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Archive-name: Samesex/summhere.mb


Archive-title: Summer's Here - Chapters 1 to 6

(m/m, man/boy, youth/boy)

Summers Here - Chapter 1

Summer is a great time to be out of work.  It's worth saving up all year so

I can be around when my young friends are out of school.  Spending time 

with a boy can really make you understand what's important in life.

If the subject of sex came up (as it eventually will with boys) I 

encouraged them to be open and talk as much as they were comfortable with. 

I would always suggest that they speak with their parents or with an older 

brother instead of the strange bachelor down the block.  They usually felt 

more comfortable asking me.  Unfortunately it seemed that the type of boy I

attracted was generally the product of a messy divorce and lived alone with

his mom and a variety of annoying siblings.  Some of them asked endless 

strings of questions others only wanted to know one particular item or 

trivial piece of information.

I always kept the porno magazines hidden and refused every plea for 

cigarettes and liquor.  Let them get it some other way.  I was purely 

interested in their affections - and bodies, but that wasn't even a 


I was half an hour into my afternoon nap when the door slammed downstairs. 

None of them had to knock.   If the door was unlocked they were always 

welcome.  They also knew that I didn't place any demands on them.  If they 

wanted to play video games all day or get something to eat I was just as 

happy to watch them do that.

In my half-sleep I tried to guess whom it might be by the weight of his 

steps on the stairs.  I didn't have to wait long to find out.  Brian 

plopped his 13 year old body onto the empty side of my queen-size bed with 

a jumping belly flop that rattled the walls.

"So wake up!" moaned Brian showing obvious disgust with my lethargy.  

"You're not even supposed to be here.  You're supposed to be at work" he 

added as though he knew my schedule by heart.

"Work sucks.  I'm on leave for a while.  I hate working in the summer 

anyway." I grunted cuddling back into my pillow and turning my back towards


"So let's do something." urged Brian "I have to be home by six.  That's 

only two hours," he emphasized the urgency by snapping the elastic of my 

briefs.  I felt the sting and ignored it.  He did it again, but harder.  I 

pretended to start snoring.  He pulled down my briefs in back and started 

slapping my bare ass.  I rolled over face up.  "You make it a bit tough to 

say no," I smiled.  "Well you're up at least.  How's Henry doing?"  He 

reached down and grabbed my penis through the cotton material and kneaded 

it in his young hand.  For some reason his nickname for my penis was 

'Henry.' Who knows why.

"I take it that means you don't want to get your ass kicked at Street 

Fighter again," I teased. "Hey.  I won the last game," he shot back 

squeezing my penis extra hard for emphasis.  "Yea, because you had me up 

'til 4:30 in the morning.  I could barely stay awake." "You old dudes can't

hang.  Make way for the next generation," taunted Brian as he stood up and 

jumped up and down on the bed over my body.  I grabbed him and dragged him 

down until he was sitting on my stomach leaning back against my thighs 

which I had raised to give him a comfortable seat.  This was not an unusual

pose for us.  He flicked at my chest absentmindedly.  My hands were behind 

my head on the pillow and he tugged at the patch of hair under my arm.  "So

when do you think I'll get hair?"  "Where?" I answered.  "Anywhere!" he 

sighed.  "I told you before.  Every boy is different.  Some get it at 10 or

11 and some don't until they're 15 or 16,"  I answered.  "But when do YOU 

think I'll get mine," he demanded.  "I'd just be guessing."  "So guess."  

"Let's see, you're 13 and a half now.  You're pretty fair skinned.  A 

ballpark figure would be around 14 with a real good amount by the time 

you're 14 and a half or 15.  That's as close as I can guess."  "Well you're

wrong smart guy." he smiled.

"Check this out."  He stood up still straddling my body and dropped his 

pants and underwear revealing his smooth, lean body.  This was nothing new 

to me.  I had been doing whatever Brian had wanted sexually since he was 

12.  He had a perpetual hardon and always wanted his dick sucked.  I 

maneuvered out from under him and pushed him down onto the bed.  I unlaced 

his shoes and shucked off his pants and shorts.  I grabbed his legs under 

the knee and pulled him to the edge of the bed.  "Hands up home-boy," I 

said as I raised his shirt to finish stripping him naked.  "I still don't 

know why you always want me nude," he said as he shook his head at me.  

"Because you've got a fantastic body and I can't look at it enough," I 

answered truthfully.

In his present position the declining afternoon sun trickled in to light up

his body.  He had a good 5 inch boner slapping his stomach as he balanced 

himself on his elbows.  "On your knees fag," he ordered. "Who you calling 

'fag' you cocksucker," I retorted.  He had sucked my dick tentatively after

the first few times I'd done him, but the taste of my pre-cum had thrown 

him off.  He wasn't interested in any butt games (he told me straight out) 

so I was happy to just suck him off and watch him twist and moan like only 

a little boy can.  He always insisted on jerking me off at some point.  It 

was very important to him that I ejaculate because then he knew that I had 

enjoyed our session also.  I had never been able to convince him that his 

dick in my mouth was all the enjoyment that I ever needed.

"Yea, well your cock is too big to suck.  You've got to find a fat pussy to

take care of it," he answered still clinging to the hope that I was really 

'straight' and this was just some kind of a game.  Let him hope.  "Well, 

you jerk me off pretty good," I said giving him credit where it was due.  

The truth was when we first started together Brian would only watch me jerk

off, completely fascinated with my semen.  He would get a couple of inches 

away from my penis and watch intently as I spurted stream after stream of 

my jism into the sink.  After a couple of times he started to catch my 

ejaculate in his hands and play with it and ask questions about it.  Only 

after a few of these sessions could I coax him out of his clothes.  He had 

been worried about the size of his immature penis next to mine and was 

embarrassed.  I reassured him that his penis was perfectly normal and was 

actually bigger than the penis of an average 12 year old (it was too!)

As the weeks progressed I jerked off his little rod giving him his first 

orgasm.  He started to jerk me back and eventually we settled on a modified

69 position so we could each have the best viewing angle of each others 

dick.  Once I had him kneel on the floor, as I sat on the edge of the bed, 

and jerk me with both of his little hands.  I instructed him to play with 

my balls and when to increase his tempo.  I came all over his neck and 

chest.  That really grossed him out.  My fault for taking it too fast.  So 

I took a shower with him and cleaned him up real good.  He loved being 

soaped all over and I let him fuck my butt cheeks to a really stunning 

orgasm for him.  I kissed the head of his dick when he was done and took 

the whole glans into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.  He really 

liked that and got an evil grin on his face.  "So what does my dick taste 

like?" he asked grinning.  I licked the whole length of his sensitive shaft

and said "Just like it should.  Except a little soapy."

The next time he came over I had him jerk me off and I caught my load in my

hand.  I had him spread out on the bed and jerked him off with my come.  We

both really got into it and I came again before we were finished and shot 

my juice directly onto his stiff pole.  He had his best orgasm to date and 

I had a stunning visual of this smooth little boy with my glistening sperm 

covering his body from his navel to his thighs.

As I finished my flashback I returned to the task at hand.  "Check it out I

got some hair on my dick," said a proud Brian.  "Um, where," I asked 

politely, trying in vain to spot anything more than the baby hairs on his 

smooth body.  "Pull my dick back and look at the bottom,"  he instructed.  

I obeyed and closely examined the base of this boys rigid penis.  "Here, 

you gotta wet 'em down," he said.  He wet his fingers with saliva and 

moistened the base of his shaft.  "See, see.  Right there!" he said 

excitedly.  In the glinting sunlight I could make out about a dozen 1/4 

inch long thin black hairs starting to sprout up.  "Well, well, little 

sprout.  I think you're on your way to becoming a man.  Before you know it 

you'll be shaving."  "Cool, huh?" he asked releasing his erection to slap 

against his tight stomach.  "Very cool,"  I said "This calls for a 

celebration!" I added.  "What did you have in mind?" Brian grinned as he 

thumbed out his dick at the perfect angle to meet my mouth.

I pushed him all the way back onto the bed and started to massage his penis

and scrotum.  I rubbed up and down his shaft using the lightest touch of my

finger tips on his glans.  He pulsed in my hand and licked his lips.  His 

hands were at his sides clutched into my comforter.  I reamed his 

impossibly tight navel and tweaked his tiny nipples until they became hard 

in my hands.  I rubbed his dick around my face and teased him with my lips,

planting kisses all over his organ.

With one swoop I gobbled up his  member in my mouth.  Brian exhaled loudly 

and mumbled "Jesus."  I started to hoover him deeply into me.  His small 

length and girth enabled me to really suck on him good.  I started the old 

up/down as my hands wandered all over his thin frame.  In about two minutes

he said "I'm about there."  I redoubled my efforts and felt his buttocks 

contract in practice for squirting a future fluid.  I increased the vacuum 

in my mouth and pumped for all I was worth.

This time was different.  Brian was getting noisy and moving around a lot 

more than usual.  I understood when I felt the first feeble squirts of 

pre-seminal fluid hit my palate.  He bucked a dozen times but only the 

first two were productive.  His prostate had started producing the fluid 

that would carry his rich sperm later.

I removed myself from his penis and delicately sloshed the precious juice 

around my mouth to catch the full flavor.  I milked his softening prick to 

confirm my suspicions.  Only a drop of clear fluid formed at the exit of 

his boyhood.  His testicles were still not producing anything that I could 

slurp, but they were definitely shooting testosterone into his system.

"Fuck man.  That was the BEST!" he gasped.  "It only gets better from here 

buddy.  You're going to be able to shoot fountains pretty soon," I said.  

"When?" "In about six months or so," I guessed.  "That long?" he said with 

his disappointed look.  "Yea, but we can keep checking as often as you 

want, to see if it happens sooner," I ventured.  "Can we check every day?" 

he asked with his best heart-melting, little-boy smile.

"Even twice a day.  If we have to," I answered smiling at the thought of 

what the future held for me with this 94 pound sex machine.  Isn't puberty 



Chapt 2 notes:

P.S. I didn't really think about the level of sexual development in the boy

character (Brian) when I was writing this (in relationship to Chapter 1) so

it may seem that he has matured too fast.  I choose to suspend reality and 

attribute his new found talents to a 'growth spurt.'  Time frame here is 

approx. six weeks after Chpt. 1 takes place.

By the way the next chapter isn't turning out to be as consentual as I had 

planned and involves coercion of a minor boy by our sexual protagonists.  

Stay tuned if that's your trip.

Last warning:  man/boy and boy/boy sex starts NOW!


Summer's Here - Chapt. 2

Slam!!  I loved that sound.  Another boy completely comfortable with just 

walking into my apartment (without knocking.)  I looked up from the Dodger 

game to see shirtless Brian and an unidentified Latino boy come bursting 

into the room.

I never asked Brian why he brought other boys around to meet me.  I figured

that he was justifying (to himself) what we did together as being "o.k." if

he could get someone else his age to do it to.  Whatever let him sleep 

nights was fine by me.  If the byproduct was me getting more young boys 

hanging around my apartment then that was just fine too.

Brian's little friend looked to be about 13, but it's hard to tell with 

Latinos.  There's a lot of Mexican kids around so he was probably just 

that.  He was dressed just like Brian, with cut-off jeans and no shirt.  I 

evaluated him immediately.  He was about half a head taller than Brian so 

he was about 5' 9" with no real muscular definition.  His arms looked 

smooth and slim.  There was no visible hair on his body and when he brushed

back his hair I could see that there wasn't anything under his arms either.

He had a fantastic flat, brown stomach with not even an ounce of baby fat 

on him.  A very round pleasant face and no adolescent acne starting yet.  

There was the tiniest smidgen of hair around his ankles, but I knew from my

experience with Brian that this didn't mean there was necessarily any more 

hidden elsewhere on his delicious body.  He had that wonderful habit of 

wearing his pants low on his hips, which gave me a view of his skin to 

within an inch of the base of his penis.  I doubted he was wearing any 

underwear.  I had to have this kid.

"Fuck it's hot out there," stated Brian.  "You know where the 'fridge is 

boy," I answered nodding to the kitchen.  The other kid just looked around 

taking in the sites.  "Fuck that 'boy' crap I'm a MAN - remember?" he shot 

back proudly as he routed up cokes for him and his friend.  Do I remember? 

Jesus, it had only been a couple of weeks since Brian had shot his first 

full load down my throat.  His hairless balls had finally started producing

my favorite snack and I was happily back on the 'All-Boy, Liquid Protein 


"Yea," answered the other kid "all he wants to do anymore is jerk-off!" and

he started laughing.  I wasn't sure how Brian would take that.  I was 

hoping at that point that Brian had been trying to get this kid to mess 

around with him, but I couldn't tell if he'd been successful.  I mean, 

after all, he didn't have the powers of persuasion of yours truly.  "No, 

asshole," Brian said slowly and deliberately "All I want to do is COME.  I 

don't care how it happens, and jerking off is way down on my list," this 

was getting interesting.  I could only hope how this conversation might 


"Oh, yea.  Like you ever shot your load any other way than jerking off.  

I'm getting tired of you talking about getting sucked off whenever you snap

your fingers, man," and the kid snapped his fingers imitating Brian.

"Well it's probably a little more effort than snapping his fingers," I said

looking at Brian who was smiling shyly at having been caught bragging about

our sexual exploits.  "Unless his mom's been blowing him again.  So Brian 

has mommy been sucking on your little, tiny pee-pee again?  She doesn't 

even have to take out her false teeth, does she?"  I smiled.  With that 

Brian darkened as his friend went into spasms of laughter that brought him 

to the floor.  "Oh, man you did it now.  I'm gonna kick your ass," Brian 

said.  He slammed his coke to the counter and came around after me.  Like I

was worried.  He still wasn't muscular at all and I had 60 pounds on him.  

He started smiling as he crossed the room punching his fist into his hand. 

"This is gonna feel so good" he said.  His friend was still on the floor 

gurgling "...take out her false teeth!!!" as he gasped for breath.  "Brian,

man, he smoked you!"

With that Brian jumped on me and I dodged him enough to catch his arm and 

twist him over on his back.  I pulled him away from the couch and jumped on

top of him pinning his arms over his head.  "You keep forgetting fag boy 

that I can still take you anytime I want," I said digging my knees into his

soft skin to emphasize it.  He started struggling and kicking.  I began to 

twist his little nipples which always turned him on in a matter of seconds.

He tried, with all his strength to lift me off of him as I lightly ran my 

finger tips across his downy cheeks and across his smooth chest.  "Al, help

me out here," Brian stuttered between giggles from my tickling.  Hesitantly

his friend got up and stood beside us.  I glanced up at him.  He was a 

beautiful shade of light brown with the darkest, black hair imaginable.  

Shirtless he looked perfect.  His nipples were chocolate brown and his 

whole body was tight.  On closer inspection I noticed that he had some 

muscle starting to develop (mostly in his pecs), but over all was still 

obviously a boy.  He smiled down on us and said "What's in it for me 

amigo?"  I continued to tickle Brian as he gasped for air.  "This guy'll 

give you head," he blurted out.

I had no choice, but to play out Brian's hand.  Little Al looked down at me

with a funny quizzical look on his face, not knowing if he should believe 

Brian or not.  "He might be lying," I said looking into his dark clear 

eyes, "but he might not be," I finished giving him my widest, friendliest 

smile and a wink.  With that Brian renewed his efforts to unseat me and I 

turned my attentions back to him.  If Al wanted to dive in the stage was 


I was slowly immobilizing Brian as he kept laughing and begging for his 

friend to join in.  I felt Al's hands wrap around my neck as he tried to 

pull me off his friend.  I lunged forward pulling Al with me, and then 

jerked back suddenly slamming into him.  After that it was a free for all 

and our bodies twisted together as the boys both tried to pin me.  They 

were starting to get hard to hold onto from the sweat and my shirt was on 

the verge of ripping.  I struggled out of my shirt and it felt great to 

feel that young, hot skin rubbing against mine.  I rubbed my hands all over

Al as I fended off his advances.  His body was incredibly hard for a 13 

year old.

After a few minutes of exploring with my hands I gave into the boys letting

them think it was all their doing.  Brian took a familiar stance straddling

my naked chest in his cutoffs.  I could see the tiny trails of sweat 

running down the thin division of his rib cage.  Brian sat on my pelvis and

Al held my hands down above my head.  The boys were facing each other and 

looking down on me with evil grins.  I couldn't wait to see what they did 


"So, I guess you got me," I ventured.  "Now what?"  "Oh, I think you know 

what - fag," sneered Brian as he groped his package through the denim of 

his shorts.  "So was Brian kidding about the blow job?" asked Al in an 

anxious voice.  "Well if he can't suck cock he's gonna learn how!" stated 

Brian.  With that Brian unsnapped and unzipped himself revealing his 

lightly furred penis.  He scooted menacingly up my torso waving his hard 

dick.  "Here comes your dinner cocksucker," he said like a mother trying to

coax a child to eat its food.  "Al sit on his arms and move up 'till your 

knees are on the sides of his head.  Make sure he doesn't turn away," 

ordered Brian.  Al dutifully followed directions while he stared at Brian's

5-inch hardon.

Brian's knees touched Al's and he couldn't come forward any more.  He still

was close enough to carry out his plan.  I could see an excited string of 

pre-cum oozing off his rod.  He began to wipe his goo on my chin.  I moved 

like I was trying to get away for all I was worth.  My actions spread his 

thin juice across my chin and cheeks as well a providing a source of 

friction to his glans.  "Oh, baby that feels so good," taunted Brian. "I'd 

pay money for this bitch," he added.  "Fuck you, you little shit," I 

snarled back.  "My, my I don't think you should be talking so nasty to your

captors.  Do you Al?" chided Brian.  "No that wont do at all," answered Al,

obviously excited by the whole scene.

Brian was a real leaker and the pre-cum always flowed.  He started to smack

my face with his swollen dick and little drops of juice shot off and 

splattered my face.  "I think we need to wash that nasty talk right out of 

your mouth," said Brian finally getting to the point.  I made a show of 

clamping my mouth shut and Al quickly got the idea.  "Yea, Bri.  Make him 

suck you.  Watch out for his teeth."  "Hold his nose Al.  He'll have to 

breath eventually," said my friend.

Al pinched my nose shut and I noticed that he didn't seem too bothered that

he was getting Brian's jiz on his hands.  I snorted and gagged as Brian 

rubbed my favorite snack across my tightened lips.  "Blow me or you don't 

breath," said Brian threateningly.  "Do it.  It wont be that bad," he 

added.  "Yea, the next time'll be easy," said Al who now looked a little 

sex crazed.  He had a little wild look in his eyes and was using his hand 

to free up a raging hard-on stuck down his pant leg.  Apparently Little Al 

had decided to join in the fun after Brian was done.

