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Archive-name: Control/afan-07.txt

Archive-author: Joe Anthony

Archive-title: Seduction and Domination - A Story of Sex and the Mind

[In PARTS 1 & 2 of our story (contained in files AFAN-05 and AFAN-06),

Tony seduced his beautiful, hot-bodied (40EE-24-35) divorcee sister-in

law, Claire, whom he had long desired.  During the course of that

seduction, he discovered that she really got off on dirty language

and a strong approach, and used this knowledge to his advantage to

gradually develop her tendencies towards submissiveness and bring

her under his total dominance,  despite the fact that she was engaged

to be married in the near future.  At Tony's insistence, Claire engaged

in several sexual adventures of gradually increasing boldness,

including exhibitionism, public masturbation and intercourse, and

the masturbation of a elderly gentleman at a porno movie.  Although

he held her under the constant threat of punishment if she questioned

him or disobeyed his will, he had only actually subjected her to two

punishment sessions, the second more severe than the first, but still

rather mild by some standards.  As PART 2 ended, Tony had told Claire

to reserve a room in the hotel at Newark Airport for the following

Friday night.]

                             PART 3

     That Friday night, at the appointed hour, Tony picked up Claire

and they headed for the airport.

      "Did you get the room like I told you to?  I see you're wearing

a nice mini-dress, seamed stockings, extra high heels and heavy makeup

like I told you to.  You look really sexy.  What do you have on


     "I have on a sheer bra and bikini panties, and a garter belt,

all black, just like you told me to."

     "Good, very good."

     They pulled up in front of the airport hotel, parked the car

and went inside.  Claire expected them to go to the room she had

reserved, but instead, he led her into the hotel bar.  She followed

him without question.

     When they got inside, Tony said, "The lighting is a little on

the dim side in here, good.  Let's sit in that curved booth over in

the corner.  We'll be able to watch the bar from there."

     They sat down, and when the waiter came over, ordered a couple

of drinks.  They sat and listened to the music, and then had another

round.  When they had finished the second round, Tony took her by

the arm.  "Now that we've had a couple drinks, let's dance.  Do you

know how to dirty dance?"

     "I saw the movie, but I never had the nerve to actually do it

in public.

     "O.K., let's do it.  Just follow my lead."

     He took her in his arms, held her very close, and they began

a reasonable semblance of dirty dancing.  "That's right, you're getting

it," Tony said. "Let me get my leg between yours.  Press yourself

up against me while I slide my hands over your body as we sway to

the music.  Just let yourself go.  Feel the music."

     His hands drifted over her body as they pressed their bodies

together and writhed in time to the music.  "Do you see that guy

sitting at the bar by himself?  The businessman type, about 30 years

old or so?"

     "Yes, I see him.  What about him?"

     "Move your legs apart a little more so I can get my leg between

your's further.  He's been sitting there drinking alone ever since

we got here.  He looks like a sales representative who's been away

from home for a while on a business trip.  Press your crotch up against

my upper thigh while we dance.  Do you think he's good looking?"

     "Yes, I guess so."

     "I thought you would.  Press your body up against me tighter,

yes, like that.  It looks like we've attracted his attention dancing

like this.  More correctly, it looks like you've attracted his

attention.  He can't seem to take his eyes off you."

     Tony slid his hand up her side and let it skim lightly over the

ample curve of her left breast.  "Do you think he's lonely?"

     "I don't know.  If he's been away from home for a while like

you say, I guess he probably is."

     "Maybe we can do something about that."

     Claire didn't quite know what to make of Tony's last remark. 

The music ended shortly thereafter, and they returned to their booth

and ordered another round of drinks.

     When the drinks were about half finished, Tony spoke.  "While

I wait here, I want you to go to the ladies room.  On the way back,

go up to the bar right next to the sales representative type.  Ask

the bartender for a book of matches or something.  Introduce yourself

to the sales rep and start a friendly, casual conversation with the

him.  If he's alone and away from home like I think he is, tell him

there's no reason for him to sit there drinking alone.  Ask him to

join us at our booth.  Don't take no for an answer.  Tell him you

know I won't mind, and that as a matter of fact we discussed it and

I want him to join us.  Now go."

     Claire got up and headed for the ladies room.  On her way back,

she stopped at the bar next to the supposed sales representative,

spoke briefly to the bartender, and then started talking to the man. 

They carried on a conversation for several minutes.  Tony saw Claire

point to the booth where he was sitting, and the man smiled but shook

his head no.  They spoke some more, and then they headed for the booth


     "Hi, Claire," Tony said.  I'm happy to see you were successful." 

He held out his hand to their guest and introduced himself.  "Hi,

I'm Tony."

     "I'm Jim," the man said, "Jim Patterson.  Glad to meet you."

     "Same here."

     "Thanks for inviting me over.  I've been on the road for three

straight weeks and, other than bartenders, I don't think I've talked

to anybody for more than a couple of minutes except for business

reasons.  This is a new sales route for me."

     "Well," Tony responded, "then I'm really glad we invited you

over.  I know how it is to be on the road.  It can get awfully lonely."

     "It sure can," said Bob.  "Can I buy you folks a drink?"

     "No,"Tony said.  "You're our guest.  I'll buy.  Please join us. 

Have a seat."

     As Jim started to sit down, Tony motioned for Claire to sit

between them.  When they all were seated, he ordered a drink for their

new found friend.  The three of them sat together and had a friendly,

casual conversation for about half an hour.  They seemed to hit it

off well right from the start, and were acting like long term friends

in a short while.

     Finally, Tony turned to Claire and said, "Claire, let's dance. 

You don't mind, do you Jim?  You can have the next one.  We'll be

right back."

     The song was an early sixties number.  When they got on the dance

floor, Tony said, "This one is perfect to dirty dance to.  Come on,

let's show Jim our stuff."

     They began to dance, in an even more blatantly lustful style

than before.  "Stay in this part of the dance floor so he can see

us from the booth.  Get really down and dirty with me.  Rub your crotch

against my thigh while I slide my hands over you."

     Tony's hands were roaming all over Claire's body, places that,

a couple of weeks ago, she never would have dreamed about being touched

in public like this, and it appeared that she was loving it, really

getting into the pure eroticism of the music and the moment.  "That's

it, really let yourself go.  Dip down low with me so your skirt slides

way up.  I want him to get a good look at your thighs...lower.  Good. 

Now I'll just slide my hand up your thigh and push your hem up even


     Tony slid the hem of her dress a couple of inches above the top

of her dark stocking for a few moments, making sure he gave Jim a

good flash of her creamy white thigh before he let it drop again.

     "That was good.  Now grind with me."  As she wantonly ground

her pelvis into his thigh, he slipped his hand up and ran it over

her firm tit, making sure it was the one nearest to the booth where

Jim sat staring in their direction.

     "Your nipple is hard.  I can feel it poking into my hand right

through your bra.  Is your pussy getting wet?"

     "Yes," she panted.

     "When the song ends, we'll go back to the table.  If he doesn't

ask you to dance soon, ask him, but make it to a song you can dirty

dance to.  I want you to dirty dance with him.  While you do, really

press up against him and encourage him to move his hands over your

body.  I want you to see if you can turn him on.  Understand?"

     "Yes.  I'll wait for the right song, and if he doesn't ask me

to dance, I'll ask him."

     "Right.  Good girl."

     Finally, the music ended.  "That was good, Tony commented, patting

her lightly on the butt as they walked back to the table.  I don't

think Jim turned his head away from us the whole time.  I don't even

think he blinked."

     They arrived at the table and sat down.  "Hi Jim," Tony said. 

"We're back.  I hope you weren't too lonely while we were gone.  Let's

order another round of drinks.  It sure seems warmer in here than

it was before, doesn't it?"

