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Archive-name: Samesex/palgal.txt

Archive-author: Carla

Archive-title: Pal Gals

The people in this story are real. I know both Julie and Tangi.

Their names have not been changed because they're sure not

very innocent. In fact, both are extremely kinky. The story is

to a large extent true but I've had to combine several events in

the telling. I wrote this for my husband who appreciates

aggresive women. He suggested that I publish it on a BBS.

I may continue it someday.

                                      Carla, December 1986.

                      Pal Gals by Carla

     Julie sat for a moment, recovering from the last few hectic

minutes. The John that had just finished jerking off in her face

had a load that wouldn't quit, and that horse sized cock of his

could sure pump it out,

"god", she thought "what a gusher".

She had some of the jism on her face, some on her tits and the

rest in her mouth. Not wanting to swallow, but finding it

inconvenient to dispose of, she let the come slide to the back

of her throat.  To counteract the overpowering taste in her

mouth, Julie reached for the cigar she'd been smoking to arouse

the Jerkoff.  It was extremely long and pale green in color. She

took a couple of test puffs making sure it was still going, and

then a good hard drag.  Pulling the cigar away from her mouth

produced a fine white thread of jism.  Deftly recovering the

sperm with a flick of her tongue, Julie exhaled cigar smoke in

vaporous jets through her nostrils. She wondered about Jerkoff's

wife. The Jerkoff's sessions always included looking at

photographs, which featured the cigar smoking redhead in some

very explicit if not downright obscene poses.  It intrigued

Julie, looking at the woman displayed in such a lewd and

lascivious manner. She wondered if the strumpet really enjoyed

the cigars that she so provocatively smoked. She appeared to.

"She'd probably have a good laugh if she could see her husband

jerking off his cock, while he watched me look at her

ponorgraphic poses."

Julie took a couple more drags on the cigar which was beginning

to kill the taste of the sperm.  She was amused by the bitch's

flaming red pussy which was obviously dyed.

"Only her hairdresser knows for sure"  she laughed.

"I'll bet that bitch loves to fuck and suck cock and I know she

can't get anything but a facial from that Jerkoff Husband of


"Wouldn't it be kicky to pay her a visit, play it cool and see

what develops."

The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. The

trick was to get her address from the husband.

"Well that's simple" she decided.

"I'll just make it worth his while.  Make him an offer he can't

refuse, or rather his hardon can't refuse" she laughed to


     Julie stood outside Jerkoff's apartment. Giving a last

second touchup to her hair and makeup and wondering what in the

hell she was getting herself into. How would the bitch react.

"Well I'll soon find out" she thought determined to go ahead.

The door opened.

"You must be Julie." the redhead spoke

"Hi! I'm Tangerine, but everyone calls me Tangi" she said

holding out her hand.

"Do come in darling and please make yourself comfortable."

Julie entered the apartment, her high heels clicking softly on

the polished parquet floor.  Tangerine noticing the extreme

height of the spike heels, sucked in her breath creating a

shrill whistle that was just barely audible.

"Well so far so good" Julie thought to herself.

    Julie looked very chic, heavily made up, dressed in a gray

suit with a stunning white pearl blouse.  Black patent leather

boots with at least five inch heels and black nylon stockings.

She might have easily been mistaken for a business executive.

Tangerine in full face makeup and wearing a dark gray wool

skirt, dark red silk blouse, black stockings with red high

heeled sling backs was absolutely stunning. Tangerine served

coffee and for several minutes the ladies sat together on the

divan chit-chatting, exchanging girl talk and getting to know

each other.

"Do you mind if I smoke" Tangerine interrupted.

"No, of course not...  please do" Julie responded.

Tangerine opened a large wooden humidor on the coffee table

glancing at Julie in the process, trying to read the expression

on her face.  Her hand paused over a particularly long and

elegant cigar, for a moment undecided.  She selected the cigar,

savored its pale greenish length, and placed it between her

heavily painted lips.  Expertly lighting the cigar and exhaling

a dense stream of smoke she turned toward Julie.

"Does it shock you dear?".

Taking a deep drag she smiled broadly before exhaling another

dense column of cigar smoke.

"I'm afraid it does most women" she continued

"But do feel free to help yourself, that is if you think you can

handle it."

Julie smiled brazenly, selected a similar cigar and accepted the

light that Tangerine offered.  Julie took a couple of drags on

the cigar and looked at Tangerine with an "okay darling the next

move is yours" expression on her face.

"It looks like both of us know how to appreciate a really good

cigar" Tangerine spoke, her words punctuating a stream of smoke.

