards of trying to skip in high heels.  She 

leaned harder on her two companions for support.  

"Oh, I can't believe this," she panted, "too good, too good, oh, so good,

but not... not.  Quite.  Enough.  Uhh, oh my God.  I can't believe this.

Oh.  Mandy.  What did you do to me?  I can't... I can't... uhhhh!  

Jeezus!  So good, mmm, so good.  Mandy!  You did this!  Why can't I come?

Oh, aauhhg!."

  Mandy looked over at her.  "Keep it down, lover, you'll get us all 

run in!  Why can't you come?  I've no idea.  You'll just have to wait 

'till we get back.  We'll take care of you there, I promise.  Just a 

little further, dear."

  Flora looked frantic.  Her breath came in short gasps, as she looked

desperately from Jason to Mandy and back to Jason, both of whom returned

bland, innocent expressions.  

"Shit," she said, "why do I bother?  Ohhhh, my.  Ohhh, this is too 

wonderful.  I HAVETA come, gotta come.  GottacomeGottacomeGottacome.

Ohhhh, shit. Ah, Ah, Ah.  JeeeZUZ.  I can't believe this.  Can't we stop

for just a sec?  I can't take this, really.  Puh-lease?  Oh, shit.  Oh, 

Mandy.  Jason.  Uh-ng.  Please, let's stop, just for a second."

  "Nope," replied Mandy, "No stopping.  Almost there.  See, it's just 

down the block.  Flora?  Flora!  Flora, goddammit, open your eyes, the 

doorman will think you're a drunken tourist.  And for God's sake, girl, keep

your voice down!"

  "NNNNGGG," answered Flora.  "I'mmmmm tryinnngggg," she muttered

through clenched teeth.

  As they approached the hotel doors, Mandy slowed down, and Flora 

slowly straightened, and even managed to screw her mouth into a 

mechanical smile for the doorman as they walked up the steps. 

  "Just couldn't handle that wonderful ale you have over here," confided

Mandy to the doorman, as they swept past.  

  The doorman smiled understandingly, shaking his head after they were 

gone.  "Bleedin' yank tourists," he muttered.

  Flora whined softly in desperation all through the lobby, then 

complained bitterly in the elevator and the rest of the way to their


  As soon as they reached the safety of their room, Flora exploded.  

"That's it!  I'm not taking another step until you explain why I can't 

seem to come!  I am MORE than excited enough.  I'm so... so hot I can't

stand myself!  Ungh!  Oh, I can't tell you!  Was it some hypnotism thing,

is that it?"

  Mandy looked at Flora placidly.  "I'll let you come as soon as you do

one little thing for me."

  "Yes!  Please!  What is it?  Tell me!"

  "Take your shoes off and do twenty jumping jacks.  Slowly."

  Flora's eyes grew wide.  "Oh, no... I can't..." she said softly.


  "But, I... Okay,  I'll try."

  "Jason," Mandy said, "would you stand behind Flora, in case she falls."

Jason moved.  Flora started, jumping and spreading, jumping and spreading,

her arms windmilling about.


  "One, and, two, OHGOD, three, and UH! and five, and,"

  "Flora," said Mandy softly.  Flora slowed down.  

"No, don't slow down.  Just listen to me."

  "...ten, jesus, so good, twelve,"

  "Just listen to the sound of my voice, concentrate on what I say..."

  "...sixteen, oh, Mandy, I'm listening...seventeen, please god, 

eighteen, uhh! nineteen, aaand TWENTY!"

  She grinned triumphantly at Mandy.  Mandy broke a soft smile too.

  "Autoeroticism," she said softly.  For a moment, Flora looked 

confused at the non-sequitur, then a kind of comprehension dawned, and 

finally she took on a look of intense relief.  She sagged backwards 

against Jason as a powerful spasm shook her body, than another.  At first

she remained silent.  Then, as another orgasm overtook her, she let out 

the first of many long sighs and moans.

