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Archive-name: Control/afan-05.txt

Archive-author: Joe Anthony

Archive-title: Seduction and Domination - A Story of Sex and the Mind

                             PART 1

     Throughout the 15-odd years of his marriage, Tony had always

been attracted to his sister-in-law, Claire, but had never done

anything about it.  Although this may have been partly due to a

simple lack of nerve, it was primarily attributable to the fact that

he really loved his wife, and didn't want to take the chance of

hurting her.  During the past year, since his wife was gone, he had

given some thought to following up on these long suppressed desires

for several reasons.  First and foremost among them was the fact

that, over the years, Claire had put on quite a bit of extra weight,

and was therefore not as attractive as she once was, but he still

remembered the way she had looked "way back when," and from time to

time, pictured her that way in his mind.

    Actually, saying that he had "been attracted" to her is a bit

of an understatement.  It would probably be much more accurate to

describe his feelings as a healthy case of lust, combined with a

touch of good old obsession.  This was especially true in their

younger years.  If you could have seem Claire in those days, you

would easily understand the basis for Tony's feelings.  She was

about five foot four, with the face of an angel, large, deep hazel

eyes, long black hair, and a slim waist that flared out into just

the right amount of hip to accentuate her femininity.  She looked

great from behind, but the crowning glory of her appearance was, by

far, the fabulous pair of extremely bountiful breasts she had been

endowed with.  They had to be 40EE's, and believe it or not, they

didn't sag a bit.  They stood firmly out from her chest like the

cannons on a battleship, seemingly defying the laws of gravity.

     To top it off, Claire had a warm, friendly, fun-loving

personality.  She and Tony had always gotten along extremely well,

so much so that he had suspected on many occasions that she was as

attracted to him as he was to her.  Whenever they met, she would

always hug him somewhat closer and tighter than she did anyone else,

and her "hello" kisses seemed to last a bit longer than was really

necessary for a mere greeting between a sister-in-law and brother-

in-law, but these relatively minor incidents were never enough to

make him confident in the validity of his suspicions.  He always

wondered whether it was only his active imagination working


     Despite her great looks and pleasant personality, Claire's

marriage had not been as successful as Tony's.  Her's had ended in

divorce almost ten years ago, primarily because her husband had been

screwing around with another woman.  I'd like to be able to say that

she finally saw the light and dumped the bastard, but as fate would

have it, he wound up leaving her.  What a jerk!

     For most of the intervening time, Claire had immersed herself

in her career, which she became very successful at.  She never

seemed to get involved more than casually with any other men, and

even that only on occasion.  This fact had served to keep Tony's long

suppressed fantasies about her alive over the years.  About a year

and a half ago, however, she had started seeing a guy named Bill,

and had subsequently become engaged to be married to him.  Their

wedding was scheduled to take place in just a few months.

     Tony's fantasies about Claire had been relatively dormant for

the past several years, primarily due to the fact that, in submerging

herself totally in her profession, she had also let herself go

physically.  Over that time she had succeeded in putting on an extra

35 or 40 pounds.  Her face was still beautiful, but her formerly

magnificent body had been concealed under a layer of protective fat. 

If you had known her before, it was really heartbreaking to see her

like this.

     Over the past year, Claire and Tony had maintained contact, seeing

each other socially as platonic friends and at family affairs, or

at least talking on the phone three or four times a month, so he was

surprised when he didn't hear from her for a whole month, and couldn't

even get her on the phone.  Finally, he had given up trying, figuring

she would contact him when she got around to it, whenever she got

back from wherever she had mysteriously gone.

     One Saturday afternoon, he was puttering around the house, just

keeping busy with the never ending tasks that a person living alone

seems to have.  It seemed like any other Saturday in the past year. 

Little did he know that the fates were brewing events that would change

his life, among others.

     The phone rang and he answered it.  He was pleasantly surprised

to hear Claire's voice at the other end.  "Hi, Tony.  It's me."

     "Hi, Claire," he said.  "Where the hell have you been.  I haven't

heard from you in a good month!"

     "I can't tell you now," she replied.  "It's kind of a surprise,

but you'll find out sooner or later.  Sooner, if you decide to do

the favor I'm going to ask of you."

     "Sure," he answered, without hesitation.  "Anything you want."

     "I seem to be having a little problem with my air conditioning,

and I can't get a repairman before Tuesday at the earliest.  They

all seem to be tied up with this terrible heat wave we've been having. 

I was wondering if you could come over and take a look at it for me. 

You know how totally helpless I am with mechanical things."

     "Sure," he chuckled, "anytime.  I'm no refrigeration expert,

but if it's something simple I might be able to help.  When do you

want me to come over?"

     "How about right now, if not sooner?", she shot back.

     "Not a problem," he said.  "Just let me get my tools together

and I can be there in about half an hour or so."

     "Great, but please hurry," she pleaded.  "I'm dying from this

sweltering heat.  I'll have a vodka and tonic waiting for you.  You're

going to need it in here.  That's the only thing that's kept me from

going completely insane with this heat."

     He had thought she sounded a bit strange, and now he understood. 

She was probably half blitzed.  "I'll be there as fast as I can,"

he replied.  "Bye."

     He hung up the phone, gathered up his tools and drove over to

her condo.  It was just across town, so he was there in even less

time than he had estimated.  Arriving at the building's front door,

he rang the bell.  "Yes?", her voice came over the intercom.

     "It's me, your white knight.  I've come to rescue you from the

fire breathing dragon you've got up there," he jokingly responded.

     Her voice came back, "Well leave your horse outside, but you

may want to bring your lance with you."

     The lock buzzed open and he entered the building.  Kind of a

strange response, he thought for a few seconds, but then attributed

it to a bad joke, and dismissed it as he walked up the stairs to her

second floor apartment.

     When he arrived at her door he knocked, and her muffled voice

came from the other side, "Come in, Tony.  It's open."

     He let himself in and closed the door behind him.  When he turned

around, he received the surprise of his life on several levels at

once.  He was so surprised, in fact, that he actually took a step

backwards, slamming his back against the door in the process.  He

literally blinked his eyes several times to make sure it wasn't his

imagination paying tricks on him.  It wasn't.

     Claire stood in the center of the room, but it wasn't the Claire

he had expected to see.  It was the former Claire, trim and exceedingly

beautiful in all respects.  She looked as good as she had when he

first met her.  "No," he thought, "she looks even better, better than

she ever has."  She had trimmed down to at least her former self,

and her muscles looked taught and toned.  Her stomach was flat, her

waist was slim, and those breasts, those fabulous breasts, were as

huge and firm as ever.  Now that she had lost all that weight, they

were even more prominent than he remembered them.

     To top it all off, she was wearing, of all things, a sleeveless

baby doll nightgown.  It had a rather modest neckline (if anything

could be called modest when it was being pushed up and out by that

pair of fantastic knockers), with buttons running down the full length

of the front, and the hem stopped just an inch or so below her crotch. 

Running down from there was a pair of shapely legs, their curves

accentuated by the high heeled satin slippers she was wearing. 

Although the nightgown wasn't sheer (damn it!), its white cotton

material was thin enough to clearly reveal the outlines of all it

concealed, and the fact that she obviously had been perspiring from

the heat in the apartment made it cling to every curve.  He even

thought he could detect the dark shadows of her aureolas through the

top, but he wasn't sure about that.

     "H..h..hi," he stammered, unable to hide his absolute shock,

and likewise unable to raise his eyes from her body to her face.

     She laughed.  "Hi, notice anything different?"  She twirled around

in place, causing the nightgown's hem to fly up a bit, exposing a

glimpse of her thin, white panties in the process.

     "L..l..lots," he said, when he was at last able to gain a

semblance of control over his tongue.  "What happened to you?", he

asked, as he simultaneously felt a familiar stirring in the area of

his groin.

     "I've spent the last month at a health spa, working my ass off

to get back into shape.  I finally decided to lose that fat broad

I'd become.  It wasn't easy, but I did it.  Thirty straight days of

strict diet and strenuous exercise.  Thirty straight days of absolute

living hell.  I felt like I joined the Marine Corps, and paid for

the privilege of going through boot camp, but it was worth it.  I

lost 45 pounds and I feel great!  How do I look?"

     "You can't feel even half as good as you look," he replied

honestly.  "I still can't believe it.  You look good enough to eat." 

The old, tired line had slipped out of his mouth before he had time

to think.

     She laughed again, and blushed slightly.  He thought he could

detect her nipples swell slightly under the thin material of the

nightgown.  "How about a drink before you get to work?"

