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Archive-name: Samesex/straised.txt


Archive-title: Straight Seduction

     I hadn't intended to seduce just sort of

happened.  With his long blond hair and green eyes, Justin was a

drop-dead gorgeous friend of mine.  We were both studying at the

same college with the same major, and I saw him in every one of my

classes.  I'd spent many nights jerking off thinking about this hot

stud!!  He had a trim waist and nice, nice legs.  We'd played

volleyball together before and watching him jump around in those

shorts very nearly gave me a heart attack -- my heart was pounding

every time we jostled for the ball and my cock swelled with lust

every time we touched.  He was one of the first people I told when

I came to college, and he took it pretty well -- very well,

actually, for a straight boy.  He never made a big deal of it, to

him I was just another guy, no different from anyone else. Maybe

that's what attracted me to him.  Still, though I'd often fanta-

sized about doing it with Justin, I never thought I'd be proposi-

tioning him -- and I never, ever thought he'd agree!    It was a

Friday night, and we were in Justin's car.  He pulled out onto the

roadway and into the traffic.  Justin looked unusually preoccupied

as he drove on through the night as he ran five stop signs without

noticing.  I looked at him carefully.  He was driving with only one

hand, the other one hanging out the driver's window.

     "Uh...Justin?"  No response.  "Justin?  You okay?"  Still no

response.  "Hey! Justin!"  I touched his thigh lightly as I said

it.  He jumped a little and turned.

     "Hmmm?  What?"

     "You've just run five stop signs without even slowing down  --

are you okay?"

     "Yeah...I'm alright, I guess."  We pulled into an empty

parking lot by the railroad tracks beside the river.  It was quiet

and the moon, hidden by some clouds, provided little light.  He cut

the engine and we sat for a while in silence.  Finally, he spoke.

     "Nice spot, eh, Chris?"

     " is kinda nice.  Very romantic, Justin."

     "Yeah," he laughed.  "I used to bring my girlfriend here

before we broke up."  The smile faded from his face and it suddenly

made sense to me why Justin was acting so strangely:  he had broken

up with his girlfriend exactly two months ago.

     "I'm sorry, Justin -- I forgot."

     "'s okay," he said "It's not your fault.  Sometimes,

I, forget it."

     I looked carefully at him, and our eyes locked.  Shit, I

wanted him badly.  He looked so helpless.  "Justin?"


     "Have you ever..."  I took a deep breath.  ", have you

ever wanted to, y'know -- well, did you ever think about trying it

with a guy?"  There.  I'd said it.  I'd never, ever been so bold

with Justin before.

     Justin just stared at me.  I looked away quickly.

     "I'm sorry," I stammered, embarassed.  "I just thought...I

could make you feel better, that's all.  I didn't mean...fuck, I'm

sorry Justin."  I stared straight ahead, not wanting to look at

him.  Had I just soured our friendship?  He's probably pissed off

at me -- and he should be.  I was kicking myself for acting so

stupidly.  I must have looked like a fool.

     After a long silence, Justin let out a sigh. "Chris?"


     ", what did you have in mind?"  I couldn't believe

my ears!  I turned to look at him again and he moved back from me

slightly, still a little wary.  I smiled weakly and swallowed.

     "Well...I don't know.  Anything I guess -- I was just, like,

wondering that's all...I mean, if there's anything I can do for you

I'd like to help you out."

     "Nothing serious?"

     "No, no.  Nothing serious -- just whatever you'd feel okay

with."  He seemed to relax a bit.

     "I'm sorry, Chris, it's just-" he began, but I cut him off. 

"No, Justin -- I'm sorry.  I was out of place."  He smiled and

leaned over towards me.

     "Hey.  Relax.  I don't hate you."  I felt very relieved when

he said that and managed to smile a little.  "What I was going to

say is that it's just that you caught me off guard.  I have been

kinda considering trying it with you.  I know it sounds kind of

lame, but I was just scared, y'know?"  He paused, then continued.