  "Ahhh, God...  I. Don't. Be. Lieve. It.  Uh! Uh! Uh! So. So. 

Gooooood.  Oh, Mandy....  Oh, Jase, aaahhhnnngggg." 

  Mandy looked up from her watch.  Flora had come almost continuously for

more than a minute before she was finished.


  "I feel icky," said Flora, suddenly realizing she had fallen asleep.  

They had adjourned to the bed to let her rest, Flora lying on her back,

flanked left and right by Mandy and Jason, who had cuddled and stroked

her while she recovered.  Little after-shocks were still trembling 

through her tummy.

  Apparently they too had fallen asleep.  Jason stirred next to her as she

continued talking to the ceiling.  "But I have to admit- that was the 

longest and bestest orgasm I have ever had.  I think.  It's hard to 

remember what something felt like after a long time."  She nudged Mandy

gently.  Mandy started as if unaware she had dozed off.

  "It certainly was fun to watch," Jason said.

  "Mmmm. Thank you Mistress."

  Mandy smiled smugly into Flora's shoulder.  "You're welcome.  So, 

when's the dealers room open?  I want to see what Ellen Shipper has to 

offer this year.  Among others."

  Jason stretched lazily toward the dresser, trying to reach the 

convention schedule without falling out of bed.  He barely made it.  

"Lessee, art show opens at three... here it is- Dealers Room.  Five to 

eight tonight, ten to six tomorrow and Sunday."  He glanced at his watch.

 It's four now, we've got some time to kill."

  "Good!  Flora... it's time for show and tell."

  "You first."

  "Hah!  Uppity slave.  You've already seen- well, FELT, what I bought

for you.  At least, part of it.  It's your turn."

  "Okay."  Flora did the same stretching routine Jason had, trying to

reach her shopping bag without leaving the bed, but she didn't make it.

  She whooped loudly, looking silly.  She twisted as she slid off

the bed, and landed on her ass.  A look of surprise stole over her face,

and her mouth made a large `O'.  "Oof!  Uh, guys, I do NOT recommend

doing that when you have giant Ben-Wa balls inserted in your twat."

  "I'll try to remember," said Jason wryly, "common, show her the you-

know-whats- I want to see the expression on her face."

  Slowly, Flora pulled out of her bag the brightest pieces of rubber 

Mandy had ever seen.  They were just latex stockings, but they were the

loudest shade of fluorescent green imaginable.  When Flora held them up 

in front of her purple skirt, Mandy closed her eyes. 

  "I think I'm getting a headache," she said.

  "Aw, come on," pleaded Flora, "neon is all the rage right now.  I mean,

I'm the one that has to wear them."

  "And I have to look at them.  That is SICK, girl."  Flora pouted.

"Fine, wear them if you must, but NOT when you're around me.  I expressly

forbid it."

  Jason grinned.  "Sick huh?  Coming from you, that's saying something." 

He ducked her swing, barely evading a face-full of pillow.

  "Okay," said Flora, "you hinted you had something else.  Give."

  "Piggy.  You already got your present.  This is for Jason.  Sort of."

  She pulled out a bundle of leather straps with a dildo in the middle

and handed it to him.  It was a head harness, with a hollow dildo

sprouting from the front of the mouth plate, and a sponge stuffed leather

gag on the back.  It wasn't the first time he had seen one, but it was

definitely different from the one Flora had used on him.  This one had a 

few more straps, and some funny-looking small hooks on the straps at the

side of the mouth and chin.  There was another clip, without a hook, 

mounted on the strap at the top of the nose.  The biggest difference 

though, was the fact that the nose area was covered by a rubber molding,

and the dildo was hollow, with holes in it.  They were large holes, with

rounded edges, about a third of the way down the shaft.  It was a little

hard to figure out what the whole thing was meant to accomplish.

  "This is for me, huh?" asked Jason dubiously.  

  "Gee, I like it already," chirped Flora.

