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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Randy


 This is a story of complete imagination. I have never been able to sit

down and write before I hope you will enjoy this. One warning this is 

an erotic story dealing with sexual encounters that some people could

find offensive. If you are not of an open mind and find sex a topic you 

don't want to read about then stop now. Thanks.



                     The Day Dream of Reality.


       It started as any day does here at school. I woke up tired, and a bit

sore from last night. I had been up late the previous night doing work and

playing in a late night hockey game. All this work made me feel like I was 

walking in jello. Like walking around in one of those dream trances. My eyes

were unable to remain focused on anything around me, well almost anything. 

The entire walk I had been glancing here and there, at the important things. 

Noticing how this guy or that one looked in their jeans, or how cute that one 

was, and how I would love to get my hands on him. I'll admit when I don't get 

enough sleep my mind wanders all over those studly forms that pass me by 

unaware of my lears, and wishes to have each and every one of them. A little 

voice in my mind says that I should watch it, and try not to be so horny this 

early in the morning. But I get the feeling it may be to late, because I just

saw him. I just got a good glimpse of Randy walking across campus. I'd get 

very excited just watching that wonderfully built body walking across campus.


       I couldn't wait til for class that we shared, but that would not be for 

some hours to come. God! why did I have to see him this early? I'll be

distracted all morning thinking of Randy now. Daydreaming about what I wish

the two of us could do together. I sigh to myself, and think let's try and

see if I can get through these classes and pay attention to them. Time

ticks by so very slowly. I tried so hard not to dream of the solid ripling

form. With those wide shouldiers, and that small torso. Those wonderful

brown eyes that could melt me in my place. That face of his with the solid

look and that boyish grin. I'm shaken from my dream as my body tries to stop

my head from falling backwards. Jolted back into reality I tried to remember

what the proffesor was talking about. But, I could not remember what we were

doing. All I could see was an after image of Randy's face floating infront of 

me smiling.


       I always wondered why I was so totally entranced with this guy 

who could never return these feelings back to me. However, I've learned 

that sometimes the mind knows better, but the emotions can be just too

strong. Finally the moment has come, I walk into the class I share with

him. I am happy to be so close to his perfectly cut form, but yet to be so very

very close to him and never to be able to tell him how I feel, or have him 

hold me. ARG! the tension inside me screams out. I walk through the small class

room keeping my eyes locked in his direction. I take the seat behind him just

so I can watch him through the entire class. I feel like I want to reach

out and touch his body, so I can feel those muscles under the gentle touch

of my hands. 


       As the class begins I watch Randy's every move drinking in his

body. Becoming as acquainted with him as possible with out seeing him out of 

those clothes of his. I can see how his muscles move under his shirt and pants.

I just love how he rolls up his sleeves so slowly. Revealing those powerful

arms. The sultry smooth looking skin covered in that nice brown hair of his.

His arms aren't overly hairy, but they are covered in a fair amount of it. I

notice how his watch looks so small compared to the massive bulk that are his

arms. His hands look like they could caress me so softly, and yet I could see

the calouses of long hours of work. He moves to scratch the back of his neck 

and shouldier. I see the gold necklace that he is wearing around that bare

smooth skin that was revealed to me.


      The professor begins to talk in a tone that takes my mind back towards 

the here and now of reality. The professor as usual has some questions to ask

us, and to my joy Randy raises his hand to answer him. His movement is graceful

and poetic. Then I hear that deep baritone voice which sounds so smooth, so 

sexy I begin to feel the tightness of my pants around my waist. His voice 

has this quality about it that relaxes me into my dream trance.


        I have been waiting to be in this class all day. Trying not to 

day dream about Randy, but now with him sitting right infront of me I can no

longer hold back. I slip into the dream leaving reality far behind. I watch

from my seat as the class disappears one by one. Now I am alone with Randy

sitting infront of me. My hand reaches out so very slowly. And then I feel

his shouldier under it. My breathing quickens as does his. I wonder does

he want me to continue or should I stop. But he gives no reply so I move

on. I begin to massage his back feeling the bulk of his body move under

my hands. I hear him moan ever so slightly, and I can see his eyes are shut.


      Now I know he is enjoying this, as the smile begins to appear on his face.