     "I'll take the drink," he said, "but I think I'd better start

looking at that air conditioner right away while I have it.  It seems

to be getting hotter in here every minute."

     Claire got Tony his drink, and he went right to work.  She took

a seat on the couch on the other side of the room, watching television

and sipping her own drink.  During the course of the next hour and

a half or so, they both had several drinks as he worked on the air

conditioner and she watched T.V.  As he labored at his task, he glanced

over at her from time to time, visually drinking in the beautiful

sight of her long legs sticking out from under the hem of her nightgown

and those rib balloons

holding out the front of it like the top of a two ring circus tent.

     Finally, he located the problem, a loose wire, which he easily

reconnected.  "I think I got it," he stated confidently.

     "Well turn it on and try it," she declared.  "I'm dying in here. 

If this doesn't work, I've decided to rent a hotel room until it's


     "Well, here goes," he stated.  With that, he flipped the switch. 

After a moment's hesitation, the air conditioner sprang to life,

spewing an ever increasingly cold stream of welcome, cool air into

the apartment.

     They both cheered loudly.  In the spontaneity of the moment,

Claire jumped up from the couch, ran over to where he was standing,

wrapped her arms around him, pressed the front of her body to his,

and gave him a long, tight hug, accompanied by an equally long kiss

on the mouth.  He could feel those warm, flesh pillows of hers crushed

against his chest as they kissed, and became acutely aware that his

jeans were suddenly becoming tighter in the crotch.

     When the kiss ended, she dropped her arms and stepped back from

him.  Looking at him sheepishly, she mumbled, "Sorry, I just got so


     "Me too," he responded, not sure if they were both excited over

the same thing.

     "Let's have another drink to celebrate," she said.

     "Sounds good to me."

     Over the course of the following couple of hours, they sat next

to each other on the couch, close, but not touching, as they sipped

several more drinks and talked about old times.  The whole time, his

mind was working on two levels at once.  One was paying attention

to their conversation, but another was drinking in the enticing view

she presented, and deciding whether or not to do something about it.

     He had fantasized about having her for so long.  Could this 

be his chance?  Should he try to make a move on her now?  She did

seem to be in an especially friendly and open mood, and the drinks

she had consumed appeared to have loosened her up quite a bit.  She

wasn't fall down drunk, but she was on the far side of mellow.  She

looked so damn sexy!  Why had she greeted him dressed so provoca-

tively?  Could it be that she actually wanted him to make a move,

or was it only because, as she had said, of the heat in her apartment. 

He couldn't be sure either way.  There were no easy answers.

     Finally, he reached a decision.  It was going to be now or never. 

When the conversation reached it's next lull, he spoke:  "Claire,

there's something I have to say to you, but it's a bit sensitive,

and I don't want you to be upset or offended by it.  Just sit right

there and listen while I try to put my feelings into words."

     "I've always looked upon you as a close friend, not just a sister-

in-law, and I wouldn't want to say or do anything that might damage

that relationship.  Our friendship means a lot to me, more than almost

anything else in the world.  The only thing that was ever more

meaningful to me was my relationships with your sister.  Because of

that, I'm asking that you give me your word that you won't be offended

by anything I am going to say to you now.  Just remember that I'm

saying them only because I consider you my very close friend.  Please

feel free to ask me to stop at any time if you want me to.  O.K.?"

     She looked a bit confused, but nodded her agreement, and asked

him to go on.  He continued:  "First, I want you to know that I'm

extremely proud of what you've accomplished over the last month with

what I know must have been a very difficult program of diet and

exercise.  I think you look wonderful.  I don't remember you being

this slim and trim since before your marriage to that jerk ended,

and if you want my honest opinion, even though you're older now, I

think you look even better now than you did then.  You're not only

slim, you look like you're in better shape.  Your body is tighter

and firmer.  You also seem to have more confidence in yourself, and

that gives you a glow that's very appealing.

     "I don't know whether you're aware of this or not, although I

think you may have suspected it from time to time over the years,

but in addition to liking you and loving you as a sister-in-law and

as a friend, I've always been attracted to you in a physical sense

as well.  These feelings go way back to the first time I saw you at

your parents' house when I was going out with your sister.  I was

really very impressed with your pretty face and, if I might be so

bold as to add, your great body."

     "It's a little embarrassing to admit it, but there were many

times that I had fantasies about you, physical ones, sometimes very

physical ones, if you know what I mean.

     Claire looked a little embarrassed by his comment, but there

was a hint of a smile playing around the corners of her mouth.  He

gazed earnestly into her eyes, took a deep breath, and decided to

go on.  "I thought about asking you to go out with me if your sister

and I ever broke up, and speculated on whether or not you'd say yes. 

I even imagined what you would look like without your clothes on,

not just once but on many occasions."

     At this point he paused, trying to judge her reaction to this

last remark.  "There was definitely a smile there," he thought, and

decided to press his luck.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they


     "When I thought about you like that, I'd especially wonder about

those great breasts of yours.  I'd speculate on how firm they were,

whether they'd sit up high on your chest without your bra on, and

how your nipples looked.  As a matter of fact, I spent a lot of time

wondering what your nipples looked like.  I imagined that they had

large, moderately dark aureolas, about three inches across, with the

nipples themselves being somewhat darker and having a tendency to

stand up and stick out like fingertips when you were aroused.  Am

I close?"

     Tony paused briefly and looked at her for a response, but she

remained silent.  Well, he thought, she hadn't stopped him, or even

acted shocked at his lewd remarks.  This just might work out after

all.  He took her hand in his and continued.

     "Well, anyway, at times, I even imagined making love with you

in just about every way possible, even between your tits.  I guess

I imagined screwing you between your tits quite a lot, varying the

ending between my coming in your mouth and shooting it all over your

nipples and those big tits and then rubbing it into your skin with

my hands.  I also fantasized fucking your pussy and then, just a I

was about to come, pulling my cock out and coating your face and tits

with my warm, sticky load as I jerked my self off, making sure that

every last drop got out of me and onto you.  Then I'd imagine smearing

it all over your lips and tits with the head of my cock and my hands."

     He noticed that she was beginning to squirm about in her seat

a bit and squeeze her thighs together.  Was this what would take to

turn her on, blatantly explicit sex talk?  Well, if that's what it

took, that's what he'd give her, but with just the right touch of

sensitivity.  Career women in the 90's liked that in a man.

     "I always felt you had the potential to be really hot in bed,

but needed the right guy, one who was knowledgeable enough about those

things, sensitive enough to find out what you liked as opposed to

just jumping on you and getting off, and cared enough about you take

the time and the trouble to do so.  Someone who could bring you along

slowly.  I always was convinced that, if you had someone like that,

someone like me I mean, your sexual

potential was almost unlimited.  That you could learn to both give

and receive pleasure with the best of them.

     "I also never believed for a minute that your ex-husband was

knowledgeable enough, sensitive enough, or caring enough to have a

snowball's chance in hell of making sex consistently pleasurable for

you, or of helping you to reach your sexual potential.  I seemed to

sense that he was too hung up on himself and his own pleasure to take

the time or trouble to make something like this happen.  That was

one of the reasons I never thought your marriage to him would last. 

As a matter of fact, I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. 

Not that I wanted it to fail, it's just that I was convinced it was

a lost cause.  How did I do on that one, was I close? 

     Claire finally spoke.  "He always was kind of selfish in bed. 

As a matter of fact, I never told this to anyone before, but I never

reached a climax when he and I made love, not with him inside me,

anyway.  At first, I didn't know what I was missing.  You know how

young I was when we got married.  I really didn't have any experience,

any frame of reference.  Then, after several years, I started reading

up on the subject and talking to some female friends about it.  That's

when I realized what I was missing.  I tried to talk to him about

it, but nothing changed."

     "Wow!  I can hardly believe that in all that time he never made

you come," Tony commented.  "Your sister and I were always pretty

good together in that department."

     "I know.  She told me about it.  Sisters tell each other

everything, didn't you know that?  You two did some pretty wild things


     "Yeah, I guess we did.  Once I got her to loosen up and overcome

those hangups the nuns had laid on her in parochial school it seemed

like she was willing to try just about anything at least once, and

we almost did.  But enough about that.  Let's talk about you and me.

     "Anyway, that's how I felt about you when I first met you, and

for several years thereafter.  When you gained all that weight, it

didn't affect my liking and loving you as a friend at all, but I

stopped fantasizing about you in a physical way.  It didn't happen

all at once.  As a matter of fact, I didn't realize it had happened

at all, that's how slowly it occurred.   My fantasies just came less

and less often at first, and then not at all.  The only time I actually

realized they had stopped was when they started again."

