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Archive-name: Samesex/submiss.ff


Archive-title: Submission

	It was hot. Too hot to think, much less do anything. The air

conditioner man had said that he would fix it, but the thermostat still

said 100 and Carrie's  blouse still stuck to her chest.  The only thing

that came out of it was hot, stifling air. She had given up on it when she

had gotten home from work and argued with the man who had come out to fix


	"I remember working on this unit, oh, about two months ago," he had

said. His face was thick, wrinkled and red in the sunlight. Even though it

was hazy with the Southern Californian smog, the sun seemed extremely


	"So, you can fix it?" The silk blouse she had worn to work was

beginning to get hot.

	"Well, I got to get a compressor. It ain't gonna do much without a

compressor." His voice was irritatingly high, despite his grizzled


	"It isn't doing much now. Can you do anything to fix it?" Her

pantyhose weren't helping any, either.

	"Not without no compressor, I can't."

	"Bye, then."

	"I'll see if I can't get one in the mornin'"

	With those words, he had left. A lot of help that will do me, she

thought. 108 outside, in the shade. And it's going to stay that way until

at least eight. Shit. She opened up the fridge to get some water. Feeling

the coolness, she leaned her body into it. It felt so good. The cool air

flowed into her blouse like ice fingers. The sweat between her breasts felt

very, very cold. She opened up the freezer side and grabbed some ice,

throwing it into a thick tumbler that had the emblem of AT&T on it. She

reached up and opened the cabinets above the fridge, taking out a fifth of

whiskey. She pored a goodly amount over the ice. That should take off some

of the bite, she thought. She took a drink from the cold, dark brown

liquid. The thick taste and pungent smell brought back memories. She

remembered when she had first had whiskey, when she was fourteen.

	"C'Mon, try it!" One of her girlfriends, Trishia, had swiped it from

her dad. They had taken it out into the greenbelt/undeveloped area behind

the suburban homes, by the creek, hoping to escape the heat and parents.

She could smell the roadkill skunk and the sweet scent of the whiskey,

mixed in with the honeysuckle and the creek mud.

	"Won't your dad notice?" The mud squashed between her toes, and her

shorts itched from the rocks she sat on at the bank.



	"No, he's an alki. All he ever does is drink. He'll just think he

drank it himself." Trishia's face was red. She had already taken a few

swigs from it, and was kind of tipsy. Carrie climbed up into one of the low

live-oak trees. She hadn't had anything other than wine to drink. She stuck

her leg down from the dangling branch into the water.

	"So you want me to be an alki too?" Trishia made a disgusting noise

with her mouth.

	"You won't be an alki. I'm not an alki. I drink."

	"No you don't. This is the first time you had anything to drink."

	"No it isn't. Your just a wimp. That's why you wouldn't go  out with

Gene. 'Cause your a wimp."

	"Gene's a nerd."

	"He may be a nerd, but he knows what he's doing." Trishia took another

swig from the mouth of the bottle, this time dribbling some of it onto her

sundress. It made a brownish stain on her light tan dress. Trishia was all

ways wearing that dress. She was proud of it because it showed her

cleavage, or what cleavage she had.

	Carrie was pondering what Gene "knew". Trishia had gone out with Gene

once, and Carrie had never asked her about it.

	"What does does Gene know?" Trishia was trying to rub the stain out.

She got some water from the creek and put it on it, and then rubbed it in.

It didn't really do anything but cause one of her teats to fall out of her


	"Oops..." Carrie giggled, and Trishia did too. It wasn't the first

time she had fallen out of that dress.

	"What did you say?"

	"Ummm, what does Gene know?"

	"Here." She gave Carrie the bottle. At first Carrie thought about

tossing it, but she didn't. Trishia's dad might need it back.

	"Take a drink and I'll tell you."

	"I'm not gonna drink this."

	"Fine." Trishia sat down hard on the bank and began to throw rocks

into the water. There weren't that many rocks, and Trishia was hoping that

Carrie's famous curiosity would get the best of her.

	"How much?"

	"Just a swallow..." Trishia turned around. She looked straight into

Carries blue eyes. Carrie unscrewed the lid and brought the bottle to her

mouth. Her face puckered up as she took a sip from the bottle.

	"A swallow..."

	Carrie paused, and then leaned the bottle back. A single bubble rose

to the bottom of the bottle.Carrie put the bottle down and screwed the cap

back on.

	"A swallow usually involves swallowing." Carried swallowed the

whiskey, then gasped for air. She promptly fell out of the tree and into

the creek. The water splashed up into the air, muddying the bank further.

	"Carrie!" Carrie climbed out of the water and tossed the bottle into

the sand.

	"Hey, Carrie!" Carrie stood three inches taller that Trishia.

	"It wasn't my fault you fell in!" Carrie grabbed Trishia around the

waist and hurled her bodily into the creek. Then she laughed a deep and

hearty laugh while Trishia tried to splash her some more from the creek.

Carrie picked up the bottle, unscrewed it and took another swig. By force

of will, she held it down. Trishia threw her long, thick black hair back

off of her head so she could see and climbed back onto the shore. She

tossed herself down into a patch of waning sunlight and closed her eyes.

