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Archive-name: Control/afan-09.txt

Archive-author: Joe Anthony

Archive-title: Seduction and Domination - A Story of Sex and the Mind

[In PARTS 1 through 4 of our story (contained in files AFAN-05,

AFAN-06, AFAN-07 and AFAN-08), Tony seduced his beautiful, hot-bodied

(40EE-24-35) divorcee sister-in-law, Claire, whom he had long desired. 

During the course of that seduction, he discovered that she really

got off on dirty language and a strong approach, and used this

knowledge to his advantage to gradually develop her tendencies towards

submissiveness and bring her under his total dominance,  despite the

fact that she was engaged to be married in the near future.  At Tony's

insistence, Claire engaged in several sexual adventures of gradually

increasing boldness, including exhibitionism, public masturbation

and intercourse, the masturbation of a elderly gentleman at a porno

movie, and a full fledged threesome with another man they picked up

in a nightclub.  Although he held her under the constant threat of

punishment if she questioned him or disobeyed his will, he had only

actually subjected her to two punishment sessions, the second more

severe than the first, but still rather mild by some standards.  During

her wedding reception, Tony had lured Claire into a private room and

screwed her up the ass.  After she returned from her honeymoon, he

had forced her to arrange a threesome with her secretary, secretly

videotaping the action.  When She tried to break off their affair,

he threatened to send copies of the tape to her superiors at the

company where she worked, thereby blackmailing her to continue their

relationship.  At a later date, he had her perform as the entertainment

at a bachelor party, stripping naked and masturbating for the 18 men

in attendance, and then going on to service them sexually in various

ways.  Through no fault of her own, however, she had not met all of

the requirements he had set for her that evening in that one of the

guests had not had sex with her.  Therefore, Tony had informed her

that she would have to submit to another punishment session at a later

date.  As PART 4 ended, he had told her to meet him at his home the

next Friday night right after work, and to arrange to spend the entire

night with him.]

                             PART 5

     On Friday night at about six-thirty, Claire arrived at Tony's

house.  They greeted each other with a kiss, and he led her into the

dining room.  Supper was already on the table.  It was shrimp scampi

with linguini, augmented by candlelight and a good bottle of wine.

     "This is wonderful," she said sincerely.  Did you make it all

by yourself?"

     "I sure did.  I've been working at learning how to cook for the

past six months or so.  Living alone as I do, I had to.  I just got

tired of eating out or having tasteless microwave dinners every night. 

Come on, let's eat before it gets cold."

     As they consumed their dinner, which tasted surprisingly good,

by the way, Claire reflected on how thoughtful and considerate Tony

could be when he really wanted to.  She guessed that was part of the

reason she loved him so much.

     When they had finished eating, Tony spoke.  "I guess we should

start getting ready now.  First of all, I want you to strip naked

and take a shower.  Then put on the  black garter belt, stockings

and high heels I've laid out for you in the bedroom.  There's a black

combination waist cincher and bustier in there too.  Put that on as

well.  I intentionally got it in a size that's probably a little too

small for you, so I might have to help you cinch it up.  You'll notice

that the bustier part has no bra cups, only two underwired shelves

to hold your breasts up high and separated.  You'd better go get

started now."

     Claire showered, dried herself off, and went into the bedroom

to start getting dressed.  While she was getting herself into the 

combination waist cincher and bustier, Tony walked in.  She was glad

he did.  He had been right, the garment was a bit too small for her

to properly fasten by herself, so he assisted her, pulling it good

and tight.

     It was not an easy job, and he really had to pull hard on the

laces to get it hooked properly.  When they were finished, however,

it was clear it had been worth it.  She truly looked great.  The waist

cincher/bustier made her stand up straight and tall and really thrust

her breasts up and out so that they look even larger than their

normally impressive size.

     "Good," Tony said.  "Now go brush your hair out.  I want you

to wear it down and long tonight.  Also, put on a lot of makeup,

especially dark eye shadow and liner, and bright red lipstick.  Put

rouge on your cheeks, and put some on your nipples and the edges of

your cunt lips too.  I want you to look like a real whore tonight.

     Claire went back into the bathroom to comply with his directive. 

When she returned, she looked slutty and hot.  Tony smiled and said,

"That's just the effect I was looking for!  Perfect.  You look like

a high class hooker, but not too high class.  More like one who really

enjoys her work and would do it for nothing if she had to, just because

she loves cock so much.  I like that.

     "Now put on your trench coat.  Leave the liner out so that it

clings to your body more.  Then we'll go down to the car, we're going

for a little trip."

     Claire felt somewhat disappointed.  She had assumed they would

be spending this night alone together, secluded in Tony's house, just

the two of them.  She said nothing, however, not wanting him to think

she was questioning his wishes.  She knew something like that would

probably get him upset with her, and she didn't want that.  She

wondered where they could possibly be going, dressed the way she was,

but again, she didn't ask.  She knew that if and when Tony wanted

her to know, he would tell her.

     Tony and Claire got in his car, and start driving south on the

Parkway.  Shortly thereafter, he spoke.  "Reach behind the front seat. 

There's a bag there.  Bring it up front here, open it and look inside."

     She turned and reached behind her seat and found the small

overnight bag he had referred to.  She turned back towards the front,

placed it on her lap and opened it.

     "As you can see," he went on, "there's a bottle of vodka, a bottle

of mouthwash, a couple of small packages and a wide mouthed half-liter

wine carafe.  We don't need those now, so put them back in the bag

again.  We'll get to those later.  The next item is a double shafted,

vibrating, cock-shaped dildo.  Given the fact that the shafts are

parallel to each other and about an inch or two apart, connected at

the base, and both face on the same direction, can you guess what

they're for?  How would one use something shaped like that?  Come

on, take a wild guess."

     She looked over the odd shaped device for a bit before she

replied.  "I'm not sure, but I guess someone could put one of the

shafts in their pussy, and the other one up their behind at the same


     "That's right.  You'd use it to fuck yourself in the twat and

asshole simultaneously.  The third item is a jar of lubricant.  I'm

sure you know what that's for.

     "Now let's put those items to work.  First return the overnight

bag to the back seat, and then recline your seat about half way,

unbutton your trench coat and pull it wide open.  Of course, I realize

that someone driving past us in a truck or van might be able to see

you, but you wouldn't mind that, do you?."

     Claire looked over at Tony and hesitated, but said nothing.

     "Just do as I told you," he prodded.

     She then did exatly as she was ordered.  When she was in position

with her coat appropriately arranged, he spoke again.  "Good.  Now

lube up both shafts of that dildo, and start working it into your


     Claire felt somewhat nervous on several counts.  Exposing herself

like Tony had ordered was the first, but she had done similar things

for him before.  She felt more anxious about putting the device she

held in her hands inside her body.  It was rather ominous looking.