     "And just when did that happen?," she asked playfully.

     "Well, to be perfectly honest with you, it happened just a couple

of hours ago, when I walked in to this apartment and saw you, and

let me tell you, they're even stronger now than they were before,

a lot stronger."

     They both laughed over that one.  "Things seem to be going pretty

well," he thought.

     "Claire, it's not that I ever consciously tried to fantasize

about you.  The fantasies just seemed to pop into my head, just like

they're doing right now as I speak with you.  Sometimes they happen

when I'm actually with you, and sometimes when I'm alone, sometimes

when I've seen you recently, and sometimes when I haven't seen you

for a long time.  They just materialize from somewhere deep in my

brain without warning.

     "For instance, I might be lying in bed alone at night, trying

to go to sleep or watching some T.V. program that I'm not really

interested in.  As I lay there, consciously thinking about nothing

in particular, thoughts of you would creep into my head.  At first

it might just be a vision of your pretty face, and that will give

me a warm, cozy feeling.

     "It doesn't always stop there, however.  Those fairly innocent

thoughts seem to take on a mind of their own and escalate, and pretty

soon my vision will not only be of your face, but your body as well. 

As my mental eyes travel over it, I'll start to feel a stirring down

in my groin area.  To put it more bluntly, my dick will start to get

hard.  Then your clothes will start to come off.  By the time you're

completely naked, I'm stiff and throbbing.  Usually what will happen

next is that I'll pop into the picture with you, and then begin to

kiss and touch you.  We'll both get hotter and hotter and wind up

engaging in some form of sex.

     "Sometimes, while one of these fantasies is being played in my

head, my hand will unconsciously stray down to my crotch, and I'll

begin touching myself.  When this happens, usually I'll just stroke

it, giving myself warm and pleasurable feelings to go with the fantasy. 

Sometimes, however, I'll go all the way, pumping my stiff cock until

I come, shooting my come up in the air so it splashes down all over

my chest and belly, and timing that actual event to coincide with

coming with you in my mind.

     "It's amazing how good it feels.  Sometimes, solo sex can be

almost as good as sex with a partner, as long as your mind is in the

right place.  I've always believed that at least half the pleasure

one gets from sex comes from the mind anyway, and I guess this just

supports that theory.

     "I guess I've totally embarrassed and confused you with this

little confession of mine.  If I have, I'm sorry.  That wasn't really

my intention.  I'm really not sure what my intention was, to be

perfectly honest with you.  I just know that I couldn't keep these

thoughts and feelings to myself any longer.  For some reason I just

had to tell you about them."

     "I understand," she said.  "It's O.K.  I'm not offended, really. 

As a matter of fact, I guess I should take it as a complement."

     Mentally he breathed a sigh of relief.  "Things are certainly

going well," he mused.  That seemed to be his opening.  Time to time

to enter it, and maybe her's as well.

     "Well, since you seemed to take that pretty well, I have a big

favor to ask of you."

     "Sure.  What is it?"

     "How about letting me have a little peek at those great big,

beautiful breasts of yours?  Come on, just let me see them.  I've

been imagining how those hooters would look for years now and I can't

take it anymore.  At least unbutton the top of your nightgown a bit

for me, so I can get a good look at your cleavage."

     She hesitated a bit, as if deciding what to do, and then slowly

unbuttoned the first three buttons of her top so that it was open

almost to the base of her tits.  "How's that?," she asked.

     "Well, I really can't see anything.  Why don't you unbutton it

the rest of the way, and spread the top open a bit so I can see that

fabulous cleavage?"

     After another several seconds of hesitation, Claire undid the

rest of her buttons and then slowly spread the top open about four

inches.  He still couldn't see her nipples, but there certainly was

a lot of chest meat showing.

     "Is that better?," she queried.

     "Yes, much better," Tony responded enthusiastically.  He gazed

at her chest longingly for almost a minute before he spoke again. 

"That's beautiful, but I can't tell what your nipples look like, and

I'd love to see them.  Please take the top off so I can see your

titties better from all sides."

     This time she didn't move.  "Damn," he thought.  "Maybe a little

more coaxing would do it.  Some women love to be coaxed."

     "Come on, do it for me.  Call it a favor for an old friend. 

Just take it in your hands, pull it open and slide it off, please!"

     Claire looked at Tony, and then down at her lap for what seemed

like a very long time.  Then she took a deep breath, and then her

hands started to move.  She grasped the edges of her nightgown top,

took another deep breath, and then slowly, excruciatingly slowly,

she drew it open and slipped it off her shoulders, revealing her

splendid pair of tits to his hungry eyes.  Then she took it the rest

of the way off and dropped it on the floor next to the couch.

     "Wow!," he said.  "That's one magnificent set of major mammaries. 

They're superb, and those nipples are fantastic, just like I imagined

they'd be, only better.  Now that wasn't so bad, was it?  They look

like they're beginning to harden a little bit.  Rub them for me so

I can see them stand up good and hard.  Did your sister ever tell

you that hard nipples are one of my

favorite turn-ons?"

     "Of course she did.  I just told you she told me everything,

didn't I?"

     "Yes, you did.  How silly of me.  Then you wouldn't mind massaging

your tremendous tits for me, would you?"

     That request engendered another pause.  Tony waited, and at last

Claire's hands moved slowly up to her chest and began squeezing her

huge tits.  It looked like she was in the process of making bread,

kneading some erotic form of dough.

     "Now take your nipples between your forefingers and thumbs,"

Tony gasped.  "Twirl them, pinch them gently and tug them outward

from your breasts.  Get them good and erect."

     She followed his instructions to a "T", and her nipples hardened

and swelled under her touch.

     "That's beautiful.  Can you lift up your tits towards your mouth

and lick and suck your own nipples?"

     "I've never done that before," Claire commented shyly.

     "Well, I kind of figured you'd never tried it before, but I was

wondering if you could let me see you try to do it.  I've seen it

done by women in porno movies, but I never saw anyone do it in person. 

That's probably because I never knew anyone who had big enough breasts

to try it well enough to ask them to do it for me.  Go ahead, give

it a shot."

     She lifted one heavy breast towards her chin, tilted her face

down to it, and gave the nipple a tentative lick.  In the now cool

air of the room, the coating of saliva made her nipple react almost

instantaneously, crinkling and growing in response.  Claire licked

it a few more times and then took it into her mouth and began to suck

on it.  She seemed to be enjoying herself, or at least enjoying what

her little show was doing to Tony, because as she sucked, she raised

her eyes, looked straight into his, and smiled.  Then she went to

the other one, and gave it some of the same treatment.

     Tony could hardly contain himself.  He knew he had to get in

on some of this.  "I knew you could do it.  That's great, and it seems

to be making you nipples harder as well.  They must be standing out

from your aureolas about half an inch.

     "I bet if I sucked your nipples they'd stand up even more than

they are now.  Come on, let's give it a shot.  I promise I'll be

gentle.  I'll just take your breasts in my hands, like this."

     He tenderly grasped the underside of a breast in each hand,

weighing them in his palms.  "Then I'll just lean forward, and kiss

each of them gently."  That's exactly what he did.

     "Now I'll go back and forth from one to another, sucking on them,

playing with them with my tongue, and nibbling them gently.  Mmm,

that's nice, isn't it?"

     He heard Claire breathe sigh deeply and felt her relax, leaning

against the back of the couch to accept his loving


     "God," he said, his voice slightly muffled by her chest meat,

"they're getting bigger!  They're hard as rocks and they must be

standing out from your aureolas almost an inch now!  They're great! 

I love them.  Doesn't that feel nice?  Do you like the way it feels?"

     "Yes," she sighed.  "It feels very, very good.  You have a nice


     "It feels great to me too.  It's fantastic!  Is this making you

hot?  Are you getting turned on?"

     "I guess it is."

     "You guess it is?  I can tell this is getting to you by the way

your breathing is getting faster, deeper and more ragged.  I know

sure as hell that I'm getting as hot as hell.  My dick is a hard as

a baseball bat.

     "Is the crotch of your panties getting wet now?  I'll bet it

is.  Let me see.  I'll just reach down and check."

     Tony moved one hand to her knees, but found that they were pressed

closely together, thwarting his efforts.  "Relax your legs and let

me slip my hand between them.  Just let them relax and spread them


     Claire sighed again and let her knees fall apart.  Tony promptly

dropped his hand between them.  "Now I'll just slide my hand up and

find out wet your panties are."