Carrie sat down next to her, crosslegged. She noticed that Trishias black

hair showed through her skirt and panties.


	"I'm not telling you now. You threw me in the creek." Trishia tried to

pout, but she kept cracking up.

	"C'mon, tell me. I took a drink!" She held up the bottle for evidence.

	"Well, all right. What do you want to know?"

	"Well... what does Gene 'know'?"


	"Alot about what?"

	"About women..."

	"What about 'women'?" Carrie was fascinated by now. The whiskey had

begun to takes its effect on her fourteen year old brain.

	"How to... well... make them feel good."

	"How does he make them feel good?"

	"He taught me something."

	"What? Where did you go?"

	"We went out behind his house. He live in Beaumont, so he has about a

thousand acres of land. He took me out to one of his tree houses."

	"Did you... neck?"

	"Yeah. He taught he how to french kiss."


	"When you put your tongue into the guys mouth." She stuck her tongue

out and wiggled around.

	"Did you like it?"

	"Yeah... then he.. have you ever played with yourself?"


	"You know....."

	"Well, yes. Once or twice..."

	"Sure. Once or twice. He did that to me."

	"You let him?"

	"I had to practically put his hand there! He kept screwing around with

my teats. After he pushed my skirt up, he forgot about it." Cassie looked

down at her relatively flat chest. Why'd Gene want to go out with me, she


	"What did it feel like?"

	"Kinda like it normally does,  but different. He was kinda clumsy. He

kept trying to stick his fingers up my butt. I got really wet and sticky! I

was pretty horny by now, so I had to finish myself. He just kept playing

with my butt. He didn't even take of my panties. He just let them get all

wet. I just stuck my hand under the waist band and finished what he


	"Then what did you do?" The image of Trishia "finishing" had Carrie

very excited. She had never told anyone, but she frequently had fantasies

about women she saw in her brothers Playboy magazine. She had stolen one

and masturbated for almost two days straight afterwards. Now she was having

fantasies about Trishia.

	"He showed me how to suck dick. I took his dick out of his pants. It

was so hard by now, it was all red and veiny. I started to stroke it, and a

little thing of sticky fluid came out. He was groaning, and he push it

towards my mouth. I didn't really understand what he wanted until he said

'suck it'. I didn't really want to, but I figured I might as well. It did

look kind of gross. So I opened up my mouth and put it in. I still had my

hand down my panties. I was starting to feel like I was going to come. It

tasted like someones finger, except sweet and hot. I started to suck.

'Don"t suck' he said, 'Use your tongue!'. So I began to swirl my tongue

around his dick and the head. His hips started to pump in and out, so that

his dick came out of my mouth. I grabbed him and put it back in. I was

starting to enjoy this... kind of like a lollipop. I pushed my panties

further down so I could get a finger in my pussy. I grabbed his butt and

started to suck and lick as hard as I could. He started to groan, and then

tried to pull away. He said he was going to come. I didn't pay attention.

Then I tasted a sweet, salty taste and Gene groaned. There was this stuff

in my mouth, so I swallowed it."

	"You swallowed his cum?"

	"Yeah. It was in my mouth, anyways. So then he zipped up his pants and

rolled over. I was still horny. My hand hadn't satisfied me much. I didn't

end up coming. I tried to get him to roll over, but he just mumbled

something, and so I left. God, I wish he had fucked me."

	"Show me how to...."

	"Suck dick?"

	"Yeah...." Carrie was very excited. As Trishia dried off, the cloth of

her dress had stuck to the curves of her bodies. Her nipples were poking

out from under the thin fabric, and she could see the telltale erection of

her clitoris by the dark area in her crotch. Carrie closed her legs.

	"Here." Trishia handed Carrie the bottle. "Put this in your mouth. Be



	"No, that won't work. Come here." Trishia put her finger into Carrie


	"Now, lick around my finger. Thats good. Pretend its a dick. Hey!

Don't bite it!"

	"Hmmm, hmm"

	"Now start sucking. Y'know, that feels good. No wonder guys like it so

much. " Trishia stood up and put her finger at her crotch, poking out.

	"Just kneel there and try it. This is how I had to do it for Gene."

Carrie kneeled down. Now, all she could smell was Trishia. Her hands came

up and grabbed her trim buttocks and began to caress them. How many times

she had held her own buttocks like this. She pushed her head against

Trishias hand, forcing it against her crotch. Trishia put one of her hands

into Carries hair, the other one began stroking her hot,damp pussy. Carrie

put one of her hands underneath Trishias dress, caressing the flesh pushed

tight against the nylon panties. She looked up and saw Trishias eyes closed

in pleasure. She put one finger underneath the waist band and pulled the

panties down to Trishias thighs. Trishia smiled and moved both of her hands

to Carries head.



	One of Carries fingers traced the bottom of Trishias buttock. With the

other she lifted Trishias skirt and moved her head away for a moment.





	"I think I love you..."

