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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Sean & Ryan - Duet and Finale

     It had been four months since Ryan and Sean first confessed

their deep-seated love for one another.  The memories of that first

night of passionate sex still made them both feel hot all over. 

The very night after Ryan had told Sean how he felt for the older

boy, the two randy teenagers had made love together. They lay in

each other's arms, naked, in Sean's big bed.  The cool, crisp

sheets felt comforting against their overheated, sex-flushed

bodies.  Sean always knew his little brother was gay, but resisted

and suppressed his own homoerotic desires for the young-er boy. 

Now, things were different.  Ryan wanted him as much as he wanted

Ryan, and it was all out in the open.

     Sean kissed his brother's full luscious lips and was plea-

santly suprised to find Ryan's tongue working its way back into the

older boy's mouth.  In response, Sean slipped his own tongue into

Ryan's mouth and the two boys tongue-fucked each other; probing,

exploring, tasting, licking.  Sean clutched at Ryan's body,

massaging his sibling's chest, pinching the erect nipples.  Ryan

reached around and manhandled his brother's asscheeks, squeezing

them and stroking them.  Their aching, swollen rods were pressed

together between them, throbbing side by side.  They wrapped their

legs around each other, entwining themselves in one another's


     They went on from embraces to more carnal pleasures.  Throw-

ing back the covers, the night air raised the gooseflesh on their

bare skin as they untangled themselves. Ryan kissed his brother's

neck, tonguing the sensitive Adam's apple as he licked Sean's

throat.  Sean lay back, enjoying the tongue-bath he was getting.

The smell of Sean's body excited Ryan, just as he had hoped it

would.  Ryan moved from Sean's neck to his shoulders, licking them

all over until they glowed in the pale moonlight.  Sean sighed in

ecstasy, lightly stroking the back of his little brother's neck. 

Sean was enraptured with his brother's oral attentions.  

     Gently, Ryan lifted Sean's arms back up over his head until

Sean's hairy armpits were exposed fully.  The overpoweringly

masculine smell of Sean's armpits hit both boys almost immediately,

and Ryan felt his erection rise even more.  Drunk on the smell of

his brother's body, Ryan ran his hot wet tongue through Sean's ripe

pits, savoring the tangy sweat.  It was everything Ryan had hoped

for and more.  Sean could barely believe how good it felt to have

his armpits licked out.  He had always gotten off on his own body's

flavors, and sweaty pairs of underwear were always a big turn-on

for him, so it seemed logical that having his little brother

sweatlick him should turn him on.  Still, Sean hadn't counted on it

feeling quite this good.

     Ryan began sucking on his brother's erect tits now, first one

and then the other.  The hard buds of Sean's chest stood out hard

and stiff from Sean's well-developed pectoral muscles.  Slowly,

sensually, Ryan licked his way down his brother's body to Sean's

navel, all the while massaging his brother's stiff hard-on.  Poking

his tongue into the older boy's belly button, Ryan mouthed his

brother, sweeping his tongue in wide, wet strokes all around Sean's

quivering belly, leaving wet trails of saliva all over his

brother's torso.  Sean sighed and ran his hands through his

brother's chestnut-brown hair.  By the time Ryan had licked his way

down to Sean's crotch, Sean was really turned on, and begged Ryan

in a hoarse whisper to give him head.

