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Archive-name: Samesex/pizza.ff


Archive-title: Pizza Girl

        I am a 33 year old woman and have never been married, but I 

        have an active fantasy life that I occasionally get to live 

        out. Recently, I broke up with a lover and found myself 

        hornier than hell. One evening, facing yet another round of 

        masturbation, I knew I had to feel something human - and not 

        just my dildo - inside my hungry pussy. 

        Then I remembered Lisa, the pretty, young delivery girl from 

        the pizza place down the block. She'd delivered several 

        pizzzas to my house and , unbeknownst to her, already played 

        an active role in my fantasies. She was young, about 19, and 

        quite attractive. But while I'd undressed her many times with 

        my eyes, I'd never gotten the courage to engage her in 

        anything but conversation. She was always very friendly with 

        me, but I never encouraged her attentions. This time, how 

        ever, I was ready for anything, and I picked up the phone.

        In about 20 minutes there was a knock on the door. I had a 

        plan. I took the phone off the hook and placed it on the 

        table. When I answered the door, I asked Lisa to come inside. 

        "I'm on the phone.." I said

        Then picked the phone back up and for a few seconds had a fake 

        conversation. All the while I kept a close eye on Lisa. She 

        didn't take her eyes off of my body, a good sign. After I hung 

        up the phone, I apologized to Lisa for the delay. she remained 

        seated, which made me realize she already knew what I was up 



        "What is it you would like, Lisa?"


        She looked at me with a smile , said "You owe me 8 bucks for 

        the pizza"


       "Would you like your tip first?" I asked


        "Sure." she answered, playing it cool


        "Do you have a boyfriend, Lisa? " I asked


        She said that she did. I could see that she was a little shy 

        so I kept talking. 


        "I dont have a boyfriend right now. Gets a bit lonely, you 



        Lisa nodded as I took the pizza from her hands and put it on 

        the coffee table. I could almost hear her heart beating.


        "What would you like as a tip?" I asked her


        "What do you have in mind ?" she replied


        "I want you to decide." I said into her ear, licking it with 

        the tip of my tounge. "Dont be shy."


        "Would you go down on me?" she asked after a moments 

        consideration. I realized then that little Lisa wasn't as shy 

        as I thought.


        "Has a woman ever done that to you before?" I asked


        "No." she said with a nervous laugh, "but I've always wanted 

        to see what it would be like"


        "If you like it, would you eat my pussy?" I asked, straddling 

        her lap slowly and letting my breast brush against her face.


        "I'd love to." she answered.


        I was sitting on her lap now and could feel her squirming 

        against my ass. I gave her a long wet kiss on the lips, then 

        went to work on her neck. She returned my kisses with a young 

        girls enthusiasm, stroking my body with her hands while 

        grinding against me with her young cunt. I decided to give her 

        a treat. While we kissed, I slipped my hand into my panties 

        and fingered myself to orgasm. I could tell she was incredibly 

        turned on as I brought myself off with a shudder and a sigh. 

        The I let her lick the cunt juice off of my finger. As she 

        practically deep throated my finger, I realized my long sex 

        drought was about to end.


        I led Lisa to the bedroom and slowly undressed her. Then I 

        handed her the phone.


        "Shouldn't you call your boss and tell him your going to be 



        "How late ?" she asked


        "Well, you deliver in 20 minutes." I said, "but I'll need an 



        While she told her boss that she had to run an errand, I 

        undressed her. It was fun to hear her voice crack as I ran my 

        tounge up the inside of her thigh. I took the phone from her 

        and laid her back onto the bed. Her smooth, naked body was 

        total perfection. I took off my own clothes and began kissing

        her, starting at her toes and slowly moving my way up to her 

        lips. As our tounges wrestled, I rubbed my pussy against hers, 

        giving her clit a workout unlike any it had ever known.

        Lisa gasped as I slid my hand between us. Rolling my hips in a 

        fucking motion, I put one finger in each of our pussies. We 

        were both wet. Lisa's nectar was especially hot, and her 

        tounge was darting in and out of my mouth with such intensity, 

        I knew she was in heaven.

        "Do you want me to eat your pussy now?" I asked

        Yes," she said. "I want your tounge in me."

        Before eating her out, I rubbed Lisa's body with baby oil. 

        Her tit's were small, but her nipples were swollen and full. I 

        sucked one into my mouth, teasing it with my lips until it was 

        hard. Lisa willingly offered me her breast, letting me suck 

        the right one for awhile, then putting the left one into my 

        mouth. She rubbed her own pussy, a quick up and down motion 

        that had her quivering. I wanted to make her come before she 

        did it herself, and slid down the bed until my mouth was on 

        her tender cunt lips. 

        I poked through the wisps of hair with my tounge. Her cunt was 

        sweet and hot, and no sooner had I touched the inside that 

        Lisa came. Instinctively, I pulled back, but she took my head 

        firmly into her hands and urged me on.

        "Oh, suck me!" she cried

        "Thats it. Suck it. Suck it"

        I explored every bit of her tight pussy, licking the lips with 

        long strokes and plunging deep inside her with countless 

        thrust of my tounge. Lisa's legs wrapped around me, her feet 

        pressed tightly against my neck, coaxing me to suck and nibble  

        her delightful cunt. I wiggled her clit with my tounge, and 

        was richly rewarded with a burst of her tangy cunt juice that 

        exploded into my mouth.

        I was so deeply engrossed in this lovely creature that I had 

        not realized we had changed position until I felt her mouth on 

        my own buring pussy. She nipped at my box, tentatively at 

        first, even awkwardly. 

        "Slowly" I coached her.

        "Just let your tounge taste every part of my cunt. Feel the 

        softness. Smell it"

        She was an excellent pupil, and soon she had me with my legs 

        high in the air. As she rubbed my willing clit against her 

        tounge, I came in a series of vigorous explosions.

        We didnt say much afterward. I held Lisa tightly in my arms 

        and watched as she slipped into a nap. I phoned the pizza 

        parlor and pretending to be her mother, told them that Lisa 

        would be out sick the rest of the evening.

        Lisa and I have had many such rendezvous since. She continues 

        to see her boyfriend, with my blessing. As for me, I seem to 

        be ordering quite alot of pizzas.


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