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Archive-name: Samesex/tamtroy3.txt

Archive-author: Alvin Smith

Archive-title: Tammy and Troy - 3

                        What a Lesson!


                        copyright 11/6/92

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chapter One:  Everyone's A Film Critic

The long hot summer months proved to be quite successful for

TRICLIMAX PRODUCTIONS.  In addition to the first video tape of

the activities at the pool, Troy, Tammy, and Lisa sold ten other

two hour erotica tapes to "XXXMART".  All of the tapes were made

up of the sexual experiences of the triumvirate.  Progressively,

each got steamier, and steamier.

Sales of the tapes to the public were quite brisk.  Long lines

typically formed whenever a new tape was ready to be released. 

"VIXENS" even set up a special photo booth where Lisa and Tammy

could pose for pictures and autograph tapes for customers. 

Equally surprising was the fact that Troy became an overnight

legend.  People began to stop him on the street and ask to shake

his hand, or offer to take him out to dinner.

Throughout their new found fame and fortune, the three lovers

managed to remain themselves.  They didn't allow the popularity

to go to their heads.  Tammy and Lisa continued to dance three

days a week, and Troy kept his job at the condom factory.  Aside

from the fact that they were each now financially set, nothing

else changed in their lives.  As with the 'Three Musketeers'

before them, it was 'one for all, and all for one'.

The status quo continued until Halloween Night.  In the evening

newspaper, a letter to the ARTS EDITOR accused TRICLIMAX

PRODUCTIONS of proliferating pornography and of corrupting the

youth.  Further, the letter stated that the blatant sexuality of

the trio of stars was a direct embarrassment to the city, and

that anyone buying or renting a copy of the tapes ought be

publicly stoned.  Finally, the letter concluded "no one in

society today ought be forced to view such filth, nor should

anyone even participate in such filth".  It was signed with the

name "Luther V. Irgin".  

Chapter Two:  Luther's World 

Luther V. Irgin was like any typical young man with a WASP

upbringing.  He worked as a computer consultant at a large

corporation involved in the manufacture of high precision

aircraft parts.  The majority of these parts were sold to the

government, or to a government of allied countries.  As such,

Luther was deeply involved in the manufacturing process, often

working twelve hours per day.  As a result, he had little time to

socialize.  Luther never had a girl friend or a date.  His six

figure salary helped to eliminate the pain of being alone and

made him forget about the long hard hours spent at the computer


One of the things Luther did do in his spare time was to rent

movies from the local video place.  He often just took anything

the store had available, sometimes not even looking at the titles

before viewing.  On a few occasions, he simply had the store

clerk pick out titles.  During a typical night Luther generally

watched five tapes from the store.  Often, the endless drone of

the television and the VCR could be heard throughout the night. 

Meaningless dialogue from B grade movies echoed through the


By a fluke of luck, one night Luther asked the video store clerk

to give him five tapes.  The clerk picked up the closest five

tapes within reach.  They happened to be a set of TRICLIMAX

PRODUCTIONS films featuring Tammy, Lisa, and Troy.  Without

looking at the titles, Luther paid for the tape rental, took them

home, and popped one in the VCR.

The shock was almost too much for Luther.  He had never seen a

xrated film or video, or for that matter, a naked woman either in

photos or live.  He had imagined what some of his female

coworkers would look like, but he'd never seen the real thing. 

Seeing Tammy and Lisa on the screen was a revelation for Luther. 

He was aghast at the wanton lust that was being exhibited, and he

was mortified that, at age 30, for the first time in his life, he

was being immoral.  

As the tape played on, Luther sat transfixed staring at the

screen as Tammy shoved her tongue in and out of Lisa's vagina,

and as it darted rapidly around Lisa's clitoris.  His mouth

dropped open as Lisa mounted Troy's penis while burying her face

in Tammy furry red snatch.  As the thrusting continued on the

television, Luther drew himself deeper and deeper into his own

self.  He imagined himself playing the part of Troy.  He felt his

own face being pressed into the murky depths of Lisa's womanhood,

and he sensed the sharp vaginal contractions of Tammy around his

own penis.  The tape played on, and the fantasy world Luther

built in his mind continued to grow.  Losing track of time and

reality, Luther sat in his room staring at the screen, both

disgusted by what he saw, and all wrapped up in it at the same

time.  His emotions ebbed at the high and low ends of the cycle. 

Part of his inner being longed for the fantasy world he had drawn

from the video, while the other side of him deplored the

degradation and dehumanization of the film he was watching.  With

the tape still playing, he began to draft a letter to the ARTS


Chapter Three:  Lisa and Luther 

Lisa sat reading the newspaper that Halloween night as Tammy and

Troy took turns passing out candy to the neighborhood children. 

She came to the arts column and began reading the letters. 

Luther's letter hit her like a ton of bricks.  Flabbergasted, she

when to the phone book and copied the number for Luther V. Irgin,

382-5446.  Immediately, she went to the phone and dialed it.

Luther answered the phone on the sixth ring.  He wasn't prepared

for what he heard and as a result, he stood speechless in awe

holding the phone receiver to his ear.

He heard, "I want to invite you over so I can teach you what it

means to make love, and to be loved by someone.  Your letter to

the Arts Editor was so full of hatred that I believe I have to

help you overcome it.  Can I come over now to meet you, and to

begin teaching you about love?"

Finally, Luther stuttered "Ssssuuuuuurrrreeee, I

sssuuppppooossseee" and hung up the phone still dazed by it all.

