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Archive-name: Control/afan-04.txt

Archive-author: Joe Anthony

Archive-title: My Wife Goes on Exhibition at the Mall

     My wife and I like to keep our sex life varied.  We think it

keeps our marriage hot, exciting and alive.  One of the things we

like to do from time to time is show her body off to other men. 

I'm not totally sure why, but it seems to reinforce our knowledge

that she is still attractive to others, and I know it turns us both

on.  We like to think of it as a great form of foreplay.  We also

like to think that it's our little way of making the world a

happier place, because it also gives pleasure to others.

     Once she even got a temporary job as a topless Go-Go dancer in

a little, out of the way bar in a town about sixty miles away where

we were sure she wouldn't be seen by anyone we know.  The place was

pretty loosely run, in that the local management allowed the

patrons a great deal of leeway in stuffing their one dollar tips

well down the front of the dancers' G-strings and grabbing a quick

feel of their tits while they were at it.  She only worked there

for a week, and I used to sit right there at the bar during all her

sets, closely watching her reactions and those of the male patrons. 

It really got me hot to see them touch her like that, and she told

me it used to get her turned on as well, but that's another story.

     Arlene is a petite little woman, with long, naturally auburn

hair and a picture perfect 36B-24-35 body that she's kept in

perfect condition over the years.  As a matter of fact, I think her

body looks better now that it did when we were first married.  She

keeps it in shape by carefully watching what she eats and exercis-

ing strenuously, both vertically and horizontally.  When she's in

the right mood, which comes pretty often, she has an almost

insatiable appetite for sex and anything related to sex.  I'd like

to tell you about what happened one of those times.

     It happened about a month or so ago.  Arlene put on makeup and

fixed her hair, wearing it down, like I prefer it.  Then she donned

a button front blouse, a short skirt, high heels, a garter belt and

stockings.  She wore nothing else, no underwear whatsoever.  She

left the top few buttons of her blouse open to enable her to show

a bit of cleavage.

     We got in the car and drove to a shopping mall somewhat out of

our immediate area.  We chose Livingston Mall because it is a mid-

sized, two level mall, that isn't usually very crowded.  When we

first arrived, we walked around the mall together, window shopping

as well as going into several stores, just getting comfortable with

the surroundings until we were ready to start our little game.

     Then we took the escalator up to the second level several

times, sometimes with me 8 or 10 steps behind her so I could look

up her dress as she rose in front of me, sometimes together so

someone else might get a peek.  One time, I went up a minute or so

before her and waited near the top from where I could inconspicu-

ously observe her while she came up, as well as watch anyone who

might be behind her to observe their reactions.  Of course, we timed

as many of our trips up the escalator as possible to try to get on

several steps in front of male shoppers.

     As we walked around, her outfit caught the attention of most

of the men who happened to be in the area.  A number of times, when

she headed for the escalator, some of them followed her up a few steps

behind her or stood near the bottom of it and watched her as she went

up, trying to get a better view up her dress or skirt.

     As she went up the escalator, she would put one foot up on the

next step, spread about a foot or so out to the side from the foot

on the lower step.  This was her little way of improving the potential

quality of the view provided to anyone who might be behind her or

looking up.  Of course, she didn't turn around while she was on the

escalator, since this might have scared off any possible observers,

or at least embarrass them and prevent them from looking further. 

We also tried some discrete exhibitionism with her coming down the

escalator, but this didn't seem to work out as well.

      At the end of one such trip up, while I stayed at the bottom

watching her, she stood on the second level of the mall near the

escalator, close to the railing surrounding it.  She put one foot

up on the bottom rung of the railing and spread out about a twelve

inches or so to the side.  I'm sure the three or four guys coming

up the escalator towards her got a really great view while she was

holding this pose as if she was resting and casually looking around.

     I particularly remember one very elderly gentleman who rode up

during that time.  He was with what appeared to be his wife, just

passively following her around the mall with a patience born of years

of passive boredom.  As I observed her from the first level, I noticed

him lift his head and turn it in her direction.  You could tell exactly

when his old eyes focused on Arlene's bare bush.  His mouth fell open

so wide I thought he was going to lose his false teeth!  He couldn't

take his eyes off her.  He was so flustered, that when he and his

wife got to the top, he tripped and nearly fell.  I'm glad he didn't

have a heart attack.  It was funny to watch his wife scold him to

look where he was going as they walked away.  He kept nodding to her

and simultaneously looking back over his shoulder at Arlene standing

at the railing.  I have a feeling that when the old couple got home,

he managed to get it up and boff her good for the first time in years. 