She sat with her legs crossed, her left arm folded across her

middle propping up the right arm at the elbow with the back of

the hand.  Her cigar was held about eye level between the index

and middle fingers.  Julie was fascinated by this

extraordinarily beautiful and sexy cigar smoking woman.

"That's not the only thing I can appreciate" responded Julie.

Tangerine looked up as Julie continued

"You're so very lovely darling...your pictures don't begin to do

you justice".

Tangerine appeared puzzled at the remark.  Pulling heavily on

the cigar and exhaling  smoke through her nostrils, she

hesitated a moment before speaking.

"What pictures are you referring to dear?  I'm not aware of any

that you could have seen, especially since we've just met."

Julie reached into her purse and pulled out an extremely

compromising 8x10 photo she had gotten from the Jerkoff.  It

showed Tangerine sitting on the edge of a chair, dressed in a

black merry widow corset, her tits, with nipples painted pastel

pink, spilling over the cups.  Wispy black lace garter belt with

red ribbons, pink nylon stockings and knee high, high heel black

patent boots. Her legs were opened wide with the fingers of the

right hand spreading the fleshy lips of her cunt, also painted

pink with lipstick, and the left hand clutching an enormous pink

double dildo at least half of which was buried in her vagina. An

extremely long cigar dangled from her rouged lips; It was

apparent from the smoke curling about her face and jetting from

her nostrils that she had indeed been smoking the imposing

stogie.  The expression on her face left little doubt that she

was enjoying both the cigar and the dildo.  Watching Tangerine,

her mouth hanging open when realization had sunk in; Julie

smiled and spoke, trying in vain to suppress the sarcasm.

"Darling, but you look absolutely gorgeous. Your well

hung." she said laughing.

"That cock of yours is so kinky, so cute and big... any

man would love to have a pretty penis like that. Jerkoff must

shit his pants when you wave that monster at him."

"Jerkoff ...  sooo thats where you got that photo.  Why that

goddamn fucking jerkoff .... That fist fucking son of a bitch "

Tangerine stammered.  Puffing vehemently on her cigar and then

calming down somewhat she spoke.

"So whats your interest in this?  Oh and by the way I hate to

disappoint darling, but that mega-pecker didn't exactly grow out

of my pussy: even though it looks and evens feels like it when

the better half of eighteen inches is in me".

"My interest is quite simple" Julie responded.

"I just wanted to meet with you and see what you were like.

Sort of up close and personal, and darling, the truth is I

always did wan't to get laid by a gal with a really big one",

she said trying valiantly but unsuccessfully to keep a straight


"I bet you know how to use that equipment a lot better than your

jerkoff husband."

"True" said Tangerine.

"All he ever want's me to do is watch him jerkoff, stare at his

cock until he shoots his load all over my face and tits".

Tangi then looked into Julie's eyes and bending forward kissed

her full on the mouth.

"I think we're going to enjoy each others company darling, but

wait just a moment.  I'm wearing almost everything that I had on

in the photo.  I'll be back in just a sec...".

Tangerine left in a wake of cigar smoke, puffing her way out of

the living room.  She returned a minute or two later smiling

broadly.  Julie noticed the bulge in the front of her skirt


"Thats quite an erection your sporting there darling" Julie


Tangerine grinned, sat on the divan close to Julie and taking

her into her arms bent forward and kissed her lightly on the

lips.  Julie returned the kiss and the two women remained with

their lips crushed together for several minutes.  Finally

braking the embrace, Tangerine picked up her cigar for a drag

and Julie took the opportunity to reach under Tangerine's skirt

and feel her penis.  It was rock hard of course; thicker than

her wrist and she estimated that better than half of its nearly

two foot length was buried in the cavern she must have for a

vagina.  Julie tugged on the cock and was surprised at the grip

that Tangerine had on the monster. She tried to work it in and

out but it wouldn't budge. So she contented herself with

stroking and fondling it as if it were the real Mc Coy.  Julie

grasped the shaft at the point where it disappeared into

Tangerine's vagina and began to alternately squeeze and relax

her grip and at the same time message the erect clitoris which

itself was a good two inches long.  Tangerine became visibly

excited by all the attention her pussy was receiving and pulled

her skirt up so Julie could have even better access. Her penis

was immense. The flesh of her cunt was stretched obscenely by

its awesome dimensions. Julie ran her hand up and down the

shaft, appreciating its outrageous dimensions. Tangerine

unbuttoned her blouse, baring the tits that spilled over the top

of her corset and taking a pink nipple between the thumb and

forefinger of each hand began to pinch and roll them, working

herself up to a fever pitch.  Julie, jerking her hand up and

down on the redhead's cock, reached to kiss her, avoiding the

cigar which dangled from those full, slightly parted lips.  She

slipped her tongue into Tangerine's mouth feeling the rounded

end of the cigar and the soft pink tongue licking against her

own.  Tangerine took a drag on the cigar, and crushed her mouth

on Julie's.  Tongues intertwined, the two women pressed and

hugged their bodies together, consumed in lust for each other.

