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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Sean & Ryan - Solo

     Ryan lay back on his bed, the soft afternoon light filtering

through the curtains, bathing his naked young body in a soft glow. 

He had managed to delay his orgasm while watching his big brother

Sean jerking off, and now Ryan's raging hard-on demanded attention

and satisfaction.  Ryan fantasized as he jerked himself off; he

thought about how it would feel to stroke his brother's cock and

how it would feel when Sean stroked him.  Ryan imagined lying in

bed with Sean, feeling his body and Sean's pressed toge-ther

tightly.  The way their bodies would fit into one another. He

thought about kissing Sean: not just an ordinary everyday kiss he

sometimes gave Sean; a deep, searching kiss he had never given

anyone before.  Passionate, open-mouthed tongue-fuckings, their

mouthes and lips clamped tightly together in carnal bliss.   The

ceiling fan turned lazily, barely stirring the suddenly languid air

in Ryan's bedroom.  The temperature in the room had turned abruptly

noticeably warmer, yet Ryan shivered -- likely in anticipation.  He

still had the two pairs of soiled underwear with him, and they lay

within easy reach of him on the pillow beside his head.  Ryan

picked up his brother's and placed it back in his own mouth,

chewing and tasting the material.  He couldn't help but sniff at

the cotton pouch, inhaling the intoxicating smell of Sean's crotch. 

It smelled a lot like his own crotch, hot and sexy, the salty tang

of male sweat mixed with the rich aroma of teenage cum.  He rubbed

his own damp soiled underwear all over his trim young chest,

feeling his erect nipples and mas-saging his pectoral muscles.  He

turned his nose down to his own armpit and sniffed, inhaling the

very masculine odor of his own young sweat.  Slowly, tentatively,

he extended his tongue out and licked his armpit.  The wet tickling

sensation excited him as his hot wet tongue snaked through his

sparse underarm hair, licking out the sweat.

     One hand on his massive loverod, the other up and behind his

head to expose his ripe armpit, Ryan stroked and licked himself,

imagining what it would be like to do this with Sean.  Sean had a

lot more hair under his arms, and Ryan would really enjoy licking

out his brother's armpits, smelling and tasting them.  Ryan was

really getting turned on by the smells and tastes of his own body,

and he was sure he would be just as turned on by the smells and

tastes of another boy's body -- especially his big brother's. He

began to lick other parts of his body, any part he could get his

mouth on.  He licked his arms and sucked on his fingertips, one at

a time.  He bent over and licked the inside of his thighs,

massaging his calf muscles.  Ryan had been on the track team at

school and his legs were well muscled.  Perfect for fucking, he

thought as he caressed his hips and squeezed his asscheeks.  He

licked the soles of his feet, sucking on his toes, one at a time.

All the time, he was thinking of Sean, and how much he'd love to do

this all with Sean.

     Gradually, Ryan began stroking himself faster.  Frantically he

pumped his throbbingly hard cockmeat.  He wanted to shoot his cum

onto his chest, just like Sean had done.  Then he felt the familiar

itch at the base of his prick.  His entire shaft went incredibly

rigid, harder than he'd ever felt it.  His churning balls throbbed

as they drew up close to his body.  An indescri-bable feeling of

intense pleasure began to spread and intensify throughout his groin

as the cum rushed up his throbbing cock shaft.  The head of his

dick was swollen with blood as he fever-ishly fingered the

hypersensitive ridge with his saliva-coated fingertips.  He wished

it was Sean's tongue and not just his own fingers that was

ravishing his prick and urging him to cum.  He wished it was Sean's

tight ass that was gripping his raging shaft instead of just his

own hands.  That would be the only thing to heighten the sensations

of pure pleasure Ryan was feeling.       Then, Ryan began

orgasming.  Grinding his hips into the matt-ress, his achingly

hardened cock shot loads and loads of hot cum-cream onto his body. 

Ryan pumped out what seemed to him like gallons of boiling boyjuice

from his overheated cock and balls. His molten manjuice hit him

full in the face, coating his face with deliciously slimy sperm-

sauce, matting his hair and running in streams over his chest and

shoulders.  He opened his mouth and caught several salvos of thick

creamy cum in his mouth, his hips bucking with fervent desire, the

cum spraying all over the bed like some obscene firehose spray. 

Ryan felt like it would never end, and he hoped that it wouldn't. 

He had never had an orgasm that intense before in his life; he felt

like his whole body was in orgasm as he spewed out his cum all over

the place.

     When the waves of pleasure finally subsided and the geyser of

fresh fuckjuice finally died down, Ryan lay on his bed, feeling

completely spent.  There was cum everywhere; on his legs, on his

chest, his arms, his face, his hair, in his mouth, in his throat,

on his tongue, the bed, the sheets, the floor...inside the mutual

closet that connected both rooms, Sean's eyes grew wide at the

spectacle.  Now, he thought, now I definitely want him.  I'm going

to have him.  Sean slipped back into his own room and patt-ed the

thick bulge in his jockstrap.

     Yes, they both thought, I'm definitely going to have a talk

with my brother...


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