     "Yea," Jim responded enthusiastically, wiping his brow.  "It

sure does."

     The threesome's casual, friendly conversation continued.  Tony

told a sex related joke, and then several more were told.  Tony deftly

steered the conversation around to sex related topics, trying to subtly

give Jim the impression that he and Claire had a relaxed, open attitude

about sex in general, and their relationship in particular.

     While they talked, Tony rested his hand on her thigh, and

occasionally slid it up and down, pushing her hem up with it almost

all the way up her thigh, and then sliding it down again.  Since they

were all sitting rather close together to be able to hear each other

over the loud music, Jim couldn't help but notice these actions, but

tried to pretend he didn't.

     After about twenty minutes, Jim showed no indication of asking

Claire to dance.  When he looked away for a second, Tony signaled

Claire to initiate the request.  She too the hint.

     "Tony," she said, "would you mind if I danced this dance with


     "Not at all," Tony answered quickly.  "Why should I mind?  We're

all friends here.  Go right ahead, enjoy yourselves.  Jim, have you

ever tried to do any dirty dancing?"

     "You mean like in the movie?  No, I haven't"

     "Well, then let Claire teach you.  She's really good at it. 

Go on.  It'll be fun."

     "Yea," Claire chimed in, "It'll be fun.  Let's go."  She took

Jim's hand and pulled him to his feet.

     "O.K.," Jim said, still acting somewhat reluctant.  "I'll give

it a try, but I'm not that good a dancer."

     As they walked away from the table, Tony noticed that the

eagerness in Jim's eyes belied the hesitation in his manner.  "I think

this is going to be a good night," Tony thought to himself as he

watched them go onto the dance floor.

     When Jim and Claire first started to dirty dance together, he

appeared uncertain of what to do, and reluctant to hold her very close,

but he gradually started to get into it.  By the end of the song,

they were grinding up against each other with abandon, with their

hands wandering over each other's bodies to a degree, but somewhat

tentatively, each not sure how far to go.  They were apparently quite

attracted to each other.

     When song ended, they returned to the booth looking somewhat

flushed.  Tony smiled and greeted them.  "Well, it looks like you

two had a good time out there."

     As soon as Claire sat down, Tony put his arm around her shoulders,

pulled her to him and gave her a long, deep kiss.  Then he addressed

Jim.  "You're a fast learner, Jim.  Are you sure you haven't dirty

danced before?"

     "No, never, but it was fun!"

     "Let's have another drink," Tony said.  "It looks like you both

could use one."

     They sat and had their drink, and continued to talk together. 

Via Tony's subtle direction, the conversation got more playful and

openly sexually oriented.  In between, the talking and the drinks,

Tony and Jim dirty danced with Claire once more each.  The second

time she danced with Jim, both their hands seemed to roam noticeably

more freely over each other's bodies.

     Later in the evening, the conversation seemed to reach a lull

and the selection of music didn't sound as good as it was before. 

At this point, Tony reached over to the empty table next to them and

got an empty beer bottle.  "This place is getting a little boring,"

he said.  "I have an idea.  Let's have a game of spin the bottle."

     "What?," Jim said disbelievingly as he laughed at Tony's

surprising suggestion.  "I haven't played that since high school. 

I don't think anybody plays that game anymore, at least not in adult


     "Come on," Tony rejoindered, "it'll be fun."

     "Alright," Jim said.  "I'm game if Claire is.  What to you say,


     Claire thought about it for a minute, and then agreed.

     Tony quickly added, "There will only be two rules.  First, all

kissing must be on the lips.  Second, if either Jim or I spin the

bottle and it points to the other male, we're certainly not going

to kiss each other."

     They all laughed, and then Tony continued.  "We'll have to set

another penalty if that happens.  How about paying the other guy a


     They all agreed, and the game of spin the bottle started.  The

first couple of times when it was Jim and Claire's turn to kiss, he

was very tentative, kissing her rather chastely.  Tony, however kissed

her more lustily each time, so that by the third or fourth time, he

was tongue kissing her deeply, and his hands were simultaneously

sliding over her legs, her ass and the sides of her tits.  Jim couldn't

help but watch their activities closely.

     When Jim spun the bottle the next time, it pointed to Claire. 

He kissed her chastely again.  Tony interrupted them, his voice full

of playful annoyance.  "Come on now, Jim.  You can do better than

that.  If you're going to kiss her, do it right.  Now put your arms

around her and give her a really big one."

     Jim looked at Claire, waiting for an objection.  He didn't get

one.  Then he looked at Tony, and back at Claire a second time.  When

it was apparent no objection was coming from either quarter, he took

Tony's suggestion.  Jim kissed her again.

     The kiss lasted longer this time, and the longer it lasted, the

more passionate it became.  Tony could see Claire open her mouth and

slip her tongue between Jim's lips.  He saw Jim's mouth open to let

it in, and stick his own tongue into her mouth as they held each other


     When the kiss finally broke, they both looked a little embarrassed

and more than a little aroused.  Tony broke the silence that ensued. 

"Well, that was better.  I can see this is going to be a really

enjoyable game.  Shall we continue?"

     "Sure," Jim replied quickly.

     "I'm game if you two are," Claire said.

     They continued spinning the bottle and kissing, occasionally

taking a drink.  The kissing gradually got more intense as they played. 

After several more turns, Tony put his hand on the inside of Claire's

knee as he kissed her, and left it there when they were done, even

while Jim kissed her on the next turn.

     When Tony's turn to kiss Claire came again, he slipped the hand

up to the middle of her thigh, and massaged the soft skin there, again

leaving it in place when the kiss was finished.

     "This game is even more fun than I thought it would be," Tony

commented.  "Do you both agree?"

     Both Jim and Claire quickly agreed.

     "Good.  It certainly looked to me like you were having a good


     When Tony's spin pointed the bottle to Claire again, he slid

the hand that had been resting on her thigh up to an inch or so short

of her crotch, and began to massage her there.  Claire's thighs relaxed

and fell open several inches.

     She spun next, and the bottle pointed to Jim.  As they kissed

deeply, Tony moved his hand up higher, and pressed it against the

crotch of her panties.  Claire jumped slightly and tried to close

her thighs, but Tony held her knee out with his other hand and

prevented her from doing so.  Accepting her inability to close her

thighs, she let them slacken again and continued to kiss Jim.  Tony

began to massage her pussy through her panties.  They were already

very wet, and after several seconds, she let her legs relax and fall

open even wider.

     The kiss she was laying on Jim rapidly became even more

passionate, and Tony could feel her pussy lips begin to swell and

open up.  Claire began to move her hips in small, humping motions,

rubbing her heated twat against Tony's hand.  She wrapped an arm around

Jim's neck to ensure he didn't try to break the kiss.  While it

continued, she grasped Jim's wrist, lifted his hand, and placed it

on her breast.  At first he just let it lie there unmoving, but after

several seconds, he began to massage her tit.

     When their lips finally parted, Jim removed his hand from her

breast quickly.  They were both very flushed and short of breath,

but this didn't stop Claire from turning immediately to Tony and

attempting to kiss him.

     Tony pulled his mouth back from her's, breaking the kiss, but

leaving his hand working in her crotch.  "Aren't we going to spin

the bottle first?" he asked facetiously.

     Claire did not respond verbally, but simply grasped Tony behind

the neck and pulled his mouth hard against her's once again, kissing

him lustfully.  As they kissed, Tony pressed a finger into her, pushing

her panties before it, right up her hole.  With that, Claire reached

behind her without looking or breaking the kiss, groped around blindly

until she found Jim's hand, and then pressed it to her tit again,

simultaneously opening her legs even wider and throwing her right

leg over Tony's.

     Tony took advantage of this improved access to her charms by

slipping a second finger into her alongside the first, and pumping

them slowly in and out.  Finally, the kiss broke, but Jim's hand and

Tony's stayed where they were, respectively on and in her.

