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Archive-name: Control/afan-08.txt

Archive-author: Joe Anthony

Archive-title: Seduction and Domination - A Story of Sex and the Mind

[In PARTS 1 through 3 of our story (contained in files AFAN-05, AFAN-06

and AFAN-07), Tony seduced his beautiful, hot-bodied (40EE-24-35)

divorcee sister-in law, Claire, whom he had long desired.  During

the course of that seduction, he discovered that she really got off

on dirty language and a strong approach, and used this knowledge to

his advantage to gradually develop her tendencies towards submissive-

ness and bring her under his total dominance,  despite the fact that

she was engaged to be married in the near future.  At Tony's

insistence, Claire engaged in several sexual adventures of gradually

increasing boldness, including exhibitionism, public masturbation

and intercourse, the masturbation of a elderly gentleman at a porno

movie, and a full fledged threesome with another man they picked up

in a nightclub.  Although he held her under the constant threat of

punishment if she questioned him or disobeyed his will, he had only

actually subjected her to two punishment sessions, the second more

severe than the first, but still rather mild by some standards.  At

the end of PART 3, Tony had lured Claire into a private room during

her wedding reception and screwed her up the ass.  As PART 4 opens,

Claire has just returned from her honeymoon.]

                             PART 4

     On Tuesday morning of the first week Claire was back at work

after her she returned from her honeymoon, Tony called her at her


     "Hi, Claire.  It's me.  Did you enjoy your honeymoon?"

     "Oh, yes.  We had a wonderful time.  We had great weather every

day, and our cottage was great.  We both loved it."

     "Good, I'm glad."

     "I just wish that everything here at work was half as good. 

I hate coming back to work to find problems."

     "Why?  What do you mean?" Tony asked.

     "Well, apparently while I was gone, my secretary was dipping

into the petty cash pretty heavily for her personal use.  I discovered

it when I got back."

     "You mean Dawn, that beautiful young African-American girl? 

She's only nineteen years old, isn't she?"

     "Yes, she is.  I just don't know what to do about it.  I haven't

reported her yet, but I guess I'll have to soon. 

Obviously she'll have to be let go.  It's a real shame.  I like her

a lot, and we seemed to get along so well.  She's really an excellent


     "Well," Tony commented, "I guess she brought it on herself. 

What else can you do?"

     "I don't know.  I just have a feeling that something must have

come up at home, some kind of emergency that called for quick cash

that she didn't have.  You know, she supports her six brothers and

sisters all by herself.  Her parents were killed in an accident a

few years ago.  I just think that if I could teach her a good lesson,

and give her one more chance, she'd straighten out and never do

anything like that again.  Something like this could ruin her life."

     "You always have been something of a bleeding heart.  I guess

that's one of the reasons I'm attracted to you." Tony said with a


     "But it's sad.  I just can't think of any way I could teach her

a strong enough lesson to straighten her out without reporting her. 

I guess you're right.  I'll have to let her go."

     All of a sudden, Tony had a idea.  "Wait a minute.  I think I

might know a way."

     "How?" Claire said eagerly.  "What's your idea.  Tell me quickly. 

I'm willing to try anything to save her."

     "How about a threesome?" Tony asked.

     "What?" Claire said, unable to believe her ears.

     "A threesome.  You, me and Dawn.  Tell her that if she's willing

to participate in a threesome with us, just one time, you'll give

her another chance and let her keep her job."

     "I don't know if I can do that.  Besides, even if I did, I don't

think she'd accept.  She's really a pretty innocent young girl."

     "She's not a virgin, is she?" Tony asked.  "She's too good looking

to have remained a virgin this long.  Besides, she's got kind of a

sensual air about her that virgins don't usually have."

     "Well, I'm not really sure.  Now that I come to think of it,"

Claire said, "I don't think so.  When she first started working for

me about six months ago, she had a boyfriend she used to spend a

weekend with now and then, but she broke off with him shortly

thereafter.  Still, I don't think she'd accept an arrangement like


     "It's either that or fire her," Tony responded.  "It's up to

you.  You could at least give it a try."

     "What if she reports me?" Claire asked.

     "As long as you have the proof that she was stealing, you could

just deny it.  Nobody would believe her anyway."

     "You're probably right on that one," Claire said, knowing full

well that although her company gave a lot of lip service to equal

opportunity in public, there were still plenty of vestiges of prejudice

in certain areas of the top levels.

     "Well," Tony prodded, "what are you going to do?"

     "I think I'll give it a try," Claire answered.  "I can't think

of any other alternative, and I really don't want to fire her without

giving her a chance to redeem herself."

     "Good," Tony commented.  "Do it today.  You don't want to let

this thing lay too long.  By the way, be sure you make it clear to

her what she'll have to do.  Tell her she has to take unquestioned

direction from both me and you, and be sure to tell her it will include

some lesbianism between you two.  If she says yes, lay it on for

tomorrow afternoon.  I don't want to give her much time to think it

over and maybe change her mind if she says yes.  Call me tonight and

let me know what happens."

     That evening, Tony's phone rang.  It was Claire.

     "Well, Claire, how did you make out?  Did she go for it?"

     "Yes, she cried and pleaded a lot, but she finally accepted."

     "Great," Tony said enthusiastically.  "I'll rent a hotel room

at that place right down the street from where you work.  Arrange

to take an extra long lunch hour tomorrow, and bring her there.  I'll

be waiting."

     "O.K., but I have to ask one thing of you."

     "What?" Tony asked, with a bit of impatience in his voice.

     "Please don't hurt her," Claire implored.  "I really like this

girl, and she's so young and innocent."

     "Just be there by 12:20 p.m., and make sure she completely

understands what she's agreeing to do.  Don't be late." Tony said,

and hung up. Afterwards, Tony couldn't get the picture of Dawn's slim

mocha body out of his mind for several hours.

     The next day came and saw Tony waiting in the hotel room.  It

was almost 12:20 p.m.  Claire and Dawn should be arriving at moment. 

There was a knock on the door.

     "Come in," Tony said, trying to keep his voice as steady, calm

and authoritative as he could under the circumstances.

     Claire led Dawn into the room.  Both women looked beautiful. 

Claire was wearing a dark business suit.  Although the jacket was

cut very conservatively, the skirt was a little tighter than is usually

acceptable in business circles, and the hem stopped a full four inches

above her knees, showing off her shapely legs.  She had a silk,

multicolored scarf around her neck, and Tony was positive she hadn't

worn a blouse under the jacket.  Dawn wore a light green, button front

blouse and matching skirt.  The color made her light brown skin look

radiant.  The bottom edge of the skirt came to just below her knee,

and it had a row of buttons running down the full length of the front,

from waist to hem.  To Tony's mild disappointment, they were all

fastened.  "Well, that won't last long," he thought to himself, "not

long at all."

     Claire greeted Tony with a kiss, and then introduced Tony and

Dawn.  She said she remembered him from when he had visited Claire

at her office.  Tony gave Dawn a virtuous peck on the cheek, and could

feel that she was shaking.  This young thing was obviously extremely

nervous in this situation, as well she should be. Claire and Dawn

took a seat on the couch, while Tony remained standing for the time


     "How about a drink to start things off?" Tony asked.

     "Sure," Claire replied quickly.  "I'll take a vodka and tonic."

     Dawn said nothing, so Tony asked her directly.  "And what about

you, Dawn?"

     "I, I don't usually drink alcohol."

     "Well, this is kind of a special occasion," he rejoindered. 

"Why don't you have one?  It'll help calm you down.  Would a vodka

and tonic be O.K.?"

     "I guess so," Dawn responded passively.

     Tony made three vodka and tonics, passed them out and then sat

down in the armchair which faced the couch.  He had made sure he was

extra generous with the vodka in Dawn's drink, and put in additional

sweetened lime juice as well to mask the taste.  He estimated that

one or two drinks like that, especially on an empty stomach, would

do the trick both calming her nerves and in making her more compliant.

