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Archive-name: Control/amperv1.txt

Archive-author: Bill Lemieux

Archive-title: American Pervert in London, An - 1

 part 1

 "So, where do we go for lunch?" asked Jason, looking half-heartedly

 in one of the hundreds of shop windows. Yet another combination

tobacconist's and news stand. The neighborhood was rife with them. An

annoyed-looking proprietor stared at him as he pressed his nose against

the glass, and he realized he was acting like a tourist again and

looked away.

 The view in Flora's direction was decidedly better, anyway. She had

dressed up before leaving the hotel room, apparently to torment him.

It was working. Now she was wearing a very tight, very short latex

miniskirt in an outrageous shade of purple. The latex was so thin, it

was slightly translucent, and when the light hit it right, he could see

little bubbles in the sweat between her ass and the skirt.

 Combined with the form-fitting jacket in a matching shade of patent

leather, the total effect was staggeringly loud, but very sexy.

Besides a half-cup push-up bra of shiny black rubber, the tight-waisted

jacket was all she wore above the waist. It revealed and exaggerated

her cleavage and, combined with the bright colors, created the

impression that she was an escapee from a local art school.

 Jason shrugged his new bomber jacket around him, unwilling to believe

that this overcast day was actually "nice spring weather," as Flora had

called it. He was glad he had bought the version with a shearling

lining, because it was the only thing keeping him warm. The pattern of

chrome studs on the back he could have done without, but it was the

only version that came with the sheepskin.

 "I dunno," Flora answered absently. She was squinting in the

 overcast but bright daylight, looking through a tourist's guide

book. "Something besides pub food. The locals could learn something

about good food, you know." She shifted back and forth a bit on her

stiletto heels.

 "Hey," defended Jason, "that place had damn good ale. Just because

you don't like fish..."

 "I LIKE fish," retorted Flora, "I just don't like what THEY did to

 it. I mean, vinegar? Eeew." She took a break from her reading to

stick her tongue out petulantly at a passing gent who was admiring the

view. It was not surprising, considering Flora's outfit- even in

Carnaby Street, where punks and art-school types seemed to abound.

 "What do you mean, you're supposed to LIKE the vinegar. YOU'RE a

 Brit. It's been what, twenty-four hours? And already your accent is

thickening like yesterday's chowder." He smiled at his little

witticism, but pecked Flora on the cheek to take the sting from his


 She grinned and appeared ready with a riposte, when something caught

her attention over Jason's shoulder.

 "Mandy! Over here!" She shouted over the din of the tourist crowd

 and the traffic.

 Mandy hurried up to them, loaded down with shopping bags. Looking

quite fashionable in her shiny black mackintosh and calf-high boots,

she was far better prepared for the threatening sky than either Jason

or Flora. Flora looked like she ought to be freezing in her skimpy,

revealing outfit, but she showed no sign of it. Perhaps she was just

used to the climate. She had neglected to tell her companions what the

weather was like in England, but apparently Mandy had had a better idea

English weather than Jason.

 "So, did you find what you were looking for?" Asked Jason.

 She frowned and said, "More or less. I have to go back to the

Ectomorph shop after the con for a second fitting. Oh, and I've bought

you each a present."

 "What, What?" Flora asked, jumping up and trying to look into Mandy's

bag, like a small child.

 "Oh, you'll see. Wait 'till we get back to the hotel. Hmm. I see

 I'm not the only one who's been shopping. New shoes, my dear?"

 Flora smiled coyly through her hair at Mandy, who was walking around

the younger woman, inspecting her new heels. They were sky-high,

bright purple, patent leather opera pumps, matching her skirt, with the

addition of half-a-dozen straps across the instep, and a wide cuff

around the ankle, attached to the shoe at the back. A tiny padlock

dangled from the hasp of each cuff.

 "What do you think?" Asked Jason, "I picked the style, and Flora

 picked the color."

 Mandy smiled approvingly. "I like, I like. Anything else?"

 "I've been sorely tempted," said Jason, "but I'm saving my money for

the convention. Every fetish and perve shop in Europe will be there,

and I won't have to wear out my feet. Plus, if we see something in the

dealers room we like, we can always visit their shop next week, if

they're locals."

