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Archive-name: Samesex/ranch.txt


Archive-title: At the Ranch

    When I was growing up, my family lived on a ranch where there was

always a great deal of work to do.  I always enjoyed my chores, although

both of my brothers could hardly wait to grow up and move away from the

ranch.  Neither of them seemed attracted to that way of life.  But all

of us pitched in, and our spread was one the whole family could be proud


    Then, when I was sixteen, my father died.  For awhile, it looked

like we would have to sell the ranch.  Both of my brothers had left home

and were in college.  I was still in high school, and with only Mom and

myself, we never had enough time to get all the work done.  She thought

we should sell out and move to the city, but I kept arguing and pleading

with her.  I hated the idea that we might have to give up the family

homestead.  Mom felt the same way I did, I think, because eventually she

let herself be talked into hiring a man to help us with the chores.

    His name was Derek and he was twenty-four years old.  He worked a

long and hard day, always being quietly efficient and always knowing

what to do next without having to be told.  He was as country-oriented

as I was, and loved ranching.  Mom quickly learned she could really

count on him, and soon she stopped thinking about selling the ranch.

Meanwhile, I grew closer to Derek than I had ever been to my real


    For the first few weeks, Derek lived in the tack room of the stable.

But soon we came to feel so much like family that it only seemed natural

to invite him to live in the house with Mom and me.  Besides, summer was

coming and the house was air conditioned.  The tack room was not.  So

Derek moved his things into my room, making me feel like I had a new

brother to share things with.

    From the first, Derek presented himself as a person who was sure of

himself.  He never hesitated, he never looked self-conscious, he never

wavered in indecision, and he managed this self-control with one of the

mildest attitudes I had ever seen.  Derek was shy.  But he was also

bold.  He taught me a great deal.

    The first night he spent in my room was a revelation in itself.  I

was bent over my desk, doing homework when he walked in, fresh from the

shower.  He was wearing his towel around his waist and his chestnut

brown hair was still dripping onto his shoulders.  I looked up, nodded,

and went back to work.

    "What are you writing, Steven?" he asked in that soft voice of his.

    "Just a paper that's not very interesting"

    "What do you mean 'not very interesting'?  What's it about?"

And he walked over to stand at my shoulder, reading over it.  He

read silently until he noticed that his hair was dripping on me.

    "Sorry about that, kid," he said, taking the towel from around his

waist and drying his hair more thoroughly while continuing to read.

    The proximity of his nakedness made me really uncomfortable.

Knowing he was standing only inches away, I took pains not to look up at

him.  I bent lower over my work.  He probably sensed my discomfort,

because he moved away and lay on his bed.  After a few minutes he spoke


    "Steven?", I swivelled in my chair to face him.

    "Are you going to take over the ranch next year or are you going to

school?"  It was a subject I had thought about for so many weeks.  It

deserved a good honest answer.  But all I could think of at the moment

was the fact that he still hadn't put on any clothes.  I was careful not

to look him in the eye, but my peripheral vision took in his whole body

-- a great muscular tanned form lying on its back with a head propped up

a pillow.

    "I want to stay here, and Mom needs the help," I managed to say,

"but the teachers and counselor at school think I shouldn't put off

taking a degree."  He nodded understanding.  "Besides, if I don't take

the scholarship next year, I don't know if they'll offer it to me


    "Yeah, it's tough trying to decide."  While we talked on, his eyes

would move here and there, always returning to mine to make a point or

listen closely to what I was saying.  But my eyes stayed on his face.  I

think he noticed this and figured out the problem.

    "Tell me something, Steven.  Does it bother you, my not wearing a

robe or something?"

    "Of course not!"  I think my face must have reddened, but my eyes

stayed glued to his.  "I've been in gym classes all my life.  Why should

it matter?"  I feigned nonchalance.  What I didn't tell him was that my

brothers and I had never been naked around one another.  I had never

seen my father undressed.  I never even saw my mother in a nightgown.

His nudity was a shock to me. But I tried hard to appear cool.

    "I usually sleep in pajamas," I cracked. "Is that going to bother


    "I'll get used to it."  He smiled a warm smile.  "Good night,

Steven.  Thanks for sharing your room with me."  He pulled the sheet

over himself, turned out the bedside light and rolled on his side to

sleep.  I went back to work.