  "You would."

  "Don't squabble children, it isn't becoming," chided Mandy.  

"We've got almost an hour until the Dealers room opens, why don't we 

try it on and make sure it fits?  It was custom made, it had better."

  "WE?" asked Jason sarcastically, "I don't think it will fit all of us

at once."

  "Laugh while you can, monkey-boy," intoned Mandy in an odd voice, her

face a mask of mock seriousness.  "C'mere."  She undid a buckle and held

the device open for him.

  Pouting meekly, Jason bowed his head, and she pulled it on.  The

harness, or trainer, or whatever it was, fit pretty much like the other

head harness, the big gag filling his cheeks with the taste of tanned

leather.  He immediately realized that there was a tube through the gag,

and that the only way he could get air was through the holes in the

dildo.  He didn't like the way this was beginning to look.  The air 

whistled in and out through the holes as he breathed, making him feel

a little self-conscious.  

  Well, this is different, he thought.  He wondered what the little 

fixtures were for.  He might have known.

  "Off with the skirt, girl," ordered Mandy.

  "Oh yes ma'am, Mistress ma'am," said Flora, who had begun fingering 

the bumpy crotch of her briefs against herself.  

  "Don't get smart, or I'll tie you in the closet and we'll go without

you.  The briefs, too," she added.  "Now lose the balls."

  Flora pouted, but complied.  Mandy took them from her and put them in

the bathroom sink to be washed later.

  Flora made an interesting picture, nude from the waist to her shoes,

with the hideous purple patent jacket for contrast.  She looked 

expectantly at Mandy.

  "Well?" said Mandy, "get up here."  She patted the bed.  "You," she 

said to Jason, "can get down on the floor where you belong."  Jason

climbed down and knelt by the side of the bed.  Mandy situated Flora

across the bed on her back, shoving the bed toward the wall with the 

dresser.  She had Flora lie flat, her ass hanging over the edge of the 

bed a little, and her heels up on the dressers edge.  "Now be a good 

little slut and rub yourself off for me.  Don't come, either."

  "Come over here."  This directed at Jason.  She maneuvered Jason until

he was sitting in front of Flora's exposed crotch, his legs under the 


  "Huh.  I oughta do something about those hands," Mandy said.  She

went to their bags, and opened one.  When she pulled leather cuffs and

adjustable straps out of it, Jason remembered that she had promised to 

bring along a play bag.  She attached the straps to the bed legs on the

other side, and using the cuffs, she stretched his ankles out diagonally,

his legs under the bed, pulling him toward Flora.

  "Mmmffm."  Jason eyed Flora's beckoning crotch, her fingers busy on her

clit,  with only limited eagerness.  He knew that he'd be unable to 

breathe if the dildo went in very far.  The rubber molding over his nose

sealed it off completely.  He was a little disappointed at that, because

he'd be unable to smell or taste anything except the leather gag for the

duration.  He stared at her labia rings, and suddenly he knew what the 

fastenings on the trainers straps were for.

  Mandy produced a wide leather belt with attached cuffs, buckled it 

around his waist, and made his wrists fast.  He leaned forward a little,

knowing what had to come next.

  She disappointed him somewhat by turning her attentions to Flora.  She

took another wide belt and two more long adjustable straps from the bag,

fastened the belt around Flora's waist, and the straps between the belt

and the bed legs on Jason's side of the bed.  Next she put a half hood of

leather over Flora's head, blocking her sight.  As an afterthought, she

added Flora's personal stereo headphones, selecting a tape with a hard-

driving dance beat.  Finally, she dribbled a little lube on Flora's busy

fingers.  Flora worked it into her snatch, although it appeared she

hardly needed it.

  "That's enough," chastised Mandy, "remember, I forbade you to come."

