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Archive-title: Adventures of Lisa, The

             Chapter  1

     "What I'm trying to explain to you, is that I don't know if

I'd get horny or not.  The only other time that I've seen another

man's cock since we got married, was when you brought that movie

projector home with the eight millimeter films that we watched.

I damn sure got horny that night! We couldn't wait to get into

bed, neither of us sleeping until daylight.  We were so fucked

out we just laid around most of the day, Sunday!

     "Did looking at cocks before we got married, turn you on?"

     The blonde wife looked at her husband, reflectively.

     "Well, I guess so."

     "What do you mean, you guess so?"

     "I mean yes!  Of course it turned me on.  Is that what you

wanted to hear?"

     "I didn't want to hear anything in particular, only the

truth.  My point is that nudity can be sexy as hell."

     "Of course it can be sexy as hell, I just don't know if only

looking at just a man's cock would turn me on or not."

     Bill's eyebrows shot up.

     "And that's what I'm trying to explain to you, that how

could you know how your body and mind will act unless you experi-

ence a given set of circumstances.  Sometimes, something might

sound exciting, however in the real world, fact and fantasy might

be totally different."

     Lisa grinned back at Bill.

     "And just what have you got planned? The last time you

started this kind of conversation, you brought home a few fuck

movies.  Now if the guy was jacking off his cock, and if it was

erect, then it just might get me all turned on!"

     "And, what if he wanted you to do the jacking?" her husband

asked with raised eyebrows.

     The pert blonde housewife grinned impishly at her husband.

     "Now I don't know who's talking about fact, and who's talk-

ing about fantasy.  Did you bring another of those films home and

if you did, let's get it out and get it on.  To tell you the

truth, all this talking about sex has me just a little turned on.

In fact, it's got me a lot turned on.  I'm starting to get damp

just thinking about getting it on tonight."

     "No honey, I didn't bring any film home, but if you're

serious about seeing a film tonight, we can go to that adult

theatre on Alameda Street and watch one, then come back home and

make love and drink brandy again."

     "I don't know if I'd rather make love, or just fuck.  Actu-

ally, I think I'd rather fuck, it sounds dirtier! Do they really

show everything in the Adult Movies?"

     "You bet your sweet ass, they show everything.  It's not any

different than the eight millimeter films I borrowed and brought

home, except they are feature length films, with color and sound,

like any other movie."

     "Do couples go to those movies?"

     "I think that there's more single men there, or maybe mar-

ried men on a night away from their wives, but there are couples,

and once in a while a single lady comes in."

     "So, they only sit there and watch the movies, getting all

sexed up, is that it?"

     "Well, not always.  Most of the time there are guys jacking

off in the back row, also sometimes a couple will get so excited

that they make it right there in the theatre."

     "Do you mean the men actually masturbate right there in the

theatre, with their pricks out, with everything showing?"

     "Sure, although it's a little dark for sight-seeing."

     "But, what if someone should see them."

     "So what if they did?"

     "Well, I don't know, Bill, but it seems to me that they

wouldn't want anyone seeing them jack off."

     "Not necessarily true, my love.  Some of them may get off on

having somebody watch them jack off, while others probably get

off, on watching.  Nothing like a little voyeurism to speed up

the old bodily juices."

     "Well, it's speeding up my bodily juices, talking about

watching.  I wonder what it would be like, seeing some guy take

his cock out and jack it off in a movie theatre?"

     "As much as you like my cock, you'd probably go bananas,

grabbing hold of it to help."

     "I wonder how many strokes they'd let me take?"

     "How many do you want to take?"

     "Bill, you know me.  I never get turned off, so I'd probably

want to pump on the old handle all night long.  Jesus, but I'm

getting horny talking about all this illicit sexual action."

     "Well then Lisa, let's get going and watch a couple of guys

jack off."

     "Jesus Bill baby," Lisa groaned, "that turns me on, thinking

about seeing some guys jacking off, so much so that I'd like to

make love right here and now.  All of this talking about sex,

gets me excited, but if you want to go to a screw movie, then why

not.  I'm game if you are, so give me a few minutes to get

dressed, don't want to wear these Levi's to the show."

     She spun, then turned back to face Bill.

     "Do you really think that some man would jack off with me


     "If you don't get ready, you'll never find out, now will


     She rushed from the room, her curvaceous ass undulating as

she almost ran down the hall to the bedroom.  Stripping off her

Levi's and sweater, Lisa ran her hands over her brassiered

breasts then removed her white bra.  Her luscious breasts spilled

from the brassiere cups, standing out from her rib cage, quiver-

ing pink tipped nipples firm from thinking about screwing.  After

all, if she got turned on in the movie, it would be nice if Bill

could touch her nipples.

     She quickly rushed into the shower, lathered her body with

soap suds and hot water, then just as quickly rinsed with cold

water, almost leaping out of the shower to dry, humming while she

rubbed the towel over her body until it glowed from the cold

water rinse and the towel.

     It had worked again.  It always worked.  Even when Lisa was

a little girl, it had worked.  Lisa thought about her power.

     She'd found out when she was very young that if she thought

hard enough about anything that she could influence the end

result and bend the actions of others around to her pleasure.

     It was something like wishing to make it so.  If she wished,

she could make almost anything happen.  As she'd grown more

experienced, she had refined the techniques she used, until now

she didn't even have to think when she practiced her power.

     Distance seemed to have no effect on her power, it was more

a matter of knowing the person involved.  She couldn't cause an

effect on a person she'd personally never met, but if she'd

either seen some one in the past, or at present was in proximity

to the person she'd met, she could make them do almost anything

within reason she desired.

     Even some very foolish things.  She would move her thought

to what she called her echo chamber, a hollow between the top of

her spine and the back of her brain.  It was here that the

thought process generated, and when she put her thoughts into

words, she could hear an echo of those words from her chamber.

     Whenever she used her power, the lovely female was able to

get her desires met.

     It didn't always work.  For instance, it didn't work on

inanimate objects.  When she was in her early teens she had tried

to influence both dice and drawing cards from a deck, but that

had never worked for her even later in her life when she'd tried.

People very were easy, while men were particularly easy for her.

When she thought in her echo chamber, the people she pictured

almost always had the thoughts that she'd projected.

     One of the things she could do was make animate objects fit

themselves into her whims.  Most of what she'd done in her past,

dealing with animate objects was reflected in herself and her

figure, but it took a long time to sculpt flesh.  Her own con-

tours were a stunning example.

     Her eyes as a child were almost a china blue, it took think-

ing about them for every day for a year, to change them into

their now ultra pale, ice blue eyes.  The long dark lashes to

frame her eyes were easier.  The rest of her body took even

longer, and she was still working on it.  From puberty, she'd

worked on her breasts, tummy, thighs, behind, and legs.

     She'd read most of the books on parapsychology and none of

them seemed to cover her power.  She had no psychic power, she

couldn't foretell any future event, she couldn't make any inani-

mate object move, but she could influence people, and also sculpt

her own body.

     Another thing that she could do, was make people do what she

wanted, making them think that it was their idea in the first

place.  In that she was most successful.  She'd done it early in

the evening when she was feeling most horny, to her husband.

     She'd thought, "I think I'll take that sexy wench of mine to

a fuck movie tonight, get her pussy all wet from finger fucking,

then bring her back here and fuck her brains out."

     Like always, her husband Bill thought that it was his idea

and he'd maneuvered the conversation and talked all around it,

until he'd finally brought up the idea of the two of them going

to a fuck movie.

     It had worked again.  Lisa Williams stood nude in front of

the bathroom mirror while she applied her make up.  Her mild

glowing complexion required very little aid from the few items of

make up sitting on the wash basin cabinet, however Lisa enjoyed

making the best of her looks.

     A touch of blue eye shadow on the lids of her ice blue eyes.

A quick touch of eyeliner from a dark pencil outlined her lids, a

little line drawn outwards to make her already wide extra long

lashed sensual eyes look even more sensual.

     A brush dusted in a pale pink blush make up, applied to her

high cheek bones brought just a highlight of color to her pink


     Carefully, the beautiful lady unscrewed the top of her

lipstick and applied the glossy color to her full lower lip then

more lightly to her upper lip.  Satisfied, she stepped back one

step, looked at herself in the mirror, turning her head first one

way, then the other.