    That set the pattern of our nighttime conversations.  We would

always discuss my future and what I thought I wanted out of life.

Somehow, during these talks, Derek became my idol.  He never said

anything profound or did anything superhuman, but the quiet consistency

of his work and his ever-smiling attitude became attributes that I

wanted to acquire.  I even became easy with his nudity.  As the days

progressed, I felt comfortable enough to let my gaze wander over him as

he lay prone on the bed.  His physique was really remarkable and I'm

sure, added to my hero worship.  The long hours working at ranch routine

gave him muscular arms and a powerful chest.  His waist was thin, and

his stomach had a washboard effect.  He had long legs with especially

strong thighs from many hours in the saddle.  All in all, it was a body

I could wish for myself.

    Derek never seemed to mind that I spent long moments looking at his

body.  Most of the time he didn't seem to notice.  And when he did, it

was just in passing and he never called my attention to it by word or

glance.  Ours was a nice easygoing relationship.

    I did feel like a voyeur every morning, however.  I would always

wake ahead of Derek and the alarm clock.  In the first light of the sun,

I would lie in bed and watch him sleep.  He slept in every possible

position.  And every morning, without fail, he had a huge erection.

    I had never seen a man's erection before.  Except my own, of course.

Derek was built much bigger than me, and the sight of his cock, erect

and bobbing in pendulous hugeness, always filled me with sort of a vague

envy as well as a vaguer stimulation.  Sometimes I got hard just looking

at him.

    One morning I awoke to find Derek lying on his back, sprawled half

off the bed with his top sheet strewn off the footboard.  His cock was

stretching and waving toward the ceiling.  I had awakened with a hard-on

of my own, and found myself grinding it between my stomach and the

mattress, looking at his body across the room.  Unthinking and not fully

conscious, I continued rubbing against the sheet until I was very near

coming.  Then I saw that he was awake and watching me.  I froze.  Our

eyes met. I hopped off the bed and aimed for the door to the hallway

bathroom.  He hopped up at the same time and grinned.

    "Good morning.  I see you woke with the same idea I did." And he

gestured toward my pajama bottoms, which were tenting outward.  He

quickly stepped into a pair of underwear and jammed his erection into

it.  Wrapping a towel around his waist-- I'm sure for my mother's

benefit, in case she was up-- he pretended to wrestle me toward the


    "I'll race you for the cold shower."  And he half raced and half

pushed me down the hall to the bathroom, both of us laughing and feeling


    "You go ahead first," he said as he closed the bathroom door behind

us.  "I'll shave."  He turned to the sink and started getting out the

lather, blade, and so on.  I stripped of my pajamas and got in the

shower.  I always a take hot shower, no matter what.  I did that morning

too.  As the steam started to fill his shaving mirror, he called to me.

    "Hey, I though you needed a *cold* shower."  And he laughed.  I

could hear the squeaking as he rubbed the mirror.  I lathered all over

and looked down at myself.  My erection had softened a little.

    "Hey yourself," I called, "I thought you needed a cold shower."  I

splashed water over the curtain at him.  Before I knew what had

happened, a hand came through the curtain and turned the water setting

to the coldest temperature.  I howled and grabbed at the faucet with one

hand and at his hand with the other.  We fought with the faucet until

the curtain was half-open and water was all over the floor.  As we

wrestled, I got him into a headlock and forced his face under the

shower's stream.  He was laughing.

    "I give up.  I give up," he said gasping.  With that, he

stepped into the bathtub and closed the curtain, straightening up

under the gush of water.  I had released my hold on him and my

arms were sort of sliding down from around his neck.  He was still

wearing his underwear, now soaked, but by his closeness I could

feel that his erection had not subsided at all.  It pulsed again

mine.  I dropped my arms and moved a step away from him.  Derek

turned into the spray of water and stripped off his jockey shorts.

    "I guess I don't need these in here," he laughed.  As he stood

with his back to me, I looked closely at his muscles, his tan

line, the smooth roundness of his ass.  I wanted to touch him

badly.  Without turning around, Derek spoke.

    "Wash my back?" he asked in a low voice.  I hesitated and then

reached for the soap.  Working up a lather, I stroked his shoulders and

the backs of his arms, his strong shoulder blades and the small of his

back.  There I stopped.  I let my hadn't rest at his waist and slowly I

leaned my forehead in against his neck.