     "The shafts on this are both kind of fat.  I'm not sure I'll

be able to get them in me," she said to him.


     "Yes, they are kind of wide, but I'm sure you can make them fit

if you put your mind to it.  Raise your legs up and prop up your heels

wide apart on the dashboard in front of you.  Then start pushing that

thing in a bit at a time.  It'll go in, you just have to work at it

a bit."

     She resigned herself to the fact that she wasn't going to get

a reprieve, and followed his instructions.  In her splayed position,

the double-shafted dildo began to enter her cunt and asshole, but

it was certainly a tight fit.

     "That's right," he encouraged, "keep working them in...  Rub

your clit a little to help loosen you up.  There you go, they're almost

in you all the way now, just a little more, and... good, they're in!"

     He paused a bit to allow her to get used to being double

penetrated by the artificial cocks.  "Now start pumping it in and

out of yourself."

     Tony glanced over at her to ensure she had started the device

moving.  "Good, but don't let yourself come.  The object of this

exercise is to get and keep you good and hot, almost on the verge

of coming, but never quite getting there, at least for now.  If you

feel yourself getting too close to coming, just stop moving the dildos

and rubbing you clit for a while until you have it under control,

and then start all over again.  That's right.  Keep it up, now.

     "You look really hot, lying there pumping that thing in and out

of yourself.  If a passing truck driver looks down and sees you, I'll

bet he'll have trouble keeping his rig on the road.  Just keep that

up until we get to Fort Monmouth."

     Claire turned her head towards Tony with a questioning look on

her face.  "Fort Monmouth?"

     "What?  Yes, that's where we're headed.  Actually, we're going

to a little motel just off post that has a combination nightclub and

bar.  I'll tell you more about why when we get there."

     For a time, they drove in silence, the only sounds being Claire's

labored breathing and those which were made by her two holes as the

double pronged dildo slid in and out of them.  When they approached

their exit, he allowed her to close her coat as they went through

the toll booth, and then had her open it again and continue fucking

herself with the dildo as they drove the rest of the way.  When they

arrived at their destination, he pulled into the motel's lot and parked

the car.

     "Close your coat and wait here for me," he told her.  "I'm going

to the office to get our room key."

     Tony left to register for a room.  When he returned about fifteen

minutes later, he proceeded to give her additional instructions, and

explained something about the activities he had planned for the night.

     "Now take that thing out of you and wipe off the excess lubricant

from your twat and asshole...  Good.  Button your coat, but leave

2 or 3 buttons open at the bottom and a couple open a the top.  We're

going into the bar/nightclub now and I want plenty of leg and cleavage

showing when we do.

     "When we walk in, we're going to walk up and down the full length

of the place one time, as if we're looking for someplace to sit. 

Walk kind of sexy, swinging your hips a bit and letting the coat fly

open at the bottom to show some leg.  Then you'll take a seat near

the end of the bar.  I'll stand to your left.  Sit facing me, so your

left side is facing away from the bar, and let the hem of the coat

fall open to expose a good deal of your stockinged legs.  Since your

coat opens to the left, that will allow any observant patrons who

happen to be at the correct angle to get a peek inside.

     "Then we'll order drinks, sit and talk for a while.  While we

do, be very expressive with your hands.  Also, smile and laugh a lot. 

I want you to do that so you'll subtly draw attention to yourself

so the men in the place will notice you, although I don't think that'll

be a problem.

     "This place is a hangout for young soldiers.  They range mostly

from 19 to 24, mostly male and all races.  Although there'll be some

females in there as well, they'll be outnumbered by about three or

four to one.  It's payday, so the males will be out to spend their

money and have a good time.  To most young soldiers, that means booze

and women, women and booze, plenty of both and in no particular order. 

Now let's go."

     Tony and Claire entered the nightclub, and after performing their

little parade as he had explained, they took seats at the bar.  Then

they ordered drinks, and proceeded to make small talk for about half

an hour.  The place was pretty crowded, and her appearance caused

quite a stir among the young soldiers present.  Many of them kept

walking past where Claire was sitting on one pretense or another to

get a better look at her.

     Finally, Tony interrupted their light, aimless conversation. 

"Wait here for me.  I'll be right back.  I'm going to have a little

meeting with that young bartender over there to make the arrangements

for the rest of your night."

     "What are you talking about?" Claire asked.

     "What am I talking about?  O.K., I'll tell you.  That bartender

is a real go getter.  He'll do just about anything for a buck.  I'm

going to make an arrangement with him whereby he'll market your sexual

services to the soldiers in the bar here for a cut of the proceeds."

     "Tony," Claire interrupted meekly, "I don't think I understand

what you mean.  You can't mean what I think you do."

     "Oh, I think I do," he said with a smile playing at his mouth. 

"To put it rather bluntly, you're going to work as a whore tonight."

     Claire's eyes appeared to double their size in astonishment. 

Although Tony thought that she did not protest his plan because of

his power over her, the simple truth is, she was literally stunned


     Tony continued with his explanation.  "As I was saying, I'll

let the bartender have $5 a head, so to speak, for every customer

he sends us.  He knows most of these guys by sight, and can screen

out any undesirables or cops.  Meanwhile, you'll be in the room

upstairs and I'll be right outside collecting the money and making

sure everything is O.K. inside.

     "We're going to charge bargain rates so that we can do more

volume.  The object of this little exercise tonight is for you to

get as much dick as possible.  Of course, if we make a little money

while we're doing that it wouldn't be a bad thing.  Therefore, I've

come up with a plan which will enable us to do a lot of volume in

a relatively short period of time.

     "We'll run them through in groups of five guys who will all have

sex with you in one form or another at the same time.  This is the

way it'll go down.  One will lie on his back.  You'll lie on your

back on top of him and he'll fuck you up the ass.  While this is going

on, the second guy will kneel between your legs facing you and fuck

your twat.  The third guy will kneel above your head and stick his

dick in your mouth so you can suck him off.  Since we don't know any

of these guys, we'll require these three to wear rubbers.  That's

what's in one of those packages you saw in the overnight bag.  The

fourth and fifth guys will kneel on either side of you and feel up

your titties while you jerk them off, one in each hand.  When those

two are ready to come, they can shoot all over your tits.

     "We'll charge $25 each to the three guys who get to stick their

cocks in your various holes, and $15 each to those who are getting

hand jobs.  That comes to $80 per group net for us, even after we

give the bartender his cut."