She probably wondered where he got his inspiration.  So much for our

good deed for the day.

     Later on, she sat down one of the benches scattered around the

mall, and I took up a position a little ways away, from which I could

watch her.  I was nearby enough to both watch her and to extract her

in case anyone decided to try to make a move on her.  

     She sat so her dress rode up somewhat, displaying an enticing

bit of thigh.  Occasionally she bent forward, ostensibly to adjust

a stocking or shoe or to look in the shopping bag she had on the floor

next to her, making the hem of her dress ride up even higher, almost

to her crotch, and bringing her cleavage down to a better viewing


     From time to time, she cross her legs, sometimes with her thighs

close together and sometimes with them spread varying degrees apart

for a little while, and even just let her thighs relax and her knees

spread open for several seconds.  We had carefully chosen our seat

so her display would not be conspicuously blatant to all those passing

by or in the area, but only to those who are strategically located

at exactly the right angle to enable them to look up her dress or

down her cleavage.

     Of course, she timed her little displays to coincide with the

presence of males in the area and at the proper angle to observe and

appreciate the show, while at the same time looking away from these

potential targets so they would feel free to look at her.  She was

a great little actress, performing all these things in a seemingly

unconscious manner, as if she was completely oblivious to the fact

that by her actions she was exposing herself.

     After I had observed her display herself in this manner for a

while, I was getting so turned on that I just couldn't stay away from

her any more.  I walked over to her and sat down close to her side. 

As we sat there, we talked about who had looked at her, how much I

thought they could see, and what their reactions were.  This seemed

to get us both even more turned on.  I occasionally kissed her, put

an arm around her, and rested a hand at the middle of her thigh or

on her hip briefly.  It appeared that this helped to initially attract

the attention of even more target male shoppers.

     When we tired of this part of our game, Arlene told me she was

getting a little hungry.  Personally, I was much more horny than

hungry, but her request gave me an idea.  I knew that the mall had

a relatively nice little restaurant which was often frequented by

businessmen.  It was well lighted and didn't use tablecloths, two

factors which were essential to my plan.

     We headed for the restaurant and got a small table towards the

rear of the dining area.  We sat down opposite each other, and I made

sure she sat on the side of the table that was facing in the direction

of several other tables, at one of which was seated a small group

of businessmen.  When she first sat down, she let her skirt ride up

well above mid-thigh and casually crossed her legs.

     The waiter came over, gave us menus and then left us alone. 

After we had a chance to look over the menus for a bit, he came back

to take our orders.  I couldn't help but notice that, as he waited

for us to order, he seemed to be standing up very straight, and kept

glancing over at Arlene.  Then I realized what he was doing, he was

looking down the partly open front of her blouse!  I chuckled to

myself.  I hadn't even planned that part.

     When the waiter left to get our food, she and I told her about

his actions and we both had a good laugh.  Then we began to talk

together in a somewhat animated manner, just enough so as to attract

the attention of nearby diners.  While we did, she kept an eye on

the businessman who was seated facing our table.  Since people usually

look around at the people sitting at other tables around them in a

situation like this anyway, we knew it would only be a matter of time

before he happened to look in her direction.

     It didn't take long before he did, and at that time, she made

sure to move her legs around a bit so they caught his attention. 

She watched him look at her legs out of the corner of her eye, and

kept me updated by describing his reactions to me.

     Once he noticed her shapely legs, and the fact that her skirt

was well more than halfway up her thighs, he kept looking back over

at them.  After he had glanced over a few times, she uncrossed her

legs and let her knees fall apart slightly.  She also turned her body

somewhat toward him, thus allowing him to look up her dress a bit

the next time he glanced over.

     All the while this was going on, we were careful to give the

appearance that we were carrying on a conversation unrelated to the

businessman, and paying attention only to each other.  Once we had

him hooked, we didn't want to scare him off by letting him know that

we knew he was watching.

     Then she hooked the heel of one shoe over the rung at the front

of her chair.  This succeeded in raising her leg up and allowed him

to see even further up her dress.  She added a nice touch by casually

letting her hand drop to her thigh and subtly stroke the inside of

it just below her knee for several seconds, as if doing it


     After several minutes, when she was sure he was looking again,

she slid forward on her chair and slowly let her raised knee fall

outward, acting as if she was so engrossed in her conversation with

me that she was unaware that she was doing so.  This really opened

up the view that he had up her dress.  Now we were both sure he could

see all the way up her dress, right to her pussy.  I'm positive it

didn't take him long to realize that she wasn't wearing any panties,

and that he was looking directly at her naked, closely cropped cunt.