     They sat and talked for a while about the weather and other non-

threatening subjects.  The fact that Dawn was jittery made her consume

her drink much more quickly than she should have.  As soon as her

glass was empty, Tony refilled it.  By the time she had gotten about

half way through this second robustly made drink, she was looking

a bit unsteady, but she was certainly more relaxed.

     "I think it's about time we got down to business," Tony said. 

"Claire, why don't you give Dawn a little kiss to start things off?"

     Claire took Dawn's drink from her hand and set it on the coffee

table along with her own.  She slid over to her right to get closer

to Dawn, put her right arm around Dawn's shoulders, and tried to kiss

her on the lips.  At the last second before contact was made, Dawn

turned her head away, causing Claire's kiss to glance off her cheek.

     "Now, now," Tony said sternly, "Let's have none of that.  Make

sure you remember our agreement and what's at stake here."

     Claire waited a few seconds to give Dawn time to absorb the full

meaning of Tony's remark, and then she tried again.  This time Dawn

allowed Claire to kiss her full on the lips, but

reacted passively.

     Tony was quick to correct her technique.  "If you're going to

go through with this, Dawn, you'd damn well better act like you're

enjoying every minute of it, otherwise we can stop right now and Claire

will be forced to notify Security about your little indiscretion."

     "O.K.," Dawn said very meekly.  "It's just that this is all so

new to me.  I've done anything like this with another woman before."

     "Neither have I," Claire said in a consoling tone of voice. 

"We're both learning."

     "If it helps, you can just pretend you're with a man," Tony added. 

"Now let's try that again."

     Claire brought her lips into contact with Dawn's a second time,

and this time the young girl returned it, although she did so with

an understandable degree of tentativeness.

     "That's better," Tony said.  "Now just start making out together,

and I'll sit here and watch, for the time being."

     Claire kissed Dawn on the mouth again and held it.  As she did,

she placed the thumb of left hand up to Dawn's chin and pulled gently

downward.  This move succeeded in opening the girl's mouth, and enabled

Claire to slip her tongue inside.

     Tony could see the outline of Claire's tongue against Dawn's

cheek as it played in her oral cavity.  "Come on, girl, let's get

a little more active here.  Don't let Claire do all the work.  Stick

your tongue into her mouth too."

     He saw by the movements of her jaw that she complied almost

immediately, and sat there enjoying the spectacle that was

developing before him.  He noticed that Dawn seemed to be

gradually relaxing, and that Claire really looked like she was getting

into this little lesbian scene.  He felt his dick

beginning to awaken in his pants

     Claire's left hand rose upwards, came to rest on Dawn's right

breast and began to massage the pert little orb.  Dawn's own hand

immediately shot up reactively and covered Claire's.  Apparently she

was either trying to pull it away or hold it still.  As Claire

continued to knead her breast, however, Dawn's hand slowly relaxed

and then dropped limply onto her own lap.  Resignation to her fate

was setting in, and possibly, a degree of actual arousal as well.

     After moving her hand to Dawn's other breast and giving it a

bit of loving attention as well, Claire slowly unbuttoned the young

girl's blouse and spread the two edges apart.  She was wearing a

demure, white cotton bra, which Claire's hand instantly began to

inspect.  Several moments later, Claire pulled back and removed Dawn's

blouse.  She then unclasped Dawn's brassiere and slipped it down her

arms, revealing her tits to Tony's hungry gaze.  They were rather

small and immature looking as tits go, but they were extremely firm

in their appearance, and they were crowned by the most magnificent

pair of dark brown nipples Tony had ever encountered in his life. 

Those two amazing nips stuck out from Dawn's orbs a good inch and

a half, looking like a pair of dusky nozzles from a garden hose.

     Tony's cock leapt with joy at the sight.  Nipples were definitely

his thing, and this was some astonishing set of nipples.

     Claire took each one in turn and grasped it between a finger

and thumb, gently twisting and tugging at them, and they seemed to

grow even more.  Then she broke contact with Dawn for a moment,

allowing herself but a few seconds to remove her own jacket and scarf

before she returned to working over Dawn's beautiful little tittys.

     The next time she removed her hand from Dawn's chest, it was

to grasp her behind the head, and pull her face into the much more

generous mounds of flesh crowning her own upper body.  She directed

Dawn's mouth to one of her nipples, and placed Dawn's hand on the

other.  Dawn got the idea and began to immediately nurse on Claire's

tremendous tit while she caressed the other, apparently with at least

some degree of enthusiasm.

     For the next several minutes, Claire let Dawn do most of the

work.  She simply leaned back and enjoyed having her tits sucked and

massaged.  Tony, on the other hand, became more active.  He opened

his pants and pushed them down to his ankles, allowing his now stiff

cock to spring up.  He immediately grasped it in his fist and started

stroking it at a leisurely pace, not wanting to lose his load so early

in the festivities.  Dawn must have heard the noise he made, because

he saw her glance over towards him.  She first looked at his face,

and then her eyes dropped to his lap.  As soon as she realized what

she was looking at, she immediately closed her eyes tightly and twisted

her head away from the spectacle.

     While he scrutinized the two women closely, he saw Claire's hand

slide down Dawn's leg to the hem of her skirt.  He saw it begin

unfastening The buttons that held the front of the garment together,

working from the bottom up.  As they did, Dawn's slender but well

shaped legs gradually came into view.  He noticed that she wasn't

wearing pantyhose.  "Thank goodness for that," he thought.  Claire

must have warned her about his hatred of that type of garment.

     When the last button on Dawn's skirt had been undone, it fell

open.  Tony was surprised to see that she had on an extremely modest

pair of white cotton panties.  He didn't think there were any women

left who still wore those things once they were out of grade school. 

He found them somehow kind of exciting in their unassuming chasteness. 

The panties were all he could see, however, because Dawn had her legs

clamped firmly together in the classic protective posture.

     Claire's placed her hand on Dawn's knee, and then tried to work

it between her thighs, but Dawn simply squeezed them together more

tightly, effectively thwarting her efforts.

     Tony watched Claire struggle to overcome Dawn's resistance for

a full minute, but the young girl was strong, and kept her from making

any appreciable progress.  He decided to intervene verbally.

     "Dawn, if you don't open your legs up right this very second,

I'm going to call the whole thing off.  Then we'll see how inventive

you can be trying to feed your six brothers and sisters with no salary

coming in."

     He saw Dawn take a deep breath.  Immediately thereafter, she

let her legs relax.  As they fell open, Claire instantly slid her

hand up the girl's inner thigh and onto her young pussy.  Tony looked

closely as she began to manipulate Dawn's mons with the tips of all

four fingers.  In a very short while, he could see the crotch of Dawn's

panties begin to dampen with her juices.

     Tony rose from his chair and approached the pair.  "I think I'll

just help this along a little bit," he said.

     Towards that end, he removed the rest of Claire's clothing,

allowing her to continue what she was doing to Dawn without a

significant degree of interruption.  Then he took hold of Dawn's

panties and slipped them down and off.  For a split second, he got

a clear view of her cunt.  It was crowned with a very sparse coating

of tightly curled pubic hair, not nearly enough to obstruct his view

of its intimate details.  The outer lips were parted, and the inner

ones pouted out between them.  They were a very bright pink, looking

almost red against the background of her brown skin, and they glistened

in the light with her nectar.  Tony's view was almost instantly

obscured, however, by Claire's hand, which literally dove into Dawn's

exposed twat.  Immediately thereafter, one of Claire's fingers

disappeared inside the radiant pink flower, and began to alternate

between pumping slowly in and out, and rolling around the pearl of

pleasure at its apex.

     Tony went back to his chair to continue leering at the women's

intimate activities and pumping his prick, but his self control did

not prevail for very long.  Soon he was standing over them once again.

     "It's time you two moved over to the bed so we can get down to

more serious action," he directed.  Claire and Dawn reluctantly

disengaged from each other and walked quickly to the queen sized bed. 