     "Five men at a time? she said unbelievingly.  "And how many of

these groups of five men do I have to... to... do that with tonight?"

     "How many guys am I going to make you do tonight?  Well, I figure

we can run three groups like this through per hour, 15 minutes per

group, plus 5 minutes cleanup and rest time for you between groups. 

It's 8:45 p.m. now.  By the time the first group gets started it'll

be about 9:30.  The bar is open until 2:00 a.m., so I figure we'll

run until at least 3:30 a.m., maybe later if you do a good job.  I

hope you didn't have a tough day at the office today, because it's

going to be a long night.

     "Remember, I want you to get as much strange dick as possible

tonight.  The more you get, the happier you'll be making me.  Exactly

how much you get depends largely on how well you do your work. If

you work hard at satisfying the customers and making them happy, the

word will get out and they'll keep coming, so to speak.  A big

contributor to that will be your attitude.  If you act like you're

enthusiastic about your work and really enjoying it, the customers

will be more likely to enjoy it more too, so keep that in mind.  Also,

I'll be asking them how good you were as they leave the room after

they do you, and if too many of them complain I'll just add on to

the punishment you already have coming.  Do you understand?"

     Claire was still silent.  She simply looked down at the bar and

nodded her head very slowly.

     "Now wait here for me and I'll be right back," he said as he

walked away towards the bartender.

     Tony successfully made his arrangements with the bartender and

returned shortly.

     "It's all set.  Let's go," he ordered.

     They stopped at the car first and picked up the overnight bag

from the back seat, and Tony's video camcorder from the trunk, along

with several blank video tapes.  Then they went to the room.

     As soon as they walked in the door, Tony spoke.  "Well, here

we are.  You strip the bedspread, blanket and top sheet off the bed. 

We won't be needing them and they'll just get in the way.  Then take

off your raincoat and get in bed while I set up the video camera.

     As Claire busied herself with her assigned tasks, Tony set up

the video camera in the room's closet, pointing out through the

louvered door at the bed.

     As soon as they were finished, he said, "Now let's have a drink

to calm your nerves.  The first group should arrive in about 10


     As they had their drinks, Tony explained the rest of his plan

to her.  "As you can tell from the video camera I've set up, I'm going

to tape everything that goes on in here tonight for posterity.  Also,

if you've been wondering what the wide mouthed wine decanter is for,

I'll tell you now.  When each group is finished and leaves, I want

you to deposit all their come in it.  Have the guys who are using

the rubbers drop then in the waste basket here next to the bed.  Then,

during your breaks between groups, you can retrieve them and just

squeeze the come out into the decanter."

     He opened one of the packages that had been on the overnight

bag.  "Use these tongue depressors to scrape up the come off your

body from the guys you gave hand jobs to and deposit that in the

decanter as well.  I want you to collect as much of their come as


     "This other package contains prophylactics.  I'll hand them out

to the customers before they come into the room and make sure they

agree to use them.

     "I'll look in and check on you between each group to make sure

everything is O.K., and remember, while they're in here I'll be right

outside the door, so don't worry.  If you need me just yell, and I'll

be right in.  We'll leave the front window open a little to be sure

I can hear you if you do.  There shouldn't be any problems about who

gets what hole or anything either, because I'll straighten all that

out before they come in here."

     Just then, there was a knock at the door.

     "Well, Tony said, "that must be your first group of horny

customers.  Oh, one other thing, make sure you keep the groups on

schedule.  Remember, no more than 15 minutes per group.  Now I'll

go outside, collect their money and make sure they understand the

rules before I let them in.  Good luck."

     Tony give Claire a kiss, started the camcorder, and went outside

to meet the first five men.  After they had paid him and were

familiarized with the required terms and conditions, he sent them

in, closing the door behind them and waiting outside for them to

finish.  About 17 minutes later, the group came out straightening

their clothes and smiling, and Tony went back in.

     "How did it go, O.K.?" he asked.

     Claire looked a little shaken by her experience, but nodded


     "Good.  Just try a little harder to keep them on schedule.  That

group went a couple of minutes over their allotted time, and don't

forget to collect all their come."

     He immediately went back outside, where the second group was

already waiting.  After giving Claire her allotted five minute break

to clean up and deposit the come of the first group in the decanter,

he send the second group in to the room.  These men came out right

on time, also smiling broadly.

     The groups of sex seeking men kept coming (no pun intended) for

the rest of the night, one after another.  True to his word, Tony

looked in and checked on Claire after each group left.  The bartender

obviously had done a good job of screening their customers, because

despite the volume of men passing through the room, no significant

problems occurred.

When the last group finally finished, it was 4:30 a.m.  Then the

bartender came up and Tony give him his commission.  Tony offered

him a free shot at Claire as a tip for doing such a good job.  The

bartender declined the offer, thanking Tony for making it, but

explaining that he'd had a long day and was just too tired.  As soon

as he left, Tony went into the room.

     "Hi, Claire.  Is everything O.K.?"

     "I guess it is, except for the fact that all my openings are

extremely sore and tender, and I feel exhausted."

     "Well, I figured you'd be sore, and I don't blame you for being

tired either.  You look beat.

     "Do you know how many guys did you tonight?  You serviced exactly

100 guys.  Even after we deduct the bartender's commission, the cost

of the room and our other expenses, that means you made over $1,400

for me tonight.  I have to say it, you did a really nice job.  Almost

everyone was commenting about how great you were as they left.  A

few guys even came back for seconds.  How much of their come did you


     Claire held up the decanter.  It appeared to contain approximately

16 ounces of milky come.

     "That's great, Tony said with a smile.  "It's just about what

I figured you should get if you were careful and conscientious about

collecting it.  Let me have it so I can cover it up.

     "Tony took the bottle, covered it, and placed it in a plastic

bag of dry ice the bartender had given him.

     "You know, I was just thinking.  You did 100 guys tonight. 

Figuring an average cock length of somewhere between 5 and 6 inches,

you had over 40 feet of cock tonight.  That's pretty impressive

numbers, don't you think?"

     Even Claire managed a laugh at that one.

     "Did any of the groups give you any problems?"

     "Not really," Claire replied.  "They were all surprisingly well


     "That's good.  How was that group of old guys that came in? 

I know they went a little over schedule.  I guess it took them longer

to come than the younger guys, but when they came out I think their

smiles were broader than anyone else's."

     "It did, but they were very nice about it.  They even took the

trouble to make sure I came before they left," she explained.

     "That's good.  How about that all Black group?  Did you know

that they were all from the army of one of those new African republics. 

They were in this country to get some kind of specialized military

training from our army at Fort Monmouth."