I finally relented and opened my mouth to "breath."  Brian slipped about 

three inches into me.  It wasn't possible to get all the way in because of 

the angle he was at, but it was an effective show for Al.  He slipped his 

pecker between my cheeks and teeth and started to thrust into the pocket 

he'd made.  I could tell he was really hot.  He always got off introducing 

one of his friends to sex.  He stuck his thumbs into my mouth and with 

surprising strength this barely 100 pound boy pried my jaws open and 

slipped his hard cock fully into my mouth.  I was a little surprised and 

started to try and pull back, but the sexual excitement of these two young 

guys was too much and they really had me pinned.  "If you even think of 

biting you're dead meat," Brian said.

Well this was pretty exciting.  Brian was dripping sweat on me as he 

pistoned his cock into my mouth.  I licked at the luscious pink glans and 

reamed his tiny piss slit when he pulled back.  I started the suction and 

was almost ready to blow in my shorts from the excitement.  Al was starting

to look a little hot and he was having a hard time containing himself until

his turn.

Brian began to turn the final leg of his race and was gurgling and panting.

He had his hands off to his sides as he used his pelvis to thrust into my 

mouth.  His eyes were closed and his sweat was dripping into my eyes 

stinging and wet, blinding that sense.  I blinked furiously as Brian's pace

increased.  He pulled out of my mouth as he fumbled in his final thrusts.  

Immediately Al grabbed Brian's hard dick and slipped it between my lips 

guiding his final strokes.  Brian appeared on the brink of unconsciousness,

but he had the presence of mind to pull purposely out of my mouth.  With 

Al's hand still clamped on his dick he said "stroke it, man," in a ragged, 

tired voice.

Al masturbated Brian right over my face.  He only got off a half-dozen 

strokes before Brian started to shoot his milky semen all over the place.  

His first shot caught Al by surprise as it landed in the center of Al's 

chest and dribbled into his navel.  Al reacted by bending Brian's penis 

down and the second shot went right over my forehead and landed in Al's 

crotch.  "Fuck man.  You're cummin' all over me!" cried Al.  He dropped 

Brian's dick and started to move back.  Brian took over with his own hand 

and aimed another shot high that caught Al in the stomach.  He then 

proceeded to lay the last five shots down in tracks across my face.  He 

smeared his rubbery glans in his juices and stuffed his goo into my eye 

sockets and nasal passages.  He literally covered me with his load.

My tongue darted out trying to wrap around his prick and drink the last 

drippings of his orgasm.  He kept spasming and tiny rivulets dribbled out 

of his softening boy-cock.  I was still trying to blink semen and sweat out

of my eyes as I refused to let any of his cum go to waste.

"Fuck, man.  That was insane," Al said.  "He really got into it," he added.

Brian just sat there on my chest with his shriveling cock stuck to my face 

as I cleaned him off.  Brian snapped out of his stupor and ran a finger 

across my face picking up some of his young seed.  "Want some?" he said to 

Al holding out a tempting wad of juicy cum.  "Yuck," said Al.  Brian made a

deliberate movement to show Al that he was going to eat his own sperm.  

"Gross, man.  I dare you," challenged Al.  Brian leaned towards Al and 

faked putting his sperm covered finger into his own mouth by exchanging it 

with a clean one.  He licked it like a popsicle and smacked his lips.  "Boy

do I taste great," he said.  "You are one sick puppy," retorted Al.  Brian 

took another swipe at my face and came away with a long stringy mess of 

spooge that threatened to  drip on my carpeting.  He held his finger within

licking distance of Al.  "I dare YOU!" he answered back at Al who shook his


I took this happy moment to reach out and grab Al tightly by the waistband 

of his shorts.  Al looked kinda surprised at being the new center of 

attention and didn't make the connection quick enough to start struggling. 

I motioned for Brian to get off me and he jumped aside immediately.  I 

twisted Al into a full nelson hold and he didn't really protest as much as 

I thought he was capable of.  Brian neatly wiped his jiz covered finger 

across Al's protesting mouth massaging it into his gums.  Al wasn't real 

thrilled with the event, but all he said was.  "Gross.  You guys are gross.

Look at me Bri' I got your fucking cum all over me."  I did notice that he 

was licking the last drops of Brian's funk off his lips and not spitting it

out.  I proceeded to clean off my face and lick my hands of their precious 

cargo.  Al looked at me in amazement and shook his head.  "And that guy is 

the grossest of them all," said Al as he pointed to me.  "Well, at least I 

know what I like," I said.  And with that I kneeled and cleaned off Brian's

flaccid penis, milking any stray semen into my mouth.  "And you've still 

got some of what I like," I said to Al.

Al stood there shaking his head, but I could see his hard shaft straining 

at his shorts.  Brian kicked off his shorts and finished cleaning the 

mingled juices off his crotch with my t-shirt.  I stood facing Al and 

looked him in the eyes.  I used my index finger to wipe at the streaks of 

Brian's cum that had been sprayed so forcefully on his chest.  I licked my 

fingers tasting the salt of his sweat mixed with Brian.  "Sicko," said Al 

as he smiled at me.  I started to lick his chest up and down tasting 

Brian's seed stuck to his smooth torso.  I sucked on his nipples and thrust

my tongue into his navel.  I fumbled with his shorts and tugged them down 

with no protest from Al.

I was wrong about the underwear, he was wearing boxers and they were 

spotted with his pre-cum.  I shucked them off.  His penis was straight and 

true and a good 6" with a wonderfully upturned rim at the edge of his 

glans.  He had a light dusting of oily black hair and a small ridge 

trailing down from the back of his ball sack to his brown asshole.  I 

sniffed his scent.  He still didn't have the sour musky odor of a man but 

he was definitely more than a boy.  I ran my hand along the loose skin of 

his hairless scrotum feeling his perfect testicles.  Al just licked his 

lips and swallowed.  I pulled his balls into my mouth and tongue bathed 

them.  I hiked them up to the top of my mouth and tongued back along the 

ridge of hair leading to his pert butthole.  His knees wobbled and he 

groaned.  I released his sack and spun him around.  He started to protest, 

but Brian cut him short.  "Just do what he says Al.  It'll be o.k. I 

swear," he said.  Brian was already starting to get hard again and I 

watched him manipulate himself.  He always did like to watch.

I wasted no time in bending over Al's tight form and licking from his 

hanging ballsack to the base of his spine.  I speared his tight hole with 

my tongue and assaulted his ass with abandon.  The smells and tastes were 

wonderful.  I couldn't get enough.  This was one boy who was at the peak of

ripeness for me.  I could love him for hours.  "Oh, God.  Oh, Jesus," Al 

blurted.  "I'm gonna come."  I spun him around and as he straightened 

himself his ass flexed in my hands and I impaled my mouth on his drizzling 

pecker.  Almost immediately he shot his load.  I could feel the pressure of

the stream as his first spasm hit inside my right cheek.  He was grabbing 

my head and trying to thrust as far into me as he could.  I had no problem 

taking his whole tool without deep throating him.  His successive shots 

were no less powerful than the first and he pounded into me grinding his 

small bush into my nose with each thrust.  He grunted and groaned and made 

little boy noises as he continued to release into my mouth.

I felt the first stream of Brian's second load hit my left shoulder blade 

and I tried to turn to see.  I caught him out of the corner of my eye, his 

face disfigured in orgasmic ecstasy.  He jerked his cock up as his second 

shot went over my head and hit Al in the chest.  Al was watching this and 

he redoubled his efforts inside of me.  Al was finally spent on his 

twenty-fifth spasm or so and Brian continued to lay down lines of sperm on 

both of us as Al sank to the floor in front of me.  He was panting and 

dripping sweat from the exertion.  "Wow," he said.  I leaned forward barely

an inch from his face, hesitated for a moment and then kissed him full on 

the lips.

Now Brian had never let me kiss him, because that was to girlish for him, 

but Al responded and I sucked his tongue into my mouth and we were in a 

french kiss in a matter of moments.  I transferred a good amount of his 

sperm into his mouth and he tried to pull back at first, but gave up when I

held him close.  I rubbed our chests together spreading Brian's thick cum 

between us.  I rubbed my hands all over his body and played with his 

nipples.  I went straight to his anus and inserted a sperm slicked finger. 

He didn't even try to stop me.  I was kissing him, jacking him with one 

hand, and fingering his prostate with the other hand.  He was already 

starting to leak fluid again.  God I love boys. 

"Brian wipe your load off my back," I said.  Brian proceeded to squeegee 

his spum off of me.  "Now give it here,"  Brian held his hand up for me to 

drink from, but I just wiped his hand off on mine.  I spun Al around and 

greased up his tight butt with Brian's copious load.  I disrobed and used 

the rest of the sperm to lube my dick and then I set to work.  I made Al 

stand and bend over.  I just started pushing myself into his slightly 

haired butt.  I pushed my glans past his ring of muscle and let him adjust 

to my presence.  He was still in a sexual stupor and was almost numb to my 

presence.  I drove forward into him with ease.  He was relaxed to my 

advances and I pushed into him fully.  I reached around and put my arm 

around his waist as I began my long slow thrust into his rectum.  I wanted 

this to last.  As I bottomed out inside him he let out a little gasp of 

surprise.  Just about every part of our bodies was slick with someone's 

sperm.  I looked over at Brian but couldn't find him until the back of my 

hand touched the top of his head.  He was sucking off his friend.  I 

couldn't believe it.

That was it I just couldn't hold it.  "I'm gonna come in you," I announced 

as Al instinctively clenched around my rod.  I rammed home and let go with 

my first spurt.  I darted out, and then in hard to lay in my second.  With 

a will of iron I pulled completely out of Al and cut off the next spurt by 

squeezing my dick at the tip.  I moved quickly and pushed Al out of Brian's

mouth.  Brian just stayed there on the floor wondering what was going on.  

I motioned quickly for Al to start jerking off and then I let loose with a 

powerful blast right on Brian's nose.  There was so much built up pressure 

that is actually splattered across his face like a bird dropping.  Al let 

loose and we traded shots of sperm on Brian's skinny teenage face one on 

top of the other.  Brian tried to scoot away, but fell over backwards and 

we were on him.  We each held down an arm with our knees and dumped our 

loads in his hair and on his face and chest.  I used my free hand to rub 

the mingled sperm all over his body coating him in a thin glaze of semen.  

I reached out my sperm covered hand to Al's face and said "Lick it!"  He 

did, eating up our seed.  Brian sputtered like a drowning man and I made 

sure some of our juice got in his mouth.

Brian wasn't real big on sucking cock, so I knew he had to be pretty worked

up to do Al like that and I was going to take advantage of it for all I 

could.  He looked like he had enough and I pushed Al back and got off of 

Brian.  I grabbed his hand with my slick one and helped him to his feet.  

He was rubbing the jiz out of his eyes and flicking it at Al and me.  We 

both started laughing at this boy covered from his navel to the top of his 

head with sperm.  Brian started to laugh also and we all just stood there 

covered with saliva and sperm and God knows what else.

I grabbed the Polaroid off the kitchen counter and fired off two quick 

shots.  I wanted to remember this for a long time.  I went up to Brian and 

licked some come off his cheek.  "So, anyone want a shower?"


Summer's Here - Chapt. 3

"This is Timmy,"  Brian said.  "Timmy and his mom just moved into my 

building," he added, presenting his latest prize for my inspection.

Yikes! I thought.  This was getting a little scary.  Timmy was maybe about 

10, if I was lucky.  He wasn't even five feet tall or 75 pounds.  The kid 

had about the blondest hair I had ever seen, with some light freckling on 

his high cheekbones.  His clothes were the pits.  They looked like the 

stuff that Goodwill chucked out in the dumpster.  They appeared somewhat 

clean though, and I saw signs of mending.  I should have figured it out 

instantly.  Brian's building was pretty run down.  That's why a lot of 

single moms lived there.  The rent was the cheapest around in this 

neighborhood.  This kid had to really be down on his luck.

"How are you guys doing today?" I asked in my friendly, non-threatening 

voice."We're kinda hungry, mister," said Timmy, not wasting any time.  I 

usually fed Brian and two or three other boys on an irregular basis, mostly

around the end of the month before the next welfare check arrived.  What a 

bummer for a kid - being hungry all the time.

"Name your poison, Tim," I said leading the way to the kitchen.  I 

deliberately dropped the 'Timmy' tag.  I hated 'immys' and 'ommys' and 

other cute little-kid nicknames.  These kids deserved more than that.

"He likes peanut butter and jelly," Brian offered.  "Then peanut butter and

jelly it is.  We want Tim to feel right at home here," I answered and Brian

winked at me.

I whipped up a half-dozen pbj's for the kid, set him in front of the tube, 

cranked in Nickelodeon, handed him a glass of chocolate milk and a bag of 

potato chips and said "Brian and I are going upstairs for a while.  Why 

don't you come up when you're done?" The boy couldn't take the time out 

from devouring his food to say anything so he just nodded and smiled a 

wide, little-boy, smile.  I grabbed Brian and we went up the stairs three 

at a time and into the bedroom as I heard the last strains of "I taught I 

taw a puddy tat!" float up from the TV.

"So what's the scoop on the kid?" I asked Brian while rubbing his slim neck

affectionately.  Brian was always more than happy to please me and it 

seemed to give him more pleasure than it did me to find a new kid to break 

in.  "They're fuckin' dirt-poor.  I thought I was bad off.  This kid and 

his mom don't got shit!" he shot out.  "Don't have shit," I corrected.  

"Fuck you," retorted my favorite suck buddy.  "He was just grateful that I 

didn't want to beat the shit out of him.  He's had it rough everywhere he's

been and he's kinda small, so that don't help.  Anyway I thought he was 

awfully cute and you might want him, so..." he said as he pointed down the 

stairs.  "What's our angle?" I asked, "Do we just do it in front of him, 

like it's the most normal thing to do, or what?  You know him better than I

do," I finished.  "I baby-sat him at his place a couple of days ago and 

gave him a bath," Brian stated with an evil grin.  "I even got in the tub 

with him and made a game out of playing with his penis.  He really dug it 

and ended up jerking me off.  I shot all over him and he thought it was 

funny,"  "Very cool.  Do you think we should go swimming?" I asked.  My 

place had a pool and we'd gotten a couple of kids naked by having them 

change in front of us to go swimming and then wrestled naked until 

something popped up.

Brian didn't have time to answer.  I felt Timmy running up the stairs and 

watched him turn the corner into my room.  At that moment I knew exactly 

how to get him started, and I smiled as he stopped in front of me.

"Well, well, did you finish all that food already?" I asked nicely.  "Yup, 

I was hungry.  Mom says I'm getting big and eating a lot more," smiled 

Timmy patting his stomach.  He let out a small belch and the scent of 

peanut butter filled the room.  He looked embarrassed and said, "sorry."  

"Well I have to agree with your mom, Tim, you are a big boy - almost a man 

like me and Brian.  But I think we still need to work on your table 

manners."  Timmy's face was covered with pbj as were his shirt and pants 

where he had wiped his little boy hands in his rush to shovel down all that

food.  He was a mess.  "Brian why don't you go fill up the tub, o.k.?" I 

said as I patted Brian's rump.  Brian trotted off and we could hear the 

sound of water splashing in a few seconds.  "Now, look at yourself, Tim.  

What's your mom going to say if she sees you this dirty?"  Timmy finally 

looked at himself and saw the mess he had made.  "Oh, oh," he said, a small

pout covering his baby face, "She'll kill me!  I only got one other shirt. 

I'm in big trouble, mister."  He sat down on the floor and looked like he 

was about to cry.  "Well, Tim, maybe Brian and I could help and it'll be 

just our secret.  We promise not to tell your mom what you did.  Oh, and 

Tim, it's 'I only have one other shirt' not 'got', alright?"

"You'd help me?" he squeaked, instantly alert at the possibility that his 

mom wouldn't have to know.  "Sure, we're your new friends.  And friends 

always help each other out, right?" I smiled.  "That's right," the now 

happy youngster added.  "But you've got to do everything we tell you so 

your mom will never find out,"  I said straight-faced and stern.  Timmy 

nodded solemnly.  "Just so my mom doesn't know," he whispered.  "Believe 

me,Tim, I don't want her to find out either.  Now why don't you go into the

bathroom and Brian will help you."

I usually wasn't so coercive with the kids.  This was my first experience 

with a pre-adolescent and I wasn't really sure how to handle him.  With the

older boys there was something in it for them - an orgasm.  I wasn't up on 

the physiology of kids this young.  I didn't know if he would enjoy it.  It

appeared that Brian had already taken care of breaking him in and as long 

as we didn't hurt him, the attention would keep him happy.  I decided to 

keep to the same approach, even though it seemed like I was really taking 

advantage of him.

I grabbed the camcorder and put in a two-hour tape.  I had a section marked

off on the counter outside the bathroom that centered the tub perfectly.  I

focused quickly and hit record.  This one would be great to jerk off to 

later.  I stepped into the bathroom staying out of the line of sight of the

camera.  Brian was stripping Timmy slowly.

He still had lots of baby fat, but he wasn't a fat kid.  He looked pretty 

healthy for having missed a lot of meals lately.  Brian kicked his shoes 

towards me and I threw them out the door.  He automatically held his soft 

little arms up and Brian inside-outed his shirt.  He had small, pink 

nipples and very smooth, white skin.  I guess he didn't get out in the sun 

much, because of the other kids.  He undid his pants and tried to stumble 

out of them, but lurched forward into my arms in his haste.  I held him up 

easily and Brian shucked his pants off.  He stood there in his ripped 

briefs looking like the happy little boy he was.  I still held my hands on 

his rib cage and I tickled him slightly.  He laughed and squirmed in my 

hands.  I tickled him some more and he struggled with laughter.  I drew him

close to me and hugged him.  "We're going to take care of you now, because 

we're your friends and we love you," I said as I clutched his firm little 

buttocks in my hot hands.  He hugged my neck and said "Thanks."  I ran my 

hands under the worn elastic of his waistband and slowly slid his briefs 

down his perfect rump.  Brian looked at me and grinned.

He had a really stout-looking boy-cock.  I was a little surprised, but this

kid was hung!  He must have been a good 2 1/2" soft.  That would give him 

3-4" hard.  Wow!  Not bad for a 10-year-old.  I squeezed his butt cheeks in

my hands and rubbed his smooth back feeling the vertebrae and the small 

ribs.  "Why don't you get started with Brian, while I wash your clothes?" I

said patting his butt for emphasis.  "Brian and I took a bath together," he

said.  "Really?" I answered looking curious.  "Yea, it was a lot of fun," 

he giggled looking back at Brian and sharing their 'secret' again.  "Well 

if you want to take a bath with Brian again why don't you ask him?" I said 

helpfully.  "I'll come back up and help you guys out after I get the wash 

started," and with that I gathered Timmy's soiled clothes and walked back 

downstairs.  My last look, as the bathroom faded from view, was of Timmy 

pulling off Brian's t-shirt and Brian smiling like a mad man.