     "O.K.," Tony said as he collected their glasses.  "It's game


     He reached under the edge of the bed, and pulled out a towel

which obviously had something concealed within it.  When he unwrapped

it, both women gasped in surprise.  It was an eighteen inch long dildo,

over three inches in diameter.  Made of flesh colored, flexible latex,

it had a cock head of both ends.  It was quite a formidable looking


     "What are you going to do with that fucking monster?" Claire


     "I'm not going to do anything with it.  You two are going to

screw each other with it," Tony replied.

     "I don't think it will fit," Dawn said with apprehension in her


     "If women can fit an eight pound baby out through that hole,

then you can certainly fit something as puny as this into it.  Just

take your time, try to relax and enjoy it, and nature will take care

of the rest," Tony said calmly.

     He directed them to get on the bed on their backs, on their hands

and knees, legs spread about a foot or so apart, facing in opposite

directions, with their haunches about a foot or so apart.  As they

did, he coated the double ended dildo copiously with lubricant.

     When the women were in position, he began inserting one end of

the giant rubber cock into Claire's cunt.  He pumped it in slowly,

until it was inside her about four inches or so.  Then he took the

other end and started pressing it into Dawn.  "This is a much tighter

fit," he thought as he labored.  "I can hardly wait to get my own

dick into this one, but all in due time."

     He kept pushing on the dildo, moving it in little circles as

he did to loosen her up, and rubbing her clit with his other hand

to help her to relax.  Bit by bit, Dawn's pussy stretched wider,

gradually expanding to accommodate the dildo's imposing girth.  She

moaned and wiggled her ass as he worked it into her.  Finally, it

was imbedded in her twat approximately the same four inches as it

was in Claire's. 

     "Alright ladies," Tony said as he stepped back so he could take

in the whole scene.  "Start pumping your asses back at each other. 

I want to see this thing disappear completely."

     He stood next to the bed and stroked his dick as he watched the

two women began to press their butts back against each other,

rhythmically pushing  and releasing, pushing and releasing, over and

over again.  Slowly, very slowly, the massive slab of latex began

to vanish inside them half an inch or so at a time.

     Although more of it appeared to be submerging itself in Claire's

more experienced twat, Dawn's little pussy was doing it's relative

share as well.  Both of them were obviously feeling the pleasurable

effects of their efforts.  Their breathing rates increased, and a

thin glossy sheen of sweat emerged over their entire bodies.  Each

time they pushed together and the dildo hit the bottom of it's glide

path, they grunted loudly in unison.

     When all but about two inches of the latex cock remained exposed,

it seemed like they had reached an impasse.  As much as they tried,

it went in no further.  Tony decided to try assist their efforts. 

The two of them were breathing hard, both from their arousal and their

exertions.  He reached a hand under each of them, and began to rub

their clits in little circles.  The speed of their butt bumping


     "Go for it, baby," he said to Claire with a smile.  "Don't

disappoint me.  Make me proud."

     Claire took a deep breath, and pushed back hard against the dildo,

and lo and behold, it disappeared completely.  That was apparently

all either she or Dawn needed.  They both began to twitch and spasm

forcefully in climax, climaxes that lasted for am extremely long time. 

Then they both collapsed forward, and the dildo fell out of their

cunts with a distinct slurping sound, as if a tremendous suction

was being released.

     Since Tony hadn't come himself yet, he wasn't very willing to

allow them much time to recover.  In about two minutes, he was urging

them to continue.

     "O.K., ladies," he announced, "it's not over yet.  Time to try

for the next plateau.  Claire, I want you to lie flat on your back,

and Dawn, get on top of her, face to face."

     With a slight degree of reluctance born of their post orgasmic

state, the women got into the prescribed position.  

     "Now start kissing each other on the mouth," Tony instructed. 

Put a lot of tongue into it.  Let's see some tit rubbing as well,

and rub those pussy mounds together.  Dawn, make believe you have

a dick and are fucking Claire with it."

     Claire and Dawn began to make out and hump together as he had

ordered.  Initially, their efforts were rather perfunctory, but sa

they continued, they started to get into it more, and the enthusiasm

of their efforts increased considerably.

     Tony climbed onto the bed below their feet, grasped their ankles,

and spread their legs apart.  He watched their pussies rubbing together

sensuously.  It was a highly erotic picture, Dawn's darker, sparsely

haired pudendum with it's bright pink inner core on the top, humping

and being humped by Claire's lighter skinned, clean shaven twat on

the bottom.  He could clearly see Dawn's creamy cunt juice leaking

out of her hole, running between her pussy lips, and dripping down

onto Claire's twat, where they mixed with Claire's own nectar elixirs

and then continued on down to the sheet below.

     Then he decided, "Enough of this voyeurism.  I need to fuck

something wet and warm!"  He moved forward on his knees between their

writhing thighs.  Without touching his palpitating cock, he thrust

his hips forward, leaving it to chance as to which pussy he would

penetrate.  For the first second or two after he had made his entrance,

he wasn't sure.  Then he felt those slick, hairless  cunt lips sliding

against the sides of his shaft and rubbing his balls, and he knew

it was Claire he had poked himself into.

     He pumped himself into her hot twat for about a dozen or so

strokes.  Then he pulled out, and immediately began to press his

swollen organ into Dawn's cunt.  She was tight, very tight, even

tighter than he had expected.  His initial thrust had only succeeded

in burying the head of his trouser monster in the fiery cavity just

beyond the entrance guarded by Dawn's bright pink labia.  Not one

to be easily discouraged, however, Tony kept pushing until he was

in her all the way.  Reaching between the two sweating bodies beneath

him with both hands, he took a tight grip on Dawn's extraordinary

nipples and squeezed them hard between his fingertips.  He heard her

moan loudly and felt her thrust her hips back at him as he began some

serious thrusting of his own.

     After only about ten strokes, the muscles inside her love canal

locked his shaft in a steel-like grip as she climaxed strongly.  It

took all the control he could muster to keep his sperm from spewing

out the end of his dick.

Tony let her finish, and then switched back to fucking Claire.  If

at all possible, he wanted to bring her off before he shot his load. 

He repeatedly gave her his best, twisting thrusts, pushing in from

an angle at one side and then the other to increase the friction. 

Over and over again he pounded himself into her, and at last, she

convulsed in pleasure.

     Now he felt free to come himself.  His immense ego did not want

to deprive either woman of the prize they had both worked so hard

for.  He slipped his throbbing prick out of Claire's twat, took a

tight grip on it, and leaned back slightly on his haunches.  He gave

it a couple of good strokes, and a couple was all it needed.  He spewed

out a veritable torrent of fuck juice, taking careful aim to ensure

it splashed equally onto both gaping cunts, hosing them down like

a fireman putting out a fire.

     When his jets of cream slowed down to a trickle, he wiped the

remaining drops off the head of his dick onto Dawn's tight ass cheeks. 

Then he fell back onto the bed to catch his breath.

     The ladies wanted to go into the bathroom and clean themselves

up, but he refused their request.  "I kind of like the way you look

with my come all over your cunts," he chuckled.  "Let's have another

drink before the next round," he suggested.  "We're not finished yet."

     "I'm game," Claire answered quickly.  "All that fucking and

sucking made me thirsty."

     Dawn simply signaled her consent by nodding her head.

     Tony served them their drinks, and they sipped them at a leisurely

pace as they recuperated.  By the time the drinks were finished, they

all felt refreshed.

     Although Tony's dick was still soft, it was he who urged them

to get started again.  He told Dawn to lie down on her back with her

legs bent at the knee and spread wide, and had Claire perch on all

fours over her body in a classic "69" position.

     "O.K., Claire," he said, "I think you know what to do from here."

     Claire needed little encouragement.  The words were hardly out

of his mouth before her talented tongue was busily engaged deep in

the intimate folds of Dawn's musky womanhood, licking up a combination

of Dawn's juices and Tony's dried sperm.  It didn't take long after

this delightful contact was initially made with her most private

possession for Dawn's head to snap back and a long, high pitched wail

to issue from deep within her throat.  Her third climax of the day

had announced it's arrival.