     He moved his hand up to her silk covered love nest.  "They're

soaked!  Your love juices must be really gushing, and even through

this cloth I can feel that your pussy lips are swollen and pouting,

peeling open like the petals of a flower.  I'll just rub them gently

through your panties for a while, and up here by your clitty, too."

     As that hand caressed her between her legs, her breasts were

tended by his other hand and his mouth.

     After a while, he lifted his head from her chest and spoke. 

"There, doesn't that feel nice?"

     She was silent, but her demeanor betrayed her sentiments on the

matter.  Her head lay limply back against the couch, her eyes were

lightly closed, and her lips were slightly parted.

     "Let's get rid of these panties.  They're just getting in both

our ways.  I'll just reach up, like this, grasp the waistband and

slip them down.  Just lift yourself up a bit so I can get them down

over your behind."

     Claire didn't move.  When he tugged again to give her the hint,

she opened her eyes, lifted her head, and quietly murmured:  "I'm

not sure we should be doing this.  You're my brother-in-law, and

besides, I am engaged.  Maybe we should stop."

     He almost couldn't believe his ears.  He thought things had been

going almost perfectly up until now.  What should he do?  Should he

simple accede to her request, or should he try a different approach? 

With all this stuff about "acquaintance rape" going around, how far

should he push it before some tight-ass judge would think he had

crossed the line?  Fuck it, he decided.  He'd try a stronger approach. 

If that didn't work, well, he didn't want to think about that

possibility just yet.

     "What the hell are you talking about?", he said in his best stern

voice.  "Here I am trying to give you love and pleasure, and all of

a sudden you try to play virgin with me?  We know each other too long

for that shit!  I like you a lot, a whole lot.  Maybe I even love

you as much more than a friend.  To be perfectly honest with you,

I'm not really sure yet on that part.  One thing I am sure of is that

I want you.  If you want me too, that's great, because I think we

could be fantastic together.  If you don't, then I guess we can go

on being just friends.  But if you want to play games, go find somebody

else.  Now I'll give you one more chance.  Lift your ass up or simply

tell me to stop, and I will."

     She looked away from him, paused, and then lifted her butt off

the couch.  "Great," he thought, "it worked.  It seems like she likes

to take direction.  Dirty talk and a stern approach, an interesting

combination.  I'll have to remember that.  It may come in handy."

     Wasting no time, he slid her white panties down her legs, over

her feet and off.  She was now completely naked, except for those

high heeled slippers.

     "Good, that was easy now, wasn't it?"  Tony looked at her panties

lying there in his hand.  Then he held her them up to his face and

inhaled their aroma deeply.  "They certainly are pretty, and they

smell nice too.  They smell, sweet and musky at the same

time.  I love that smell.  It reminds me of...


     He casually tossed them aside, and returned his hand to the inside

of her thigh.  "Now I'll just slip my hand up between your thighs

again and see what I can find there.  Come on now, relax your legs

and let them fall open again for me.  Wider, yes, that's more like

it.  Now I'll just let my hand continue up these smooth thighs of

yours like this until it finds something more interesting."

     His hand climbed slowly upward until it reached her twat.  "Well,

what have we here?  It feels like a warm, furry little animal, a very

wet, warm, furry little animal.  I wonder what kind of animal it is. 

I think I'll just pet it until I can figure it out.  It certainly

is soft and warm.  It feels very nice.  What's this, a little bump

on its head?  It must have bunked its head.  I guess I should rub

this little bump to make it feel better."

     He skinned back the hood covering her clit, and began to expertly

manipulate the sensitive little organ.  Claire began to slowly twist

and squirm.  "There, does that feel better?  Yes?  I thought it would. 

Why are you squirming around so much while I rub the bump on the little

animal's head?  Tell me."

     "It feels nice," she said in a meek little voice.

     Tony's fingers moved lower, down her cunt lips to her hole. 

"Now what's this?  It seems like its mouth.  I think I'll slip my

finger between its lips and see what happens.  Do you think it'll

bite me?  No?  I don't think so either.  It seems to be pretty


     He slipped a finger inside her.  "There, I've got my finger in

halfway.  Now I'm sure it isn't going to bite me.  Do you know why

I'm sure?  Because it doesn't have any teeth!  All it has is gums;

warm, soft, wet gums.

     "I think I'll slide my finger in the rest of the way, and move

it in and out like this.  It seems to like that, and so do you, don't

you.  You keep moving around while I do it, and your

breathing is getting faster and more irregular."

     That was in fact the case.  Her eyes were half closed now as

well.  "Wait a minute," he said, "I think I know what kind of animal

this cute little thing is.  It's a pussy!  It's your furry little

pussy, and I'll bet you knew it all along, didn't you?  You were just

stringing me along, weren't you?  You were just stringing me along,

making me think you didn't know what it was either, just so I would

keep touching it, and moving my finger in and out, like this, right? 

Come on now, admit it.  Tell me you knew all along.  Say, 'I knew

all along that it was my pussy, but it felt so nice, I just wanted

you to keep touching it.'  Come on, say it."

     She repeated his words, and he went on.  "Now, if you want me

to keep touching it, you're going to have to ask me nicely.  Say,

'Please, Tony, touch my twat.'  Say, 'Please rub my clit.  Please,

stick your finger all the way up my hot hole and move it in and out.' 

Say, 'Please finger fuck my pussy.'  Come on, say it for me.

     In almost a whisper, Claire repeated his words exactly.

     "That's good," he commented approvingly.  "Now tell me how much

you like it.  Tell me how much you like how it when I touch your pussy,

tell me how it good feels."

     Her voice quivered as she said, "I like it.  I like it a lot. 

Please don't stop touching me like that.  It feels so very good."

  "Good," he responded.  "Now kiss me."

     He moved his face to hers and they kissed long and hard, their

wet tongues entwining.

     "Your pussy feels so nice, I just have to see how it looks. 

You just sit right here on the couch and I'll kneel down on the floor

in front of you so I can get a better viewing angle."

     Tony moved to the floor in front of her and knelt between her

legs.  "Now open your legs...wider.  Open them as wide as you can."

     She spread her legs wide apart for him, opening herself up for

his inspection.  "O.K.  My, that is a pretty one.  Lean back so I

can see it more clearly, and slide your cute little ass forward so

that it's just hanging over the front edge of the couch.  That's

better.  It's such a beautiful little pussy.  I think I'll put my

face up real close to it so I can see it even better.  Nice, very

nice.  Can I touch it some more?"

     Claire silently nodded her head.  "Yes?  Good.  I'll just use

my fingertips to gently grasp your pussy lips and spread them open

so I can see up inside you, like this.  It looks nice and pink and

wet in there, and look how nice your clit stands up straight and tall

when I spread open your pussy lips a little further."

     She certainly did have a pretty twat.  The lips were very tight,

and it was a bright pink inside, contrasting nicely with her dark

pubic fur.  When he spread open her pussy lips, her clit stood up

straight.  It was bigger than most he had seen, maybe the biggest

ever.  It seemed to be nearly an inch long, and it looked almost like

a little cock.


     "I think I'll slip a finger in there and move it in and out a

bit like before.  Well, that went in nice and easy, and all the way,

too.  Maybe I'll try to put another finger in alongside the first. 

Mmm...that's a little tighter, but it seems to be working its way

in alright.  How does that feel, good?"

     "Mmm," she sighed.

     "I thought it would.  Now that I have two fingers all the way

up you, do you want me to try a third?  Don't worry, I'll be gentle. 

Come on, let me try it."

     Claire nodded her head, and Tony began trying to work a third

finger into her twat alongside the first two.  He moved his free hand

back up to her chest to massage her tits and occasionally pull and

tug on her extremely hard nipples.  "It's getting really tight now,

but I'm sure we can do it.  Just tilt up your hips a bit.  Lift your

legs up and spread them open a little wider."

     She lifted her legs as high as she could and spread them

obscenely.  "There it goes, working its way in.  It's almost in all

the way.  Good, we did it.  Now I'll just slide them in and out of

your hole in long, slow strokes like this.  Nice, eh?"

     The only thing he cold get out of her in the way of a response

was a series of breathless grunts.  "Somewhat unfeminine," he thought

amusedly.  "I wonder what her employees would think if they could

see their high class executive now.  I should have brought a video

camera.  Oh, well, maybe some other time."

     Claire was now humping her hips up at his hand.  "The way you're

moving your hips it seems like you want me to go deeper.  Do you? 