I stuffed Timmy's underwear into my face and was rewarded with a 

wonderfully pungent little-boy smell.  His mom obviously didn't have the 

time to wash his undies a lot.  I felt like blowing my load in his shorts, 

but knew that my payoff would come later.  I checked out his clothes and 

didn't find much; a candy wrapper, half a piece of gum, a small chunk of 

quartz and a dime.  I threw the crap away and saved his rock and the dime. 

I sucked on the crotch of his briefs and tasted his flavors.  They were 

streaked brown in back and yellow in front.  I avoided those areas and 

concentrated on the center panel where most of his sweet oils had landed.  

I was too close to blowing off to continue so I threw his clothes in half 

the sink and hosed them down.  I put his briefs and socks in the other half

to soak in some bleach, dumped some Tide on his pants and shirt, and let 

the hot water cover everything.  Now to investigate those curious peels of 

boy and youth laughter emanating from my bathroom.  My, my, my...

I could hear them splashing before I saw anything.  It was music to my 

ears.  As they came into view, I saw the camera was still bearing mute 

testimony to what I had missed.  I walked in and sat down on the toilet 

seat.  They both looked great; wet and naked - that's how I like my boys.  

Brian had his longer legs out with Timmy between them.  Their knees were 

bent and touching on the sides and Brian had a raging hardon sticking about

an inch out of the water.  I couldn't tell what was happening to Timmy's 

pole because of the turbulence.  "What are you boys up to?" I inquired.

"Brian's got a big boner," Timmy giggled.  "Yea, but it's a magic boner," I

said.  I grabbed Brian's dick and held it underwater. "See, it pops back up

when you let go," I said as I released Brian.  His penis sprang up and 

broke the surface bobbing happily in front of Timmy and me.  "Let me try!" 

exclaimed Timmy.  He grabbed Brian's pecker and repeatedly held it down and

let it up.  Brian was loving it, but had to stop the kid before he lost it 

too soon.  Brian reached over and pulled Timmy closer to him and put him in

his lap to where Timmy's penis was barely out of the water.  He started to 

push Timmy's penis underwater and let it pop back up.  I noticed that he 

was paying particular attention to the glans and was masturbating the boy 

as he pushed him underwater.  I started to soap up Timmy's back and run my 

hands all over the torso of the happy boy.  He loved to be touched and 

moved closer to me.  I started to soap Brian and motioned for him to stand 

up.  I rubbed his legs and thighs with my soapy hands and massaged his 

scrotum and the base of his rod.  I masturbated him slowly, never touching 

the tip, which brought groans of pleasure and frustration from him.  Timmy 

watched the show fascinated.  His own little hand manipulating his stiff 


"Look, I'm getting all wet!" I said in my best startled cry.  "I guess I 

better leave, and let you boys finish by yourselves." "No, don't go!" 

squealed Timmy standing and grabbing onto my arm, "Please stay.  You're my 

friend.  I want you to stay, please."  His dick stuck out its full four or 

so inches slapping against his tummy.  He had an 'outtie' navel that I 

loved and his scrotum hung low from the hot water, outlining his 

marble-sized testicles.  "Why don't you take off your clothes so you don't 

get them wet?"  offered Brian with a wink.  "Yea, take 'em off.  I bet your

dick is even bigger than Brian's," said Timmy excitedly.  I hurried to 

undress and two pairs of shiny eyes watched my every move.  I kicked my 

clothes out of the way and straddled the tub - one foot in and one out.  

Timmy sat on his haunches and put his chin on my upper thigh staring at my 

bursting hardon.  "Wow Brian, look at his dick.  I bet he can make a lot of

sperm too!"  I looked at Brian and raised an eyebrow.  "Now where did you 

learn about sperm, Tim?" I asked.  "Brian showed me his in the tub before. 

It's how a boy makes babies in a girl," he stated matter-of-factly.  "And 

it doesn't taste bad either," I added.  Timmy giggled and I made a 

cum-eating motion at Brian and pointed at Timmy.  Brian nodded 'yes.'  The 

little kid had tasted his load the other night.  Excellent, time to get 

this party rolling.  I slipped my middle finger down the back of Timmy's 

spine to his anus and teased his soft hole open.  Timmy looked perplexed at

the intrusion, but didn't do anything.  Brian started to masturbate Timmy 

to divert his attention and I plunged in to the first knuckle and wiggled 

against his tiny prostate.

"That makes me feel like I gotta poop!" said Timmy.  I moved my finger the 

rest of the way into him.  He was tight, but he didn't offer any real 

resistance.  "Wow, that feels great!" he added.  Brian was milking pre-cum 

out of my dick and it was trickling off my balls.  He made a real show of 

it to attract Timmy's attention.  "Lemee try," said the boy.  I popped my 

finger out of his perky butt and let him explore my hardness.  He grasped 

my penis and stroked it gently from the tip to the base.  "Brian says that 

you gotta be real soft for it to feel right.  He says I do it real good," 

said Timmy looking for approval.  "Well, Tim, did Brian teach you anything 

about putting a penis in your mouth?" I inquired.  "Yea, but I think yours 

is too big," he answered looking a little frightened that I might make him 

suck me off.  "Well, you don't have to if you don't want to.  You don't 

even have to do the whole thing.  Why don't you just see how much you can 

get in your mouth?  That's what Brian and I do."  I messed up his wet hair 

and stroked his smooth cheek.  He looked up and smiled again.  I wagged my 

boner at him and started to pull his head to my lap.  He smiled and quickly

moved in on his own.  "I like to eat the sperms," he said.  He opened wide 

and started to scarf pud.  He only got about three inches inside his 

mouth,but he was in a fever to try and please me.  He started to gag and I 

pulled him off by his matted hair.  "Just take it easy, Tim, and don't 

hurry yourself.  Remember, I'm your friend and you can take your time."  He

seemed to relax a little and was able to choke down some more.  He was 

using his tongue like a pro though and definitely giving my dick some good 

friction. "Let me guide your head," I said as I placed both hands on the 

back of his head.  "Just relax your neck muscles."  I fucked his mouth 

getting about four inches inside him.  He was pretty passive about the 

whole experience. It was a real trip for me seeing my dick inside someone 

so young.  His saliva was running down my dick and dripping off my sack.  

My whole prick was glistening with it.  I pulled my dick out and wiped it 

all over his soft face.  He kept trying to get me back into his mouth, but 

I was spreading my lube on his cheeks and in his eyes.  I pushed him back 

into the tub and climbed in.  It was cramped with the three of us and I sat

Timmy in my lap facing him towards Brian.  "Are we done?" asked the kid.  

"No, no, I think Brian and I have a little surprise planned to welcome you 

to the neighborhood.  Let's all stand up."

Timmy stood with his back to me and I rubbed his shoulders affectionately. 

My boner was sticking in his back and he leaned against it like a cat 

rubbing against a chair.  I motioned Brian to move in and I bent Timmy over

at the waist.  Brian fed the kid his pecker and Timmy started to suck him 

off like he'd been taught.  I resumed finger fucking his asshole and he 

really seemed to be enjoying the attentions of two older guys.  I added a 

second finger to Timmy's butt and he squirmed a little as he adjusted to 

the new intruder.  I settled into a slow rhythm and he started to push back

to meet me.  I forced a third finger past his anus and stretched him out 

more.  He whimpered a bit and tried to move forward, but Brian's dick just 

went down his throat even more.  Now he didn't know what to do.  He 

couldn't back up or go forward.  He panicked.

He was squealing, shaking and wailing so I pulled my fingers out of his ass

and rubbed along his spine gently.  "Don't worry, Tim.  We're not going to 

do anything to hurt you.  Remember, you don't have to do anything you don't

want to do."  He nodded silently with Brian's dick almost all the way into 

his mouth.  Another half an inch and Brian's sparse hair would be right 

under his pug nose.  I realized that this was all mental bullshit anyway.  

At this point, in Timmy's mind, his only choices were to take two cocks or 

lose his only friends in the world.  I felt kinda bad, but I felt more like

fucking him.  I could see Brian's nutsack tighten up in anticipation of his

orgasm.  I lubed up Timmy's asshole with some lotion and pressed my glans 

against the stretched opening.  "Now I really want you to let me know if 

this hurts," I said in a slightly stern voice, partially hoping he would 

make me stop.  "Relax your butt like you're going to the bathroom," I 

instructed.  His sphincter slipped open and I moved in.  Using even 

pressure it only took about 15 seconds before my balls were slapping 

against his rosy cheeks.  He let out a little sigh and I patted him in the 

small of his back.

He was softer inside that anything I had ever fucked.  He kept his anus 

dilated like a little trooper and I slowly built up a good pistoning 

action.  I reached over and twisted on Brian's hard nipples and he grinned 

at me as he gunned his pecker down the kid's throat.  The kid knew to 

relax.It was the survival instinct.  He knew he'd get hurt more if he 

struggled. He just hung there between us and we matched our pace to 

penetrate him at the same time.  I'm sure that blew the kid's mind.  He had

a penis shooting toward his stomach from both ends and couldn't do anything

about it.  Plus,the way Brian and I had been talking to him wouldn't really

help him to assert himself.

Just for variation I reached under the kid and lifted his knees up to his 

chest bringing him completely out of the tub.  He was now suspended between

us and he was flailing his arms to get a hold on Brian's waist.  I was 

pretty close and started forcing myself further into his gut.  Brian could 

sense I was ready and that threw him over the edge.  He really let the kid 

have it and I slowed down just to feel Brian's thrusts ripple through Timmy

and down onto my cock.  Timmy was making some choking and whimpering sounds

from way back in his throat - the classic signs that he wasn't getting a 

lot of air.  That didn't really matter - Brian would be through in a few 

seconds and with another couple of strokes I started to cum.

We were both pounding into the kid, spurting our stuff and in our throes of

lust weren't matching our thrusts any more so the kid had no reference for 

what was going to happen next.  To his credit he just relaxed MORE.  We had

him pinned between us with his nose mashed into Brian's little bush and I 

was giving him 90% strokes.  Brian and I were grunting and groaning and 

making male fuck noises while Timmy was sounding like a drowning kitten.  I

finished first and popped out quickly, thinking of Timmy's well-being.  

Brian, being less than half my age, was still kicking out the spurts.  He 

had a death-grip on the kid's hair and Timmy wasn't going anywhere until 

Brian was through.  I sat back down on the edge of the tub and washed 

Timmy's bowel funk off my softening dick.  I watched his anus reflexively 

wink open and closed, each time letting out a little trickle of my semen 

that drizzled down the inside of his white thighs.  Life was great.

Brian finished and slowly lowered the kid down like a small doll, and Timmy

splashed on his ass into the tub coughing up sperm.  He was breathing in 

ragged gasps, but his color had never changed so I didn't think we had hurt

hum permanently.  I just wished Brian didn't get so carried away.  I rolled

Timmy over and washed off his ass.  There was no blood and he didn't wince 

when I tickled his anus, so I felt a little better about the whole thing.  

I picked the kid up and french-kissed some of Brian's seed out of his 

mouth.  He was pretty worn out, but still had the energy to kiss me back.  

I put him down gently and Brian said, "Now, Tim, you're a man, just like 

us." and pointed to himself and me.  Timmy finally caught his breath and 

looked up at us both grinning at him.  "That felt great, with your boner in

my butt," smiled Timmy, "but I think I gotta poop, mister," he added, 

looking a little confused, like he didn't know why.  "O.k., c'mon out, big 

guy." I lifted him out and stood him in front of the toilet.  He plopped 

down and farted wetly.  "Tim, please try to remember it's 'I think I have 

to poop, mister', not 'gotta.'  Do you think you can remember that for me?"

He nodded as his sore ass muscles worked to expel my goo.  "Good boy," I 

said and rubbed his hair.  He smiled at me with his clear blue eyes and I 

kissed him on the forehead.  "Can I eat your sperm now?" he asked. "I think

you've been good enough to us for one day, my little friend.  We're going 

to have a great summer, Tim.  A really great summer."

Summer's Here - Chapter 4

They knew better than to buzz me at 10:00 in the morning.  None of them 

ever went to bed before 3:00 a.m. anyway, so I didn't expect to see them 

until early afternoon.  I was a night owl myself.  I could stay up until 

five in the morning, typing away, without a second thought - just don't 

ring my bell at ten in the fucking morning!

It couldn't be Brian.  He had been at my place late last night getting his 

dick emptied.  As a matter of fact, I could still taste his boy-sperm mixed

in with my morning breath.  It brought back the memory of yet another 

pleasurable incident in the saga I called "Life of Brian."

I pulled on some tartan-plaid boxers over my morning erection and bounced 

downstairs.  I didn't want to miss whichever boy it was.  It was probably 

some kid who had just spent the night out to get away from a drunken father

and who needed a good meal.

I hit the release to let the main gate to my complex open and held it for a

minute.  I unlocked the door and went to the 'fridge to get some OJ and 

start my day (about two hours early).  It took so long that I thought it 

was the UPS man, but a quick check out the window showed no brown truck.  

After about five minutes, a knock came at my door.  Someone knocking could 

only mean one thing - fresh chicken for breakfast.  I was going to have to 

start paying that kid Brian.  He had turned me onto some fantastic little 

dicks in the last few months.  I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and opened 

the door to survey my new present.

"Hi," I said to the tall, slim 12-year-old standing at my door.  "Um, I 

don't know if I'm in the right place," he said looking past me into the 

living room.  "Brian said I could play video games here.  Is that you?"  

"Yea, that's me, Bud.  C'mon in," I swung the door wide and chauffeured in 

my new prize.  He was better dressed than most of the boys and looked 

pretty well-fed and clean.  This was an anomaly.  He was at the far end of 

the bell curve. "Do you want anything to eat," I called to him.  "No, just 

ate," he said patting his stomach.

"There's a couple of different machines and boxes of games," I said as I 

turned on the TV and set the volume.  "Just flip this switch box and...," 

he cut me off and said "Yea, it's an A-B switch.  I got it covered." He 

took the box from me and sorted through game cartridges until he found one 

that looked interesting, popped it in, and started killing aliens without 

even looking back up at me.  I just stood there and stared at him.  He 

finally looked up at me and said, "Don't you get dressed in the morning?"  

Well, he wasn't shy at least.  "Yea, good idea.  What's your name?"  "I'm 

Joe," he said, now involved in the second level of something with vampire 

bats.  I started walking up the stairs when he shouted after me, "You could

use a shower and a shave."  This was going to be one interesting kid.

I dropped my shorts and jumped in the shower.  I left the bathroom door 

open as always, just out of habit - not really thinking about the boy.  The

hot water felt good and was relaxing the neck muscles that hurt from 

sucking off Brian in an awkward position last night.  Suddenly, and without

warning,(I love that phrase) ice-cold water poured over the top of the 

shower curtain onto my head.  "Bull's-eye!" came a cry from atop the 

toilet.  I shot back the curtain to see Joe standing there, with an 

ear-to-ear grin, holding my largest salad bowl upside down.  "What the hell

was that for?" I demanded.  "The look on your face was priceless," he 

replied, laughing at me, "You didn't even have a clue," he added.  "Don't 

worry Joey, you'll get yours.  Can I finish my shower now?" I quizzed.  His

face darkened and his smile faded.  "First, for your information, it's Joe 

- NOT Joey.  Don't you listen?  And second, you've got a small dick." He 

jumped off the head and bounded down the stairs.  I heard the door slam a 

few seconds later.  Well,that was interesting.  Of course, he was right.  

He had said Joe, and when soft, I really did have a small dick.  But, I 

smiled to myself, at least he had looked.

I rinsed off and got out.  Everything was wrong about this kid.  He was too

smart, clean, rich, and well-fed for this neighborhood.  Nothing seemed to 

fit.  I dried off, wrapped a towel around my waist, and filled the sink to 

shave.  I couldn't place this kid.  For a fleeting moment, I wondered if I 

was being set up and decided to wake up Brian and check out little 

"Joe-Not-Joey".  I stroked the razor across my face, trying to put the 

pieces in place.  I thought I saw something move out of the corner of my 

eye, but before I could identify it in my mind I was attacked again.

He had some kind of slime-squirter that I had seen at Toys 'R' Us last 

December, while shopping for some of my little waifs who wouldn't have had 

a Christmas without me acting as Santa.  I saw the beginning of the stream 

on the mirror and then felt the cold splat across my naked back, and I made

the mistake of turning around to confront him.  He hosed me down while he 

shouted a weird combination of old Steve Martin routines and National 

Lampoon sayings.  "Die, you gravy-sucking pig.  You imperialist toy 

monger.Taste the peoples wrath!"  I was too busy laughing to try to stop 


"You have me at your mercy, Master Joe," I said in a controlled laugh.  

"You are by far the most worthy opponent that I have faced to date.  You 

even rival that arch-villain Dr. Zin.  You are more cunning than Boris and 

Natasha put together.  You, Master Joe, could silence Danger Mouse 

forever," I said in a rush of TV nostalgia.

He dropped the slimer to his side and cocked his head.  "You watch 

cartoons?" he asked in a distrusting voice.  "No shit, Sherlock," I 

sneered."Johnny Quest?  Danger Mouse?" he ventured.  "Bugs, Ghostbusters, 

Tail Spin.  You name it," I answered.  "Cool," he replied nodding his head 

in approval.  "You're a mess.  I thought I told you to take a shower," he 

said with an evil smile.  "Yes, Master," I said in my best zombie voice.  I

pulled off the towel I was wearing and threw it over his head.  I spun him 

around a few times and pushed him towards the stair railing.  He giggled 

and fell to the floor.  I took another shower and wondered what was in 

store for the rest of the day, or - if I was lucky - the rest of the 


I was really starting to get paranoid.  Every little thump made me think 

Joe was getting ready to pounce on me with guns blazing.  I even peeked out

of the shower curtain a couple of times.  He was still on the floor where 

he had fallen, with my towel over most of his body.  His trusty (but empty)

slime gun was next to him.

It didn't take me long to finish.  The goo just slid off.  I stepped out 

and over the curled-up form to get a fresh towel off the railing.  "Don't 

drip on me!" came a command from the floor.  "Man, you've sure got a lot of

rules," I said.  "Why don't you write them down for me so I don't keep 

pissing you off?" I added.  "I'll let you know when you do something 

wrong," he replied.  "Yea, well, I'll do the same," I finished.  He sat up 

and uncovered his face.  He was definitely acting about two or three years 

younger than he really was.  If someone didn't absolutely adore him, he 

would be a real pain in the ass.  He was starting to get big enough that 

you couldn't man-handle him into submission all the time.  He looked to be 

a little over 125 pounds, tanned, with sandy brown hair.  He even had a 

chain around his neck - probably a Catholic like a lot of the kids around 

here.  But, again, his clothes were too clean, and he was too clean and... 

