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Archive-name: Samesex/videos.txt

Archive-author: J.D.

Archive-title: Videos

          My  neighbor Carol and I had planned an evening of lovemaking and

    I decided that I would create a 'best of' video for her  viewing.   Her

    interests  are  more varied than mine, so I had to rent a few movies to

    complete it.

          I have mentioned my preference to women, but haven't detailed why

    this is so.  Most of my experiences with men have left me  dissatisfied

    because  my  dates have either been too involved with themselves or too

    involved with me.  Sex should be reciprocal.  In any  case,  those  men

    who  have  large cocks seem to dwell on that fact and aren't interested

    in foreplay or afterplay.  The  ones  who  are  less  endowed  are  too

    concerned  about  it  and  tend  to  frequently interrupt lovemaking to

    apologize for their supposed inadequacy.  For the male readers, size is

    of no importance!!!  It isn't what you have but what you  do  with  it.

    The  men  I  have met also tend to be unconcerned with birth control or

    safe sex.  In any case, at least I  was  spared  the  embarrassment  of

    renting  girl/girl  films  and could easily select a couple male/female

    videos.  {In my opinion, you see one, you've seen them all.}

          I started the pirated tape with a scene about a high school store

    clerk who delivered.   I'm  not  talking  about  just  groceries.   His

    customer  seemed  about ten years his senior and was satisfied with his

    long but thin cock and his tight ass.  She taught him  about  oral  sex

    and some of the better fucking positions, but he seemed uninterested in

    her.  As is the case in 'straight' videos, he came gallons all over her

    chest.  {Haven't the boys heard of Kleenex?}

          The  next  scene  I  taped  was  of  a  Mediterranean  male {very

    egocentric} who fully believed that he could service  three  vixens  at

    the  same  time.   That amounted to placing a lovely blonde on his face

    while the other two took turns with his cock.  First  they  sucked  and

    stroked  it and then each took turns riding it.  I found it interesting

    that as one sat to the side, she was busily fingering herself, no doubt

    to keep in the mood.  Finally, one mounted him frontally while  another

    licked her clit.

          One scene which I decided was outre enough  for  Carol  showed  a

    woman  and  two  men.   After  several  scenes of cock sucking and cunt

    lapping, they double-teamed her, one in her pussy and the other in  her

    ass.  After the pussy poker came, she pulled off to lick up the spilled

    jizm.   The oddity was that she ended up playing with herself while the

    two men sucked each other.

          I couldn't find any other scenes that were unique and switched to

    my own videos.  Since I would now be editing a subject near and dear to

    my  heart, I strapped on my trusty butterfly vibrator.  {I had to first

    replace the batteries.}

          I have fourteen videos and each has approximately ten scenes,  so

    I  knew  it  would take a while to fast forward to interesting sex.  It

    surprised me as to how many of them I had  forgotten.   One  segment  I

    taped  was  of  a sorority initiation {none of the actresses were young

    enough to be in college}.  The initiate ended up eating one bald  pussy

    while  she  fingered the clit of another and used a dildo on the third.

    Each in turn then licked the clit of the new member  while  seeing  how

    many  fingers  they  could  insert  into her vagina {not realistic!}. I

    guess that one of the problems of watching horny  movies  or  tapes  is

    that  it  is  sometimes painfully apparent who is acting {or trying to}

    and who is actually enjoying themselves.

          I followed that with a number of 'single' girl  encounters  where

    each lovely used her fingers, a dildo or vibrator to bring herself off.

    Most  of the scenes were fairly routine until I came to one with a very

    attractive redhead who started by inserting a vibrator and a dildo into

    her  pussy.  She stroked and moaned for several minutes and then placed

    the smaller of the two into her ass.  She  alternated  strokes,  faster

    and  faster  until she was moaning very loudly.  I came myself when she

    pulled out the two toys and fingered herself to orgasm.  She had surely

    found her 'G' spot as she ejaculated droplets of come.  I  was  envious

    as she licked her fingers dry and then winked at the camera.

          One  somewhat  hot  but  degrading film had a woman experimenting

    with fruits and vegetables.  She started with the ever  popular  banana

    and  progressed  through  several types of zucchini and a cucumber.  In

    the  last  scene,  she  inserts a breadstick into her ass and plunges a

    short, fat cucumber into her twat.

