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Archive-name: Samesex/papergrl.txt

Archive-author: Bobbi C

Archive-title: Papergirl, The

"Lisa, Marie's here again.  Pay the girl, now," Ed Maxwell said.  Lisa

Maxwell, at 27, was a tall and strikingly lovely woman.  Her husband

was going away for the weekend of fishing with his buddies.

The newspaper girl, Marie, came up the walkway with a bundle of papers

in her hand.

"Hi, Mrs. Maxwell!," the girl said cheerily.  Lisa leaned out of the

door, and stared dreamily at the young woman.   Marie wore tight slac-

ks, and a T-shirt.  Lisa watched as the girl bent over to pick up a

coin she'd dropped.

Lisa's heart fluttered nervously as she saw the girl's ass outlined in

the slacks.  Lisa could also see the outline of the girl's panties

through the worn material.

The woman put her hands on her crotch, through her skirt.  She fingered

herself gently for a few seconds as she watched the girl.  Marie had

light brown hair that was of medium length, thus she didn't seem as

avant-garde as most girls of her punk generation.   Marie was slender,

just over five-feet four, and just eighteen years old.  Her eyes caught

Mrs. Maxwell.

Lisa was rubbing her aching crotch before the girl's very eyes.  She

dug into her purse, scooped up some change, and handed it to the girl.

Mrs. Maxwell was dark haired with smoldering femininity.

"Here's the change for this week.  Oh... Oh, Marie, my husband isn't

going to be here this weekend.  Why don't you come around, and mow the

grass tomorrow?  I'll pay you five dollars, and I'll fix a snack."

"Gee, Mrs. Maxwell, that would be super.  I need the money.  You see

I'm hoping to go to New York this summer with my older sister.  I need

some new clothes."

"Good, come tomorrow," Lisa said.  Her husband approached her. "I've

taken care of her, honey." she told him.

They closed the door.  "Lisa, what are you looking at?," Ed asked.

There was nobody to see, but the departing papergirl on her bike.

Under her breath Lisa said, "what a lucky bike seat!"

She read the paper, and her husband finished packing.  Lisa thought the

next day would never roll around.  She was glad to see Ed off as he

drove away to meet his friends.

The girl knocked on the door at the appointed hour.  Lisa opened the

door.  She was wearing nothing but a bikini bottom with a pool robe

over it.  In fact, Lisa Maxwell's body was shown off to good advantage.

There wasn't an ounce of superfluous fat on her entire body.

"Come in and have a coke, Marie," Lisa said.  " I've just working out


"Gee," the impressionable girl said.  "You work out, too?"

"Uh huh."

"So do I, Mrs. Maxwell!  I thought you were in pretty good condition.

"I thought you were too, Marie.  Would you like to go for a dip in the

pool before you cut the grass?"

"Sure, Mrs. Maxwell, I'd really like that!"

Lisa led Marie out to the pool area.  She watched carefully as the girl

stripped to her tight white cotton panties.  They were all of two sizes

to small for the girl.  The combed cotton stretched tight over the

girl's perfect ass.  When Marie turned to face Lisa, she displayed a

the lines of her pussy at the crotch.

Lisa felt her own cunt begin to get warm.  Quickly, she dove into the

pool, and surfaced just in time to see Marie adjust her panties, and

dive in.

They horse played for about fifteen minutes, and then climbed out of

the pool, and laid on lounge chairs beside of each other.

Marie's panties were almost transparent from being soaked.  Lisa could

clearly see the outline of the girl's pussy.  In fact, the panties were

so tight she could make every detail of the girl's cunt.  As her eyes

raised to meet the girl's eyes, she saw that Marie was looking directly

at Lisa's crotch.  As the girl's eyes strained to take in the woman's

pussy, Lisa's pussy gave an involuntary jump.

"I wear a bikini bottom a lot, Marie.  I like the way my cunt feels

while wearing one.  It feels almost like a hand holding me."

"I wear one in gym class.  The rest of the time I wear my cotton pan-

ties," Marie said.