O.K., I'll try but I'm pushing them in all the way now, as far as

I can on the in-strokes."

     He pushed a bit more forcefully.  "There, I think we're getting

them to go in a little deeper now.  Still not enough?  You still want

more?  Well, let's just add something else to the mix, so to speak. 

How about if I kiss, lick and suck your pussy lips and clit while

I continue to work my three fingers in and out of your twat?"

     Tony leaned forward and planted a big, wet kiss right square

on her pussy lips.  Then he slipped his tongue between them and licked

her up and down in long, slow strokes.  Her juices were flowing

copiously, and they quickly coated his face with a sheen.

     After several minutes, he pulled his head back a few inches. 

"Do you like that?  Do you want more?"

     She nodded again.

     He replaced his lips on her clit with the thumb of the hand whose

fingers were fucking her hole.  Meanwhile, his lips and tongue wandered

further south, below her pussy hole, licking and sucking as they went.

     "'s nice down here too.  I'll bet your perenium is very

sensitive.  I think I'll lick it and find out."

     As soon as the tip of his tongue touched that tactile strip of

skin between her cunt and her asshole, she literally jumped with

pleasure.  "Yep, I was right, very responsive.  You really started

to twitch when I started to lick your perenium.  I think I'll do it

some more," and that's just what he did.

     After another minute or two, he let his tongue start to drift

back further, into the cleft of her ass.  When it reached her asshole,

he swirled it around the edges of that puckered orifice several times

in quick succession.  In response, Claire jumped and twitched even


     "I guess you like that too.  Let's see if you like this."  With

that, he stiffened his tongue, pointed it, and began pressing it into

her tight asshole.  At first he just used shallow pushes, but as her

rectal muscles loosened, he gradually pushed it in deeper and deeper,

until it was stabbing up her rectum as far as it could possibly reach. 

Claire twisted, writhed and humped her hips up at his face and hands

like she was having an attack of some sort.  She was going out of

control with lust.

     When Tony finally raised his head, he said, "Did you like that? 

I know it felt different, but did you like it?  It certainly seemed

like you did.  Tell me."

     "It was wonderful," Claire said breathlessly.  "Please do it

some more.  I think I need more of that."

     "Has anybody ever done that for you before?", he asked.

     "No, never," she responded through clenched teeth.  "Nobody has

ever even touched me back there.  Now do it some more, please."

     "What with my slamming three fingers in and out of your twat,

and rubbing your clit with my thumb, and tongue-fucking your asshole

all at the same time, it's no wonder it felt so good.  But now that

I've loosened up and lubricated your asshole with my tongue, I think

we'll go a little further."

     With that, he moved the hand that had been working over her

breasts down between her legs.  He placed the tip of his forefinger

at the entrance to her ass, and pressed gently but firmly inward. 

Again her rectal muscles resisted at first, but only momentarily,

and then Tony's finger popped inside her dark, nether hole.  He held

it still for a bit to let her get used to the novel intrusion, and

then began to slide it in and out.

     When he felt her begin to respond, he worked a second finger

in alongside it.  It was sure a tight fit, but before too long he

had both fingers stuffed up her asshole, and working their way in

and out.  He returned his mouth to her clit and began to suck her

there again as his three fingers continued to slip in and out of her


     She was totally out of control with lust now.  Her senses were

being bombarded with pleasure on all sides.  She was twisting around

so much that Tony was having a hard time maintaining contact with

the various parts of her body, not to mention keeping all his movements

coordinated.  Finger-fucking her cunt with one hand, and her ass with

the other, while he sucked on her clit, all at the same time, wasn't

easy, but Tony was good at this sex game, and was doing an admirable

job under the circumstances.

     "It won't be long now," he thought.  Almost immediately, her

whole body tensed in one, big spasm.  Her head and shoulders were

flung back and her hips arched forward, lifting her entire torso off

the couch.  Loud moans escaped her lips, followed immediately by an

unearthly scream of passion.  Claire's head twisted from side to side,

snapping back and forth uncontrollably as she continued to come with

tremendous force.  All Tony could do was hold on for the ride and

wait out the storm.  He had never seen anyone come so hard and so

long.  "That one must have been building up for a long time," he mused. 

It was such a hot scene that it almost made him shoot his load just

to witness it, but he strained and held it back.  He was saving that

for later.

     At last, he felt her body start to relax and collapse back down

onto the couch.  Other than an occasional twitch and the belabored

heaving of her chest, she lay absolutely still and silent for a long


     Finally, she opened her eyes, looked down at him, and spoke: 

"That was absolutely wonderful!  I've never felt that way before in

my entire life.  It was fantastic.  Thank you.  Now I really know

what my sister meant when she used to tell me how good you were in

bed.  You aren't good, you're great!  I thought I was going to die,

but I didn't care.  It would have been worth it."

     "Glad to be of service to a friend in need," he said, kiddingly.

     "I guess you need to be taken care of too," she added.  "After

what you just did for me, I'll do anything for you, anything at all. 

Just let me catch my breath.  I'm still kind of dizzy."

     "Anything at all?", he thought.  "Well, we'll soon see about

that.  It would be nice."  Tony sat down on the couch, had a well

deserved slug of his drink, and waited for Claire to recover.

As he waited, he spoke to her.  "Of course I'll wait.  I'm certainly

not going anywhere soon.  I feel like I have a pogo stick growing

in my pants.  You really did come like gangbusters!  I was worried

you were going to blow the top of your head off with that one.  The

way you were moaning and groaning, I wouldn't be surprised if the

cops show up in a few minutes looking for a murder victim.  That was

a really intense experience.  I know, you're still dizzy and

disoriented.  Just lie there for a few minutes while you catch your

breath.  You'll recover.  Very few people actually die from acute

sexual pleasure."

     After about five or ten minutes, she sat up and turned to him. 

She still looked a bit woozy, so he spoke first.  "Feel better now?"

     "I think so."

     "Good.  I'll just sit next to you for a little while longer and

gently stroke your big, beautiful breasts and soft, flat belly while

you come down.  I guess I was right about your sexual potential with

the right man."

     He moved closer to her and started rubbing her huge breasts. 

In a short time, her nipples began to stiffen again.

     "Well, it looks like you're recovering nicely.  I think I'll

suck on those mondo nipples of yours for a while as I gently rub your

pretty pussy."

     Just before he crammed his mouth full of tit, he added, "I've

been dreaming about us getting together like this for years, and now

that it's finally happened we're going to make the most of it.  We

still have lots of time to make up for and lots more 'things' to do

to each other before this little encounter is over."

     A bit later, Tony suggested that they might be a bit more

comfortable in the bedroom.  Claire agreed.  They rose from the couch

and walked into her bedroom with an arm around each other.  When they

arrived he told her to lie down on the bed on her back.  She readily

complied and, as she did, he put a pillow under her head.  "That's

to tilt your head up at the right angle for what I want to do to you

next," he explained.

     He stood next to the bed and undressed.  She watched him closely

the whole time, especially when he got down to his underpants.  Knowing

that she was waiting for that, he had purposely left those for last. 

He paused for a second and then pulled them down and off, freeing

his semi-erect cock.  When it was fully erect, and it was, it measured

a little over eight inches.  Although it was on the slim side, it

had a prominent ridge around the lower edge of the head and somewhat

pronounced veins running down the sides.  The ridge and veins seemed

to impart more friction to his partner when he was screwing them,

thereby increasing their pleasure, and the slim diameter made it better

suited for ass fucking,  an activity which he wished more women would

be willing to participate in. 

     Claire smiled.  "I guess my sister wasn't lying about that either. 

It's beautiful."

     "Thanks," Tony replied.  "It serves its purpose pretty well,

and I've grown rather attached to it over the years.  Now let's see

what interesting uses we can put it to."  He climbed onto the bed

and straddled her chest.

     "What do you want me to do?", she inquired.

     "Well, for now, I just want you to lie there looking

straight at me with your head tilted up like that.  I'll do the rest." 

He grasped his prick and began to rub it on her nipples and all over

her face, especially on her luscious lips.

     "Mmm, that feels good," he remarked, continuing to rub his cock

around on her face until it had reached it started to throb.

     "Open your mouth and let me slip it inside."  Claire parted her

lips and he popped his meat into her warm, toothed cavity.

     "Mmm, that's nice.  I think I'll fuck your face for a while. 

Wrap your lips tightly around the shaft of my cock and suck me.  Mmm,

that feels really great."

     As Claire enthusiastically sucked on Tony's dick, he thrust it

in and out of her mouth.  Deeper and deeper it went, until the head

was bumping against the back of her throat with each stroke.