     Arlene told me that, by this point, he was obviously having quite

a bit of trouble paying attention to his meal and what was going on

at his own table.  He even dropped his fork a couple of times, but

I'm not sure whether it was because he was nervous, or if he did it

intentionally to improve his viewing angle up her dress, not that

it needed much improving.

     I thought he might even tell the other men at his table about

the delightful sight before him, causing them to try and inconspic-

uously look around and see it also, but apparently he didn't, deciding

to keep it all to himself, because the others just appeared to keep

talking about some inane, boring business matter.

     She held this general position all through our meal, opening

her legs a little more or a little less, but always making sure he

had a pretty good view.

     By the time we left the restaurant, we were both so turned on

from what we'd done that we seriously considered terminating our game

at that point and going someplace where we could screw.  After talking

it over, however, we decided to walk around the mall some more.  Then

I had what I thought was a great idea.  I briefly explained it to

her, and after a little coaxing, she agreed to give it a try.

     First we stopped at a book store and I bought a paperback book. 

Then we walked around the mall until we found a women's shoe store

that had at least one male salesman.  Before we went in, she looked

over the display in the window and selected the style numbers of a

few pairs of footwear she wanted to try on, including a pair of high

boots.  Entering the store, we sat down next to each other, near the

rear of the store, making sure it was in an area serviced by one of

the male salespeople.

     He came over and greeted us, and Arlene gave him the style numbers

she was interested in.  As he went to get them, I pulled out the

paperback book and pretended that I was very  engrossed in reading


     When the salesman returned with the footwear she had request-ed,

he sat on his low stool in front of her and asked which pair she wanted

to try on first.  She selected the pair of black high heels and he

proceeded to help her try them on.

     As he did, she "inadvertently", without seeming to realize she

is doing it, parted her thighs several inches, giving him the

opportunity to peek up her dress at her snatch.  I sat there next

to her, seemingly giving my book my total attention, but actually

watching the salesman's reactions out of the corner of my eye.

     He didn't seem to notice what she was doing at first, but as

they talked about the shoes, his eyes naturally travelled back and

forth from her face to her feet.  Finally, on about the third such

pass, I saw him blink twice quickly, apparently unable to believe

his eyes.  He stared up her dress for a few seconds, and then realized

what he was doing and pulled his eyes back up to her face.  Knowing

that she is fastidious about keeping her pubic hair cut very short,

and since his face was only about three or four feet from her crotch,

I was absolutely certain he had gotten a clear view of her cunt in

all it's red-haired glory.

     It was really funny to watch him because, try as he might, he

couldn't keep them from dropping down to the level of her crotch. 

It kept happening over and over, he'd be looking at her face, and

a second later he would be staring up her dress.  Then he'd catch

himself, and look up at her face or down at her feet for a while,

but inevitably, before very long, his yes would come back to the apex

of her thighs again.

     She acted like she is totally unaware of the show she was giving

him, being intent on whether she likes the shoes or not, and earnestly

commenting to him on their fit, feel, style and such.  

     Then she asked him to help her try on the pair of boots she'd

picked out.  They were a bit tight, and the process of pulling them

up her delectable thighs apparently gave him a super view of her

delectable little snatch.  I'm not sure if it was totally due to his

being nervous, or if he was intentionally making the process take

much longer than necessary to prolong the show, but he certainly took

an extra long time to help her get them on.

     After she had them on, act dissatisfied with what he had showed

her (but I'm sure he wasn't dissatisfied with what she had shown him),

and asked him if he had anything a bit different.  This caused him

to try and think about shoes and boots while he was being so pleasantly

distracted.  Talk about pressure!

     The whole time this was going on, I was sitting right next to

her, seeming only vaguely interested in her shoe selection process

while reading my book, but actually watching the salesman's every

reaction to his unexpected private peep show.

     She looked at several more pairs of shoes and boots, letting

her legs fall open a little more each time he helped her to try one

on.  One time, after he had removed one of the rejected pairs, she

let her bare foot fall right onto his lap and left it there as she

casually described the style of shoe she would like to see next. 