     "Not too bad for an old lady of thirty two," Lisa thought.

     She had always considered her nose a trifle too short, her

lower lip just a bit too full, however, the sides of her mouth

were fixed in a natural smile even when she relaxed all of her

facial muscles, definitely giving her a most sensual look.  Her

too short nose and too full lower lip had been corrected long ago

with her power.  Her nose was now thinned down, the nostrils

flaring like a mare in heat when she was excited.

     She had no complaints about her thick mop of tawny blonde

hair, with a hint of a soft natural curl which made it easy to

both shampoo and brush.  Her husband described her thick mop of

hair as "Mink Blonde", whatever that meant.

     Her sun tanned skin with the pale marks of her two piece

bikini, looked as if she were wearing panties and bra even when

she was nude.

     She placed her hands on her hips, thrusting out her breasts,

looking at herself in the still steamy mirror.  The thick curls

of fur on her pussy were exactly the same color and softness of

curl as the hair crowning her head, the line of hair ending at

the bottom of her firm belly was so straight that it looked as if

it were shaved by a razor.

     Her breasts were another matter entirely.  A shade too heavy

for her slim torso and very tiny waist.  Lisa normally wore a

thirty six bra with a problem between a C cup and a D cup.  The C

cup was sometimes too small and caused her boobs to bulge out the

top, the D cup was sometimes too large and felt loose on her


     One of her current projects on self sculpting, was making

her breasts just a trifle heavier, and firmer.  A full D cup

would be fine.  Maybe another month at the most.  She had to buy

size ten or eleven blouses to fit but she could wear either size

seven or eight if she bought skirts or pants.  It caused her no

end of problems when buying a dress, since the tops were always

made for someone with a smaller chest, or the bottoms for a

bigger ass.

     The one part of her body that bothered Lisa, was her nipple.

The left one.  It was partially inverted, sinking in on itself.

It gave her no end of problems, even though her doctor told her

that it was nothing to worry about.

     When she got horny, always, it would swell up inverted,

hurting when it was inside out.  Then with no warning, it would

pop out of her full breast with such force that it always brought

her to orgasm the instant it popped free.

     It had been deliberate, maybe a little stupid, but Lisa

thought that she shouldn't seem too perfect and she'd figured out

that an inverted nipple might just offset the startling beauty,

so her power had been put to work on the nipple, inverting it

over the period of two years.  If she didn't like the result, she

could always put it back in normal form in a matter of a month or


    Lisa turned around, looking at her naked buttocks and back

over her shoulder, practicing a sexy look, eyes half closed,

wetting her full lower lip with the tip of her pink tongue.  She

wriggled her body at her image in the mirror, looking at the deep

cleft between the cheeks of her ass, watching to see how firm she

was.  The protruding cheeks of her ass were so firm that they

hardly even quivered, even though they stuck out almost more than

she would have liked.

     The last time Lisa had used a tape measure, she had a figure

that totaled out to thirty six and a half around her chest, a

very tiny twenty four even around her waist, her buttocks were

thirty five inches when measured at the fullest part of her ass.


Chapter  2

     Her full boobs, were another story.  They quivered, shiv-

ered, and jiggled like jelly any time she moved, that being the

part of her anatomy that men always looked at hard, after staring

at her face.  Sometimes it became most embarrassing when men

stared at her tits, even though it did turn her on and make her

feel especially sexy.  When they looked, she would fantasize

about having the person staring, also sucking and making love to

her tits.

     That was if she was facing a man.  If he was behind her,

Lisa knew that it was her curved ass that they liked as they

looked.  One of her favorite tricks, was to look suddenly over

her shoulder and catch some poor man staring at her ass, look him

straight in the eye and then smile.  Most of the time they got

caught looking, they turned red and looked away, but sometimes,

when they smiled back, Lisa would feel the heated moisture gather

in the folds of her soft pussy.

     Men had always been easy for her.  Her figure had changed

when she was fifteen.  She had decided on her fourteenth birthday

that she'd always be a skinny bean pole, then with a spurt that

amazed everyone who knew her, she had turned from a skinny girl

into a full woman, all by harnessing her power over a few years.

     First a thickening of fine peach fuzz on her groin then, a

thick patch of curly soft ringlets.

     Her nipples grew first, then her breasts started swelling,

continuing to grow for more than two years.

     She could remember that every time her mother bought her a

bra, within a month or two it was too tight.  Her tits never

stopped growing until she was over eighteen.

     Casting her eyes over her nude body, Lisa decided that she

was lucky that she was a beautiful woman as she dashed from the

bathroom to her closet.  The power worked.  She really was a

stunningly beautiful woman.

     She slid the hangers in her closet to find a dress to make

it easier to have her pussy touched when Bill got turned on.  She

picked a silky jersey dress with a button down front and picked a

wide black soft leather Italian belt to go with the dress.  She

decided not to wear hose, letting her long slim legs be smooth

and naked under her dress, quickly finding a pair of new panties

in her dresser, changed into the new lacy bikini bottoms that

showed the curvaceous cheeks of her ass.

     Slipping the dress on over her head, buttoning the top,

leaving a generous cleavage of her soft tits showing.  Her tiny

waist cinched even tighter made her luscious figure even more


     At the last instant, she turned, rummaging through her

drawer full of lingerie, finding at the bottom a pair of dark

hose cutout at the top of the thigh to leave her pussy bare.

Pulling them on, Lisa snapped off her bedroom light.

     Leaving the bedroom, Lisa sauntered downstairs.

     "Does this look like what the well dressed wife wears out

when she goes to a fuck movie?" Lisa twirled to show off her

dress, the dark orange jersey dress swirled around her slim legs.

Her full busted tits strained against the warm fabric, quivering

with no support from a brassiere.

     Bill admired her dress, patted her curved ass and grabbed

her hand.

     "Let's get going sweetness, before I pull that dress off

your gorgeous body and fuck you right here on the floor."

     "No Sir, No sir!  You said you were going to take me to a

movie, and then make love, or maybe even fuck, which ever comes

first, and I'm holding you to that," Lisa said, pulling Bill to

the door, smiling at his compliment.


     The theatre was dark, Bill guiding Lisa to the steps that

led to the upper balcony, walking higher up the long steep steps

until they were at the back row.  Peering, they both tried to see

if anyone was in the seats at the rear.

     The rear row darkness was illuminated when one of the pa-

trons lit a cigarette with his flicked lighter.  In the flash of

his lighter, they could see most of the seats in the center of

the row were unoccupied, Bill guiding and following Lisa as they

settled into the soft seats.  Of the thirty or so seats in the

last row, most were empty, as they settled back and looked at the


     The screen had two young women licking on the erect cock of

a young man lying on the floor of what appeared to be a living

room.  Both girls slowly sucking and twirling their wet, pink

tongues around the head of his prick, while one held his testi-

cles, gently kneading and squeezing.

     Lisa watched with interest, her initial embarrassment being

in the theatre slowly leaving her, as the triad on the screen

fitted themselves into ever increasing sexual situations, the

male ran his hands over the tits of one girl, pressing the soft

flesh and pinching the pink nipple gently, then running his hand

down to slide a finger into the wet hole of the other.  The juicy

cunt he was finger fucking left a slick coating of oily lubricat-

ing wetness on his finger.

     Lisa could feel the juices from her own pussy wetting her

opening and she squirmed slightly in the seat and leaned over

closer to Bill's arm, turning to face him, whispering in his ear.

"I'll answer your question now," Lisa purred.  "Yes, seeing a

hard cock turns me on, and the pussies do too!  I'm starting to

really get horny now.  I can really feel my pussy getting very

juicy.  wouldn't you like to feel?"

     Bill caressed her thigh, running his hand over the warm

fullness of her upper leg.  His fingers touching the hem of her

dress, raising it and drifting his fingers over the smooth warmth

curved of her leg.  His hand drew her dress higher, his fingers

touching the silky band at the crotch of her new panties, feeling

the hot slick wetness seeping through the silky nylon.

     Lisa squirmed again, slightly spreading her thighs so Bill's

fingers could have access to her tingling cunt.  Her eyes on the

screen while his finger teased at her pussy through the wetness

of her panties.  Her breathing became shorter as he stroked the

length of the crevasse between her thighs, probing and moving

around in the sweet wet junction between her legs.