My hands are now at his lower back, and I begin to move them to the side of 

his body. He shudders slightly, and squirms under my touch. I smile to myself,

as his body infront me squirms like a trapped child. I give him a respite and 

let my hands move now to the front of his body. My mouth moves towards the back

of his neck as I begin to gently kiss him. His arms slide back, and his hands 

touch my legs and begins to rub gently up and down them. I move my mouth around

to the side of his head and take the bottom part of his ear into my mouth. My 

tongue rolls around the edge of his ear lobe. He breathes in heavily at this.

My hands begin to rub up and down his chest. I start to unbutton his shirt,

and feel that smooth almost hairless chest of his. His hands try to move 

back farther trying to reach more of my body, but I have him at a disadvantage

being that I am completely behind him. I've got his shirt completely

unbuttoned now. My hands have moved to take each of his hard nipples between

my fingers, and I begin to roll the tips of of them between each of my fingers.

I hear him moan out, and I want to feel his mouth against my own. I guess he 

wanted that too because he began to turn his face to look at me. Our eyes meet

and he smiles, I feel shaky all over. His eyes begin to close, and his face 

moves closer. My lips touch his and our mouths spread open. He turns his body 

so he can sit facing me while we are kissing.


       My hands come up his back, and slide across his neck to run my fingers

through his hair. His tongue slides out of his mouth and into mine. He

runs it along my teeth and to the roof of my mouth. The kiss last forever,

and I feel so free until we begin to separate. We look into each others eyes,

and begin to kiss again. Now my tongue journeys into his mouth. I let it run 

over the back of his teeth and across the roof of his mouth. I love the

feel of his five o'clock shadow covering his face. I was so engrossed with

this kiss we were sharing that I did not notice he had opened up my shirt and

was feeling my chest with those gentle calloused hands. His touch was like a 

fire that made my chest feel like it was burning. My hands moved down his bare

chest and around his sides to caress his back that was still underneath his

shirt. We are still heavily kissing as I slide his shirt off. My hands 

instantly slide to his back again with his shirt removed.  I start to move my 

kisses down to the middle of his throat. I softly kiss and suck his adams

apple before I run down his throat to the middle of his almost bare chest. 

He has just a nice covering of fur around those hard nipples of his, and a bit 

coming up from his waist to his belly button. I move to take his right nipple 

into my mouth sucking on it. I let my teeth close gently around the nib. He 

begins to moan as I use my teeth some more and tongue. I begin to move in

circles around his nipples which by the intensity of his moans are very 

sensitive. His hands go down my body and I feel one of them slide up and down

the front of my pants. I lean back to take in the feel of his hands on my 

chest and around my groin. I feel like I am buring in the passion we are 

sharing. Then I feel the cool warmth of his mouth as it envelopes my own very

hard nipples. Now I am very sensitive around my nipples, and I nearly yelped

when his teeth close around me. I let out a moan that almost sounded like a

growl. His hands slide down to my pants and unzip the front. His hands slide

in to feel my raging cock. I bend back even further as his mouth creates a path

down to my stomach. My very hard member is now in his hands completely

out of my pants. His hands move deftly around my solid growth, as he moves up 

and down it with a perfect rythym. His thumb rolls over the top smearing the

wettness that is already there. His head begins to move towards my raging

fire. I can feel his mouth hovering over my purple head. I look down to see his

mouth open and his tongue come out as his head moves down to...


    Jolted I realize I am sitting in the class room, all the people are packing

their bags to leave. I can feel the blood pounding in my head, in both of them.

I realize just how hard I am at this point. Randy is standing now infront of

me putting his jacket on. Oh he looks so cute in that kaki jacket of his. Then

I could have sworn I saw him take a really good glance at the bulge in my 

pants. But, I figure I am probably just over sensitive after this very strong 

daydream. Trying to recompose myself I get up and put my jacket on to leave. 

A large bulge still in my pants. 


      I walk out of the class room not paying attention to what is around me,

and I head back to my dorm room. Thankful that I have a single and can be alone

for a little while. I get back to my building and pull my keys out of my

pants. I am just about to pass through the door when I hear someone yell out

to hold the door open. So I wait just a few seconds. To my surprise it is

Randy. He says, "Thanks for holding the door for me." For a second my voice

is caught in my throat, but finely as calmly as I can I say, "No problem."