     The three of them simply looked at each other in silence, all

wondering what would happen next.  That silence was broken by an

announcement that the bar was closing.  As the lights came up, Tony

and Jim both reluctantly slid their hands from Claire's body.  After

several more seconds of ponderous silence, Tony smiled and said, "Maybe

we should go to our room now.  I think I've had enough spin the bottle

for one night."

     Through obviously lust clouded eyes, Claire gave him a funny,

questioning look.  He immediately surmised her question, and answered

it.  "Of course, Jim is invited too, O.K. Jim?  Come on, don't be

a party pooper."

     "O.K., my flight out isn't until late tomorrow morning anyway."

     "Good, that's more like it."

     The trio left the bar, and went quickly to the room that Claire

had reserved, arriving there shortly.

     "Well, how about some music?" Tony asked.  "I'll put on the radio. 

Maybe I can find a station with some oldies music."

     He fiddled with the dial for a bit, and found one.  "There, I

got it.  Now how about some more dirty dancing?  This time, let's

all dirty dance together, the three of us at once."

     "How are we going to do that?" Jim asked.

     "How?  Come on, I'll show you."  Tony took them both by the arm,

and positioned them so that they were all standing close together

in the center of the floor, Tony and Jim facing each other, with Claire

between them, facing Jim.

     "Now Jim, you and I should put our arms around Claire, and she

should put her arms around you.  You've got her front, Jim, and I've

got her back.  We'll just share the sides."

     They all laughed, and then began to dance together.  It took

them a few moments to get their movements sufficiently coordinated,

none of them having any previous experience at dancing like this,

but in less time than you might imagine, they were doing pretty well

at it.

     Tony leaned against Claire's back as they danced, pressing the

front of her body up against Jim.  As they continued, Tony rhythmically

pushed the hard lump in his pants against her ass, causing her crotch

to hump against Jim's, and before long, Jim was humping back at her. 

Both men's hands began to roam, sliding all over each of their defined

respective territories of Claire's body.  Jim kissed her on the lips,

and Tony, in turn, kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobes.

     "Mmm," Tony said, "this is really nice, isn't it?"  Both Claire

and Jim agreed.  "I can't remember when I ever had this much fun

standing up."

     The three continued to dance, kiss and grind their bodies

together.  After a few minutes, Tony slid his hands down Claire's

sides as far as he could reach, and slowly worked the hem of her dress

up, pulling his groin back from her momentarily so he could get it

up above her ass.  Then he pressed himself against her again, this

time against her pantied ass cheeks.  They felt hot, even through

his pants.

     "That's better," he commented.  "How about the other side?"

     With that, Tony slid his hands down her sides again.  Then he

simultaneously pulled her hips slightly away from Jim for a moment

and slid the front of her dress up above her waist.  As soon as he

did, Jim and Claire pressed their groins together again.

     They danced, or more accurately, ground, like this for several

more minutes.  Then Tony leaned the top of his body back a bit from

Claire, and pulled the zipper on the back of her dress down all the

way.  He spread the sides of the dress open and pressed his chest

against her back, occasionally stroking the bare flesh there as well

as her hips and legs.  After pausing a moment, he grasped her dress

at the shoulders, and slid the front down as well.  Now it was

completely bunched around her waist, making Claire present a

tantalizingly indecent picture as they danced, and as Tony and Jim

kissed and fondled her.

     "Maybe we should get rid of this dress now," Tony suggested. 

"We wouldn't want it to get too wrinkled, would we?"

     Acting on his own counsel, he pulled slightly back from her again,

took hold of the dress, and slid it up over her head and off

completely, dropping it to the floor.  They continued their obscene

dance, and other activities, which become increasingly more passionate. 

A couple of minutes later, Tony unhooked her bra and slipped it off,

baring her large breasts.

     Jim immediately took advantage of the situation by instantly

covering her left tit with his right hand and beginning to massage

it.  Tony slid his right hand around to the front of her body, placed

it against the underside of her other tit, and lifted its hefty weight

upward.  Jim took the hint.  He bent his head down and immediately

began to hungrily suck on the already erect nipple of the proffered

breast.  Tony continued to massage the underside of her tit as Jim

nursed at its nipple.

     "Hungry, aren't we?," Tony said.  "Does that taste good to you,

Jim?...  I'll take that grunt for a 'yes.'  Go ahead, suck that big

titty real well.  Keep nibbling on that nipple.  Claire really likes

to have her titties sucked, don't you Claire?...  I'll take your moan

for a 'yes' too."

     After a couple of minutes, Tony began to move forward, maneuvering

them all over to the bed while they were still pressed tightly

together, sandwich style.  When the back of Jim's legs touched the

bed, Tony leaned slightly forward from the waist, causing Jim to topple

over backwards onto it, pulling the other two with him.  They rolled

over onto their sides to get more comfortable, but stayed locked

together, kissing, feeling and sucking energetically.  Then Claire

rolled over onto her back.  Tony and Jim lay on their sides, both

facing her and pressed against either side of her body.  Jim was still

concentrating primarily above Claire's waist, apparently fascinated

with her tremendous tits.  He rubbed and sucked them, while Tony

concentrated his efforts below her waist, fingering her pussy and

rubbing her clit through her sheer black panties.

     Tony spoke:  "Why don't you take your clothes off, Jim?  I'll

keep Claire busy while you do."

     Jim reluctantly extricated himself from Claire's grasp, stood

up next to the bed facing it, and began to hurriedly strip down. 

Keeping his hand busy in her crotch, Tony begin to lick and suck her

tits as well.  Meanwhile, she looked over his head at Jim, intently

watching him as he disrobed.

     When Jim pulled down his underpants, his swollen cock sprang

to attention, sticking straight out in front of him and bobbing up

and down.  Her eyes were riveted to the oscillating shaft and Tony

could feel the humping motions she was making involuntarily quicken. 

Jim's prick was fully erect, and although it appeared to be an inch

or so shorter than Tony's, it was also significantly wider in

circumference.  As he concentrated on nibbling Claire's nipples, Tony

felt the bed sag slightly under Jim's weight as he got on it again,

and lifted his head from her breast.

     "Well, that didn't take long," he said.  "Jim, take over here

while I get rid of my clothes too."

     Tony got up from the bed and quickly disrobed, watching them

as he did.  Jim was still concentrating his efforts above her waist,

totally intrigued with her sizable, heavy tits and engorged, erect

nipples.  As he watched them, Claire took Jim's stiff cock in her

hand and began stroking it.

     As soon as Tony was completely naked, he bent forward and began

stroking her legs with both hands, up the inside of her thighs to

the top, rubbing his thumbs over her twat as he passed it, and back

down the outside, repeating the process several times.  Then he grasped

the waistband of her panties, pulled them down her legs and completely

off, and tossed them aside.

     Spreading her legs open wide, he knelt between them.  He rubbed

her wet, swollen pussy lips and erect clit for a few moments before

leaning forward and licking up and down the full length of her crack

several times, slipping his tongue between her sex lips and up her

hole as far as it would go each time he passed it.  Then his mouth

concentrated on licking and sucking her clit, while he slipped two

fingers deeply into her hole and began pumping them in and out.

     From time to time he paused and raised his head from her crotch

for a few seconds to make a comment or two, and then returned to his

pleasurable task.

     "Your love juices are flowing out of your pussy like a river,

Claire.  She's really wet, Jim, you wouldn't believe how hot and wet

her pussy is."

     Tony's fingers felt Claire's twat muscles begin to spasm and

contract, and she began to buck her hips up against his face harder

and faster.

     "She's going to come now, Jim.  Aren't you, Claire.  Come on,

come for us," he said and then licked her harder and faster.