I don't know.  "Are you going to just stand there dripping on the rug and 

getting all glassy-eyed over me, or are you going to dry off and get 

dressed?"  That was a shocker.  He had caught me checking him out.  I broke

my stare and turned away from him to dry myself.  I bent over to dry my 

legs and he said, in his same evil voice, "Oh yea, shake that money-maker, 

Baby!  Nice ass!"  I immediately stood up and looked at him in true shock. 

He just smiled that cherubic smile and blinked at me.  I grabbed a pair of 

shorts and pulled them on before drying the rest of my body.  "Show's 

over.He couldn't handle the pressure of an audience.  Two thumbs down," he 

said as he stood shaking his head.  He walked back downstairs and a few 

seconds later I heard the death-screams of aliens again.

I pulled off the shorts to put some briefs on.  This kid really had me 

rattled.  I didn't know if I was coming or going.  His rapid-fire 

personality was too much for me before my morning coffee, and I needed 

something more solid than Brian's semen in my stomach.  I had even 

forgotten to piss.  I was standing in front of the sink, so I decided to 

let go down the drain.  That was common for me.  The toilet just had to be 

cleaned if you used it. It didn't splash as much in the sink.

FLASH!  Oh, shit!  I knew instantly what he'd done.  My Polaroid was still 

downstairs from my encounter with Al and Brian.  Joe squealed with delight 

and ran back downstairs.  Well, that wasn't so bad.  I was pissing in the 

sink.  Who was he going to show it to anyway?  I dressed quickly and 

started down the stairs.  I purposely left off a shirt, in case he wanted 

to tease me about the hair under my arms or, hopefully, the furry line that

ran from my navel downwards.  Halfway down the stairs, I stopped in shock.

The pictures I had taken of Brian and Al, covered with sperm, were right 

next to the camera!  I had forgotten to put them away.  It had been so late

the night when they had left, that I had completely forgotten about the 

fucking pictures.  I slowed down and tried to look nonchalant.  I reached 

the foot of the stairs and turned to see Joe engrossed in a game.  He 

looked over and smiled.  I went into the kitchen and started a pot of 

coffee.  I was looking around for the camera and the pictures.  I spotted 

the camera over on the couch.  It looked like the picture of me pissing was

under the camera - I could see the corner peaking out.  I studied the rest 

of the table area but couldn't see the really-incriminating pictures.  That

was O.K.  That table was a mess of pictures, notes, magazines, letters, 

catalogues, etc.  I was going to have to stand right over it to find them. 

Move slow, move slow, I thought.  I sauntered over to the table and picked 

up the phone.  I dialed Brian's number as I looked intently for the snaps. 

They were not there.  I sat down on the chair and looked under the table - 

nothing.  "Hi, it's me.  I received your present this morning," I said.  

Brian chuckled, "Watch out it's loaded."  "Yea, no shit.  Is everything 

O.K. with it?" I asked.  "He'll be O.K.  I caught him at the park playing 

with some seven-year-old's dick and scared him real good.  He's too weird 

for me.  He wouldn't let me fuck him, so I sent him over for you to soften 

up.""You have no tact, my friend" I sighed.  "By the way, he lives in your 

building," mentioned Brian.  "No shit.  That is most interesting,"  I said 

and noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Joe seemed to be losing at 

his game.  I caught his reflection in the screen.  He was staring at me and

not even looking at the set.  I hung up on Brian.  Joe immediately started 

improving his score.  I poured myself a cup of coffee and wondered what I 

was getting into.

Joe had declined anything to eat, but I made enough eggs and toast for him 

-just in case.  I set the plate on the floor next to him and stretched 

out,eating my breakfast, but saying nothing.  He was hammering this game 

and had obviously played it before.  "Why don't you try something you 

haven't played already?" I asked.  "What makes you think I've played this 

before?" Joe retorted with a surprised look.  "You didn't find that hidden 

power-up by luck, Buddy," I pointed out.  "Have you played them all?" I 

asked.  "No,only about a dozen of them," he answered.  "So you just wanted 

to put something on that you could blow through without even thinking 

about, so you could watch my every move," I stated, flicking the power 

switch with my foot.  The TV went black and Joe looked at me sheepishly out

of the corner of his eye.

"Here, have something to eat,  I made too much," I proffered the food to 

him.  "You did that on purpose," he said.  "Force of habit.  I'm used to 

cooking for a lot of different boys.  Most boys like to have a full stomach

no matter how smart they are," I added.  He smiled and started to wolf down

the eggs and toast.  "So, you didn't eat this morning," I observed, 

"Because your mom..." he cut me off "...DAD didn't leave me any money to 

buy groceries."  "And your mom?" I asked.  "Is in Colorado with my step 

dad," he said.  "You're here for the summer," I stated, more than asked.  

"No shit, Sherlock." he replied, as he smiled between mouthfuls.  "Brian 

told you that I had food.  Why did you tell me you weren't hungry?"  "I 

didn't want to owe you anything," he answered.  "So why now?" I wanted to 

know.  "Because I like you," he said simply.

I stood up and walked over to the camera.  I slid the picture from 

underneath it and turned it over.  It was a picture that Joe had taken of 

his own face.  I looked back at Joe and he started laughing.  He had caught

me good.  I still had to figure out a way to get those pictures back.  I 

wasn't worried about the one of me pissing, but the other two were worth 

twenty years in a dark hole.

"So where's the picture?" it seemed best to start out bold.  That gave him 

the advantage and he might slip up out of pride.  I knew that I could still

take this kid in a game of wits.  I had seen them all - and ended up 

fucking or sucking them all.  He must have had an IQ approaching 175,  That

was more than I had ever tested at, but I had the experience, and he was in

my element.  This would take some time, but the payoff... Oh yea, the 


"Don't you mean pictures?" smiled Joe making a critical error.  He could 

have strung me along for hours without ever having to tell me that he had 

more than the one.  I breathed a little easier.  This kid wasn't a psycho, 

he just wanted some attention.  Mom ships him off to dad in the summer,and 

dad is some workaholic who probably doesn't even want him there.  Now that 

I knew the score, I could survive this game.

"Well, I'd like to see what you've dug up at least.  I certainly won't deny

that there may or may not be more pictures around here," I stated.  "Maybe 

if you could describe these photographs, I could help you look for them," 

he smiled sweetly.  In the sunlight I could see the little swirls of blond 

hair on his cheeks and the tiny ones over his lip that would someday sprout

into an ugly, rough beard.  "There's a total of three - including the one 

you snapped this morning - and I think you know what they look like," I 

smiled back at him mocking his innocent look.  "Are the pictures of boys or

girls?" he continued.  "Boys," I answered.  "With or without clothes?" he 

grinned.  "Stark naked," I replied.  "Tsk, tsk," Joe shook his head.  

"Naked pictures of boys.  This should be reported to the proper 

authorities," he said seriously and made for the door.  I didn't even turn 

around.  "Aren't you going to stop me," he asked hopefully.  "No, you have 

to do what you think is right," I said turning towards him, "I admire a boy

of upright moral convictions who knows what he has to do."  His mouth  

dropped open in surprise.  "And besides you don't have the pictures, I do."

I held up three Polaroids in front of me with the backs facing him.  "Thank

God these lads will never see the light of day.  I'd hate to think what the

'proper authorities' would do with them," I added as I waved the pictures  

in front of him.

His look of shock turned to surprise, and his eyes darted to the bookcase. 

That was all I needed.  I dropped the pictures and made for the bookcase.  

The only place he could reach would be behind the CD rack.  He ran for the 

pics I dropped only to find some old shots of shipping damage to a tuner I 

bought last year.  "You tricked me!" he shrieked.  "Well, yes, I guess I 

did.  Don't ever try to match wits with the master."  I groped behind the 

rack and produced the pictures.  "Oh, by the way, thanks for slime gun.  I 

put it away for safekeeping."  "You fucking fag.  Wait until I tell my 

father what you do," he said stomping towards the door.  "Your father 

hasn't listened to you a day in your life and you know it," I said - acting

fast.  "My father loves me!" he screamed hysterically.  "Yea, I'm sure 

that's what it says on all the cards he sends.  He does send cards, doesn't

he?" I asked sweetly breaking into a small grin.  "You fucking bastard!  

I'll kill you!" he screamed, his voice breaking into a shrill falsetto as 

he ran for me - fists flying.

He was pretty strong and worked up but I caught him, tripped him up, spun 

him around and hugged him down to the floor.  He screamed some more and 

cried and screamed and cried and after about five minutes he just went 

limp.  I held him gently the whole time, using only enough pressure to 

restrain him.  He sobbed in my hands as I stroked his sweaty, matted hair. 

I moved to sit cross-legged on the floor and pulled him into my lap.  I 

faced him towards me and hugged his face to my shoulder.  He put his arms 

around me and gripped me tightly, in a scared little-boy realization that 

his dad really didn't give a shit.  I continued to rub his back and neck 

and administer comforting "It'll be all right"'s and such.  He sagged into 

sleep and I carried him upstairs to my bed.  I took off his shoes and left 

them in plain sight.  I went back downstairs and finished my coffee 

thinking about what the next few hours would be like.

I went ahead and cleaned up any sex evidence from the apartment.  I didn't 

think I'd have any more trouble, but you can never be too sure where a boy 

is concerned.  I looked again at the picture of Al and Brian smiling 

naked,Brian covered with a mask of semen.  I hoped Joe would be good for 

some of the same.

I was watching a twenty-year-old Jetsons episode when he came quietly down 

the stairs.  He had his shoes on and wouldn't look at me.  "Hi, did you 

have an nice nap?" I asked quietly.  "I've got to go now," he answered, 

edging towards the door.  "I'd like you to stay," I said, "Please stay with

me.  I like you a lot."

"After what I did?" he asked, startled that I forgave him so easily.  "What

did you do?" I said smiling, "I seem to have forgotten," I broke into a 

wide grin and opened my arms.  He came forward and hugged me with all his 

strength.  He even tried to pick me up off the floor.  I bent over and 

kissed him on the nose.  "That's for being the smartest boy I know," I 

said, as I patted his firm rump.  He smiled brightly and said "Do you 

really suck cock like Brian says?"

"Yea, I'm afraid so," I answered, "I can't seem to help it.  I just like 

boys so much I'll do anything to make them happy - and that sure seems to 

make them happy." "You're a pedophile," Joe said.  "Well, if you have to 

give it a name..." I said trailing off.  "What else do you do with boys?" 

Joe was going to quiz me to death, I could see.  "I try to do whatever the 

boy wants as long as it won't hurt him or me.  Remember, I want the boy to 

be happy and I won't ever suggest doing something unless the boy brings it 

up first.  I don't want any boy to ever get the idea that I want him to do 

something he doesn't want to do.

"Do you butt-fuck?" he persisted, "or do you just jerk off, or..." I didn't

want to run the gamut with him.  I sat down on the couch and patted the 

cushion next to me.  "I'm in the middle of a very important program and I'd

like you to watch it with me."  He sat down and moved up to cuddle next to 

me.  I put a protective arm around him and listened to George screaming 

"Jane.  How do ya stop this crazy thing?"

"Do you want to see my dick?" asked Joe.  That was a question that could 

really get my attention.  "Let's just say that if all your clothes fell off

- I wouldn't cover my eyes," I answered.  "Don't do something just because 

you think I want it Joe.  Boys come here to do things that they want to do 

and can't do anywhere else.  Just do what you want." That was about as 

diplomatic as I was going to be.  I really liked this kid and he had a lot 

of potential.  This wasn't going to be some kid that I could just fuck and 

leave; he was high maintenance - and I loved it.  I'd do anything for this 

kid, he really had a spark in him.

"I want to take my clothes off," he said plainly. "And I want you to 

also,"he finished.  "Sounds great to me," I answered.  I stood right up and

pulled off my shorts.  I paused at my briefs and gestured to him asking if 

I should continue.  Joe was kicking off his shoes and socks and just nodded

for me to continue.  I dumped my briefs and stood naked with my hands at my

sides.  Joe was trying to kick off his pants while pulling off his shirt 

and he was making a mess of it in his hurry.  I steadied him and helped 

with his shirt.  His reddish-brown nipples stood out hard and ready.  The 

furrow between his breasts was perfect and his stomach had a modicum of 

baby fat.  His navel was a tight diamond and his penis bulged under his 

shorts.  He shucked off his pants and turned his back to me.  He smiled 

over his shoulder as he slid his briefs down his trim ass, exposing his 

brown hole and the little hairs surrounding it.  I rubbed my penis in 

anticipation.  As he leaned over to get completely naked, I could see the 

back of his scrotum hanging between his legs.  A little trail of fur 

connected his anus to his nuts.  He winked his anus open a little, showing 

me he had control over this muscle.  I was ready to shoot my load already 

and had to drop my stiff pole.  This kid was going to tease me like no 

other and I was dying to watch the show.

He turned around sporting a five-inch erection that stood out from his 

stomach by only about 20 degrees.  A clear drop of pre-cum exited his shaft

and joined the river running down to his hairless balls.  His balls were 

big too, and his sack hung down like a man's.  The hair around his penis 

was still in two unconnected, light brown, tufts.  His glans was a light 

burgundy and had a beautifully upturned rim.  His penis skin was 

smooth,with a color transition about 1/3 of the way down from his 

circumcision.  His vein pulsed and he lightly flexed his ass muscles to 

make his rod bounce.

I started to breath in a ragged, sexual manner.  I was ready to do his 

bidding.  "Let's go upstairs," he said.  I led the way.  "Nice ass, Baby," 

he teased on the way up.  Sorry, I thought.  I don't let my boys fuck me.  

I hoped I didn't have to disappoint him.  He walked by me on entering the 

bedroom and plopped onto the bed.  He moved his ass right to the edge, 

pulled his knees to his chest, and then opened his legs as far as he could.

His penis leaked onto his stomach and his asshole was completely exposed.  

I could smell his hot musk rising in the room.  "Well?" he asked.  "Are you

going to stand there or are you going to fuck me?"

"Is that what you want?  Really want?" I asked hoping beyond hope that he 

meant it.  "I said it.  I mean it," answered Joe.  I grabbed some lube out 

of the bathroom and kneeled in front of his hole.  There were only a few 

sparse, fine hairs.  It was beautiful.  I stuck my tongue straight into his

flower, bringing forth a shudder of pleasure from the boy.  I licked and 

poked and sucked and slurped all over his ass, nipping at his cheeks and 

going up to his balls.  I washed him in saliva and forced as much as I 

could past his button.

I stood up and started rubbing my cock at his door.  "That's the way.  

Stick it in man," was Joe's only comment.  I plugged my glans in past the 

ring of muscle and he tensed slightly before relaxing.  I waited for a few 

seconds and then pulled out.  I lubed my penis lightly.  He didn't need any

heavy lube - he was ready!  I went right back in and slid in all the way.  

Joe gave a little yelp and I started to withdraw slightly.  His ass clamped

me like a vise.  "Don't even think about leaving," he said.  I nodded 

solemnly and he released my cock.  I started my fucking rhythm and moved my

body around him.  I put my face close to his and felt his breath coming in 

time with my thrusts.  I saw the tiny beads of sweat starting at the curl 

of his lip and I smelled the adolescent smell that escaped from his body.  

He glowed in a sheen of moisture and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling 

him closer to me.  His legs parted completely allowing me to press my chest

to his and pin his member between us.  I rose up and grabbed the lube, 

squeezing a line down his stiff pole.  I then resumed my advances and 

pinned him to the bed again.  His boy-cock sang between us, receiving the 

attention it richly deserved.  His breath came in short pants and I 

increased my tempo dramatically.  He was spastically clamping and 

unclamping on my prick and his hands were on my ass pulling me deeper and 

deeper into him.  I began my final ascent as I felt him start to unload 

between us.  Powerful spurts of his semen erupted as I burrowed still 

deeper.  I could feel him coming, against my stomach, as his whole body was

wracked with his orgasm.  He grunted savagely and grabbed me harder.  I 

released a torrent of juice into his colon.  He convulsed and inhaled 

deeply.  I could still feel his penis pumping out the spurts onto my 


I left my penis inside him and collapsed in a pool of sweat and semen.  His

hands were running sensuously up and down my back as his anus kept milking 

on my dick.  I could feel him licking any exposed part of my neck that he 

could reach, and I raised myself to a position that allowed him to kiss me.

I licked his sweaty face and his nose and ears.  We kissed deeply and I 

gave him a few more quick thrusts.  To be able to take this trusting boy so

fully had given me such joy.  I didn't know how I'd ever come to know 

greater pleasure.  He had been perfect.  No one could ever surpass him.  I 

slowly pulled my softening rod from his butthole.  He just lay there, 

spread wide and smiling in the afterglow of a great orgasm.  His thin semen

was spread across his belly and filled his navel to overflowing.  I stood 

over my prize and hoped he would never go back to Colorado.

I picked up the boy, with my sperm leaking from his anus, and carried him 

to the bathtub.  He continued to lick and kiss any part of me he could 

reach. He muttered "Thank you," and I replied in kind.  We were a gooey, 

sticky, semen and saliva covered mess - and I had never been happier in my 

entire life.

Summer's Here, Chapter 5

I spent the summer afternoons around the pool - if I wasn't previously 

committed to taking care of some boy's needs.  My apartment building was 

set up in a manner reminiscent of 'Rear Window' and the pool was surrounded

on all sides by apartments.  Everyone had to walk by the pool to get to 

their place.  This made it an excellent place to check out my neighbors.

Usually I would sit and read the trades or write down my thoughts for 

future stories, and if I was lucky enough there would be kids in the pool 

to spur my imagination.  This was how I finally got to know Brian, which 

led to the adventures of the first four chapters.

I don't ever go out of my way to meet a boy.  I'm actually a little shy 

around people I don't know.  Somehow the kids know that I'm O.K. to take 

chances with.  It's some unspoken message that helps us both to relax.

If they make the first move then I don't mind responding, but I try not to 

put any pressure on them to make that move.

In the late afternoon I would swim for an hour or so, mostly treading water

and watching people arrive home from work with their kids in tow.  That was

how I met Joey.