     Lisa sensed a movement to her right and saw a man moving

closer to them.  He seated himself one seat over, leaving an

empty seat between them.  Lisa started to pull her dress down

over her exposed thighs, then she realized that whatever the man

could see was no different than what he could see on the screen.

     First she felt uncomfortable with the stranger sitting so

close to her, then on second thought, she felt the sexual thrill

of his voyeurism.

     She watched him, out of the corner of her eye.  He was not

watching them.  Not directly, but his head was turned closer to

them, than to the screen.  She was sexually very excited by the

thought of that man watching her husband stroke her pussy through

the thin covering of her panties, knowing she could turn him on

even more by showing him much more of her long slim curved legs

and thighs.

     She worked her power, "Look at that fantastic blonde and the

guy with her.  I bet she's getting turned on with his fingers in

her pussy.  I'd like to fuck her.  I'd like to see her cunt.

Maybe if I move over closer, I could see better."

     Lisa squirmed, sliding down in the seat, moving her dress

higher and very slowly exposing her stocking clad thighs up to

her new panties.  She glanced over at the man on her right,

finding that he'd turned his head and was staring at her legs and

Bill's caressing fingers on her hot pussy, through the thin


     Lisa squirmed around more in the seat, looking directly at

the man's face, raising the hem of her dress higher, opening her

legs to give him a better view.

     He looked harder at her legs and thighs, tempting Lisa to

give him a really good show, with her hot sexual teasing.

     Lisa whispered in Bill's ear, "Dear, I've got to go to the

bathroom, I'll be right back in a minute."

     She carefully made her way past the others in the row,

undulating down the steps at the side and, slowly moving to see

if she could catch sight of any of the men masturbating.  One man

had both hands in his lap, moving, but before Lisa could see if

he had his prick out, she was past him, not wanting to stop and

look back.

     The sleek bodied housewife looked for the ladies rest room


     Leaving the rest room, Lisa walked to the top of the stairs,

slowly swinging her hips as she climbed, glancing at the men as

she passed, entering the rear row.

     The lascivious blonde haired wife looked down at the lap of

the man who had been seated to her right.  She slowed as she

brushed by his knees, waited for him to stand up, pressing her

firmly curved ass against him as he stood to let her pass.

     Bill always said that her ass was her best attribute, look-

ing like a cantaloupe melon cut in two and glued to her buttocks.

The day that Bill had made that comment, was the day she'd

stopped sculpting her ass.

     Lisa imagined that she could feel the swelling bulge of the

man's prick against her firm ass as she slithered slowly past

squirming her buttocks over and against his groin.  She paused,

pressing her ass harder against him, squirming slightly, teasing

him with the firm roundness of her buttocks, pleased with the

feeling of sexual excitement growing in her loins.

     "Thank you," she whispered as she smiled in the dim light.

     After sitting by her husband, she again looked over at the

man, noticing now that he had both hands in his lap, covering his


     "Bet he has a hard cock under those hands." thought Lisa,

"Watching those people on the screen probably has his cock drip-

ping and he is holding it down.  I hope I made it harder when I

brushed against him."

     Bill put a hand back on her leg, fingers slipping slowly,

ever so slowly, up her soft inner thighs, reaching for her pussy.

Bill almost jumped as his fingers touched the soft ringlets of

hair around her bare cunt, his fingers feeling the seeping mois-

ture gathered at the pulpy slit between her legs.

     She giggled, "That's right.  I took them off so you could

get a good feel!  The trip to the bathroom was an excuse."

     Bill's fingers sought the wet opening when she opened her

thighs slightly wider and raised her ass to let his fingers probe

her slit.

     Lisa pulled her skirt from beneath her ass, pulling it up

until her long slim legs and slim curved tummy were clearly

visible in the dim light.  Her soft and curly thatched pussy hair

clearly visible in the reflected light from the screen.

     She sent an oblique glance to the man on her right to see if

he had noticed her open thighs.

     "Look at that cunt spread her legs.  My cock's so hard I

think I'll sneak it out and flog it a little while I watch her

get finger fucked."

     Lisa echo chamber reverberated to her thoughts, deciding

that she'd try to entice the man to bring his prick out where she

could see it.

     Her face turned to the screen, but her eyes watched out of

the corner the man on her right, only one vacant seat away.

     Lisa watched, holding her breath, as his zipper drew slowly

and quietly down.  His hand slithering into the opening as he

opened his fly.  Lisa watched as he felt down inside, fishing for

his cock, then slowly, slowly easing it past the metal teeth of

his zipper.

     She felt moisture gush from the folded pink lips of her

pussy as he took his cock out.  Sneaking it up, holding one hand

over the head, covering the rest of his cock with the other.

     He was softly and surreptitiously stroking it beneath his

hands until she turned and stared directly at his hands.

     Slowly his hand uncovered his cock, exposing his organ to

her blonde beauty and lusting eyes.  Stroking his huge meaty

prick slowly, while he stared at the wet junction between her

open legs.

     Not hard, but impressive anyway, his thick floppy dick

filled his stroking hand, the upper length wobbling over his

moving fist as he stroked.  The thickness, even in the dim re-

flected light from the screen, was most impressive to the sexual-

ly excited housewife.

     Lisa's already wet pussy emitted even more honey, as she

looked with unabashed glee at the semi erect organ that she'd

enticed into the open with her power.


Chapter  3

     She turned her head to the right, her ice blue eyes staring

at the thick prick the man was stroking.  She felt the lusty urge

to closely watch his intoxicating prick, turning her head until

she was staring at the hard erect cock being fondled.  His hand

continued stroking, although his eyes didn't leave the screen,

Lisa knew he was aware of her watching him jack off his cock.  He

raised his body, lowering his arm to allow an unobstructed view

of his masturbation.

     "Bill, the guy on my right has his thing out," she said.

     "What's a thing?"

     "He has his hard prick out, that's what thing!"

     "Good.  You said you wanted to see a hard cock being jerked

off, now's your chance to get a really close look."

     Bill moved his head back, his finger pressing harder on her

swollen rubbery and slippery clit.

     Lisa turned her head back to watch the prick being stroked a

few feet away from her eyes, while the pressure of Bill's finger

brought her to a long shuddering climax.  Her damp wetness

drooled over Bill's fingers as her breathing caught in the sheer

sensuality of his fingers in her pussy and the big hot prick

being masturbated before her eyes at the same time.

     Lisa became more aware of the masturbator's eyes, looking up

for a glance at his face.  His eyes were fastened to the fingers

at the junction of her slim legs as he continued to raise and

lower his hand on his long prick.  If anything, Lisa got more

turned on.

     Spreading her legs more, her fingers slipped down to raise

her skirt still higher.  Slowly, her fingers pressed the cloth of

her skirt against her smooth thighs, slowly pulling the soft

dress higher on her legs, while watching the man's face.

     "Lean forward a little and look.  She's pulling her skirt up

higher so I can see her pussy.  God damn, but she's a sexy broad.

I'd like to fuck her snatch," her echo chamber said.

     He leaned forward in his seat, more closely to watch the

skirt being hiked higher on her slim legs, while Lisa wriggled

with pleasure as she continued to raise the hem to allow him an

unobstructed view of her pussy.  She paused with the hemline of

her skirt just below her wet warm pussy, then squirmed on the

seat and raised the hem past the curly ringlets of her pussy,

while staring at his face.

     His intent gaze was centered on the soft junction between

her long slim legs, his hand fondling his erect prick with lusty

abandon at the show Lisa was putting on for him.

     Lisa continued to pull her dress higher, until her belly was

totally exposed, her whole lower torso, naked to his staring


     Enjoying the feeling of sensuality she toyed with the but-

tons on the front of her dress, slowly unfastening them one by

one.  When the last of the buttons were undone, Lisa shrugged her

shoulders.  Her dress split down the front, Lisa slowly lifting

her fingers to the opening, pulling the soft jersey open past the

nipples of her naked breasts.

     "Look at all that pussy.  I wish she's open up that blouse

and let her big tits just fall out.  Look at those fingers in her

wet cunt," her echo chamber directed thoughts to her seat mate's


     Taking a deep breath, Lisa shrugged her shoulders, spilling

her soft full breasts out of the opening, where they stood proud-

ly, jiggling in the reflected light of the screen.

