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Archive-name: Samesex/peek.txt


Archive-title: Chance Encounter?

    One of the more popular fantasies for men is having two women in bed

at the same time.  A variation is one that almost turned into a real life

experience for me, and that is of  two women making love.

    At the time, my girlfriend was a petite blonde, who admitted rather

openly that she and her best friend had shared a bed several times in the

past.  It was sort of a running joke, where her friend would tease me

about being jealous because she "had her first".

    Since we worked different shifts, my girlfriend sometimes would leave a

note about errands that needed to be run in the evening while she was at

work.  As it happened, she wanted me to stop by her friend's house that

evening and, if she was home, pick up something from her that she arranged

to borrow for the weekend.  This was a simple task, and after telephoning

"Karen", I agreed to come over about 9:00 pm.

    I decided that I would bicycle the two or three miles to her place so

that I could work off a pound or two.  So about 8:10, I left the apartment

and pedaled into a warm summer's night.  I enjoyed the ride to Karen's place

but even at a lesiurely pace, I arrived at about 8:25 according to my watch.

    Figuring that that was too early, I decided to ride down the block and

stop at the market for a drink.  Even with this diversion, I was still

about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  Being the impatient sort, I decided to

knock on the door anyway and see if I could get this errand done and be back

in time to catch a favorite movie on the tube.

    As I walked up to the porch, I could see that the lights to the living

room were on, albeit slightly dim, and was about to ring the bell when I

heard a voice that was just a bit too quiet to understand.  I stepped over

to the far end of the porch, where the kitchen window was open, to see if I

could tell if Karen was on the phone or if she had company.  What I saw

through that window stunned me completely.

    It was obvious that Karen had company, a gorgeous brunette young lady, who

was kneeling on the living room couch and completely nude!  I could hear

their voices, but still could not understand what they were saying.  Then I

saw Karen.  Her all-over tan was unmistakeable as she crossed the living room

unencumbered by clothes.  She returned a moment later and sat on the back

corner of the couch nearest the girl's head, leaning back against the wall.

As I watched, the brunette moved closer and placed both of Karen's legs over

her shoulders, burying her face between Karen's thighs.  After Karen began to

tease her nipples, I realized that I had forgotten to breathe lately, and

even the slowest intake of breath sounded like it would break this lovely


    I continued to watch, mindful of a growing bulge in the front of my pants

as the brunette continued to give head to Karen.  I had almost the perfect

view.  I could see the brunette's rear and pussy as she leaned into Karen's

thighs, and Karen, fully exposed to me except what the brunette's head and

hair covered.  There was only one thing wrong with the view -- I wasn't any

closer!  Deciding that I should be grateful for my luck this night, I didn't

push it.  Besides, I wanted to see what two women REALLY do.

    Karen's friend had reached back to massage between her legs as she kept

her attention on Karen.  It wasn't more that a few minutes later that Karen

began to buck her hips up and down against the brunette's face, holding on

to her hair as she did so.  Several cries escaped Karen's lips as she began

approaching orgasm.  The brunette now had both hands wrapped around Karen's

thighs, holding her in place for the final moments.

    "Yes! Now! Now! Yes!" was Karen's vocalization as she began shuddering

from her orgasm, her hips now making long hard thrusts against the brunette's

face.  It was over in seconds, and I realized then that my hand was holding

a telephone pole that had become lodged in my shorts, and that it would not

take much coaxing to bring me to orgasm either.

    There was some quieter conversation passing between them, and I looked at

my watch to see that it was only about 8:45.  When I looked up, they were

both out of sight.

    Afraid that they'd spot me, I worried about making it look like I had just

then arrived.  I was certainly prespiring enough to make that believable,

but an obvious portion of my anatomy was going to give away any falsehoods

that I could fabricate.

    Then I noticed they were back on the couch, this time with Karen sitting

in the middle of the couch, legs crossed "Indian" style.  The brunette then

came forward and half crouched in front of her, as Karen lifted her left

breast up to the girl's pussy.  The brunette thrust her hips forward, grab-

bing the back of the couch for support.  Karen's arms encircled the girl's

hips as she cupped a pair of beautiful buttocks in her hands and drew her

up against her breast.

    The brunette began to move her hips up and down as Karen pulled her tight

to her chest.  I was becoming ever more aroused by the sight of this pair,

Karen with her dark, even tan, and the brunette, tan except where her bathing

suit covered, contrasting each other and complementing at the same time.