I head up the stairs first going all the way up to the third floor where my

single is. I hear him following me up. The bulge in my pants has gotten a bit

harder as my mind plays tricks on me by saying that maybe he is following me 

to my room. I smile at this thought, ah if it were only true. I get to my 

floor and turn down the left hall way. I catch a glimpse of Randy turn right

and head down the hall. I could have sworn he looked back to see which room 

I was going in, but that was just my imagination again. I'm lucky in the sense

that my room is out of the way at the end of the hall. It is in a corner of 

the building away from everything. I go into my room and turn on the light. 

The room is not so big, but it is large enough for me. I don't have anymore 

classes for the rest of the day so I change out of my pants into a pair of 

sweatpants. I notice how much stronger my legs are now since I started to

play hockey. Then I see a slight wet stain in the front of my underwear. Well 

maybe that daydream was a bit too erotic. Even that small thought back to the 

dream is enough to keep my cock slightly hard. I think to myself if this keeps

up I'm going to have to do something to lessen this bulge. Then I hear a knock

on my door. "Now who could that be", I think. So I go to the door trying to 

fix my hardness so it would not be too visible. I open the door, and nearly

gasped, it was Randy. 


     "Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I'm looking for John's room.",

he says. 


     "Umm... I don't think you are on the right floor. There is no John on 

this floor.", I reply. 


      He looks at me and says,"Oh? I thought he was supposed to be on this 

floor. Damn! Could I use your telephone book and get the correct dorm and 



     "Sure come on in." I reply quite happily. Though I am a bit suspicious of

this. I mean I know where my friends live.


     "Thanks alot I really appreciate this.", he said as he took my phone book

for the campus and began to glance through it.  At this time I am still

fairly solid down in my groin. Especially with him sitting on my bed looking

through the phone book. 


   "AH! here it is," he exclaims. "Damn I got the wrong dorm. He's in the 

next one over.", he said looking at me. 


     Though I notice his eyes tended to stray down towards my waist. He then

asked if he could have some scrap paper to write his friends phone number down

in case he needed to call him to get into the other dorm. 


     "Sure", I said walking right up to him so that I am standing next to his 

legs. I lean slightly over him to the notebook sitting on the bed next to him.

Though I could have gotten it out of my desk I thought this would be more fun.

I then notice he was smiling at me.


    My mind is reeling with thoughts. Could it be he is interested? But I

thought he had wasn't interested in other men. Is it I just want him so much

that I am seeing all these things?  Well to my surprise as I was leaning past

him to get the notebook I lost my balance, on purpose perhaps. I landed right

in his lap. My crotch leaning into his pant leg. 


      "Oh shit! I'm sorry, that was stupid of me.I don't know how I lost my 

balance just then", I said. Although I was pretty sure that he had something to

do with it.


       Shocking me he said, "That is quite alright. I'm glad my lap could be

here to catch you." My hand had landed between his legs to help me keep some 

balance and try to sit up straight. But when he said that I was frozen and 

left it there up near his groin for some time. I couldn't believe this. I 

was so overcome by emotions that I leaned in to kiss him.


     "What are you doing!" my mind was shouting at me. Then I was thinking 

what was he doing? But he wasn't doing anything at all. He wasn't moving away,

nor was he moving closer. And then the moment happened our lips were pressed 

against each others. My dick swelled almost instantly. This was really 

happening. The man I have been having daydreams for a good month now was 

sitting on my bed, and kissing me. 


      We seperated, both of us breathing quite heavily. He said, "I've been 

noticing how you looked at me for the past few weeks. I've been thinking about

it alot recently." Then shyly he said, "I've been getting really excited 

thinking about you." The he said, "Do you want me?" With such an innocent look

on his face.


      I couldn't think fast enough. My mouth opened and then closed and opened

again. Finally I was able to say, " Oh yes! from the first time I laid eyes on

you I have wanted to get you up here in my room to enjoy your company." He

smiled at that and I melted into his arms.


       "You know I wasn't looking for my friend John, I was following you

here in the hopes of getting together. But I had no idea this would happen." he

told me. At this point we moved in and kissed once again. And I could feel the

firey passion begin to grow from my dreams to reality.



   Well this is how the story ends for now. If I can I will make a great

ending for this. So what do you think of it?



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