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Archive-name: Samesex/tamtroy2.txt

Archive-author: Alvin Smith

Archive-title: Tammy and Troy - 2

                    Encounters with a Friend


                       copyright 10/27/92

Chapter One:  Out to Find a Job

Tammy had been living with Troy for about four months when she

decided that she wanted to get back into the exotic dance world. 

The tips were too good to pass up for very long, and provided she

didn't go back to "Fantasy Girl", she thought she could avoid

getting into any more sexual liaisons.  After all, most of the

clubs around didn't allow contact between the audience and the

dancers, so there wasn't a chance that she'd be doing any more

'lap dances' in the near future.

Troy understood her desire to get back to the work world.  He

realized that Tammy couldn't survive cooped up in the house day

after day as his lover and sex object.  She needed to be out

amongst people.  He even encouraged her to pursue the dancing


Finally on a Tuesday afternoon, Tammy found a job in a club near

the waterfront called "Vixens".  The major difference in addition

to the no contact rule between it and "Fantasy Girl" was that

here, the dancer stripped down to nothing.  Before she was able

to finish her routine in a G-String, now Tammy would learn to

bare it all.  She started dancing later that same day.  Quickly

the gyrations came back to her.  The bumps and grinds all fit

into place.  Tammy was an instant success with the audience.  Her

red pubic hair was unique amongst the dancers, and the crowds

loved it.

The other dancers took notice of Tammy's popularity.  Some were

annoyed by it, and avoided her.  A few though came to her and

tried to be friendly.  One of the ones who did was a young Black

girl, about twenty four years old, from New York named Lisa. 

Immediately, Tammy and Lisa became confidants of each other. 

They grew closer together in friendship over the weeks.

Lisa had grown up in Manhattan where her father was a banker and

her mother a teacher.  At age eighteen, she left home though to

see the world.  She moved around alot, stopping in many cities

for a short time.  During this period, she found that the easiest

way to make some money was to dance in the local exotic dance

halls.  As she moved from city to city, her new found career took

her into places like the "Naked Eye" in Boston, "Pinky's" in

Cleveland, "Showbar" on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and

"Teasers" in Cocoa Beach.  At each location, her ebony colored

skin and her svelte body won her many admirers.

Lisa fit perfectly into the group of dancers at "Vixens".  She

had magnificent breasts that seemed to extend forever outward

from her body.  About two third of each breast was made up of the

areola.  The areola each measured about 5 inches across, with a

small pointy nipple in the center.  Just the sight of her breasts

screamed vixen to any onlooker.  It almost seemed like the club

was named after her.

The other thing that was unique about Lisa was that from all of

the dancers at "Vixens", she was the only one who shaved her

pubic region regularly.  Most of the time, she was as bald as a

baby down there.  She felt it allowed a better view of her large

pussy and clit.  One might even say she was the first "pussy

galore" before the character in the Bond movie.

This feature of Lisa's was a hit with all the customers at

"Vixens".  In stark contrast, her smooth Black hairless region

offset Tammy's red forest.  The club began to advertise these

special viewer treats, and even arrange shows in which Lisa and

Tammy performed together.

Chapter Two: The Natural Third Party

The work relationship between Lisa and Tammy quickly grew to one

in which they began to meet on during their off hours, and enjoy

each other's bodies.  The lesbianism in each was slowly coming

out into the open.  

Hour after hour, Tammy would sit sucking on Lisa's nipples, and

wedging her fingers up Lisa's vagina.  At the same time, Lisa

would manipulate Tammy's clitoris until she climaxed, then they'd

switch roles and begin again.  Troy couldn't help but notice that

he was losing his lover.  Slowly, Lisa was stealing her away from


In a bold move, Troy suggested that he join into one of the

liaisons one afternoon.  He outlined his idea to Lisa and Tammy. 

They would form a triangle interlocking at key locations for

starters.  Troy would lick and suck on Lisa's vagina, Lisa would

lick and suck Tammy's vagina, and Tammy would get to suck on

Troy's meaty penis.  Then after all were satisfied, they could

reverse the triangle.  Beyond that, there were no plans, only the

goal of having good clean sexual fun.

Tammy agreed immediately since she and Troy had discussed a trio

setting already.  Lisa took some convincing though, but finally

she gave in.  The result was pure ecstasy for all involved. 

Their first session lasted almost nine hours.  It was the start

of a new chapter in all their lives. 