     "They were about the same as all the others." Claire said.  "But

now I know why I had a little trouble understanding them.  They seemed

like nice enough guys."

     "Yea, they did.  I could hear them get a little loud while I

was standing outside, but it sounded like good old enthusiasm from

outside the door so I didn't come in.  I have to ask you though, did

they live up to the reputation that Black men have regarding cock

size?  They say it's just a rumor, but I have to tell you, you can't

prove it by what I've seen."

     Claire thought about his question a minute, and then simply said,

"They were O.K., I guess."

     Something in Claire's voice when she said that made Tony look

at her carefully.  At first, he thought he noticed a hint of a smile

playing at the corners of her mouth, but before he was certain of

what he thought he had seen, it was gone.

     "Are you sure?" he asked, and then retracted his question quickly. 

"Never mind.  If I remember correctly, I had to reload the camcorder

right after they left.  They came in towards the end of the night,

so that means they should be the last group on the third tape.  Let

me just load up that particular tape and we'll watch it together."

     Tony hooked up the camcorder to the T.V., found the right spot

on the tape, and pushed the play button.  Then he immediately hopped

on to the bed next to Claire to watch it.

     The tape had started playing at the point where the five men

were already undressed.  The television showed their muscular backs

and tight butts grouped in a tight circle around a kneeling form,

apparently belonging to Claire.  From their reactions, she was

apparently switching from one to another, sucking their cocks to get

them hard and ready.  They could be heard speaking to each other,

presumably in their native tongue.  Although Tony couldn't understand

them, the mere tones of their voices and the lusty laughs which were

liberally interspersed with their words made it pretty obvious they

were talking about Claire and what she was doing to them.

     Since looking at men's asses was not Tony's thing, he advanced

the tape to find something that better suited his interests.  Now

the screen displayed a picture of them gathered under, on and around

Claire in the position Tony had prescribed earlier for the night's

group sex sessions.  One man lay face up on the bed, with Claire

positioned supine on top of him, his dick up her ass.  Another knelt

between her legs and was banging away at her pussy.  She had a dick

in her mouth, and stroked another one in each hand.  All that dark

skin encircling her made Claire's form seem even more fair than usual.

     "Why you sneaky little bitch," Tony said as he laughed.

     "Whatever do you mean?" Claire asked, feigning innocence.

     Still laughing, Tony continued.  "When I asked you about the

size of these guys cocks, you said they were 'O.K.'"

     "Well," Claire commented, now laughing herself as well, "they


     "If that's just 'O.K.,' I'd hate to see what your impression

of 'big' is," Tony said.  "That guy fucking your cunt has about a

12 inch cock!  The one in your mouth must be 10 inches long, the one

in your ass must be 9 inches, and the one's you're jerking off must

be at least 8 inches each.  That's 4 feet of cock at one time.  Not

bad by my standards.  This looks more like a group pole vault than

a fuck-fest!"

     As he watched the spectacle closely, Tony began to stroke his

hand over her back and ass as she lay on her stomach facing the

television.  "Looking at that scene is making me horny," he said. 

     He rose from the bed, stripped off all his clothes, lay down

net to her again and resumed stroking her body.  Claire could feel

the hot shape of his stiff prick pressing against the outside of her

upper thigh.

     "Tony, I'm really sore and tired.  Can't this wait at least until

morning after I get some sleep?" she entreated.

     "No, it can't," he replied.  "Watching you get stuffed by all

that dark meat has made me hot as hell, and I need to slip my dick

into you right now.  Just stay on your stomach facing the screen so

we can both can watch it while I fuck you.  I know you're tired, but

you can just lie there and relax while I get off."

     Tony greased up his pole and took up a kneeling position over

Claire's buttocks.  Then he spread her legs apart, and after rubbing

the head of his dick up and down in her crack a few times, implanted

it firmly inside her well-used cunt.

     "Your twat hole is sure stretched," he commented, "but I'm sure

it'll recover it's shape in a week or so.  Besides, it still feels

good.  Just constrict your vaginal muscles a bit so I can feel a little

more friction on my cock.  Mmm, that's better."

     He started to hump her pussy.  "Damn!  Look at all that hot dark

meat you've got stuffed in you.  Mmm...  They really look like they're

having a good time, and you do too.  Those two guys you're jerking

off look like they're really into your tits.  They're really mauling

them, kneading them like they were loaves of bread and pulling on

the nipples.  I didn't think your nipples could stretch that far out.

     "You look like you're enjoying it though.  And just look at the

way those other 3 guys are slamming their meat into your mouth, pussy

and asshole.  It looks like they're all getting ready to dump their

loads, and so am I."

     Tony continued to bang away at Claire's cunt from behind.  She

was simply too sore and fatigued either to actively participate or

to really enjoy the act, so she just lay there passively and let him

do her.  He must have been as aroused as he had claimed, because in

less than two minutes, he sprayed his seminal juices deep into her


     After he was finished, he let her take a shower while he threw

on some clothes, packed everything up and brought it to the car. 

He stored the decanter of come in a small cooler that he had in the

trunk.  When Claire was finished cleaning herself up, she emerged

from the bathroom.

     "You've earned yourself a good night's sleep," he told her, "so

get in bed now and rest.  I'll sleep on the couch so I don't bother

you during the night.

     "You really did a good job tonight.  You cooperated and gave

me what I wanted.  I have to say I'm very pleased and proud of you.

After I take you home, I'm going to give you a break for a couple

of weeks before we get together again so your holes can recuperate."

     Claire got into bed and Tony kissed her goodnight.  Due to her

exhausted state, she didn't wake up until mid-afternoon the next day,

at which time he took her home.

     About two weeks later, Tony called Claire at her home.  "Hi,

Claire.  How are you feeling?"

     "Not bad, I guess.  Well, actually I'm still feeling a little

bit sore.  I can't talk much right now, Bill is here."

     "That's O.K., I'll do all the talking.  I've decided to give

you another week to finish getting well, but on Friday night, three

weeks from now, I want you to come over to my place.  Wear a skirt

and blouse, makeup, black thigh top stockings and high heels.  Throw

a trench coat on top, but don't put on anything else.  Be here by


     "Alright," Claire responded.  "I'll be there.  Can you tell me

what we'll be doing?"

     "All I can say is, we won't be going out.  It'll just be the

two of us.  I'll see you then.  Bye."

     Claire felt warm and happy inside.  She was delighted that she

was finally going to spend some time alone with Tony without any other

people getting involved.  She couldn't wait.

     The three intervening weeks went by slowly for Claire, but at

last, the appointed Friday arrived and found her standing on Tony's

porch, ringing his doorbell exactly at eight o'clock per the

instructions he had given her.  Tony opened the door and greeted her

with a long, warm kiss.