     Even though Claire's shaved cunt was only an inch or so from

Dawn's lovely face, she had not yet made a move to make contact with

it.  Tony was impatient to see her pink tongue exploring the inner

reaches of Claire's twat.  "Well, what are you waiting for, Dawn?"

he asked.  "Start eating her pussy!"

     "I don't know how," she responded.  "I'm not sure what to do."

     "Just do to her the same thing that she's doing to you," Tony

advised, being something of an authority at cunt lapping himself,

"or do what you'd like her to do to you.  Be creative, experiment

a little.  You'll know when you're do something she likes, believe


     Dawn looked up at Claire's slit, which was encrusted with a

translucent coating of crusty come.  She gave it a tentative lick,

causing a flake of the substance to drop off into her mouth.  Then

she gave it a long, slow lap from one end to the other that made Claire

squirm and audibly suck in air.  Thus encouraged by having received

this positive feedback, Dawn dove in to her task, making up for with

a great deal enthusiasm whatever she may have lacked in technique

and experience.  She lapped Claire's cunt lips, sucked on her clit,

and occasionally drove her tongue deep into Claire's hole.  Meanwhile,

Claire returned the favor with equal fervor.  Soon, both their faces

were covered with each other's pussy juice.

     As they devoured each others cunts, Tony stroked his stiff cock

with one hand, and their supple bodies with the other.  He then decided

to become an even more active participant in the festivities.  He

absolutely had to get his prick into those fabulous cunts again, both

of them.  He just couldn't decide which order he wanted to dick them

in, first Dawn and then Claire, or first Claire and then Dawn.  At

last he decided to do Dawn first.  After all, he had already done

Claire a number of times on previous occasions and, before today,

it had been some time since he'd had a nice, young twat wrapped around

his kidney prodder.

     Tony moved around to where Claire's face met Dawn's twat.  He

tapped Claire on the shoulder to get her attention, and when she looked

up at him, he quickly replaced her tongue with his shaft, pushing

it deeply into Dawn's love hole.  

     It was a slightly looser fit than the first time he'd

entered it, but it was still a tight little love slot.  He fed his

dick all the way into her and began to pump.

     Not wanting to be left out of the giving end of the action

altogether, Claire used her initiative and started to lick the top

side of his cock each time his shaft was exposed.  Before he had

stroked her twenty times, he felt Dawn come strongly once again, but

continued to churn her butter, intent on his own pleasure. 

     After a while, Claire apparently grew a little jealous.  She

turned her head, looked over her shoulder at him and pleaded, "What

about me?  My pussy needs some more filling too!"

     The glazed look in her eyes told him how much she really needed

what she asked for.  He slipped his throbbing dick out of Dawn's

grasping love channel and moved around behind Claire.  As soon as

he did, he saw Claire's head dive between Dawn's thighs once again.

Seconds later, he was positioned at the lower end of Claire's torso. 

Dawn was busy sucking Claire's clit at the time, so he didn't even

have to move her head out of his way.  He  simply took careful aim,

rammed his pulsing meat home into her steaming depths, and just kept

on ramming it, over and over again.

     As he pounded into her, he could feel his balls dragging back

and forth over Dawn's face.  "Dawn," he hissed, "Lick my nuts while

I fuck Claire's cunt!"

     Dawn followed his directive immediately and effectively,

broadening her tongue and enthusiastically lapping his sensitive ball

sack each time it journeyed over her mouth.  It was obvious that in

the brief time she had been under his direction, she was rapidly

learning far more about sex than she had since she

reached puberty.

     After doing Claire's twat for about twenty strokes or so, Tony

switched back to Dawn's for a while.  He gave her about equal

treatment, and then changed over to Claire's cavity once again.  After

only a few pumps inside Claire, he sensed the come beginning to churn

in his balls, begging to be let out.

     He felt Claire's muscles tighten and then she began to spasm

in the throes of her climax.  This was the last straw.  Having already

exhausted all the self-control he could muster, he knew he had to

let his go soon.

     Just as it was ready to burst forth, he used his palm to push

down on the top of Dawn's forehead, effectively tilting her head well

back and causing her mouth to open wide.  Then he pulled his aching

prick out of Claire's cunt, and jammed its entire length into the

young girl's mouth and down her throat.  The additional pressure he

felt as its head pushed past the constricting ring of her esophagus

was all he needed to throw him over the top.  Burst after burst of

his boiling hot come spewed out the end of his throbbing hardon and

shot deeply down her throat.  Dawn gagged and tried to pull and twist

her head away from the onslaught, but to no avail.  He held her fast,

impaled on his fuck stick like a headhunter's trophy until the last,

feeble dollops of come dribbled from the end of his cock.

     When his dick started to soften, he withdrew it from Dawn's mouth. 

She pushed Claire's limp body off her, turned over on her side, curled

up in a fetal position and began to cry.  "Calm her down, Claire,"

he called over his shoulder as he headed for the bathroom to clean

himself up.  "Then you two had better get dressed and go back to work. 

You wouldn't want to be missed."

     Tony took his time in the bathroom, taking a long, leisurely

shower.  By the time he returned, the two women were gone.  After

he was dressed, he walked over to the room's closet, the door of which

had been slightly ajar the entire afternoon.

     He opened it the rest of the way, reached in, and pulled out

a mini-camcorder.  He switched the device off, tucked it under his

arm, and departed with a broad smile on his face.  "This little tape

will sure come in handy if Claire decided to try and end our

pleasurable relationship," he thought to himself.  "I might even decide

to use it to get myself another crack at that tight African-American

pussy of her secretary's.  She and Claire could be a nice start at

getting a little harem of love slaves together for myself."

     Claire didn't hear from Tony for almost another week, and to

tell the truth, she was kind of glad about it.  She felt a little

annoyed with him for being so rough with Dawn, and had a tough time

calming the young girl down afterwards.  The only reason she finally

succeeded was that she kept assuring her that it had been a one time

thing, and that Dawn had thereby earned the right to have the incident

of her being caught pilfering the petty cash was forgotten.  Claire

promised never to mention either incident ever again, and gave her

the next day off.  When Dawn came back to work, things seemed to be

generally back to normal between them.

     In between, she gave a lot of thought to the relationship between

Tony and herself.  Although she really loved and needed him, she came

to the realization that it had to end.  She knew she would be leaving

a large, unfulfilled hole in her psychic needs, but there was no other

way.  She was a married woman now, and would just have to put that

part of her life behind her.  The other primary factor that led to

her decision was the gnawing knowledge that she had actually enjoyed

herself immensely that fateful afternoon with Tony and Dawn, and that

frightened her deeply.  She decided that the next time they spoke,

she would have to break the news to him.

     As luck would have it, Tony called her at home early that evening.

     "Hi, Claire," he greeted her cheerfully.  "How've you been?"

     "Not too good, actually."  She took a deep breath to steel herself

for what she knew she must do next.

     "Tony, please don't be mad or hurt by what I'm going to say."

     "What's that?  What are you talking about?" he asked.

     "I don't know any good way to say this, but I guess it's best

to just come right out and tell you.  I've decided that we have to

break off our relationship right away."

     "What?!" Tony replied.

     "Tony, I'll be honest with you.  I still love you and need you,

but we can't see each other any more, at least not in the way we have

been.  We can still be friends and see each other on family occasions,

but that's it.  The rest of it has to be ended now."

     "Is your husband home?" Tony asked.

     "What does that have to do with this?.  Aren't you listening

to what I'm saying?"

     "Just answer my question.  Is he home now?" Tony repeated.

     "No, he's not," she answered.  "Bill called and said he had to

work a little late tonight.  Why do you ask?"

     "Then I'll be right over," Tony said briskly, and immediately

hung up the phone before she could voice an objection.