 "Well," said Flora, "there was one little thing, er, pair of things,

 I just couldn't resist. They weren't very expensive!" She added


 "So? Give. Let's see!" Mandy looked expectantly at Flora's

 shopping bag.

 "Weeelll, since you're going to make US wait until we get back, I

think I'll make YOU wait too." She put on her best "mischievous child"


 Mandy gave her a stern look. "Fine. If that's the way you want it.

You know you'll have to pay for this little disobedience later, don't


 Jason rolled his eyes skyward.

 "And what are YOU looking gaga at?" Mandy gave Jason a perturbed

 stare. Jason looked back, his innocent smile clearly saying, `who


 Mandy gave up. "Oh! You two! I'm starving. Let's find something.."

 " eat," finished Flora and Jason in unison.

 Mandy peered around the block, evidently looking for a promising

 eatery. "You too?" She said.

 "We were just debating what to have when you walked up," answered


 "Well, I don't see much here, and I don't fancy the hotel food.

 What's your little book say?"

 "Not much. Looks like a lot of tourist traps, if you ask me."

 "Flora and I passed an ice-cream shop about a block back..." Jason

offered helpfully.

 Flora and Mandy looked at each other. Wide grins broke out.

 "Chocolate Oblivion!" They cried in unison. They each grabbed an arm

 of a bewildered looking Jason and hurried back the way he and Flora

had come.


 "Oh, God," moaned Jason, "that was wonderful." He leaned back in the

chair, holding his stomach. "...but I feel like the Goodyear blimp,"

he added.

 Flora and Mandy exchanged looks, and broke out in another fit of

giggles. The giggles had started about half-way through their

chocolate orgy, and they had hardly said a word since. Jason was

trying to be patient, but he kept getting the impression that he was on

the receiving end of an inside joke. It didn't help that the giggles

seemed uncharacteristic for the usually cool Mandy.

 "Oh Jesus, this is good fudge," Mandy finally said clearly. She and

Flora had been devouring a mound of Rocky Road under rivers of hot


 "Not Hot Fudge Topping," Mandy had read off the shops sign, "but real

melted fudge! These people definitely have the right idea!"

 The two soda jerks, one a boy, the other a young woman and apparently

the manager, had been ogling the trio since they had sat down, the boy

trying not to be obvious as he alternately stared at Flora and Mandy.

 When Mandy had doffed her mac, revealing her tightly-laced, metallic

silver, kid leather body suit, you could almost hear the boy's jaw

crack as it hit the counter. Jason had watched in curious amusement

when Flora had gone up to ask the woman for a glass of water, and a

long whispered conversation had ensued between her and the young lady

at the end of the counter.

 "So what was that all about," Jason asked when she got back.

 "She wanted to know where she could find a skirt just like this one,"

replied Flora, looking quite satisfied with herself.

 "Not in purple, I hope," said Mandy.

 "What's wrong with purple?" Countered Flora.

 "Aside from the incredibly loud shade you picked," replied Mandy,

"nothing... but you never seemed to want bright colors before- black

used to be good enough until now..." She was regarding Flora with

thoughtful eyes.

 "That's because I never bought something just for wearing out in

 public before," Flora said. "I mean, EVERYONE wears black rubber or

leather at the convention, right? I just wanted to be... different,

that's all."

 "You want to be different, eh?" asked Mandy in an odd tone, staring

intently into Flora's eyes. "But you ARE different, my little slut,

and you know it, don't you?" She had lowered her voice to a deep and

throaty purr, and Jason doubted that the two behind the counter could

hear. It would probably have been too much for their perspiring young

minds anyhow, he thought. Mandy was still talking in low tones to

Flora. "You are better than they are, aren't you? You are more...

valuable, because you are mine."

 Flora's eyes grew a little wider, but she didn't break Mandy's gaze.

She licked her lips. She began to look distracted, as if listening to

Mandy's little speech was the most important thing in the world.

Mandy's voice continued in a softly spoken, unbroken torrent of words.

 "You have experienced both heaven and hell, while they fumble through

their dreary lives like mice in a maze." Her voice had taken on a

monotonous, almost hypnotic quality. Jason had never heard her speak

this way before. The hair rose on the back of his neck. Something's

happening here, he thought. He had the good sense not to interrupt

with any questions.