     "I missed you," she said. her voice filled with emotion.

     "I missed you too," Tony replied, "but we should get started

right away.  We have a lot to get accomplished tonight.  Follow me."

     Claire was a little confused as to what he meant, but she was

getting used to that, so she simply followed along behind him as he

led her through the house and down into the basement.  When they were

down at the foot on the basement stairs, he turned to her and spoke


     "Remember the bachelor party about a month and a half ago, when

you failed to meet the requirement that you had to get everybody there

to come at least once?"

     "Yes," Claire responded apprehensively.

     "And do you remember I promised you would be punished at some

time in the  future for that offense?  Well, the future begins now. 

Tonight you will receive your punishment.  Are you ready?"

     "Do we really have to do this, Tony?" Claire asked.  "I've tried

so hard to be good since then."

     "Yes, you have," Tony responded, a note of compassion in his

voice, "but that still doesn't make up for the fact that you

disappointed me back then.  Are you going to willingly submit to your


     Claire hesitated momentarily.  She had submitted to two of Tony's

punishment sessions before, and in retrospect, they really hadn't

been that bad.  "Yes, I will," she responded.

     "That's a good girl." Tony said.  "Now take off your trench coat

and attach these leather wrist and ankle cuffs to yourself."

     He handed her the sinister looking devices, and waited as she

complied.  This was something new to her, and Tony had to show her

how to put them on.  When she was done, he handed her a strip of cloth. 

"Good.  Now put on this blindfold, and I'll lead you to where we're

going to administer the punishment."

     Tony grasped Claire's arm and led her to the rear of the basement,

where he attached ropes to each of the four cuffs.  He ran the ropes

attached to the wrist cuffs through pulleys affixed to the rafters,

used them to pull her arms up over her head and secured the ropes.

     She was now suspended from her wrists with her feet barely

touching the concrete floor.  He ran the ankle cuff ropes through

pulleys secured to the floor on either side of her.  Then he used

these ropes to pull her legs wide apart laterally and tied off those

ropes as well.  Beads of perspiration began to form on Claire's upper

lip.  This was a totally new routine from their previous sessions,

and she was understandably nervous.  She had no idea what to expect

next.  Although she wanted desperately to ask, she didn't want to

take the chance of angering him, so she decided remained silent, at

least for the time being.

     "Now we'll just get rid of all these clothes," Tony said. 

"They'll just get in the way anyhow."

     He proceeded to roughly tear off as much of her clothing as he

could.  Then he picked up a long, sharp knife and methodically cut

the rest of it from her body.  As he did, he worked slowly, taking

special care to make sure that she felt the dull back edge of the

blade's cold steel sliding along her skin.

     His technique was intended to increase her level of tension still

further, and it apparently had the desired effect, making her extremely

agitated.  She started to shiver and perspire more freely, and a light

sheen of sweat soon covered her entire body.

     He didn't say another word until she was completely naked except

for her black stockings and high heels.  "That's better.  Now we can

get to work.  Remember the wide leather garrison belt I said I would

keep here for you?  Well here it is."

     At first, he simply caressed the front and back of her body with

the belt, dragging it lightly over her skin.  "We're going to start

off with a dozen lashes on your back, ass and the back of your thighs. 

First, 3 on your back. 1... 2... 3...  Then 3 on your ass.  1... 2...

3...  Then 3 on the backs of your thighs.  1...2...3...  And then

3 more on your ass again.  1... 2... 3...

     Tony delivered the lashes fairly forcefully, causing Claire to

writhe about and cry out in pain.  "We can't have you screaming like

that through this whole thing," he said.  "We don't want the neighbors

calling the cops.  After all, that was only the beginning.  There's

lots more to come.  We'll just have to gag you.  That should keep

you quiet."

     He picked up another strip of cloth, and tied a large knot at

its center.  Then he placed the knot in her mouth and tied the cloth

tightly at the back of her head.  "There, that should do it.  Can

you breathe alright?"

     Totally unable to speak now, Claire nodded affirmatively.

     "Good," Tony commented.  "Then we can proceed with the next phase. 

Do you know what I have here?  Of course you don't.  It's a pair of

nipple clamps.  I'll just attach them to each of your nipples, like

this...  I'm glad it's cool down here.  It's making your nipples stand

up good and hard.  That makes it easier to attach these clamps.  Now

I'll tighten them up good and snug."

     He tightened the nipple clamps down quite hard, causing Claire

to moan pitifully through her gag and try to twist her body away from

the source of her pain, but her well secured wrists prevented her

from getting away from it.

     "There, that's that," he remarked, as if proud of his handiwork. 

"Now I'll just take this fishing line I've attached to the clamps

and run it through these pulleys on the rafters."

     Tony accomplished what he had described, and then began to

increase the strain on the pieces of fishing line.  "Now I'll put

some tension on the lines to pull your tits upward and away from your

body as far as I can without pulling your nipples off, and tie off

the line."

     Claire's breasts were now stretched up and out with quite a bit

of tension, causing her raise up on her toes and arch her back to

try and relieve at least some of it.  When she did this, however,

Tony simply snugged up the lines again to reapply the tension, forcing

her to hold this position so as not to cause herself even further


     Then he reached into his pocket, and took out several spring-type

clothespins.  "O.K.  Now I'll just take these clothespins and attach

them to your pussy lips... like this... three on each side.

     Claire winced and whimpered.  Again she tried to somehow get

away from the pain, but it was still to no avail.  "How does that

feel?  I'll take that whining to mean that it hurts.  Well, it's

supposed to hurt.  That's what punishment is all about.  That, and

learning to obey and to accept discipline from your master.

     "I have one more clothespin left.  What do you think should I

do with it?  Hmm, I know.  I'll attach it to your clitty.  Wait a

minute.  All this pain has caused your clitoris to withdraw way back

under its hood for protection, and I can't get a good enough grip

on it to attach the clothespin.  That just won't do.  I guess I'll

just have to massage it for a while to get it to stand up again."

     Tony began to rub her pussy mound and clit until the sensitive

organ began to become erect and emerge from under its protective hood. 

"Good," he said.  "Here it comes.  Just a little more should do it. 

There, it's good and hard and standing up nicely.  I always liked

this big clitty of yours."

     He went down on one knee in front of her, took her clit between

his lips, and sucked on it for a couple of minutes like it was a little

cock.  When it appeared to be fully engorged, he pulled his head away

and stood up again.

     "Now I can get a good grip on that little mini-prick and attach

this clothespin... like this...  Boy!  That sure made you jump!

