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Archive-name: Samesex/seduce.txt


Archive-title: Seduction

   I am a bisexual woman, in my early early thirties, with a predilection

for straight women. To me, the most exciting sex is with an attractive

woman who thinks lesbian love is wrong, but whose sexual desires drive her

to it.

   Three months ago a naval officer and his wife moved next door. He

promptly left on what I came to find out was a five-month assignment at

sea. His wife also works, but was obviously lonely. I brought her into my

circle of friends to help her feel at home in her new neighborhood.

   Her name is Claire, and she's about five foot seven, with long, shapely

legs and a round, sexy ass. Dark, lustrous brown hair reaches down to her

shoulders, which are very broad. I think her breasts are perfect; they are

only an A-cup, but are shaped like classic champagne glasses and have

large, pronounced nipples.

   Being fitness oriented, I soon had her going to aerobics class with me

and working out. This came to be my tool for introducing Claire to the

pleasures of female love. Claire was quite vain about her shape and loved

to work out on the weight machine in my basement, then admire herself in

the mirror.

   One night, after having quite a few drinks, we were sitting around and

Claire told me how glad she was that I had started her at weight lifting.

She was pleased that her ass had become much more firm and her cleavage

more pronounced. I asked her to show me, and high as a kite, she stood up

and stripped. Wearing just her bra and high-cut panties, she followed me

into my bedroom to view herself in the full length mirror.

   Standing before the mirror, lost in her own world of vanity and booze,

she could not have looked more appealing. Her long legs seemed even longer

in the designer panties that were cut up to her waist, revealing those

round, firm cheeks, which I wanted so badly to feel. The dark thickness of

her pubic hair curled out from both sides of the narrow crotch of her

panties. "I showed you mine, now you show me yours," she joked, never

taking her eyes off herself in the mirror. Stripping quickly, I stood

beside her in the mirror. We looked like twins, except for my blond hair

and the size of my breasts. "I really wish my boobs were like yours," she

said as she stared at my broad, full C-cup tits.

   "What is it you like about them?" I asked, unsnapping the front clasp,

allowing the wide pink nipples to feel the cool rush of air. Her fuzzy mind

searched for a response as I slowly began to knead my lightly veined white

skin, a shallow pretense at rubbing out the bra marks. Amazed at the turn

of events and at her not being offended, I took her long beautiful hands

and placed them on my jutting tits.

   "Is it the fact that they are so much bigger than yours?" I asked,

cupping her warm hands under my breasts. Slowly, so as not to break the

trance, I whispered, "Is it the heat you feel through your fingers, or the

way my nipples respond to your touch?" I placed her supple fingers on my

sensitive nipples and began a pinching motion with her fingers, which she

involuntarily continued.

   At this point, I pushed her gently back until she was seated, and as I

spoke, I pulled her full, pouting lips to my left breast. "You always

wanted me," I breathed in her ear. Reaching down I began to roll her hard

nipples between my strong fingers. The effect was electric. She moaned

loudly and her upper body jerked forward at the first pinch. "You have

sensitive nipples, don't you?"

   "Yes," she moaned.

   "Then you know how good it feels when someone bites and sucks them." She

responded by forcefully sucking my breast into her warm, hungry mouth. Oh

God, it felt so good to have her wet tongue flicking my nipple.

   "Is that how you like to have your nipples sucked?" I asked.

   "Uh-huh," she mumbled, never taking her mouth off my breast. She bit my

nipple roughly, sending short jabs of pleasure into my increasingly wet


   Now, knowing that she liked it rough, I grabbed her breasts at the base

and gradually milked them outward, until I ended up by pulling and tugging

on her enlarged, thimble-sized nipples. Her almost constant low moan became

forcibly guttural, ending in a muffled "uh-huh." The rougher I was, the

more she responded, until she was squeezing her legs and buttocks together

in an unsuccessful attempt to ease the obviously growing aches of her


   Abruptly, she stopped and pushed my fingers away. "No, I shouldn't be

doing this," she cried, not moving from her seated position on the bed.

   I said, "You need it so bad, Claire. You know you want it. The touch of

my fingers made you wet." The look of opposition on her face faded slowly.

"Relax, and let that beautiful, hard, sexy body rid itself of those

tensions. Let me make you come." With that, I gently took her nipples

between my fingers and began rolling and pulling them in slow, alternating

circles. Her eyes fluttered and a spasm rocked her body. Sensing her

physical resistance ebb, I pushed her backward onto the bed and slid my

knee between her legs, placing it easily against the softness of her vulva,

which lay exposed. As I pulled the tender flesh of her nipples, she ground

her pussy against my knee. The lips of her vagina parted, and the wetness

of her secretions soon covered my leg. The more force I applied with my

knee, the harder she ground herself against me. All resistance to my

advances had been replaced by the need to satisfy her desires.

   Kneeling quickly between her legs, I spread her labia and forcefully

squeezed the hood of her clitoris, pulling it up and down over the wet,

swollen head of her clit. She responded immediately, moaning and whimpering

with each stroke and pinching her own nipples between her long fingers.

Without interrupting my work on her clit, I slid the index finger of my

left hand into the pink wetness of her vagina, causing her to moan loudly.

Slowly, I rimmed the opening, pulling at the tight muscles that guarded her

entrance. A second finger followed. My strong digits pushed into her warm

flesh and penetrated up to the third knuckle. I felt her muscles relax

slightly. The tightness of her opening, no doubt from lack of use,

surprised me, but excited me, as well. My fingers slid in and out

rythmically, pulling at her inner lips. The added pleasure of my

penetration was beginning to bring Claire to orgasm, and I slowed the

attention I was giving to her clit in order to prolong her vulnerability.

   Her building physical excitement provided copious amounts of pussy

juice, and I soon had my third finger jammed into her hot box. I was

soaking wet myself, and I ground my vulva against her lower leg. I slid my

fourth finger along side the others, and wedged it into the sticky folds of

her cunt. The group of fingers wedged just above the second knuckle. No

longer able to restrain myself, I spread and pushed my fingers alternately,

until the breadth of my third knuckle was surrounded by the stretched

muscles of her cunt. "Oh ... please ... more!" moaned Claire.

   Slowly, I clenched and unclenched my hand, rotating it back and forth

slightly. I felt the last resistance of her heated loins begin to yield.

Tucking my thumb into my palm, I continued to stretch her wide. I began to

suck her now enlarged clit into my mouth. The pungent aroma of her

secretions was more than I could bear. Losing control, I humped her leg,

bathing it in my juices and sending me reeling toward orgasm. Pushing with

all my force, I inched forward and watched as her pink flesh sucked my

hand. Her wetness was overpowering. My fingers felt as if they were in a

container of oil. I whispered, "I am inside you, and I am fucking you."

   "Harder," she gasped. "I'm going to come."

   I raised my head to watch her lovely face express total abandonment to

my control, and I started a light, rapid stroking of her clit, which I knew

would lead to orgasm. After a long, low scream of pleasure, she began to

climax. Her vagina opened completely, and then a series of pulsing

contractions began, which faded with her moans. The oral and facial

expressions she made as she orgasmed excited me to the point where I came

with her. My fantasy was realized at last.

   Our relationship has been special since that day, and I must admit that

I endorse the Navy's policy of long tours of duty at sea.



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