"I've...I've never done anything serious with guys -- I mean, me

and a few buddies jerked off together a bit when we were younger,

but we just did ourselves, never each other.  But I've been out of

any action for awhile since breaking up and jerking off by yourself

gets kind of boring after awhile..."  I moved closer to him.

     "So...can I do anything for you, Justin?"

     "I don't know.  Maybe.  Yeah, probably.  I'm so damn horny

right now that I could try anything...who knows?  Maybe I can get

off with another guy.  It's really nice of you to offer yourself to

me anyways...the least I can do is try it, eh?"

     "'s the perfect spot at least!"  I said, and we both

laughed.  The tension was gone between us and at last we felt

comfortable with each other again.

     "Do you, uh, do oral?" he asked.

     I smiled.  "You mean you want a blow job, Justin?"

     "Yeah," he grinned, "I wasn't sure if you called it the same

thing or what -- pretty lame, eh?"

     I reached over and placed my hand on his crotch.

     "Oh, I don't know..." I said as I felt the bulge in his jeans

swell slowly beneath my touch, "this doesn't feel too lame to


     Justin groaned and bit his lower lip as I slowly massaged his

growing basket.  With my other hand, I began stroking his chest and

stomach through his shirt.  My own crotch began swelling as my cock

grew to rock-hard stiffness.  Justin leaned back against the door,

stretching his frame out across the bench seat with one leg planted

firmly on the floor and the other across the back of the seat,

allowing me full access to his groin.  I bent over and began

unbuttoning his shirt from the bottom up, exposing more and more of

his taut young torso.  Soon, Justin's shirt was opened completely

from his waist to his collar and the material lay to either side of

his body.  He had a beautiful body, almost hairless except for a

line of dark blonde hair leading from his navel down into his

underwear and a fairly dense crop of underarm hair. He lay there,

open and inviting, barely breathing a word as I massaged his naked

flesh, squeezing and stroking his body.

     "Oh...mmmm...ah,yeah..." he moaned as I bent over and kissed

his belly.  An involuntary shudder went through his body and I

looked up into his eyes.

     "Everything okay so far?" I asked hopefully.

     "Oh feels great.  Shit, I never knew it could feel

so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o good with another guy..."

     "Well, if you want me to stop -- if I, uh, go too far or

something, you know, just tell me to stop and I will..."

     "Sounds good...right now, the word is GO..."

     I smiled and wordlessly went back to Justin's body.  His warm,

soft skin felt delicious against my lips and I licked at his

nipples, feeling them harden like bullets into my mouth.  I sucked

at first one, then the other, all the while stroking his body with

my hands.  I could feel Justin's crotch jammed up against mine, our

hard bulges rubbing together eroticly.  Moving my way slowly up his

body, I licked at his neck, tonguing his Adam's apple and kissing

the nape of his neck.  He groaned again, and put his arms around

me, clumsilly but earnestly.  I was in ecstasy as he held me to him

closely and I began to work a hickey into his neck.

     After I had finished leaving my mark on Justin's neck, I moved

up and stared into his eyes, our mouths only inches apart. I could

hear him breathing, feel his breath on my cheeks.  There was a

smouldering sensuality in his eyes and we lay there for what seemed

like an eternity, just staring.

     "Justin..." I whispered at last, "...can I kiss you?"

     He smiled.  "What the fuck have you been doing to me up 'til


     "Yeah, but I mean REALLY kiss you this time.  On the lips.

Open-mouthed.  A really deep kiss."

     He paused and his eyes looked away for a second, as if

considering, then refocussed on me.

     "Sure," he said, "what the hell...go for it!"

     I grinned and kissed him gently on the lips.  We moved apart

again, and then I kissed him again, more firmly.  My lips parted

slightly and my tongue ran over his closed lips, seeking entry.

