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Archive-name: Samesex/woodland.txt


Archive-title: Woodland Frolics


        Sue had the idea first, when she saw the ad in the magazine that

day in the office. I was typing at the computer when she called me over.

"Zoe," she babbled excitedly, "this is just the thing. Look!" 


        We'd been thinking about a holiday for some months, but all we knew

was we wanted something different this year, just something out of the

ordinary. I mean how many times could you go to Spain, get shagged by a

bloke you'd never see again and then simply come home? What we wanted was a

holiday with a difference and, as I looked through the ad, I had the

feeling Sue just might have found it. 


        I confess I had a few doubts. Being a city girl, the idea of a week

out in the woods miles from anywhere was something of a challenge. After

all, what if we wanted to watch TV? Or get a Big Mac? And where, more

importantly, would be the blokes? But Sue had an answer to that one

straight away . . . 


        "What? No blokes out there?" she said, looking at me as if I was

some kind of fool, "That kind of place is just crawling with hunky outdoor

types, Zoe! All of 'em rugged and tough and very, very lonely. C'mon!

“We’ll have a really great time!" 


        One month later, we were on the porch of a hut stuck out in the

back of beyond, staring out at the rain as it hammered down. Happy I was

not .


        "Crawling with blokes, huh?" I griped at her, "We'll have us a

ball. you said?" 


        "Oh, shut up." Sue shot back, "How was I to know?" 


        We'd been there three days now and, to tell the truth both of us

were starting to regret it. For one thing, all it had done since we'd

arrived at the cabin we'd rented was rain like the end of the world was on

its way. And for another, the only sign of manhood we'd encountered was

some old farmer who must have been in his 80s and about as sexually

enticing as a wart-hog. We'd tried to make the best of a bad job, but there

was only so many times you could play cards without it losing its thrill.

The sexual tension and frustration was starting to get to us as well. I'd

frigged my clitty three times during the previous night, so much so that

the tips of my fingers were like prunes as if I had them in the bath for

too long. I had been biting my lip to stifle my moans, even though I

suspected Sue was doing exactly the same thing in the very next room. 


        I went inside and sat on my very basic bed. My hands instinctively

worked their way into my hotpants as they always did when I was bored - my

fingers rubbing urgently at my clit. I was practically on the verge of

coming when a frantic pounding on the door of my room distracted me from my

fanny-stroking. "Zoe!" Sue was yelling breathlessly, "It's stopped raining.

The sun's coming out" 


        I hastily pulled up my hotpants and dashed outside to confirm it

for myself. "I can't believe it!" I gasped, "It looks completely different"


        It really did. The forest in the sunlight was a completely

different affair. The birds were singing and the leaves looked vibrant.


        "I'm for a shower!" panted Sue, "Fancy one?" 


        "What?" I said, "This place has barely got plumbing, let alone a



         Sue chuckled. "Okay," she said, "So it mightn't be the latest in

technology, but it does work . . ."


        I followed her pointing finger across the clearing in front of the

shack. There it stood, like something out of some old Western movie, just a

wooden pole with a tap at the top. 


        "Wow!" I breathed, "Does that thing actually work?" 


        "Who knows?" said Sue, "But there's only one way to find out - last

one naked's a rotten egg ! " 


        Off we ran across the clearing screaming and giggling as we tugged

off our clothes on the way. Sue got there first as I tumbled head first

trying to step out of my tight hotpants and run at the same time. She was

already naked, trying to wrench the tap on when I arrived and it wasn't for

the first time I found myself admiring her slim muscular, almost petite,

body as she stepped underneath the water as the first drops trickled from

the overhead tap. I'd admired her figure before - she was so neat and trim

compared to me. I was no Queen Ugly, but nature had made me tall and

statuesque with a big round bum and full boobs. I had to watch what I ate

or risk getting heavy, whereas Sue could seemingly eat whatever she wanted

and not gain a solitary pound, the bitch! 


        "God, I wish there were some blokes around here!" I said, joining

her under the sporadic jet of water, "Isn't this just the kind of thing

you'd like to do with some hunk of a man?" 


        "You're telling me!" Sue replied, "If I don't get some nookie

sometime soon I'm going to go crazy - God knows how many times I was

fingering my pussy last night just for some relief!" 


        "So you were doing it too?" I laughed, "And there was me trying not

to make a sound all night!" 


        "Me as well!" answered Sue and we dissolved into hysterics at the

thought of us two frustrated girls bottling it all up like that. When the

giggles subsided, Sue had a semi-serious look on her face. "Seriously,

though, Zoe," she said, "I'm real sorry I got you into this - if I'd known

there wasn't a decent man for a hundred miles I'd never have suggested it."