     Her mind pictured Bill, "My wife really likes watching that

guy jerk off, she'd really come if she had her hand on his cock

too.  I'll talk her into it.  She's so hot with my hand on her

wet cunt, she'll do anything I ask.  That'll turn me on too,

watching her stroke that big prick."

     Bill's voice in her ear, said, "I think you just came with a

finger in your pussy while you watched him jerk off.  Did you

like having a finger in your wet cunt while you watched a hard

cock get jerked off?"

     "Oh yes....  I'm hotter than a firecracker, just watching

him and having you feel me.  I like watching him jack off."

     Bill's nose tickled her ear as he whispered, "Don't just

talk about it, do it if you want to.  I'll get my cock out so you

can jerk off my prick at the same time.  That way you can feel

two cocks at the same time."

     "Jesus, Bill.  I was just kidding.  I couldn't jack him off.

I don't even know him.  What if someone should see me?" Lisa

whispered into her husbands ear."

     Her manner of faking reluctance to his suggestion, even

though she'd planted most of the thought in his steaming brain.

     "So what if they do see you," he whispered back at her.

"What are they going to say with all of that going on up front on

the screen?  Besides, if you don't take hold of his prick, I'll

quit finger fucking your cunt.  Get on with it dear.  I'd really

like to see you jerk him off."

     "Would you really like to watch me jack off his prick?"

     "You damn right I would.  It would even make me hornier than

I am right now.  I'm going to pull my prick out so you can have a

hard cock in each hand."

     His fingers left her pussy to slide the zipper of his pants,

and quickly his throbbing, erect penis was standing from his lap

like a spear.

     Her fingers curled around Bill's prick, feeling the good

strong hardness and began to stroke him.  Her busy brain engaged

in trying to lure the burly individual closer so she could stroke

two pricks at the same time.  She slowly lowered her right arm

and hand to the empty seat between them, palm up, fingers curling

as though holding his prick as her wrist made imperceptible

jacking motions on the empty seat, as if she had his cock in her

empty hand and was fingering it.

     The burly stranger looked at her hand, then her face to see

her level eyes open with invitation as she opened her naked

thighs wider for his inspection.

     "Look at her hand, she's wishing she had her fingers on my

cock.  If I move over one seat, I'll be sitting next to that sexy

body, horny as she is, maybe she'll feel my cock."

     With slow movements, he slipped from his seat into the empty

next to Lisa as she removed her arm from the seat and rested it

on the armrest between them.  Her hand was hanging over the arm

rest, above and to the left of his throbbing prick.

     It was too dark in the theatre to see his prick clearly

unless there was light seen on the movie screen, for a moment she

wished that she had a flashlight.  The thought of herself, hold-

ing a flashlight in the back row of an adult movie, examining a

man jacking off his cock, brought the aroused wife to stifled

giggles.  She watched his hand slowly leave his cock, his upright

hard prick wavering just inches from her curled fingers.

     Lisa moved her wrist, her fingers drooping, closer and

closer.  She could feel the heat radiating from the mass of male

muscle.  Just an inch away and she was hesitating.

     Could she really stroke his prick, letting her fingers play

with it?

     Did Bill really want to see her jack off a strangers hard

cock, or was he just kidding?  Maybe she should reinforce the


     "Look at Lisa's fingers hovering over his cock.  Go baby,

go.  Wrap those slim fingers around that fat prick and rub it

good.  I'd better make her do it or she'll get cold feet."

     "Grab his cock baby and wring it out.  You know you want to

feel it," his whisper touched her ear.

     "Really Bill?" Her question whispered to her husband.

     "Go baby, go.  I'm want to watch your fingers stroking his

cock while you play with mine," Bill answered.

     "I'll finger fuck your pussy on this side, so maybe, he'll

do the same.  How would you like to get finger fucked by two men

at the same time tonight, right here in the theatre?"

     Lisa's wet cunt spasmed at his whisper, another hot wet

orgasm following closely, as her drooping fingers touched the

hard smooth slippery knob of her seatmate.  His breath sucked in

as her fingertips dabbed at the slitted opening, the hole in the

knobbed end of his throbbing prick dribbling honey to moisten her

fingertips.  Her exploring fingers slightly slippery now, traced

the knob, lightly moving the heavy foreskin back down his cock.

Her red tipped fingers slightly squeezing the bulbous head of his

now slippery prick.

     She was amazed at the size of him.  She thought Bill was

big, but this burly individuals prick throbbing in her hand was


     "You wouldn't believe how much cock I've got in my hand."

She said into Bill's ear, "I can't close my fingers around it.

This guy is built like a fucking horse."

     Bill leaned forward in the seat and turned slightly, to see

her slim fingers moving on the thick maleness.  Lisa's fingers

were curled around the beefy stalk, but couldn't meet around the

huge thickness protruding from his wide open, unzipped fly.

     The head of his cock was like a small apple, deeply clefted

at the bottom of his glans and flaring sharply like a big giant

mushroom, swollen with his lusty needs, dribbling his honey over

her questing finger tips as she caressed his knob.

     Just watching his slim wife's hand running all over and

touching another man's prick was turning Bill on like never

before.  He could feel his own prick emitting moisture from the

tiny hole as Lisa smeared her thumb over his slippery juice.

     Bill intently watched as Lisa began to fondle the big meaty

mass of her stranger's heavy prick.

     Lisa tightened her grip, feeling the round heavy roll of his

foreskin slide down his cock, then rolled it back up over his

knob.  Her movement gathered the skin in heavy folds, completely

covering the glans, also milking drops of juice which ran down

over her fingers.  The stickiness of his juices turned Lisa on

even more, stretching out her legs, opening her thighs wider,

hoping to invite the male stranger to stroke her cunt as she

caressed his huge hard leaking male organ.

     Her seatmate raised his arm resting it on the armrest,

unsure of her reactions, he made tentative motions with his

fingers as if he were stroking her.  Lisa moved her thigh closer

to his resting hand.

     The beautiful, turned on blonde leaned her head closer to

her seatmate on the right.

     "Touch me, please," she whispered to him.

     Slowly her seatmate moved his hand, letting it rest on her

thigh, his fingers just touching the curved fullness of her upper


     His tentative touch on her thigh was gentle as he left his

hand stationary on her thigh to see Bill's reaction to his touch-

ing.  Her husband's reaction to the hand on her bare thigh was


     Her husband moved his hand to touch the stranger's big

fingers, pulling his hand higher on his wife's leg until the

stranger's fingers brushed Lisa's exposed and throbbing pussy's

curly hair.  Both sets of male fingers touched, then began to

caress her hairy wet cunt.

     The first touch of both sets of male fingers sent the blonde

wife into another long orgasm, followed by another that set her

full breasts shuddering in the dim light reflected from the

screen.  Her nipples, even the inverted left nipple, were stand-

ing up like strawberries.

     "Stroke my tits while you feel my pussy," the aroused wife

whispered into the beefy stranger's ear, getting even more

aroused at the sound of her own voice talking dirty.

     The stranger's other hand began to squeeze the soft globe of

her tit, rubbing her erect nipple slowly in tantalizing circles

while both male fingers explored the region of her wildly hot

squelching pussy.

     Lisa lay back, relaxed in the seat, pumping both pricks and

feeling the juice at the tips coating her fingers.  She wondered

briefly, if this was the ultimate turn on, stroking two pricks

and getting finger fucked by two men at the same time.

     She felt the desire to taste the seeping juices, to compare

male to male and see if the leaking lubricating juices from one

cock tasted any different than another.

     She moved her fingers to each bulging prick tip, to transfer

a drop of leaking cock honey from each cock to her finger tips,

then she released both cocks.  The sensual blonde wife touched

first one finger, then the other to her lips, rubbing the slip-

pery male honey on her full lower lip where her pink tongue

darted out and licked the juice.

     She smacked her lips quietly at her husbands familiar salty

wetness from one finger, savoring the burly stranger's cock honey

from the other.

     The clear cock honey oozing from the meaty prick on her

right was thicker, and if anything, just a little sweeter than

her husband's sticky, salty cock juice.  Just one more taste of

each prick, then she moved her hands again, dropping them to both

groins and she began to pump harder, while watching the screen.

     A red haired lady was getting her pussy sucked.  Her sleek

thighs wide open, as the pink tongue was thrust into the furry

opening between her legs.