I hadn't seen the three boys before.  Oh, I knew their dad and had played 

pool with him in the rec room, but he had never mentioned the boys.  I 

watched them all the way to their pool-side apartment.  They all wore tight

bicycle shorts and T-shirts.  I was guessing at seven, nine, and eleven as 

their ages.  Definitely prepubescent.  The oldest one caught my stare and 

our eyes met.  I understood the "I wonder what he wants?"  look in the 

kid's eyes.  Pop hustled them inside and my mind went back to random 


I pondered the possibility of pressing the issue with the boys' father by 

asking him to play a game of pool, but discarded the idea in favor of 

letting nature take its course.  My luck held, though, as ten minutes later

the whole clan ambled out with towels.

They were loud, pushy boys.  Anyone with three kids, especially boys, will 

attest to the fact that it's a miracle just to keep them from killing each 

other.  Dad sat down to read the paper and the boys shucked off their 

shirts and made for the shallow end.  The oldest caught my gaze again and 

gave me a quizzical "So you're still here" look.  I stuck my tongue out at 

him - a standard gesture of mine.  He recoiled slightly and raised an 

eyebrow.  They never expect an adult to do that.

Their dad had the right idea, and basically ignored them as they commenced 

their water assault on each other.  I continued to methodically stroke the 

water and keep my vision locked on the boys.  Eventually the oldest started

to explore more of the pool to get away from his little brothers and he 

circled me.  I kept turning to keep him in view and his gaze stayed locked 

to mine.  It became an unspoken game and he started to try to make me lose 

my lock on him.  He darted back and forth, under water, and I never lost 

him.  Eventually he tired of this and went back to torturing his brothers. 

A few minutes later a phone rang and their dad slowly stood up from his 

chair to answer it.  The boys took this as an invitation to become even 

more rambunctious.  I took this as an invitation to move in closer to the 

object of my interest.  Number-two-son had the neck of his older brother in

a death grasp and was screaming C above high-C into his ear.  After about 

ten seconds of struggle he pried his little brother off.

"That's it, Bobby.  They're coming off," said number-one, pinning his 

brother's arms behind him.

"No, Joey, pleeeeeeeease!!!" squealed the nine-year-old.

"I told you what would happen.  Now you pay the price," answered Joey.

And with that he skinned off the black bike-shorts from his protesting 

brother and with an evil grin threw them straight at me.  I was too 

startled to react in time and the wet lycra smacked me in the face, 


I peeled the cloth away in time to see the naked form of Bobby dog-paddling

towards me, his cotton-white butt flashing up and down.  Joey was laughing 

out loud at his act.  Probably more thrilled with getting me than his 

little brother.

I just stayed put and floated the shorts in front of me.  I wasn't going to

do anything to hinder or help this scene.  I was firmly neutral, for now.  

Bobby reached, grabbed his shorts, and immediately began to sink.  He let 

go of his clothes and swam up to breath.  It appeared that he was unable to

handle the two tasks at once.  His shorts sank to the bottom in the process

and he began to pout.

"I'll get them for you.  You go hang onto the side," I said, unable to 

resist giving his firm bottom a push towards the edge.  He paddled off and 

I retrieved his shorts.  I handed him his shorts at the edge and smiled at 


"Thanks, Mister," he said choking back his embarrassment.  He still 

couldn't get his shorts on in the deep end and he looked up to me for 

assistance.  I sighed and pulled him into the shallow end with my arm 

around his chest and his front exposed to the sky.  I stood between him and

Joey as he got dressed and had an unspoken conversation with the older boy.

"So, were you showing off for me, or just reinforcing that you're in 

charge?" I thought.

"Maybe a little of both," his eyes answered.

I stayed in the shallow end floating between the boys for a few minutes and

then moved menacingly towards Joey.  He wasn't sure what to make of my 

advances, but backed away from this unknown adult.  As I approached him, 

only my head protruded from the water.  I smiled at him and then stuck out 

my tongue.  He broke into a smile and flipped me the middle finger.  I 

closed my fist quickly on the surface of the pool and sent a quick jet of 

water into his eyes.  He stumbled back off his feet as the chlorine stung 

him.  I stood silently in front of him as he blinked to regain his vision. 

He finally looked up at me and started to mouth "fuck you."  I clamped my 

hand over his face.

"Just remember, Joey, when I'm here you're number two!"

I punctuated the remark with a finger in his sternum and messed up his hair

as I exited the pool.  I dried facing the boys.  My suit clung to me and 

outlined my package, leaving nothing to the imagination.  I wanted them to 

see, if they wanted to see.  I went back to the table where my paper was 

and pretended to ignore the boys.

That was all the action for the day.  Dad came back out and the boys went 

back to their old tricks.  I got off a couple of more rude gestures at 

Joey, when his dad wasn't looking, but that was about it.

I went back upstairs to watch my favorite boy-show, "Flipper", and relaxed 

from the day's activity with a warm beer.  After the show I went back down 

again to check the mail.  I walked slowly by the open door of my new-found 

friends' apartment and was pleased to notice that the couch still faced the

door.  Joey and brothers were watching some cartoons, now dry and changed, 

as dad still debated the merits of some stocks and bonds or something on 

the phone.  I slipped out my tongue at Joey and grabbed my crotch.  He 

glanced at me and frowned.  I kept walking and checked back over my 

shoulder.  Eventually he showed up outside his door.

"Hey," he said to catch my attention, "Kiss this!"

With that he pulled down the back of his shorts and thrust out his perfect 

behind.  He pulled down his shorts so far that I could see his hairless 

scrotum, hanging, nestled between his legs with his pink hole exposed for 

my viewing pleasure.

I flipped my middle finger at him and immediately turned away and walked up

the stairs towards the mailboxes.

"Hey, hey, HEY!" he called after me.  I ignored him.  I knew boys.  It 

would drive him crazy that he didn't "get me last."

I stood in front of the wall sorting out the junk from the bills.  In a 

matter of seconds Joey was at my side looking up at me expectantly.

"Hey, tough guy.  What's happening?" I queried, feigning a lack of interest

in his answer.

"Who ARE you?" was Joey's reply.

"Just another kid, like you, looking for fun in the sun."

That really threw him.  He thought for a minute.

"What's your name?  Do you live here?" he finally asked.

"You may call me 'The Doctor,'" I answered, "and yes, I live here."

"What do you do?" he continued.

"I have fun," I replied remaining exasperatingly vague.

"No.  What do you DO for a living?  How do you make money?"

"I write about having fun."

"You're a writer?"

"I'm a lot of things.  One of them is a writer," I said trailing off.

"What are the others?" asked Joey curiously.

"Aye, there's the rub," I smiled, "That's something for you to figure out, 

my special friend."  With that I locked my mailbox and started up the 

stairs, back towards my apartment.

"Where are you going?" Joey called up to me.

"Duty calls, Joseph.  Duty calls," I replied without looking back.

I thought it went very well.  I had him coming to me so soon after meeting 

him.  I could see that he was still curious and he didn't look like a kid 

who would sleep too well without being satisfied.

I purposely left the door open.  There was no reason to make it harder on 

him than necessary.  I dropped the mail and plugged in a video game.  I 

started to kill zombies with baseball bats and waited for the young stuff 

to appear.

I thought about his brown hair and green eyes.  I confirmed his age to 

myself.  He could be eleven, it was somewhere in that area.  He was about 

85 pounds, a little on the heavy side for his height, but not fat, by any 

means.  My mind began to wander to his brothers and I could only hope that 

his dad was still dating.  That would mean he would need a baby-sitter.  

What more logical choice could there be than me?  After all, I had plenty 

of experience with boys.  Joey broke me out of my stupor.

"What's up, Doc?" he asked from my open door.

"I'm working," I answered, killing another pack of the undead.

"Looks more like you're having fun."

"Remember what I said about my work?"

"You write about having fun."

"Smart boy.  You win a coke."

I ushered him in with a nod and he slowly moved in.  I went back to 

concentrating on the game.  I ignored his rumblings in the kitchen as I 

made the world safe for the living.

"What's this for?" He asked holding up one of my extra-power squirt guns.

"Why don't you guess?" I growled.

"What a wise-ass," he mumbled.

I smiled to myself and pretended not to hear him.  I heard him running the 

water and knew he was filling the gun.  I prepared myself for the attack.  

I paused the video game and stood up from the floor.  I nonchalantly walked

towards the kitchen and Joey fumbled to hide the bright orange weapon.  I 

opened the 'fridge and palmed two ice cubes.  I threw one into my mouth and

kept the other one handy, but out of sight.

"Oh, Doc, I've got something for you," sang my future boyfriend.

I turned and caught the water blast in the chest.  I stood there as he 

hosed me down.  I grabbed him, after a while, and wrestled the gun out of 

his hands with precisely placed tickles on his body.

"Here's a sponge," I said, dropping one on the floor, "wipe it up."

"Please," I added, and kicked him affectionately in the butt.

He knelt down to sop up the excess fluid from his attack and I grabbed him 

by the back of his shorts.  Thank God for elastic.  I pulled his shorts and

briefs away from his body, revealing his tasty crack.  He tried to whirl 

around, but could only turn his head towards me.  I flashed a wicked smile 

and held up the ice cube.  He started to try to scramble away, but he would

have to leave his shorts to get away.  I slowly started to move the ice 

down from the small of his back towards his ass.  He squirmed and struggled

to no avail.  My middle finger parted his cheeks and guided the cube down 

towards his hole.  He clenched, as best he could, without any effect.  I 

felt for the softness of his anus and placed the ice right up against it.  

I teased his hole by pushing the ice gently into it and then releasing the 

pressure.  I kept it there for a good thirty seconds before letting it fall

harmlessly into his underwear.  He turned around to face me.  He was madder

about being set up than he was about the ice in his shorts.  He flipped me 

the finger and I darted my hand towards his crotch.  I cupped his package, 

forcing the ice into his groin.  He yelped and jumped up.

He backed away from me, not really knowing what to say about being so 

rudely violated.  He shook his leg and the ice skittered across the floor. 

I picked up the sponge and handed it back to him.  He took it from me and 

bent over to finish his task.  He hurriedly realized his mistake and turned

to face me before resuming the cleaning.

"You can play, when you're finished," I offered, pointing at the video 


"Thanks, Doc, but I gotta go back home."

"Well, don't forget your coke.  And why don't you take that squirt-gun too?

I'm sure you and the boys will have more fun with it than I will."

"Really?  Gee thanks," he smiled warmly and picked up the gun.

I put my hand on his neck and rubbed the silky skin below his short hair.  

He looked up at me and stuck out his tongue.  I stuck out my tongue and 

lowered my head to the level of his face.  He reached out and grabbed my 

tongue between his thumb and forefinger.  I sucked his fingers into my 

mouth and held his thumb with my teeth.  He tried to pull his hand away, 

while I gave an expert blow-job to his thumb.  He stopped struggling and 

stood there, feeling the sensations.

"That feels neat.  Like a little eel movin' all around."

I opened my jaws and he left his thumb in my mouth.  I teased it like a 

boy-cock.  I pretended that there was a separate head and lavished 

attention on it.  I delicately explored his thumb's nonexistent piss-slit. 

I deep-throated him and sucked hard enough to turn his thumb a nice shade 

of red.  I removed him from my mouth and licked up the sides towards the 

tip, swirling around the nail.

"You know, the last place I had my hand was down my pants," he grinned.

"Yea, I know," I answered, stone-faced.

He looked shocked again and pulled away from me.

"I gotta go.  Thanks for everything."

"Come back soon.  Maybe we can...," the door slammed behind him, "have 

sex..." I trailed off under my breath.

I waited hour or so and decided to take another walk by Joey's apartment.  

I saw that the door was open and I walked right up.  I knocked and all 

heads turned towards me.  Joey was clearly surprised.

"That's the man who helped me in the pool, Daddy," piped up Bobby.

"Oh, that was YOU.  Thanks for watching the boys.  I had to take a call," 

stated their dad.

"My pleasure.  I was wondering if you wanted to play a little pool, but I 

see you've got your hands full."

"No, I'd love to, but I still have to fix dinner and make some more calls."

"No problem.  Maybe tomorrow?" I smiled and started to walk out the door.

"Hey, Dad, can we go play pool with him?" asked that saint of little boys -


"Huh?" said dad.

"Well, you always say that we're buggin' you when you're on the phone," 

added the little scamp.

"I certainly don't mind.  As long as they're good losers," I added 


"Sure, if you really don't mind.  I shouldn't be more than an hour or so.  

Tell you what - I'll order in a pizza, O.K.?"

"Sounds great.  Let's go, boys."

I loved using that phrase.  It always seemed to precede me getting some 

good, wholesome, grade-A, boy-dick in my mouth.

I ushered my charges towards the rec room.  It was pretty dreary.  Just a 

dimly-lit room with a couple of chairs, a dart board, and the pool table.  

Off at one end were the bathrooms and separate men's and women's saunas.  I

had talked the manager into letting me have a key so she wouldn't have to 

trudge down every time I wanted to entertain a boy.  After a nice game of 

nine-ball, I had sucked off Brian more than once in the sauna.

Joey and Bobby started a sword fight with the pool cues the instant we got 


"Listen, guys, this can be fun for all of us if we work together.  Let's 

not ruin it right off the bat."

The boys looked at each other and then at me.

"Rack 'em up, Joey," I said, pushing him towards the table.

I approached the youngest brother.  He was small enough that I could pick 

him up with one arm.  I knelt in front of him and pushed his hair away from

his eyes.  He grinned up at me and I cupped him towards me with a firm hand

on his butt.

"What's your name, good lookin'," I said.

He giggled and stared, gnawing nervously on his fingernails.

"Andy," he answered.

"Well, Andy, you sure are a big boy.  You can be on my team, O.K.?"

I stood up and took his hand in mine.  He closed his fingers around my 

thumb and we walked back to his waiting brothers.

"Hey, no fair," frowned Joey, "How come he gets to be on your team?"

"Because I need someone who can play to carry the weight for me," I 

answered, mocking Joey's hands-on-hips stance.  This brought a giggle of 

laughter from both Bobby and Andy.

"You guys wait till tonight," scowled Joey.

"Hey Jo-key, no threats here, we're on neutral territory," I warned, "You 

guys can break."

Pool is such a lovely game.  If you get bored you can always just lift up 

the leg of your opponent's shorts with your cue and illicit a stream of 

little-boy laughter.  I knelt Andy on the table and wrapped my arms around 

his tiny body.  It was his shot - I just "steadied" the cue.  Each time I 

put my hands somewhere different on his body.  When the other boys were in 

front of us, I would let my hand wander under his shirt onto the naked skin

of his back.  I ran my thumb under the elastic of his little briefs and 

gently stroked the flesh.  I could feel his rhythmic breathing and his 

wonderful heartbeat.

"Getting comfortable, Doc?" asked Joey, raising an eyebrow.

I immediately removed my hand from Andy and looked back at Joey with a 

perfect poker-face.

"Why, whatever do you mean, Joseph?" I taunted.

That got his brothers going again and Bobby started repeating, "...whatever

do you mean, Joseph?" over and over, between his fits of laughter.

The only look I saw in Joey's eyes was jealousy.  That was encouraging.  I 

didn't want to play the boys off against each other, but a little healthy 

competition could be just the thing to turn this into a party.  I walked 

over to Joey and cupped his shiny face in my hand and smoothed back his 


"Don't worry, I loooooove you too!"

That brought more laughter from the boys, but I kept a lock on Joey's head 

and looked into his eyes.  I licked my lips sensuously and pulled his hand 

up to my mouth.  I licked the tip of his thumb and then kissed the back of 

his hand.  I stood behind him and pulled him off balance until he was 

leaning, bodily, against me.  I placed my hands over his breasts and 

lightly teased his nipples.  Bobby, now silent, looked on, feeling his own 

jealousies start to rise.

"Your shot, Bobby," I said.

As he looked down to make the shot, I moved my hands to the neck of Joey's 

shirt and pushed underneath to the bare skin.  I felt the softness of the 

baby-fat and the roundness of his torso.  I flicked at his pink nipples 

until they actually started to harden into two small dots.  By the time 

Bobby had finished, my hands were back in view.  Joey looked up at me and 

bit his lower lip.  I patted his stomach affectionately and went back to 

help Andy with his shot.

There were only three balls left on the table when I announced that I was 

going to the bathroom.  This activity always presented itself as an 

opportunity for a curious boy to sneak up on a semi-naked man, something 

that almost no boy could control - I hoped.

"You guys finish off the table while I go pee," I announced.

I put my cue back in the rack, and with a quick smile ventured down the 

dark hall at the end of the building.  As I rounded the corner I looked 

back to see both Bobby and Joey watching me intently.  At the last possible

instant for me to see, they both started to move towards me.  I smiled and 

entered the bathroom, not bothering to close the door.  The light in the 

bathroom would, hopefully, act as a homing beacon to the brothers.  I 

pulled my shorts down to my knees, exposing my butt to their view the 

instant they turned the corner.  I started to whistle the famous part of 

Ravel's "Bolero" and emptied my bladder into the bowl.

"I see your butt!" shouted a very proud and excited Bobby.  He stood next 

to his equally impetuous older brother.  I glanced over my shoulder to see 

both of them with their eyes glued to my ass.

"Boy, I wish I had some ice," said Joey.

"You got hair on your butt," noticed Bobby.

"That's 'cause he's a man, stupid!" chastised Joey, "He's got hair on his 

dick too, and his balls, and under his arms, just like Dad."

"Lemee see!!" ordered Bobby.

He pushed past Joey and entered the bathroom.  He tried to get around my 

side, but I kept slipping a leg over and blocking his view.  I moved to 

purposely give Joey an excellent shot of my pecker.  It had started to grow

in length slightly and Joey kept his eyes locked on my rod while a 

frustrated Bobby tried to worm between my legs.

"I wanna see!!" squealed Bobby.

I looked directly at Joey and milked the final drops of urine out of my 

hardening penis.  He looked up at me and I licked my lips.  He bit his 

lower lip again and wiped a small trail of sweat off of his upper lip.  I 

pulled my shorts up and picked up Bobby.

"I wanna see your hairy dick, Mister," pouted an impatient Bobby.

"I saw everything, even his big hairy balls," teased Joey.

Bobby fought his way out of my grasp and ran at his older brother who 

started in with a "...hairy balls" chant to drive the middle child crazy.

I pried the boys apart just in time to hear their father's bellow of 

"pizza's here!" from outside the door.  A little food might settle them 

down for a while.  Then I could get down to business.

We sat around a table by the side of the pool.  All three boys wanted to 

sit beside me.  I worked it out by sitting little Andy in my lap and the 

others on each side of me.  We were sitting on low stools and I could slip 

a hand down to stroke the thigh of any boy I chose.  It was hard to 

concentrate on eating!

"Well, the boys sure seem to like you."

