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Archive-name: Samesex/sandra.ff


Archive-title: Sandra

	"Oh my God!  I missed my exam!!  I can't believe I slept through it!!"

	These were the words that began one of the most bizarre (and wonderful)

experiences of my life.  It was about five weeks into my freshman year, and I

had a Literaure 110 exam at 9AM.  I spent most of the previous day re-reading

the chapters and class notes, but around seven I got too sleepy to carry on.

So I curled up under my blanket and headed for dreamland.  My roommate,

Samantha, sat on her bed reading a Biology text.

	"Zonin' out Sandy?"

	"Yup", I responded sleepily.

	"'Night.  I'll be quiet.  Promise."  She winked at me with the last

words and turn back to her reading.  

	Sam was a pretty good roommate.  I was happy living with her and we got

along well.  She had a quick wit and a great sense of humor.  Often she'd have

me laughing when she said something that wouldn't be funny if anyone else said

it.  We didn't do a lot together but managed to have a good time whenever we

did.  She was studious.  Spent most of her evenings studying in our room.  I

had the impression that she was smart, though we hadn't had exams in any

classes yet.  Sam got along well with the girls on our floor, but didn't seem

to hang out with them.  When a group of us got together to party or head off

downtown, she stayed behind.  

	It was this sense of mystery about her that was intriguing and

attractive.  I found that I liked spending time with her.  Her charming

personality and witty humor made me feel almost inferior at times.  While she

could always keep a conversation going, I tended to be quieter and


	I found myself standing, half awake, in the center of our room.  I

realized that I'd just screamed something.  My heart was beating frantically,

and I had this sense of fear pervading me?  What was wrong?  Wait, I slept

through my Lit exam!

	Sam was sitting on her bed staring at me with her mouth open when I

simultaneously realized two things.  It was 10PM, *not* AM.  I hadn't slept

through the exam, and I'd never seen Sam at a loss for words or not in control

of a situation before.

	I guess the exam had me more stressed than I thought.  It was my first

exam in college and I was pretty worried about it.  I'd had dreams about taking

it and getting my score earlier this week.  I didn't realize that it had

infiltrated my subconcious mind this far.  I really was worried about doing

well.  I had been a B+/A student through high school and I didn't want to let

myself or my parents down.  

	All this came flooding through my mind in a split second as I stood in

the center of the room, in my dressing robe.  I felt ashamed hat I'd made a

fool out of myself in front of Samantha and that I was so worried over

something I'd look back upon as relatively inconsequential.  My throat lumped

up and I tried to bite back tears, but with a moan they came anyway.  My body

shuddered with sobs as I noticed, through a curtain of tears, Samantha getting

up and approaching me.  She put her arms around me and held me tight.  It felt

good to be hugged.  I could remember the last time a friend had hugged me.  It

was a month and a half ago when the girls I'd grown up with saw me off to

school.  We all cried as we clasped each other, each wishing the others

farewell and good luck.  I'd missing their comfortable companionship since I'd

been here, not to mention their love.  I hadn't had a boyfriend in over six

months and I hadn't been seeing any guys since I came here.  I missed being


	I hugged her back fiercely as she whispered in my ear, "It's okay,

honey.  It's alright.   That's right sweetie, you'll be fine.  You'll be fine."

	I couldn't help but think she must be great with children.  Somehow

this thought made me choke up again, and I convulsed yet again with a new

series of sobs.  Vaguely, I felt Samantha directing me to my my bed, pushing me

into a sitting position, then kneeling next to me.  All this time, her arms

stayed around me.  I laid my head upon her shoulder and my tears wet her pajama

tops.  I did a mental double take at this - she must have changed while I was


	She held me for a while longer, not saying anything.  I lowered myself

into a horizontal position and tried to calm my upset nerves.  My stomach felt

queasy and my body was occasionally racked with the urge to cry.  Samantha

lay on her stomach and with her free hand stroked my head.  She ran her

fingers through my hair and rubbed my back.  This had a strange soothing

effectand I slowly relaxed.  I felt better so I reached out to hug her in

gratitude.  We were both prone, lying on the bed.  She was a bit closer to the

headboard than me, so doing this forced me to press my face into her breasts.