     Claire couldn't believe his reaction.  She just sat there, staring

at the dead phone receiver until her doorbell rang.  When she let

him in, he looked strangely calm and self-assured, much different

than he had sounded on the telephone.

     "What's all this crap about breaking off our relationship?  I

thought we had made a pact for life."

     "I'm sorry, Tony.  When I made those promises to you I really

and truly meant them with all my heart, but things are different now. 

I'm married to a great guy, and trying to be a good wife to him at

the same time I'm trying to hold down a very demanding job.  This

connection between us is threatening to take over my life.  It's

getting out of control!"

     "If you remember correctly, you never were supposed to be in

control when it came to us.  You voluntarily surrendered that control

to me.  That was a large part of the basis of our relationship."

     "I know, but I've made up my mind.  Please don't try to change

it.  I've given this thing a lot of thought, and that's the way it

has to be.  Please don't make this any more difficult for me than

it is already."

     "Well, if you've made up your mind, then I guess that's that,

but before I go, there's a little present I'd like to give you."

     "No, Tony, no sex, not even one last time!  My husband will be

home at any minute," she said with great resolve in her voice.  Her

confidence in herself was building now that he had apparently resigned

himself to the fact that their relationship was ended.

     "It's not sex.  It's this," he said calmly as he withdrew a

rectangular black object from his pocket.

     "What is it?" she asked curiously.

     "I was hoping you'd ask that.  Do you mind if I turned on your

VCR for a few minutes?"

     "No," she answered, with a very confused lilt to her voice.

     Tony walked over to the television, and turned it and the VCR

on.  Then he inserted the object into the machine's slot, picked up

the remote control, and pressed the "Play" button.

     "It was a video tape, that's what that thing was," she thought. 

"How stupid of me not to have recognized it.  But what did a video

tape have to do with what was going on here and now?"

     The T.V. screen was covered with electronic snow for a few seconds

as she watched it curiously.  All of a sudden, a color picture appeared

and snapped into focus.  It was a wide angle shot of a room that looked

strangely familiar, but she couldn't quite place it.  The camera angle

encompassed a couch and a bed, but no people were visible.

     "What's this all about?" she asked impatiently.

     "Just wait a minute," Tony replied.  "You'll see."

     Just then, two people walked into the scene, two women.  It took

her a couple of seconds for the realization to hit her, but when it

hit, it did so like a ton of bricks.  It was her and Dawn, and they

were in that hotel room from last week!  No wonder it had looked so


     "What's going on here?" she asked incredulously.

     "The proper question is not what's going on here, but what went

on there, and I think we'll get an answer to that one pretty soon. 

This is a great little movie, just watch." 

     He fast forwarded the tape to the point where Claire was kissing

Dawn on the mouth and touching her breasts through her blouse.

     "Now it's just starting to get interesting," Tony said.  "Let

me show you a few of the really good parts."

     He fast forwarded the tape again, and now both she and Dawn were

naked from the waist up, locked in a passionate embrace.  Claire still

could not believe her eyes.  She was so absolutely astounded that

she couldn't move or speak.  She just stood there and stared at the

T.V. screen, literally with her mouth hanging open.

     Tony pushed the fast forward button again, to the point where

she and Dawn were fucking each other with the double ended dildo. 

He let her eyes drink in that scene for a bit before he pushed the

button again, this time stopping it at a vista of them in a '69' while

Claire herself sucked on a large cock.  Although she knew the cock

belonged to Tony, his face seemed to have been blocked out in the

picture.  Every other detail, however, was explicitly clear, even

down to the depraved, lecherous look on her face as she enthusiastical-

ly slurped on the spear of flesh.

     "I think that's one of my favorite scenes," he said as he laughed

heartily, "but there's so many good ones, I really can't make up my

mind.  Is there any particular part you'd like to see?"

     "H...How did you, how did you do this?  And why?" she stammered,

finally regaining the use of her tongue.

     "The how is not important," he said matter of factly.  "The why

is a little more complicated."

     "Give me that tape!" she shouted, and lunged past him towards

the VCR.

     Tony just let her go by.  She ejected the cartridge from the

machine and began to tear the tape out of it, strewing it all over

her living room floor.  Then she threw the cartridge to the ground

and stomped on it several times, smashing it into assorted sized pieces

of black plastic.

     "That's too bad," Tony said cooly as he watched her.  "I thought

you would have wanted to save that for a souvenir.  It really doesn't

matter though.  If you want another copy, just let me know."

     Her head snapped around in his direction.  "What do you mean? 

What are you talking about?" she asked in a highly

agitated manner.

     "All I mean is that I still have the original of that tape. 

As a matter of fact, I have several copies of it as well, but most

of them are packed up, waiting to be mailed to the president of that

company you work for and all the members of their board of directors. 

All I have to do is take them down to the Post Office and get some

stamps put on them.  I'll bet those tight-assed motherfuckers will

shit when they see their star executive eating her Black secretary's

cunt and chomping on a hardon.  You'll be the talk of the executive

dining room."

     "You can't be serious," she sputtered, more as a question than

a statement.  "Why would you do something like that to me?"

     "You'd better believe I'm damned serious," Tony replied.  "I

guess you noticed that I edited the tape to block my face out so it

can't be traced to me.  As for the why, I just can't let you make

this mistake.  When we made the agreement that you would completely

subjugate yourself to my will forever in anything related to sex,

you entered into it freely.  You did that because you needed to

relinquish control in that part of your life to relieve the pressure

cause by the business and other aspects of your existence.

     "Now you have more pressure on you than you ever did, and you

want to give up the only part of your life where you can really let

yourself go.  It doesn't make sense, and I'm not going to let you

do it without a fight.  You need our relationship more now than you

ever did to help maintain your sanity.  Besides, you know that, deep

down inside, you enjoy the nasty things that we do together almost

as much as I do.  If you didn't, you wouldn't get off as easily as

you do when we perform them."

     Claire stood there, staring at the floor.  Her shoulders drooped

listlessly and her arms hung limply at her sides.  She felt defeated,

and she was.

     "What do you want me to do?" she asked in a very small voice.

     "Absolutely nothing.  Just agree to keep our relationship the

same as it has been indefinitely.  We'll go on the exactly like we

did before, as if this little problem never occurred, and I'll keep

the copies of the tape locked up in a safe place.  I give you my word. 

Do I have yours?"

     There was a long pause while Claire tried to think of some other

alternative, but there were none.  She had to acquiesce "O.K.," she

said numbly.  "I agree."

     "Good," Tony said cheerfully.  "Then it's a deal.  By the way,

I have to go out of town on business for a while, so I won't be able

to see you until a month from this coming Saturday."

     After all that had happened between them, she was surprised to

realize she actually felt a twinge of disappointment at the prospect

of his extended absence.  Somehow that made her feel a little ashamed.

     He handed her a piece of paper.  "This is a list of the clothes

I want you to wear.  Be ready at 7:30 p.m..  We're going to a little

party, so we'll probably be getting home pretty late, after 2:00 a.m.


     "After 2:00 a.m.?  What will I tell Bill?  I can't tell him that

I'm going to a party with you.  He'll want to know why he wasn't


     "Tell him it's a business related party that I needed a date

for, and you agreed to do me a favor as a friend.  He trusts me. 

I'm sure he'll buy it."

     "Alright.  That sounds plausible," she commented.

     "By the way," he added, "I want you to be exceptionally horny

when I get back, so don't have sex with your husband at all while

I'm gone.  I don't even want you to masturbate."

     "But what will I tell Bill?  I can't just cut him off cold without

a good reason!"

     "I don't know.  Make something up.  Tell him you have a yeast

infection or something.  Just make sure he keeps his dick, fingers

and tongue out of you until we get back from that party.

     "I'd better go now, He'll probably be walking in the door any

second now.  Bye."

     Tony kissed Claire on the cheek and walked towards the door. 

As he went through it, he turned and said, "You'd better clean up

the remains of that video cassette.  You wouldn't want him to get

curious about what's on it."