"Yea, I seem to have a way with kids.  They never give me any trouble," I 

answered with my hot hand right at the juncture of Joey's being.  I stroked

the inside of his leg as the back of my hand pressed against his juvenile 

penis and scrotum.  I looked at him and darted my tongue out to wet my 

lips.  He looked at me and swallowed dryly.

"I gotta go piss," he said and stood up from the table.

He didn't have enough time to rearrange his little hard-on before I caught 

a glimpse of it.  He walked stiffly back into the apartment.  At that point

the phone rang again.

"Shit!  This is going to drive me insane!" shouted the father of my new 

buddies as he leaped towards the sound.

I took this lull in the eating activity to massage the inside of Bobby's 

leg and put my hand directly onto the package of the boy in my lap.  Bobby 

was ready for this and parted his legs widely while smiling ear-to-ear.  I 

wasn't sure why he'd decided that this was O.K. with him, but I wasn't 

going to argue.  He pulled the leg of his nylon running shorts inwards so 

my hand could reach up further towards his jewels.  Then instantly he 

pushed my hand away.  He jumped up from the table and ran to the apartment.

My heart went to my throat and I tensed up so quickly that Andy grabbed 

hold of me out of instinctive fear.  I thought I was dead-meat and Bobby 

was going to tell dad about the "bad man."  Boy, was I wrong!

Bobby peaked into the doorway from outside and then ran back to stand next 

to me.

"Daddy's still on the phone," he whispered.

With me sitting and him standing, his crotch was about even with my waist. 

He pulled up his shirt over his white stomach and hooked both thumbs under 

the edge of his shorts.  He looked towards the door again and then pulled 

down his shorts and underwear in one quick motion.

It's funny that the first thing I notice about a boy is his underwear.  If 

he's clothed I try to catch that little line that shows at the top of his 

pants when he bends over.  If they're changing clothes in front of me I 

always study the shorts even after they come off.  Since I was looking at 

Bobby's briefs inside-out I was trying to make out the pattern on the 

outside.  It looked like some comic book character, but I couldn't really 

make it out.  Then I saw the familiar "S" Superman logo around the 

waistband.  I imagined him running around the house with a bath towel for a

cape, a T-shirt that was too small for his protruding belly, and those 

undies on.  For about five seconds there, I didn't even look at the hard 

boy-cock jutting towards me.

"C'mon!  Hurry!  They'll be back soon.  If Joey sees he'll kill me!"

With that Bobby forcibly grabbed my hand and placed it on his package.  I 

couldn't believe this kid.  He was worried that his brother would catch him

getting his rocks off on my hand more than anything else.

It was early evening and there was only enough ambient light to see about 

twenty feet with any clarity.  I moved my hand to Bobby's pot belly and 

rubbed around his tiny navel.  I lowered my hand to his cock and started to

masturbate him lovingly.  I cupped his tight scrotum with my other hand 

while his baby brother looked on.

"Bobby's got a boner," Andy pointed out, smiling.

"Yea, little buddy, I think you're sitting on one too," I whispered 

nuzzling his hair.

I took a big chance.  I was ragingly horny for this boy.  I sat Andy down 

on an empty chair and pulled the cheese off of a slice of pizza with one 

hand while squeezing Bobby's glans with the other.  I wiped up some warm 

tomato sauce off the crust and used that as a lubricant to jerk-off Bobby's

engorged dick.  He started to moan softly as soon as the thick sauce heated

his boner.  It was good pizza with lots of olive oil.  It was a great lube.

He started thrusting into my hand and I kept up jerking him off for about 

thirty seconds.  I dropped to my knees in front of the kid, where anyone 

could walk out of a door and see us, and sucked his whole package into my 


He let out a too-loud moan as I enveloped his pink rod.  He was as hard as 

I have ever seen a boy.  It felt like his skin would split open.  I sucked 

hard and licked the underside of his organ.  His tiny piss slit was almost 

invisible to my tongue.  I grabbed a napkin off the ground and wiped the 

sauce off my hands.  Then I gently cupped his ass cheeks and forced him in 

and out of my mouth.  He started to clench his cheeks in anticipation of 

whatever a nine-year-old's climax was.  He rocketed his little dick into my

mouth over and over again, then pulled it straight out.  I could see it 

beginning to soften, so I assumed he was done.  I helped him pull up his 

shorts, smooth out his hair, and generally make him look presentable.  He 

ran to check on his dad and Joey and when he came back he just shook his 

head 'no.'  I decided I had been lucky so far...  Why not finish the act?  

I turned him around and pulled the back of his shorts down.  I bent him 

over and spread his ass-cheeks.  He looked a little surprised, but didn't 

stop me.  I knelt again and sniffed his little-boy scent.  The aroma of his

crotch sweat filled my nostrils.  It was intoxicating, exhilarating, 

fantastic!  I felt my heart beat in my ears and my whole body go flush with

a sex-fever.  I buried my face in his smooth butt and licked from the back 

of his scrotum to his asshole several times.  I could hear him giggling and

feel him wiggling his butt as I cleaned off the scent from his virgin 


"That tickles!" he said excitedly.

"Good tickle or bad tickle?" I asked.

"Good tickle," he said after another giggling fit.

I wiped my spittle off his crack and pulled up his shorts.  I pulled Andy 

back up onto my lap and we all continued to eat our dinner.  It felt like 

we had been at it for an hour, but our little "interlude" had only taken 

two minutes.

I was a little more interested in finding out what had triggered Bobby's 

expression of sexuality than I was in finishing my food.  I still had a big

lump in my throat and chugged down a quart of soda to try and sort out my 


All three of us kept exchanging glances and smiles as I petted both boys.  

I excused myself and went to find their dad and Joey.  Dad was on the 

phone, still, and the bathroom door was closed.  Hmmm, apparently Joey knew

a little about solo sex.

The boys' dad waved me in.

"I'm going to have to go to the office for a few hours.  There's a crisis 

in Tokyo.  Could you possibly... I hate to even ask, watch the boys until I

get back?"

"Not if you're going to Tokyo," I said shaking my head, "Of course, I don't

mind.  They're great kids.  We'll rent a movie or something."

"Thanks a million.  You're a life-saver."

"Don't give it a second thought.  It's my pleasure."

Never had words from my lips rung so true.  It would definitely be my 

pleasure.  Joey exited the bathroom tucking his shirt into his shorts.  He 

looked up at me standing next to his dad.

"Joey, I've got a little emergency down at the office.  You guys be good to

my friend while I'm gone."  He patted me on the shoulder and whispered in 

my ear, "Good luck!"

Joey looked me up and down trying to find a hole in my armor.

"You ever baby-sit before?" he quizzed.

"I've done a lot of things before," I answered, "A whole lot of things.  

Let's go finish up outside and then I'll kick your ass at another game of 


I walked outside with my hand on Joey's neck feeling the small fine hairs 

that indicated the need for a hair cut.  His brothers were the picture of 

contentment.  Bobby smiled a victory smile that only he and I understood.  

We cleaned up the pizza boxes and went back into their place.

They wanted to watch the Bugs Bunny special that was on and I had no 

problem with three boys getting comfortable on top of me to watch TV.  

After a hour of pawing and petting each lad equally, I was sporting a pair 

of tightly swollen testicles.  While I was content to stroke their arms and

upper bodies, each of the lads unconsciously started to manipulate their 

genitals.  Andy, on my lap, sucked on his thumb while his other hand 

fingered his penis.  Joey was on the floor, between my legs, with his hand 

down the front of his shorts.  And Bobby reached his package through the 

leg of his shorts.  I basically spent the time trying not to come in my 

briefs every time Andy moved his tight ass!  Surely I had died and gone to 


As the show ended, Joey announced that he wanted to go swimming again.  I 

pointed out that it was kind of late and we would all have to be quiet.  I 

finally got them to agree on a ten minute time limit.  I scurried the boys 

into the bedroom they shared and retrieved their suits from the bathroom.  

My heart started to beat faster as the seconds ticked away until I would 

see the boys naked.

They were all rough-housing, awaiting my return.  I pulled at the pile of 

legs and arms, breaking up their game.

"All right, boys, let's strip down and change."

My voice quaked with the tremors of lust.  I knelt beside Andy again.

"Do you want me to help you, Andy?"

He nodded his head in an affirmative gesture.  I raised his arms and pulled

off his shirt.  His pink nipples were barely as big around as an aspirin 

tablet.  His skin was so smooth and silky to the touch that I gasped.  I 

lowered his shorts by running my hands down his back, rump, and legs, 

feeling each in turn.  His brothers watched my every move, but made no 

effort to start changing.  Bobby idly massaged his penis through his 

shorts.  Andy's small snail of a penis was at its full relaxed length of 

maybe an inch or so.  He was uncircumcised, but Bobby was cut.  Joey was 

probably cut too.  Andy stepped out of his clothes and into his 

butt-hugging bicycle-shorts.  I lowered his genitals past the elastic band 

and played with his miniature testicles for a second.  I picked him up and 

threw him on the community bed he shared with his brothers.

"I need help too!" piped Bobby.

"No, he's helping me first!" demanded Joey.

"Both of you come here," I gestured.

I grabbed the back of their shorts and pulled them both off at the same 

time.  Two erections bounced towards the ceiling.  Both boys bent over in 

surprise and a little pain.

"OOPS!  Sorry guys, I didn't know you had boners," I apologized.

"It's O.K.," Joey answered for both of them through gritted teeth.

I raised their arms and off came the shirts.  Their erections dwindled 

some, but I still had a fine view of their cocks.  I paid particular 

attention to Joey's cut member.  Even semi-hard he had a good three-inch 

penis, crowned with a superbly tapered glans that flared its rim out for 

the greatest possible friction.  His slit was quite large and I would 

easily have something to tongue.  Only the fine hairs of youth were on his 

loose scrotum.  He pulsed his penis at my attentions and it began to grow 

again.  I was close enough that he could feel my ragged breath on his nuts.

As he rose to complete attention, his penis swelled to over four inches.  I

could make out the slightest bulge of his urethra starting to distend from 

the body of his cock.  I paused for a second to take a mental picture of 

him that way and then started to dress both boys.  When they were ready I 

motioned them to follow me to the pool.

"Aren't you gonna change?" Bobby and Joey asked at the same time.

"I'm already wearing my swim suit," I answered, pointing to my shorts.

They both looked disappointed.  Don't worry, I thought, if I have it my way

tonight you'll get a good up-close look at my package.  I had already 

soaked through my underwear with pre-seminal fluid and was happy to be 

going in the water before it reached the outside of my shorts.

We all dove in and splashed around for a while.  No one seemed that 

interested in swimming and I interpreted that as a Joey-plot to get me 

naked while changing with them.

"Let's get out and play another game of pool, guys," I offered.

They agreed and we exited to the rec room, towels around waists.  I racked 

and broke, but there was little enthusiasm for the game.  The older boys 

wanted to see me naked and they had failed.  They were pouting around and 

starting to fight again.  I knew what would save the evening.

"Have you guys ever heard of a sauna?"

"Yea, it's like a steam room or something in Norway," answered Joey.

"Sort of.  There's one here we could try out if you want."

They shrugged their shoulders, not seeming to care one way or the other.

"There's only one problem," I pointed out, "To do it right you have to go 

in naked!"

That sure got their attention - even little Andy.

"You mean," said Bobby.

"No clothes," broke in Joey.

"At all?" finished Bobby.

"I said n-a-k-e-d, but you can wear your towel if you're shy."

"Are you shy?" asked Andy.

"Not even a little bit," I said with my broadest smile.

"What the HELL are we waiting for?" shouted Joey.

Both he and Bobby grabbed one of my hands.  We only stopped long enough to 

let Andy jump off the pool table onto my back.  I was then dragged down the

hall by these no-nonsense little guys to the wooden door of the sauna.

I set the heat as high as I thought I could stand for the hour I expected 

to be in there and filled the water basin.  I grabbed a used towel and 

cleaned off the wooden slats in case there was any funk left over from 

previous parties.  This sauna was well lit.  The whole ceiling was composed

of lighting fixtures and exhaust fans.  I beckoned the boys in and closed 

the door.  They pushed me down onto the first row of benches.

"Strip," said Joey in the most demanding voice an eleven-year-old could 


They stood in front of me with their arms crossed, looking very intent.  It

was a little intimidating, but these guys sure knew what they wanted.  I 

was too horny to make a big production out of it and just dropped my 

clothes and towel to the floor.  My penis and testicles hung down quite 

nicely.  The boys moved closer to examine me.

"See, I told you he had hair there," Joey said pointing at my crotch.

"Big balls," noticed Bobby.

"Boner," said Andy, laughing.

And how true that was.  I was becoming erect before their very eyes.  I 

flexed my ass to bounce my hard-on in front of them.

"Cool," was the only thing Joey could say.

Andy didn't need words.  He just reached out and grabbed my glans between 

his fingers and squeezed it like a grape.

"Yeeeeow!" I squealed, pulling away from the little vise-like grip.

"NO, ANDY!" scolded Joey, "You've got to be gentle, like we showed you in 

the tub.  Hold it like a hot-dog."

Joey reached out and took my member in the classic jack-off hold.  He 

smoothly stroked the shaft and opened up his fingers as he reached the tip.

His hand came away with a good shot of my pre-cum that he had inadvertently

milked out.

"Check it out, Bobby.  I think this is sperms," said Joey excitedly to his 

little brother.

Bobby strained to look at my goo in Joey's hand.  He reached out and 

touched the clear fluid.  Joey looked me directly in the eye and licked his

hand clean.  Bobby watched him smacking his lips, hesitated for a moment, 

and followed Joey's lead.  I watched them both licking me off their 

prepubescent hands and my penis twitched.  A string of juice slipped out of

my slit and started its slow journey to the floor.  The boys watched, 

fascinated, but Andy saved the day again when he caught the string in his 

hand and pulled it away.  He licked his hand clean and held it up for us to


"Now, I think it's time you boys got naked," I said.  With that I grabbed 

the closest boy, Bobby, and started to strip him.  Joey jumped on me with 

Andy not far behind.  They made a game out of trying to keep their clothes 

on while I tried to strip them off.  It didn't take me long to chase them 

down one-by-one and skin them to their birthday suits.  The sauna had 

towels and shorts strewn around like a locker room.  We continued to 

wrestle nude on various levels of the room.  My penis was singing with 

sensation.  The slick sweat on all our bodies lubricated my way into 

baby-boy armpits, hands, knee joints, buttocks, and anywhere else I could 

get some sensation.  The boys, in turn, did their best to stimulate me and 

each other.

Bobby stuck his ass in my face for another session of rimming.  I sucked on

his delicate hole and licked the fleshy ridge that led to his nuts.  Andy 

was suckling at one of my nipples and Joey had his penis under my arm 

tickling his glans on the hair.  I plunged my tongue past Bobby's tight 

hole, with his help, and proceeded to ream him out.  Joey noticed the 

attention that his brother was getting and demanded the same.  One sniff of

Joey's odor sent me to seventh-heaven.  Right on the cusp of manhood he had

the sweetest smell imaginable, barely touched by testosterone.  I wiped his

fluids across my face like a fine perfume.  I eagerly lapped at every inch 

of his body from his navel to his knees.  I saved his perfectly-formed 

penis for dessert.

I rubbed his cock across my face letting my oils lubricate its travels.  

His glans was now a deeper red, engorged and ready.  I sucked his 

low-hanging scrotum into my mouth and licked his sweet orbs.  I tickled his

ridge and got a moan of pleasure in return.  His penis jumped against my 

face, impatient for attention.  I slipped a finger into little Andy's mouth

and gathered up some young spittle.  I lubed Joey's anus while I continued 

to suck long and hard on his balls.  I could feel the tiny, fine hairs with

my tongue.  They were very delicate and cat-like.  His hole opened to my 

finger and I wasted no time in locating his immature prostate.  I applied 

downward pressure and was rewarded by his attempts to fuck my eye out!

I pulled my finger out and set Joey on the level below me, bent over, with 

his ass in my face.  I moved away and motioned Bobby into position behind 

his big brother.  I guided his penis towards Joey's sweaty ass.  Bobby 

pushed my hand away.

"I know what to do.  We do this in the tub."

Well, that was a revelation.  These kids were ass-fucking in the tub.  I 

should have guessed that it wasn't my sexual attraction that had turned 

them into pre-teen sex machines.

Bobby proceeded to fuck his brother, who backed up to meet his thrusts.  I 

positioned myself below Joey to suck his cock.  This worked out great and I

could feel little Bobby's thrusts as they forced his brother down my 

throat.  I gulped in Joey's perfectly sized dick and created a vacuum that 

expanded him to his fullest ever.  He groaned and started to fuck me 

harder.  Andy came down a level and straddled my butt cheeks with his tiny 

penis.  He couldn't really understand penetration, so I clenched my ass 

together for him.  He proceeded to hang on my shoulders and fuck my ass.  

The feel of that soft little boy on my back was just wonderful.

Bobby came quite well and I felt the increased pressure of his final 

assault.  He pulled his dick out and wiped off the funk on Joey's butt 

cheeks.  Soon I felt the pulsing of Joe's orgasm.  His penis strained to 

spit out fluid, but none existed.  He pulled out of my mouth immediately 

and sat back down.  Bobby was now behind me helping Andy get the most 

enjoyment out of my backside.

"Whew!" said Joey, "Now that was a blow job!  No way Bobby could ever do 


"I suck you good!" cried Bobby defending his cock sucking skills.

"Yea, little brother, but not like that.  It felt like you were going to 

suck my dick inside-out!"

I reached around and pulled Andy off my back.  Then I sat down next to Joey

and stood Andy in front of me.  I sucked in his tiny pecker and ran my 

hands over that perfect little ass.  Bobby and Joey started to stroke his 

body and ran their hands all over him.  They moved next to him and pressed 

their bodies to his skin, making as much contact as possible.  The youngest

brother's body was flushing scarlet as he closed in on his orgasm.  He 

started to fuck my face with abandon.  As his strokes increased in 

violence, he started to grind his hips into my face.  My nose was stuck 

into his navel with every thrust.  He locked his hands behind my head and 

curled his upper body over me.  He pummeled me with his soft body until he 

finished with several deep, slow thrusts.

"Bobby, get your finger outa my butt!" he said as he dismounted me.

Bobby grinned impishly.

"I thought you'd like it, Andy.  I do."