I couldn't help but notice they were supple and round, bigger than mine.  I

felt a pang of inferiority again.  I knew this wasn't something I should worry

about; after all it wasn't something I could change - but I felt it anyway.  I

held her tighter and realized that her nipples were hard and very close to my

mouth.  I didn't think much of this.  My nipples sometimes got hard when I was

surprised or excitied, or even when it's cold out.  Hard nipples don't always

infer sexual excitement.  

	She continued to stroke my back and sides, working her way downward.

This had a relaxing effect on me, something like a massage.  Tension flowed out

of my muscles as the tears dried on my face.  My breathing became regular


	Her hands kept working, reaching the curve of my hips, then skirting

upward again only to return.  My face was still buried in her breasts, but I'd

stopped trembling and was beginning to calm.  Suddenly I felt her fingers

explore partway down the crack of my ass.  What is this, I thought.  Why is she

doing this?  What does she mean by it?  

	Her fingers retreated to the small of my back and caressed my backbone.

I was about to put her intrusion down as a mistake when she kissed my forehead.

Now this wasn't just a kiss, it was a *kiss*!  Women differ from men in that

they share a friendly peck now and then, but this was a longer, almost

passionate action.  I could have sworn I felt her tongue tickle my hairline.  

	A new feeling gripped my stomach.  A tight ball of fear started burning

down there, fear of the unknown.  I hadn't had *anyone* ever touch me like

that, not even a guy.  I was a bit embarassed that I was still a virgin, though

I guess that's not such an bad thing to be when you're only 18.  But my fear

was coupled with a giddy excitement.  No one ever *had* touched me or treated

me that way.  I must admit, I longed for another kiss.  I wanted the

charasmatic Samantha to think I was worthy of her love.  

	Her fingers roamed again, this time tracing the side of my stomach to

my front I gasped as they reached my pubic hair and began to knead and rub my


	"I'm sorry." She said, surprising me.  Neither of us had vocalized in

several minutes.  "I didn't ask you if you wanted this."

	I looked up at her.  She was a 5'7" dirty blonde.  Her face was

painfully pretty, and her gray-green eyes were wide open and honest.  I've

never been attracted to women before, but I thought back upon our five weeks

together.  She'd always been shameless while undressing.  When we prepared for

bed, she'd strip down unabashed, and even spend several minutes in the nude

before putting on her pajamas.  She always seemed to have a reason for this,

such as the time she sat naked and sewed a rip in her top, or the time it took

her 15 minutes of searching the room to find her bottom.  She spent most of it

bent over, on her knees, rummaging in the closet.  I was embarassed by her

brazen attitude and nakedness.  I could clearly see her sleek, round ass as she

swayed irrhythmically digging through old laundry.  She gave me a clear view of

her tight, pink asshole, and the cleft of her cunt in this position.  While

ashamed for her, I couldn't bring myself to complain or say anything.  How was

I to know that this wasn't something that she took so lightly she hadn't

thought about twice?  The human body is beautiful, especially Samantha's.

While I was uncomfortable, I couldn't look away from the sight she was

providing.  When she finally turned around with bottoms in hand, I pretended to

be deep in a book, but the crimson blush I had on must have betrayed the truth.

	At that time I was jealously comparing her shape to mine.  I'm

considered fairly attractive by most guys, but I don't kid myself.  I've never

been able to snag the guys I liked the most in high school, nor was I in the

same league as Samantha.  I had to admit: she was a very sexy woman.

	I looked at her wordlessly for almost a minute, then without

pre-thought, brrought myself up to her level and kissed her squarely on the

lips.  She returned my kiss and drank deeply from my lips.  Breaking the

contact, we clung to each other in a tight embrace; wordlessly we had come to


	I was still nervous, yet excited when she smiled winfully at me and

stroked my hair.  Her lips brushed mine, then she reached to the hem on my

dressing gown and pushed it up to the level of my breasts.  I had panties and a

bra on, but the air of the room didn't chill me.  My body was growing warmer by

the minute. 

	My anxiety grew a little.  What was I getting into?  A hundred thoughts

crowded my head.  What was she about to do?  Why?  Did it mean anything to her?

Was she using me?  Was this considered perverted?  What would my friends think

if I told them that my first sexual experience was with another woman? 