     Claire came wildly, mashing her twat against Tony's fingers and

face and clutching Jim's head tightly to her breasts while she twitched

and thrashed about, moaning loudly all the while.

     "Wow, that was a good one!" Tony said, when her climax finally


     Claire's body went limp, but Tony immediately went back to licking

and sucking her clit, doing so very gently while he kept his fingers

slowly moving inside her hole.  Soon, she began to respond and move

her hips anew.  "Well, it looks as if she's not finished yet, not

by a long shot," he said.

     Tony continued his ministrations between her legs, while Jim

continued his at her breasts.  Soon, Claire's actions betrayed the

fact that she was fully aroused once again.  Tony extracted himself

from her thighs and lay down alongside her, his face right next to

her ear.  As he did, she grasped his stiff cock and began stroking

it.  She now had a cock in each hand.

     "It looks like she needs some more," Jim commented to Tony.

     "That's just what I was thinking.  Claire, do you want a big

cock in you?  Do you want us to fuck you now?"

     Claire simply nodded her head quickly up and down several times

in reply.

     "I thought so," Tony said.  "You look like you could use a stiff

cock up your pussy really badly.  Let's let Jim go first.  After all,

he is our guest.  Would you like Jim fuck you now?"

     Again Claire simply nodded her agreement, but Tony wanted to

her say it.  "Is that a yes?" he prodded.  "Then ask him.  Make your

request as clear as you possibly can, just like I taught you, and

remember to use street words.  Just keep asking in different ways

until he gives you what you want."

     "Jim," Claire said in an earnestly pleading voice, "I want you

to fuck me now.  Please fuck my pussy.  Come on, Jim, please stick

your big, fat cock up my twat and fuck the shit out of me.  I need

your big prick in me right now!"

     Jim played along with the game, resisting her pleas as long as

possible, which wasn't particularly very long at all.  Actually, he

climbed on top of her rather quickly.  Apparently not wanting to let

go of her breasts, he tried to slip his cock into her without using

his hands.  Tony could see it bump against the area around her pussy

several times.  Claire tilted her hips up to receive it, but the stiff,

blind trouser snake didn't seem to be able to find its mark on its


     "We seem to be having a little problem here," Tony chuckled. 

"Is it O.K. if I help, Jim, give you a hand, so to speak?"

     Jim hesitated for a second, and then nodded his assent.  Then

it was Tony's turn to hesitate.  He had never actually touched another

man's cock before, but he had asked the question without thinking,

and now he was trapped.  Besides, Claire was willing to try all these

new things, why shouldn't he be willing to try something different

just this once?

     After taking a deep breath to steel his nerve, Tony slipped his

hand down between their bodies, and took a grip on Jim's bobbing cock. 

It was hard and hot, but smooth to the touch, and he could feel the

shaft throbbing in his hand.  Being used to the feel of his own cock,

he was somewhat surprised and intrigued at the greater circumference

of Jim's staff.

     Tony pushed its blunt tip between Claire's pussy lips, and rubbed

it up and down several times.  Then he placed the head at the entrance

of her hole, and pushed it in her a bit to get it started.  Jim

instantly thrust forward mightily.  This action, combined with a

Claire's simultaneous upward thrust of her hips, buried his shaft

completely in her twat, trapping Tony's hand between them.

     "Whoa!" said a very surprised Tony.  "I guess that's better! 

Just give me a second to get my hand out of there."

     Jim and Claire immediately began to thrust at each other, and

as they did, Tony succeeded in extricating his hand from between their

sweating bodies.  He lay there beside them, rubbing her tits and

pulling on her nipples as he watch them hump wildly.

     After about a minute, he asked, "Claire, how about if I rub your

clitoris while Jim fucks you?  Would you like that?"

     Claire hissed her assent through passion clenched teeth.  Then

Tony sought Jim's permission.  "Jim, you wouldn't mind if I slipped

my hand between the two of you and rubbed Claire's clit while you

fuck her, would you?  I promise not to get in the way."

     Jim nodded his assent and raised himself up into a push-up

position as he continued to hump away at her.  Tony slipped his hand

between their bellies and begin massaging Claire's clit with his

fingertips.  As he did, he could feel the shaft of Jim's cock rubbing

against his fingers while it rammed in and out of her hole.  Their

screwing became even more frantic and, in a few moments, they both

came explosively.

     Tony watched Jim's buttocks as he dumped his load into Claire's

cunt.  As soon as he saw them start to slacken, he rescued his hand

from between them and spoke.  "Well, that was a good one.  I take

it you both enjoyed yourselves?"

     Claire and Jim both gasped an affirmative response, and Tony

continued.  "That's nice.  Well, I can't wait anymore.  It's my turn

now.  Jim, get off her so I can get on.  Let's move it, buddy.  I'm

in a big hurry!"

     Jim reluctantly slipped his cock out of Claire's twat and rolled

off her, winding up lying on his side right next to her, still

breathing deeply.  Tony immediately climbed between her legs, took

his cock in his hand, pointed it at her hole and rammed its full length

into her with one, forceful stroke.  Not wanting or able to waste

any time, He immediately begin thrusting into her twat.  She just

lay still for the first few seconds, still recovering from her climax,

but after several strokes, she began to respond and hump back at him.

     Tony noticed that it felt somewhat slushy inside of her from

Jim's load of come, and the outer portion of her love canal felt a

bit stretched and loose from the other man's fat dick.  It still felt

good, though, and the upper end of the passage was still narrow. 

It gripped the head of his cock tightly as he repeatedly stabbed into

her with rapid strokes.  Jim began to rub and suck her tits and they

begin to hump faster.

     "Mmm...  It's nice in here," Tony said as he pounded away at

her, "a little slushy, but nice.  Fuck me, Claire.  Fuck me hard you

little slut.  Fuck me, you cock-loving whore."

     She began to hump back at him harder, and he knew he couldn't

last much longer.  "That's better.  I'm going to come now, and so

are you.  I'm going to shoot my load right up you.  I'm going to dump

my come in you and mix it with Jim's.  Here it comes, NOW!"

     As Tony made his sticky deposit into Claire's piggy-bank slot,

she came again.

     "Whew!  That was a big load," he said afterwards.  "You came

pretty good yourself, didn't you, Claire?"

     She nodded.  "I thought you did.  Let's catch our breaths for

a while."

     He pulled his cock out of her hole and rolled off of her.  They

all lay close together and very still for several minutes, sucking

air.  Then Jim excused himself to go to the bathroom.  When he closed

the door, Tony straddled Claire's chest and pressed his half hard

cock against her lips.

     "Suck my cock and clean it off for me, Claire.  That's it, just

like that.  Does it taste a little different than usual?"

     She looked up at him with her big, hazel eyes and nodded as she

continued to suck his meat.  "That's because it usually has only my

come and your pussy juice on it after I fuck you.  This time it has

my come, your pussy juice, and Jim's come on it as well.  Quite a

little cocktail, isn't it?  Does it taste good?  Do you like it? 

You don't have to say anything.  I think I can tell from the way you're

gobbling it up that you do.  That's it, keep sucking me.  Get me good

and hard again.  We're not finished for the night yet, not by any


     His cock responded to her oral attentions and was soon fully

erect once again.  Jim came out of the bathroom, got back on the bed

next to them and watched for a while.  Claire reached out towards

him took his cock in her hand and stroked it.  Soon it too was fully

erect and pointing at the ceiling.  Jim slid down and began to finger

her clit.

     "Are you getting hot again, Claire?" Tony inquired.

     She nodded her 'yes.'

     "Good.  Do you want to get fucked again?"

     She nodded again.

     "I thought so."

     Tony leaned forward, getting his mouth as close to her ear as

he could, and whispered to her.  "Tell Jim you want him to fuck you

again, but that first you want him to eat your cunt.  Beg him to eat

your pussy first, and then he can fuck you.  Plead with him until

he does."