I started pulling boy-parts towards me and tickling and pinching them.  We 

all rolled into a sticky, giggling, ball on the hardwood floor.  I rubbed 

my cock between each set of butt-cheeks, like Goldilocks testing each bed 

until she found the one that was "just right."  Andy was "just right," butt

there was no chance I could have him without causing damage.  I got Joey 

down on his back and pinned his shoulders down with my knees.  My penis 

swayed over his face.  I slapped it against his nose.  A ribbon of 

pre-seminal fluid bridged his nose and my glans.  He stuck his tongue out 

and made a long, slow pass at the underside of my dick.  I moved back, 

giving him access to the tip.  He allowed his tongue to explore my glans, 

burrowing it into the slit.  I milked a few drops of clear liquid into him 

and he took it in stride.  I slowly pressed my cock against his lips, 

starting my entry into his mouth.  He formed a circle with his lips and 

accepted my advances.  He took in the first two inches and used his tongue 

like a pro.  He had obviously been doing his brothers for a while.

I pulled out and sat on the bench again, motioning Joey to drop to his 

knees in front of me.  I patted the wood on each side of me and the other 

boys scrambled up to be near me.  Joey settled into a good sucking rhythm 

and placed his brothers' hands in strategic places that his mouth didn't 

cover.  Andy's little fingers felt like, tiny, warm, worms working their 

way into my pubic hair.  Bobby worked over my balls and I stroked whatever 

head or neck presented itself.  I leaned back and closed my eyes.  I could 

hear the slurping and squishing noises of Joey at his task.  I could smell 

the boy-smells and hear their excited giggles.  This was like a dream.

Joey was continually taking more and more of my cock into him.  His mouth 

was bumping against his brothers' hands every time he buried his face in my

crotch.  Bobby moved from my side and I opened my eyes to see him trying to

pull his older brother off my dick.  Joey kept pushing him away and making 

"fuck off" noises in the back of his throat.  I was pretty excited to have 

these two little boys fighting over my cock.  I knew I was about to come.

I didn't see any need to warn Joey.  He still had a couple of inches in his

mouth and the struggles he was having with Bobby were adding a nice 

randomness to my pleasure.  As I climbed the final peak, Bobby tried a new 

tactic to free his big brother's face from my pecker.  He grabbed a fistful

of Joey's hair and yanked - hard.

Joey gave a little yelp as he backed away from his task.  Unfortunately, my

orgasm started at that moment.  As Joey turned to face Bobby and force him 

away, I shot my first stream into his right ear.  I moved my free hand to 

my penis and started aiming my spurts at the two brawling boys.  Joey 

noticed immediately and tried to catch the spurts in his hands as he moved 

his face closer to my lap.  Bobby saw what his brother was trying to do and

he tried to worm his way towards my penis.  I held back my next spurt and 

aimed the built-up pressure towards Bobby.  I released the build up of 

semen and sprayed Bobby's tummy with a gob of pearl jam.

He wiped at the sticky stuff on his belly and brought his hands up to his 

mouth.  Joey was mimicking Bobby's movements and the sound of boys licking 

up sperm took over the room.  I milked the last drizzle of goo out of my 

penis and raised it to Andy's mouth.  He darted out his little pink tongue 

and lapped at my hand.

"It's egg!" he stated excitedly.

"It's sperm," corrected Joey.

"It's good," added Bobby.

The boys had licked their hands clean and Joey grabbed Bobby to lick my jiz

off his stomach.  He followed the trickles down to Bobby's crotch and 

licked his little brother hard.  Bobby started to try to fuck his way into 

Joey's mouth.  After being sure he had cleaned all the semen off Bobby, 

Joey allowed him to enter his mouth.  Bobby thrust like a pro and within 

seconds had reached his little-boy climax.  I pushed the boys back to give 

Andy a shot at my softening cock.  He needed to learn sometime.

Andy took his place between my legs.  I started firming up again just 

thinking about his tiny mouth sucking me off.

"Here, Andy, like this," offered Joey.

Joey picked up my penis and moved it around Andy's lips.

"It's just like sucking a straw.  Don't try to take the whole thing in."

Andy took a few tentative licks at my glans that sent shivers up my spine. 

He slowly took the complete head into his mouth and proceeded to give me a 

very impressive blow-job.  He didn't have much of a rhythm going, but the 

sight of him down there, with his cheeks puffed out comically, sent me over

the edge again.  I only came a few spurts in the little guy, but his eyes 

bugged out and I pulled out quickly, laying the last track across his 

cheek.   He coughed once and then swallowed.

"Did he sperm in you?" asked an anxious Bobby.

Andy opened his mouth and stuck out his semen-coated tongue.

"How come I didn't get any spurts?" Bobby pouted.

Boy, I had never imagined that sibling rivalry could extend to sucking off 


"You can have first-spurts next time.  Promise,"  offered Joey.

"Next time?" I asked Joey.

"Yea, tomorrow, when you take a bath with us.  Dad always goes out with his

girlfriend on Friday night and you're going to be our baby-sitter."

"You sound like you've got this all planned," I said.

"Joey takes care of us," interjected Bobby, while putting an arm around his

big brother.

"He sure does, Bobby.  It looks like he's taking care of me too," I smiled 

and ran my hand through Joey's matted hair.  He blushed at the attention 

and pulled Bobby close to him.

"Boys," I said, pulling them close to me, "I think we're going to have a 

great time together.  I've got some friends I'd like you to meet pretty  

soon.  I think we can all have a lot of fun together."

The boys all smiled.  I started tickling the closest one and instantly we 

were a pile of sticky guys on the floor again.  I laid on my back while 

they climbed all over me, excitedly chattering about penises and sperm.   I

couldn't think of any place I would rather be.  God, I hope this summer 

never ends.

Chapt. 6

I woke up at 2:00 a.m. and he was still there.  I couldn't see him, but I 

heard him breathing.  I touched his back and traced a line down his spine 

with my fingertips.  My hand cupped his right ass-cheek and moved over his 

hip to feel his penis.  I kneaded the soft skin between my fingers.  I 

pressed the sponginess of his glans and traced the slit with my little 

finger.  His scrotum was limp in the summer heat and I felt the outline of 

his testicles through the thin skin.  I moved my hand up his torso until I 

was below his left nipple.  His heartbeat showed none of the excitement 

that we had shared earlier that evening.  I stayed in that position for a 

long time just thinking about what we had done.  I was really starting to 

like him.  He wasn't like the others.  We didn't fuck.  We made love.  This

wasn't at all what I was used to.  I wasn't ready for this.

In retrospect, I shouldn't have gone away that weekend.  I know there 

wasn't anything I could have done about it anyway.  I just wish I had had 

the chance to say good-bye.  I guess if Brian hadn't left, I wouldn't be in

the situation I was in now.

When I got back from the beach I knew there had been trouble.  There were 

notes stuffed under the door.  Hastily scribbled, grocery-bag notes that 

said, "where the fuck are you?"  The phone machine blinked with twenty 

messages and I sat down.  I feared the worst, and then realized I didn't 

know what the worst could be.

"Hey!  You there, man?  Call me."

"Hello?  Hello?  Pick up the phone, man."

"Who are you doing in there?  Answer the fuckin' phone!"

"Call me NOW."

"Listen, it's three o'clock in the fuckin' morning.  I KNOW you're home.  

What is your problem?"

"All right.  Fine.  I don't care either.  Ask someone why you're never 

gonna see me again."


"I had fun even if you didn't.  I don't want to leave.  Bye."

It was strange listening to the progression of messages.  He started out as

the confident, cocky thirteen-year-old that he had grown up to be and ended

as the scared little boy I had first met.  There wasn't much left to figure

out.  Brian was gone.  That was all that mattered.  I called his place and 

talked to his dad's girlfriend.  Brian had gotten arrested for some petty 

vandalism. His dad finally threw the fit-to-end-all-fits and Brian was off 

to places North to live with his real mom.  She didn't have a number handy.

I rationalized that he was getting too old for me, but that didn't work.  I

liked him and we had worked off of each other like Batman and Robin.  He 

had kept a steady stream of boys flowing into my apartment and didn't ask 

for anything in return.  Pleasing me had been upmost in his mind and the 

chase had given him purpose.  I hadn't been giving him enough attention.  


When I talked to Brian's dad later that night he was still pissed about the

whole mess.

"I told that little fuck I wasn't going to take any more of his shit," he 


"Well, you had every right to do what you did.  It might even be better for

him being out of the city."

"Huh?  Yeah, right.  At least now I don't have to worry about where he is 

all the time."

Like you ever did, I thought.

"Do you have your ex-wife's number.  My, uh, son didn't get to say 

good-bye.  We were at the beach all weekend."

I took down the number, as he recited it, and got the full name of his ex. 

I wasn't sure how to explain myself to his mom, but I had to call.  I got 

lucky when his sister answered the phone.  It was a little tough at first, 

but once he realized that I hadn't run out on him he felt better.  He 

promised to visit when he came down again and I didn't feel the need to go 

any further.  The next day I sent him a long letter and a couple of 

pictures of him and his friends.  I didn't think it would be prudent to 

send him a picture of himself covered with Al's and my semen.  At least he 

would have something tangible to remember us by.

I shied away from the other kids for a couple of days.  I just spent some 

time thinking about how Brian and I had grown together.  I wasn't able to 

hold out for very long.  Every time the bell would ring or someone would 

try the door I felt a twinge of guilt.  Finally someone kept knocking on 

the door and wouldn't stop.

"I know you're in there.  I saw your car in the lot.  You can't stay in 

there forever."

I opened the door to face Joe.  He looked at me and sighed in disgust.  

Brushing past me he threw open the curtains and looked around.

"Have you eaten recently?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Fuck.  What am I going to do with you?"

He stood there with his hands on his hips looking as fed-up as any mother 

would when reproaching her recalcitrant son.  I had to smile.  It was just 

so ludicrous to imagine him taking care of me.  I started to laugh and felt

the tears beginning to moisten my eyes.  I put my hand around his sweet, 

twelve-year-old, face and pulled him close to me.

"I didn't know him like, like you did.  I'm sorry he's gone, though," Joe 


"Yeah, thanks.  Nothing lasts forever."

"Oh, please!" answered Joe rolling his eyes, "It's not like he died, or 


"Yeah, you're right.  It's time to move on."

I pulled Joe against me hard and hugged him.  It felt great to have him in 

my arms.  I sniffed at his hair as I stroked his back.

"All right.  Get off of me.  If someone saw this they'd burn you at the 

stake.  Anyway, you smell.  Go take a shower and shave, for God's sake."

Christ, I thought, he *is* my mother.

"O.K.  Mother knows best," I said smirking at the boy.

"Fuck you, faggot!" was his reply, punctuated with a middle finger.  He 

slapped me on the ass and pushed me towards the stairs.

"And don't forget to wash the parts I like," he called up after me.

I smiled to myself and wondered if it had all been a blessing in disguise. 

I had been seeing more of Joe and less of the other kids ever since that 

first day we had together.  I had found myself dreaming about him.  My 

heart raced when I heard someone running up the stairs to my bedroom and 

then sank if it wasn't Joe.  Now Brian was gone and Joe was there.  But, I 

never had the same feelings for Brian that I had for Joe.  It was very 

confusing.  I let the shower blast the funk from two days of self-pity out 

of my eyes.

"Hey, how're you doin' in there?"

I flinched, half expecting another bucket of cold water to  come over the 

shower curtain.  I quickly remembered that Joe didn't need to do that any 

more.  He had tested me to his satisfaction and I had passed.

"Have you washed the good parts?" he pulled back the curtain and reached in

to jiggle my testicles.

I spit a mouthful of water at him.

"Now, now.  Don't you start with me, Mister."

I felt like making another "mother" crack, but I couldn't deal with a 

full-scale Joe-attack right now.  He zoomed off downstairs and I 

reluctantly left the safe confines of the shower.  As I dried, I tried to 

think of the future.  I felt worse about not missing Brian as much as I 

thought I should, than about anything else.  It seemed like I was 

abandoning his memory or something.  The funny thing was that I had been 

deliberately seeing less of him the past few weeks.  The noises from below 

me sounded vaguely familiar, but I couldn't quite place them.  Then I 

smelled the coffee.  Joe was cooking.

I pulled on some shorts and went downstairs.  There he was, scrambling 


"Perfect timing.  These are just about done."

I poured myself a cup of coffee and cleared a space at the counter.  Joe 

pulled down some plates and piled on the eggs, bacon, and toast.  He slid 

one in front of me and jumped up on a stool by my side.  The feelings I was

having for this boy were overwhelming.  This shouldn't be happening.  I had

always rationalized to myself that I used kids, but I didn't love them.  

Sure I liked them a lot, but I didn't love them.  Yes, we had steamy sex, 

but I didn't love them!

I munched and thought, and thought and munched.

    "the things that i had not ought to

    i do because i ve gotto

    wotthehell wotthehell

    and i end with my favorite motto

    toujours gai, toujours gai"

That was something I had read so long ago that I didn't really remember if 

I had read it or dreamt it.  It seemed to fit.  Always gay.  Always gay.

"This is really good," I said, stumbling out of my thoughts.

"Well, I thought you needed something more than a ding-dong," said Joe, 

"After all you're not exactly young any more."

"I wouldn't mind starting my day with your ding-dong,"  I replied, not 

looking at him.

"Yeah, you horny old fucks are all the same.  Fuck 'em and leave 'em."

I darted a biting glance at Joe.

"Sorry.  I, I didn't mean anything by it.  I was just joking."

"I know.  It's all right.  Why don't you go do something fun while I clean 

this place up."

I started bussing the table while Joe assumed an ass-up position in front 

of the TV and started playing some test pilot video game.  In a few short 

weeks we had worked up a relationship that seemed like it had been going on

forever.  We just clicked.  Meeting his dad had been quite a trip.  Joe had

orchestrated some convoluted plot involving an imaginary ex-wife and child 

for me.  Apparently this had been hashed out in his mind to be as 

believable as possible to his old man.  I only found myself having to nod 

at the appropriate pauses in his story.  It seemed that he was thrilled to 

have a responsible adult around to watch his kid while he was out paying 

off his MBA.  He had only enough tolerance in his life for a son - to use 

him as a pawn in vexing his ex-wife.  Every day he was allowed custody of 

the boy, he took him - just to deprive her of having him.  I had trouble 

not spitting on him.  Needless to say, it wasn't too hard to convince him 

that my "son" wanted Joe to sleep over almost every night.

"He's clueless,"  Joe told me later.

"But he's still your dad.  It's not really his fault."

"I know," Joe admitted reluctantly, "but does he have to be so... so, I 

don't know."

"Yeah, I'm afraid he does."

I washed the dishes and looked at the boy sprawled out on the floor, 

completely engrossed in the game.  He didn't keep one eye on me anymore.  I

guess that was the ultimate in trust for him.

"You didn't shave," he said without looking up.

"O.K., O.K." I answered.

I dried off the last pan and headed back up stairs.  Joe was pretty 

fanatical that I shave every day.  He didn't like the roughness of even 

five-o'clock shadow.  I lathered up and started removing what Joe didn't 

like.  He bounced up behind me after a minute.

"Make sure you get it all."

"I always do, Kid."

He leaned up against my back and reached around my body.  His finger 

circled my navel.  My stomach tightened in anticipation.  I felt the blood 

starting in my crotch.  The boy had a sexual fire that burned ever so 

brightly.  He slowly brought both hands down under the waistband of my 

shorts.  My shaving slowed.  His fingers wandered through my pubic hair and

around my swelling genitals.  He started at the base of my penis and 

patiently moved up the shaft.  My erection pulsed in his young hands.

"I haven't come in four days.  Five, if you count today," he informed me.

"I think that makes us about even," I said.

He slowly released me and slid my shorts down, freeing my erection.  I 

stepped out of the way and he threw them over the railing.  His hands 

started on my back and worked down to massage my buns.  Every so often he 

would stick his head out from behind me and smile into the mirror.  I had 

to concentrate on shaving or I would cut myself.  He came around beside me 

and stared at my cock.

"You look ready," he smiled.

Judging by the bulge in his shorts, I wasn't the only one.  He slipped up 

onto the counter to watch me.

"How come we're fags?" he asked.

I had been expecting this conversation.  Not really ready for it, but 

expecting it.  I looked down at him.  Twelve-years-old.  His sexuality 

exploding from every pore.  His sandy-brown hair was turning blond and his 

skin tan from sun exposure at the pool.  He could have any girl he chose, 

but he chose me instead.  He wanted to know why.

"You know I'm not smart enough to answer that," I said.

"Is anyone?" he asked.


We were both silent as I finished.  My erection had subsided and I washed 

the stray foam off my face.

"What's your earliest memory of sex?" I asked Joe.

He thought for a few seconds and then said, "I guess I was about five.  I 

always wanted to see my friend's older brother naked.  Sometimes we would 

hide in the closet while he changed clothes.  I thought his penis was huge!

I couldn't wait until mine was that big and had hair on it.  I would dream 

about him at night and think about him holding me naked."

"I think you might have answered your own question, Joe.  As long as you 

can remember you've felt this way.  That's the same way I feel.  That's 

what's normal for us.  I don't think it's anything we could change if we 


"Have you ever done it with an older guy.  I mean, like, someone your age?"

"No, I'm not really attracted to older guys."

Joe let this one play on his mind for a while.  I left him sitting on the 

counter and went into the bedroom.  I made the bed and then laid down on 

the covers.  Joe came in and stood in the doorway.

"So you just like kids?" he asked.

"Mostly," I answered.

"So, when I get older will you still like me?"

This was the hard part.

"I'll always like you, Joe, but when you get older we may not have sex any 

more.  That's part of how a relationship grows and changes.  You may decide

you don't want to anymore, or I may.  People change and that's normal.  I 

don't think we have to worry about that for a long time."

He sat down on the bed and put my feet in his lap.  He started tickling me 

and I tried not to react.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore and I grabbed

him.  We started wrestling on the bed.  We were both kicking and laughing 

as we tried to force the other into submission.  Joe grabbed my testicles 

and squeezed.  I immediately stopped struggling.

"You win, boy," I said, holding my hands up in the air.

He pushed me back onto the bed and climbed up on top of me.  The roughness 

of his shorts ground into my penis.  He circled his butt over me and teased

my dick.

"So what do you want to do?" he quizzed, grinning with adolescent lust.

"Up to you, stud," I replied.

"Why don't you take my clothes off?" he said.

I reached up and lifted his arms over his head.  I slid his t-shirt off 

over his lean torso, feeling each rib and hard nipple along my way.  When 

his head popped through he tossed his hair back into position.  I felt my 

way, down the fine hairs on his back, to the base of his spine.  His shorts

puckered out and I could feel the strip of elastic that topped his briefs. 

His image in tight cotton flashed in my mind.  I had chased him around the 

apartment this way only a week ago.  I pulled back the elastic and let it 

snap back against the boy's flesh.  I started worrying his bright nipples. 