     "Let's see, what's next?  Ah, yes, your asshole is still empty. 

Well, let's take care of that right now.  I'll just lube up this butt plug, and stick it in your puckered little hole back here."

     The butt plug Tony held was enormous by any reasonable standards,

and he had difficulty inserting it.  "It seems like we're having a

bit of a problem getting this thing to go all the way in.  I know

it's big.  It's quite a bit bigger than any butt plug we've ever put

up your ass before, but you have to try to relax your ass muscles

because one way or another, we're going to get it in you.  Now relax

those rectal muscles and open yourself up."

     Despite his additional efforts, Tony only succeed in getting

the extra large butt plug in her ass about half way, and as he

increased the pressure to try and get more of it in her, she tried

to squirm away from it.

     "It looks like I'm going to have to convince you to cooperate

with me on this thing.  Well I can handle that," he said decisively.

     Tony proceeded to attach 1 ounce lead fishing weights to both

of the nipple clamps and to each of the clothespins attached to

Claire's pussy lips and clit, stretching them downward, causing her

to writhe in painful reaction to the increased pressure on those

sensitive organs.

     "There, now let's give this butt plug another shove and see if

you'll let it in further now."  He reached behind her and pushed on

the butt plug.  It went in only a little further than before.  Tony

was still not satisfied.

     "Well, I guess you need a little more incentive.  Those nipple clamps seem like they could use a little tightening."  He tightened

up the nipple clamps more, causing her to moan and writhes from the


     "And the lines attached to your nipples could be a bit tighter

too."  He proceeded to snug up the fishing lines, stretching her

nipples out even further from her heavy breasts.

     "Now let's see whether we can get this butt plug to go in more." 

Tony gave the butt plug another push, but again succeeded in getting

it to enter her asshole only little more.

     "Not willing to cooperate yet?  Maybe a little more weight on

those clothespins will help."  He attached another ounce of weight

to each clothespin, and then tried pushing the butt plug in again. 

This time it went in about 3/4 of the way.

     "Well, we're making progress," Tony said, "but it seems like

you're still resisting me.  I guess I'll just have to pull out all

the stops and give you the whipping you deserve.  If you thought the

first dozen I gave you hurt, wait until you feel these."

     Tony took the belt and begin lashing her body with it very hard. 

Starting on her back, at the top of her shoulders, he worked his way

down her body, lashing as he went, down her back, over her ass and

the back of her legs to her ankles.  Moving to the front, he started

at her ankles and worked his way up her legs, hit her pubic mound

a few times as he passed it, over her belly, onto her sensitive


     As Claire jumped and tried to twist away from the blows, the

tethered nipple clamps tugged hard at her nipples and the weights

hanging from her pussy bounced around, tugging hard on her pubic area

and causing her additional pain and suffering.  Tony administered

about 40 lashes in all, finishing with several carefully aimed blows

directly between her splayed legs.  When he was finished, her body

was covered with wide, raised, red welts and she was sobbing


     "Now, are you going to cooperate?," he asked.

     Claire shook her head up and down very quickly.

     "Let's see," he said, and gave the butt plug a good shove.  It

stretched her asshole extremely wide and popped in all the way.

     "That's better.  You could have saved yourself a lot of pain

and suffering if you would have cooperated with me sooner.  I guess

that's another lesson for you.  One way or another, I always get my

way.  We can do it the easy way, or we can do it the hard way.  It's

up to you.

     "Well, the hardest part of your punishment is over.  I'm just

going to go upstairs for a while and leave you hanging here to

contemplate your servitude and the lessons you've learned here


     Tony left Claire suspended from the rafters and went upstairs. 

She could hear his footsteps as they faded into the distance.  He

was gone for about an hour before she heard them start to return once

again.  The footsteps appeared to stop right in front of her.  Then

she heard his voice.

     "Hello, Claire.  Have you thought about the lessons you learned


     Still gagged, she emphatically nodded her head "yes."

     "Good.  Are you thirsty?  Do you want something to drink?"

     Again Claire nodded "yes."

     "O.K.  I made you a nice milk shake.  I'll give it to you, but

you must agree to drink it all, every drop.  Do you agree?"

     She nodded "yes" yet a third time.

     "Good, but first let's make you a little more comfortable."

     Tony removed the nipple clamps, clothespins, butt plug, blindfold

and gag in that order, but he left her suspended from the rafters

by the ropes on her wrist cuffs, and attached to the floor by her

those tied to her ankle cuffs.  Claire sighed with relief and thanked

him profusely.

     "You're very welcome," he replied.  "Now here's your milk shake."

     With that, he held out a frothy, creamy looking, pale pink drink

in a large shaker glass towards her.  It appeared to be almost a quart,

and had a long straw in it.

     "How foolish of me," he said.  "Your hands are still tied.  I

guess I'll have to help you."

     With that, Tony put the end of the straw in her mouth.  Claire

started sucking hard on it immediately, gulping down the creamy

mixture.  She was indeed more thirsty than she had realized.  He smiled

as he watched her drink it.

     "Do you like the taste?" he asked.

     Claire nodded affirmatively and kept on drinking.

     "I made it especially for you.  It's my own recipe.  Would you

like to know what's in it?"

     Apparently sensing something was up, Claire stopped drinking,

looked directly into his eyes, and nodded "yes" again, the straw lying

momentarily idle in her mouth.

     "Well, it has a couple of scoops of ice cream, two teaspoons

of vanilla extract, some grenadine, and... ALL THAT CREAMY COME FROM


     His startling message took a two or three full seconds to sink

in.  When it did, Claire reacted as if she had been struck.  She spit

out the straw and tried frantically to pull away from the glass. 

Obviously, her ability to do this was severely impeded by her bonds.

     "What's the matter?" he asked facetiously, with a maniacal smile

on his face.  "Don't you like my recipe anymore?  I thought you said

you were enjoying it.  The freezing should have killed any germs that

may have been in it.  Besides, I told you right at the beginning that

it was a 'milk' shake.  I guess I failed to mention it was made with

'man-milk.'  That was just a slight oversight on my part.  You did

agree, however, to drink it all, so come on, let me see you finish

it.  We can't let all this protein go to waste with all the starving

people there are in the world."

     Tony tried to put the straw back into Claire's mouth, but she

twists her head away violently.

     "Do I have to get the belt again?" he asked in that strange,

super calm voice he tended to use when he was extremely serious about

something.  "I really don't want to beat you any more tonight, but

if you force me to, I will.  You can either drink it now, or drink

it after another beating, or after several more beatings, if that's

what it takes.  It's your choice."