Chapter Three:  Documenting An Encounter

Over the next several weeks, Lisa found herself staying overnight

with Tammy and Troy most nights.  Finally, she decided to give up

her apartment and move in with them entirely.  The arrangements

were simple.  The three friends shared an apartment, a bed, and

most importantly they shared each others bodies.  

One afternoon, Troy came home earlier than normal.  Neither Lisa,

nor Tammy were scheduled to dance at "Vixens" that night, so both

were lounging nude out on the deck by the pool.  Troy sensed that

this might be a good opportunity to take a few photos, and shot a

bit of videotape, so quietly, he gathered together his camera

gear, and went out onto the deck.

Both girls quickly realized Troy's intentions, and both began to

mug for the camera.  Tammy by spreading her legs wide to show her

bushy red pubic mound, and Lisa by reaching down between her legs

to spread her shaven Black pussy lips.  When this got stale, the

next idea Tammy hit upon was to begin a slow systematic tongue

massage of Lisa's smooth pussy and thumb-like clit.  Troy

recorded every lust-filled minute of it on videotape, zooming in

to catch the quick cat-like movements of Tammy's tongue.

Within a few minutes, Lisa was moaning in sheer jubilation.  Her

belly swelled as her orgasmic reaction built up and her entire

body shook violently until finally climaxing.  Tammy was in the

cat-bird's seat, and managed to catch most of the delicious

juices with her tongue.  Troy caught it all on tape.

With the camera still rolling, Lisa ran into the house and

returned with a 18 inch dildo.  She quickly inserted one end into

her wet hole, and motioned to Tammy to mount the other end. 

Together, the two women cuddled each other, and massaged each

others bodies.  The dildo held them together.  Troy put the video

camera on a tripod leaving it running, and quickly stripped off

his clothes.

His penis was already dripping precum as he stepped in front of

the camera to join into the fun.  Standing along side the girls,

he let them both lick his thighs testicles, and ultimately his

penis.  They both fought to gobble up the precum that was leaking

out.  After a few minutes, unable to contain himself, Troy shot a

load of cum that hit Tammy squarely in the face.  Lisa was quick

to begin licking it off, while Tammy continued with Troy's cock.

Several hours later, the camera clicked to a halt as the tape

inside it ended.  Prompted by this, Troy got up from between the

girls and changed the tape, then dove into the pool.  Both girls

followed suit.

The rest of the evening was spent in and around the pool.  The

three lovers took turns filming each others antics.  All in all,

they ended up with almost ten hours of tapes.

Chapter Four:  Setting Up A Three Way Deal

Several weeks later, while relaxing nude and watching one of the

video tapes he had made of Tammy, Lisa, and himself, Troy began

to formulate an idea.  He got up and ran out to the pool to talk

to the girls.

"Why don't we edit those sex tapes from a few weeks ago and try

to sell them down at 'XXXMART'?  We could duplicate a few scenes,

and package it like a standard porno flick.  After all, it has

everything a porno flick has in it: tits; pussies; clits; my

cock; and alot of good old fashioned fucking around!"

"I guess it would help my dancing career. 'VIXENS' would have to

bill Lisa and me as porno starlets.  Can you seen the sign out


AROUND or something like that.  What do you think Lisa?"

"Well, I guess it can't do any harm to our career.  Imagine the

tips!  We'd better think of a good name for ourselves.  Something

erotic and sexy.  Something that just drips of sensuality.  Maybe


"Great!  If you and Tammy can start thinking about how we can

edit the tape, I'll start checking out blank tape suppliers and

will look into getting a tape duplicating machine, then we'll all

go down to 'XXXMART' and sell them the tapes."  

"Okay, we can split the profits equally."

"I think this new partnership deserves a celebration Troy!  We're

all already undressed for it!  Let's get him Lisa!"  

With that, Lisa and Tammy jumped up and grabbed Troy's nude body

between their own bodies, and wrestled him to the ground.  Lisa

thrust herself on Troy's bulging member while Tammy buried his

face in her musky snatch.  As they sat facing each other one

Troy's anatomy, Tammy and Lisa brought themselves closer together

by leaning forward until their tongues met.  Probing into the

others mouth, they each felt a special bond with each other, and

with Troy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                       The End (or is it?)

Next:     A film buff cums (sic) for a visit and learns the art

          of love from Lisa.


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