"It looks like those you are wearing now are a little tight for you,


"These are my oldest pair, but they feel real good... tight, Mrs. Max-

well, I like 'em this way."

"But," Lisa Maxwell said, "if you wear them too tight they can cause

damage to your pussy, and cut your crotch a bit."

Marie stood up facing Lisa.  She ran her fingers under the leg holes

and said, "I don't think they're that tight!"

Lisa sat up facing the girl, "here, let me see."

Lisa ran the fingers of both hands under and around the leg holes.  She

let her fingers slip slightly inside to caress Marie's cunt lips.  She

ran her opened palm over the bulge made by the girl's mons.

Marie's pussy reacted to the caress, and began to wet her panties.

"These fit you real nice, Marie, but, it looks like they're getting a

little damp.  You're getting aroused," Lisa said.

"Gee, Mrs. Maxwell.  I just can't help it. "

Lisa said, "I know, Marie,  I'm getting excited in my bikini too.  See?

It feels very good to get that way inside of my panties.

"Yea, I know.  I like to feel my pussy through the cotton the way you

are doing now.  Sometimes, I just can't quit till I've messed them."

"Maybe we'd better go inside and dry off."

Marie followed Lisa into the house and on into the bedroom.  Lisa grab-

bed two towels, and began drying the girl's back.  When Marie turned to

face Lisa, she displayed the wetness in her panties.  Her cunt showed

in detail through the wet cotton.  Lisa's pussy was tight against her

bikini panties, and she pressed it against Lisa's young cunt.  The

material of the panties and bikini rubbed together causing both females

to feel a surge of excitement.

Lisa sat down on the bed, and without a word pulled Marie's crotch to

her face.  She nibbled at the outline of the straining pussy.

"Oh! Mrs. Maxwell, that's wonderful!  Go for it, please!!!!!"  Lisa,

slowly skinned the girl's panties down to reveal her wet pussy.  The

girl oozed drops of cunt juice from her pussy which Lisa lapped up with

her tongue.   Marie's eyes rolled back as she felt the first taste of

the woman's lips on her young cunt.  It immediately thrust forward,

hot, ready, and randy.  Marie's mouth watered as she experienced a

strange sensation.  She put her hands on the woman's head.  Lisa licked

up and down on the juicy cunt.  She nibbled at the girl's pubic bush.

She took in all she could of what the young girl had to give.

Marie's shoulders shivered, and a chill ran up her back.  When Lisa's

left hand reached up, and a finger punctured the sanctity of her pussy,

the girl shivered again.

"Oh! No, Mrs. Maxwell... I don't care if you eat me but no girl's gonna

fuck me, I swear!  I'm not no Lesbian!"

The woman took her fingers away.  She loved the feeling of all this

girl-flesh at her mouth.  It was warm and juicy, and succulent to her

ravenous taste buds.

The girl's brown locks flung over her forehead.  She reared her head

back, and let the woman's tongue experience the full flavor of her hot

pussy.  Her teen pussy was pressed hard against woman's mouth.  She

felt her clit getting a licking.  It was mad, wonderful, and delicious

to be sucked by the bikinied woman.  She had never had her cunt against

anybody's mouth before.

The girl's legs spread further apart.  She wanted to have this exper-

ience deep, indelibly in her mind forever.  After this moment, she

would know that getting eaten was the inevitable fruit of being a young

girl of eighteen.

The woman was nursing on her pussy, collecting all those rampant oils

of girlhood to womanhood that were so eager to flow!  The girl needed

to give the woman her load of girl cum.

Up until then the girl thought that playing with her clit was her

greatest thrill.  Now, with this athletic young wife's mouth clamped

securely on her hard wanton flesh, she would never again settle just

for getting simply frigged!

"Do it, lady! Do it!," she cried to the woman.  "It's great, Mrs. Max-

well!  I love, lady!"

There was no question but that the girl was telling the truth.  Her

cunt yearned for the woman's mouth.  Almost as if by extra sensory mes-

sages the woman laid back on the bed and pulled Marie upon her, and

took the young girl's pussy onto her mouth.