     A couple of minutes of this was all he could take.  "Hold it,"

he said, interrupting her slurping by pulling his meat out of her

mouth and moving back several inches.  "I don't really want to stop

you, but if I don't I'll come too soon, and there's something I just

have to do first.  I'll just lay my cock in here between your big,

heavy tits like this.  Now use your hands to press them together

against the shaft of my cock, making a warm, soft valley."

     He began to stroke his dick back and forth in the canyon between

her mountainous mammaries, fucking her tits while he tweaked her

swollen nipples with his fingertips.

     After a while, he slid forward more towards her face and continued

humping.  At the end of each stroke, the tip of his cock was now

bumping against her lips.  She got the hint and opened her mouth. 

Now, at the high end of each stroke, the head of his pulsating prick

pressed between her moist lips.  Each time it did, she sucked hard

and swirled her tongue around the ridge at the base if its head. 

Every time she did that, she elicited a long, low  moan from Tony. 

The speed of his strokes began to increase.

     "Yes, that's the idea.  You can't believe how super this feels. 

Let me take over squeezing your tits together.  I have something better

for your hands to do.  Stick the fingers of your left hand in my mouth

so I can get them good and slippery with my saliva.  Then put your

both hands around behind me."

     When she had her hands in this position, he continued.  "Now

squeeze my ass cheeks with your right hand, and rub my asshole with

the forefinger of your left."

     An electric jolt of pleasure shot through him as she did, causing

him to jump and momentarily lose his rhythm, but he recovered nicely.

     "Good.  Now start pumping your forefinger into my asshole bit

by bit.  Do it in time with my cock strokes.  That's the ticket, you've

got it.  Keep pressing it in a little deeper with each stroke."

     In a short time, she was pushing the full length of her finger

up his ass.  At the other end of the action, she kept sucking on the

head of his boner while he fucked her tits.

     "God, that feels really super.  Do it faster and harder, suck

harder too.  I'm going to come any second now!  I'm going to blow

my nuts down your throat.  When I start to come, swallow my load. 

Make sure you keep sucking the come out of me until you're sure there's

no more left.

     "Oh, shit!  Here it comes!  Suck me!  Ungh...suck harder!  Keep

swallowing and sucking!"

     Tony blew a long series of come shots into Claire's sucking mouth,

and she gulped them down as fast as she could.  When they subsided,

he pulled his softening cock out of her mouth, leaned forward, and

gave her a long, sensuous tongue kiss.

     When he broke off the kiss, he spoke.  "Wow!  That was really

great!  Your mouth tastes like me and I bet mine tastes like you. 

With all the protein I shot down your throat you probably blew your

diet for the day.  I guess you'll have to skip your next meal to make

up for it."

     He slid off her and lay on his back, gasping for air as he


     "Do you want to know something?", she asked in a small voice.

     "Sure, tell me."

     "That's not the first time I ever had a penis in my mouth, but

it is the first time I ever swallowed a man's come.  It was a little

salty, but I liked it.  I liked the taste, and I liked the warm and

creamy sensation of it sliding down my throat.  I even came when you

started to shoot, not as big a climax as before, obviously, but still,

I did come."

     "I thought you had, and I didn't think you were a complete novice

at cock sucking either.  You were too good at it for that.  I have

an idea.  While I catch my breath, why don't you slide down, suck

my cock some more, and gently play with my balls to help me get ready

for the next round?  Do it gently, though, I'm still a bit sensitive."

     Claire moved her head below his waist.  She began caressing his

balls and giving his now shrunken cock the benefits of her talented

tongue and lips.  After a couple of minutes, his sleeping snake began

to slowly respond, gradually increasing in size and giving an

occasional twitch.

     "Vary what you are doing down there.  Lick my balls for a while,

then take them in your mouth and gently suck on them, then put my

prick in your mouth and suck on it for a while as you play with my

balls, perenium and asshole.  Mmm, that's really nice.  Keep varying

your motions.  Good."

     As she worked on him, his dick continued its return journey to

its former size.

     "Keep up the good work.  Shift yourself around so I can play

with your pussy and asshole while you do me.  Kneel over me with your

crotch directly over my face."

     When she had placed herself in the classic "69" position, he

started to lick the full length of her crotch crack, from clitoris

to asshole.  Her love juice overflowed from her hole like a fountain,

and he hungrily lapped up that sweet nectar as fast as he could. 

Bringing his hands into play as well, he wet them in her personal

elixir and then slipped a finger up her ass and diddled her clit with


     In a short time, they were both as hot as a summer's day in

Phoenix.  "O.K.," he interrupted.  "We'd better stop before we come. 

There's still a couple of more places I'd like to stick my dick before

we're finished."

     "What do I mean by a couple of more places?" she asked.

     "You'll see.  Just trust me.  I haven't led you wrong up to this

point, have I?"

     "No, not so far."

     "Then stop asking silly questions and just place yourself in

my expert hands.  Someone has to be in control in a relationship,

and in this relationship, it's me.  Do what I say and I'll take care

of you.  I wouldn't steer you wrong, would I?"

     "No, I don't think so.  O.K., you're in charge.  It'll be kind

of nice to let someone else make all the decisions for a change. 

At work I always have so much pressure on me in that regard.  It seems

like all the decisions and responsibility rest on my shoulders.  What

do you want me to do?"

     "Well, when you're with me, I'll take all the responsibility

and make all the decisions.  Your shoulders have a big enough job

just holding up those two sweater balloons you carry around.  Now

roll over onto your back."

     Claire obediently tumbled off him and lay flat on the bed.  "Now

bend your legs at the knee," he directed, "and lift them as high as

you can.  Try to touch the outside of your shoulders with them.  Put

your hands behind your knees if you have to, and spread them apart

as wide as possible."

     Tony knelt up on the bed between her raised and splayed legs. 

In that position, and from his angle, Claire looked totally obscene,

like something out of a hardcore porno magazine.  He thought she looked

great.  Spread open and utterly vulnerable, it turned him on to see

her like that.

     He took a firm grip on the base of his stiff cock and rubbed

the head up and down between her pussy lips and over her clit.  Every

so often he popped the head into her cunt hole and gave it a few

strokes.  After repeating the procedure several times, Claire began

to moan softly and move her hips.  "Do you like that?  I thought you


     He laid the shaft down flat between her pussy lips and stroked

it back and forth, rubbing her entire crotch, from clit to asshole,

simultaneously.  Tony kept varying his movements like that, mixing

them up so she won't know which kind of stimulation is coming next.

     "Well, Claire, it looks like this is really getting to you. 

You look like you're getting ready to come again.  You are going to

come again, aren't you?"

     She nodded.  Her eyes were closed and she was definitely getting

there soon.

     "I thought so.  I think if I just make these strokes a little

harder... and a little deeper... it will push you over the top.  Come

on, blow your cookies for me.  Let me see you come.  Go for it... 

Come on, come for me.  You're almost there, I can tell.  Come on,

that's it!"

     The dam of sexual tension in her gut burst, and the copious

floodwaters of pleasure rushed out.  She actually thought she felt

the room start to spin, while behind her eyelids, electrical sparks

of bliss flashed brilliantly.  Tony held still, maintaining the contact

between his dick and her crotch until she was finished coming.  He

hadn't come himself, but he 

was intentionally saving that for later.

     Tony moved away from her.  As he did, her legs fell flat onto

the bed, but were remained splayed apart.  "That was nice, wasn't

it?", he asked rhetorically."

     He took her hand in his and placed it on her sodden crotch. 

"I have to get up for a minute, but I'll be right back," he said as

he arose from the bed.  "I want you to play with yourself while you

wait for me."

     "Where are you going?," she asked groggily.

     "There you go with all those silly questions again.  I have to

go and look for something, but as soon as I find it, I'll be right

back.  Just lie there and play with your pussy to keep it ready for

me and I'll be back in a minute or two."

     He walked directly to her nightstand and opened the top drawer. 

"Aha," he exclaimed.  "There thy are, right where I thought they'd


     Claire turned her head towards him to see what he was talking

about and saw him reach into the drawer and pull out a latex dildo

and a tube of lubricant.  She blushed.  Her little secret had been


     The dildo was one of those battery powered ones with a built

in vibrator.  It was about six inches long and shaped like a real

cock.  It was somewhat slimmer than his own cock.  Tony walked back

to the bed carrying it and the lubricant.