     "Jesus, what a turn on," Lisa thought.  "Here I am, with a

hot throbbing prick in each hand, my husband and another guy I

don't even know, finger fucking my pussy, while here on the

screen a six or seven foot pussy is being licked by a guy with a

five foot tongue."

     Lisa spasmed again, her orgasm wracking her body, her active

wet cunt making squelching noises, as the fingers caressed her

clitoris spreading the soft lips of her pussy.


             Chapter  4

     Both men were working as a team now.  One with finger busy

slipping in and out of her cunt, while the other petted the clit

standing from the soft lips of her pussy.  Lisa was coming con-

tinuously with both pairs of male fingers fucking her cunt.

     Suddenly, she dropped her eyes from the screen.  The seat in

front of her was occupied, but not in the usual manner.

     In fact, the owner of the seat was not facing the screen at


     He had turned and was staring directly between her wide open

thighs, as her feet rested high on the seat, exposing all of her

legs, her soft wet cunt, and, her curvaceous ass as well.

     He was staring deeply into her opened thighs, watching as

the two busy hands and twirling fingers were fucking her squelch-

ing wet cunt.

     Her instinctive female reaction took over.  Her open thighs

snapped tightly together, protecting her pussy from the man's

view, pulled at her skirt and drew it down over her pussy and


     Bill insistently pulled her dress back up over her belly,

exposing her wet cunt, putting pressure on the inside of her

thigh to make her open her legs wider again.  She realized that

Bill had probably noticed the newcomer before she had, knowing he

was watching her cunt.  At first, she was tempted to fight Bill's

pressure on her thigh to open her legs, but than on second

thought, she relaxed and spread her legs, moving higher on the

seat to bring her hot steamy cunt closer to his staring face.

     "Wild, baby, wild!" Lisa thought, squirming her ass in small

circles, undulating her belly upwards and spreading her legs as

wide as she could to give him and unobstructed view of her cunt

being finger fucked.

     She realized then, that the newcomer was black.  Looking

into her pussy, his face almost between her open knees.  She

could imagine how deeply his eyes were boring into her wet cunt

as she slowly raised her ass even higher to give him an open

visual channel to her pulsating cunt.

     The thought of a black man with his eyes on her hot wet

pussy, open and inviting, brought her to another shuddering

release, the juice cascading from the wet lips of her cunt to

pool between her thighs and soak slowly onto the seat under her

naked writhing ass, dripping down the seat bottom in a long

glistening trail.

     "If he wants to see my cunt being finger fucked by two guys,

then I'll give him a good eye full," Lisa's mind murmured.

     She could see the black's shoulder moving in rhythm and she

realized he was jacking off.  He was staring into her pussy and

jacking off.  Another orgasm twisted her body, her belly rippling

from the force, her pussy making the sound of one wet kiss then

another, as she soon started her almost continuous series of

orgasms.  The image of his black cock being pumped in his black

fist was almost more than she could take.

     The luscious blonde housewife's belly contracted in orgasm's

one after the other as she felt the lust being radiated by the

three men, one on each side with their fingers in her cunt, one

in front staring into her wet and open crotch, while she pumped

on their cocks with each hand.

     Lisa's mind spun, her heated blood roaring in her ears as

she realized how much she was enjoying this sexual encounter.

Her fingers busy fondling the throbbing slippery cocks while she

exposed her open lipped cunt to finger fucking, enjoying with

sexual abandon, the voyeur watching.

     She discovered, in a flash of insight, that she loved being

looked at while she was indulging in sexual play.  She liked

having her bare and naked pussy looked at by anybody, and the

closer they were, the better!

     Bill's cock thudded in her hand, swelling and jumping as he

slid forward in the seat.  Her hand pumped faster, squeezing

more, jacking the juice from his balls, until with a soft groan,

his prick began to spurt.  The first juicy spasm sent sperm

flying high over the back of the seat in front of him, next to

the black.  The second spurt jumping even higher and Lisa could

see it against the lighted screen.  She began to count under her


     "Three", as she felt and watched the silver sperm leap free

of his prick, "Four, five, six," the spasms pumped the juice out.


     After a few seconds delay, sperm again shot from his balls.

Twice more, "Eight and nine," she counted, then was amazed as

once more his prick swelled and the last juice squirted free.

This time the juice thinner, the last squirt shot almost as high

as the first two, then settled to a slow dribble of cum oozing

down his cock and over her fingers.

     Her cunt again spasmed, overlaying the almost constant

orgasms she was having, when she felt the swelling and the in-

creased rigidity of the prick in her right hand, Lisa realizing

that her seatmate was about to cum.

     Lisa slithered her hand down to the base of his huge male

organ, squeezing him hard in her hot fist, then slowly relaxing

her pressure, began to pump his cock with long strokes from the

base to the tip, trying to milk him with increasing pressure as

her fingers felt the ridge of his glans against the circle of her

closed clenched fist.  Her movements became a blur as she stared

at his bulging prick, wanting to see the juice squirt.

     She could feel his body writhe as he lunged upwards, driving

his cock harder into her hand, when he groaned.  His cock jumping

in her pounding fist, spurted.  Not squirt after squirt, as her

husbands cock had done, but one continuous stream of cum blasting

onto the seat in front, an out pouring of liquid shooting from

the bulbous head of his dick.

     She wondered where he stored so much juice as his cock

gushed like a garden hose, arching high, splashing against the

seat and clinging like jelly globules to the hard slick seat


     She could feel the pouring of the hot liquid inside the

channel of his prick, swelling the root as his juice hosed out of

the hole, when she sensed the slowing of the hot juicy stream

coming from his huge prick.

     She began a long rolling orgasm, her ass undulating, her

thighs wide open to the black's gaze, as she milked the sperm

from both pricks, feeling it oiling her fingers as she watched

the slippery hot juice bubbling and slowly dripping from the

slitted heads of their softening cocks.

     Her voice, soft, keening a sexual sound, repetitive and

animal like as her lust enveloped her mind, her ice blue eyes

slitted like a cat as her trim body shook with sexual pleasure.

     The black rose, kneeling, his cock level with the top of the

seat, his big black hairy balls hanging from his prick, bulged

out over the seat back, Lisa realizing that he must have pulled

his pants down allowing his black cock more freedom as he watched

her being finger fucked.

     The thick black veins were standing out on the knobby stem

as he slowly stroked his black thick prick, aiming it at the apex

of her hairy wet pussy as he slowly pumped.

     She felt an overwhelming urge to gather the pinkish black

head of his prick in her mouth, she leaned forward to touch his

thick black prick with her tongue.  Her white fingers slowly

grasped at his testicles as he continued to pump his cock.

     Unable to help herself, as if mesmerized, her hands reached

for the masturbating cock.  The sensuous blonde's fingers tracing

the thickened skin of his balls with her fingertips, scratching

at the rough surface of his hard and hairy testicles, feeling his

hand over hers, holding her to his jerking prick while he still

stared at her hot, wet and open pussy.

     She slid her fingers higher along the black shaft, displac-

ing his hand from his organ, leaning forward, running her hot

pink tongue questingly over the leaking end of his knob.  His

musky honey was oily on her lips as she slithered and swirled her

flickering wet tongue over the swelled and spongy glans.

     Her lips slightly opened and her head plunged forward, her

full lips gathering his big hard black prick in the emptiness of

her sucking mouth.

     Her hands, free to roam, went around his body to cup his

muscular buttocks, pulling him deeper into her mouth until her

nose was pressed against the wiry hair of his belly and his cock

head slid down into the slickness of her throat.

     As she withdrew her lips, sucking the hard root, twirling

her tongue, she felt him began to lunge his cock back into her

mouth, fucking her face as he came closer to shooting his hot wet

juices.  Lisa's fingers touched his balls, feeling as hard rocks,

tightly pulled up against his belly, knowing that his big cock

was just seconds from shooting his cum.

     One last hard suck on the swollen knob was all it took to

bring him off.  Lisa released his prick from her mouth and

slumped back down into her seat, her legs splayed wide, wet hairy

pussy presented to him, breasts bare and quivering for his cum.

     The first spurt splashed onto her bare belly and stuck.  The

second, perhaps better aimed, struck her wetly furred opening

full into the pink distended lips of her pussy.