     Claire looked long and deeply into Tony's eyes.  She knew him

well enough to sense that his threat was deadly grave. Therefore,

she reluctantly took the straw back into her mouth and started sucking

on it again.  Her drinking was now at a much slower pace than before,

and she gagged repeatedly when she tried to swallow.

     "Come on, woman," he said, still using that voice, "finish it

all.  Don't spit any of it out, and if you're even remotely thinking

about throwing up, you'd better reconsider.  If you puke, I'll scoop

up your vomit and feed it to you with a spoon.  Drink it all down

and keep it down."

     Her efforts accompanied by much suppressed retching, Claire forced

herself to finish the creamy come milk shake, gagging all the way

but slurping up and swallowing every last drop of the now detestable


     When she had finished, Tony spoke.  "Good girl.  Your punishment

is completely over.  Now I'll give you a reward for taking it so well."

     With that, he moved behind her.  He took his handkerchief and

fastidiously wiped all the lubricant from the outside of her asshole

with his handkerchief.  Wrapping it around his forefinger, he next

wiped the inside of her butt hole free from it as well.  Then, without

giving her a word of warning, Tony took his long, stiff cock out of

his pants and shoved its entire length up her ass in a single stroke

so powerful that it literally lifted her feet several inches off the


     Claire let out a shriek and jumped from the sudden, painful

invasion of her dry puckered orifice.  She tried to squirm away from

him, but he grabbed her firmly by the hips and held her body tight

against him, keeping his throbbing prick buried deep in her ass. 

Then he started stroking it in and out in elongated, forceful strokes,

slamming into her asshole again and again, over and over, as she

continued to wail.  Tony held back his climax as long as he could,

until at last, he came powerfully.  The moment his prick stopped

spurting come, he yanked the still hard organ out of her ass.

     "There," he said, panting hard, "wasn't that nice?  Aren't you

going to thank me for giving you that reward?  I think you should. 

It's only good manners."

     Through the sobs that racked her body, Claire submissively thanked

Tony for dry fucking her up the ass.  Then he let her down and untied

her bonds.  Tossing her coat to her, he coldly ordered her to leave,

turned his back on her and walked away.  She covered her bruised,

naked body with the trench coat, and walked out the door, still crying


     As she drove home, many thoughts ran through her mind.  At first

all she felt was pain, both physical and psychological.  In a short

while, these sensations were joined by a sense of outrage directed

at Tony for what he had done to her.  By the time she arrived at her

door, however, the thought had started to creep into her mind that

if she hadn't disappointed Tony in the first place, he wouldn't have

had to punish her.  She felt certain that there was something wrong

with this line of thinking, but she couldn't quite determine what

it was.  All she was certain of, was that she was hurt and confused.

     When Claire entered her condo, her husband, Bill, was preoccupied

watching a game on television.  She greeted him with a kiss on the

cheek and went directly to the bathroom. There she showered, changed

into a long nightgown to cover her many bruises, and then went straight

to bed.

     Meanwhile, Tony was sitting in his own living room.  He too had

the television turned on, but was not really watching it.  He felt

ill at ease.  Something was bothering him, but he wasn't sure what

it was.  After the evening's events, he thought he should feel content

and powerful, but he did not.  Although he had enjoyed himself

immensely while they were going on, that feeling was now gone.  He

too was confused, and depressed as well.

     He decided that a good, stiff drink would straighten him out,

so he had one, and then another.  They didn't help.

     Tony turned off the T.V. and went to sit out on the deck at the

rear of his home.  Sometimes just sitting there, looking up at the

stars helped to clarify his thoughts when he was wrestling with a

problem he couldn't solve.  As he sat there sipping another drink,

he reviewed what had occurred that evening in his mind, searching

for a clue as to what was bothering him.  He went over the events

in detail, one at a time, looking for something he had overlooked,

but to no avail.  Finally, he just decided to sit there and clear

his head.  Maybe it would come to him if he did that.

     Several hours passed with Tony just sitting there.  He was tired,

but had no desire to sleep.  Then, as the first, feeble streaks of

sunlight began to chase away the stars, it hit him.  It wasn't a detail

that was bothering him.  It was the whole damn thing!

     He was faced with the reality that this thing he had about

dominating Claire had taken on a life of his own.  When he had started

it, he had simply been searching for a way to ensure that their sexual

relationship and their emotional involvement would continue.  Now

it had become the be all and end all of their entire relationship.

     He really loved Claire in every sense of the word, and now he

was deriving pleasure from hurting her, both physically and

emotionally.  He knew he had to stop it, but how?  It was as if he

had become addicted to the practices that had crept into their

relationship, those very practices that had replaced the love in that

relationship with an uncontrollable urge to dominate and humiliate

her in every way.  There must be a way to stop it, he thought.  There

must be.  But how?

     All of a sudden the solution was clear to him.  Of course, why

hadn't he thought of it before?  Now that he had the answer, he felt


     He went into the house and gathered up the originals and all

the copies of the pornographic video tapes he had made of Claire: 

the one at the motel with Dawn, the one at the bachelor party, and

the one showing her with all those soldiers at the motel near Fort

Monmouth.  Then he destroyed each and every one of them, smashing

their cases and cutting the tapes up into unusable bits.  He disposed

of the remnants of the video tapes in his neighbors' trash can, thereby

reducing the possibility that they would be found.

     Then Tony went back inside and found some writing paper.

     "My Dearest Claire," he wrote.  "Please forgive me for what I

have done, and what I am about to do.  I have allowed our mutual

devotion to become subjugated to my desire to dominate you.  By that

action, I have killed the feelings of love which existed between us

and replaced them with nothing but hurt and pain.  It must stop, and

it must stop now.

     "By the time you read this, it will all be irrevocably ended. 

In time, your wounds will heal, and all will be as if our twisted

relationship never happened.  I give you your freedom, the freedom

to laugh, to be happy and to love.  The freedom to be yourself once

again.  If you can find it in your heart, please forgive me, and think

kindly of me from time to time.

     "You don't have to worry about the videos I made falling into

someone's hands.  They no longer exist.

     "They say that a person's last thoughts on this earth live on

long after his death.  I hope that is the case, because my last

thoughts will be of my love for you."

     He ended the letter, "With All My Love, Tony."  Then he sealed

it in an envelope, drove over to Claire's condominium, and dropped

it in her mailbox.  He felt good.

     When he returned home, he went up to the attic and retrieved

a small carton which he had brought home with him after his military

service.  He hadn't looked inside the box in years.  From it, he

withdrew a large caliber, miliary issue automatic pistol along with

some ammunition.

     As he loaded the pistol, the idea struck him that the ammunition

might not work after all those years in storage.  That would certainly

be anticlimactic, he thought, chuckling to himself as he worked.

