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Archive-name: Samesex/tanning.ff

Archive-author: Renee Holmes

Archive-title: Tanning

I had discovered a secluded place where we could sunbathe nude,

so Karyn and I take off one Saturday morning in search of the all

over tan.  I am wearing a pair of my Nikes, white shorts, and a

white tank top, all the white really looks good against the tan I

already have.  Karyn has on a pair of sandals, bright yellow

shorts, and a white sleeveless blouse.  The bounce to Karyn's

gorgeous breasts, and her slightly erect nipples lets me know she

is not wearing a bra.  We idly chat while we are enroute, and get

to know one another better.  We have to walk a ways, but the spot

is definitely secluded.  It is an opening by a small stream that

gets full sun about 3 hours a day, and we have arrived at the

start.  We spread our blankets, and start to take off our

clothes.  I am truly enjoying watching Karyn undress, I try not

to be obvious, but my nipples grow hard and stand out.  Her

shaved pussy looks so nice, and I am growing eager to kiss and

feel her ample breasts.  We lay down next to each other, and I

offer to spread lotion on her.  I do her back first, working down

from her shoulders, past her waist, and down her legs.  I

purposely don't put any on her bottom, leaving that for last.  I

rub the lotion on each of her cheeks, allowing some of it to run

down her crack, this gives me an excuse to slide my fingers down,

and then up, across her tight little anus. I let my finger linger

there, watching her response, as she lifts her bottom a little to

meet my pressure.  Then Karyn rolls over, and I spread the lotion

all over her beautiful breasts, I kneed them, and rub across her

nipples, till they stand erect.  I can tell from her breathing

that this is exciting her.  I move down her body, again skipping

her pubic area, leaving it for last.  As I pour lotion unto her

bare little mound, she spreads her legs, so that I can get the

lotion that ran down her pussy lips.  As I massage Karyn's pussy,

my fingers work their way into the folds of her labia, I feel her

hard clitoris, and start a small circular motion on top of it.  I

occasionally stop, and slip my finger into her moist vagina,

working it in and out, bringing up some of her love juice to

lubricate her clitoris.  In a few minutes, her breathing

quickens, she tightens her legs, and starts to orgasm, it comes

in waves, and she moans softly.  When she has finally come down

from her high, I bend down, kiss her, and say " 'Karyn, I think

that's enough lotion for you." ....      

With her body still tingling Karyn smiles lazily at me. She holds

out her hand for the lotion, and I give it to her. "Let me do

your back first," She tells me. I lay down on my stomach, and she

brushes my hair from my shoulders. She runs her fingers down my

back, loving the smoothness of my skin. She puts some lotion on

her hands, and rubs them together, then she starts at my

shoulders, and massages the lotion in, moving slowly down my

back, and stopping before she reaches my bottom. She moves to my

left arm, and starts working at my fingers. Karyn moves up my

hand, and over my elbow, until she reaches the spot on my

shoulder she started at. She straddles my back, and starts

working at the other shoulder, slowly moving down to my fingers.

I smile at her, and she reaches down and gives me a light kiss on

my lips. She moves down my body, to my feet, and starts working

her way up. She gets to the top of my thighs, and runs her

fingers close to my smooth lips. Karyn puts more lotion on her

hands and starts working on my tush. She lets one of her fingers

go down the crack between my cheeks, and brushes it over my anus.

Her other hand keeps working on my bottom, while she runs her

finger over my clitty with the other. She finds out that my pussy

is already moist, and it only takes a few slips of her finger in

my warm pussy to really dampen my clit. She takes her hand off of

my ass, and slowly slides her hand out of my pussy. She tells me

to turn over, and I do. Karyn moves down to my feet, and starts

rubbing lotion on them. She slowly moves up and stops at my

pussy. Before she goes any higher, she lightly kisses my shaven

lips.  She decides to leave my pussy for last. She smiles at me,

and I lazily close my eyes. She starts just past my hips, and

this time she works her way up to my head. She lingers on my

stomach, commenting on the tautness of it. She continues upwards,

and gets to my breasts. She rubs lotion around the underside of

them, but before finishing, she runs her tongue over the nipple

of the right one.  Karyn lightly rubs the left one with her hand.

My nipples have hardened into little knobs. Lightly she bites the

left one, and I wriggle delightfully underneath her. My lips

part, and she find herself unable to pass up the offer. She moves

up a little bit, and kisses me. She lets her tongue slip a little

in between my teeth, where it is met by mine. Slowly she breaks

off the kiss. She lets her lips wander down my chin, to my neck,

and she flicks her tongue along the base. She then starts rubbing

lotion on my arms. After she has finished, she makes sure that my

breasts are fully covered. She puts lotion on her right hand, and

lays down on my left. She lowers her hand to my shaven mound, and

slowly starts rubbing the lotion in. Karyn raises herself up on

her left arm, and kiss me. She lets one of her fingers play with

my clit, occasionally letting it slide into me warm pussy. She

tugs lightly on my labia sending little waves of pleasure up my

body.  Her lips meet mine, and I drink of them eagerly.    We

both feel wonderful by now, and relax in the sun.  As we lay next

to each other, we hold hands, and occasionally kiss each other.