     Her hand darted to grasp his spraying prick, clasping it in

her fingers, opening her mouth, aiming it to her face.  His salty

musky sperm shot between her open lips to cling to her pink

tongue like pudding as her hand milked, wishing for another

taste.  She rolled her tongue, savoring the hot spermy liquid as

he shot his cum again.  This spurt missed her face but fell to

her quivering breasts, clinging, dribbling down the smooth soft-

ness of her chest.

     Her fingers gathered some of the juice from her tits and

wiped the sticky liquid onto the soft hair of her pussy, feeling

the slickness seep into her juicy wet pink opening, satisfying

momentarily the sexual lusty feelings flooding her feverish


     As Lisa was slathering the sticky slick juice into her

pussy, she noticed that the credits were advancing on the screen,

realizing that the first movie was over, the lights would be on

very quickly.

     The theatre lights slowly began to brighten, while Lisa

busily smoothed her skirt down over her legs, buttoned the front

of her dress, covering her sperm covered slick tits beneath the

material of her top, feeling the wetness of the clinging sperm on

her tits sticking to the material at the top of her dark orange

jersey dress, holding the cloth to her breasts.

     "Thank God, that it's wash and wear," Lisa thought to her-

self, knowing the sperm stains were unmistakable to any cleaner

in the country.

     Lisa leaned forward to the black seated now in front of her.

     "You do have a lovely prick there, and I enjoyed sucking you

off.  Thank you for giving me a nice evening."

     Her seatmate smiled, his white teeth flashing from his black

face as he said, "My pleasure, Ma'am."

     Looking over to her right, Lisa found that her companion

with the large prick had departed without even thanking her for

jacking him off.  Without any words, Lisa and Bill began to move

from their seats to the exit.

     Lisa noticed several men in the rear rows, and two couples

at the side, all with hard pricks being stroked and a couple at

one side of the theatre balcony were engaging in a mutual mastur-

bation exhibition for the three men seated at each side, watch-


     As they left the balcony and walked through the lobby, Lisa

could feel the black's sperm, glue-like, inch down one curved

thigh, until it freed itself from her body leaving a silver spot

on the carpet like saliva spat from someone's lips.

     "Jesus, Bill, what a great night.  My mind is blown."

     Her body felt weak and her mind filled again with the sight

and fury at the sensuality she experienced in the theatre.  Her

pussy still slithery, both from her own juices and the sperm that

shot over the seat row and was rubbed into the soft hairy open-


     As Bill unlocked the car door for her, Lisa felt that she

wanted to fuck Bill as soon as she got him home, also feeling

that she had to talk to him as soon as possible about what they

had experienced tonight in the theatre.  She used her power as

they drove home.

     "I really enjoyed watching my wife get turned on tonight.

When she jacked off that guy, I got even hornier than ever be-

fore, and when she sucked off that guy, wrapping her tongue on

his black joint, I almost came again.  Boy is she sexy.  I love

her so much that I want to fuck her hot snatch all wet with cum

as soon as I get home.  I'd like to talk her into doing this

again.  What a sexy wife I have."


             Chapter   5

     "Do you know that it's been exactly one month since we had

our adventure at the Alameda!"

     They sat in the living room watching a taped movie through

their VHS video recorder.  Bill had joined a video club and after

buying two adult, triple X rated movies.  They very much enjoyed

watching them, and then the video club allowed them to trade back

the movies and check out two new movies.

     They now watched a couple a week, then went to bed and

screwed until they were exhausted.

     "Are you thinking about jacking off pricks again?" Bill

smiled, idly rubbed the silky skin of her thigh just above the

smooth curve of her knee, then moving higher on her sleek thigh

moving towards her moistness.

     "God, yes.", Lisa writhed as his fingers touched her panty

covered pubis, "jacking them off, sucking them, maybe even fuck-

ing a few.  I'm ready to go to the Alameda theatre again, any

time you are!"

     "You liked that little jacking off adventure, didn't you


     His soft voice murmured seductively, "and you dig getting

your cunt finger fucked while you jack off a big, hard prick."

     His finger pushed through the silken fabric of her moist

panties at her erect clit pushing from the lips of her cunt

against the silky fabric of her panties.  Lisa began to squirm

with delight at the soft fingering of her hot pussy.

     "I think we were both really turned on that night, yes, I'd

like to either do that or some other adventure with you again,"

Lisa purred, I liked it when I had two fingers in my pussy and a

prick spurting cum in each hand, not to mention the guy in front

that jacked off his come all over my tits.  Now that was really a

turn on for me."

     "What I'd also like to do is watch you either finger fuck

another lady, or eat her, of fuck her, or something like that.

You know what I mean, have dirty sex with another woman while I

could watch, just like you watched me jack off those cocks there

in the Alameda."

     "Well honey, I'd like that too.  If we could figure out how

to get another lady for me, or a guy for you, maybe we could both

watch each other fucking and sucking," Bill's soft voice submit-

ted his thoughts to his blonde wife.

     "I don't know whether I'd rather have you watch me, or me

watch you."

     "Or, maybe watch each other!"

     "Could be, either would turn us both on even more."

     After a few minutes of silence, Lisa spoke again, "You know

that I do like these screw movies and I like to watch them with

you and then make love, but...our adventure at the Alameda was

more exciting than these movies."

     Bill probed harder at her clit, his finger worming under the

elastic band of her panties, sinking into her wet cunt.

     "Yes, I know.  You'd like to see our adventure on video,

wouldn't you Lisa?"

     "Damn right I would.  We're just as good, maybe even better

than the turkeys we watch on those tapes.  Why don't we star in

our own movies? We could get a camera and take movies of us at

the Alameda, then watch them whenever we wanted right here at


     She squirmed as his plunging finger sent pleasure rippling

down her belly.

     "Too dark.  Can't take movies there, not enough light for a

video camera.  Just couldn't get a tape of that black stud

squirting his cum on your belly in that darkness, or when you

kissed his cock for him, for that matter."

     "Well damn it William!  That's what I want to do.  You're

smart about cameras, figure it out.  You can if you put you mind

to work."

     She began to grope his cock as his finger worked on her

clit.  "But right now, let's get to bed.  I want that hard cock

in me, right now!"

     His feet digging into the sheets, stroking his pounding

prick into her open cunt, her legs locked around the small of his

back, ass lifting on his down stroke as she felt the pussy juice

run down the crevasse of her shapely ass.

     They screwed, prick slipping wetly into her cunt as she

began the long series of orgasms with a low moan.  Gripping her

plunging ass Bill pulled her tight as his cock spurted into her

clasping pussy.  Lisa counted the spurts and when they stopped at

five, realized just how much more that he had been turned on at

the Alameda a month ago.  Her cunt milked the cum from his prick,

she could feel it writhe over his softening penis, while she felt

her orgasm taper off then slowly stop.

     "I've got to keep him thinking about how much he wants to

see me get screwed by another guy."

     Lisa's determination to make Bill think of ways to get her

fucked, occupied her mind, when she resolved to work the power on

her husband as much as she could over the next few days.

     As they drifted into sleep, Lisa felt another orgasm twitch

her body as she again thought of jacking off two cocks, feeling

and tasting the squirting black's cum on her lips, tits and

pussy.  She drifted into sleep.


     "Wait until you see it," Bill opened the big box to reveal a

color video camera.

     "I've got a portable VHS unit, and a low light level video

camera.  I've also bought a tripod, a remote control switch, ten

cassettes of blank tape, and a auto focus low light lens for the

video camera.  You're going to be a star baby!"

     The remainder of the evening after dinner was filled with

trying out the camera, the auto focus lens and the portable

recorder.  Much giggling from Lisa while the conspirators planned

just where and how they were going to shoot their "EPIC" movie.

How they were going to get some of their friends into the movies

without their friends being aware that they were being filmed.

     Bill shot about twenty minutes of Lisa undressing slowly,

lying on the bed and masturbating for the camera lens, her soft

red tipped fingernails toying with her pussy while Bill adjusted

and fiddled with the setting on the camera, occasionally even

moving the lights in the bedroom for a little more brilliance.

     Lisa demanded equal time too, playing at being both a direc-

tor and a cameraman, with Bill holding a copy of Playboy magazine

and jacking off to the nude centerfold bunny.

     Lisa zoomed in as he spurted his sperm onto the fold out

page, capturing on tape the squirting silver juice from his cock.