 "You live your life for pleasure, because you wish to, isn't that

right?" Flora's eyelids were drooping, Jason noticed.

 "Mm-hmm," answered Flora. The air between the three of them was

 charged with energy, and Jason shivered, despite the warm jacket he

still wore. Flora seemed fascinated with Mandy's face in a dreamy sort

of way, while at the same time, she appeared distracted, as if

listening to unheard music.

 "What do you live for?" asked Mandy.

 "Pleasure," murmured Flora.

 "Why do you live this way?" insisted Mandy.

 "Because I wish to," replied Flora, her voice sounding almost drugged

with happiness now. Jason was entranced.

 Mandy's voice took on a more insistent tone. "Your pleasure is my

 pleasure," Pause.

 "My pleasure is your pleasure," came the answer.

 "Your will is my will." Mandy stated it as a fact. Pause.

 "My will is your will." Flora's eyes were closed now.

 Shit, thought Jason, she's hypnotizing her! Where the hell did she

 learn this? He snuck a glance at the two soda jerks. They were

oblivious to what was happening, quietly cleaning up, only occasionally

glancing at the three of them.

 He realized Mandy hadn't said anything in a while. She was watching

Flora intently. Flora's head nodded slightly, as if she were falling

asleep. "Flora? Can you hear me?" asked Mandy.


 "Flora, you know you are in a deep trance, don't you?"


 "You will listen only to the sound of my voice. You will not hear

anyone or anything else, do you understand?"


 Mandy looked at Jason, who appeared ready to burst with questions.

 She grinned at him and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "Later,"

she said quietly to him, "Right now I want to enjoy this. You are

going to go up and order a popcicle. I am going to go to the bathroom

with Flora. Wait a minute, then follow us. Bring the popcicle with



 "No buts. We'll be in the men's room. Don't keep us waiting."

 Jason could only wonder what Mandy had in mind. She stared at him

expectantly. He headed for the counter. "Um, I'd like a popcicle, if

you have any," he asked the woman. She looked a little less interested

in her customers now, although her helper was still obviously

fascinated with Mandy.

 "What flavor?"

 "Um." He wondered for a moment whether the flavor mattered. He looked

at the boxes in the freezer display. "Orange, I guess."

 "25 cents." She rang it up, and went back to washing a fountain


 He took his popcicle back to their table, leaving it wrapped. Mandy

 had already got up. Jason watched as she spoke to the boy, then

headed through the indicated door with Flora in tow. Jason and the boy

watched them appreciatively, Mandy's small and muscular leather-encased

ass and legs flexing with muscle, followed by Flora's more ample,

tightly- rubbered bottom and hips wiggling and swaying with abandon.

 Jason hit the bathroom door precisely a minute later, without glancing

at the two behind the counter, for fear they'd be staring at him. They

had to be suspicious now. He felt distinctly self-conscious sucking

the popcicle while he walked into the "loo". To his relief, there were

two rest room doors on the other side of the outer door. Maybe they

won't realize we're in the same room, he thought.

 At first, he saw no-one in the room. He was surprised how large the

bathroom was- most "water closets" he had seen so far were literally

closets. There were soft moans coming from one of the stalls. He

looked in. Flora was bent over the commode, facing the wall, with her

arms folded on the tank and her legs astride the toilet. Her latex

skirt was pulled way up, stretched tightly around her waist and over

her breasts. The leather jacket and her bra were nowhere to be seen.

Mandy stood behind her, one hand cupping a breast, the other buried to

the knuckles in Flora's vagina. She motioned with her head for Jason

to join them. It was cramped, and he and Mandy had to squeeze beside

Flora to get the door closed, but once they had, there was little more

room to move around in. He discovered Flora's jacket and bra hanging

on the back of the door.

 "Stop staring like a virgin," chided Mandy, "I want you to do

something." She turned to her slave. "Flora," she said softly, "are

you listening to me?"


 "I am going to put a leather helmet on you, do you understand?"

 "Mm. Yes." Flora's voice was still a little dreamy, but she sounded

more alert.

 "The helmet is very thick. It has a big gag and it fits tightly.

 Once I put it on you, you won't be able to hear anything, or speak at

all, do you understand?"

 "Yes, Mistress." Jason could hear the excitement in her voice now.