This tableau continued for several more minutes, and I was frustrated at not

being able to hear what they were saying to each other.  The brunette's hips

were now moving quickly, with an urgency all their own.  As she began to

cry out, Karen moved quickly by sliding down between the girl's thighs and

planting her mouth on her bush, shaking her head vigorously back and forth

hard enough that I could see her breasts dance and shake.

    "SUCK IT HARD!" the brunette yelled.  The force of her voice took me by

suprise and I was sure the whole neighborhood could hear her, but I could

not take my eyes off them to look around.  She was grinding her hips against

Karen's face, and I could see her tits heave and bounce as she began to

shudder bodily, stopping in a new position after each tremor.  When Karen

released her grip on the girl's ass, the brunette fairly fell onto the couch,

limp as a rag.  I could see Karen sitting on the couch, caressing the girl's

legs, and her left breast glistened wetly in the light.

    I watched as they tenderly embraced and kissed, Karen lying next to her

friend sharing quiet whispers between them.  Then I figured I'd better move

away from the window, and cool off myself.

    I walked to the street and lit a cigarette, trying to concentrate on any-

thing else to reduce the bulge in my jeans.  It took two cigarettes and a

short walk down the block to finally regain my composure.

    Finally, I rang the bell at Karen's front door, at five past nine.  My mind

raced with possibilities;

    "What do I say if she invites me in to join them?"

    "If I join them and Karen tells Darlene, I'm dead meat.  Or am I?"

    "What if she invites me in, and want the three of us just to sit around

and talk?  Can I avoid staring or leering at them?"

    The door opened, and Karen greeted me wearing a pair of jeans and a black

nylon tank top, which did little to hide her promenent breasts.  I could also

see quite well that, without a bra, her nipples were still hard and stiff.

    "Hiya doing sweetie?" She exclaimed in her normal greeting to me.  "Come

on in, it'll only take a second for me to get the book Darlene wanted."

    I entered hesitantly, worried that I might not be able to resist if they

offered me heaven.  Karen disappeared into the back of the house, and as I

looked around, I realised that the brunette must have taken refuge back there

as well.  Karen returned, stiding down the hall with a step that set her

breasts into motion against the slinky black nylon top.

    "Here you go." She said as she handed me a book. "I'm sure you guys will

enjoy this and put it to good use."

    I looked down and found myself looking at "The Art of Sensual Massage".

It seemed promising and down right appropriate at the moment.  Unfortunately,

this also seemed to trigger a reaction in my loins that would be rather

awkward to explain.

    "I'm sure we'll play around with some ideas." was my the best reply I

could think of.  She was so close, and the fragrance of lusty women hung in

the air all around me.

    "Say hello to Darlene and give her a kiss for me." She said, smiling

with the knowledge that I would think about the two of them together.

    "Tease." I remarked.

    Without a word, Karen stepped forward, and being a inch taller than I,

pulled me to her and kissed me full and hard on the mouth.  Her tounge found

mine quickly, and I could feel her breasts pressing against my chest.

I responded the only way I could, returning her kiss with the full intensity

that I felt from watching her and her girlfriend.   After a few moments we

uncoupled and stood back.

    "Whew!" She said.  "I thought I'd get you all flustered, kissing you like

that." She went on, "Do you always kiss Darlene's girlfriends like that?"

    "Only when they show off their tits in slinky nylon tops." I replied.

Then quietly so only she could hear, "You taste like you've been up to some-

thing.  I'd better leave so you can get back to her."

    A slightly shocked look crossed her face, but she quickly shrugged it off.

Without confirming or denying anything, she moved to the door, holding it

open for my passage.

    "If you guys are going to be home tomorrow, call me.  I'll come over and

show you some of the better parts of that book." She laughed.

    "Hmmm, I'd rather see some -- better parts of you." I retorted, almost

adding "some more of" before I bit it off.

    "Pervert, lecher,  you never know, I just might show you."

    "Have fun, we'll give you a call in the morning." I said as I walked out

to my bike.  She closed the door, and the living room lights went out,

telling me that further "shows" would not be seen tonight.

    I cycled home, and read the book, cover to cover before Darlene came home,

and we "played around" with some of the ideas.  I never told her about that

night, as I wanted to keep it as my own secret "fantasy".


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