        I was feeling generous, so I waved aside her apologies. "Don't

worry about it, Sue," I said, "We're here now, so we might as well make the

best of it, huh?" 


        "I suppose so . . ." she replied and in that moment I detected

something in her eyes l'd never seen before. It really surprised me, so

much I had to look at her more closely to see if I'd been mistaken. This

time, there was no mistaking the look in her eyes . . . 


        "Sue," I asked her over the gurgling of the water, "Are you

thinking what I think you're thinking?" 


        "Uh-huh," she answered quietly, "Does it shock you?" 


        Quickly, I replied, "No, no. It's just . . . I've never really

thought about it before."


        "Why not?" said Sue, "Here we are, two healthy young girls, in the

middle of nowhere, no chance of getting any nookie . . . who's going to



        When she put it that way, I did some quick thinking. Lesbian sex

had never been something I'd considered before, but now . . . ? Well, like

Sue said, who was going to know? I trusted her and she trusted me and, God

knows, it wasn't as if we were complete strangers . . . or complete dykes. 


        Her hand reached out toward me and brushed against one of my

nipples. Being under the water, out in the fresh air of the woods, meant my

nips were already fully up and, as her finger circled my dark brown bud, a

definite shiver of excitement passed through me. 


        "God, Sue . . ." I murmured, "That feels nice." 


        "I've always been jealous of your tits," she told me, ”They’re so

big and round. I wish I had more up top ."    


        "You should know. “l feel exactly the same thing about you!" I

giggled, taking the soap in my  hand and lathering it up in my palms,

"C'mon, let me soap those cute tits of yours." 


        It felt funny running my hand over a woman's flesh in that way;

funny, but very arousing, especially as I felt Sue's nipples crinkling up

against my palms as I did it. Soon, she had the soap and her hands were

running all over my body in exactly the same way. My skin was tingling and

I knew my pussy was starting to get hot. It got even hotter as Sue's eager

hands moved lower and lower till they were right between my thighs, only a

heartbeat away from my aroused cunny itself. 


        "Tell me how it feels," breathed Sue as her fingers slid between my

full and pouting pussy lips. I sucked in a great lungfull of air and failed

utterly to stifle a long moan of pleasure as she parted my lips and her

index finger brushed lightly against the hard nub of my swollen clitty. 


        "It's like a rock!" whispered Sue, "Christ, Zoe, you're really

turned on!"


        "Fuck it!" I groaned, beside myself with sudden lust, "Lick my

pussy, Sue! Please!" 


        Slowly, we fell together on the ground, our bodies grinding

together as Sue took my nipples deep between her lips, teasing each one

with her teeth as her fingers continued to move against my box. Gradually,

her head moved lower and lower till at last I felt her warm wet tongue ease

between my ultra-moist labia and flick intensely against my clit. 


        "Aaaahhh!!!" I moaned, my cries echoing around the clearing,

"That's just right - MMHHH!!!" 


        Ever remember being so turned on you almost lost your senses? It

had happened to me only once - with a bloke named Carl, the first bloke who

ever made me climax - but this experience was even more intense. I wrapped

Sue's hair around my fingers and pulled her face towards my cunt, at the

same time thrusting my hips up to meet her frantically licking tongue.

Whether Sue had done this before I didn't know, but if she hadn't she had

more beginner's luck than most because I was absolutely out of my mind with

ecstasy. I was coming real hard, my orgasm hurtling toward me like an

express train and just as unstoppable. 


        My shrieks of passion made the birds fly up in panic from the

treeline. My moaning didn't stop until I just couldn't come any longer. For

minutes it was absolute bliss, but then she decided it was her turn and we

slipped into a sixty-nine with me underneath. As her sticky, musky quim

descended on my face I wondered how I'd eat pussy, how it'd taste, but once

I'd extended my tongue and tasted her spicy pungent juices I knew

immediately I liked it and drove my tongue into her hot folds as hard as I

could, seeking out her clit with no difficulty, it being fairly large. And

there we were, two lusty lezzies, clit-licking and fingerfucking, like

there was no tomorrow. I never thought I'd manage to bring her off, but,

incredibly I managed it. Being a woman, I know when another woman comes -

juices don't gush like that unless she's really getting her fun!

        As things turned out, the holiday wasn't wasted at all. We made

more new discoveries than we'd ever anticipated in that secluded cabin.

Only towards the end of our time there did Sue confess to me she'd always

been bi, but by then I wasn't bothered. Now I knew how to get my rocks off

. . . even if I couldn't find a man! 


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