     Playback in slow motion later, the silver jets arched out to

softly splash and cling to the slick magazine pages as her hus-

band milked every drop of sperm onto the smiling Bunny.

     In bed later, the camera in the closet, lens fixed on the

bed, the overheated couple fucked for the camera, capturing the

action for later watching.


     The sensual blond used her power on her husband almost every

time they were together, sometimes even sending the power to him

at work.  Planting the thoughts of seeing his lovely blond wife

getting screwed and being able to watch it over and over on the

video cassette later.

     She thought maybe she'd used her power too much, when it

seemed that all her husband talked about was watching her 'get

the pork poured to her'.

     Lisa decided not to continue using her power.  Bill was

already too horny about her getting fucked by someone else.  Slow

down and let nature take it's course.

     Watching her make love to another man was beginning to be an

obsession with her husband.

     The next week flew by, as they tried camera angles and

lighting in the bedroom.  Another week and they felt that they

had solved the problems, their camera work was good, the lighting

fine, the finished product of their tests with the units was

superior to the tired old copies of the taped movies they had

rented.  They were all set to shoot their big epic movie.

     Much planning went into the selection of the guests, with

three couples invited, for a total of eight for dinner Saturday

night.  Polly and Harry from her office.  Polly was a free talk-

ing, very pretty lady with long black hair and big tits which

Bill admitted to Lisa, really turned him on.  Harry was the

office manager over Lisa and although nothing had gone on between

then, Lisa felt his bold eyes on her bosom and ass.  His quick

look at her legs when she crossed them indicated his willingness

to play, if he knew he wouldn't get in office problems or trouble

with Bill over her.

     Another couple, who lived together, but were not married,

were invited when Lisa noticed the bulge in his swimsuit while

she and Bill were over for a San Jose swim party.

     His name was Bill also, but his nickname was Bull, which

tickled Lisa's fancy.  His girl friend, Susan, was a petit blonde

with a wide mouth and an ass that she liked to swing when she

thought some male was looking, which was often.

     Bill said "That she looked like she just got out of bed and

couldn't wait to get back in," and Lisa laughed.

     Bill invited George and told him to bring a friend.  George,

a professional football player who had injured his knee five

years ago, was selling insurance now.  They did not know who

George would bring to the dinner.


     Saturday evening, just before the guests were to arrive,

Lisa was modeling her outfit for Bill.  Gold woven fabric, slit

from the hem to her upper thigh, a wide black leather belt and a

blouse which wrapped over the front.

     When she bent over, her lovely breasts were suspended and

open to well below the nipples.

     No panties, showing Bill how she could flash her beaver at

whoever was directly across from her position by sitting demurely

with her knees tightly clasped, turning slightly and letting her

thighs open, her slitted skirt falling away from her thighs, her

skirt opened, exposing her thighs clear up to the crotch.

     By moving just another inch or so, Lisa then showed Bill her


     "No power tonight, just my sexy body, and my looks to help

me lure my prey."

     Lisa's thoughts were not shared with her husband, "I'll just

let things happen as they happen.  If I can't get fucked all by

myself, then something's wrong."

     While the guests arrived, Bill served cocktails, Lisa ad-

mired George's date's dress, giving each of the men in turn a

glimpse of her pretty pink nipples as she served the napkins for

the cocktails.

     Betty was George's date, light black, ass rippling when she

walked.  A beautiful lady from England with a charming accent.

     After dinner, the group sat around the living room with

coffee and brandy, Lisa across from George, tantalizing him with

flashes of her long slim legs, the slitted dress parting.

     George's glances delved into the darkness of her thighs.

Harry at her right, being treated to glimpses of her full


     Each time Harry spoke to her Lisa leaned slightly toward

him, her breasts nudging the wrapped opening on her blouse,

parting the soft material, exposing her nipples.

     Between showing George her thighs and Harry her breasts,

Lisa was getting aroused.  She could visualize the size of

Harry's prick by the swelling bulge in Harry's lap as she watched

him dart glances into the dark cleavage of her full breasts.  She

enjoyed feeling the power to turn Harry on, feeling the moisture

beginning to gather on the lips of her naked pussy.

     The sensuous blonde housewife decided that she really liked

being looked at and admired sexually, and besides looking at male

buns, really liked looking at the swelling male lap, wondering

about the size and shape of the masculine organ in hiding!

     The after dinner party slowly broke into couples, Bill and

Susan, Lisa and George, with Bull talking to Polly.

     Heading for the bar to get another brandy, Lisa took

George's hand and pulled him to the bar.

     "Would you help a girl George.  I need someone to open a new

bottle of brandy, and you look like you'd be good at uncorking

and unscrewing."

     "I don't know too much about unscrewing, but I'd be glad to

help," George leered.

     "I never heard of anyone getting unscrewed."

     "I'll bet you don't know anything about unscrewing," Lisa

laughed, "what do you know about?"

     "I know about football, I know about insurance, and I do

know you're not wearing any panties.  I know that you've been

showing me your pretty pussy all night, and I know that you're

the most desirable lady here tonight.  I also know that if you

weren't married, I'd sure give you a run."

     George touched her hip, his big black hand lightly caressing

her flared hip through the gold fabric.

     Filling and warming the brandy, Lisa smiled at him, touching

his hand with hers, scratching at the back of his big black hand

with her fingernails while she moved closer to the big football

star, lightly pressing the tips of her breasts into his thick


     "Not only am I not wearing any panties, just so you could

see my pussy, but I'm not wearing any brassiere either.  I'm

totally nude underneath this thin material.  And all of it is

just for you, George."


             Chapter  6

     The light grazing of nipples against the heavy muscled arm,

popped Lisa's inverted left nipple and she felt the delightful

squirm of her pussy experiencing the tremor of an orgasm.

     Lisa placed her ice blue eyes on George's face.

     "I'm married George, not dead!  Bill and I get along fine,

but I do what I do, and Bill does what he does.  We don't own

each other.  As a matter of fact, I think we're just leasing,

that's why I'm not wearing a brassiere either," Lisa leaned

forward, hunching her shoulders slightly, allowing George free

vision of her succulent pink nippled breasts.  "Like to see more

of these?" Lisa purred, moving her shoulders so her full succu-

lent breasts quivered and shook with ripples.

     "I'm interested, what do we do about it?" The husky black


     "You've got me anytime you want me.  Just whistle."

     George pursed his lips, a slow long whistle emitted from his


     "Bill", she called out, "George and I are going to talk

about that insurance policy on the house.  Do you want to come

along and talk about it now?"

     Bill, deep in conversation with Susan waved her a negative


     "You two look, I'm busy here," his eyes devouring Susan.

Susan's  infectious laughter brought giggles from the ladies and

a chuckle from Bull.

     Bill knew where Lisa and George were going.  Their planned

evening was working out well.  He knew that Lisa would put on an

excellent show for the tape recorder and camera that they could

watch later that night, or any other night they might choose to

watch the action.


     Lisa led George down the hallway to the master bedroom,

where the camera was hidden in the closet.  The camera lens

peeked out between the clothing hung in the closet.  Focused on

the bed and the mirror on the wall, to give the over sexed hus-

band and wife two views of her adventures with big George.

     George's hands slid up under her skirt, Lisa pulling away

from his hands.

     "Not so fast, my friend.  Just sit down here on the bed

while I close and lock the door," Lisa slipped the lock.  "Now,

my friend I've  been showing you what I've got, now it's time to

let me see what you've got.  You sit down and let little Lisa do

it all for you."

     Positioning the husky black male where the camera was fo-

cused, she sat on the edge of the bed, her heel sliding to touch

the floor switch that turned on the video camera and recorder.

Lisa reached her fingers to his zipper and drew it down, the

teeth making a soft buzzing sound as she pulled it down from his

belt buckle to his crotch.

     Her hand sought the opening, delving into the warmth of his

groin searching for the male bar at the opening of his jockey


     Success!  Her fingers touched the soft bar and drew it from

it's hiding place.  Drooping like a ripe banana, his thick

skinned male organ emerged.  Soft, it hung down from his open

fly, as she pulled harder unwinding his cock from it's stowed

hiding place, drawing it out to it's full length.  It hung, semi

soft, semi hard, black shafted with a pinkish black, mushroom

shaped knobby head half hidden with foreskin.

