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Archive-name: Samesex/xmasstry.txt


Archive-title: Christmas Story, The

It was the day before Christmas and all throughout the house not a creature was

stirring.  A nude man, named Ken,  was breaking his way through my back door

and forcing himself on my innocent body.

First Ken ripped my clothes off my body and started feeling up my cock.  He tied

me up and put me into handcuffs.  I could not help my cock from getting as hard

as a rock in just one minute.  He started lubricating it with vaseline.  I 

could feel his penis pressed against my bum.  His cock was getting hard like a

rock.  He demaned me to start licking his genitals, so I started licking his

cock and balls while he sucked on my penis.

I couldn't hold it in anymore.  My cock shot off in his mouth like a bomb.  It

must have chizzed off for at least five minutes.  As punishment, he pushed me

on to my bed and forced his hairy, muscular, sexy body onto my bum.  I could 

feel his fingers going deep up my tuchas until his fingers couldn't go any

deeper.  He put in tons of vaseline into my bumhole.  He rubbed the vaseline

into my ass. Next he put his cock up my ass.  In just half a minute it shot off

up my ass.  Meanwhile he was feeling up my little tits and stomach.  

As I was totally passive, Ken started biting my nipples and cock.  He demanded

that I stay still and suck some more on his cock.  I couldn't believe that his

cock was once more getting hard.  He started pushing his cock in and out of my

mouth and he told me to close my mouth very hard while he did this.  I expected

at any moment that he would cum into my mouth.  All I could taste was pre-

ejactulatory liquid.  He must have held it in very well.  Next he started 

tickling me as he had his cock in my mouth.  Next thing I knew, he was jacking

off in my mouth as if my mouth was just a sex toy.  

He wouldn't stop jacking off.  He made sure that he kept jacking off and still

jacking off until my mouth was full of his cum.  I tried swallowing it, but he

wouldn't let me, as he pushed his index finger into my neck and slapped my face

a couple of times saying no.

Minutes, then hours passed by.  He kept jacking off some more and some more.

Finally he let me swallow it.  After six hours passed by, I could feel my cock

getting hard again.  As he saw that it was getting hard again, he squeezed my

cock so hard with his hand.  He put more vaseline on it.  He rubbed and rubbed

my cock and as my penis was ready to shoot off, he demanded that I fuck his 

little ass.  His tuchas was already well lubricated from some cream.  It felt

so good as my cock went deeper and deeper up his ass.  He demanded that I keep

fucking him, so I had to do it for at least an hour.  He said that it was the

best fuck of his life, even though my cock was at most five inches long.

Next he gave me a body rub and said thank you for being his sex slave.  We

started french kissing each other so much that his cock started getting hard

again.  In my mind I was saying, "Oh no", as I was at his mercy.

He called up a couple of his male buddies.  I said no, but he insisted.  In a

short ten minutes they both arrived in chains and leather jackets and leather

pants.  They were saying, "Have we ever a guy here with lots of meat!".  They

both took off their clothes and stuck their cocks in my mouth at the same 

time while Ken sucked on my cock.  I could feel these two guys using my mouth

as if it belonged to them.  After all their cum was emptied from their cocks,

they got dressed again and said thank you to Ken.

I saw the two guys giving Ken a hundred dollar bill.  I didn't know why they

were giving Ken money for.  After that, the two guys left on their motorbikes.

Ken took of the handcuffs and he untied me.  Then he ran away as quick as he

came into my place.  He said have a happy new year.


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