 No helmet was in sight. He began to become more than a little excited


 "Your voice will not work at all, you will be unable to moan, unable

 to make a sound, do you understand?"


 "When I take it off, I will pinch your nose. Then you will be able to

hear and speak again, do you understand?"


 "I am putting the helmet on you now, can you feel it?" Mandy had her

hands around Flora's head, and was stroking them down around her ears.


 "When I am finished lacing up the helmet, you will feel a pinch on the

back of your neck, and you will no longer be able to hear or make a

sound, do you understand?"


 She pressed her hands against Flora's head and face. "I am lacing it

up now, and it is getting tighter." Flora moaned softly. Mandy pushed

her fingers into Flora's mouth momentarily. "The gag is pushing past

your lips, filling your mouth. Soon you will be completely deaf and

dumb." Flora moaned again, very softly, hardly more than a breath,

though her mouth had formed a round `O'.

 Jason realized suddenly that he had been holding his breath, and

 started breathing again, heavily.

 Mandy pinched the back of Flora's neck. Flora jerked slightly, but

remained silent. "Flora, I want you to sit down," she said. Flora

remained standing. "Flora, I'm talking to you!" she hissed. "Flora,

can you hear me? Just nod your head if you can hear me." Nothing

happened. Mandy grinned at Jason. Without warning, she drew her hand

back and gave Flora a tremendous swat on the bottom. Flora jerked, and

her buttocks tensed and squirmed a bit, but she made no sound. As

Jason watched, the colored outline of Mandy's hand appeared faintly on

Flora's beautiful bottom.

 "Run your popcicle over her cunt," commanded Mandy. Jason's eyes grew

wide, but he did as he was told.

 "Is she really deaf?" he asked. Flora jerked when he touched the icy

popcicle to her, and bounced up and down several times, as if unable to

tolerate it's touch, but unwilling to let it leave her for very long.

Orange colored juice began dripping down one leg.

 "Looks like it," replied Mandy. She moved to one side, and massaged

Flora's breasts through the thin rubber of the skirt. "Put it in," she

added after a few moments.

 "Waitaminute," said Jason, flustered, "it's frozen! Won't she... I


 "Just keep it moving, don't let it stay in one place. Put it in now!

I know what I'm doing." Her eyes flashed sternly at him, and he knew

he would be hearing about his hesitation later, under less comfortable


 Jason plunged the icy confection into Flora's already dripping sex.

Flora tensed all over, as if she were being electrocuted. She didn't

change position however, she stood frozen in place, stooped over, her

muscles quivering, her entire torso shaking.

 "Keep it moving!" commanded Mandy, "fuck her with it!"

 Jason plunged the fat popcicle in and out of Flora, while Mandy

viciously tugged, twisted, and squeezed Flora's breasts and nipple

rings. Flora was actually humping the ice-cold popcicle now- Jason had

only to hold it in one position. He noticed suddenly, to his surprise,

that he had developed a tremendous erection.

 "Enough," said Mandy, "take it out." Flora squirmed her ass a little

as he did. Mandy grabbed her shoulders and pulled her upright, then

forcibly turned her around, facing the door. She pointed to the toilet

seat. "Sit," she commanded. It took Jason a second to realize she

meant him. He squeezed past Flora, and sat down on the closed lid.

Mandy pushed him back against the tank, made him scrunch down a little

on the seat. She maneuvered Flora backwards, until her legs were

astride the toilet again. In her stiletto heels, her ass was as high

as Jason's face. Mandy stood in front of her, pulled her shoulders

down until she was bent over, her hands now resting on Jason's knees.

 Mandy looked at Jason over Flora's back. "Well, what are you waiting

for? Clean her up!"

 Jason was happy to oblige, and buried his face in Flora's crotch. The

combination of orange flavored juice and her own natural taste was

bizarre, but he decided that he liked it. There was something

intoxicating, unnaturally arousing, about her scent, her taste. He had

read once somewhere, that humans didn't really have pheromones, those

chemicals that involuntarily excited moths and other animals. If that

was really true, then perhaps Flora was a freak of nature, for her

taste somehow excited him terrifically, like no-one else's, including


 Mandy was doing something that made Flora's ass sway. He took a break

to see what it was. Mandy had hold of Flora's skirt. "What are you

looking at?" she said, "get back to work." As soon as he did, he felt

Mandy pulling the thin latex skirt down over Flora's hips, and then his

head! He had to move forward a bit, but Mandy pulled it down, until

his head was trapped between Flora's crotch and the tightly stretched

rubber. It was more or less the situation Mandy had put him in when

they had first made love, when he was still an innocent teen.