     "That feel good, honey?" She asked as she stroked his heavy

foreskin lightly back and forth over the bulbous knob of his male

black cock.  She knelt between his outstretched knees and leaned

forward into his crotch.

     "Better and better," was his husky low voiced answer.  His

cock began to thicken as her hands fondled lovingly, touching the

silken skin lightly with her fingertips, tracing the heavy black

veins that stood from the circumference of his mighty rod.

     She began milking his black prick from root to tip, squeez-

ing on the pulling stroke, lightly pushing the skin back toward

his balls on the return caress, until she was rewarded be a clear

drop of honey oozing from the deep set hole in the glans of his

pecker, which welled out, a crystal jewel of liquid sparkling

against the pink blackness of his knob.

     "I really like it when a prick starts leaking!" Lisa mur-

mured with a lascivious lick of her red lips.  "I get turned on

something fierce when I get to swallow even just a little bit of


     She traced the heavy swollen veins standing out from the

basalt blackness of the stem of his cock with one hand while the

other opened the tie at the side of her blouse, pulling it open

to bare her succulent breasts to him.

     His black hand covered one, squeezing and touching the soft

flesh, finger rubbing the erect nipple, coaxing it further.

     Her quick hand now pumped his prick with increasing pressure

squeezing and pulling.  Juice welling from the deep hole in the

tip, began to pearl and then to run down over the knobby head.

Bending slightly forward, her pink tongue dipped into the juice

of his honey, licking it from the smooth skin.  Her palate,

rewarded, savored the sticky liquid that spread to coat her

tongue and the inner surface of her mouth.

     Pumping more, the juices began to run from his glans, while

she caught another droplet then touched the opening of his black

prick to the pink nipple of her breast.

     The nipple sparkled as she coated it with the honey welling

from his cock.  She ran her tight fingers to the base of his cock

milking it toward the tip, squeezing the clear honey out to hang

on his glans in a thick pearl.

     She bent, squeezing more until the quivering droplet hung,

then left the dark knob to descend slowly to her pink erect


     The juice dripped to the tip of her nipple then clung,

slowly transferred from his cock to the tip of her breast, quiv-

ering as she watched it, then dripped from her pointed tit in one

long spider web.

     She caught the web thin hanging droplet on her finger,

transferring it to her mouth, savoring the coating on the mem-

brane of her pink tongue.  She was having flashbacks of the

Alameda theatre now, visualizing in fantasy the other black prick

squirting on her cunt and belly and the taste of the black cum in

her mouth.  She pulled his long cock harder, jacking him off, her

hand flew on the thick black root clutched between her grasping


     "George, I've always had this fantasy, of sucking off a big

black prick and swallowing the juicy cum.  I'm going to suck all

the juice from your prick, and then let it slide slowly down my


     The blonde wife bent forward, touched her pointed pink

tongue to the honey welling from the slitted hole in his black

prick, laving the head with her flickering tongue.

     Lisa rolled his heavy foreskin out from his groin, gathering

it around the head of his prick in her mouth, forcing her flick-

ering tongue between the heavy folds of soft skin and the swollen


     She delighted in the different taste, the musky savor of

skin between his black soft foreskin and the salty taste of the

honey welling from the head of his cock.

     "That's it honey.  Suck me.  Suck up my juicy cock.  Take it

all and suck the cum right out of my balls."

     His hoarse voice implored her to more suction, his black

hands and black fingers busy milking and squeezing her full

breast and coaching her nipples to stand up hard.

     "Uummm," her muffled answer came from deep in her throat,

around the prick in her well stuffed mouth.

     Lisa pulled back.  George's black hard prick, free from her

sucking mouth, stood pounding from his groin.

     "I like the taste of your cock, George.  Will you let me

suck it off, and cum in my mouth?  I'd like to feel your sperm

all over the inside of my mouth and tongue, and then swallow it

all.  That's been my fantasy, and now will you help me fulfill


     His big black hands cupped her head tenderly, drawing her

face back down over the thick black stalk welling milky juices

onto a thick glob of silver honey at the tip of his prick.

     Her sensitive tongue feeling the surges in his cock head as

the throbbing increased to a steady beat.  Sliding her mouth

farther engulfing more and more of his prick, feeling the bulbous

head go deeper and deeper until her nose rested against his

belly, cushioned by the wiry black hair in his groin, the zipper

teeth scraping her nostrils.

     She swallowed, her throat gulping, massaging his glans with

her throat then tight lipped she pulled back, milking his cock

with her mouth, savoring the musky juice coating her oral cavity.

Twice more her mouth forced the length of his black prick, deep-

throating him, when he started to shudder, his body tensing.

     Once more her lips traveled from tip to root, then holding

his surging prick with the hand farthest from the camera lens,

she pulled her lips free and open mouthed, aimed his prick to the

opening, a distance of about five or six inches.

     She jacked and pumped the black rod, turned on by the

thought of the camera catching the juice from his balls entering

her lips, thinking of the juice spraying out from the tip of his

cock into her ready waiting and eager mouth.

     The first ropy squirt spanned the space to splash into her

mouth, a glob of silver musky juice, thick as tapioca pudding,

and she leaned slightly closer to catch the second spurted offer-

ing, trapping it with her open mouth.

     As the squirting black prick spurted less sperm, she fol-

lowed with her mouth, closer now to the spitting squirting end of

his cock, until she had captured the last of the sticky sperm in

her open mouth.

     Slowly her lips slid over the pink black knob and sucking

she pulled all of his still pulsing prick into her mouth, feeling

it soften.  Lisa's fingers tightened at the base of his prick,

squeezing the thick shaft upwards, her fingers on top of his rod,

thumb underneath as she slowly squeezed the sticky hot cum from

his prick, watching the pearly sperm form on the clefted black


     Her head slowly bent over his cock, as she began to lick at

the sperm with the tip of her tongue, swirling her pointed pink

tongue into the hole.  Licking up all of his sticky silver juice

from the tip of his knob, down to his balls, cleaning off all of

the escaped wetness, then pulled his cock back into her mouth.

     Gently sucking at the lump of flesh, savoring the juices and

the feel of the softening satin smooth skin.  Lisa suckled at his

sperm, catching and holding the glob of hot sperm, then turning

her head slightly to face the hidden VCR camera, the avidly prick

sucking blonde allowed droplets of his juice to escape from the

corners of her mouth, for the camera.

     Pulling his cock back, George began to draw it from her

lips, while she sucked it like a large, fat piece of spaghetti,

until it fell from her lips with an audible pop.

     "Now it's my turn.  My turn to suck you off, Lisa."  The

husky black male leaned forward, holding Lisa's shoulders with

his big hands as he pulled he forward and up onto the bed.

     "George, I'd rather not, we've been in here so long that

someone will wonder what happened to us, and besides, when I get

a tongue in my pussy, I like to keep it there one long time."

     "To hell with the others," George growled.

     "Well, at least think of my husband out there," Lisa smiled

demurely, eyes cast down, trying to look as virginal as possible.

     "I do have a marriage and a reputation to protect, but I'd

sure take a rain check for some time later, maybe even later

tonight, if this party ever gets livened up like I think that it

will, especially if you help it along by sexing it up out there

with the other girls."

     "You mean you want me to help you turn this party into an


     "Now that would be fun, wouldn't it George.  How would you

like to fuck one of the girls out there?  And which one would you

like to fuck, besides me?"

     "Well," his brow furrowed with thought, "I've already fucked

Betty plenty of times, and you would be my next choice, but I'd

like to fuck that little blonde sexy bitch Susan, too."

     "Then why don't you help me out and let's get sexy out there

with the others until we get a full blown swinging orgy started."

     "I'll do it, let's go get the fucking started."

     "Slow down now," Lisa's voice calmed down the big ex-foot-

ball player, "we've got to play this cool, letting the others

warm up a little slow if we want to get a real swinging orgy

started.  We might get them all a little drunk, and relax any

inhibitions they may have.  Then when they are all relaxed and

happy, then bang, we fuck all of them!"

     George broke into laughter at her light hearted planning,

not really sure if she was kidding him, or really planning a full

blown orgy for the group tonight.

     "Are you serious, Lisa?"

     "You bet your ass I'm serious, do you want to help out, and

then fuck Susan, or not?"

     "Sure, I'll help.  What do you want me to do?"

     "Here is what we'll do, as soon as we get around to it,

later this evening, we'll...



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