Almost instantly, Justin's lips opened themselves to me and we

traded tongues, exploring each other deeply.  Thrilled, I felt his

tongue reach down into my throat and I returned the favor.  I felt

Justin's hands pull my shirt out of my jeans; his touch upon my

naked back, urging me on.  He stripped my shirt off and began

stroking my shoulders, taking my tongue into his mouth again.  We

moaned in unison, enjoying each other's oral attentions.  When we

finally broke the kiss, we were both out of breath and hornier than


     "Not bad," I said as I pinched his nipples, "not too bad at

all...for a straight boy."  He laughed and grabbed my shoulders

playfully, pushing me down his body.

     "On your knees, cocksucker -- do me good!"

     I kneeled on the floor of the car, my face in front of his

crotch.  Using only my teeth, I undid his belt buckle and unbutt-

oned his tight, faded Levis.  In the fantastic silence of the warm

night air, the sound of Justin's zipper coming undone filled the

car with a rude metallic echo that hinted at the carnal plea-sures

yet to come...

     Justin peeled off his jeans, exposing his crotch to me.  I

mouthed his erect cock through the thin material of his cotton

briefs.  The sweet and salty taste of his well-worn Calvin Klein

underwear was at once strange and familiar.  It filled my senses

with perverse and lewd thoughts, thoughts that never failed to turn

me on more and more.  I licked at the sticky cotton pouch that

stood as the last barrier between me and Justin's hard throbbing

fuckpole, enjoying the well-seasoned fabric, tasting the delicious

essence of a hot young stud in heat.  Crotch sweat and cum laced

with cologne was soaked into Justin's underwear, and I tongue-

bathed his hot nuts through the now wet cotton.  As I continued my

oral exploits on him, Justin ran his hands through my hair,

encouraging me on and on, telling me how much he liked it.  After

a few more minutes with his tasty cotton briefs, I removed them by

taking the waistband in my teeth and pulling the spit-soaked

garment off of Justin's body.

     There, in all of its circumcised glory, stood Justin's

beautiful cock, achingly erect while still soft to the touch --

like velvet over steel.  I extended my tongue out slowly, moving my

lips closer and closer to his quivering fuckpole.  My mouth began

to close over his walnut sized dickhead...

     "Stop, Chris."  Shit.  I froze instantly.  Oh well.  It was

good while it lasted.  I closed my mouth...before getting to his

dick.  I looked up at Justin and he put his hands on my head and


     "Just testing."  Fuck.  I could've killed him.  He began to

giggle uncontrollably and I couldn't help smiling.

     "Do you realize," I said, trying not to laugh, "that I've

killed men for less?"

     "Aw, c'mon, Chris," Justin said as he took my hand, "how can

you hate a guy who's giving you this?" he purred as he wrapped my

fist around his stiff, throbbing cockmeat.

     Wordlessly, I knelt in front of him again and licked his cock

thoroughly, coating his dick in my spit until it glowed in the

moonlight streaming in through the front windshield.  The moon was

brighter now, obscured no longer by the hazy clouds that dimmed the

landscape earlier in the evening.  It was a good sign.  Justin

gasped and shuddered again.  I bent my head down and took his heavy

nuts in my mouth, sucking on them gently.  I then rolled them

around in my mouth, feeling their weight.  I could just imagine the

huge load of spermsauce that Justin's balls were churning out, and

how incredibly good it was going to taste when Justin finally shot

his pent-up load into me.  I released his balls and returned to his

shaft, licking his hot wet ramrod up and down, over and over again. 

I twirled my tongue around his hot, hard dickhead, chewing on it

gently.  Then, I took his entire throbbing cockshaft into my mouth,

swallowing his huge spermserver and deep-throating him all the way

in, even tucking both his balls into my well-stuffed mouth.  I held

him there for about five seconds, letting my throat do magical

things to his huge rod.  Then, I pulled almost all of his prick

back out of my mouth, retaining only the walnut-sized dickhead

behind my lips. It was then that Justin began thrusting his hips,

grinding his cock into my eager, hungry mouth.  Justin was fucking

my mouth!  In and out, in and out, Justin humped my face, forcing

his long hard shaft right down into my throat.  I loved it!  I

could hardly believe I had managed to turn a supposedly straight

boy on so much!  He started telling me again how much he loved it

and how fascinated he was that he could get so much pleasure from

another guy.