He closed his eyes, probably reliving the memories of a previous encounter 

of ours.  I pushed him off of me and he lay limp, waiting for me to strip 

him.  I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled the zipper down.  His penis was 

bunched up, hard, below my hand.  I ran the zipper up and down, slowly, 

sending small metallic ripples into his shaft.  He squirmed in 

anticipation.  Using my hand in the small of his back I lifted his lower 

body off of the bed.  I removed his shorts with the other hand.  He spread 

his legs, wide, to give me the best possible access.  His hard penis leaked

fluid that left a quarter-sized stain on his cotton briefs.  I traced the 

outline of his tight navel and along the edges of his underwear.  He moved 

into my touch, trying to press more of my flesh against his.  I ran my 

fingers under the leg-bands feeling the softer, white, flesh normally 

hidden from view.  He twitched and his penis vented more fluid.  I rolled 

him over onto his stomach and started to massage his wonderful back.  Joe 

sighed and relaxed completely.  This was something that we both loved.  I 

worked the skin and muscles over, turning him into a plastic fluid in my 

hands.  His body yielded, willingly, to my caresses.  It was rare if he 

didn't fall asleep after ten minutes of this.  Using only the lightest 

touches of my fingernails, I finished him off.  I could hear the soft, 

regular breathing of the boy.  I slowly pulled down his briefs in back, 

exposing his perfect butt.  As gently as I could, I rolled him over.  He 

remained oblivious to my actions.  I carefully removed the last clothing 

from him and stepped back to gaze at the beautiful youth.  His silky body 

shimmered in the morning light.  The light dusting of hair above his penis 

focused attention on that wonderful organ.  His testicles flopped in their 

sack, relaxed and waiting patiently for the next time they were called upon

to perform for my pleasure.  I marveled at how I could be so lucky.  A 

slight breeze lifted the curtain from the window and the boy stirred.

He stretched his muscles and yawned.  He didn't know where he was at first.

Blinking in the light, he looked at me watching him.  A smile of 

recognition and love spread across his face.  He propped himself up on his 

hands and stared into my eyes.

"How long was I out this time?"

"Long enough for me to realize how beautiful you are."

"Yeah, right.  I wish you wouldn't say that.  It sounds so weird."

"Maybe queer?" I offered.

He looked at me, feigning a lack of interest.  I grabbed his ankles and 

pulled him to the edge of the bed.  He laid back down, knowing what to 

expect.  His legs automatically parted.  His aroma was wafted to me and 

pulled me towards him.  I started licking his inner thigh, where muscle was

winning out over baby fat.  I continued on his other leg and then sucked 

his fat scrotum into my mouth.  I tongued his hot balls and gobbled them in

as far as I could.  My tongue found the seam that ran towards his anus and 

I flicked it back and forth.  He  moaned, half out of pleasure and half 

from knowing what was going to happen to him.  I couldn't reach his anus 

with his balls in my mouth, but he tried to contort himself so that I 

could.  It never worked, but he always tried.

I released his sack with a wet plop.  His penis was still puddling 

pre-seminal fluid on his stomach.  I wiped up his fluids and spread them 

across his glans and shaft.  My finger tips found his nipples and 

lubricated them with his juice.  I climbed up next to him and licked each 

reddish brown button clean.  He licked his lips with anticipation and 

thrust his hips into the air.  I pulled his body into mine and stuck my 

tongue in his ear.  My hand felt his heart race.  He twisted his head 

around and found my lips with his.  His hunger was boundless.  His tongue 

slipped into my mouth as he started to hump my leg, urging his release 

towards the surface.  I kissed him back, with force.  I maneuvered his 

penis away from any direct stimulation and twisted his right nipple.  I 

felt the groan start in his chest and exit into my mouth.

He wasn't going to last much longer and I didn't want to take a chance on 

his orgasm being less than spectacular.  I slid back down to his waist and 

started licking his penis slowly, and deliberately, from the base to just 

under the head.  His buttocks contracted milking prostate secretions into 

the open.  I licked until he was completely wet, then I plunged my mouth 

over his rigid stiffness.

He gasped, expelling all the air in his lungs.  He began breathing in 

short, ragged breaths.  As I increased the suction on his penis his 

contractions started.  The liquid semen of a boy spurted out of him and 

splashed the inside of my mouth.  I redoubled my efforts to bring all the 

blood in his body into his penis.  Five days of pent-up sex fluids flowed 

into me.  I strained to extract more than there was.  His passion was 

endless as he continued to bury his sweaty fur into my face.  His smell 

almost made me come.  I pulled back, keeping only his glans in my mouth, 

slowly rolling it across my tongue and nibbling it like a grape.  The 

sensitive tip was balanced precariously on the edge of pain and pleasure.  

The neurons screamed mixed signals at his brain and he pulled himself away 

from my wet grasp.

He lay there gasping, a sheen of sweat covering his chest and face.  I 

wiped him down with my hand and licked his sweat from my fingers.  He still

smelled more like a boy than a man and I hoped that we had some more time 

together like this.  I still had a mouth full of his juice and I kissed him

wetly.  A small stream escaped my lips and filtered into his mouth.  His 

tongue searched my mouth looking for more of his immature seed.  He flicked

at each of my teeth searching for an entrance.  I started tickling him 

again and we rolled into a wet ball.  My face pressed against his ass and I

started to lick his anus.  He jolted with the feeling of my tongue on his 

sweaty crack.  I rolled him onto his side and he automatically pulled his 

legs up to his chest.  This was what he had really been waiting for.

He looked over his shoulder to inspect my progress.  My tongue was forcing 

its way into his rectum and he was opening wider with every lick.  I knelt 

so he could see what I was doing.  A string of semen and saliva drizzled 

from my mouth to my hand, where I whipped it onto my bursting erection.  He

licked his lips knowing, too well, that his pleasure would be greater than 

mine.  I handed him a small towel that we kept by the bed.  He would use 

this to catch the powerful streams of his orgasm that we had learned could 

reach the wall.

I settled into my defined role and took position behind him, interlocking 

my body against his.  The hot flesh of our bodies molded itself into a 

single unit.  My slick penis found his ready anus - dilated and waiting.  I

wriggled my glans past his muscle.  He instantly relaxed, feeling the 

pleasure, and pressure, well up inside of him.  This was what he wanted.  

This was what he begged me to do.  This was why I loved him.

"Fuck me hard this time.  You're always afraid to fuck me hard."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"You can't break me.  I'm strong," he emphasized this by bringing me to a 

grinding halt in his rectum with a quick tightening of muscles.

I nibbled on his ear and increased my tempo in him.

"That's the ticket.  Harder."

I began the long strokes that started with just the tip of my penis lodged 

inside of him and ended with my testicles forced between his cheeks and Joe

clawing at the bed to keep from falling off.

The five days of adult semen and emotions welled up inside of me sprayed 

forth all at once.  I beat him up with my penis.  I screamed and shot my 

load deep inside of his body.  Stroke after stroke, I spurted gobs of 

pecker-snot into him as deep as I could.

After twenty strokes I slowed down, feeling the same pain/pleasure 

sensations that had rocked Joe's adolescent body only minutes before.  I 

waited until I was on the point of panic and pulled out.  I grabbed the 

towel from Joe's lap, knowing full well that it would be sticky with his 

young load.  I wiped my penis and Joe's butt clean of the evidence.  I 

looked at the cloth and watched our juices mingle as they soaked in.  Joe 

rolled back towards me and looked at the cloth.  His eyes came up to meet 

mine.  He had been crying.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No.  That's not it at all."

"What is it then?"

"I don't want to say.  You'll think I'm weird."

"I'll say it, if you won't.  I love you."

He looked up at me, shocked that I was able to verbalize his feelings and 

surprised that I felt the same way.

"I love you very much," I said.

A tear curled down across his cheek and I licked it off.

"I prayed that you would say that.  Is it wrong to pray for that?"

"It's never wrong to pray for love."

"But they say that the way that you love me," he paused and sucked in a 

short breath, "and the way that I love you," he averted his eyes from mine,

"is wrong."

"In love, you can choose your own path.  If that happens to coincide with 

someone else's idea of what's right then that's fine.  If it doesn't, then 

that's fine too.  If there are people out there that are so insecure that 

they have to put down what we do, then that's their problem, not ours.  

Besides what they don't know won't hurt them."

With that I mussed up his hair and slapped him on the butt.  We took a 

slow, warm shower and cleaned up.  I left Joe to expel me from his innards 

while I fixed a snack.  I felt alive and happy.  I finally understood what 

my friends felt like when they were in love.  Love, what a foreign concept 

it had always been to me.  I was so caught up in my feelings that I could 

barely hear the knock at the door.  It was a soft knock, a scared little 

boy knock.

I opened the door to reveal Timmy sitting with his back to me.

"What's the matter, kiddo?" I asked.  He fell backward into the room with 

the door no longer there to support him.

He blinked in surprise.

"You're here!" he said scrambling to his feet, "I gotta go," he added, 

scurrying into the bathroom.

I went back into the kitchen and added some more food to the snack plate 

for Timmy.  We had only had that one encounter with Brian a few weeks ago. 

Brian decided to keep the ten-year-old for himself and there wasn't much I 

could say about it.  He followed Brian around like the protector he was.  

The attention Brian showed him was all sexual, but that was better than 

nothing in Timmy's book.  Brian had brought him by a few times and he had 

waited patiently, downstairs, while I had serviced Brian.  Timmy didn't 

look too happy about Brian and I doing the nasty, but I could understand 

that.  Now that Brian was gone, it looked like I was nominated for 

big-brother duty.  I didn't know how this was going to fit into my new 

sexual life with Joe.

Timmy exited the bathroom hitching up his sagging pants.  He jumped up on 

one of the stools and watched me slice cheese.

"Brian's gone," he said.

"Yeah, I know.  Are you O.K.?"

"Yeah," he said in a voice that meant "no."

He looked like more of a mess than usual.  There was mud in his hair and 

all over one side of his body.

"Can I have some of that?" he asked, pointing at the snack tray.

"I can fix you something else, if you want," I offered.

"No, this's O.K."

He started grabbing ham and cheese off the tray and stuffing it into his 

mouth. I poured him a glass of milk and he chugged it down in one gulp.  I 

kept filling him up and he kept knocking them back between bites of food.

"You're really hungry.  When did you eat last?"

"I don't remember.  It wasn't yesterday."

"The last time you ate was with Brian, wasn't it?"

He didn't answer.  He was too busy making up for lost time with the food.  

If he hadn't eaten since Brian left, then he probably hadn't been home 

either.  That was borne out by his coating of filth.

"What's going on at your place?" I quizzed.

"Mom's got her boyfriend there," he managed to get out between swallows.

Brian had mentioned the psycho drug-dealer that Timmy's mom was getting 

pumped by.  The guy had slapped Timmy around enough that he knew not to 

show his face when dick-head was there.  That also meant that it was Timmy 

who had been beating on my door for the last two days.  There was a lump in

my throat.  I had been moping around and Timmy had been sleeping in the 

dirt.  That hurt.  He sat back for a minute and settled himself while he 

thought about what he wanted next.

"What's going on?"

Joe stood there wrapped in a towel, looking at us.  I could sense the 

jealousy in his voice.  If Joe was as mature as I thought he was, then I 

could work this out.

The boys didn't know each other very well.  They had only seen the other in

passing.  Timmy moved to my side, very nervous at being confronted by the 

larger boy.

"Tim, why don't you go watch some TV for a few minutes?"

I pushed him past Joe's scowl, into the other room.  I grabbed Joe by the 

arm, pulling him back upstairs.

"So, do you fuck him too?"

"You're sounding like a little girl, Joe.  Yes, I've had sex with Timmy.  

No, I don't feel the same way about him as I do you.  I love you!  Timmy 

has problems that we can't even began to understand.  Do you know where he 

slept last night?"

"At home, in bed?" he asked.

"How about outside in the mud?  Go down and look at him and tell me if you 

see a happy, well-fed kid."

Joe looked a little embarrassed, when I confronted him with the evidence.

"Let's go back down," I said, putting my arm around his waist and pulling 

him close.

I pushed him towards the younger boy and pretended to be fixing food.

"Hi, I'm Joe."

"Hi," replied Timmy.

Joe looked the boy up and down and said, "Let's go upstairs and get you 

cleaned up."

He reached his hand out towards the boy and Timmy looked up at me for help.

I nodded that it was O.K. and that was enough.  Joe hustled him upstairs 

and I heard him start the bath water.  This seemed like a replay of my 

first encounter with Timmy, where Brian and I had speared him in the tub.  

My thoughts were interrupted by the thumping of Timmy's clothes hitting the

bottom of the staircase.  I walked over and looked up.  Joe smiled and 

waved at me.  This might work out better than I had hoped.  Joe loved 

taking care of people and Timmy sure needed taking care of.

I grabbed the clothes and put them down to soak.  I decided to fix Timmy 

and Joe some burgers.  They both needed something better than junk food.  I

was waiting for them to come back down and after an hour I couldn't wait 

any more.  I wanted to give them some time together alone, but I was dying 

of curiosity.  I snuck up the stairs and peaked into the bathroom.  The 

boys weren't there and the tub was empty.  I looked in the bedroom, and 

they were there curled up on the bed asleep.  Joe was naked, having used 

his towel to dry and cover Timmy.  His hand protectively covered the boy 

and held him close.  Timmy's head rested on Joe's chest, with his hands 

curled under the towel.

I knew I would probably never know what the boys had talked about, but they

had obviously found out that they needed each other.  I slipped off my 

clothes and slid onto the bed behind Joe.  I reached over Joe and put my 

hand on Timmy's back.  I snuggled my body into Joe's warmth and fell 


I woke up on my back with Timmy on my chest.  I blinked the sleep away as 

the smiling boy tickled me awake.

"Where's Joe?" I asked.

Now that I was awake, Timmy bounded off my chest and out of the door.

"Right here," announced Joe.

I looked up and he pointed the Polaroid at me.




He snapped off three quick ones as I struggled to get out of bed.  I could 

hear Timmy giggling around the corner.

"What's the big idea?" I asked, rubbing the blindness away.

"Oh, you'll see!"

Timmy stuck his head in the door and exploded in childish laughter.  I was 

still rubbing my eyes and they didn't seem to be clearing.  Actually they 

started to hurt - a lot!  I stumbled towards the bathroom and started 

flushing my eyes out in the sink.  The boys were both laughing at me and 

kicking me in the butt.  As soon as I could see, I was going to get them 

good, I promised myself.  Finally the stinging subsided and I looked up 

into the mirror.

My body was streaked with color.  I knew exactly what had happened.  I kept

those colored, soap, squeeze-crayons around for kids to use in the tub.  

The little fucks had covered me in the stuff.  I looked like some weird 

cross between a parrot and a peacock.  Then I noticed the holiday ribbons 

tied in bows around my dick.  Green, red, and white.  How festive, I 


The boys were crying, panting, self-satisfied balls of flesh rolling on the

floor.  Apparently they had never seen anything funnier in their short 


"O.K., O.K., smart guys.  You got me good.  Would you care to unwrap your 

package?" I asked, pointing at my penis.

Joe tried to catch his breath as he reached up to pull the end of one bow. 

As he touched it he exploded into another fit of giggles and fell back to 

the floor.  Timmy tried to crawl up my leg, but was shaking with laughter. 

I pushed him off, on top of Joe, and the boys clung to each other lost in 


I removed the ribbons, which they had been careful not to over-tighten and 

started up the shower.  I left the boys clutching at each other and stepped

in.  It didn't take long to wash the goo away.  I had to smile to myself, 

thinking about what must have gone through their minds as they plotted, 

together, to "get" me.  I exited the shower and had to go back into the 

bedroom to get a towel.  Joe and Timmy were both on the bed sporting 

erections.  I grabbed the towel off the floor and started to dry off.

"We want to fuck!" stated Joe.

"Go ahead.  I'll leave if you want me to."

"No!  We want you to fuck us!" exclaimed Timmy.

"Did you guys talk about this?  How do you feel about sharing, Joe?"

"He needs us now," said Joe squeezing Timmy's penis, "He doesn't have 

anybody left."

"How about you, Tim?"

"I want you to be my dad," he said quietly.

"How about we just agree to be really good friends and see how it goes from


Both boys nodded enthusiastically and grinned back at me.

I watched the boys, each with the other's penis in his hand.  Four hours 

ago they didn't even know each other, and now they were going to be 

inseparable.  They each filled a great void in the other.  I still wasn't 

sure why I was there, but they seemed happy about it and I wasn't going to 

question my luck.

I jumped on the bed, bouncing the boys half off.  I grabbed Timmy's little 

hand and looked at the glistening sheen of Joe's juice sticking to his 

fingers.  I licked him clean and smiled.

"Looks like you guys got a head start."

"You lie down.  We're going to do you first," Joe ordered.

I threw the towel back down and rolled onto my back.  The boys each 

straddled one of my legs.  I could feel their hard pricks pressing into me.

Joe started right in licking my glans.

"Watch, Tim, this is how you suck a dick real good."

I had to smile remembering Timmy taking all of Brian's six-inch cock his 

first time out.  But, Joe was going to teach his "adopted" brother the 

tricks of the trade.  The boys passed my dick back and forth.  Joe 

corrected Timmy's style, urging him to add nuance and variation to his 

technique.  I tapped Joe on the head, signaling the start of my orgasm.  He

swallowed most of my cock, using Timmy's hand to masturbate the last inch 

or two.  Timmy was softly stroking my belly and teasing at my navel with 

his free hand.  He kept his face close to Joe's and watched his intense 

concentration as he tried to pull me over the edge.

I tightened noticeably and released a torrent of stud goo into Joe.  He 

pulled back so he could feel the second shot ripple across his tongue.  He 

began to jerk me fiercely and aimed my penis at Timmy's face to share me 

with him.  I shot again as the little boy's lips barely touched the head.  

He enveloped me and finished off the last few spurts.  Joe showed him how 

to milk the last, hidden, semen from my sagging organ.  He flicked his 

tongue at each drop as it appeared.  Joe finished me off with a slurping 

cleansing of any remaining material.  Both of them looked up at me for 

approval.  I rubbed their heads affectionately and cupped each boy's face. 

Their eyes were clear and searching.  They only wanted to please me and 

they had.  It hadn't been the best orgasm that I had ever had.  Not by far,

but the effort on the part of the boys had made it the happiest experience 

that I have ever known.

I didn't know where we were going with this relationship and I couldn't 

bring myself to think about the end of summer, approaching quickly, that 

would see Joe flying back to Colorado, me returning to work, and 

God-knows-what happening to Timmy.  I pulled the boys tighter against me 

and felt the heat radiate into me from their bodies.  At least we were all 

happy now and that was all I could hope for.  Moments of peace and 

happiness were all that I could ever know in this country.

Maybe it was time to leave.


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