     The moment he had closed the door behind him, Claire sat down

and wept.  At first she was absolutely convinced that she was crying

tears of sorrow because of the terrible mess the events of the day

had left her life in, but after a while, the thought struck her that

she wasn't really sure that they weren't tears of joy that her

relationship with Tony was not yet over.  The enigma did not resolve

itself, but just kept rattling around inside her head, a question

without a clear answer.

     On the designated Saturday night, Tony arrived at Claire's condo

at 7:30 p.m. sharp.  He sat and made small talk with her husband,

Bill, for a few minutes while he waited for her to finish getting

ready.  When she came out into the living room, she already had her

trench coat on.

     "How about letting me see how you look before you leave?" Bill


     "I'm sorry," she replied.  We just don't have time.  We're running

late already.  You can see when I get back."

     "I'll probably be asleep by then," he said as he kissed her


     Tony and Bill shook hands.  "Thanks for letting me use your wife

tonight," Tony said casually.

     Claire winced at his blatantly double entendre remark, but it

seemed to go right over Bill's head.  "That's O.K., any time," Bill

replied in a friendly manner.

     "That's the real spirit of this family," Tony said.  "Share and

share alike."  Claire winced again, and they took their leave.

     Before he allowed her to get in the car, Tony had Claire remove

her trench coat and put it in the back seat.  Then he inspected his


     "Hmm, nice sexy dress and high heels you have on," he

commented approvingly as he looked her over.  Good choice.  The makeup

could be a little heavier though.  You can fix it when we get there. 

I want it to look good and slutty.  I assume you have the sexy

underwear on underneath that I told you to wear in my note?  Push

up bra, garter belt, seamed lace-top stockings, waist cincher, and

bikini panties with a G-string underneath them?  Did you shave your

pussy good and close like the note said to do?"

     "Yes," Claire answered.  "Everything is exactly like you wanted


  "O.K. then," he said.  "I guess we're ready.  Let's go."

     He let her into the car, and they drove off.  They had been

driving for about half an hour before he spoke again.

     "I suppose you're wondering why I asked you to dress this way. 

Well, now I'm ready to tell you.  A friend of mine is getting married

soon and tonight is his bachelor party.  We rented a big hotel suite

for it.  You're going to be their entertainment for the night.

     "Don't worry about being recognized.  He and all his other all

friends live quite a distance away from here.  When I first heard

about the party and got this idea, I discretely inquired if any of

them know you or ever have any dealings with the industry you work

in.  Luckily, none of them do.  There should be about fifteen or twenty

guys there."

     "Twenty guys?  What do you mean when you say I'll 'be their

entertainment for the night?'  What will I have to do?" she asked


     "Good question," he replied.  What do you have to do?  Well,

several things, actually.  You'll wait in another room for the first

half of the party.  During that time, we'll do some drinking, give

him some gag gifts and then watch a few porno movies.  I got some

rally raunchy ones.  There's one with a horse that you'd have to see

to believe.  I saw it and I'm still not sure I believe it.

     "Anyway, after the flicks, when the guys are half blitzed from

the booze and probably pretty horny from the movies, I'll put on some

loud rock music with a heavy beat.  That'll be your signal to come

in.  All our chairs will be in a big circle around the perimeter of

the room.  Just walk to the center of the circle and start dancing. 

I want you to dance very sexily, really hot you know, with a lot of

hip and titty shaking, like a slutty Go-Go dancer, so to speak."

     "How will I have to dress?", she asked, apprehension readily 

apparent in her voice.

     "You'll come out wearing just what you have on now," he answered. 

Claire felt herself relax a bit.

     Then Tony continued.  "After the first number, I want you to

start stripping as you dance."

     She immediately felt her relaxation dissipate.  "Stripping? 

You mean taking off my clothes?  In front of all those drunk, horny


     "Yes," he said with a totally unruffled flair that only he would

even attempt to pull off in a situation like this, "taking off your

clothes.  What did you think I meant?  Anyhow, don't take them all

off at once.  Drag it out to increase the suspense.  Make it last

for several numbers.  As you expose more and more of your body, make

sure you feel yourself up and stuff, rubbing your tits, sucking your

own nipples and rubbing your twat.  Remember to shake those big tits

of yours a lot, too.  Strip off everything except the waist cincher,

garter belt, stockings and heels.  Guys really get off on an outfit

like that.  Finish up by lying on the floor on your back with your

legs spread wide and raised.  The room has nice, thick carpeting,

so you should be comfortable.  Then finger fuck yourself until you

reach a climax."

     "Tony, I don't think I can do this.  Not with all those men

watching me at the same time.  The other times we had somebody else

with us were different.  It was only one other person, but in front

of fifteen other guys, I just don't think I can bring myself to do

it.  Please don't make me do this," she pleaded.

     "It'll be fifteen or twenty guys, I'm really not sure how many

will actually show up.  As for your eloquent petition for a pardon,

well girl, I don't really care if you think you can do something like

that in front of all those men or not.  I want you to do it, I'm

telling you to do it and you're going to do it, and that's the end

of that.  It's just not a subject for discussion.

     "Now, where was I?  Oh, yes.  As I was saying, after you finish

your last number and jerk off for the crowd, you'll get up, go over

to the guest of honor, and dance right in front of him.  I'll stick

a silly hat on his head so you can pick him out easily.  Shake those

mondo tits right in front of his face, trap his head between them

and rub them all over his face.  Then you'll sit on his lap and rub

your bare ass around on his crotch.  If he hasn't put his hands on

you by that time, give him the idea by taking one of his hands and

putting it on your tits, and the other and putting it between your

legs.  He'll like that slick pussy of yours.  Pull his head down and

make him suck your

nipples too."

     "Is everybody going to be watching me while I do all that to

him?" she asked, her head still reeling.

     "What?  Yes.  Of course everybody else will be watching.  I'm

sure they'll be watching closely, very closely, and probably cheering

you on.  I don't think too many guys will be taking a piss break while

you're on.  Are you following this so far?

     "Yes, I think so, but I've still got some big reservations about

actually doing it."

     "Just leave the fucking reservations to the Indians," he said

in a loud, angry voice.  "That's the last I want to hear about them,


     "O.K.," she replied submissively.

     "Alright," he said, his voice dropping to a normal tone once

again.  "When you've got him good and hot, you'll slip down onto your

hands and knees in front of his chair, open his pants and take out

him cock.  Stroke it for a while and then suck him off until he comes

in your mouth.  Don't forget to swallow his come.

     "After he comes, suck his cock some more to get it hard again. 

Then pull his pants and shirt completely off, drag him down on top

of you on the floor, and let him fuck you.  It would probably be a

good thing if you reached down between your body and his, grabbed

his cock and stuffed it up your twat.  That's always a nice touch. 

It feeds the male ego by making the guy think that you need his prick

inside you so badly you can't wait for him to do it.  I know I like

it a lot when a woman does that.  Then simply give him a real good

screwing until he comes.  Let him decide whether he wants to come

in your pussy, or pull out at the last minute before he comes and

either shoot it all over you, or stick it in your mouth again and

come down your throat.  After all, he is the guest of honor, so let

him make his deposit wherever he wants to.  Do you think you can handle


     It really didn't sound all that terrible, Claire thought, trying

to convince herself that somehow all this was kind of normal.  After

all, she had gone to bed with both Tony and Jim at the same time,

and Jim was a stranger before that night.  What did it matter if she

did one more stranger.  The only difference would be all those other

guys watching them.  Maybe she could block them out of her mind, just

make believe they weren't there.  Yes, that was it, she decided, she'd

just ignore them.

     Tony interrupted her reverie.  "Well? I asked you a question. 

Aren't you listening to me?  I said, do you think you cal handle all


     "I'm sorry," she said.  I was just thinking about what you were

saying.  Yes, I think I can handle it O.K.  I'm sure I can, for you. 

When I get through with all that, then I'll finished, right?  Can

I just pick up my clothes and run out of the room so we can go

somewhere and be alone together for a while?"