     "Take me, Ryan...take my stiff throbbing dick into your

mouth...I know you want me...please, Ryan..."  moaned


     Ryan stopped tonguing Sean and looked up.  Their eyes locked

and Ryan smiled a warm sexy grin.  Ever so slowly, he slipped his

brother's rock-hard cock into his young, wet, eager mouth, never

for an instant taking his gaze from Sean's dark eyes.  Ryan was

savoring this moment.  At this very second, he had the power to

please his older brother in the best sort of way.  It was obvious

that Sean needed to get sucked off badly, and Ryan knew that his

brother was completely vulnerable, totally subject to the younger

boy's power.  For a single fleeting instant, Ryan remembered all

the awful things Sean had done to him in the past, and considered

getting retribution by refusing to take Sean over the edge...but

then, Ryan also recalled the times Sean had stuck up for him, and

then Ryan knew in that instant that he loved Sean more than any

other boy in the world.  Slowly, so as to prolong the pleasure for

as long as possible, Ryan slid his brother's prick into his own


     Sean groaned with pleasure.  He had never felt so good, and it

was his own brother that was giving him this pleasure!  Sean rolled

over, straddling his brother's face.  In this position, Sean fucked

his way down his brother's throat.  Ryan looked up at him, his big

brown eyes taking on that puppy-dog look that made Sean so horny. 

Without pulling his cock out of Ryan's eagerly slurping mouth, Sean

rotated himself around until he was facing Ryan's raging erection.

The intoxicating smell of a hot teenaged male in heat rose from

between Ryan's sleek muscled legs.  Sean marveled at how well-toned

younger sibling's thighs were.  Beads of perspiration rolled down

Ryan's thighs as Sean caressed the muscular limbs of his brother's

body.  Sean licked his lips and placed the overheated head of

Ryan's swollen cock in his mouth.   As he did this,  Sean felt Ryan

suck him deep into his young throat.  Sean's eyes grew wide with

suprise, and a moan of pleasure escaped his lips -- his little

brother was deep-throating him like an experienced cocksucker!  All

the way in, Sean's cock was engulfed completely in a hot moist

cavern.  Then, Ryan reached around his brother's thighs and tucked

first one then both of Sean's balls into his mouth, filling his

cheeks with the big nuts of Sean's ballsac.  Sean sucked Ryan

voraciously, licking and tonguing Ryan's virgin cockshaft, all the

while squeezing the younger boy's asscheeks.  Sean could feel

Ryan's pulse as he held Ryan's cock in his mouth.  Neither boy had

ever expected it to feel quite so good, but it did.  So good that

Ryan and Sean were soon close to mutual orgasm.

     Neither boy could hold back much longer, and each began to

suck the other harder and faster.  Spasms of pleasure washed over

the two boys as they shot their creamy loads into each other. Ryan

felt Sean's shaft go super-hard inside his throat, and had pulled

back a little so he would be able to catch some of the cream he had

longed for so long on his tongue before it all went down his hungry

throat.  Sean's spermsauce splashed all over Ryan's mouth, coating

the oral cavity with a thick layer of rich creamy cum.  Ryan moaned

and groaned with ecstasy as the precious teenage fuckjuice filled

his cheeks, washing over his teeth and drowning his tongue.  As the

manjuice slid down his throat, Ryan felt nourished like he'd never

felt before, satisfied in a way he never felt before, aroused like

he never believed possible.    Meanwhile, Sean's tongue swirled

feverishly around the head of Ryan's young fuckpole, chewing on the

head until it shot its virgin load of fresh young boyjuice.  When

that first spurt of Ryan's boiling sperm hit Sean's tastebuds, it

was as if a bolt of electricity had hit Sean.  The older boy's

libido was electrified with the exquisite taste of his younger

brother's sweet male honey.  Sean knew well how much cum young boys

like Ryan could produce, and the older boy was looking forward to

the geyser of hot male cumcream his brother was sure to provide. 

And it wasn't long before Ryan's cockpole began spewing out a

steady stream of well-heated cumjuice.  Sean began gulping

greedily, his throat struggling to keep up with the seemingly

inexhaustible supply of cum flowing out of the engorged cockhead of

his brother's sexrod. It wasn't easy, but Sean enjoyed every hard

minute of it.

     Both boys were drunk on each other's spermsauce, and gulped

each other's offerings with wild sexual abandon until both boys had

finally been exhausted of each other's cumjuices.  As the force of

their first mutual orgasm subsided, both boys knew that there would

be more times ahead.  Better times.  Times when they would once

again share the brotherly lust and love that was now such an

integral part of their lives together.  


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