    "Don't stop, Steven," he murmured as the water splashed down about

our heads.  "Keep going.  It feels good."

    I worked my hand slowly down to his hips, rubbing in small circles.

He twisted his head to speak right into my ear.

    "You've wanted to touch me for a long time.  It's okay."  At those

words I felt something release inside of me.  I knew what I wanted and

I knew that what I wanted was really okay.

    I let one hand move around to Derek's stomach, circling just above

his pubic hair.  My other hand circled onto his ass an felt the hard

muscles packed into those orbs.  My hand drew the line of the fold in

his ass many times, working deeper and deeper with every pass, until my

hand was reaching between his legs, tickling the bag that contained his

testicles.  Derek moved his legs, spreading them.

    I responded, pressing my stomach along the length of his side.

Derek put one arm around my waist, as he submitted to my touch and

curiosity.  My own cock stretched across Derek's stomach.  As one hand

fondled his balls from behind, my other traced the line on the horse

cock stretching out before me.  Both of us watched my fingers run up and

down the cock, pressing it this way and that.  Then I grasped it, first

exerting pressure and then releasing it.  Derek moaned and closed his


    I had never felt this for a man before.  Never even fantasized about

it.  But as both of my hands kept busy massaging and stroking, I leaned

my lips to his cheek and kissed him lightly.  He smiled and moved his

head, making my next peck an off-center mouth-to-mouth.  I leaned

forward an inch more and we kissed for real.

    As the water splashed about our bodies, our arms brought us into an

embrace.  Our erect cocks were pressed between our bellies.  We kissed

deeply and ground our stomachs together, breathing heavily.  Hands found

asses.  Tongues found tonsils.  Cocks found stimulation until we both

shuddered in orgasm almost simultaneously, clutching at each other's

bodies there in the shower.

    It took several moments for us to recover.  Smiling broad smiles of

contentment, we splashed each other's stomachs and hurried to complete

our showers and shaves.  We could smell breakfast waiting.

    Derek and I settled into a routine of sex.  Almost every night we

would discover and re-discover each other's bodies.  And he would let me

look and touch, to my heart's content, even when neither of us was

really in the mood for a heavy session.  When summer came and I was out

of school, Derek and I found lots of time to explore each other out of

doors.  I'll never forget the first day I ever tried oral sex.

    We'd been herding a few strays back into their pasture and had

finally completed the task.  Derek suggested a quick dip in the pond

before we went back to the house for supper.  Under the blue of a clear

sky, we tethered the horses and exhilarating in the feel of the breeze

on our naked skin.  As always, just seeing him excited me.  Watching him

stretch his legs and arms, bending this way and that. my cock grew erect

immediately.  He noticed and smiled.  We walked down to the pond and

dove in.  After a few minutes of energetic swimming, we both settled on

a little grassy area nearby.

    Derek stretched out on his stomach and I lay on my side next to him.

I stroked his back from his neck to his thighs several times before he

responded by gyrating his hips slightly.  Then he turned over to expose

his fully aroused cock.  I' put my head on Derek's stomach and watched my

hand at close range as It played with that giant tumescense -- probing,

stroking and teasing.

   "Use your tongue on me, Steven," Derek said.  The tone made it a

request.  I continued playing with his cock, thinking.  Then I shifted a

little closer and let my tongue play out and lick the very tip of his

cock.  Mmmmmm, I couldn't tell what I was smelling or what I was

tasting, but I knew I liked it.  I let my tongue lick around the

blood-engorged head.

    Derek moaned and his hips began a gentle rocking motion.  Trying it

out, I rose above him and let the end of his cock find its way into my

mouth.  He rocked and moved it slowly in and out, while I balanced

above, accommating his movements as best I could.

    Almost immediately he pulled my head away from his cock.  I could

see he was about to come.  Instinctively, I pulled my head free from his

hand and went down on his cock as far as I could go, sucking his cum in

spurts.  Derek gasped, his legs spasmed, and his hands grasped my head to

him as he climaxed more powerfully than I had ever seen him do before.

And so Derek and I added a new element to our lovemaking, as eventually

we added so many others.


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