     "Finished?  No, not by a long shot," Tony laughed.  "After you're

done with that, I want you to extricate yourself from him gently,

and then simply go around to the rest of the guys and see if they

want blowjobs or want to fuck you in the pussy or ass."

     "All of them?" she asked incredulously.

     "Yes, of course all of them.  We can't leave anybody out, can

we.  These guys are paying for this party, and I'm pretty sure they're

all going to want to get a shot a you.  I want you to make sure that

everybody there comes at least once, more if they want to and can

get it up again.  Along those lines, you may have to leave some of

them alone for a while after their first climax and come back again

later if they want more.  We'll cut off the festivities about 1:00

a.m.  That should give us plenty of time.

     "Remember, everybody there has to come at least once, except

the guest of honor of course.  He has to come twice.  Those are the

rules you have to go by.  Believe it or not, it is possible that some

of them may not want to participate actively.  If that happens, it's

up to you to use your feminine wiles to convince them.  If you're

not successful, I'll have to punish you and I'll increase the amount

and intensity of the punishment incrementally for each guy who you

fail to get to participate actively and to come at least once.  I'll

be watching closely the whole while and keeping track of that all

night, so do your best.

     "When all the men there are satisfied, and nobody wants any more

sex from you, gather up your clothes, give the guest of honor a long,

hot and messy goodbye kiss on the mouth, thank everyone and leave. 

Wait for me in the next room and I'll be a little while later to take

you home.  One more thing, you can get dressed while you wait for

me, but don't get cleaned up in any way, no matter how messy you are,

and you could get pretty messy with all those guys shooting their

come on and in you.

     "Oh, by the way, we'll be arriving a little before the guests

do.  Before they get there, I'm going to hide a video camera in the

room.  It'll be in the exhaust vent on the wall opposite the windows. 

Nobody knows about this except you and me.  It will remain our little

secret.  Try to remain conscious of that while you're dancing, fucking

and sucking.  As much as you can, position yourself so the camera

has a good angle on your activities at all times.  The guest of honor

will be sitting on that side of the room, so it will seem like you're

playing to him when you'll really be playing to the camera.  It's

a 2 hour tape so I'm sure it'll be enough.  I'll retrieve it after

everyone else has left.  If you're good, I may even let you watch

it some time."

     Claire's head was reeling from the impact of what she had to

do and all the detailed instructions involved.  Tony had to go over

the particulars with her again to ensure she had them down.

     They rode the remainder of the trip in silence.  Claire thought

about what Tony wanted her to do.  All those men, all those stiff,

throbbing dicks wanting someplace to hide, and her the only one around

with places to hide them in.  She knew she had to do it, if for no

other reason than because Tony wanted her to do it.  She steeled

herself to the task, and resolved that she had to try.  No, even more

than that, she wouldn't just try, she would do it!

     Her thoughts were suspended by the sound of Tony's voice.  "O.K. 

Here we are at the hotel.  Do you remember all your


     "Yes.  I understand what I have to do," she answered quickly.

     "Good.  Try to remember them," he said, and kissed her tenderly

on the lips.  "Let's go inside now.  We wouldn't want to keep them


     Tony and Claire entered the hotel and took the elevator up to

the suite.  He left her in one of the bedrooms off the main room where

all the activities were going to take place, and went to install the

video camera and be ready to greet the guests as they arrived.

     While she waited, she started to apply the heavier makeup that

Tony had wanted her to put on.  As she did, she heard the men start

to arrive.  That made her start to get jittery all over again.  Claire

noticed that Tony had left a bottle of vodka in the room along with

some tonic and ice.

     "That's just what I need," she thought, "a drink will help calm

my nerves."  She temporarily interrupted her task and poured herself

one.  As she took her long, first swig, and felt it going down, she

felt grateful to Tony for his thoughtfulness.  When the drink was

gone, she finished putting on her makeup, and then mixed herself

another to sip as she waited.

     The time seemed to go by slowly, slowly enough for Claire to

have a total of four vodka and tonics while she waited.  One would

think that this interval alone would have been an ideal time for her

to give a lot of thought to the state of her life and where it was

going, but she didn't allow those types of things to enter her head. 

She just kept her mind blank and awaited her cue.

     When the thumping bass of the rock music started to reverberate

through the door, she was startled for a second.  Even though the

time had seemed to go slowly while she was waiting, in retrospect

it seemed to have flown by.  It was time.  Her adrenaline started

to pump.  She quickly checked her appearance in the mirror one last

time and walked over to the door leading to the main room.  She paused

for a few seconds with her hand on the knob, and took a couple of

deep breaths.  Then she turned it, opened the door, and strutted into

the wolves' den.

     As Claire strode in to the room, the guys started to clap.  She

went straight to the center of their circle of chairs, and began to

dance.  She didn't start taking any of her clothes off until the

beginning of the next song, but when she did, the semi-intoxicated,

more than semi-horny group of men surrounding her began hoot and

applaud loudly.

     At first, she felt extremely self conscious, but the

enthusiasm with which the guys received her, aided and abetted by

the drinks she had consumed herself, seemed to work to relax her and

loosen her up.

     From that moment on, she was a big hit.  All the guys there

understandably took a liking to her pretty face and super figure

immediately.  When she removed her bra, and the crowd got to gawk

at her truly amazing, enormous tits, they went really wild.  She

pranced around the inside edge of the circle of gawking men, just

out of their reach, shaking those king-sized mams in each of their


     The audience's anticipation rose noticeably had when she began

to strip off her panties, but dropped again as they realized she had

a G-string on underneath.  Then for almost two numbers, Claire played

the crowd, leaving the G-string on as she danced, periodically rubbing

her crotch through it in a highly erotic manner.  As Tony watched

her, he realized that he knew her well enough to recognize that the

lewd expression on her face was not entirely faked.

     When she at last pulled the ties at the sides of the G-string

and let it flutter to the floor, revealing her beautiful, clean shaven

cunt, the men went absolutely bonkers.  As she danced in her stripped

down state, wearing just her waist cincher, garter belt, stockings

and high heels, she looked like the epitome of sex personified.  No

one in their right mind would have believed that this the first time

in her life she had done something like this.

     At the time Claire lay down in the center of the ring of chairs

and masturbated, she felt aroused, but was still to nervous to come,

so she faked her climax, and then proceeded to service the guest of

honor.  Although he offered some resistance when she tried to take

his cock out to blow him, he didn't hold out very long, nor did it

take him very long afterwards to come in her luscious mouth.

     She sucked him hard again and then pulled him on top of her on

the floor, and he started to pound away at her grasping twat.  That

was when she experienced her first orgasm of the night.  There would

be more, many more.

     When Claire had extricated herself from under the guest of honor,

and proceeded to work her sexual magic on the man seated to his right,

the rowdy crowd collectively realized that she was going to permit

them all to have sex with her.  That's when many of them started

crowding around her form, impatiently waiting for their turns as they

cheered on the current recipient of her special talents.

     There were 18 guys at the party, and during the course of the

night all of them but one had sex with her in one form or another,

quite a few of them more than once.  It was one hell of a bachelor


     After Claire finally finished spreading her personal brand of

sexual cheer to the grateful populace, she waited for Tony in the

other room.  She felt slimy and dirty, but Tony had specifically told

her not to wash up, so she didn't, she just put her clothes back on.

     The party broke up very shortly thereafter.  He retrieved the

video tape and camera, got her from the other room, took her to the

car and started to drive her home.  As they drove, he spoke to her.

     "Claire, I have to tell you.  You were absolutely great!  You

were the biggest hit I've ever seen at any bachelor party I've been

at or even heard about.  The guys all loved you.  At least half a

dozen of them asked me for your name and phone number.  I didn't give

it to them, of course, but they pressed me really hard for it.  How

do you feel?"

     "Alright, I guess.  I'm pretty sore between my legs, though,

and my breasts ache a bit from having them squeezed by so many hands,"

she replied.  "My jaw muscles hurt a little, too."

