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Archive-name: Samesex/susan.txt

Archive-author: Lena

Archive-title: Susan

Exposure to the sun is one of my real problems. The sun turns my hair

incredibly blond during the summer and any tan I do have is accentuated by

my hair. If I'm not careful I'll end up looking like a lobster with a white hat.

When I'm at the pool, I normally don't stay out long because of my tendency

to burn. What I'm looking for is just a hint of color and I hate bathing suit

marks. I usually wear very small bikinis and I move the strings around to

keep the line marks at a minimum. Sometimes I will go out on my balcony,

drape sheets over the railings and tan in the buff. I can't be seen from the

sides but I'm not so sure the guy above me hasn't figured a way to check me

out. He sure looks at me funny when we ride the elevator together.   

Susan is different. As she lays in the sun, her skin seems to get darker by the

hour.  Her black hair falls to her shoulders, and her eyes are a grey-black.

She's about 5'4" with an almost perfectly proportioned body. Her skin is

smooth. She appears soft but doesn't have an ounce of extra fat. Her breasts

are firm but not hard and they stand out from body while giving an

impression of delicate movement when she walks. In a word, she is beautiful.


She lives in the same condo as I do, in fact on same floor. We met at the  pool

while topping off our tans. At first we only talked. But soon we found we

had a lot in common. We like to read, take walks, camp in the parks, and

most of all we enjoy our own solitude and privacy. We both date, but we

limited that as we found we were not necessarily lonely when we were alone. 

As we talked, I found myself feeling close to her and wanting to be with her,

more than just at the pool. I began to look at her more closely. I gazed into

her eyes, and wondered if behind them, there were thoughts beginning to

surface, similar to my own. 

Recently, I have become more aware of a side of myself that at first was hard

to accept. But now I am beginning to open the door a little so that resistance

is turning to enjoyment and excitement. Being with Susan has accelerated my

acceptance. She has become my catalyst. 

One hot evening we were at the pool where we had gone for a quick dip.

Suddenly a storm began and lightening could bee seen in the distance. I asked

Susan if she would like to come to up my place and chat, maybe have a glass

of wine. She replied that would be wonderful and soon we were in my living

room, sitting on the living room floor in our bikinis, laughing and talking.

The door to the balcony was open. The storm had passed as suddenly as it had

come. The air was hot but with a gentle breeze. I'm around air conditioning

all the time and resist turning it on when I'm at home until the last resort.

Our bodies were slightly moist with perspiration. The lights were off and the

room was lit with just two candles. When I looked at her I could see the

flickering glow reflected in her eyes and the moisture on her skin. As she

talked I found some of Susan's words seem to be coming from a distant part

of my mind as I became more and more captured by her beauty. My mouth

became dry. My hand trembled slightly. 


As the night continued we shared more of our thoughts and feelings. But it

was Susan who talked the most. It was as though she had been waiting for a

moment, like this, to pour out her feelings. As she talked she slowly moved

closer to me and eventually we found ourselves leaning on each other. I was

frightened but finally placed my arm around her. She responded by placing

her head against my chest. I could feel her warm breathing on my breast.

"Oh Lena" she whispered, " I wanted to have some moments with you, like

this, for such a long time. You have become very special to me."

I couldn't answer. I was sure she could feel my heart. It seemed to be

pounding so hard it would break through my chest. I could feel the wetness

between my legs. I became aware of the my vagina and the awakening of

increased sensitivity in my clitoris. My nipples pressed against the cloth of my

baithing suit. These feelings frightened me, but I knew I would not stop.

Instead of resisting I opened myself to each new sensation. I welcomed the

sexual feelings I felt towards Susan. I closed my eyes and dreamed of

fulfilling physically what I was only thinking of for now.

After several minutes, her face still pressed against my breast, I heard her

voice again. It was soft and quiet. "Lena, I wish you would let me stay here

tonight. It has been wonderful sharing with you and I would be so lonely if

I had to spend the night by myself." 

Could she feel my tremble? I wanted her more than anything else to spend

the night. "I only have the one bed, Susan, and maybe just an old shirt for

you to wear. Would that be alright." 