	I could barely keep my teeth from chattering as Samantha too hold of my

wrist and guided my trembling hand down on top on my cunt.  I wasn't too turned

on yet, but I felt the telltale wetness.  She held her fingers over mine and

applied enough pressure to them so that I was rubbing myself thoguh my panties.

She was making me masturbate while she watched!  This was so erotic!  My

breathing quickened as she pressed harded.  My panties were becoming soaked

with my own juices as my cunt was growing wider.  I was turned on now!  She

kept stroking me this way, in control of my action until I felt like I would

beg her at any minute to let me get under those panties and have direct

contact.  At the moment I felt I could hold out no longer, she slid down under

the panties and directed my fingers to my now exposed clit.  I shuddered in

pleasure as I stroked myself.  I had masturbated before, but never since I'd

come to college.  Now the pent up desires came back double-fold and I lavished

every rub as this beautiful goddess smiled down on me.  

	I was on my back when she broke contact.  I kept the motion going.  I

was into this now and there was no turning back!  The cloying-sweet aroma of my

passion hung in the air as she pull my panties down, down down, and angled them

off my bare feet.  I was exposed to her scrutiny now and it re-doubled my

horniness.  She loosened my bra enough to expose my right breast and cupped it

in her palm as she laid down beside me once again.  I was working furiously at

my cunt now, rubbing faster and faster circles around my clit.  The whole time

she smiled to me, a sincere, caring smile that melted my heart.  

	My passion gained momentum and I moved my fingers to work the area

below my clit and above the gash of my pussy.  Samatha kept stroking my breasts

with light, tickly touches and began licking and kissing my face.  I rubbed

faster and faster as a warm tingling sensation balled around my crotch then

grew upward and outward.  Somewhere in mind my was the thought that this would

be my first orgasm, but it was buried under a swell of lust.  Even when I

thought I would die of pleasure, it still grew, so much that every stroke of

much cunt felt to good it almost hurt.  I moaned involuntarily and convulsed on

the bed.  Samantha grasped my tighter as we rocked our way to heaven.

	When it came, I let loose a loud, high pitched cry that deepened into a

throaty growl.  I felt the juices in me burst around my fingers and seep down

the crack to my asshole.  Samantha made soothing noises as I rode the orgasm

out, milking the pleasure for all it was worth.  The last tremor finally

subsided an eternity later, and my body went limp, thought my muscles remained

tense.  My hand was still on my pussy.  It was covered with come, as was the

inside of my thighs, and my asshole.  Samantha pressed her cheek against mine,

her lips on the corner of my mouth.

	We remained in this position, wordlessly, for almost ten minutes.  The

tension easy out of me as my body heat dropped.  My gorgeous roommate-now-lover

held me tight, considerately giving me time to recover.  While this was the

most amazing feeling I'd ever felt, her mere presence kept a flame of horniness

burning.  She slowly detached herself from me and stood up.  Her hair was

dishelved, pajamas rumpled, skin flushed.  More painfully beautiful than ever.

She slid out of her pajama bottoms revealing supple well-formed legs, and a

brown-haired pussy.  I stared at her womanhood as she knelt over me, moving her

legs to straddle my head.  What was this?  She was in the perfect position for

me to lick her...pussy.  I wasted no time in putting my tongue to the job,

probing and pushing, among the wet flaps of her cunt.  She began to undulate

rhythmically, up and down, to complement my licking.  Her hands were locked

behind her head and her lips were open partway.  I coulds see her closed eyes

from my vantagepint, and smell the hot, sweetness of her aroma.

	I worked my tongue in circles around her clit, occasionally stopping to

suck on it.  She made little moaning noises and moved faster and faster,

heading for climax.  Watching me do myself must have helped her a lot because

after only a few minutes of this, she surprised me by crying out, then

unceremoniously dumping her cunt juices all over my face.  They ran down my

cheeks and made little rivers in the creases of my neck.  She kept coming and

coming, and a had my tongue as far as it could go up her cunt.  Suddenly she

collapsed over me with a gasp and lay there on top of me, chest heaving.  Her

passion over, I found that being trapped on three sides by her pussy, stomach

and thighs was almost suffocating.  I gently pushed her off of me and he

complied by lying beside me and pulling up the covers.  I turned off the light

and we kissed once and hugged fiercely.  I put my head on her shoulder and fell

instantly asleep.


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