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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Sweet Summer Sweat

It was my 15th summer. My friend Tom was 14. We both lived in the same

neighborhood and spent a lot of time together. I haven't seen him in

almost ten years. I wonder where he is now. He was a real towhead blond -

he had fine, straight white hair and blue eyes. We spent the whole summer

basically goofing off, and this particular day we were just enjoying the

last month of freedom before school stared back up. 

I felt attracted to Tom though of course I didn't dare act on it. But when

he wasn't looking, I enjoyed admiring his body. One afternoon we were

working on his minibike. It was a hot summer afternoon and both of us were

wearing only shorts. I was working on something and looked up right into

his armpit and noticed that there was no hair in it. I was still going

though puberty myself, and I guess I was keeping tab of other boys'

progress as well as my own. He was about the same height that I was, but I

had a light layer of brown hair in my armpits. My pubic hair was also

coming in nicely, and I had faint wisp of hair trailing up to my navel.

Occasionally Tom's shorts would ride down in front, and I was turned on by

his smooth and hairless belly. I could only fantasize about what rest of

him looked like.

Until one magic afternoon. We had both come out of my swimming pool and

were drying off on the deck. He was sitting on a deck hair in his dripping

dark shorts and I was standing in my orange Golden Wave (does this date

the story? :-) bathing suit - the kind with no netting on the inside. He

said that I had dirt or something on the front of my suit. I looked down

and couldn't see anything. "Right there!" he pointed. After a little bit I

realized that what he saw was my dark pubic hair through the

semi-transparent wet nylon which was clinging to my body. I laughed and

explained it to him, but he didn't seem to get it. I stick my index finger

down the front of my shorts so I could tent them out to show him that when

I held the shorts away from my torso, the "stain" went away.

"Come here, lemme see," he said. And he reached out and slipped two

fingers down the front of my shorts! My face flushed, I had butterflies in

my stomach, and I was starting to get a hard-on. He just quietly sat there

pushing my shorts away and closer to my body.  Every time his fingers

touched my pubes he was only about half an inch above the base of my cock,

which was hanging down to the left and getting bigger every second. Every

time his fingers touched my pubes, a chill went up my spine.

Now this was about 4 in the afternoon and we're doing this in my back

yard. Tom suggested we go to his house to "get something to eat." Both his

parents worked and wouldn't be home for several hours, so I suspect that

something else was on his horny mind. So we jumped on our bicycles and

rode over to his house which was two blocks away. I was glad we didn't

meet anyone on the way. I didn't want to have to explain where I was

headed in such a hurry with my woody!

When we got to his house we got some ice cream and went into the living

room. We were both still just wearing our wet shorts and flip-flops. I was

sitting at the table eating and he walked over, pulled down his shorts and

kind of stuck his ass out at me. He'd done this before, by the way.  Just

fooling around I guess. But this time I was armed with a spoonful of

chocolate ice cream. I spooned it right into the crack of his butt. He

jumped and yelped "hey, what the fuck!" He went to the bathroom to wipe

himself and returned a minute later. 

I finally got up the nerve to ask him why he was so fascinated with my

pubic hair. He kind of evaded the question for awhile. I asked him if he

wanted to see it. I walked over to him and undid the velcro opening of my

swimsuit.  The base of my cock was just below the V of the opening. He

reached over with his slender fingers and gently ran them up to my navel,

down through my pubes and back up again. God, it felt so wonderful.  This

beatiful blond boy was just sitting there silently caressing my lower


"Let me see yours." I said. He resisted for a while and then admitted that

he was embarassed by his lack of pubic hair. "Well I don't care, fair is

fair." I pulled him up and sat down where he was sitting. I grabbed the

wasteband of his trunks and slowly pulled them down his hips.  He had a

very light dusting of soft, downy, platinum pubic hair in a neat, small

triangle just above his weenie, which was still concealed at this point.

"Tom," I said, "You've gor really cool-looking pubes.  It looks like

they've just started coming in." I caressed his smooth belly and chest and

returned to his lower abdominals to run small circles through the fine

hair with my fingertips. He was really pitching a tent at this point, and

after a few minutes of this I pulled his shorts all the way down.

I will never forget my first sight of his cock. It was very smooth and was

about the same length as mine, though mine was just a little bit thicker. 

His cockhead was more bulbous than mine. His penis was very stiff and when

it sprung free from the confines of his shorts, it stood up at a steep

angle. The purple head was only two or three inches from his milky smooth

belly.  He bent down and started pulling at my shorts which were still at

half-mast. I stood up and he pulled them down in one quick tug. We spent

an awkward moment surveying each other's bodies.  He didn't have as dark a

tan as I did, but his whole body had this glowing porcelain beauty to it.

Not that I told him so, I just enjoyed looking at it.  With the exception

of his neat pubic bush, his slender body was totally hairless.

"Let me see your ass again." I said. Tom said that I needed to wash the

ice cream mess off anyway. He led the way down the hall to the bathroom

with our stiff penises wagging in front of us. I grabbed a washcloth and

dampened it with hot water from the sink. I put the toilet seat down and

suggested that it would be easier if Tom laid across my lap.

We both felt a tremendous charge as he draped his warm torso over my warm

lap. We had to scoot around to make this ridiculous position work,

generating pleasurable friction on our aching cocks. "Spread your legs

apart a little," I told him. He did and I spread his white cheeks with my

left hand. With my right hand I gently took the hot towel and ran it

around each buttock and down his crack and back up.  I tilted my head over

and could see the back of his ball sac. Like the rest of him, everything

was completely hairless. I examined his perky little butthole. I placed

fingers on the cheeks on either side and stretched them apart. There was

an outer darker ring and the inner pink opening looked like a little

tulip. Tom got impatent after a few minutes of this and wanted to see what

my butt looked like. So I grabbed a towel and dried his ass, and then ran

my hand all over it. Just to make sure it was completely dry, of course.

We went back to his room and I lay down on his bed, face down. He knelt

between my legs and pulled them way apart. I could feel his soft finger

tips running around each cheek, up and down the crack, and under to caress

my balls and back up to tickle my bung hole.  After a while, I rolled

over, almost knocking him off the bed by accident. I reached my arms out

to his and pulled him on top of me.  Our hot and randy cocks were pressing

together as I rocked his smooth body over mine. I tried to kiss him but he

turned his head away. So I just gently licked his soft shoulder and swayed

him back and forth. We were both grinding our pelvises together and after

a little while I was spewing my hot boycum into the tight crevice between

us. I think this caught Tom a little by surprise but within 10 seconds or

so he was heaving and made his contribution to the sticky puddle on my


We were both sweaty by now, but it felt so good just to feel the

stickiness of our bodies in the late August afternoon. I ran my hands up

and down his back, slick with sweat from our joyride. I massaged the back

of his neck, then ran my hands down over his shoulderblades, over the

small of his back, and finally to his soft little butt.  Tom rolled off of

me and we both fingered the semen puddle on my stomach. I spread some on

his chest and then he spread some on mine. After several minutes we got up

and took a fun shower together.

Unfortunately, it was getting late and I went home to have dinner with my

folks. I think I had a boner going for the whole meal!

This was the beginning of many such encounters that summer, but this first

one is the one that really sticks in my mind.


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