 In no time, the space under the skirt became hot and humid, and he

occasionally had to pause from his licking and sucking to take huge

gasps of Flora- and rubber-scented air.

 Before long, he felt Flora swaying and bucking against his face,

 though she made no sound at all. He started humming, on a low note,

while his mouth was pressed to her sex. She pressed even harder back

against his face, and he became hard-pressed to breathe at all. Though

he was becoming light-headed, he could feel she was close to orgasm,

and didn't want to spoil it. Just when he thought he would pass out

from lack of oxygen, he felt her shudder and buck violently, her cunt

spasming and literally trying to suck in his nose when she shifted

position. Desperately, he reached down, grabbed the toilet bowl rim,

and pulling backwards and down, extracted his head from her skirt. He

looked up to see Mandy grinning down at him.

 "You're lucky you brought her off before you `pulled out'," she said,

"or I might have had to punish you."

 "Oof!" sighed Jason, "Ahh, isn't someone out there going to- phew!

 -get suspicious soon?"

 "Probably. Let's get her dressed. No, wait- I have an idea." She

rummaged in her purse. "I was going to wait 'til we got back to the

hotel, but..." She showed him a long box, covered with fancy

embroidery. "I picked these up at a shop called Trash," she said,

opening the lid. Inside were four very large, highly polished ball

bearings, maybe two inches in diameter. Jason took one out and turned

it in his hand. It was NOT a ball bearing. It weighed far less than

it ought to judging from it's size, but it also quivered and shook in

his hand as if alive.

 "Ben Wa balls," he breathed, "jeezus they're huge! And they don't

rattle?" He looked quizzically at Mandy.

 "They're the real thing- there's mercury inside instead of a solid

 ball. Don't worry- The shells are welded stainless steel, and leak

tested, so no-one's going to get poisoned. They cost an arm and a leg,

too," she added.

 Jason grinned back at her, and rubbed the cold ball against Flora's

still-moist pussy. She jumped slightly, but didn't retreat. He licked

it all over, then put it back against her, pushed gently. Almost at

once, Flora shoved her ass backwards, and it disappeared inside. He

heard a zipper. He looked up, took another ball from the box Mandy had

set down on Flora's back. The other two were now gone. He looked at

Mandy. She looked nonchalantly back, then turned to rummage in her

purse again. Puzzled, he turned back to the job at hand. He moistened

and pushed in the other ball.

 "What if they fall out?" he asked.

 "We'll take care of that in a minute," replied Mandy. "Aha!" she said

softly, producing a small tube from her purse.

 "K-Y jelly?" asked Jason, "I don't think she needs..."

 "Lube her ass, smart boy," ordered Mandy, with a wry smile on her

 face. Obediently he put a gob around her asshole, lubed his finger,

and pushed it in, wiggling it around. She responded silently, pushing

back at him slightly. `Oink-oink', he thought at her.

 "That's right, get her good and loose," urged Mandy. He felt Flora

relax her sphincter, and pushed in another gob, then another finger.

He felt her twitch around him, but she didn't seem uncomfortable. He

rotated his fingers, and had just put his pinky in when he heard the

zipper again. He looked up. Mandy had the front of her leather jump

suit unzipped, and was handing him another ball. It was nicely warm.

A light went on in his head. He lubed it up with some trepidation and

presented it two Flora's rear. To his surprise, it took very little

pressure before it popped inside. He looked back at Mandy. She

reached into her suit, removed the other ball from her other armpit and

handed it to him.

 "Tell me," she said, zipping up, "do you prefer to look at me naked,

or dressed in leather?"

 "You know the answer to that one," he said sheepishly. He pushed on

 the second, now slippery, sphere carefully.

 "No. That's not what I mean. I know you love rubber as much as I

 do. I'm talking about leather. You said once that it didn't excite

you nearly as much as latex. So, what I want to know is, is leather

more exciting than plain skin?"