     "I knew that a highly sexed, divorced woman such as yourself

had to have one of these lying around.  I just looked in the most

logical place for you to keep it, and there it was!"  He turned the

dildo on to check the batteries and it sprang to life.  He turned

it off, set it and the tube of lubricant down on the mattress and

climbed back onto the bed.

     "What are you going to do with that?," she asked.  "I don't need

it right now, I've got you."

     "Let me be the judge of that.  We'll put it to good use a little

later, I promise.  It will be a surprise.  I'm glad you followed my

instructions and kept playing with your pussy while I was gone.  You

look so hot lying there with your fingers in your twat.  O.K., it's

time to go to work again.  Roll over onto your belly."

     Claire took her hand out of her crotch and did as he asked.

     "Now keep your head down and kneel up with your knees about

shoulder width apart, raising your ass in the air... That's it, good." 

Tony knelt up right behind her.

     "Let me see, is your pussy still good and wet?"  He felt her

twat with the fingers of one hand.  "Yes, it sure is!  It's nice and

wet, and open, just like I want it."

     He rubbed the head of his dick up and down in her crack several

times, and then started feeding it into her honeypot, a bit at a time. 

Deeper and deeper it went, until it was all the way in.  Then he

started fucking her with long slow strokes, enjoying every nuance

of feeling he was receiving from her tight twat.

     "Use the fingers of your left hand to play with your clit while

I'm fucking you," he instructed.  Let me spread the cheeks of your

ass apart, like this, so I can watch my cock sliding in and out of

your pussy.  That looks so nice.  Your cute, puckered rosebud of an

asshole looks nice too, and so inviting.  I think I'll touch it."

     He rubbed a fingertip all around the edges of her butt hole,

causing her to wiggle her hips sensuously.  "It seems a little dry,

so I'll just take some of this lubricant I brought with me... squeeze

a big gob of it on my fingers... and rub it all over the outer rim

of your asshole.

     "Now I'll push some inside with one of my fingers.  Well, that

went in nice and easy... I think I'll try two fingers.  I'll just

work them in gently like this and... there, both are all the way in. 

Now I'll just continue to fuck your twat with my prick while I finger

fuck your asshole.  You keep working on your clit."

     He worked her over like that for several minutes.  Her tight,

back passage gradually loosened until the full length of his two

fingers were sliding out of it more easily.  It was still very tight,

but he decided it was time to go on to the next step.

     "Well, it's time for you to get the surprise I told you about

before," he said.  Removing his fingers from her as, he picked up

the dildo, lubricated it, turned it on, and began rubbing the outside

of her asshole with it in slow little

circles.  She moaned at the sensation and wiggled her ass.

     "You really like that, don't you.  I can tell by the way you're

twitching and squirming around.  My, your asshole seems to be relaxing

and loosening up nicely.  Let's see how much of this thing we can

get stuffed in there.  I'll just work it in slowly, a little at a


     He kept pressing the dildo inward while he fucked her pussy until

it was completely buried in her butt.  Tony could feel its vibrations

on his shaft through the thin membrane separating her two holes.

     "There, it's in all the way.  How does it feel to get fucked

in both holes at once?  Do you like it?  Another first I


     Breathing more rapidly now, she managed to get out a barely

intelligible "Yes," wrapped by a long moan.

     "I like it a lot too.  I can feel the vibrations of the dildo

against my cock in your other hole," he said.  Within a minute or

so, he was sure he couldn't take much more of these sensations without

blasting his load, and there was still one place he wanted to go that

he hadn't yet been to.  "Just let me slip my cock out of your pussy

for a second.  Don't worry, you'll get it back soon."

     In what seemed like one, swift motion, Tony pulled his throbbing

rod out of her cunt and the dildo out of her asshole.  Then he quickly

stuck the dildo into her pussy, smeared a huge gob of the lubricant

on his own prick, and placed its head against the entrance to her

ass.  He pressed his hips forward.  Her rectal muscles resisted the

larger intruder, but not for long.  Within a few seconds, his

persistent pressure won out, and the head of his dick popped inside

her back door.  They both moaned, Claire from a combination of pleasure

and pain and Tony from the pure pleasure with which the tightness

of her hot back passage gripped his cock head.

     For a brief second or two she tried to pull away from him to

escape from his rude invasion of her bowels, but he held her fast,

knowing that in little while, her rectal muscles would loosen up and

become accustomed to the intruder, and then she would begin to enjoy

it.  Once the head was in, as they say, the rest was easy.  While

he waited, he held perfectly still, not wanting to cause her any

unnecessary discomfort.

     Sure enough, as the seconds ticked by, he felt her bum hole begin

to stretch and relax.  When it had slackened sufficiently, he began

to move his cock in and out of her butt.  He used very slow, short

strokes at first, to accustom her to the new feelings she was receiving

and allow her sphincter muscles to loosen further.

     Finally, it was in all the way to the balls.  "It feels so warm

and tight in there," he moaned.

     He began to alternate his strokes, his cock into her ass, and

the dildo out of her twat, the dildo in, and his cock out.  Gradually,

he got the rhythm and increased his speed.  He was breathing hard

and fast now, but no harder or faster than she was.  It was obvious

that Claire had gotten over her initial reluctance was now as turned

on by this double pronged intrusion as he was.  She grunted and moaned

with each penetrating stroke, and her body writhed beneath him.  They

were both getting close to the edge.

     He somehow managed to speak to her between the short, fast breaths

he was taking.  "I don't know if... you can hear me... the way you're

moaning... and thrashing about,... but this feels... really great! 

I don't even... have to ask you... how it feels... to you.

     "Are you getting... ready to come again?...  I'll take that

grunt... for a yes.  Me too... and soon.  I can feel... the pressure...

building up... in my balls.  I think... we're going to come...

together!  When we do,... I'm going... to shove... this dildo... into

your... twat... and my dick... up your ass... at the... same...

time,... as far... as I... can.

     "Mmm...mmm...!  Oh, shit!  Here it comes!  Oh shit!  Wow! 


     Tony blasted spurt after powerful spurt of hot come deep into

her bowels.  The first shot triggered Claire's orgasm, and she began

to come as well.  She arched her ass up to allow his cock to penetrate

her more deeply, and he pushed forward to accommodate her as best

he could.  Half way through their explosive event, they lost their

balance.  She fell forward onto her stomach and he fell on top of

her, but he managed to keep his spitting dick buried deeply in her


     As their climaxes subsided, he was surprised to hear her chuckle

softly to herself.  "What's so damn funny?," he asked.  "That's the

first time I ever made a woman laugh by poking her up the ass.  What


     "I wasn't laughing at you," she said, still chuckling.  I was

just thinking that there went the last vestige of my virginity that

I'd managed to hold on to all these years."

     "Well, I guess that's a feather in my hat.  It's been quite some

time since I busted a cherry."  He joined her in laughter and went

on.  "But the important part is, did you like it?  Did it feel good

to you?  That's what counts."

     "Yes,", she responded.  "It was great.  It did hurt a little

at first, but when I got used to having something that big up there,

and let myself relax, I really got into it.  I think I'd like to try

it again some time."

     "That's good.  I'm glad I was able to help you enjoy yourself. 

Damn, though!  That was one hell of a climax!  I'm sorry I collapsed

on top of you like that, but I felt like I was shooting my guts into

you, and your asshole was clamped down on my dick so hard it almost

hurt, but it was a good hurt, pleasurable, very.  I think I almost

passed out.  As a matter of fact, I think you did pass out for a few

seconds.  Let's just lie here for a minute or so while my cock softens

and we get some air in our lungs."

     They lay together without moving for several long minutes.  He

could feel his cock shrinking and slowly slipping out of her ass. 

It continued to do so until only the head was still inside, held there

by the pressure of her sphincter muscle.

     "Tony?" she murmured. 


     "Could you please get off me.  You're getting kind of


     "Sure," he answered.  He slipped his cock the rest of the way

out of her ass and rolled over onto his back on the mattress.  "Sorry

about that.  Sometimes, when I'm totally relaxed, like I am now, I

get to be dead weight."

     "I know," she said.  "My sister used to tell me about that too. 

I didn't totally believe her.  I didn't understand how someone who

always looked so slim and trim could feel like he weighed 300 pounds,

but I believe her now."

     They both had a good laugh over that.  When their laughter ceased,

they rested.  Then Tony spoke:  "Well, now that we've had time to

recuperate, how did you like our little adventure?"

     "Well, in a nut shell, it was the best sex I ever had," she said

earnestly, "but..."  Her voice trailed off, leaving the rest of her

sentence unfinished.