     Claire did as Tony directed.  At first Jim ignored her requests,

but after she pleadingly repeated her request several times, and

encouraged him by placing her hand behind his head and pushing it

down between her legs, he gave in.  He got between her legs and began

to lick and suck her come filled twat.  When he did, Tony got off

of her chest and knelt next to her head facing her as he continued

to feed his cock into her warm mouth.  Now he could watch Jim eat

her twat as she sucked him.  At first Jim's actions were somewhat

tentative.  It was very apparent that this was the first time he had

tasted another man's come, or even his own for that matter.

     Tony leaned forward and whispered to her again.  "Plead with

him to eat you out good.  Ask him to stick his tongue up your hole."

     Claire began to encourage Jim with her words.  "Eat my twat,

Jim. Do a real good job for me and I'll make it worth your while. 

Lick me out nice and clean.  Please tongue fuck my hot pussy.  I love

the way you give me head."

     She added a nice touch by first using her fingertips to pull

her pussy lips wide apart for him, and then taking his head between

her hands and pulling it forcefully into her crotch.

     Having now gotten into it, Jim responded by eating her more

enthusiastically, licking her twat and tongue fucking her hole with

increasing abandon.  Tony rubbed her tits and tweaked her nipples

while she sucked his cock, and he watched Jim eat her pussy and gulp

down their combined love juices.  As Claire fervently mashed her hips

up against Jim's face, it was apparent she was becoming highly aroused

again.  As a matter of fact, it occurred to Tony that she never really

came down from the last time, but simply reached a plateau from which

she was now climbing even higher.  A twinge of jealousy at women's

ability to do this momentarily crossed his mind.

     "I think Claire is ready to get fucked again, aren't you Claire?"

Tony asked.

     Claire nodded.

     "Good.  Are you ready, Jim?"

     "Ready and able," Jim said.  He raised himself up, his face shiny

from the blended love cocktail he had been lapping up, and showed

Tony his cock.  It was indeed fully erect once more.

     Jim began to position himself between Claire's legs to enter

her again, but Tony stopped him.  "Wait a second.  Let's turn her

over first so I can fuck her face while you fuck her twat.  That way

you can hump her doggy style this time."

     The two men cooperated, and succeeded in flipping her over onto

her belly, and getting her up on her hands and knees.  Jim knelt up

between her legs close behind her, and Tony knelt directly in front

of her head, facing Jim over her back.

     "Now stick that big kidney prodder of yours up her hole," Tony

said to Jim.  "I don't believe in wasting time when there's work to

be done, especially when it's such enjoyable work."

     Jim took his rigid cock in hand and rammed it up her twat.  Then

he grasped her by the hips and started stroking it into her.

     "That's the way to do it, Jim," Tony said.  "Let her have it

good.  Now, Claire, open up that mouth of yours and let me slip my

dick in there.  Then wrap your pretty little lips around it and suck

me while I fuck your face."

     Claire opened her mouth and he push his cock inside.  Then she

started sucking while he took her head between his hands and began

head fucking her.

     "Mmm, that's nice," he commented.  "Suck me, Claire.  Suck my

prick while Jim fucks your pussy.  How do you like Jim's big, fat

cock churning in your twat?  Does it feel really good?  Is he

stretching the walls of your twat real wide?  Don't try to answer

me.  It's not nice to talk with food in your mouth.  Just keep sucking

on my prick.  Suck me harder.  Suck harder and take it deeper.

     "I want to push it down your throat all the way, until my balls

are slapping against your chin.  Come on now, bury your nose in my

pubic hair."

     Tony and Jim keep pounding into her from both ends simulta-

neously.  When Tony felt that he was almost ready to come, and Jim

looked similarly, he paused.  "Hold it for a second, Jim.  How about

switching with me?  Let me at that pussy of hers and you can fuck

her face.  I think you'll like her technique.  Claire really gives

great head, don't you, Claire?"

     Claire was apparently nearing another climax when they abruptly

pulled their cocks out of her, since she whimpered and grasped at

them as they withdrew.  The men avoided her clutching hands, however,

and quickly switched places.  Tony started fucking her doggy style

and Jim slipped his cock in her mouth and started pumping it in and

out as she sucked on it.

     As soon as Tony got his prick all the way in her, he could feel

her cunt muscles spasm in climax.  He don't even slow down, but just

keep right on stroking her.  "Was that another climax, Claire?  You're

really getting ahead of us.  You know, Claire, it feels like Jim's

fat prick really stretched your hole good this time.  It feels kind

of wide around the edges.  It still feels good, though, real good.

     "How do you like the way she sucks cock, Jim.  She's good, isn't

she?  She's a real good cock sucker."

     "Definitely.  She's the best."

     "Do you like sucking that fat cock, Claire?  Is that the fattest

cock you've ever sucked?"

     Claire was too engrossed in her work to answer, so Tony simply

continued.  "Suck his fat cock, Claire.  Suck it good.  Vacuum the

come right out of him like you do to me."

     Tony and Jim kept pounding her back and forth between them, and

before long, all three were ready to come again.

     "Get ready to swallow Jim's load, Claire," Tony said, "while

I fill you up from this end.  Suck his guts out of him.  Here we go!"

     The lustful trio exploded in passion.  Afterwards, Tony tallied

up the score.  "That's two for me and Jim.  I lost count of how many

you've had, Claire.  I don't know about you two, but I need a rest."

     He pulled his shrinking cock out of her and Jim did the same. 

She immediately collapsed onto her stomach in a limp heap, while Tony

and Jim fell onto their backs on either side of her.  They lay there

for some time, breathing hard and trying to recover.  A good five

minutes passed before anyone moved.  Finally, Claire excused herself

to go to the bathroom, got up, and walked towards it.

     Tony called after her.  "I think you'd better wash some of that

come out of your snatch, Claire, and there's some mouthwash on the

counter.  A little gargle couldn't hurt either."

     As she closed the bathroom door after her, he spoke to Jim. 

"She's some hot bitch, isn't she, Jim?  She's got a great twat and

a talented mouth, not to mention those magnificent tits of her's,

and those fantastic stand-up nipples.  I love those nipples.  What's

your favorite part?"

     "I can't decide.  It's all so good, but if I had to choose, I

guess I'd say her tits.  They're so fucking big and firm.  She's sure

got one fantastic set of hooters."

     "Somehow I had the idea that you were going to say that," Tony

said.  "Probably because you seemed so damn reluctant to let go of


     They both laughed, good, hearty locker room laughs.  Then Claire

returned, gets back on the bed and lay down on her back between them. 

She commented that her pussy felt a little sore, and that she could

sure use a drink.

     "A drink?" Tony said.  "Sure.  Me too.  How about you Jim?"

     "Yea, I could use one too."

     "No problem.  Good thing I brought my portable bar.  I'll be

right back."  Tony threw on his shirt, pants and shoes, ran down to

the car to get it, and was back in about five minutes.  Then he

stripped, made the drinks, and served them.

     The three of them sat on the bed close together, sipping their

drinks.  While they did, they recuperated and made small talk for

about half an hour or so.

     They talked about the pleasurable experiences they'd had together

during the evening, and how much all the other people who haven't

dared to try sex with more than one other person were missing.  They

agreed that sensations, the type and intensity of which they had

experienced that night, could not possibly be achieved with just two


     Claire finished her drink first and set the glass on the floor

next to the bed.  She asked if they were finished for the night. 

Tony thought he sensed a hint of hope in her voice that they were

not, so he said. "Well, I think the answer to that question is largely

up to you, Claire.  Don't you agree, Jim?"

     "Sure.  It's totally up to her," Jim agreed.

     Tony continued.  "If Claire can get these two slabs of meat hard

again I think we could accommodate her.  Don't you, Jim?"