 The ball plopped inside. "I guess..." replied Jason thoughtfully,

leaning back against the tank, "I guess I like leather better with a

little skin showing- I like the contrast. But completely concealing

leather is better than bare skin, I suppose, if it fits tightly. And

you know I love the way THAT suit fits."

 "Yeah, I know," said Mandy. She straightened Flora up, and pulled the

tight rubber skirt back up over her hips. "I'll be right back." She

opened the stall door, winked at a dumbfounded Jason, and waltzed out.

She was back in less than thirty seconds with one of her shopping

bags. "They're suspicious alright," she said when she had re-entered

the stall, "but I don't think they'll be any trouble." She grinned

slightly. "That boy was sitting, absolutely wide-eyed, at one of the

tables, and the girl watched me the whole way to our table and back. I

think she might be bi; she kept licking her lips, when she thought I

wasn't looking. Okay, here we go."

 She pulled out a black rubber panty sort of thing from the bag. At

Mandy's request, Jason helped her put it on Flora, holding up one foot

then the other, while Mandy pulled it up Flora's legs. It was like a

wide g-string, but the crotch piece was wider than usual, starting out

an inch wide at the back, and except for the waist belt, was completely

covered with tall, bulbous rubber knobs on the inside. It fit very

tightly, and it was obvious to Jason that it would keep the metal balls

in, although he didn't think she'd be able to walk very far in it.

Then a thought struck him.

 "You know lover, that skirt is nearly transparent in sunlight."

 Mandy stared at him as if he had just announced that gravity made

 things fall down. "I have eyes, you know. She'll deal with it." She

pulled Flora's skirt the rest of the way down over her ass.

 Even in the less-than-adequate light of the bathroom, Jason could make

out the darker outline of the black g-string through the translucent

purple rubber. He shook his head.

 "We'd better get out of here," he said.

 "Go ahead," replied Mandy, "meet us at the corner. I have something I

want to do first."

 Jason left the bathroom, shaking his head, and smiling to himself. On

his way out of the shop, he summoned the guts to wink at the boy, still

sitting at an empty table. The boy blushed to his hairline.

 Back in the stall, Mandy caressed Flora's head and face firmly, as if

sliding something over her skin, then tweaked her nose. Flora worked

her mouth silently, as if un-cramping her jaw, then sighed silently.

 "Flora, can you hear me?" Mandy asked softly.

 "Yes my love."

 Mandy grabbed both of Flora's earlobes and pulled down gently.

 "Flora, can you feel this?"


 "Remember that. When I pull on your ears again, you will wake up

completely, but you will not remember anything that has happened, or

anything that has been said. You will obey all of the instructions

that have been given to you, without thinking about them. Do you


 "Yes, Mistress."

 "Now Flora, I want you to listen very carefully. You are wearing Ben

Wa balls and grope panties. Can you feel them?"

 Flora moved a hand against her skirt, squirmed her legs together

slightly. She hummed softly. "Yes, Mistress. Oh, yes."

 "Flora, in a little while, I will wake you up and we will walk back to

the hotel. You know what will happen. You will become very excited by

the balls bouncing inside you and by the panties rubbing your clit.

But you will not be able to come. This is very important Flora, so I

will say it again. No matter how much you are excited, no matter how

good it feels, the sensations will not be quite enough stimulation for

you to climax. You won't be able to come until you hear me say a

certain word. When I say that word, your stimulation will be complete,

and only then will you be able to come. Do you understand, Flora?"

 "Yes, my love." Her expression was one of peace, of satisfaction.

 "Now Flora, what will happen after you wake up?"

 "We'll walk back to the hotel, with the balls inside me," here she

 gave a little shudder, "but I won't come until you say... some word."

Her brow furrowed as, at some deep level, she realized she didn't know

what the word was.

 "Flora, would you like to know what the word will be?"

 "Yes please, Mistress." She looked genuinely anxious now.

 "I will not say it now. When you are awake, the word will be...

`autoeroticism'. The word WILL be `autoeroticism'. Now, I haven't

said it yet. You may not come until you are awake and you hear me say

it, do you understand?"

 "Mm-hmm." A faint look of relief crossed Flora's face.

 Mandy smiled, opened the stall door and backed up. Leaning forward,

 she pulled down on each of Flora's ears.
 be continued



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