     Julie broke the kiss, gave the cock a few more strokes,

stood up, picked up her cigar and took a couple of drags before

beginning to remove her blouse.  She began unbuttoning slowly,

teasing. Revealing two massive tits bursting over the demi bra

of the corset with her silver dollar sized fuchsia painted

nipples wantonly displayed. Julie began to message her tits,

puffing on the cigar dangling from her lips and watching

Tangerine who was jerking on her cock, obviously aroused by the

performance. Julie quickly unbuttoned her skirt and stepped out

of it to reveal legs clad in black nylon hose with garters

attached tightly from the heavily boned lace corset. She wore no

panties and her genitals were closely cropped with the lips of

her pussy painted with the same fuchsia lipstick as her nipples.

Tangerine moaned in a rush of desire when Julie spread the

painted quim, positioned herself on her knees over Tangerine and

introduced Tangerine's enormous penis into her vagina which was

already slick with secretion.  Alternately lifting and then

lowering herself she was able finally to accept all but an inch

or two of its massive dimensions. She worked furiously on

Tangerine's cock for several minutes bringing herself closer and

closer to the brink of orgasm. Tangerine grasped Julie's big

tits by the nipples and dug in her rapier like nails drawing

howls of pain and passion from the spasaming body.

"Oohhh me you fucking bitch, I'm com..ming" Julie cried

as she crushed her lips on Tangerine's and jammed her pussy  up

to  the hilt on Tangerine's colossal hardon, whimpering into the

redheads mouth as the orgasms shook her.

     Disconnecting herself from the phallus, Julie sat for

a few moments smoking her cigar. Tangerine stroked her cock

while waiting for Julie to catch her breath. Suddenly impatient,

Tangerine got to her feet balancing on her high heels, stepped

out of her skirt and finished removing the blouse. She stood in

front of Julie, her cock bobbing obscenely. The monstrous head

of the phallus not more than a foot in front of Julie's face.

As if mesmerized by Tangerine's cock, Julie reached and grasped

the cheeks of Tangi's ass, pulling her forward and introducing

the prodigious member into her mouth. As she sucked on the cock,

Julie gazed up into Tangerine's eyes and managed to work first

one then a second finger into the womans anus. In an asshole

obviously accustomed to penetration, Tangerine felt the intense

pressure of Julie's fingers rubbing against the monumental

prosthesis packing the adjacent cunt. The red headed bitch began

to moan thru the cigar in her mouth and grind her ass against

Julie's probing fingers.  But not satisfied Tangerine reached

over and opened the drawer of an end table and withdrew an

incredibly huge  veined dildo, which she offered to the sucking

Julie. Without missing a stroke Julie accepted the rubber

ravager and placed it's enormous plum shaped head at Tangerine's

anal opening. Overcoming considerable resistance Julie shoved

the cock well up the womans rectum and began to fuck the hot

bitches asshole with long deep strokes.  Tangerine screamed as

she felt the enormous dildo enter her ass and rub against the

big penis thru the membrane separating asshole from cunt.  She

felt her insides turn to jelly from the double penetration and

after a minute or two of the tremendous preasure an intense

series of orgasms shook the redheads body uncontrolably and left

her light headed and rubber legged. Sensing that Tangerine was

almost totally fucked out Julie released the cock from her mouth

and removed her grip from the dildo embedded in the redhead's

asshole.  Tangerine, desparately fighting the urge to expel the

rubber cock from her rectum, excused herself for a highly

necessary trip to the bathroom, Tangi presented quite a sight as

she rather stiffly exited the livingroom, puffing on the cigar

dangling from her lips while the swollen cock still imbedded

securely in the redheads pussy slapped back and forth against

her stockinged knees as she walked... chafing against the huge

dick in her asshole, causing her to pause while yet another

orgasm racked her body.

      Julie took Tangerine's hiatus as an opportunity to touch

up her face and freshen her lipstick . She was surprised that

Tangerine had come on to her so strongly.

"What a sexy bitch she was.  That cigar... well if that wasn't

the damndest thing she ever saw.  The way that bitch could puff

on a stogie would put any man to shame.  And what a cock on that

woman. Not only was she hung like a horse, but the redhead could

fuck better than any man ever could."