     "Well I'll certainly give it my best shot, so to speak."

     "See, he agrees with me.  I guess it's up to you.  By the way,

I thought your pussy was sore.  Didn't you say that?"

     "Oh it's sore alright, but it's not really that sore."

     "You're cute, really cute," Tony said as he smiled and

affectionately kissed her on the cheek.

     With that, Claire took a cock in each hand and began to stroke

them.  After a minute or two, they begin to respond, swelling slowly.

     Tony said, "It looks like they're starting to wake up.  Maybe

a little head action would speed up the process."

     Claire bent over his lap, took his half-hard cock in her mouth

and began to lick and suck it.  It responded faster, and after a couple

of more minutes, was almost fully erect again.

     "Well," Tony said, "it looks like my prick is in pretty good

shape now.  Why don't you work on Jim's for a while?"

     She took Tony's cock out of her mouth, but continued to stroke

it with one hand as she turned to Jim and swallowed his.

     "Suck that dick, Claire," Tony encouraged.  "Suck on Jim's prick. 

You've got to get it good and hard if you want it in you again."

     When Jim's cock was almost completely resurrected, Claire pulled

it out of her mouth and spoke to the two men.  "You two guys have

been telling me what to do all night.  Can I have a chance to ask

you to do something?"

     Both men looked at each other questioningly, shrugged their

shoulders, and then agreed.

     "Sure," Jim said.

     "Go ahead and ask," said Tony.

     Claire made her petition.  "I'd like you both to kneel up on

the bed on either side of me, facing each other."

     The men complied with her request, still curious and a little

apprehensive as to where she was going with this.

     "Please move closer together, very close together," she requested.

     Again the men complied, but their levels of apprehension rose,

as the tips of their cocks were now only an or so inch apart.

     Claire took a tube steak in each hand.  First she popped the

head of Tony's into her mouth and gave it a few sucks.  Then she took

it out, turned her head, and did the same to Jim's.  She repeated

that routine several times.  Then she surprised both of them by

slipping both dicks into her mouth at the same time and sucking on

them together.

     It was a snug fit.  The two swollen cock heads were pressed firmly

together in Claire's mouth.  It was obvious that both men felt more

than a bit funny about that, but as her tongue continuously washed

over them, those initial feelings were replaced by those of pure

pleasure, and they let themselves relax and get into the experience.

     While Claire sucked their meat, she alternatively stroked the

shafts and played with their balls, adding to the delightful sensations

she was imparting to them.  Tony and Jim both reached a hand down

and started playing with her tits as she slurped their dongs.  They

went on like that for a good ten minutes.

     Then Tony reached down further, slipped his hand between her

legs and started to finger her cunt, which he found was already getting

damp again.  As he did, she seemed to jump a little bit.

     "I guess your pussy is a little more sore than you want to admit,"

he commented.  "It's a good thing I brought some vaseline with me." 

     He took his dick out of her mouth, rose from the bed, got the

jar of vaseline and brought it back.  He put some on his fingers and

left the jar on the bed next to them.  Then he stuck his lubricated

fingers back up her twat.  They went in easier this time, and she

moaned in pleasure as he started finger fucking her.

     "Feel better?" he asked rhetorically, as he stuck his cock back

into her mouth alongside Jim's.  "I guess that was just what we needed. 

Now we can get down to some serious business once you finish getting

our pricks ready."

     They went on like that for several more minutes.  Finally, she

raised her head up off their cocks and announced that they ready. 

She was apparently right, since both dicks looked as hard and swollen

as they had been earlier in the night.

     As the trio momentarily disengaged themselves from each other,

Tony made a suggestion.  "Jim, why don't you lie on your back this

time, and let Claire sit on your cock?"

     Jim agreed and lay down as suggested, and Claire knelt up over

him, straddling his hips.  Tony moved around behind her back, took

hold of Jim's hard cock and pointed it up at Claire's hole.  Then

she slowly lowered her weight down on it until it was fully buried

in her snatch.

     "How does that feel?" he asked her.

     "It feels good," she responded enthusiastically.

     "O.K.  Then what are you waiting for?  Fuck him."

     Claire began to flex her leg muscles, repeatedly raising herself

up until the head of Jim's cock was barely held between the lips of

her pussy.  Then she would relax her legs and drop her whole weight

down on him, completely embedding his shaft in her greased twat.

     Tony moved Jim's legs apart and got between them, bending forward

so that his face was close to the apex of Jim's thighs.  From this

vantage point, he had a clear, close-up view of the action.  He could

see every detail as he watched Jim's fat cock appear and disappear

repeatedly inside Claire.  Her red, swollen pussy lips were stretched

tightly by its girth.  Tony studied the scene closely, entranced by

the sight of them grasping Jim's glistening shaft tightly as it slid

between them.  He began to unconsciously stroke his own hard cock

as he watched.

     "Fuck her, Jim.  Fuck her good," he coached, as if Jim needed

any guidance.  "Ram that fat cock of yours up into her hot pussy. 

Bury it deep in her twat.  Make sure you get it all in there."

     Tony began to rub Claire's ass and upper thighs as he continued

to observe the two sex organs do their thing.  He gripped her ass

cheeks and spread them wide, exposing her rosebud like asshole to

his gaze.  Unable to resist its beauty, He leaned forward and kissed

it.  He slipped his tongue out and gave it a lick and she jumped. 

Thus encouraged, he begin to lick her perenium as well as her asshole. 

Gradually his oral attentions became concentrated more directly on

her asshole.  He licked it in small, tight circles for a while, and

then pressed the tip of his tongue inside, causing Claire to moan

loudly.  Deeper and deeper his tongue probed her back door, until

it was going in as far as it could reach with each stroke.

     Enjoyable as this was, after a while his jaw and tongue tired

and he slipped his tongue out of her ass.  With one finger, he took

some of the excess vaseline from around the base of her pussy hole

and rubbed it on her asshole in little circles, occasionally slipping

the tip of his finger just inside the puckered orifice.  When he did,

she moaned and tilted her ass back at his hand, and this engendered

an idea.  Tony paused momentarily to retrieve the vaseline jar, and

coated his cock and two of his fingers liberally with the slippery


     "Hold her hips still for a few seconds, Jim," he said.  "This

scene is making me so hot I can't wait any longer for my turn.  If

you don't mind, I'm going to join you right now.  We'll make a 'Claire'


     Jim grasped Claire's buttocks with both hands to hold her still. 

In the process, he spread the cheeks of her ass wide apart.  Tony

repositioned himself between Jim's and Claire's thighs, and used his

lubricated fingers to generously grease both the outside and the inside

of her asshole.  Then he took his throbbing prick in his hand and

rubbed its tip on her butt hole in little circles.  The little opening

was already somewhat relaxed, but loosened even more under his


     Then he leaned his weight forward and began to press his dick

inside.  At first the muscles of her rectum provided some resistance,

but after several seconds of continued pressure they loosened, and

the head of his cock popped into her back door.  Claire gasped loudly. 

Tony paused a few seconds and then began to move, gradually stroking

his shaft deeper and deeper into her dark, forbidden passage.  Finally,

he was in to the balls.  Success was achieved and she was stuffed

to capacity with hard, throbbing cock meat.  Tony and Jim held still

for a while to allow her to get used to it.

     "There, I'm in!" Tony exclaimed.  "How do like having both your

holes packed with cock meat at the same time, Claire?  Two cocks

stuffed up you at once.  Jim's fat cock buried in your twat and my

long, slim one buried in your ass.  Nice, eh?"

     Claire's only response was to increase the quantity and the volume

of her moans.  "How does it feel to be the meat in our little

sandwich?" Tony continued.  "We'll have to be careful when we start

fucking her, Jim.  If we come together we might blow the top of her

head off.  Are you ready?  O.K., let's start moving.  I think we should

alternate our strokes, at least at first.  Go slowly until she gets

used to it and we get our rhythm."

