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Archive-name: Samesex/patty.txt


Archive-title: Patty's Rape


      You  are  grabbed by three girls. You struggle, but these 

girls overpower you and wrestle you to the floor. Two of the

girls hold  your arms and legs while the third girl starts to

unbutton your blouse.  You threaten to scream if they don't stop.

The girl stops stripping you and starts to stuff a hot moist

cloth into your mouth. After she has you gagged, she explains

that they have come prepared for a screamer.  She tells you that

this morning all three girls stuffed their panties into their

cunts and they have masturbated at least half a dozen times each.

She tells you that you are now sucking on her cum soaked panties 

and that you will taste the others later.

      She grabs the front of your blouse and rips it open.  The 

girls holding your arms pull off your blouse while the third girl

opens your jeans and pulls them down to your ankles. She lifts

your legs to take your jeans off and you start to kick. The girls

grab your legs behind the knee and pull them open so the third

girl can get your jeans off.  While you are held spread out, the

third girl takes a pair of scissors and cuts your bra straps and

then snips between the cups to expose your round, firm tits.  She 

takes your nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand

and pinches them. She twists them and pulls them until they are

hard and erect.  She then kisses and sucks on each nipple.

Despite  your  resistance, her actions on your nipples are

getting you very aroused, even hotter than your boyfriend did the

other night.  She stops sucking but keeps playing with your 

nipples.  She explains that they are sorority pledges and to get

into the sorority they have to rape a sexy bitch like you.


She grabs the elastic waistband of your panties and pulls at them

so she can snip the sides and pull your panties out from under 

your asscheeks.  One of the girls says "Now that we have this 

bitch bare, let's find out how tasty she is".  The third girl

puts her hands down into your crotch and pulls your cuntlips

open. She puts her head down to your cunt and she slowly licks

from your tight ass pucker, up across your wet inner lips, up to

your tender clit.  You wiggle, you squirm, but she pushes her

tongue against your clit and you get hotter.  She moves her

tongue down to your love hole and pushes it in. You surrender to

this hot lesbian rape and push your cunt against her probing

tongue.  She pumps her tongue in and out making your juices flow. 

You squirm again, this time in passion. You want to cum and this

girl's tongue is going to do it. She slides her tongue to your

clit and licks at it very fast.  The tension in your cunt builds

with each flick at your passion button. She closes her mouth on

your clit and sucks it into her mouth. This pushes you over the

edge.  Your muscles tighten, your cunt juices flow, and you cum

like you have never cum before. She licks at your open cunt,

lapping up your flowing love cream.


When you recover from your orgasm, this cuntlicker changes places

with one of the girls holding your arms. This new girl take the

panties out of your mouth and stuffs her own cum-soaked panties

in to give you a second taste of cunt. She moves away for a few 

moments.  When she returns, she kneels and kisses your creamy

cunt.  She moves toward your head gently kissing your mound, your

tummy, your tits. She pushes her big bare tits against yours.    


A hard shaft pushes against your open slit.  She tells you that

now she is going to rape you the way a boy would.  She tells you 

that she has strapped on a ten inch cock-shaped dildo and she is 

going to stick it into your cunt and fuck you hard and fast.  She

pushes the head of that dildo against your hot open slit.  You

squirm, but your movement only  rubs your inner lips against the

head lubricating it.  She pushes it into your cunt.  She shoves

all 10 inches into your hot, juicy hole.  Your boyfriend has

fucked you a few times but his cock has never filled you the way

this intruding tool is filling you now.  She pulls almost all 

the way out and then plunges back in.  The entire length of your

love tunnel tingles. She pumps at your cunt. Your juices begin to 

flow again.


She pumps harder, faster, banging away at your open fuck hole.

You are going to cum again.  This girl, fucking you with a dildo,

is going to make you cum better than your boyfriend has.  You

buck, you push your cunt at this impaling rod, you push your tits

against hers,  all the time sucking the cum out of her panties.

Your start to cum and toss your head back and forth.  All the

girls laugh at your dildo-induced orgasm.  Your cuntfucker pulls

out and plunges in deep and hard.  She pulls out and plunges in

again to bring you to your climax.  With every muscle tense, you

finish cumming.  Nothing moves except your cum flowing out past

that rod and down your asscrack.  Your cuntfucker pulls out and

the girls let go of your arms.


They  don't have to hold you any more. You are limp from the two

best creamings your cunt has ever had.  The last girl take the 

panties out of your mouth and stuffs in her own.  Now you have

tasted the cum from all three girls.  They turn you face down on

the tiled floor.  They let you rest your head on your folded

arms.  Two girls massage your back and then your asscheeks.  They

pull your asscheeks open and the last girl rubs a glob of grease

on your asspucker.  You tense up, you have never let anyone put

anything inside your tail. The girl tells you that now she is

going to strap on the dildo and rape your tight ass.  You squirm 

and shake your head NO. She tells you that you can barter your

way out of an assfuck.  She tells you that she is willing to

trade her fucking your ass for you licking her cunt.