     Then he placed the barrel of the pistol at his temple, closed

his eyes, and pulled the trigger.  He didn't open his eyes again.

     A couple of hours later, as Claire left her condo to go to work,

she noticed a letter sticking out of her mailbox.  "That's strange,"

she thought.  The mailman usually didn't arrive until after 10:00

a.m.  She removed the envelope, and thought it was stranger still

when she noticed it didn't have a stamp.  There was something else

strange about it, but she wasn't sure what it was.  Her curiosity

was mildly aroused, but since she was running late, she simply stuffed

it into her purse and continued on to her car.

     When she arrived at work, she sat at her desk having her first

cup of coffee and planning her day, as was her custom.  All of a 

sudden, she realized what the third strange factor about the envelope

was:  It had been addressed in Tony's handwriting!

     She quickly pulled it from her purse and opened it.  As soon

as she finished reading it, she picked up the phone and dialed Tony's

number.  There was no answer.  Claire hung up the phone and ran out

of her office in a panic, not even bothering to tell her secretary

where she was going.  She got in her car and drove at breakneck speed

to Tony's house, even though her vision was partially obstructed by

the tears falling from her eyes.

     As she turned down Tony's block, she couldn't help but notice

the two police cars and the ambulance double parked in front.  "An

ambulance!" she thought.  Maybe it wasn't too late!

     Claire pulled her car over to the curb across the street and

began to get out.  Just as she did, she saw the white coated EMS

technicians emerge pushing a stretcher.  At first, she was puzzled

as to why they were moving so slowly.  "Shouldn't they be hurrying

more?" she wondered.

     As they made the turn to put the stretcher into the ambulance,

however, the reason for their lack of hustle became evident.  The

stretcher carried a packed, zipped up body bag.  Claire fell back

down onto the seat of her car and began to sob uncontrollably.  She

was too late!  It was all over!

     She remained sitting in the car and crying for a very long time,

after which she forced herself to drive home, and then cried some

more.  Claire was still crying when her husband came home.  When Bill

asked her what was wrong, she told him of Tony's death at his own

hand, leaving out any incriminating details of their affair, of course.

     Bill knew that they had been close, but just how close he had

no idea.  He held her in his arms and attempted to console her, but

his efforts were of no avail.  Claire just kept crying.  As a matter

of fact, she cried most of the time until well after Tony's funeral.

     She felt lost and without purpose.  She couldn't even find the

motivation to go to work, so she took a few days vacation.  She stopped

shaving her pussy.  There was no longer any sense in it now that Tony

was gone.  Bill was a bit disappointed when he noticed she was letting

her pubic hair grow back in after keeping it clean shaven for so long. 

He had grown to like her bald pussy, but he said nothing about it

to Claire.  She noticed his disappointment about it the first time

he went down on her after she started to let it grow, but she just

didn't care, and let it keep growing in.  She even started to wear

underwear again after she had generously re-stocked her supply on

an all day shopping spree.

     About a week or so after Tony was placed in the ground, Bill

informed her that he had to go out of town on business for a couple

of weeks.  At first, she didn't want him to go.  She didn't think

she could take being alone just yet.  As she thought about it, however,

she mellowed to the idea, thinking that she could use this time to

pull herself together and prepare herself to get on with the rest

of her life, a life without Tony.

     During those two weeks, Claire spent a lot of time thinking about

how her life had been when Tony was alive, and how it would be now

that he was gone.  She also sought out and read quite a bit about

domination, in both popular works and psychological texts, trying

to gain an understanding of Tony's motivations in their relationship

and how she had allowed herself to be drawn so deeply into it as easily

as she had.

     She became truly conscious of the fact she was now genuinely

free, free to live her life as she pleased with her loving husband. 

She was again in full control of her own existence.  When she allowed

herself to realize this, it was as if a great weight had been lifted

from her shoulders.  Her depression dissipated and a confident calm

settled over her.  She finally knew the course she had to take to

put her life on back on track and be truly happy.

     Bill got to the airport shortly before 1:00 p.m. after his return

flight and immediately caught a cab to rush back to the condo and

see Claire.  He had missed her terribly while he was away, and hoped

she was finally recovering from her depression over Tony's death. 

He couldn't wait to see his loving little wife and hold her tenderly

in his arms.

     It was a Saturday afternoon, and traffic was light, so the trip

didn't take very long at all.  He arrived at their building at about

2:00 p.m., and walked briskly up the stairs.

     When he opened the door to his apartment, he came upon a scene

that jolted him so forcefully it literally knocked him back against

the door with his mouth hanging open.  There was Claire, sitting on

the floor in the center of the living room, facing the doorway where

he stood.  She sat in the lotus position, with her back straight,

each foot crossed over the top of the opposite thigh, and her arms

hanging limply at her sides, palms upward.  Her head was bowed deeply,

causing her chin to rest on her upper chest.

     Claire was completely naked, and in her open-legged posture it

was obvious that her cunt was once again shaved bald.  It took him

a moment longer to realize that it also had the broad end of an

apparently very large dildo sticking out of it.  In the dead silence

of the room he could clearly hear it buzzing.

     Neatly arranged on the floor around her was a vast array of sex

related toys:  dildos and butt plugs of many sizes, shapes and colors,

wrist and ankle straps, handcuffs, ball gags, nipple clamps, whips,

and curiously enough, a wide leather garrison belt.  Beyond her,

against the far wall, was a large pile of what appeared to be the

shredded remnants of many pieces of lingerie.

     Bill had not uttered a sound since he entered the apartment. 

He had been actually been stunned speechless.  A hundred questions

raced through his mind, but he could not find his tongue to give them

voice.  They all became irrelevant when, a few seconds later, Claire


     "Welcome home, my husband and master.  I vow to be your obedient

slave in all things, and to devote my life to your pleasure.  How

may I serve you?"

     Several days later, two psychics in the area independently

reported that, beginning at about 2:05 p.m. the previous Saturday,

they had heard what could only be described as a long, loud and

mournful wail of despair emanating from the direction of the local

cemetery.  One month later, they both quietly moved to another county. 

Apparently, they couldn't stand the screaming.

                         THE END (?)

(NOTICE:  As the author of this work, I hereby retain all rights to

it except those directly related to personal use by BBS subscribers

and its upload it to other BBSs.  Restricted activities include

modification, deletion of this notice, and any commercial use, except

as stated above.  I really enjoy writing these things, and doing the

related field research.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them,

as well as any ancillary activities you may choose to engage in, but

please be fair and don't rip off my work.  Thanks!  "Joe Anthony") 



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