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Archive-name: Samesex/tamtroy1.txt

Archive-author: Alvin Smith

Archive-title: Tammy and Troy - 1

     This story may be freely distributed provided that this

     notice is left intact with the story.  Failure to leave this

     message intact will result in severe sexual torture.

     If subsequent feedback is favorable, additional stories will

     be posted in the coming weeks.

            A Night Forgotten is a Night to Remember


                       copyright 12/24/91

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Chapter One:  The Awakening

The cold water hitting her face woke her up with an abrupt shock. 

Tammy rolled over on the bed to avoid the drips, but in doing so,

she found herself hitting something.  Pulling back the covers,

she realized she was not alone.

Lying on the bed face down was a nude man.  As Tammy peeled the

sheets back, she saw his hairy back and ass.  The sight of it

startled Tammy.  She thought hard to remember who this man was,

and why he was in her bed.

Quickly she got up and began searching for a robe.  In the dim

light, her naked body would normally have been an appealing image

to any man, but now, in her state of confusion, Tammy wasn't in

the mood to walk around naked, or to have a nude man in her bed. 

Finally, she found a robe, and half pulled it on, leaving her

breasts hanging free and out in the open.

By this time Troy had awakened also, but he just laid on the bed

watching Tammy.  In the darkness, he admired her shapely breasts,

round bottom and bushy pubic mound.  Tammy's red hair allowed

Troy to form an image of a hot and sensuous female in his mind. 

He felt his penis harden as he thought back to the previous

night, and then to the events that led him to Tammy's bed, and

finally to the very enjoyable show he was watching as Tammy

looked for her robe.

While Troy secretly watched, Tammy began brushing her hair.  As

she stood in front of the mirror, she was deep in thought.  Here

she was with a man in her bed, and she had no idea of who he was,

or how he got there.  Worse yet, she didn't know how to confront

him.  She had no idea of what she would say when he woke up. 

Little did she realize that the confrontation would happen sooner

then she though.

The quiet was broken by Tammy's alarm clock.  It began to buzz in

an abrasive manner.  She jumped as she heard it, since she had

not expected it to ring.  In doing so, her robe slipped open even

more.  Meanwhile, Troy was quick to reach over and silence the

buzzer.  He used the opportunity to climb out of the bed and to

walk toward Tammy.

He stopped about six feet away from her.  She turned toward him,

and caught sight of him standing there naked.  This was her first

real view of his body.  His penis was erect, measuring about

eight inches long, and two and a half inches thick.  Her gaze

focused downward, her eyes locking on Troy's penis.  The only

word that she could manage was "Wow!".

Chapter Two: The Confrontation

Troy was somewhat taken by Tammy's surprised expression.  He

spoke quietly, "Tammy honey, what's wrong?  Let's sit down and

talk."  But Tammy stood frozen by the mirror staring at Troy. 

Seconds ticked by, inside her brain, a thousand ideas were flying

through her head.  Each was wilder than the previous.  None made

any sense to her.

Finally, she spoke.  "I'm confused.. You're in my bedroom..

You're nude.. We've obviously slept together, but I have no idea

who you are.. can you tell me what happened last night?? I only

remember sitting down to read Cyberpunk, the true stories about

three computer hackers."

This revelation stunned Troy, but he recovered quickly and

reached out to Tammy saying: "Honey, I'll tell you everything I

know.  Let's sit down though, it's a long story."

Slowly Tammy moved toward Troy and the bed.  He stood still,

waiting for her to sit.  As she passed him and reached the bed,

he turned and reached for a chair.  Holding it backwards, he

straddled it.  He sat down so his legs were on either side of the

chair and his penis was pushed though the slats of the back of

the chair.  

Tammy sat down on the bed, pulling her knees up against her bare

breasts, and looped her arms around them.  Sitting on the silky

robe in this manner caused it to fall open again however, this

position placed her pubic regions in direct view of Troy.  Bushy

red pubic hair standing on end covered her clitoris.  His penis

grew harder as he tried to avoid staring at her mound.

Chapter Three:  Troy's Story

He began "Last night is only a small part of the story.  I think

I need to go back further than that, at least two weeks, maybe

more.  You weren't reading Cyberpunk yesterday either.  As a

matter of fact, I returned it to the library two days after I met

you because it was overdue.  That had to be at least ten days


"The Thursday we met, I had gone out to check out strip bars and

to have some fun.  You were dancing on stage in the second bar I

walked into.  It was a place called 'Fantasy Girl', and you

certainly fit.  I sat down near the stage captivated by your

beauty.  As you peeled off your lacy outfit, I motioned to you

that you that I wanted to tip you.  I put a $20.00 bill into your


"After that dance, you came over to my table and thanked me for

the generous tip, and offered to do a 'private lap dance' for me. 

I agreed, and we moved back to one of the booths at the back of

the bar.  There I sat down, and you began to dance inches away. 

Seductively, you brushed against me and you allowed my hands to

roam your body at will.  Eventually, you were sitting nude on my

lap facing me.  My hands were cupping your breasts.  I had your

nipples between my thumb and forefinger, squeezing them."

"You reached down toward my bulging pants and released my

throbbing penis.  Next you maneuvered your vagina onto it, and we

fucked each other in the dimly lit booth.  After a while, it was

your turn to dance again.  You got up on the stage and began your

routine again.  This time though, it was as if you were only

dancing for me.  After you finished, you came back to the booth,

and we went through another 'private lap dance'.  You climaxed at

least a dozen times during that session."

"As the bar was closing, you insisted that I come home with you. 