The girl rocked back and forth as the woman ate her cunt once more.

"Do it, Mrs. Maxwell!  Make me come... All the way, lady," the randy

girl moaned.  She was in the mood for rockets to blast in her brain.

The hunting horn of sensual lust clouded her thinking.  There were wild

dreams flowing through her head.

Lisa licked at the clit, circling it with her mouth, hoping her tongue

was as pleasing to the girl as her pussy was to her.

There was nothing to do but suck the hot cum out of the girl, then

figure a way to fuck her with the dildo that Lisa kept for just such

Lesbian occasions later.  Lisa Maxwell was not used to people refusing

her anything.  If she wanted cock, then her husband would have to give

it to her.  If she wanted to get her dildo into this girl's pussy,

she'd damn well do it, and no arguments!

Suddenly Marie bucked hard.

"Oh!  Oh!! Oh!!!," Sighed the girl as her passion reached an insane

peak, and she began to ooze her hot juices in rivers, and there was

only one reservoir to catch it.  Lisa's eager hot mouth!

The woman felt the girl's pussy release the liquids that she had longed

for.  This was pure naked, raw lust that knew no moral bounds.  The

girl's cunt quivered as her juice erupted into the woman's wet mouth.

Lisa took all of it that she could get, and when she had about wrenched

every last drop, she let go of the girl.  Marie was temporarily exhaus-


As Marie was recovering, Lisa shoved her drenched panties against the

girl's spent pussy.

"Marie, you have the tightest looking pussy I've ever seen.  You could

make a good fifty dollars a week more on your route if you knew  what

to do with that juicy hot cunt of yours."

"No Ma'am!  I can't do something like that!  I'm not a prostitute!"

"Words... just words!" Lisa said.  "I don't want morality! I want to

fuck you with my dildo!"

"Fifty bucks a week?  No, Mrs. Maxwell, I won't do that!"

"Sure you can, girl!  Sell your cunt to me, Marie, and I'll make you

real happy."

"Can we go for a swim now, Mrs. Maxwell?"  Marie asked the woman.

"Sure, Marie, let's go!"

As Marie climbed out off of Lisa Maxwell's bed, she couldn't help

staring at Lisa's pussy-juice soaked bikini panties.  "Gee, Mrs. Max-

well, I sure would like to see your cunt... all hard wet that!" The

girl said.

"Okay, Marie.  Let's go out to the pool and I'll let you look at it as

much as you want."

Lisa followed Marie out to the pool.  She watched Marie's cute bubble-

butt bounce ever so slightly in front of her.  She would have to figure

a way to get that girl's pussy.  She wanted it more than anything else

on earth.  Marie dove in and Lisa followed, both emerging on the

opposite side of the pool.  Lisa pulled herself out of the water and

sat on the edge.  Marie was treading water directly in front of her.

Lisa saw Marie's eyes were directed to her wet, green, bikini panties.

Lisa looked down at her pussy aching for release from the tight nylon

encasement.  The girl was really interested in her pussy, and she

decided to give the girl a show.  She stood, and walked to the diving

board.  At it's end, she took a diving pose, and jutted her hips for-

ward so the girl could see the straining outline of her cunt, and her

large breasts.  She dove into the water, and surfaced right in front of


"Ok, Marie.  You want to see my pussy?  I'm going to show it to you."

Once again she climbed from the pool, and climbed to the diving board.

She dropped her hands to her crotch, and began fingering her cunt

through the material.  Marie's eyes never left Lisa's crotch.  Lisa

fingered her pussy over and over, then began inching the bikini bottom

down over her hot cunt.

The pussy was covered by a small V-shaped thatch of pubic hair. Lisa

began a slow fingering motion never, taking her eyes from the girl.  As

she pushed and pulled at her creaming cunt, a the wetness spread all

over her crotch.  The late afternoon sun made the wet area glisten.

Then Lisa dove into the water, and surfaced again in front of the girl.