      Tangerine returned from the loo with a big grin on her

face, jerking on her cock and holding a freshly lighted cigar.

Her hair was up and her tits were down. She was still dressed in

the waist whitling black corset and hose. Her makeup was fresh.

Her lips, both mouth and cunt as well as both nipples were

glistening with a generous application of lipstick.  She looked

unbelievably sexy.

      Suddenly without warning the front door opened and in

walked Tangerine's husband.

"Julie! what are you doing here" he spurted out in shock.

Tangerine spoke first.

"Never mind Julie you fucking jerkoff"

"Get your ass over here and whip out that fucking jerkoff cock

of yours."

"I'm going to paint that mushroom head with the cutest bubble

gum pink lipstick you ever saw and then your going jerk that

fucking pecker until It falls off."

Jerkoff wasted no time and unzipped his fly presenting an

already erect penis to the impatient redhead. Tangerine,

dropping to her knees, grabbed the erection and slipped a cock

ring around its mammoth base to maintain the hardon. Squeezing

and pumping the massive cock, Tangerine looked at Julie with a

wicked grin on her face. Searching her purse, she retrieved a

tube of lipstick and as promised proceeded to apply a thick

coating of the pink iridescent cosmetic to the huge shining

head. The cock swelled incredibly with excitement, the glans

turning a deep purple from the intense pressure of the erection.

Meticulously, Tangerine pressed the lipstick to the head of the

cock, converting the taught purplish skin to a glistening pink.

"Mmmmmm how cute" Julie exclaimed as Tangerine finished.

"Now that's what I call a Lipstick Dick"!

Tangerine laughed.

She carefully examined the pink penis, gave it a big kiss on its

glowing glans and then placed the lipstick dick between her

lips. A minute or two of kissing and sucking the heavily

lipsticked head produced a sudden, unexpected, intense orgasm.

A wad of jism, thick as pudding, shot out of the pulsating cock

and into Tangi's mouth, splashing against the back of her

throat; causing Tangerine to jerk her head back abruptly,

allowing the spasaming dick to unload a blast of jism in an

arching stream catching the redhead squarely between the eyes.

This was quickly followed by copious salvos of cum that landed

successively on her chin, her tits and copper colored hair.

Chagrined at the hosing down she had just received and literally

dripping with the sperm, Tangerine took a drag on her cigar and

grinned at the by now hysterical Julie.

"Care to lick the frosting" she asked, arching an eyebrow and

exhaling smoke through her nostrils.

Julie howled with laughter.

         Tangerine grabbed the Jerkoff's cock and milking the

last few drops of come wiped the still stiff dick against her

tits, which left a very noticeable smear of lipstick from the

pink pecker head. Nonplussed by the copious orgasm, Tangerine

touched up the cock's huge glans with a fresh application of the

opalescent cosmetic. The lipstick dick glowed in metallic

pinkness from the iridescent substance. Satisfied with the big

cock's appearance, Tangerine sat on the couch, close to Julie.

"Oh my god...  have you ever seen anything like that lipstick

dick of his" Julie giggled.

Tangerine put her arms around Julie drawing her close and with

her left hand fondled Julie's melon sized breast, tweeking its

fuchsia colored nipple.  Julie snuggled against Tangerine,

resting her head on Tangi's shoulder, tilting her head to accept

the lips and tongue of the amorous redhead.  Jerkoff, excited by

the show the girls were putting on, displayed his painted hardon

in front of the aroused women.  Causing outbursts of laughter

and ridicule.

"Look at that fucking jerkoff...  look at that lipstick dick."

Julie repeated several times.

Not that they were particularly interested in the spectacle, but

they couldn't help being amused by it.

Jerkoff just stood there, watching the action, and pumping his


Julie was really turned on by Tangi's lovemaking.  Her pussy was

dripping wet and easily accomodated Tangi's big cock when Tangi

decided to screw her in front of the Jerkoff.  Tangi stood up in

front of Julie who had spread-eagle'd her legs, opening up her

cunt with long red nailed fingers, flashing a pink target for

Tangerines big boner.  Tangi dropped the head of her cock into

the wetness of Julie's cunt, shoving it into the open pussy,

Julie groaning as the head of the cock pushed against her

cervix. Tangi pistoned her cock in and out of Julie's cunt,

rotating the shaft with her hips, stiring up the juices, slowly

fucking the voluptuous woman, and savoring the power of the big

penis as she worked Julie over.

  .... to be continued.

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