I was kind of shocked that you had insisted, but I thought to

myself that if you were serious, it was something I couldn't pass

up.  We drove here in separate cars, both high on life, and

living on the ecstacy of having fucked each other through most of

the evening.  I came in, and the first thing you insisted was

that I do a 'lap dance' for you. You claimed you thought I had

seen enough of your body, and that you wanted to see, feel, and

experience the other side of a 'lap dance'."

"You sat down on the sofa, and I slowly began to undo my shirt. 

Your hands roamed through my chest hair, and over my back as I

pulled the shirt off.  Next, I peeled off my jeans to reveal my

bikini style underwear.  My penis was sticking through the

opening still from our earlier encounters, but that didn't stop

you.  You lunged forward towards it, and took it in your mouth. 

Your suction on combined with your tongue action on the head

caused me to climax into your throat.  You swallowed the full

load of cum without batting an eye."

"I climaxed several more times before you finally release my

penis from your mouth.  At that point, you stood up and lead me

over to the bed.  There, I undressed you quickly, and we laid

down to continue our sexual fantasies.  We did everything

imaginable that night.  I think I must have had seven or eight

major orgasms over that span.  By morning, we were both worn out

from the hectic pace.  We slept for the next ten hours or so."

"By the time we awoke, you realized it was too late to go to the

bar.  You were supposed to dance another shift.  You called in,

and the manager told you that you didn't need to bother to

return.  He said that any dancer who wanted to spend all night

with one customer wasn't worth having in his employ.  He was

upset that we had fucked each other in the booth the night


"You told him that you finally had found the man of your dreams,

and that since he had a negative attitude, you were quitting. 

You slammed down the phone, and we both went into the shower

together to have some clean, wet fun."

Chapter Four:  A Forgotten Moment Revealed

Through Troy's discourse, Tammy sat listening intently.  She

tried to maintain eye contact with Troy, but often, she found her

gaze drifting downward to his growing penis.  She was getting

very horny listening to the story, and the sight of thick penis

just helped to change her mood from one of confusion to one of

wanton lust.  

Finally, she interrupted Troy's story and said, "Obviously you

know more about me than I know about you.  It's true I do dance

at 'Fantasy Girl', but anyone could have found that out. 

Whatsmore I do find you attractive, so it's plausible that I

would have invited you over here, but I'm still confused about

why I've seemed to lose my memories of all what you've described. 

Can you explain that?"

Troy continued, "Well, should I continue with what happened next,

or should I jump ahead to yesterday?"

"Please cut to yesterday first, but let's go grab a bite to eat. 

I'm starved.", Tammy said as she got up and walked seductively

toward the kitchen.

Troy stood up and followed her explaining "Yesterday morning we

were getting up from another night of hot and wild sex when you

suggested we try something different.  We went into the kitchen

to eat much like we're doing now."

"I picked up a banana from the bunch lying on the counter and

started to peel it, but you stopped me.  You had other ideas

though.  You took the banana from me, and insisted that I should

eat it out from inside your vagina.  I watched as you sat down,

spread your legs and pushed the banana into it.  Then you asked

me to cover my penis with chocolate syrup and coconut flakes."

"Your moaning was very sensual and erotic.  I got a hardon just

sitting there watching and listening.  When you finished

inserting the banana, I went to the refrigerator and got the

chocolate syrup and coconut flakes, and coated my penis and

testicles with them.  Finally you beckoned me over and motioned

that I should lay down on top of you with my head between your

legs.  I brought my lips close to your pussy.  Electricity surged

through me as my lips met your clit.  I thrust my tongue forward

to scoop out part of the banana.  Your juices covered my face."

"With delicate control, your muscles squeezed the banana outward. 

Bit by bit I swallowed it while continuing to lick your clit and

your pussy rim.  I spent about an hour just eating that one

banana.  It was enjoyment to it's fullest.  Meanwhile, because I

was lying on top of you, you had perfect access to my penis and

testicles with your mouth."

"You carefully took each testicle in your mouth and sucked on

them like a vacuum cleaner.  The effect almost drove me insane

with pleasure, then you continued to lick the remaining chocolate

and coconut from my penis.  Finally you took my penis full into

your throat and swallowed as I ejaculated a load deep into it."

"When we finally broke off the activities, you got up a grabbed a

bottle of bourbon.  I watched in horror as you gulped down about

half of it.  You began staggering around the room, and tripped

over the magazine basket.  You fell forward and hit your head on

edge of the coffee table in the living room."

"You were out like a light.  I picked you up and carried you to

the bed.  You've been out cold ever since."

Chapter Five:  Renewed Love

Tammy's thoughts finally focused as she heard Troy's

explanations.  Gradually her memories returned as the images were

painted by Troy's words.  She knew that she did indeed love this

man, even if she couldn't remember all the details of the times

they'd spent together.  With the quickness of a lioness stacking

it's prey, Tammy was on top of Troy.

He fell backward willingly as Tammy leapt on his body.  There on

the kitchen floor, Troy and Tammy renewed their love for one

another.  Tammy impaled herself onto Troy's penis, then leaned

forward allowing her breasts and nipples to hang within tongue

range of Troy's mouth.

Coupled like that for nearly an hour, Tammy and Troy lay there in

an embrace that defies description.  Finally, they exchanged

positions and began again.  Throughout, each was experiencing

secret fantasies while using the body of the other.  Each was

learning from the other about making love, and about caring for

someone else.

The only sounds a passerby might have heard were the sounds of

love.  The poetic rhythms of Troy's thrusts versus the guttural

moaning of Tammy's pleasures.  The squeals of delight from Tammy

as she felt an orgasm versus Troy's repetitive breathing cycle. 

Together, Tammy and Troy were one with themselves.  Nature

couldn't have done it any better.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                       The End (or is it?)

Next:     Tammy invites a friend to share Troy with her.


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