You  hesitate, but then figure that it has to taste at least as

good as the panties you have been sucking on. You nod your head; 

YES.  She moves in front of you and lays back spreading her cunt

before you.  She takes the panties out of your mouth and tells

you to eat the real thing. You inch your way forward and just as

you get within reach, she grabs your head and pushes it against

her clean shaven, and very juicy cunt.


The fragrance of her cunt overcomes any resistance you have and

you plunge your tongue between her smooth wet lips to search out 

her cream.  The girls tell you how to eat a cunt. How to lick her

lips, how to stick your tongue in and out to fuck her hole, how 

to rub your tongue against her clit, and finally how to suck at

her clit to make her cum.  You make her cum, you lap at her

flowing cream like a hot lesbian bitch.  After you have licked

her cunt clean, she moves behind you and the cuntlicker moves in

front offering her cunt for a licking. You plead with them, not

to make you lick any more cunts.


The last girl puts her greased finger against your tight

asspucker and pushes in.  She gets it in to the first knuckle and

starts to twist her finger around, lubricating your asshole.  She

tells you to eat any cunt put in front of you or they will fuck

your ass. They will ALL fuck your ass.


With no more hesitation, you bury your tongue into this second

clean-shaven cunt.  As you lick this juicy cunt, the last girl 

keeps moving her finger in your ass.  She keeps reminding you to

lick that cunt good or you will get your tight ass thoroughly

fucked. You lick, you suck, you tongue fuck the girl that gave

you your first lesbian licking.  You make her cum and again you

lap up every drop of cream that oozes out of her cunthole.


Now, the cuntfucker spreads her cunt in front of you and you 

dive into her equally clean-shaven cunt. There is no hesitation

in your cunt licking now.  You are so involved in making these

cunts cum and eating their cream that you don't notice that the

girl now has her  entire finger in your ass.  The cuntlicker puts

her hand under you and starts to rub your clittie.  The girl you

are licking begins to cum and you lap at her flowing cream.  When

you have her licked clean you realized that your cunt and ass are

getting fingered and that you are going to  cum again.  You 

plead with them to stop, but your orgasm peaks and you collapse

on that freshly eaten cunt.


One  girl takes the remnants of your panties and stuffs them 

into your cunt to soak up your love juice.  After you have 

recovered from your fingerfuck, they take the panties out of your

cunt and stuff them into your mouth.  The cuntlicker and

cuntfucker take your arms and pull you to your knees.  They hold

you so that you are leaning forward supported by them.  They

squeeze and pinch your round, firm tits.  The last girl gets

behind you and pushes the head of that dildo against your 

loosened ass pucker. You shake your head NO, but she pushes the

head in anyway.  You try to resist but you have been sufficiently

stretched and lubricated that the head slips past your sphincter

muscle and into your virgin ass.  They hold you like this for a

few moments, a fake cockhead in your ass, two girls squeezing

your tits, your own cum-soaked panties in your mouth.


The assfucker reaches around you and puts her hands down into

your crotch.  With one hand she finds and rubs your erect little

clit.  With the other, she slips a finger into your creamy cunt

hole.  Holding onto your cunt, she pushes that shaft up your ass. 

It fills you completely.  You have never had any

sensation like this before.  It hurts, it pleases, you push back

and your ass opens up to take that dildo all the way in.  She

starts to fuck your ass. There is a lot more friction in your 

tail than in your cunt and you can feel that cockhead move the

entire length of your rear tunnel.  Her fingers at your cunt rub 

and probe and your juices flow again. They squeeze your tits and

pinch your nipples.  Soon you are drenched in sweat and when your

orgasm hits,  it overwhelms you.  You collapse against these

female rapists completely satisfied with the sexual pleasures

they have forced upon you.  They lower  you to the floor and move

away for a moment.  A  girl returns.  She kneels between your

open legs. She spreads your reddened asscheeks, and pushes the

dildo into your ass again.  You offer no resistance.  You take

that cockshaped tool into you and fall off into a screaming

sexual daze. The second girl fucks your ass until the movement

makes her cum.  The third girl straps on the dildo and takes her

turn at fucking your ass.


When you wake up, you find yourself stark naked, spread out on

the floor of the restroom.  Your hands are tied to the posts of

the stalls, while  your legs are held up and open, your ankles

tied to different sinks.  You can still taste the salty sweet cum

on the panties in  your mouth.  Your cunt and ass are loose

enough and lubricated enough to take anything, and they have left

you two mementos: dildos in both your cunt and ass.


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