     "I should think you're sore," Tony commented, as he gave a little

laugh. "You had more dick run into you tonight than a $5 whore gets

in a week.  I'll bet you saw more different pricks tonight than in

the whole rest of your life put together.  How many different guys'

cocks have you touched before tonight?"

     "Six, I think, counting you of course."

     "Six?  Who were they?  Let's see, your husband, your ex-husband,

me, Jim and who else?  Who were the other two guys?  Never mind, you

can tell me that story another time.  Anyway, my point is that tonight

you had 17 new ones.  Not bad for a night's work.  In one night, you

more that tripled your cock output, or more precisely your cock input,

for your whole life.  With all the come you have on and in you right

now we could start our own sperm bank.

     "I have to tell you, watching you have sex with all those guys

was a superior turn on for me.  You know, I kept track of your

activities for the whole night.  I even made some notes when nobody

was looking so I wouldn't forget.  Let's review the numbers and see

how you did.

     Tony pulled a small piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and

glanced down at it from time to time as he spoke and drove.  "It looks

like blowjobs were the most popular commodity, so to speak.  You sucked

off 12 different guys, and you blew two of the them twice.  That makes

14 blowjobs in one night.  Not bad, and I'm not even counting those

guys whose cocks you just sucked for a while before they had sex with

you in some other way.  I'm only counting cocks that shot come in

your mouth.  You probably exceeded your protein intake limit for the

week in one night, and you didn't even have any food.

     "You got fucked in the pussy 10 times by 8 different guys.  Boy,

I bet your twat is just loaded with their come!  It must be running

out of you like a river.  I'm not surprised that it's sore.

     "You got fucked in the ass by two guys.  One of them ass fucked

you twice.  That was Tom.  He really liked your asshole, didn't he? 

He told me he's wanted to fuck a girl up the ass all his life but

he's never been able to talk any of them into it.  He said he's been

trying to get his wife to spread her butt cheeks for him ever since

they started going out, but she keeps turning him down flat, so you

can be proud of the fact that you fulfilled a lifelong fantasy for

at least one guy tonight.  The way he was staring at your ass near

the end of the night I'll bet he'd have loved to pork your butt again

if he could have gotten it up once more.  He was one of the guys who

kept trying to get your phone number.  I'll have to keep him in mind

for future reference.  I think I could get him to do just about

anything for us as long as I let him get his prick up your ass in

return.  He's not bad looking either, and he's in pretty good shape.

     "Oh, you also gave one guy a hand job.  That was Harry.  He's

always been somewhat held back and shy.  He came pretty good though. 

He shot his come all over your tits and then rubbed it in if I remember

correctly, but he seemed a little embarrassed by it afterward.  Well,

at least he got off.

     "O.K.  Now let's cross reference the numbers and see how you

did overall.  You got nine guys to come twice.  Two of them got

blowjobs both times, four came once in your mouth and once in your

pussy, two guys fucked your pussy both times, and one fucked you up

the ass both times.  That was good old Tom.  One guy nailed you three

times, one shot each in the mouth, twat and ass.  That was Juan. 

He always was a bit if a lecher.  He's the kind of guy that gives

the P.R.'s a bad rep, all cock and no brains, but he's really a nice

guy once you get to know him.

     "Let's see, that's ten guys that you got to come more than once,

one of them three times, and seven that you got to come once.  Not

bad for one night's work.  Congratulations.

     "We do seem to have a bit of a problem, though.  That makes 17

guys, and there were 18 at the party.  I know you tried really hard

to get a hold of Bert's cock, but he just wouldn't let you at it. 

He was a real fucking prude about it, but that didn't seem to stop

him from watching intently every time you latched on to somebody else's


     "At any rate, even though you were a rousing success tonight,

and I'm really proud of you, because of Bert you did fail to meet

one of the requirements I set at the beginning of the night.  You

remember, don't you?  I said that you had to get everybody at the

party to come at least once.

     Claire began to look a little dejected.  "Yes, I remember," she


     Tony continued.  "It's a real shame.  I even would have counted

it if Bert had whipped out his cock and jerked himself off while he

was watching you with the other guys.  I saw him rubbing his crotch

through his pants a few times.  I thought he actually was going to

do it near the end there when Juan was fucking you up the ass, but

the bottom line is he didn't, and rules are rules.

     "I guess you'll just have to be punished.  I won't do it tonight. 

I know you're much to tired and sore, and you did do so well otherwise,

it would be a shame to end the evening like that.  Besides, I need

a while to think about what would be an appropriate punishment, so

we'll postpone that for a while.  Just remember, it's not a full

pardon, it's just a stay of execution, so to speak.

     "Do you really have to punish me?" Claire asked.  I tried my

best.  It's not really my fault."

     "I'm sorry," Tony replied, "but I just can't see any way around

it.  You didn't accomplish what I wanted you to, but don't worry about

it.  I will say this.  Your punishment will be fair.  That doesn't

mean it will be lenient, it just means it will fit the offense.  I'll

let you know when I'm ready to administer it."

     "Well, alright," Claire said.  "If you think you really have


     "I do," Tony commented.  "I do.  Also, I know you need some time

to recuperate, so I won't call you for a couple of weeks.  Besides,

you'll be able to fuck your husband again now, and I'm sure you wan

to concentrate on making him happy."

     They pulled up outside of Tony's house.  "Well, here we are at

my place.  I know you're bushed and sore, but I want you to come inside

with me for a few minutes.  I just have to get a good look at your

body with all that come on it and running out of it.  I'll bring the

camera too so we can record your appearance for posterity.  Then I'll

take you home.  Let's go."

     They went into Tony's bedroom and he filmed her as she stripped

naked.  She was covered with come from head to toe.  It was even in

her hair.  He got some really good shots of her, especially some

closeups of the rivers of come running out of her pussy and asshole. 

Her pussy lips were really stretched and slack and her twat hole and

asshole were still spread wide open from the many times they were

penetrated during the night.

     Seeing all this turned Tony on again, so he have her give him

a blowjob, and filmed that too.  After coming in her mouth, he let

her take a shower, filming that as well.  In the process, he got some

good shots of her spraying the shower massage up her twat and ass,

trying to rinse the semi-congealed come out.  After she was done

showering, he film her drying off, and then rubbing some salve on

and in her tender pussy and asshole.

Then he drove her home.  As they pulled up in front of her

building, he said, "Well, Claire, you'd better get yourself some sleep. 

You really earned it.  You'll probably be pretty sore for a while,

but keep putting that salve I gave you on and you'll be O.K.  I want

you to know that you did extremely well tonight, and I'm very, very

proud of you.  You should be proud of yourself too.  Sleep well."

     He kissed her gently on the forehead and left.  As he drove off,

he smiled contentedly and fingered the $350 he had collected from

the guys at the party for her services that night. He decided he'd

use some of the money to but her something nice to wear, nice and

sexy, that is.

     Claire went up to her condo undressed quietly, put on a nightgown,

and slipped into bed beside her husband.  Bill was already sound

asleep, so she didn't have to answer any questions about the party. 

Thank God for small favors.  She didn't have to make up any lies to

him in her exhausted condition.  She had never been that good a liar


     About two and a half weeks later, Tony called her at her office. 

"Hi, Claire.  How are you feeling?" he began.

     "Pretty good," she replied.  "I'm not sore anymore, if that's

what you mean."

     "Good," he commented, and then got right down to business.  "Come

directly to my house right after work this Friday, and you'd better

tell your husband you won't be home until Saturday afternoon."

     "You mean we're going to be out all night?  How am I going to

explain that to Bill?" she asked.

     "Tell him you have to go out of town on unexpected business.

He'll understand," he replied.

     "O.K.  What do you want me to wear?"

     "Just dress normally for work.  I'll have clothes for you to

change into when you get here."

     "Alright.  I'll see you on Friday night then," she said.  "Is

that all."

     "It sure is," he answered.  See you Friday.  Bye."


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