Marie felt Lisa's hot cunt rub up and over her pussy and belly as the

woman surfaced.  She was led to the shallow end of the pool by Lisa.

Once they were at crotch level with the water, Marie could see Lisa's

pussy up close.

"Wouldn't you like to play with it a little for me?  Even maybe want to

put your mouth over this, Marie?"

"Can I play with it all the way?  Let me make you cum up real close?"

Marie asked.

Lisa led the girl to the steps of the pool.  She sat on the top one

with Marie facing her from a lower step.  She reached for Marie's hand,

and placed it around her pussy.  The girl reached up with her other

hand, and began feeling Lisa Maxwell's big breasts.

"You have big breasts, lady.  Real big!  I hope mine get as big as

yours are.  Are you going to let me make you cum?"

"If that's what you want Marie.  In fact, why don't you just keep

touching my pussy like you're doing, but, I want you to put your mouth

on it when I cum."

"I haven't ever done that before, Mrs. Maxwell.  You promise you won't

tell anybody if I do it?"

Lisa laughed, and assured the girl that her pussy licking secret was

safe with her.

Lisa Maxwell thought to herself that once the Marie got her off, she

could use that information to make the Marie let her fuck her with her


Marie couldn't resist placing her mouth over Lisa's pussy just like the

woman had done for her.  Marie felt her own pussy ooze juice again.

She knew enough to keep her teeth out of the way, and she licked Lisa

like an experienced pussy licker.  Faster and faster, up and down on

Lisa's pussy.  Lisa moaned as her climax approached.  She clung to the

edges of the pool as she felt the delight of hot female cum roll into

the lust-crazed mouth of the young papergirl.  It was hot and abundant.

Some of it glistened at the corners of Marie's mouth.

For the first time in Marie's life she felt, and tasted a woman oozing

a load of hot female juice into her pussy sucking mouth.  The taste of

the woman, and the feel of the cunt swelling oozing combined to

convince Marie that she would be a pussy licker forever.  More hot

juice filled Marie's mouth.  She gulped it all down.

Finally the juice stopped, and Marie continued to suck until all but

the very life was sucked from Lisa Maxwell's pussy.  After they broke

their hold on each other, Lisa began to horseplay with the girl in the

pool.  The girl got on the woman's shoulders.  Then Marie's cunt warmed

on the back of the woman's neck.  Lisa turned around, and pressed her

hungry mouth against the cunt!   She was going to eat the girl out in

the pool.  She led the girl to the corner of the shallow end of the

pool.  She took the girl's pussy at her mouth again.

It tasted funny mixed with the chlorinated water.  Tasted even better,

sort of salty and medicinal!  She sucked the cunt until it was red.

She took the girl's cunt, and sucked it with all the violence of a

vacuum cleaner.  She suctioned the girl's randy pussy until it was

aching with the need to cum again.

Engaged in the eternal quest of Lesbian love, Lisa knew the girl could

easily afford to give her some more of her juices.  After all, girls of

that age were always horny, everyone knew that, and they could easily

cum many times every day.

Marie's orgasm was almost upon her.  The girl's arms gripped the edges

of the pool behind her.  Her fingers snarled and tightened as the

woman's mouth enclosed her flesh, and made it crave for more in violent


Marie's pussy came again against Lisa's mouth.  The girl's teenaged

juices again filled her mouth.  Unlike Marie, Lisa didn't miss a drop

of the girl's nectar.

Marie released her grip of the pool edge and slumped into the corner of

the pool.  The water was waist high.  Lisa released Marie's drained


"Please, Marie, please... Think about what I said.  Sell me your pussy,

baby.  I really need to fuck you.  I really need it, Marie."

As Marie walked home, she had so many emotions running through her

head.  She actually had eaten Lisa Maxwell's pussy.  She had wanted


Lisa Maxwell wanted to fuck her with a dildo.  She began to wonder what

it might feel like.  She hoped her family had nothing planned for the

evening because she wanted time alone.  Time to think.  Time to decide

how she felt about herself, and the things that had taken place in the

afternoon at Mrs. Maxwell's home.