Meanwhile, Lisa began to gather a few items together and threw

them into a bag, and quickly changed into her sexiest stripping

costume, put on a trench coat, and then ran out the door.  She

drove quickly, ignoring most of the traffic laws.  She narrowly

missed hitting some trick or treaters a couple of times, but

thankfully managed to get to Luther's house safely.  She rang the

door bell and stood ready to flash Luther when he answered.

As the door opened, she yelled "Trick or Treat!!, and I'm the

Treat!!" while pulling her trench coat open to reveal her body.

Luther stared at her, transfixed by her beauty.  She pushed her

way into the house, and closed the door behind her.  She let the

trench coat drop to the floor, so she stood there only in her

stripper costume.  Slowly she began her advance toward Luther who

was backing away.

Backed to the wall, Luther could retreat no further.  His

situation was one he'd never dreamt of being in.  A nubile Black

woman with huge breasts hanging in a skimpy see-through halter

top was cornering him.  She pressed her body against his.  He

felt the warmth of it.  His knees quivered.  She pressed her lips

to his, and her tongue pushed forward into his mouth.  His knees

began to buckle.  Her advances continued nevertheless.  With her

tongue probing his mouth, her hands began to undo his shirt and

pants.  Soon, without realizing it, Luther found himself sans

clothing.  Lisa managed to maneuver him out of it almost

effortlessly all while French kissing him.  

Lisa continued her assault.  Relentlessly she led Luther into the

dining room, and began massaging his nude body.  As a lubricant,

she used edible body paints which she had brought from home. 

When Luther was fully lubricated, Lisa began the cleansing

routine.  Her tongue became the massage tool.  Her target of

attention became Luther's body.

Up each leg she licked, lapping up the tasty paint residue. 

Luther could hardly contain himself as her nimble tongue found

it's way under his testicles and around his penis.  When his

penis itself was washed of the paint, he lost control and shot a

load of cum into Lisa's face.

With that, Lisa stood up and announced "For that, you've earned a

better view of me."  She peeled off the halter top and G-string,

to reveal her entire body to Luther.  The shock of seeing her

shaven pubic region compounded then Lisa brought it close to

Luther's face so he could clearly see her bulging clit, and her

swollen pussy lips.  As he gazed at the magnificent femininity in

front of him, Luther shot another load of cum onto Lisa's bare


Chapter Four:  Golf Anyone?

Halloween night faded into morning.  Lisa continued Luther's

lessons in love making throughout the entire time.  She finished

her tongue massage, and then began teaching Luther how to eat her

own pussy.  Finally, as dawn broke, she slid herself onto Luther

ever-hard penis, and began to utilize the expert control of her

vaginal muscle to squeeze it in a slow rolling motion.  

Luther came for the umpteenth time.  The difference was this

time, his cum shot into Lisa instead of onto Lisa.  He was putty

in the hands of an experienced woman.  For a virginal effort, it

was the dawning of a new day in more ways than one.

About ten o'clock, the door bell rang.  Lisa got up to open it. 

Luther was too far off in his state of pleasure to know she had

left.  As Lisa opened the door, she thought about the possible

repercussions of answering the door in the nude, but she

dismissed them quickly since she was comfortable as a stripper

being nude, and as a porno star, so why not in Luther's house at

the front door?

To her shock, at the door were Tammy and Troy.  She ushered them

in and explained that she was making a man out of Luther, and

that she wanted to teach him that love wasn't dirty and

disgusting as he'd written in the letter.  Troy and Tammy

immediately agreed to help.  They both quickly stripped off their

clothing and followed Lisa into the dining room.

Tammy's first view of Luther's nude body stunned her.  His skin

tone was quite pale.  Against Troy's tanned skin, Luther seemed

whiter than milk, and compared to Lisa's ebony hide, Luther

looked even worse.  However, he had an enormous amount of body

hair.  His chest, back, and pelvic region were practically

invisible under the bushy brown hair.  Through the hair, a long,

hard, very erect penis poked upward at a 45 degree angle.  The

uncircumcised tip was darker in color than the rest of the body. 

The foreskin was folded back into a position Lisa had put it

while licking the head.

Troy on the other hand wasn't surprised by what he saw.  He felt

right at home almost from the start.  He introduced himself to

Luther quickly, and launched into a quick oral exploration of

Luther's penis.  As Tammy continued to survey the scene, Lisa

lowered he pussy over Luther's mouth and let his tongue clean her

out for yet another time.  The only spot left for Tammy was to

begin working on Troy's penis with her own tongue, so she dove

into the fun.

As the session wore on, Luther, Tammy, Lisa, and Troy changed

positions so each got a turn at each other's body cavities, and

at each other's erogenous zones.  By nightfall, Luther had made

love to two women, and one man.  His attitudes toward sexual

activities had evaporated like ice on a hot griddle.  Most

importantly, he had learned the art of love was one that you

shouldn't dismiss without first having some experiences.

That night, the foursome frolicked until they fell asleep in each

other's arms.  Luther was the first to wake up the next morning. 

After nearly thirty-six hours of a nonstop orgy, he took stock of

himself, and his situation.  It dawned on him that he'd had the

time of his life, and he didn't want to ever let the pleasure

escape him again.  He woke the Tammy, Lisa, and Troy, and

suggested they might want to go play a round of nude golf since

they already had a foursome, and it could be considered foreplay!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                       The End (or is it?)

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