     "Ah, yeah...suck that dick, Chris...mmmm, yeah...fuck, man,

this feels so fuckin' good...oh, yes, yes, lick that stick...I want

to cum in your mouth, cocksucker....oh, ohhhh, shit, you're so much

better than that stupid bitch...yes, do it to me, ah, I want it so

bad..." he was moaning to himself, pinching his own nipples as he

thrusted his hips up.  "OH FUCK, FUCK, YEAH...I'M GONNA CUM, CHRIS,


     Justin's thrusts became more and more urgent, and his cries of

ecstasy echoed in my ears as his already-gigantic sex organ grew

more and more swollen until it was at its biggest, hardest and

sexiest.  His throbbing manmeat was a fantastic turn on and I

gently raked my teeth across his superhard shaft -- not enough to

hurt him, but enough to add a delicious sensation to what was

likely the best blow job he had ever gotten.  Sure enough, Justin

began cumming in my throat.  I pulled back enough of his cock and

jerked on his balls with my hand until I could taste some of his

divine spermsauce as he filled my mouth with the boiling hot

boyjuice that I craved so much.  Wave after wave of thick, creamy

cumcream came spewing out of his throbbing fuckpole, so much that

I couldn't swallow all of it; I was drowning in a sea of white

sticky molten manjuice and loving every minute of it.  I loved the

taste of Justin's fuckjuices, sweet and rich like fine cream, I let

some of it dribble down my chin, and rubbed it into my neck.  Some

of it leaked out around the corners of my mouth and went sliding

down Justin's spit-slicked sexstick and matted Justin's wiry blond

cock hair.

     Just when I thought that I'd surely choke on the sheer volume

of Justin's cum, the flow abruptly stopped.  Justin's body went

limp and he lay gasping for air, his chest drenched with sweat,

completely spent from his violent and passionate orgasm.  Pulling

his rapidly softening prick from my mouth, I moved on top of him

again and we shared a sensuous open-mouthed tongue-kiss.  I passed

some of Justin's cum back to him, letting it drip slowly from my

mouth into his.  He savored the unique thrill of tasting his own

well-heated juices, and let them slide down his throat as we

tongued each other hotly.

     "Fuck....I never knew how amazing another guy could make me

feel!" Justin sighed as he stroked my chest.

     " was, ah, good for you too, I take it?"



     "I think I'm in love..."

     "Yeah, right.  And tomorrow we won't say a word about what

happened tonight, we'll never have sex again, you'll meet a nice

girl, get married, invite me to the wedding and you'll name your

first child after me."

     "Even if it's a girl?"

     "Especially if it's a girl."

     Justin laughed and planted a wet kiss on my neck, his hands

roaming my still flushed body.

     "And what," he said between wet swipes of his tongue, "if I

wake up tomorrow and think `Yeah, that was good.  I could go for

this, too'?"

     "Then I'd say you probably swing both ways."

     "Isn't that good?  Doesn't that mean I double my chances?"

     "You know something?" I asked, "You're a slut, Justin."

     "Thanks, Chris.  I love you."

     We lay there for a while, enjoying each other's bodies.  It

seemed like a long time as we lay touching, exploring, feeling,

stroking.  I had dreamed about doing it with Justin for so long,

and I had always thought it would be like this, yet now that I had

tasted his cum, there was none of the driving passionate urges I

normally had to fuck his ass raw or wrap my own lovehole around his

steely rod.  Rather, there was the far more satisfying feeling of

contentment:  I felt content to leave Justin's ass for another day,

confident that I would in fact one day fuck Justin's hot tight

virgin ass; content and confident in knowing that, chances were,

he'd want to suck me off and drink my cum or maybe even fuck me

with his big prick.

     And sure enough, there came a time when we did fuck each

other, and suck each other.  But right then, I was just happy that

I'd made him happy.  I'd seduced a straight boy, and I was proud of



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