After dinner with her parents and older sister, Marie went to her room.

Nothing had been planned because her mother and dad were going to a

friend's birthday party.

Lying across her bed, Marie thought of taking a shower.  Though she

felt clean from the pool, a shower seemed to make her feel better.

After showering she donned a fresh pair of panties, and laid across her

bed.  She wondered if her older sister Peg had ever done anything like

that.  Peg was only fifteen months older but, Marie looked up to her

like an adult.

A knock at her bedroom door startled Marie.

The door opened before Marie could say "come in."  It was Peg.  She

carried some record albums with her.

"These are the albums you loaned to Wendy Hollander.  She asked me to

bring them back to you.  She taped them and said 'thanks'."

"Peg, can I talk to you for a few minutes?"

"Sure, Marie.  You can talk to me about anything."

Marie paused then said, "this is confidential.  I never want mom or dad

to find out about this, Peg."

"Hey! I'm your sister.  I'd never repeat anything you ever told me,


"Okay, well.. err... Have you ever messed around with a girl?"

Peg sat down on the edge of Marie's bed.  She looked at the panty-clad

girl.  Peg was wearing just her cutoffs and a halter top.  Both girls

were tan and beautiful.

"You mean like playing with each other, and stuff like that?"

"Yea.  Stuff like that," Marie mumbled.

"Why are you asking me this?"

"Well, I just wanted to know," Marie replied.

After a long pause, Peg looked into her younger sister's eyes and

said, "Yes, a few times."

Marie noticed how Peg was looking into her eyes.  It was the same look

that Mrs. Maxwell had in her eyes.  She felt a stirring in her panties.

She glanced down at her crotch to see her pussy begin wetting the white


Peg's eyes dropped to her sister's crotch.  Seeing her Marie sister

becoming aroused made Peg's cunt react also.

Marie began telling Peg all of the details of her encounter with Mrs.

Maxwell.  She even told Peg how much she had enjoyed sucking the cum

out of Mrs. Maxwell's cunt.

By the time Marie had finished her story, both sisters were fully

aroused.  Peg had squirmed around on the edge of the bed to make her

pussy more comfortable under her cut offs.  Marie's little teen cunt

was pressing at the tight, white, cotton panties.

Once again, Peg looked in Marie's eyes and asked, "Would you like to do

it with each other, little sister?"

"Do you want to?" Marie asked.

Peg reached over, and began to rub her palm over Marie's breasts.  She

worked her fingers down the smooth belly, and to the wet panties.

Slowly she feathered her fingers over the outline of the throbbing,

imprisoned pussy.  Marie began to moan.

Peg fingered Marie's pussy through the cotton.  Marie reached over and

grabbed her older sister's pussy though the blue jean cutoffs.

"Wow! It feels like little sister has grown some big tits . A nice big

pair of tits.  Marie, want me to take my shorts, and let you suck it

like you did to that woman's pussy today?"

Marie smiled as Peg stood, and unbuttoned her shorts letting them drop

to the floor.  Her bikini panties were already wet.  Marie reached up,

and ran her fingers over the nylon encased pussy.  The moment her fin-

gers touched her sister's cunt, Peg sucked in air as if she'd exper-

ienced an electrical shock.  Marie fingered her sister's cunt through

the material until a wet spot formed over the pussy.  Then she pulled

the white bikini over Peg's hot pussy.  Juice was oozing from the slit.

As if by habit, Marie opened her mouth and brought it to her sister's

cunt.  Doing just as Mrs. Maxwell had instructed her to do earlier,

Marie tongue fucked the opening, lapping up the fuck lube.

Peg began wreathing back and forth as Marie sucked more and more of her

juices into her mouth.  Up and down, up and down, Marie licked.

Peg saw that Marie's panties were soaked from cum drippings.  She

reached over, and pulled them over the cunt.  She had seen Marie's cunt

many times when they were in the shower, but had never seen it hot and

wet, and anxious to cum.  It looked very red.  Peg began to finger it a

little, and then she pushed Marie further back on the bed until they

lay in the 69 position.