	Trishia knelt down and kissed Carrie on the mouth. She pulled off

Carries T-Shirt and pushed her back into the sand. Carries small breast

were still wet from the creek water, and the nipples were hard. Carries

tongue slid into Trishias mouth, and her legs wrapped around her waist.

Carrie began to hump Trishia soundly.



	"Wait... let me do something here" said Trishia. She stood up and

unbuttoned the front of here dress, letting her breasts free. carrie pulled

her panties the rest of the way down. Trishia undid the buttons on the

front of Carries shorts, startled to see the blond hair underneath.

	"I ran out this morning."

	"Good..." Trishia slipped a finger down to Carries pussy lips and

began to stroke rhythmically. She caressed Carries nipple with her thumb

and fore finger. Carrie leaned back onto the sand, underneath Trishias

pleasant weight. Carrie pushed her crotch willingly into Trishias expert

fingers, feeling the rush of orgasm fill her hips. She move in the same

rythm as Trishia, as her hands explored her body. She gently stroked the

clitoris at one moment, move to slide a finger inbetween her moist lips the

next. Trishia knew when Carrie made that slight catch of breath what to do.

She slid her middle finger into her pussy as far as she could and began to

stroke.Carries body went stiff underneath her as she came like she had

never before.



	"Still horny?" asked Trishia.


	"Good... so am I."

	"You said that you wished that Gene had fucked..."

	"Yeah, I think maybe not."

	"Let me fuck you."


	Carrie simply picked up the whiskey bottle.  Trishia let out a slight


	Carrie pushed the bottle up against Trishia mouths. At first, she

didn't let it in. Then, Carrie began to play with her nipple. The bottle

slid between Trishias lips.

	"Suck me..."

	Carries stroked the base of the bottle with her fingers, as if it

where flesh. Then she slid one of her bare knees between Trishias legs and

up against her hot, wet crotch. Trishia began to stroke against her,

leaving a damp sticky spot. Carrie began to lick one of Trishias breasts,

slowly. She felt the firmness in her mouth, and bit on one of the hard

nipples. Trishia let out a groan and began to ride faster against Carries

thigh. Carrie let one hand go down to her partners vagina and stroke her

clit. Long, soft stokes on the warm skin. The soft pussy hair tickled her

leg. Carrie grabbed Trishia by the buttocks and spread her legs wide. She

looked down at the pink, inflamed lips and the damp hair. She took her

finger and slid it into her friend and lovers aroused cunt and began to


	Slowly she increased the tempo until Trishia began to ride with the

motion. Then, she took the bottle out of Trishias mouth and out it into her

own. She licked all around the neck, and made sure the lid was on tight.

She removed her hands completely from Trishia. Trishia grabbed her and

tried to place her hand back on her raging cunt. Carrie slid the bottle

into her own shorts, letting the neck get damp with her excitement. Then

she ran it down the length of Trishias smooth belly. Trishia began to hump

the air in her arousal. Carrie grabbed one of Trishias hands from her own

pussy, and put it on her own. Then, she began to tease Trishias pussy with

the bottle. She ran it across the lips, around the pussy and against her

ass. Finally, she put her hand against Trishias wet pussy and spread her

lips wide.	"Fuck me!" So she did.

	She slid it in slowly at first, and then out again. She threw one leg

over Trishias body and planted her knees on either side of her. She put

both hands on the bottle and slid it in slowly and firmly. One of Trishias

hands was still dancing in her shorts. Trishia somehow managed to pull the

down slightly.

	"I want to see your pussy."

	Carrie began to remove her shorts.

	"Don't stop fucking me... I'll get them. " Carrie moved her legs, and

Trishia began to work the tight shorts of off Carries ass. The sensation of

the cotton rubbing against her excited clit made Carrie pump faster. The

part of the bottle that widened was now pushing up against Trishias clit,

sending jolts through her pelvis. Carries other hand slid around the lips,

making sure that Trishia was getting the most out of it that she could.

Trishia finally worked Carries shorts off of her. She pulled one of her

legs over her head. Carrie let out a gasp of pleasure when Trishias hot

tongue began to work on her inflamed pussy. She used one hand to stroke her

pussy hair. She began to pump harder, pushing the glass into Trishias

pussy. She moved her head down to taste Trishias juices. She licked all

around the vagina, tasting the lubricants there. Trishias tongue quickly

brought Carrie to orgasm, her cunt spilling it remaining lubricant onto her

legs and her partners face as Trishia went rigid with pleasure.  She took

out the bottle and licked her pussy clean.

	Trishia and Carrie were in love for four years. They eventually had a

fight over a guy, and went to different colleges. Carrie still loved

Trishia, but she had to try it with Gene. They ended up getting a divorce.

In fact, Carrie still had Trishias number. She looked down at the dampness

on her body and decided to find that number. She opened up her blouse and

began to massage her breast through her bra. It turned out that she had

developed in her own right. She dialed the phone, and slipped a finger into

her skirt.

	"Hello? Trishia?"

	"Yeah... who is this?"

	"It's Carrie. I got this bottle of whiskey..."


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