     "It was damn near the best I've ever had, too," he remarked. 

"But what did you mean by that 'but'?"

     "I guess I'm starting to feel a little guilty about what we did,"

she said in a low voice.  "I'm not sure if we were right to do this. 

You are my brother-in-law, and I am supposed to be getting married

to Bill in less than three months.  Although he and I haven't exactly

been celibate, we've never done anything like what you and I did today. 

I do love him, but I'm not even sure I'd ever want to do the things

with him that we did.  And what if he finds out?  It will be all over

between us, and I don't want that to happen."

     Tony knew that they were at a turning point.  If he ever wanted

to get into Claire's pants again, and he certainly did, he had to

try to convince her that there was nothing wrong with what happened

between them.  If he succeeded, he was sure he could expand their

sexual relationship even further, if he didn't, that would certainly

be the end of it.

     He took a few seconds to compose his thoughts, and then spoke

in his most earnest voice.  "Now don't you go starting to feel

remorseful about what we did.  Anything that felt that good couldn't

be bad, not in the least.

     "Yes, he probably would feel hurt if he knew about it, and he'd

probably break off your engagement.  But just who is going to tell

him?  I'm certainly not, and if you don't either, there's no way he

can ever know about it.  What he doesn't know won't hurt him.  It's

something strictly between us, and none of his or anybody else's

business as far as I'm concerned."

     "Well, maybe you're right, but I don't think we should let

something like this ever happen again."

     "Just hold it right there.  Why in the world shouldn't we do

it again?  The way we interacted just now makes it clear to me that

our bodies were just made for each other.  There's a extraordinary

physical synergy between us that we'd be stupid to try and ignore. 

It's been simmering beneath the surface for years.  All that happened

today was that it finally broke out into the light.  What wouldn't

be right is for us to make believe it didn't exist.

     "We obviously have a very special kind of relationship that was

meant to be.  It has nothing to do with your relationship with Bill. 

It's on a different plane, all by itself."

     She interrupted:  "I don't see how it isn't related.  How can

I do something like this with you and not have it effect my

relationship with him?  How can I even let this happen one time, let

alone say we'll do it again, and still say that I love Bill?  It

doesn't make sense to me."

     "I'll tell you how.  There are different kinds of love in this

world.  Do you know how you can love a brother or sister with all

your heart and still fall in love in a romantic sense?  That doesn't

affect your relationship with your sibling, does it?  Of course not. 

Well, we really have a similar kind of thing here.  You love Bill

in a romantic sense, but our relationship is a different kind of love. 

It's more on a physical plane, but not totally.  

     "There's some kind of affinity between our souls that caused

this to happen, and made it so singularly good for both of us.  I'm

not sure I totally understand it either.  All I know is, I'm positive

it was meant to happen, and we'd be wrong to try and ignore that fact.

     "I also know by the way you reacted today, that you need someone

to take control of part of your life, to help you release the tension

that builds up from your job and other responsibilities.  You need

to just let yourself go and temporarily place all the decision making

responsibility in someone else's hands.  The problem is, however,

that it needs to be someone you trust implicitly, because to make

something like that work, once you turn over that control, it has

to be without restriction and you can't take it back.

     "I have nothing against Bill, but he's just not that kind of

guy.  It's obvious that when you and he are together, you're the one

in control, and you both seem to want to keep it that way.  I, on

the other hand, am perfectly willing and capable of playing the

dominant role in a relationship with you.  I think I proved that here

today.  Also, I think you know that you can have absolute trust in


     Tony paused and looked at Claire, waiting for a comment or an

objection.  None came.  She was completely silent.  He needed some

kind of sign from her to know how to proceed further.

     "I guess you're thinking about everything I said.  Well, that's

good, but I need a decision from you.  Are you willing to continue

our relationship indefinitely under the conditions I've described?"

     Her silence continued, so he took one more shot.  "If you agree,

you don't have to say anything, just put your hand in mine.  If you

do that, I'll know you agree.  If you don't, I'll know that what

happened between us here today was a very enjoyable, one time

happening, and that will be the end of it."

     He looked away from her, held his hand out, and waited.  Claire

didn't move or say anything for about thirty seconds, but to Tony,

it seemed like a lot longer.  Finally, he felt the bed stir as she

began to move.  He wasn't sure if it was to take his hand, or to get

up and leave the room.  Each second seemed to take an eternity to

tick by.  All of a sudden, he felt her soft hand touch his palm. 

He breathed a sigh of relief and squeezed her hand tightly.  Then

he turned to face her, and kissed her long and lovingly on the lips.

     When the kiss broke, he said, "Good.  Then it's decided.  Now

here's what we're going to do.  From this moment on, we're going to

continue to see and fuck each other, even after you get married again,. 

If you think about it, you'll see that the main difference between

what happened here and any relationship you've ever had in the past

is that I completely took the lead and you willingly followed.  You

put yourself totally and completely in my hands, trusting me and,

in effect, voluntarily surrendering yourself totally to my direction

and control.  In turn, I willingly accepted the lead and confidently

guided you with an expertise and self-confidence that few people have. 

In that way we were perfect together.  Do you agree?"

     "Yes, I agree," she answered.

     "Then I want you to agree right now, that from now on, as far

as anything sexual or sexually related is concerned, you will fully

and totally submit yourself to my direction.  That you'll do anything

sexual or sexually related I ask, without question or reservation

of any type, any time and any place that I ask.  I want you to agree

to this right now, and swear an oath to that effect."

     "But what if," Claire started to say.

     Tony interrupted her.  "No, stop right there.  There can't be

any conditions to this relationship.  It's all or nothing.  You just

have to trust me.  Put yourself completely in my hands, and trust

that I will never do anything to really hurt you.  Swear this now

or forget about it forever.  It's up to you.  Well?"

     There was a brief pause, and then she answered in a hushed voice: 

"O.K., I swear it."

     "Good.  Then it's done.  I accept your oath.  Now go take a shower

and clean yourself up.  When you get back I'll have your first task

for you, a test of your loyalty.  We'll have several of these before

I'm convinced you really meant your oath and intend to live up to

it.  If you fail even one of them, it will all be over, and there's

no going back.  Do you understand?"

     "Yes, I understand."

     "Good.  Now go do what I told you to, and don't be too long."

     Claire rose from the bed and went directly into the bathroom. 

Tony heard the shower start.  As he lay there and waited for her,

he thought about how he would handle it from here on in.  About ten

minutes later, Claire returned and stood silently at the foot of the

bed.  Tony made her wait there for a minute or two before acknowledging

her presence.  He knew little things like that counted a lot in a

training process such as this, and he was going to need every

psychological advantage he could get if his efforts were going to

be successful.

     "Back already?  Did you clean yourself up well?  Let me check. 

Turn around, bend over and spread your ass cheeks with your hands

so I can inspect you."

     Claire silently did as he instructed.  Tony looked over the area

of her crotch closely, but didn't touch her.  "Good, nice and squeaky

clean.  Now hold that position.  I'll just take this dildo that's

the same size as my cock, lubricate it, turn it on low, and slip it

all the way into your twat this.  There.  Now stand up

and put on your panties."

     Again, Claire complied quickly and silently.  When she had her

panties on, Tony continued.  "You will keep that fake cock in you

until I give you permission to remove it.  There are only two

circumstances under which you can take it out.  One, is if you have

to go to the bathroom or wash up.  When that happens, you'll take

it out at the last minute, do what you have to do, and then put it

right back in.  The other is if the batteries run down.  If that

happens, you'll take it out, replace the batteries, and then put it

right back inside you.  And you'd better keep a couple of spare pairs

of batteries with you wherever you go, just in case.  Is that clear?"

     "Yes, I understand," she answered.


     "How long should I keep it in me?", she asked.

     "Until I tell you to remove it," he responded quickly.  "That's

all you have to know."

     "What about when I go out with Bill?"

     "You're asking too many questions.  Remember what I said about

that.  I thought I had made myself clear, but since you're just getting

started in this kind of a relationship, I'll explain.  Keep the dildo

inside you until I specifically tell you to remove it.  I will advise

you that, if you see your fiance before that happens, you'd probably

be better off making up some kind of excuse to put off having sex

with him or even letting him touch you below the waist until this

test is over.  It'll probably be a lot easier than trying to explain

why your hole is stuffed full of rubber cock."

     "O.K.," she agreed.

     "Now I have to go.  I have things to do at my house.  Don't worry,

everything will work out fine."

     He got up and dressed quickly.  Then he kissed her tenderly

goodbye and left.


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