The afternoon has started off wonderfully. The afternoon grows a

little warmer, and sweat builds on our bodies, combined with the

lotion, we glisten in the sun.  Finally it gets too hot, so I

suggest we go sit in the cool stream a while.  We get up, and

discover that not far from where our blanket is, there is a pool

deep enough for us to sit in.  We get in, and the water feels so

cool and wonderful on our hot bodies.  We sit next to each other

leaning against a large rock.  After a while, I notice that her

areola and nipples are getting hard from being in the cold water.

I bend down and gently kiss and bite each one.  Just as she is 

about to do the same to me, we hear a noise.  It sounds like

someone coming through the woods.  "Shit", I say, "just what we

need, when we were having such a good time."  We quickly get out

of the water, and over to our blanket.  We both know, that

getting caught by some guys while you're in the nude is cute in a

story, but not in real life.  We just about get our shorts on

when we see the intruder.  "Echo, what are you doing here" I say,

"you scared the shit out of us." Echo says, "Sorry, Renee, but

you had told me about this place, and I knew that you and Karyn

had taken off today, so I just guessed that this is where you'd

be."  I say  "Well we're glad it's you, now get your clothes

off." Echo comes over to the blanket, and takes off her clothes. 

Since we had gotten cooled off in the stream, we took off our

shorts too, and all three of us got on the blanket. I reminded

Karyn that Echo did not have any lotion on, so we each took a

bottle and started putting some on her.   Karyn started at her

feet, and I at her neck, we made it more of a massage than just a

lotion application.  As Echo was humming with delight over her

treatment, we both reached her bottom at the same time.  We each

took a cheek, rubbing the lotion in, making sure that each time

be circled her cheek, our fingers rubbed across her anus and

pussy lips.  "Roll over Echo, time for the front" I say, and Echo

gladly gets on her back.  This time we divide our task

differently, I take her right side, and Karyn takes her left.  We

start at her toes, and work up, but we stop at her thighs, and go

to her shoulders.  We work the lotion in down her arms, and go

back to her breasts.  We kneed the lotion in, rubbing her

nipples, which grow harder and harder the longer we rub. 

Finally, we look at each other, and decide that it is time we

moved down to her pussy.   We each pour a little lotion on her

mound, so that it is generously covered, and some of it runs down

and across her lips.  Echo, senses what is going to happen, and

opens her legs.  We both put our hands on her mound, and start

gently massaging.  As Echo grows more excited, Karyn starts

circling Echo's clitty with her index finger, and I start moving

one finger in and out of her moist vagina.  The lotion that has

run down across her pussy lips has run further down unto her

anus, so with another finger, I circle it, and circle it, easing

my finger further and further in, finally her anus has relaxed

and my finger now slides in and out.  While Karyn varies the

motion that she is making around Echo's clitty, from around and

around to up and down to fast and slow, I move my two fingers in

and out of her vagina and anus.  We feel Echo tighten her legs

and stomach at the same time she starts saying  "Oh yes!!, Oh

yes!!". We both speed up our actions as she orgasms.  Between

breaths she says,  "Oh Karyn, Renee, that was wonderful".  We

both bend down and take turns kissing her, "it was fun for us

too" I say.  Karyn says "Hey Renee, now that Echo is 'caught up'

we need to get a little more sun!"  I say "Right Karyn', we can

still get a couple of hours of good sun yet.  The sun was

starting to go down, casting shadows over our little hide away.

We had spent the day bathing in the sun, and having some fun. We

splashed in the water, and made sure each of us was well covered

in lotion. We decided to pack up, and head off. I hated to call

it an end to the day, though, and I suggested we all go shower

and go out this evening, and maybe break a few hearts. No one had

a reason why not, so we agreed. I was all alone in the house, so

I offered to let everyone shower and change there.     Karyn

turned the shower on, while Echo and I got undressed.  By the

time she came out of the bathroom, Echo and I were naked.  Karyn

quickly undressed, and said "We can take turns, or we can all get

in there together." Even though I had been with the two other

women all day, and most of that spent in the nude, here in the

bedroom I was getting very turned on looking at their great

bodies.  "Lets all try it", I said, knowing that the closeness

would get me even more turned on. We all got into the shower, and

it wasn't too bad.  While one was under the nozzle, the other two

stood at the opposite end, soaping up. While Karyn was under the

shower, I soaped the front of her body, and then hugged Echo,

sliding my soapy body against Echo, washing her.  When Karyn and

Echo switched places, I did the same to Karyn.  They washed each

others hair, and with soapy hands each washed, fondled, and

probed the other two. Echo shaved my legs for me and then worked

her way up and gently gave my pussy a shave.  Gently pulling on

my outer lips to stretch the skin for a closer shave.  I did the

same for Karyn.  Karyn and I both looked at Echo and asked "Echo,

do you want to try a shave?"  Echo said "No, although I think it

looks very sexy on you two, I think I'll just stay natural". 

With the shower over, they toweled each other dry, and then I

padded over to the bed, sat down and said "Hey, Echo, Karyn are

we in a hurry, or do we have time for a little fun right here?"

......... Enjoy....




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