Tony and Jim started to move again.  As Jim took an out stroke, Tony

pushed into her ass, and as Tony pulled outward, Jim pushed his cock

back into her twat.  Being pressed between them as she was, Claire's

movements were restricted, but she did manage to tilt her hips forward

slightly while Jim thrust in, which helped Tony's cock to slide out

of her, and as Jim began to pull back she tilted them backward, helping

him to slide out of her cunt and Tony to enter her ass.  They moved

very slowly at first as they got synchronized, and gradually increased

the speed of their thrusting as they did.  Claire was grunting and

moaning loudly each time she was impaled by either cock.

     "Well, it seems like we're getting the knack of this," Tony

commented.  "I don't know about you two, but I think it feels great. 

How do you like being double fucked, Claire?  Have you ever felt

anything this good in your life before?  Don't you just love having

two big pricks stuffed up you at the same time?

     "How are you doing, Jim?  Make sure you fuck her good.  This

hot bitch really needs it.  You know, I can feel the shaft of your

cock sliding up against mine through this thin membrane that separates

them every time we shove in and out.  Let's speed it up a bit."

     Tony and Jim increased their speed even more.  Claire was moaning

and mumbling incoherently as her body began to twitch and thrash about,

and this made it difficult for the two men to maintain their rhythm. 

All three of them were are getting precipitously close to climax.

     "Oh, shit!, Jim said  "I don't think I can hold back any more."

     "Hang in there a few more seconds, Jim, and I'll be right there

with you," Tony said.  "Grab on to her and hold her still while we

fuck her.  We'll do all the moving from here on in."

     Jim grasped the outsides of Claire's buttocks tightly, managing

to keep her hips fairly still between the two men.  It also spread

her ass cheeks even wider apart for Tony and enabled them both to

thrust into her harder, deeper and faster.  They were all very close

to coming now.

     Tony and Jim grunted noisily each time they shoved their pricks

into her, and Claire's moans and incoherent mumbling were so loud

that Tony fleetingly wondered if hotel security will be knocking at

their door soon.  He was so turned on though, he decided he didn't

really care if they did, and summarily dismissed the thought from

his mind.

     Tony gradually adjusted the timing if his thrusts until he was

shoving his cock into her at the same time as Jim.  Both cocks were

now going in and out together.  With Jim holding her hips still, this

enabled the men to get them in even deeper than before.  Tony could

feel her rectum cloying at the very base of his cock as he shoved

it in to her, and his balls occasionally dragged lightly against the

shaft of Jim's cock, giving him, and probably Jim as well, a sensation

which was unusual to say the least.

     Finally, Tony felt the shaft of Jim's cock begin to throb strongly

as he started to release his load.  This triggered Claire's climax

and then Tony's as well.  The muscles of her rectum gripped his cock

so tightly that it hurt, but it was a good, pleasurable pain and the

constriction around his cock seemed to make his own climax more intense

and last longer.

     All their climaxes seemed to go on for an incredibly long period

of time, and were so intense that their entire beings seem to be

concentrated in their groins.  Finally, the spasms ended and they

all collapsed together, totally limp and exhausted.  They lay there

perfectly still for a long time, the only sounds being that of their

labored breathing.

     Slowly, Jim's and Tony's cocks softened and shrunk, and gradually

slipped out of her with audible plops.  Claire and Tony rolled off

Jim, and the three lay on their backs on the bed in a row, all still

breathing hard.  Her legs were spread open to let the air of the room

cool off her steamy crotch.

     Both her fuck hole and her asshole were gaping open, still

stretched wide from their recent prodding.  Slowly, copious quantities

of Jim's come began to run out of her pussy and down over her asshole,

where they mixed with equal quantities of Tony's, which was pouring

out of that orifice.  The two creamy male effluences mixed together

and ran down onto the bed, where they formed a warm, milky pool between

the cheeks of her ass.  They continued to lie there quietly for some

time more.

     At last, Tony gathered enough breath to speak.  "Wow!  That was

the greatest!  I never felt anything even remotely that good in my

life.  Do you two agree?"

     "You're damn right I agree!" Jim immediately answered, as

enthusiastically as he could muster under the circumstances.

     "It was unbelievably good for me too," Claire said.

     "I thought so," said Tony.  "Well, I guess we'd better get cleaned

up now, and then I think you should get dressed and leave, Jim.  I

don't know about Claire, but I sure as hell need to get some sleep. 

I'm exhausted."

     "Me too," Claire chimed in.

     "You too, Claire?  It's not surprising with all the climaxes

you had.  Although Jim and I seemed to be doing all the work on that

last one.  You just laid there between us and had meat stuffed up

your holes.  I'm just kidding, of course.  You were great.  You both

were great."

     They all got cleaned up and then Jim bid them farewell and left. 

Claire and Tony went to bed together, still naked, and before long,

they were sound asleep, snuggled together in each other's arms.  When

they woke up in the morning, he proceeded to drive her home.

     Tony complemented her the improved cooperative attitude she had

shown the evening before.  "Well, we really had a great time last

night.  I think we all had some new and very, very pleasant

experiences.  I want you to know that I'm very proud of you the way

you're letting yourself open up to new experiences and letting go

of your inhibitions.  Your training is coming along nicely.  Keep

up the good work."

     "I will," she replied.

     As they continued to drive along, Tony noticed that Claire seemed

very contemplative.  "Why so quiet?" he asked.  "Are you having regrets

about what we did last night?"

     "No," Claire answered quickly.  "I was just thinking about all

the arrangements I still have to make before my wedding.  It's less

than a month away.  You know that Bill and I have decided that, even

though this will be my second one, it's only his first, so we're going

to do it up right, long white gown, ushers and bridesmaids, big

reception, the whole bit."

     "That's nice," Tony commented.  "I like big weddings.  I am going

to be invited, aren't I?"

     "Of course, you're my brother-in-law, aren't you?"

     "Good.  I can't wait.  Where are you two going on your honeymoon?"

     "We've decided to go to Bermuda.  We reserved a cottage down

there for two weeks."

     "Bermuda, that's great.  Bermuda is beautiful this time of year. 

You'll have a great time.

     "You know, I've been thinking.  With all the things you have

to get done before the wedding, you probably need all the time you

can get.  Maybe we shouldn't see each other again until after you

get back from your honeymoon," Tony suggested.

     "But that would be over a month!" Claire whimpered.  "I'll miss

you too much."

     "I'll miss you too, but you do need the time.  Besides, I'll

be at the reception.  I think it's better this way.  I want you and

Bill to have every possible chance to get your marriage off to a good


     "It's decided then.  We won't go out together again until after

you get back from your honeymoon.  I'll give you a call a few days

after that."

     "O.K.," Claire answered.  I'll talk to you then."

     They pulled up to her door, kissed goodbye, and she went inside. 

As she walked into her condo, She felt somewhat disappointed with

Tony's decision, but as she reflected on it, she knew he was right,

she needed every minute she could get to finalize the wedding plans

and finish making the arrangements.  She was grateful to Tony for

being so considerate.  She decided to make it up to him when she got

back, by trying her hardest to be more compliant to his wishes and


     The day of Claire's wedding finally came.  The weather was

beautiful, and everything seemed to go perfectly.  She hadn't seen

Tony at the wedding ceremony, but things had been so hectic there. 

She was sure she'd get a chance to see him at the reception.

     Claire felt a little nervous as she and Bill, her new husband,

waited in the small private lounge upstairs from the reception hall

along with their wedding party for the band to get ready and all the

guests to arrive.  It had been a very long time since she had done

something like this, and she wondered whether people would think it

was rather presumptuous of her to get married for the second time

on such a grand scale.