  "Now then," she added, turning to Jason's harness, "this may take a 

little fiddling.  I want it just right."  She aligned the dildo 

carefully with Flora's cunt, then shoved his head toward it.  Carefully,

she attached each of the five rings from Flora's outer labia to the

corresponding clip on the straps of Jason's head harness.  There were now

ten rings around his mouth keeping his face nearly buried in Flora's 

crotch.  He had to pull back a little to get air through the dildo.  He 

could see Flora's outer lips stretched taught as he inhaled desperately.  

Despite his nose being almost completely blocked, he caught a whiff of 

her scent- sweaty, musky.

  He heard Flora moan softly from the tugging sensations.


  "Don't pull too hard now, boy- wouldn't want to stretch her all out of

shape, would you?"

  Jason was beginning to think that Mandy had forgotten something 

important.  How was he supposed to breathe?  "MMM-MM!" he said as loudly

as he could.  Heard through the breathing tube and gag it wasn't very 

loud.  Mandy looked up sharply at him.

  "Don't panic boy, I know what I'm doing."

  Jason wasn't entirely convinced, but he kept silent, concentrating 

instead on breathing slowly and deeply through the dildo, his heart 

pounding in his chest and his blood rushing in his ears.  He stared at 

Flora's snatch from just inches away, and watched a trickle of sweat inch

it's way down from her belly toward her pussy.  For some reason, the 

words of that general in `Dr. Strangelove' came to him suddenly- 

"Precious bodily fluids..."  For a moment, the whole scene seemed absurd,

as if he had become a bemused outside observer.   

  Mandy's hand was on the back of his head again.  "Take a deep breath,"

she said.  She pushed him inward a little further, and the dildo inched

it's way further between Flora's lips.  He stared at the thick gold ring

through Flora's clit.  Flora's clit was quite a bit smaller than Mandy's.

  Strange that I never noticed that before, he thought.

  Mandy's fingers appeared in his view, pulled on the clit ring, as if 

seeing just how far Flora could be stretched.  

  He heard Flora's corresponding "Aah!  Ooohh, I like, I like," coming

from above.  He also felt his lungs begin the first hints of complaint.  

Well, he thought, trying to stay calm, if I have to smother this way, 

there are worse ways to go...

  Mandy's fingers appeared in front of his eyes, and attached the clip at

his nose to the ring dangling in front of his eyes.  The fingers 

disappeared again.

  Now what do I do, thought Jason.  He backed out slowly, watching the

ring.  There was quite a bit of slack between the length of the clip and 

the rings diameter.  Just as the breathing holes cleared Flora's cunt,

the ring and clip came taught, and started tugging on her clit.  A little

bit more tension, and her lips were stretched taught- he couldn't pull 

back any further.  But at least he could breathe.  Slowed by the small

breathing holes and gag, He pulled in a huge lung full of air.  He wanted

to pleasure Flora, but he wanted to breathe even more.

  He waited until his breathing calmed down, then pushed the dildo

in again on his own.  He felt her thighs move somewhat around him, felt

his head being moved by the harness as she moved her hips. 

  He pulled out again.  Immediately, he felt her hands on his head, 

urging him back in.  But he HAD to get a breath!  He gulped air, and 

plunged in again.  The idea occurred to him that he could probably exhale

while the dildo was inside her.  He pushed his breath out a little.  The 

incredibly obscene sound that resulted made him try to laugh, despite the

fact that he had no air to laugh with.  Flora's hands tightened on his

head and in his hair, and more moans issued from somewhere above.  

 Then he remembered that you weren't supposed to blow into a woman- some 

medical reason or other he had read somewhere.  He went back to breathing

as best he could on alternate strokes, Flora's hands urging him on.  It

occurred to him that Flora probably wasn't aware of his breathing

problem, and would just go on shoving his face into her.

  He couldn't see what Mandy was doing.  Probably just watching and

jilling off, he thought.

  Finally, Flora's thighs clamped around his head, immobilizing him, and

as he struggled desperately for air, he felt her shudder in a single, 

brief orgasm.  

                                       be continued.



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