"Little sister likes sucking so much, maybe I should try some of this,"

Peg said taking Marie's teen cunt at her mouth.

The speed of their tongue fucking increased in tempo.  Marie loved the

feel of her pussy being tongued by her older sister.  She knew she

couldn't wait to cum.  The pussy in her mouth was oozing juice.

They rolled around so that Marie was straddling Peg's shoulders, and

Peg was lying on her back.  Marie screamed out that she couldn't wait

anymore, and began to orgasm at Peg's mouth.  Her juices filled Peg's

throat as she swallowed gulp after gulp of the girl's cum.

Marie jerked as spasms flooded through her body.  Sweat poured from her

forehead onto Peg's face.  As the last droplets of juice were being

sucked out of her pussy, she fell onto the bed beside of her sister.

Looking into Peg's face, Marie said, "there's something else I want to

tell you.  Mrs. Maxwell wants to fuck me with her dildo.  I'm a little

scared of that."

"Well, Marie, maybe you need your big sister to break you in.  Think

you can take a dildo in your pussy?"

"I don't know, but I think I'd rather try it with you before Mrs.

Maxwell sticks that big thing of her's in me," Marie admitted.

Peg's pussy was still pointed at little sister's mouth.  She smiled at

the girl and said, "Tell you what we're gonna do.  Wendy Hollander has

about a five inch dildo.  Not big around at all either.  She fucks me

with it when we fool around with each other.  I'll give her a call, and

invite her over.  We'll work out a scheme to get her to fuck you first.

Then, after she's opened you up, I'll take over.  But, right now, You

got to take care of this hot pussy of mine, little sister."

"Yeah, let me suck you till it cums," Marie said.

"No, I tell you what I'd like to do.  I want you to put on a pair of

clean panties, and come back to your bed."

Marie got up and ran to her dresser.  She pulled out a pair of snow

white cotton panties, and started to pull them up her legs.  She walked

back over to Peg, picked up her worn panties, and wiped off her cunt.

Then, she pulled the fresh panties up her legs.  She laid down on the

bed again and awaited Peg's instructions.

Peg pushed her sister back on the bed, climbed on top of her, and

stretched out.  As she planted a kiss on Marie's lips, she slid her

dripping pussy against Marie's panties.  "This may seem like a strange

way of getting off, but Wendy and I do this all the time together."

Peg began humping against Marie.

Marie loved the feeling of her older sister rubbing her pussy against

her inside of her panties.  She loved the feeling of Peg's warm body

hunching into her.  She had never felt this affection and closeness

with Peg.

"Damn!  Marie!  I love fucking you in your panties.  I've wanted to do

this for so long with you, but was afraid to approach you.  Kiss me,

little sister."

Marie opened her mouth to welcome Peg's tongue.

Peg moaned, and buried her tongue deep into her sister's mouth as she

felt her pussy against the tight white cotton of her sister's panties.

She could feel her sister's hot pussy fucking against her own within

the confines of the single pair of fresh white panties.

"I'm gonna cum now, Marie," Peg whispered into her sister's ear."

"Yea... Me too, all over again.  Peg..."


"I love you, sister," Marie said.

Peg's body began to spasm.  Her butt jutted forward pushing her pussy

against Marie's panties, and gushed her first squirt of cum.

Marie cried out and hunched up, pressing her own cumming pussy against


Both girl's bodies slammed against each other's as their hot cum blen-

ded together soaking Marie's panties.

When their breathing subsided to a natural rhythm, both girls held each

other in their arms.  Then, Peg stood up, and looked down at her sis-

ter.  She reached down, and pulled the cum soaked panties off of the

girl's legs.  She picked up her own clothes in her other hand, and

walked to Marie's bedroom door.  She held her clothes in one hand, and

Marie's cum drenched panties in her other hand.  She turned to face

Marie, and said tenderly, "I love you too, little sister."


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