          I then discovered a film I had not previously seen and  lay  back

    in my rocker to see it through.  Most scenes dealt with domination, but

    the  one that got me the wettest was with two dominatrixes about twenty

    and a slave of no more than sixteen.  Her tits were barely visible  and

    her slit was completely bald.  Although I expected violence, thankfully

    there  was  none.   Each  matron  took  the  opportunity  to  teach the

    nymphette how to love tits and quim and also enjoyed the taste  of  her

    clean shaven pussy.  There was a little anal action, but mostly tongues

    and  fingers  until  they produced a unique dildo.  Were I able to find

    one, I would certainly add it to my collection.   Not  only  was  it  a

    little  wider than usual and filled with little protrusions, but it was

    made of some glass like substance which made it clear.  They took turns

    inserting it into the supposed virgin cunt,  licking  the  juices  from

    time to time and all three apparently enjoyed themselves greatly.

          I should mention that somewhere along  the  way,  I  replaced  my

    strap on  vibrator  with a more entertaining version.  I have one that

    vibrates while it expands and contracts.  For hands free operation,  it

    has  lately become my favorite and I lost count of how many times I had

    to shake from coming.

          I next started a home made video containing beastiality.  This is

    not a subject which I enjoy, but in a previous meeting with Carol,  she

    seemed  fascinated  and very excited about it.  I started both machines

    and began preparing for the evening.  I returned and found enough  time

    on  the  tape for one more scene and selected my personal favorite.  It

    was made by an acquaintance in California and is personally autographed

    by my friend.  It relates the tale of a woman with an large  amount  of

    body  hair  who  is  convinced  by a friend at her pool that she should

    shave for comfort.  She also was wearing a french cut swimming suit and

    several hairs were showing on the sides.

          They retire to the apartment and  the  hostess  produces  shaving

    gear.  I have previously stated my love for bare pussy and really enjoy

    watching  someone shave.  Needless to say, both the participants of the

    video and yours truly were fiddling with our clits by the  end  of  the


          When Carol arrived, I let her unwrap her present and we discussed

    what  she hoped to see over our meal.  I was getting very horny and was

    glad that most of the subjects she mentioned were represented.    As  a

    matter  of  fact,  the  only  area she did not talk about was the final

    scene.  After the dishes were cleared, we retired to the play room  and

    started  the  tape.  We decided that it would be best to watch the film

    in its' entirety and therefore  our  foreplay  would  consist  only  of

    licking each others nipples and SLOWLY fingering our clits.  I was very

    glad  the  Carol seemed most aroused during the masturbation scenes and

    those without men, but was a little distraught when she sat up  as  the

    animal section started.  I didn't count the number of times each  of us

    came, but we were tired and decided to get some coffee before the final

    scenes.   After  finishing  our drinks, we restarted the tape and Carol

    stated that she was envious of the women with bald beavers  and  didn't

    quite  have  the  courage  to  shave  herself.   Leaving very little to

    chance, I had already put scissors, a razor and cream  under  the  bed.

    I'm  not  quite  sure who was more excited about the shaving, but I set

    out to do my duty gleefully.

          I started by clipping  the  pubic  hairs  as  close  as  possible

    and  we  decided  to save the hair as a reminder of our evening.  After

    all the longer strands had been cut, I  methodically  massaged  shaving

    cream onto her mound and along her thighs.  I expertly removed the rest

    of  the  pubic  hair  and  washed  her with a warm cloth.  I got a hand

    mirror to allow Carol to see her new cut and  she  was  quite  pleased.

    Her  biggest  concern  was the itching which occurs when the hair grows

    back, but I promised her that I would be happy to trim her whenever she

    felt the need.

          We both spent some time marvelling at the beauty  of  the  female

    form  and  ended up eating each other into convulsions.  I suppose that

    if I ever decide to settle down, it will be with someone as  young  and

    athletic  as  Carol.  I find myself getting very wet every time I think

    of  her  sleek  shape.   She has larger breasts than I do, but they her

    nipples and aureolas are smaller.  Our waist sizes  are  comparable  as

    are our hips.  And now our pussies are equally bare.

          In  our  discussions  of  the  video, she talked about her animal

    fantasies and were at a  loss  as  to  their  origin,  other  than  the

    customary facts that we most desire that which we cannot have.

          Carol  called  her  mother  and told her she would be staying the

    night {not unusual these days} and we settled into my big bed and  held

    each  other  until  we fell asleep.  In the morning, we decided that it

    was time for a man, to break the monotony and made plans to go  to  the

    local and check out the talent, but that's another story.

                    J. D.


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