     When the hall manager told them it was time to go downstairs,

however, all of a sudden she felt very calm.  This was way she and

Bill wanted it, and if anyone didn't like it, the hell with them! 

When she and Bill, her new husband, entered the reception hall she

felt like the happiest, luckiest woman in the whole world.  In her

long, white gown, she looked absolutely radiant, everyone said so. 

As they walked in, she noticed Tony standing behind a side table. 

His seat was apparently at the back of the table, right next to the

wall.  He was smiling and clapping enthusiastically for the new couple. 

It made her feel glad that he was happy for her.  "Tony is such a

wonderful person," she thought, "and I'm such a lucky woman to have

two guys like this."

     A couple of hours or so into the reception, after everyone had

eaten and the initial, more formal portion of the festivities had

ended, Claire and Bill decided to walk around to the tables to

personally greet their guests.

     When they got to the table where Tony sat, she bent over and

kissed him chastely on the cheek, just as she had every other male

guest.  As she did, he congratulated her warmly, but then he gently

but firmly grasped her arm, holding her face down near his.  He turned

his head and whispered in her ear.

     "Where is the room that you and your wedding party waited in

before you came into the reception?" he asked.

     She was somewhat surprised by the strange question, but answered

him anyway.  "It's right out the main door and up the stairway to

the right."

     "Meet me there in fifteen minutes," he whispered.

     "I can't leave Bill and all our guests," she replied.

     "It'll just be for a little while," Tony said.  Then he looked

directly into her eyes.  When she looked back at him, his stern

demeanor sent a chill down her spine.  She knew she'd better agree.

     "Alright, I'll be there, as long as it's just for a little while."

     Tony released Claire's arm and she straightened up, just as Bill

came over to her side to say hello to Tony and the other guests seated

in that area.  As Bill rested his arm casually around Claire's waist,

the other guests who were watching may have wondered why her face

looked so flushed.  If they did, they probably simply attributed it

to the blushing bride syndrome.  What neither they or Bill could see

because of some judicious use of the tablecloth to hide his actions,

was Tony's hand slip up under Claire's wedding gown and caress the

soft flesh of her inner thigh.

     Then she and Bill walked away together and continued their rounds

of the other tables, greeting the rest of their guests.  As they

departed from Tony's table, Claire glanced back at him over her

shoulder.  He was staring directly at her, and an extremely broad

grin literally covered his face.

     At the appointed time, she excused herself from Bill and headed

upstairs to the waiting room.  Bill thought nothing of it, thinking

she was simply going to the ladies room.

     When she entered the room, Tony was already there waiting for

her.  As soon as she closed the door, he walked up to her and took

her in his arms.  "You look positively beautiful today," he said

warmly, and kissed her on the mouth.

     She was grateful for the complement, but felt rather funny kissing

another man on the lips while her brand new husband of only a few

hours waited downstairs.  She tried to pull away.

     "Thank you, Tony, but I think I should get back downstairs before

I'm missed.  Bill will start to wonder where I've been."

     "Let him wonder for a while," he said, and kissed her again,

this time slipping his tongue into her mouth and his hand up to cover

her breast through the bodice of her gown.

     She tried to pull away again, but he held her tightly against

his body.

     "Please, Tony!  I just don't feel right about doing something

like this right here and now"

     "Oh you don't, do you?" he responded angrily.  "I bring you up

here to give you your wedding gift, and you take this high and mighty

attitude?  Well like it or not, I'm going to give you your present

right now.  What you want or don't want is not important, or did you

forget that already?"

     With that, he dragged her over to the long table that was in

the center of the room.  Spinning her around, he bent her over it,

face down.  Holding her there with his left hand in the middle of

her back, he pulled up the back of her long white gown with his right

and bunched it up above her waist.

     "Very nice," he said.  "Bill will surely like this set of matching

white garter belt and stockings you have on when he finally gets to

see them later, but what are these doing here?"

     He took the elastic at the waist of the sheer white string bikini

panties she had on between the tips of two fingers, and snapped it

sharply against her tender skin.

     She jumped from the sting.  "They're just part of the set," she


     "Is that right?" he commented.  "And just who gave you permission

to wear them?  I thought that our agreement prohibited you from wearing

panties at any time you were going to see me unless I gave you specific

permission to do so."

     "Well, yes, but this is my wedding day!  I didn't think it would

matter to you for just this one day, and besides, I didn't think you'd

see them, not today of all days."

     "Well, woman, you were obviously wrong, very wrong!"  With that,

Tony grasped the flimsy panties in his hand and roughly tore them

completely from her body.  He tossed them into the air, and they came

to rest on the floor in the far corner of the room.

     "Now," he continued, "I can give you your wedding present."

     Claire heard the unmistakable sound of his pants being unbuckled

and his zipper being opened.  "Please, Tony, no!  Not today!  Please,

not on my wedding day!"

     "What better time for me to give you your wedding present.  You

know, you really have  great ass and a beautiful cunt."

     His right hand slid heavily over both her buttocks, and then

dipped between her upper thighs probe her pussy.

     "You know," he said, "with all the protesting you're doing, your

cunt is dripping wet.  Although your mind may not like the idea of

what's going to happen now, your cunt certainly seems willing enough

to go along with the program."

     Claire felt two of his fingers enter her easily.  They felt good. 

She knew she was very open and lubricating freely, and wondered if

Tony was right.

     The next thing she felt was the silky soft tip of Tony's stiff

dick pressing against her vulva.  He rubbed it up and down between

her cunt lips a few times, and them popped the head inside her.  She

gasped with a strange combination of humiliation and pleasure.  In

that instant, her mental conflict was resolved, and she decided that,

depraved as it might seem, she actually wanted Tony to fuck her on

her wedding day.  In a brief moment, the head of his cock was followed

by his shaft, and he started pumping in and out of her in long, slow,

but forceful strokes.

     As his long, throbbing cock churned in her pussy, she felt her

level of excitement rising higher and higher.  The speed of with which

his pumping organ penetrated her depths gradually increased.  Before

long, she was on the verge of orgasm.

     "Only a few more strokes," she thought, "a few more strokes of

his wonderful cock and I'll be there!"

     Al of a sudden, she was empty.  He had yanked his dick totally

out of her grasping cunt.  Before she could utter a sound to voice

her protest, she felt its pointed head press hard against her rectum.

     In her mind, she screamed "No!" but her lips remained silent. 

She knew her nether hole was not lubricated enough to allow him to

enter it painlessly.  Her mouth began to open as she considered giving

voice to her silent protest, but by then it was too late.  He was

already stuffing his stiff prick deeply into her asshole.  The

lubrication provided by her other hole was barely enough to allow

it to enter, but not enough for it do so without causing her a great

deal of discomfort.

     "Please!" she pleaded.  "Please go easy!  You're hurting me!"

     Tony not only ignored her petition for mercy, he increased the

pressure until he was fully buried inside her ass.  Then he began

stroking it in and out at a rapid pace.  As he did, he reached under

her and manipulated her clit.  His attentions were successful in

bringing the little organ back to life, and her state of arousal

followed close behind.

     Soon, she was again on the verge of coming, as was he.  Their

climaxes burst over them like a tidal wave.  All was forgotten but

the pleasure that engulfed them.

     When their spasms ended, he pulled his wilting cock out of her

asshole, and wiped it on her wedding gown.

     "Congratulations on your marriage," he said.  "I know you'll

both be very happy together.  Just don't ever forget.  Your heart

may belong to Bill, but your mind, body and soul belong to me, and

they always will.  Enjoy your wedding night and your honeymoon.  I'll

see you when you get back."

     With that, Tony leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. 

Then he left her lying there obscenely on the table with her beautiful

white wedding gown draped up over her back, and his come dripping

out of her asshole.


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