"Sure," She replied, "anything is fine. I just don't want to be alone."

We moved to the bedroom and each took a shower. After I showered, I

slipped into my favorite t-shirt. When Susan returned from her shower

however, the shirt I had given her was in her hand and she stood there as

beautiful as I imagined she would be in her nakedness. She looked at me,

paused, and then without a word laid the shirt down, turned the light off, and

slipped into bed with me.

We lay quietly for several minutes and then she spoke again. "Lena, I feel

very close to you."

I could hardly make the words come out. "And I feel close to you Susan...very


As soon as the words were spoken Susan turned to me, her hand moving to

my breast, her lips to mine. We found each others tongues as we probed

deeply into the other's mouth. Her lips were so soft, her hand so gentle; I

craved her touch, I wanted her to explore all of my body. I removed the t-

shirt and she removed my panties. 

Her lips found my nipples, first brushing the tip with her tongue, then taking

the entire nipple and areola in her mouth. My hand pressed her head forward

urging her to take more of my breast.  My other hand caressed her and moved

down to her back as she spread her legs to allow the lips of her pussy to move

forward, closer to me. I could feel her wetness against my skin.

As she held my breast in one hand and I sensed her delicate sucking, her

other hand began to move over my skin with a tenderness I had not

experienced before. Then her fingers began to move down my abdomen until

they found my mons, my clitoris, my pussy, my moist lips swollen with

passion. I had feared this moment. I did not know how she would react to my

shaved pussy. I wasn't sure how I would react. She paused, then as realization

came to her, she pressed her hand against me, her mouth moved back to mine

as she kissed me more deeply than ever, and then her finger...fingers entered

me. And as she entered me, as she kissed me, as she pressed her body against

me, I opened my legs inviting her to explore me even more deeply and hoping

she would understand I was giving myself wholly to her. There would be

nothing held back. 

Nothing was held back, by either of us. I kissed with a passion never given

to anyone else. My hands moved over her and her hands over me. The

darkness, the heat, our perspiration added to the moment. I could taste, smell,

and feel the sexuality between us. My lips sought and found her nipples. My

mouth opened as she pressed herself to me. Her kisses moved to my hands,

my fingers, my neck and then down my body. 

Her lips brushed my shaved mons. Her tongue caressed it, and then moved

to my clitoris. First sucking, then gently stroking the sides, she sensed what

I desired. As I opened to her, she turned, opening her legs, and offered

herself to me. I engulfed her. I buried my face in her. My lips were sucking

and kissing her clitoris, caressing its hood. My tongue tasting her love juices

as they poured from her. 

Slowly an ache, seldom felt, entered my pelvis. I began to feel a change in my

nipples. I could sense small movements of my clitoris and the lips of my pussy

with each new touch of her lips and tongue. And I could feel the movement

of her pussy as my tongue caressed her hood. Her breath became hot. Her

pelvis rocked with mine. We were encompassed by an veil of passion. Our

movements were almost a mirror image of each other as one knew what the

other yearned. I had never tasted such desire. The smell of her body

intensified the movement and the rising hunger within me. My pussy became

electrified as her tongue entered me. I exploded. A moan and then a scream

filled the room. Not one, but two screams as my tongue pressed between her

lips and entered as deep within her as it would go. We flooded each other.

Nothing could compare with the feel, the taste, the smell, the smoothness of

her sweet juices. Nothing I hoped but my own as I wanted them to be a gift,

an offering to her. My hand went to her pussy so that I could spread her

wetness over my body. She did the same with mine. And then we kissed and

held each other. Soft words were spoke, but those I can never share with

anyone else.

I lay back on the bed and Susan moved closer. Her head once again rested on

my breast. I wondered how I would feel in the morning; how Susan would

feel. What was happening to me?  How would this night change me? Then I

felt a gentle kiss on my breast. I turned slightly as the nipple and areola

entered her mouth and a soft sucking began. We both pulled each other closer

for one last embrace before sleep.

Good night. Sleep tight. 


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