She even seemingly unconsciously let her foot squirm around a bit

while it lay there in his crotch.

     Later, she told me that while this particular act was

occurring, she could clearly feel his cock with her foot.  She said

it was hard as a baseball bat, although not nearly as large, of course,

and that it got even harder as she rubbed it subtly with her sole. 

(Why was I not surprised?)  He got so red in the face while that was

going on, that I thought he was going to bust an artery.

     Eventually, she decided that none of the footwear was exactly

what she was looking for.  She courteously thanked the totally

flustered salesman for his time and trouble, and we left the store

together.  As we started to pass through the door, he ran after us

and gregariously thanked us for coming in.  He said he had enjoyed

serving us (I'll bet he did!), and was sorry she didn't find anything

she liked.  He earnestly invited us to come back again, and said to

be sure to ask for him by name when we did.  He even gave us his work

schedule to be sure he was there when we came.

     By this point, we had both had just about as much of these

titillating activities as we could stand without getting some relief,

so we left the mall, got in the car and started to drive home.  While

I was driving, we talked to each other about what we observed during

our little adventure, how we felt about it, and the reactions of the

men who had been lucky enough to passively participate in it,

especially the fortuitous shoe salesman, who had succeeded in getting

the closest look at her.

     We talked about a possible future variation on the theme, where

instead of not wearing any panties at all, she would wear a pair of

her tiniest, sheerest, string bikini style panties, but make sure

the crotch has crept well up into the crack of her cunt before we

went into the mall.  That might make it seem like her display was

even more unintentional, and still would be very arousing to both

us and the salesman.  The slight pressure of the soft panties on her

inner cunt lips and clit would also serve to add physical stimulation

to the psychological excitement of the situation.  We agreed that

the variation had definite possibili-ties.

     Talking about the events of the day seemed to get us even more

turned on than the actual incidents had.  As we did, she slipped her

hand up well under her skirt.  When I glanced down at her lap, I could

clearly tell by the movement of the material near her crotch that

she was rubbing her hot pussy while we conversed.  I asked her to

turn sideways in her seat and pull her hem up higher so I could watch

her play with herself.  That's one thing that never fails to turn

me on unbelievably.  She quickly and eagerly complied, also spreading

her lovely legs apart to give me an even better view.  Since she didn't

have to be covert about her actions anymore, she now went to work

on her box with both hands at once.

     From that point on, I had trouble watching the road.  My eyes

kept returning to her crotch, just like the salesman's did, but I

got to see her actually rubbing her clit and pumping two fingers up

her dripping hole.  I guess we're lucky I didn't get into an accident. 

Several times, the cars in front of me slowed down or stopped while

my attention was otherwise occupied, and I just managed to avoid

hitting them.

     I asked her to slide over to me, take my cock out and stroke

it as we drove along, but she refused, saying that both her hands

wee busy, and that I'd just have to wait until we got home.  Of course,

I pleaded my case again, since my dick felt like it was about ready

to burst through my jeans on its own, but she turned me down flat,

seemingly enjoying the fact that she was driving me absolutely crazy

with unfulfilled lust, at least temporarily.

     Then I asked her to open her blouse a little more so I could

get a better look at her breasts.  She opened another few buttons

and spread the edges of it apart nicely.  That gave me a pretty clear

view of both tits, including her nipples, which were quite hard and

erect.  I guess it also gave some other drivers a pretty good display

of them as well.

     Each time we stopped for a light, I would reach over and touch

her tantalizing cunt.  It was gushing pussy juice in a veritable flood. 

Each time the light changed to green again, it took all the self

control I could muster to let go of her soaking wet twat and put my

hand back on the wheel.

     Needless to say, by the time we got home, we were both so hot

we tore off each others clothes, jumped right into bed and made long,

passionate love together until long into the night.  Of course, in

keeping with the day's theme, we left the blinds up, the curtains

open and the lights on.  All in all, it was a very good day and an

excellent night.  I can't wait until we try something like that again,

and I'm sure we will.


(NOTICE:  As the author of this work, I hereby retain all rights to

it except those directly related to personal use by BBS subscribers

and its upload it to other BBSs.  Restricted activities include

modification, deletion of this notice, and any commercial use, except

as stated above.  I really enjoy writing these things, and doing the

related field research.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them,

as well as any ancillary activities you may choose to engage in, but

please be fair and don't rip off my work.  Thanks!  "Joe Anthony") 



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